The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 14, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1939
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Be Sure To "Attend .Mississippi Countj/ Fair Sept. 26-Oct. J VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 151. .___ TliB D °*»™ NEWSPAPER OP KORTHB& ARKANSAS AM. ™^»_ '._„„. "*". T •" * * O Blylhcville Courier Blytlievlllc Herald L^^^SPAP^^ M0 BolrmEAST MISSOURI Biylhcvmc-Daily Ndws ^ YTUI?vtr . p ~fi^ ~~~— ' inU'^UJv ARKANSAS, THUKSIMY. SRPTKMRER M, 1<>;«> Not Forget To Your Poll Tax Refore October /•»' POLWSJOSmpN GROWING CRITICAL PI' . W • • V V ^^. - * • •nnst^ci^ii.... • _ •_ ^ r • • ——- -. . __ ' ^^P^ ^B ••^•J Heavy Artillery Of Nazis Brought To Bear Upon French i . "'"Ji WBPI. ... V u,y \j\i,iiiany (jut us JIL'IIVV iirtll- lery in aclioii on the western front today in an .apparent eftoi-t to stop the sternly, methodical advance of the J.'raicli toward its west wall fortiiiealions. A communique of the high com- » mnnd, 21st of the war, sold at iris n. in,: "There Is heavy action by the enemy's artillery on the heights south of Saarbruecken." This communique was interpreted to mean that the Germans had brought up big guns because French operations were now threatening Important German positions. It was reported unofficially that, the French had captured many mines In the famous Saar valley coal district. Numerous other mines, nominally s tm under German control, had been rendered unworkable because French big guns constantly shelled principal roads. The French guns were not bombarding Saarbruecken. but were concentrating their • fire on three sides of it. Unofficial reports said that at the northwestern-extremity of their front the French pressure had become so heavy on both banks of the Saar river and on the right (east), bank, of the Moselle neai the Luxembourg frontier, that sections of the west wall were in serious danger. l-t. (UP)—Germany put its lienvy nrlil- Another '103' May Be Reached Today Today's high temperature may reach that ot yesterday's when slightly mere than 103 degrees were registered on the official H-eather thermometer. At noon, the mercury was at 100 which was the same as yesterday noon Yesterday's high was the record for the 1939 slimmer. IS i Germ au Plane pels Bomb Cargo Heavy German reinforcements were-reported to have been rushed to Trier, Saarlonis and Saarbrueck- en. Other reports said German' reinforcements were arriving opposite Strassbourg, on the Rhine. French troops in the Warndl Forest sector were reported to have passed the C.irling-Ludweiler road. It- was reported that .farther, west the French had mode an important gain;.-between Sambruecken-' arid' —. -.-,.. — wei'e' reported cooperating with French ones in pounding the German heavy artil : lery which had been sent to the Saar front. Usually: reliable quarters said that German air -losses on the western front far exceeded French losses as reported h'y the Germans. Rain and wind slowed fighting on the western front. • German guns caught a- detachment of French soldiers who were digging trenches near Saarbrueck- en, and it was admitted that the French suffered seme losses. French artillery quickly retorted, it was said, and silenced a German battery so - that the troops were able lo complete consolidating their position. French advices said the allied navies hart sunk one and possiblj two German submarines in an intensified hunt for the raiders. It was said that between 20. rmJ 25 German submarines were believed to be on the high seas at.pres- ent but, that if the present rate of destruction centinued- the number should be appreciably reduced by Die end of October. •The increasing seriousness with which the Germans now view French operations was indicated by a report from Luxembourg that the German.'