The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
Page 6
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PAGI: six W,YT!1RV!I,I.K. (ARK.) COUJUKIl NEWS and Pro Tennis Stars Tikle.vHuiitei- Altia n c c; Speeds Prospect for Amateur and Pro Clash. j BY CLAIRE 11UKCKY NEA. Service Sports Writer | NEW YORK.—Now is ;he li;n:J for (he United Stales Luun Tcmi 1 ;.; AsEociafion and the French r.n:i i British Tennis Federations 15 foi - I gel tlwir snooty ideas and sanction | the finst annual International Oj>?» 1 Tennis championship.-; fur 1931. | And why not? Professional t r oli- j ers here and abroad have al- ;• 'lowed to cross niblicks nnrt c-liiil. : glasses with the amateurs. Ncbj.iy | ever got hurl In the mlxu^s. un- I less it was the )>rofesslciul wr/j | for ciuite a few years now has st a', i Li the backs! ound as Hobby Jsno: j accepted (lie chimpiGiisr.ip cu;:. , It seems worthy ol a t;-iul. THV : amateur todies alone s'.aiul :i?:iln-'. it, although Lo:ils J. Cavriitli'.-i:;. new head of the U, S. L. 1. A., has said he would cast his vo' i such an event. Top r.'.!i'<lnj Am:r- lean, English and French 'iiim'.ru. ; racqueleers' for several • years Inv: favored a tournament In 'Ante.- i they could meet Vincent Kichar.': and. Karcl Kozeh'.h. the leading professional tennis playeis. Only one such tournament would be ue:d:d to convince the few skeptics unions tennis fandom. ( ' ~ • * « ! SATURDAY, DORS j BRUSHING UP SPORTS SHOES An open tennis tournament. If there ever Ls such n tiling, will center nvonnd the men shown alnvc. On the left arc Frimcis T. Hunter and llii; Dili Tildcn, who recently announced their acceptance ol professional U'linls. Lower vlsht is Ui'iiri Cuclu-t, Trench wizard ami accepted world's singles champion, at leiiM nmoui! 1'ic umateurs. Ui>]H?r riuhl shows Karel Koz?luli nnd Vincent Richards, who have been jilaylirj profc-s>lona! lennls for several yi'firs. It wasn't long ago that George LoU made tlie startling disclosure , that tennis was making of him a gentleman of the transient typo. In his discourse on "tennis bums." he mentioned no names other than his own. but at the time it was not difficult- to think of a few. Anyhow. Lott accepted a Job ami shortly deserted" bachclordom. If he turn: profe.islonsl. don't be surprised. Bill Tilden being an ath!o;:c m lel- low nnd very moody at tlniis*"rj prefer to debate neither his financial status nor his wiuiderini; propensities, but I am reasonably certain that tall William might h-.wo i continued in amateur teniiu fa: j another decade wlthont belny vote:l ' a pension from the TJ. S. L. T. A. ] Ten more years of tennis campaigning would make Big Bill considerably more than a miiidla-asc man, nnd just as grouchy. But Bill has turned pro. He hai offered to demonstrate, for £C:ILT- ous compensation, his strikes 0:1 the movie screen. He has conmil- j cd to tour the country pbying exhibitions, gambling his drawin; power - against the money of the fans. He has Indicated Hint lie will accept [he professional rarzberrj without undue panting as of hi 1 , amateur days. .• • ~ • Indebtedness to his pal Tliilcn. who hauled him beck to'tha top In 1927 after he had slipped from the pinnacle of tennis, \Vas llu reason given by Francis T. Hunter for abandoning the amateur ranks. Hunter also found the offer most tempting, althougn H is understood that his string of newspapers will see him comfortably through ths present, business depression. Hunter will play innler the Tilden banner in all ol Big Bill's week-end exhibitions In th; east. He will participate in the opening stand of the troup at MndUin Square Garden on Feb. 13 ween Ti'.den n-.eels Kozeluh in the feature match. In all he expects tc j play, about 40 matches, most ol them on eastern outdoor courts this summer. Now Let the Ballyhoo Start mn ioo KNOW THAT— When A. A. Stags retires as cmich at Chicago (if ly> eu'r tlocs) it will lie an awful blow lo the f:ojs wiio have been writing that story for the last id years. .' . . llul in taking un i'lU t'n^e, the former Indlai'-n c'jach, ar, as.