The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 8
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-PAGE EIGHT Every Member Of Startm Line-Up Has Had Ex pen'ence By J. )'. PBIEKD The Blytheville Clilcfcasaws \vl fnce a Heavy and experienced ban of Clirly Wolves for their 1938 sei son opener Friday jiigiit will! Prrs cott. The roster siibmilled by Athlel! Director O. H "Buddy" Storey re veals that every one of Hie visitors starting lineup 1ms nl least on year c/ experience mid' four, In eluding Captain Watson Wilson 174-pound center, have earned l\\o letters. T. C. While, US-pound end Charles Orren, 185-poimd lac-hie and Hnlfback. Billy Stalriton, 160 are the other double letter earners Pram all Indications the Ciuh, Wolves will parade n well balancer team. The forward wnll averages a sliade less limn nfi pounds, <les|)itc the presence of a 155-pound guard Setn Wylie. Tlic heaviest and onl> 200-poimder is Robert Barker n tackle. . ' Heavy Baekfteld The backfield is even slight!) heavier, scaling, nc pounds pei man. M. Fergus:!), biillerlng full back, is tops with 185 pounds. Buck Halsell, halfback, pulls the pn\ r . bank-! to 180 and is said lo be one of Ihe. best running backs in the stale, in spile of only one - varsity seasrn, plus n couple of campaigns in Junior .high. Coach Storey, who halls from Paragould and Is well known in these parti, linvln; served a season as, umpire in the Northeast Arkansas League, said.his team uses n iiicdificd punt formation mid depends almost entirely upon the ground game. He says his ends are 'far from what one would call pass receivers." The Chicks will have n ten pound weltiH advantage in the forward wnll. but the visiting backs average more than 15 pounds over the tribal ball carriers. Chicks Hold Edirc Alternate Captain "Wild Bill" Godwin is the only Blytlievllle stnrtcr who graces the 200 circle He weighs around 210. Alvin Justice, v.ho has reduced from 210 Ir a. mere 193, nnd Jrhn Paulk. 103 come next. Captain Danny Warrington Is just a few rounds behind and scales in the IDO-pouud vicinity. Ra-ymonri Bickerslaff. ciionl weifrtis in the low 80's. while Budd\ Bn\ter hits the beam al ntamif 170. Pat Chltmpn. left guavd, is Ihe baby member, as far hs'nv:lrdin>Dfj is concerned, weighing nround 105 The bucks' are all about the same : size. Sonny Lioyd, Willis Ford Gone Hood arc listed as 1G5 pound- ers. Ncrm an "Monk" Mosley weighs 157. Barring little short of a miracle Hugh "Tex" Herbert is definitely out of the iirst game picture. Despite treatments Hugh's rifjht knee which lias become infected has not improved us rapidly ns imped and he may not even be asked li drcsp for the, game. Eugene Hood resumed scrimmage yesterday after having. a; boll lanced on his neck The other members of the squad are in near uerfcct condltlin. Withholds Lineup ; Head^ Coach Joe Dildv has not officially announced his stnrtmz lineup and likely will withhold statement until nt least, tomtrrow. and possibly just before time to dress tor the game. But it- appears as if lie plans to switch Ford {<• fullback and send Lloyd t: his old right halfback .post for his game Paul ."Bucky" Blackwood, the Osceola youngster, lias been rmininp so well in practice that lie may get the fullback nod. Then there is a p:ssibility thai Paulk will start at blocking back, instead of Hood which would mean that either U C Johnson or.Hmvell. Lalley wruld get the left tackle assignment. The next two days may help the bia chief to make up his mind. The Prescott roster is as folhus- U. of Arkansas Coaching Staff • Name .T. C. White Ccther Ford Olen Kelley Robert Baker C. Orren C. Stockton ' A. Erskine C. Vandiver Seth Wylie M. Harvey Wallace Wilson • William Mvers Watson Wilson Tele McGill Buck Halsell M. Ferguson B. Stainton Bill Ellis Leo Smith H:\vard Graham Joe Colton L. Eley Wt. Pos. 178 Knd 110 End 155 End 200 Tackle 185 Tackle 195 Tackle 110 Tackle 160 Tackle 155 Guard 1W) Guard Guard Guard Center Center ISO Fullback 185 Fullback ICO Fullback HO Halfback 160 Q-baek 15p Q'back ICO Halfback ICO Halfback 155 173 174 150 A veteran coachlnt; stnlf will handle a veUrnn football team nt Ihe m-erslty of Arkunsas this season. Fred c. Thomson Is serving His eventh year as head conch of (he Razorbacks, being the second o!