! had blown up their railroad line between the French frontier- and Trier <Trevcs), close to the Luxembourg frontier. The railrcad has Its southern terminus at Metz in France. The Luxembourg report was that considerable debris landed in Luxembourg territory. The Melz-Trier line would have been of great strategic value to the French if they had taken it. u passes through a triangular stretch ot country which, it was reported, the Germans had bene unable to fortify properly before the war started. There was some belief in French • quarters that tho Germans might find it advisable to abandon Saar- bruecken soon, and retire to prepared positions north of it Reports indicated that the Frejich had made progress both east nnri west of the city. Premier Edounrd Dala<iier, in a statement On his conference Tuesday with Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, said: "We found that our British colleagues have an unshakeable resolu- tkn to conduct the war until final victory." But no defection could halt France's struggle against Germany, he added. Holt Rules Fund Can't Be Used To Pay Defaulted Bonds Apparently the Mississippi county road fund will for the first time since the county turnback fund Survey Government's Fiscal Position In View Of Business Gain WASHINGTON, Sept. 14 (UP)— Secretary or 'n-easury Henry Mor- goulhati jr. said today that he was surveying the entire governmental fiscal position to determine (ho eilccts of the business upswing on spending and income. Moi'genlhau. however, declined to predict an improved budgetary plc- luvo, because, he -said, it was still too early to' determine the effects of the current economic, situation on employment and ciVminoilitv prices. Morgenlhnn said that continued Increases in • agricultural prices to parity levels \v>ould save the treasury nt -least $220,000,000. Lifting the sugar.-quotas, lie hid nitty save the (reasurv another $50.000.000. ' "We have heard from hearsay that the -crrmnodlty credit corporation may not need any of the $119,000,000 appropriated by con- the corporation .of capital impair- grcss at the last session to relieve mont,"'fie''said. "We are checking Official Newspaper Seen As Laying Ground work For Pressure Soon MOSCOW. Sept. H. (UP)-Prnv- (la, olllclnl Communist party newspaper, today stroiiRly crltlclwxl Poland for "suppi-e.sslon mid 'oppression" cf minorities In nn editorial rogimled ns laying ground work for possible Soviet approval of two Superior Forces Of Hitler's Army Are FunGES Pushing Poles Back 00,000 . s Warsaw ],«., !,«„ closed n v f', Go '"" ln " e Vis nlii «t inl ° «»»•" " "'" """""" i ^i skS warriors somcwhore In Poland hurriedly load racks ot liny As for the relief problem Mor- German bombing plane, supposedly for one of mnm. i ,, , gentium said that lie and his assls- '• xv i J '"'' nltaoks C1 tant. Daniel w. Bell, arc looking Wnisnw. r .~..v, u ,,,,, v , , Y . xjcn, m c moving into the situaUcn and Indicated they ' 'ng employment figures — ,.j m t iiuuvr\. 1U11U i .. was established receive a subslan-1 y ' tial amount, it was indicated tc- ,, 0 ""° lre '; er ,', :5 " ou must remember," . 'The anticipation was based on Attorney General Jack. Holt's ruU •'" s ,.vV lnt county turnback fluid caiinot tic appliecj .-.legally'-'qiv defaulted bond and .interest payments cf road .improvement- districts. '».