-,islanl. Stagg may be preparing for the future. . . . Drancli Riciay says the only hcldont he expects 13 have any trouble with Is Chick Hafey. . . . llafny liar, $33.000 stored away in the vaults, and liie way Chick lives, is enough to carry hi}'] the i-c^t of his life . . . Hickoy says he doesn't think Hafcy will sign until the season cpcns . . . Kickcj- says that the signing of Mike Gonzales was not a bluff to scare Wih'ii uiui MOIICUEO into li!:e on their contructs . . . but that Mike will be the club all season wh?ther he catches game or not. A Hasliclbalt Croud Fifteen thousand ijscplc isnti-'rcd in Mndiscn Square Gerden the ilhor night to see sis college learns [ Play basketball. The teams were 1 <•• luinbb, Fordham, a:. John's,] M.iihiulin. New York U. an;l CityJ ac or \'ew York. That's a big crowd ft> ra basketball game in Nr-w York City, but when Indian?.' hi;l;is Its slate lush school clump- i lii:isnij; (oiirnuiiii'M in March, yn' will hear of blijgur crowds th:in that. - * ^ •Smile O!il I'accs HC.IJ L,? Gendro .whose Jump of i 23 feet S Inches In the Olympic . ' games of 1954 at Paris, was one ol ' (he groat thrills cl the sj>:rts dec- ; ru'e that closed with 1920, died at i 34 jYiais of ai?e the other day after n short slruRt'le with pneumonia. Seme of his friends say his heart had been strained by the arduous] athletics in which he tcok part, and when (be sudden emergency i i:f a nattl: 1 with pnemncnla occur- j red he didn't have the resistance lo sh:ike it off. But Ji'sl e few days before Lc j r Gendrc's sudden death, another j familiar suorts figure of another clay bcbbcd back into tlie picture. Yen may cr may not remember) him—Hal Osbdrn^and now he is! Professor Harold M. Osbcrn. Vir- BinU Polytechnic Institute, Blacksburg. Va. Professor Osborn, who is 32 years old now, set world records for the high jump at about the time when In Gendre was doing great things. The other night over In Brooklyn, just to show that he Is still a spry young fellow, Osborn hlRh-juiuued (i feet C inches, within a quarter of an inch of the world indoor record fc set himself sis years ago. The Krcord Stands Since Oshoru set none of (he young panta has even roii mark Now Osboru his record. men in white, K close to the| threatens to equal or belter his old mark. During his performance in Brooklyn, • he made one try at G feel 7 inches, 'but slipped on the takeoff. He will I try again. Osborn's athletic deeds at his ai t seem to belie the suggestion GEORGE SISLER, playing with St. Louis, once pulled a "boomerang" boner, in that it reacted favorably to his own team. Trying to save a favorite bat that had been cracked, he drove about 30 nails into it, near the end. ' In a tight game against Chicago, with a runner on first, Sisler poled out a single with this bat. Ray Schalk, Chicago catcher, called the umpire's attention to the fact that the bat was not regulation, gisler was made to bat over again. He chose a new bat and this time tori off a triplo ihat scored the run and won the game, much to Sch^lk's disgus'i. B ASEBALL^ IGGEST ONERS ice walls with hit axo to make sup- AUBURN, N. Y. (UP)— John D. j NEW BRITAIN, Ccun.. iUP: — EU ports for his right foot and hands. ' HockefelleV si'., was honored by a . The New Britain Polite D-ard has ol.He was unable to extricate him- U-H club recently organized in Wt=t j a bright idea for fiiiaiici:>j tlia "athlete's heart" that Le G end re's self, however, and hung in momen- ; Miles, near the oil magnate's boy- ; pui chase of