<l- l ^oiilhwest Conference coach in lunstli of service. Only Morlcy lining., of Baylor, who Is starting his fourteenth season, has b-ri In e ^conference longer than Thomsen. The Arkmi.sns co.cH. nlso known The Durable Dane", played halfback and end on the University Nebraska Cornhiiskcrs In his imilerijriulimte days His nssl.lants here are three of Arkansas' all-Vnie football meats Line coach is "Big Glenn" Rose, starting l,| s tenth srnson n.s n Hnzor- back coacli Rose wns an nil-So llt Invest end In 1027. Eackfleld coach Ls George .Cole, who Joined the Arkansas coaching stn ,r six yean ago Cole was an all-conference halfback In 1027. in which year he led Ihe nation In kiekins field, seals, -n,,,,, of the Arka, Ms "hmini " Iccal start s Gone Uu^erl,, rre.shmnn conch, ivho ,vvns n four-sport, .cttcr man here from 1020 ta 1920. Today Sport Parade By IIENHY Mel.KSIOItE TodayY Games Southern League (Shaughnessy PlaycfT) Memphis at Nashville. Atlanta al Chattanooga, National League New Vork at Pittsburgh. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. Boston at Chicago. Philadelphia, at St. Louis. American League Chicago at Washington, St. Louis at Philadelphia. Cleveland at New York- Detroit at Boston NEW YORK. Sept. 13. (UP)- Thcre are only two things of which I am absolutely certain. One Is that no man ever got the u:ok lie wauled from a clrculntln; library the first lime he nsk'cil for it, and the other is oint lau Nova will bent Tony Gnlento when they light In Philadelphia Friday night. The Californlan can't miss \\in- niug. It money weren't the roH of all-evil, and If gamliliiif; weren't frowned on In niy circle, I'd go flown there with everything I could beg, borrow, and shake cut of baby's bnnk and bet it on Novn The report from Philadelphia Is that the good burghers of that city, cut of admiration for Galento, have, nindc him an even money favorite and are willing to put up a dollar on him for every. Nova dollar that appears. My, I «Lsh I weren't so straitlaccd, because. b:ys that Is not only taking candy out of n baby's month—11 Is Inking the candy out while the baby Isn't coking, cr when he Is busy ad- ustlng the ribbons on his cap. Let me explain why I am so losltive of a Nova victory. In the first place, Galenta can't lilt auy- norc. He proved that In the fight vith Joe Louis. Tony nailed Louis with a clean left in Ihe first round is very best left, Two or three years njj a similar JHtich from Galento \\ould have mocked .down anything that walks on two legs. In the third mind Galento hit Louis ngfiln. rigjit smack on the profile, and with everything ie had. Granted that the blow knocked Louis elf his test, but the champion scarcely took a count and came up to lake (he fight away from the belligerent bartender Now that Isn't hitting. l,:uis can't take much of a punch. Everybody kno.\s that. So, if Tony's best, punch couldn't flatten Louis how can anyone expect it 1 3 flatten Nova, Lou can take it. as yon well know if you saw his fight with Max Baer. Bre'r Bner clipped Nova with six successive right hand .wings PHONE 205 FOUYOUll POULTRY Nice, fat hens and fryers & other poultry at all limes. ft'E DRESS AND DELlVEIt FREE! STICKLER-GOODWIN CO. ,406 E. M.i In in the sixth round and barely slowed him down. Anil even Tcny's best friends wouldn't loll him that he hits any harder (liau Baer. Furthermore, Gnlento doesn't fleiirc to hit as hard against Nov as he did against Louis. The beating he t:ok from Louis just didn't Jlo him any good. Besides, he hnsn't trained ns well for this fight ns lie did for the shot nl. the title. And he wasn't any model of ilc- poilinent Ihcn as his manager, Jre Jacobs, udmlltcd after H \vas all over. Galento is likely to be n quick bleeder in (lie Nova bout Tlie cuts Louis inflicted haven'l completely healed, else why u-tiild he have spent an Imiir each day sonklng his features in n solution of bi-luc? It Isn't because he likes brine, l>ecr being much more to his laslc. Nova has ninny, advantages ever Oalento. He is younger, stronger, In much belter condition, nnd, never having had n shot at Ihe clinmpioiishlp probably much nrrc determined. Tony has had his wlrack nt the title ami nearly got killed. Lou may suiter the same fate when he makes Ills challenge, tail he doesn't know ilia I yet. If the events of Friday night prove this analysis ine:rrcct please don't hcai> coals of fire on 'my head, because tt is still liol from the outcome cf the Ambers-Armstrong business. JjWTHEVILLB, (ARK.)