« -In-past years Hie turnback due coantics' with eligible roatl improvement c'tistricts on maturity and interest payments ot bonds of such districts. The combined debt of such districts in Mississippi county was so great the county's share of the turnback was not sufficient to meet the pay- menti due. Act 325 pf 1939 (Williams Act) appropriated state funds to pay maturity and principal payments of bonds cf road improvement districts from' July 1, 1Q39 to June 30, 1941. State Treasurer Earl Page asketi lor an opinion on whether the turnback funds due Mississippi county during the current biennium slunlrt be turned over to the county or applied on delinquent -payments of road districts. Whether Attorney General Holt's opiniffli will clear Up an rknhtful legal points remained to be seen. It was not known -whether, certain districts, in the southern.section of the ccimty, which have been the greatest recipients of the turnback benefits in the past will be satis- fled with the Williams Act funds or will seek to have the turnback cautioned Morgenthau, "there „„, be olhef extraordinary expenditures." . Moi-genlhaii snid that at present the treasury has no legislation in special 'session of mind for the 1 congress..;._ Conch's •Not Interested .Natural Gas Hew; Company' In separate stales In Polish territory. what now SErJfluJ fund used lo.wlpe out defamed ,,- , ™ palcl at 6! '' cen1 -' 5 bonds and Institnte ti,i«,S % P llon . for . '»" oil '«* «• P«>vldc bonds and thnt end. •pnny,,.hns. notified . city. 'Attorney I Roy ( . E. Nelson that his company | has made a survey of Blytlievlllc j to ascertain the feasibility cf providing .natural gas for Hlythevllle and-has decided that such a venture would not be advisable at this time. Mr. Couch's letter was in: response R f, . . • to a letter : recently sent him by evenue LommiS S 1 0 n e r Mr - Nelson- accompanying a reso- /"*] • /-* ] f> lutfoji of tlie Blythc uiaims Usceoia Lompany CH which invited t H« Not -M Taxes ,"£'» iS'3 ,« „,„„, SFH'HS'" court here against E. P. Burton, doing business at Osceola as the Terminal Oil Company, seeking n total of S1P,353.40 in gasoline and mofcr vchlnle oil taxes and penalties which he charges are due and unpaid. The biggest item on which the revenue commissioner charges state tax has not been, piild „ thousands of gnlloiis of mctor ve- " ':Ie oil. He claims that $12,38024 due and unpaid at B',t, centa'n Poland has suffered ft military <lefeat, tho ncivspapei- said, due pnrlly (o lack of effective assistance to Poland uy Great Britain and Prance. Hut the lmjoi . enllsc of the Pillsh debacle was nltrlb- uled to Poland's lime,- weakness nnd chiefly to inability of her ruling classes to govern a ninlll- natloiiftt stale. The editorial was ecnsldercd significant In Connection with published reports of demands In Polnml for establishment of separate'Ukra- nlnit and While Russian republics •which Inter could bo liicuporotcd Into the U. 8. S. n. as mtloiiomotis republics. rrciwrutlims 1'uiilltig LONDON, Sept, 14, (UP)-nus- sluu military prcpnrnllons are causing Ihe German government as well as the British and French governments anxiety because uciie knows Russia's Intentions, it was Icarncil today. Reports emanating from Moscow Indicate that Russia Is niobllly.lng . on.n full war time basis and H was estimated hero thiU It now-lind at 4.000.COD men under-nrnisv Factor liv Special sion Call —The White . Sept. House sold 'UP) (odav particularly us regards (ho U-OOIM dlsposlllun. Russia is massing men net alone /oil the Polish /ronilci' but along Russlns entire frontier from Finland to Rumania. ouse sn odav mana. I not submarine activities nnd (ho Apparently the Germans jiro , — -- ---- m.i.i ii.n-,-j sinking of the S. S. Ath enlii were . . enii were factors ecnsldercd by President Roosevelt In deciding to issue n . session, or con- call for a gross.. Mr. Roosevelt summoned congress to convene Sept. 21. 