a new "Black Mr^ria" early death arouses. Every time ajtary peril of death for several | hood home. The club adopted the . or patrol wagon— make the c-i'-i'is ' Fairdette Divides V/ilh Manila Teams discussion of this ailment comes up. an excellent denial that athletics take a man's life young might be [omul in the activities of such men as Dan O'Loary, who at 92 Is still giving exhibitions of swift hecl-and-lcc stepping, and Matt McGrath, who has been throwing weights for so long It's a wonder he hasn't hit. somebody. With the return to this country of Max Schmcling, right, world's heavyweight c:\ainplon (by fcul), the ballyhoo will start on the proposed Schmeling-Yctuis Slribling championship fight staled for sometime in June, somewhere. Joe Jacobs, left. Bch;n?lmg's manager, has arranged a tour of the south and middle west on which the the champion will appear in busing exhibitions with his spar mates. The Burdelte girls and boys basketball teams divided n doubleheader with (he Manila cage teams Friday at the Blythcvllle school gym. 'the girls game was rongli and very interesting. Burdette led the score throughout the game to win by a margin of 11 to 10. The Burtlette bays lost to the game was fast. The final Manila U, Burdeltc 10. Cbickasaws Win But Girls Lose To Luxora Team when wrestling champion, used to challenge was a tough fellow—and nstd to bite pieces-ing built and It Is fc"arcd tlut th> Course {or Famous Race May Be Changed LONDON. IUP>— The historic Putney to Morllake course of the Oxford nnd Cambridge Universities' boatrace may be changed for this year's contest. For many years the classic has been rowed between Putney Stone, about a hundred yards agove Putney Bridge, and Mortlake Btcwery. A new Chiswlck bridge is no',v be- There was a persistent demand in Paris last summer for z. meeting between Henri Cochet, the recognized world singles champlcn. Clarence Whistler, and Kozeluh, professional king at • John L. Sullivan. He that time. Cochet was sympathetic ' n ... ,, r ...... ,,,..„,,. ,,„ toward the agitation. Pressure was ' Ot U " B '"' SC! " " C brought to bear on the French Fed- '< clla!! «W ™d made insulting eratlcn but that body stood pat and i Jack Brao'y, a second rate fighter, heard (he remarks, and tool: the proposed match was never j exception. v^.n ed ;h t0h °i!l!llr Cl ''f rity Wa$ '° Imvo I " DB "'< wa ' ;t for Sullivan to lick you. I'll lick you mvself," he salrtj and fixing the winning P Dst~ UtLLi Ll.e OCllcIaCtOi. ' J In this country charity still Is j acc ^ t! "3 Il5c challenge, quite a topic of conversation. U. S. | Mratiy stood Whls'.lu on his head with onS punch—so hard angered when Sullivan remarks.' !.i'.i;hed at his! crews, if 'ircrt, may no: b? able ' to backwater In time to iivcii: col- ,.' liding with the piles. Olllcials are conslderliiff :,;,-\rtlng I nours more before he was discov- Read Courier News Want Ads. name of Rockefeller club. Childrer from four districts comprise its membership, and Harry GraifTm '.vas elected president. pay for it. Th? Board is co-s- ering a proposal that all culprit carried in the police "taxi" be assessed $1 for the ride. The Blytheville high Chickasaws defeated the Luxora high quintet in a fast and interesting game at the armory last night 16 to H. T1-.J Luxora girls swamped the Blytheville girls, 35 to 2 in n preliminary game. The Luxora boys led the Chick- r.saws nt the half 10 lo 8 but the liudfonmen nosed out- in frcnt in the final period and held their margin of two points at .the finish. The Chicks passed the ball .in tile last minute with little attempt to :rr,re while the Liixomns trral des;:eiately to gain possession of t'.ii> ball. Christian and Short nlavcd well for Blythcvllle while Blllingsey was a Luxora star. Ib? Luxora girs had an easy