'An emergency almosphere' and booin- more coBiil/ant tlinn the allies of "- reasons fcr these Important O '* -.-..,. ,., iijtsi 1.^ ^| I he communique said- "Tin; •'• Clerman troop.'! swrroiKKliiiii on the crossed ,,,„ ,, " ."-'liim points ut Hie north confluence of llic San . " I he Stm Joins Ihe Vistula nljovc Sandomlers, 100 miles «,,(!.' of Wnrsnw. Oji Ihe Ijnsls of (ho com- miinlqiie, Gcriimns who crossed llic Vistula had continued norllicast- the hail the' h:gh • sim-onmlcd ami that oil! Waraaw - a)ollg " >it! - 1 . ' ri wnrd to nmke conlncl with skirted (111! Warsaw miles (o [ 0 the It wns a imrroiv nnd rent-lied- Its the measures. Military men speculate wliellier flussln Is (tfsqulelcd nt, the linml- •• " '« uiiicfi to , me ens nenr Stellce. and conllnued sonlhwestK'ard. That meant that Warsaw \vns not necessarily In any hmm'dlalo iliuigbr, however, for, n , VOI ||,i ^ In a loop 6f Polish-controlled territory, extending almost 140 miles ivesl of Warsaw (o Posimn prov- Ince, nnd 40 iulles east Slcdlcc region. loop, however, ...„, ,„,„„.„, „„ narrowest purl at Warsaw, where Germans were cncnw)ietl u tew miles north mm '„. fcw inllM southwest of the city. ' 'llio communique added' "Oerman trooiis are rapidly npproiichh"' Drcsllllovnk (120 miles cast ol Warsaw and ifla miles west of Ihe Russian border.) Fort, Osowlcc, (hi nst Polish fronllcr forlinci.ilon has been captured." : Tho force moving at'nlnsl Brest- Lllovsk was tho easternmost \vlm< of the northern ni-my Hint came down'out of- Eiwl Prussia An earlier .coimmmliniu had salt! (hat mobile aerniiiii troons hni reached.:tho, >--' ' '' • ' ' '\veeii .-icm&ej-g enst^-aiKl Lubi Polish cnpUalj/lOO miles' soiithS iska (85 miles southeast, of 'L ? ub- lln) mid Toiniwzoiv (CO mllMsouth- easl of Lublin). .ml'i 8 / C ',v C wns " 10 ndvnuco Jlnrd.of the southwestern nnny which had -come 'out of Doi-innn Silesia mid W as iioiv more llian half way across Poland. • 11 wn -' also announced IhaL the Poland Insists On More 'Assistance' LONDON, Sent 14. (UP)-Po(iii(l urged more effective' u'lil- ish assistance In the war against Germany In n note delivered to Uio foreign office tonight by the Polish nmbas.sndor. be- —,.,.,.,.,_«, ,, v , m\. muni' " «Yiio man uniluUIlCOll prospect of German forces fortified city of Monlhi , 0 „„„••, — the Russian fronllcr at ncrthwosl of Warsaw at Die coji- """' " " .mience^Mbc Nnreiv nnd -vistithi '"""" '""' l«m surrounded, that Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept. 14. (UP)- .„ „.„„ WI , Selective buying in a long list of imissicncr. stocks and profit taking in recent' The suit was filed by France gainers featured a quiet day in Pace Jr., attorney for the revcm- ..,„„.„,. .„„,.„, .„,„.. department, and Wood" • Dlshongh" — -•- •• »J J..UV1UI.U by state statute and that- there Is due an additional S2.477.25 in penalties for failure to pay such (axes. A total of $408.33 in allegedly unpaid gasoline taxes at 0 cents per gallon and S81.G5 In penalties is also sought by the revenue corn- thc sleek market today. Anaconda Ocpper ..... ... 351-4 0 .. 0 :.:::::::::: 9381 - 2 Boeing Air ... ............. 27 ' Gin Lot Fir. Chrysler .' . . 89 1-4 M ly " rcmcn wcrc CilllC[1 to ' hc Coca Cola. '..'.'.'.'.' m , Me >' ers ,, B r°s. Gin this morning but Coca Cola iu General Electric General Motors amount of seed cotton Int Harvester Twenty Four Film Extras Are Injured HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 14, (UP)— Twenty, four film extras, enroute to a 1: cation near Murletta Hot aprings, were Injured today when the studio bus in which they were riding .crashed inlo a truck and bqlh vehicles burst into flames _ 703-4 Montgomery Ward 54 3-4 Packard 41-4; N y Central ...' '20 1-8' Phillips Pet .H g 3_g Schenley Dist 13 1-4 Simmons 24 Socony Vac ' 14 1-2 Standard Oil N J 52 7-8 Texas Corp : 43 U s Smelt 62 1-2 U S Steel 77 3-4 42 1 4 a ,f mri11 j£ f* iihich became ignited 'was extinguished within.a few minutes. There was practically no damage. Spols nominal at 055, up 10, Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Sept,'l4. (UP)-Hogs: 9,500 Top, 7.85 170-230 Ibs., 7.75-7.85 140-160 Ibs., 0.50-7.75 Bulk s:ws. 6.50-7.75 Cattle; 4,500 Steers, 8.00-10.00 Slaughter steers, 6.75-11.50 uec - QI . Mixed yearlings, heifers, 8.50-9.75 Ja ii ^ ,-New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 14. <UP)Cotton closed steady, open high Oct. Dec. Jan. Mar. May July . 04 901 834 876 864 936 913 903 898 sat 871 low 916 902 896 883 8G5 351 930 90-! 8!>5n 8GG 853 the southeast corner or Poland. - ing .business appeared to improve The Germans' sudden drive l<> the vicinity of LWOW (Lemberg) brought victory In |( S demand for repe.i of the amis embargo fonluru • nt the neutrality law. WOW emerg) brought ps were movin wltliln about 100 miles of ?, n n 8 nl "st .Warsaw from there ' ' frontier. This thrust board during 1017 and 1918. "Ivcr line and at inennclnff lerday Hint Poznnnla iirmy m' the west had.broken thioiieh the Ger »""> • W'oliclcnwnt near Kutno and Polish city, \v«s answered with Ihe. annminccmcnl thnt Adolf Hitler had vlsllcd i. 0 ,i/. . A violent propaganda- campaign ?£,ra?"? to > bc slrirlci1 "*«'*l' Gicn Britain today with r. radio by pro n«'>"' Minister f r,, ( Josef ooebbels, W l, 0 v i s it ed the t wcck to co " lcr ' Qoebbcls 'hud wltliduiwn from public nollco since his piop.iaanda campaign against Polnna prior to UID Invasion nnd his now cam- i against Billaln was believed l 1 '"™, 1 ™" '"?1 I . I «'' by «w lirop- Ping : of nntl-Hltlcv German towns from '^•u uunng IBM and 1918. ""g "ivcr nne and nt menacing- Mr. Roosevelt apparently was I Polands remaining oil fields Awards Tllcs " announcen; t -n(s did ailing upon Ihe men who headed the Carpiithlans. • lake Into account the advanci hat wartime board for Infm-mn- nr.ri lnnn ~t *i._ ^ . tho ^cutliprn r,^^^ n ^, ._. 0; : Ihat wartime board for liiforma- , lion of value in any possible na- W l 1 D T 1 • r-i ' Of vn ' lle 'n OUld-t5e I n I C V C S Flee lloni11 emergency. When Officers Are Sum- monec) Police are hunting two while men ! British Seize Cargo Aboard U. S. Steamer ...„ •milling I,VHJ WM1LU Ilitll n! 1 ,^ "»t f T " rC<lr wlmt0 '*' of Uie ' LONDON, Sept 14 ( »?M5rKMS33 -a £»;« Perhaps also the Germans foresee Hint their arrival on the Rumanian frontier -would enable (hem to exert pressure on Rumania lo Increase Its oil supplies lo 'Germany. Uneasiness rnnnfresled In Nazi circles regarding (he Russian large. scare mobilization seems lo indicate [ Ihat Ihe Nazis are not loj certain regarding Stalin's Intentions. Nor ,^L!!» .-'^^complete set ^^S^K Cf -.