time with the Blytheville girls. The visitors scored almost at will nnd the ball seldom found its way to the Blylhcville forwards. Ski Saves Clerk From Alpine Death BERLIN. (UP)—Gus'.av Holzer, [27. a clerk of Winterthur, was i saved by a ski jump from a tcrrl- MOST IMPRESSBVE SAVINGS IIV 24 YEARS! A BIG SIX priced like a tour A POWERFUL EIGHT . . . A BRILLIAXT KMGIIT . . TWO NEW WILLYS T BUCKS •These new Willys cars are the finest values ever offered in this Company's 24 years of building superior automobiles . . . More than 100 definite improvements result in greater beauty, greater comfort, greater roominess, greater safety, better performance ... Bigger bodies, increased overall length, 58J^ inch tread... Smooth, powerful motors; improved trans- missions, quieter in operation... Substan&il price savings —some models are §700 less than last year's similar types. L. T.'A. executives could sport a ! was out lor half an hoar, gaudy feather in their -respsctlve I derbies if they'd sanction an open tournament. Setting Relics for oi Middle HASTINGS, Web. (UPi-THe fex j skli „, the sl , vrctta trot and waltz are not goinj to| Alp .,, Holzer lost his way and fell , fi »d their way into Hastings Col-1 into a crcvasee, but his left ski ; lege, officials have, declared. For!spanned the opening and held him The gate crasher h as much a part oi the fight game es the j 43 years the college has had a ban | suspended head, downwards. He performers, for no arena seems able to eliminate them. ! on dancing among its students. Its > IIUUB that way for two hours before Oro Fornunn. San Jea-. Crdlf.. promoter, has a crasher to con-! go ' n; (0 5ta " d ' I succeeding in chipping holes in the WILLY Ages; umns, balustrades and other frag- GLOUCESTER, Mass. (UP) '— ! Relfcs oi the Middle Ages nre be- '• ing re-Created in a typical V>nke? : setting here to surround with a ' Medieval atmosphere the maj-.iifi- ccnt estate and museum ct "jo'.n: | Hays Hammond, Jr., tnulli-in:ll:o:i- • alre and world-famed Inventor. i This 20th centurj- castle, pic- i luresquely overlooking tris reef of I . Norman's Woe, scene of "The Wreck ! icr.d w.:h. one vho 1m tried every dodge l^^r^'cSSS 3 ^; 1 -*"-- 1 hls lirms :iin ct ^"^ *<- to places In, America. | J " st ' before Christmas. Oro billed a ton of heavyweights for hlsj Twenty-four cases of Roman col-, card. As an added attraciicn. he arranged a turkey drawing, each tlcket-holjer having a free chanrc the westerly end of the castle. A: n:ilns EJS15tants wcrc " n well iiutrncted that the crasher \\ns left | Soissoru window and a 15th cen- i outside. When the roirs o: tlie crowd and the shaking of the biillrl- tury Venetian wellhead of Parian ! 1113 told him 1'iat the fiis! hoavyweijht battle was a wow, the crash- crated t a re»«™ nB '^ TeCCntly m ' \ er wc ' akened . 1 inside. 73 rents on the line for n gallery ticket and went; HARTFOUD. Conn., (UP)—Gov-j ernor Wilbur .L. Cross, who fought, pasteboard wen a 20-pov.nd "machine politics" during his cam-' patgn for office on the Democratic' ticket, now wants his own ma-1 tutc lo permit him to sign routine chine, He has ask.?d the legisla-'papers, r.uch as Justice When they shcok out the lucky ticket, the gate crasher's six-bit sirkey. i);ace commissions, of the! malic,device Our Want-Ad Service is like rt community Switch Hoard. You transmit your desires to News Ad-Taker . . . that ad forms Jhe connection between you and a special group of interested parlies ... the (|iik-kest and most direct contact wilh results. the Classified 306 — For an Ad-Taker BE TBWIFTY- Bl'Y DUALITY WUlj tin, Sli . WStoUO >. hi . wjioims -KllUnl I0*)3ti, il/^ 395 9 495 SAFETY GLASS ALL AROUND SMALL EXTRA COST MORGAN MOTOR CO. Blytheville, Ark.

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