-,, -„._ ^^.....v, u i-yjiiiJiuve sci it, was of burglar's' to:ls and in making si, or their escape one man lost Jits hat, Sln " nff!llrs One nulhority on the opinion before store. " r "" — —i-ox.ti o/Miijininiiun Police were called by T H v™ fL*'""'?" ?? wcl1 ^ othcr nc «- Hlbber who was ata^enld lUu" rocf^otm'ny' B " 1 * """"^ here thnt mcst likely the moblllza- 1 . lion was due to llic Russians' im- 1 cerlalnly nt Hitler's plans rather than any preparation for action, such ns seizure of Baltic states. When the officers arrived the men fled and. a shot fired failed to . mlt them. Officers were close enough to sec that the men -,vcre vhite bmVwcrr. unable to overtake hem as they fled thrcugh (lie alley. ' ; The is the egarding exports. British contraband control 1939 Pardon Is Sought For Lee Atwell » • • NEW ORLEANS, Sept. 14. (UP)— Oov. Earl Long has been asked to pardon Lcc Atwell, who has been n not - .-...- „— u ,,,iv n ll: uuvunCC of tno jicuthern German army toward Lcnilierg vital en tcway lo the southeastern borders, only nboul '™ '"'I??, north of Rumania n nd JUO miles west or Russia. At lust reports yesterday an advance German molorlMd ,,nit had reached he edge of the city and had rc- Ired after a brief skirmish, bill a large body of German troops was only 18 miles to (he west. A war map based on German claims now would Indicate that German Iroops occupied, siirreuntl- ed or were closing m on the cn- Ire western two-thirds of Poland Including the best Industrial nnd agricultural regions and the vnst Plains between the Vistula and Bug rivers southeast of Warsaw where the Polish army had beer' cx-|>ccl«I to make its main island Bvon neutral observers hire said that on the basis of German com- jnun dues, Ihe Poles' plight seemed hopeless. With the Warsaw leaflets on British nir- Tho Rumanian privy councillor " Orcgpr Ctgurlii, yciterdny hahtlPrt Air Marshal Ifennann GDe'rhm ' nctiilg for Hitler, n adulnrallon of- Riimnninja rtctermlmiticui lo "ob^- " servo the strictest nculrallty rules' : Inld ilowji |>y inleninyonnl 'agree-'* I ments Involving presently \vnrrin" ' nations" ' ° '• List of unconditional and conditional contraband wcie Issued They, wcie the pioducts Gcnnnn siibmnilncs will ntteinpl to keep out of Great Brltnin by seaichlng and selzlnrr (he ships of even neu- Iral nations bound for British loris. • Unconditional conlrabnnd: Weapons: nnmlllpns and'explo- tvts; wnrshlps as well ns equip-'' mont pails and appliances; wni- ' planer,, nli-plnne motors, equipment, parts and nppllanccs; automobiles, (nicks and nrmored vehicles and their equipment, jmits nnd appliances; chemical warfare viod- ccts nnd equipment; mill clpthlnes nnd uniforms; signal apparatus; railroad equipment n'hd Iransiiort cqulpinenl; oils, lubricnllng ngenU' oiid fuels; gold, silver an-J precious nietals; machines nnciBother means of production of nir.nrti- cKs mentioned. Condltiotinl contraband: FooilstuIIs inchidhit' li\-e nnl- - mals; clothes and appliances used making tlietn, *'••- »»m.xiiV m (,j| iurrounded, no more supplies or reinforcements could gel in, A of .Lublin would be expected n contraband control t ...— •'"•"•> -"« "••» uvcn « -•-*- «' ^.uumi wouiu te expected verdin of Ihe world g > . . " s!nce hfs esmpc trom I . , S ? attC1 ' lllc Pollsh sovcrnmcnt. ... '"- WUIIM +I.A clotn i\n>^{ln>.»ln^.. In .. n ~. \vnfp>\ lio^ n . n .. A .i .... . r.5n o e world war blockade which helped to bring L 1 ! 10 s ! n ! e P mll «»«nry " years ago, Germany to her kneelI a ' h ° Slalc n ° ard ol PardoiM revealcd Germany to her knees and early hi the war aroused considerable antagonism In the United States Tells Rotes | Duke Of Windsor And today. Atwell was sentenced In September, 1919, (o three [o five years !af(cr his convicticn on charges of New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Sept. H. (up) —Cotton futures closed steady das', up a bale. About Grid Prospects Football prospects for the Bly- thcvllle high schcol team this year were discussed at the -weekly lunchc:n meeting of the Rotary club nt the Hole! Noble today. Joe Dildy, head coach; Mitchell Best, assistant coach, and John Ed James, coach of the junlcr high stealing n mule, months later, he Escaping seven fled to Missls- Oct. Dec, cents to off five cents! school team, were the principal speakers. Besides the speakers Earl Myrick, open '929 9H Slaughter heifers, 6.75-11,00 Beef cows, 5.25-6.25 Mar. May 902 B84 Cutters and low cutters, 4.00-4.75, July .'.'.'.'." 575 high 945 922 312 908 891 880 low 929 912 909 895' 876 862 close 939 914 909 900 S79 , '"»>*'"'•» miL-I, ill; iivu [U MISSIS- King Hold Conference slppl Coum i'' Ark - wh «c he settled down and became a fanner. LONDON Scol 14 (UPi—The Now the father of eight children Duke of Windsor'tncn't mnrn ihn,,' nnd acclnil "icd by his friends as a an hour at BucShnm^na^ ^..."««« «" d «.«=«« '"Ighbor, , •was captured by Sheriff this afternoon nnd then returned £T"i T' ca P"'" a D y sheriff by automobile to his duchess In , ? Jackson of Mississippi County the province of Sussex- latc last >' car He and the duchess arrived In sllcrl " Jackson's name was England two days ago from n self nmollf 5 Ule Ilst of Atwcll's friends Imposed exile of two years nnd ™° as!:<xi fcr lhc Pardon, nine months. 1 — In an hour's conversation with! King George at Buckingham Pal- of Memphis, was the only visitor acelt 1°?° , ' "y 1^ -Ji at the meellnsr , ," was 'earned he discussed |1!U war appointment he should ; take "A" Is the first letter In all al- The phabets cf Ihe world, except the Ured Ethlo >"™- ^ (me^oujV WEATHER , L \ Arkansas—Fair tonight and Friday. ^^emphfs and -FWr and f of continued warm tonight and Frl- day. i * \ vnaii fe\jyi;ij)JIll.'Ml, which had moved there fro:n Warsaw last week, 'me capture of Lcmberg would put Germans in position to extend 'their lines lo the Russfan border, cutting oil any Rumania. The largest, intact Polish force 'vns believed spread out fan \vls« from Lublin to the Vlstu'uv' PO relics^ northwest, and the San rlv- J distance son(hv.-e&(. extended thei.- lines Sticks Pitchfork In Foot While Loading Hay James Charles Holmes, 20, was given emergency treatment n't'the Blythevllle hospitn! Tuesday night', tcr injuries received when he stuck a pitchfork In his fool while load- Ing hay. He was removed 'to bis home following first aid and a tetnnus shot. British Freighter Torpedoed; Crew Saved NEW YOHK, Sept. 14. (UP)— mere iro'n war- T , hc Brilish Jrelghtcr Vancouver The capture oflS y wos tcr l»(loea early today off put Germans in! H 16 southwestern coast of England the but her cre\V rescued by a ' , Dutch tanker,' the liner President Roosevelt reported. 'Don't Tread On Us' Is Hull's Warning . WASHINGTON, Sept. 14. (UP) «^^. v.tvr. nnrfl Jccretavy of State Cordell Hull east of that region to botii today served formal notice on Eu- nortn and south, however, and vopean belligerents that the Unll- -i maneuvering Into position to «J States will defend all rights of cicse another ring .behind the Us nationals under international Poles In the far cast. Germ:m dispatches snid that a;' Polish force had been surrounded 1 and annihilated at IJadom, 50 miles south of Warsaw; that five , of Poland's 50 army divisions had i Been trapped near Kutno, 50 miles west of Warsaw; that German bombing planes were continuing to bomb railway and communications lines. Tho Polish announce'meiH | law. open Wheat high low close 875-8 851-2 861-4 S3 1-2 8S 87 Sept. yes- Dec. open 575-8 671-3 o Corn high low close 587-8 515-8 58 H 681-2 671-4 675-8

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