- COURIER NEWS Myers' Homer In Ninlh Saves Game For Leading Reds nv GEORGE KtRKREY NEW YORK. Sept, 13 (Ui>)Nobody can tell micky Wallers Hint Hilly Myers Isn't Die greatest little shortstop i,, Dif, National Lcasue. Wallers has ))cn saying nil season tliat Myers and Prey -were the. uys v/ho maite a great pitcher out if him. Every time he came to New York the lanky, nngulai.jawcd Cincinnati ace said the secret Qf Ills Reds' little shortstop wlio hit a/ homer with a , im t c oh i, aS (, sw , two out to enable Cincinnati to pull a- game out of the fire and beat the Dodgers in the 10th. Chattanooga Loses To Atlanta And Vols Defeat Memphis Chicks STORIES IN STAMPS £<s«>verer. of Radium Was Too Poor to Buy It success was, "Myers and Prey." Walters won his" 2-lth victory yesterday, and Myers was the Icllov; who prevented his being charged vith his mil deieal. Brooklyn had the Hods licked, !-0, with two out in the ninth \'hen Myers came lo bat with a miner oh first. Somebody in the Irooklyn ranks yelled, "Let's get his bum out of there." Just about Pierre and. Marie' Curie „ „, di*c6V«fcd radium. By United Press Hie world hailed ihrti The 1939 champion and the nin-|meW. .Theywrc a^rf'ii,,. "cr-up In the Southern Association Nobel prize and Pierre Cur£ J.^ were down to lower ranking clubs t'iven a professorship al (he Uni'•"""' In the first, round of (| le vereily of Paris, a post to wh cli »nc«« play-offs to determine his widow was elected after his - ' - ' death in 100G. After the World War, however, Mme, Curie saw Jier research noating an end because she could not afford lo buy (he radium necessary for Jier experiments. $100,000 a grani^HacMho Curies nfilor.'*^^! 41.. r. i. . ^" J * 11 -^ wl.iieh team will represent, •ague In the Dixie series. The pennant-winning Cliatta- uoogn Lookouls were halted by foiirlk-place Atlanta, C lo 2, last night while the runner-up Memphis chicks fell before third-place Nashville's Vols, 2 to 1 Clyde Smrt), mile Atlanta southpaw who didn't get going until in Id-season, let the Lookouts down with f\ve lilts nnd struck out 11, Neither of the two runs off his delivery was earned. Smoll also contributed lo Ills , patented their I,,.-, uimi uui ui uiuie. just arjpul ^»iyn iu ^ u contnoutcd to ills hat time f,nkc llamlin served up viclol 'y with two singles that drove ils "gopher ball" and Myers m as " ia »y funs. Lester Surge, mucked It over the left, field v.-ull Atl!1 » t! > first-sackcr, was the only or a homer, tying the count. Then , olller mn « In (he ball game lo ••-"-• set as many as two blows. The uame al Nnshviljc was a hurling duel between Sam Nahem of the Vols nnd Ed Heusser of the Chloks. Nahcm gained the decision by virtue of Cal chapman's homer although he gave up seven hits- three more limit Heiissor. Cully Rlckard's fifth-Inning immer accounted for the only Memphis score. The play-oils continue in the same setting tonight,, with the clubs shifting to Atlanta and Memphis for the third game. BASEBALlTsTANOINGS lie Reds went on to win in the Oth en a walk to Bill Wei'ber, ti acrince, an Intentional pass, nnd n rank McCormlck's single. yvnlters, the most inipoiinnt ncnilier of (he Reds' cast but the >st to give lilnlselr any credit, oesn't mean Myers' tatting prow- ss when lie gives the Reds' short- top credit for his success. He reefs to Myers' brilliant fielding, 'Milch has liecn sensational when Wallers :s on Ihe mound. In coiKincrlni? Ihe Dodgers on ve lilts to snap their six-game 'inning strcnk, Walters won his ilrcl game in eight (lays. It was a Ighly necessary victory innsnnich' s Ihe Cardinals nosed out the hlllies to retain their 3V- spot chlnci the league leaders. After oe Marty hail hit a homer with n inte on In the 'seventh to put the nils nhead, 3-2, Terry Moore iiplicate<l Marty's trick In the St. ouls half to give the Cards a 4-2 rlnmph. Ike Pearson gave up only vc hits hut three of Ihem were omcr.5. Mcdtvlck nnd Mize hit on: ach with the bases empty. Honk Lciber's homer with Ihe ases loaded in the first inning Millies the Culls' 8-3 victory over ic Bees, BID Lee went the route Southern League (Shaughnessy Playoff) Nashville Atlanta' Memphis .. ".' ',."_' Chattanooga win, allowing eight or his nth Its. The Yanks still need four victor's to clinch tlie American Lengiie ng, with )!) gmne.s- left to , play. liey lost the first game of the rial western invasion when the National League W. L. Pet. Cincinnati 70 50 613 St. . Louis 77 S5 .583 .541 .531 .512 .458 Brooklyn nclians scored tri- -THE- Firestone HIGHSPEED TIRE Is a tire. Gum-dipped Cord, Non-Skid Tread, and 100% Cotton Construction throughout. The co>st to you . . . only $1.75 pel- week when you buy on our BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Ellis Snipes, Budget Mgr. Slh & Walnut Phone 810 mph, 4-3. OSCIH- Oriincs' liomeV i the lOlli n'ns Hie phyofT. Mel limler outpltclied Lefly Corner. ''(o 'cord Ills 12th win. " •"'• The Rert Sox bcgnn tlieir flnal ing homo stand with n 2-1 trl- iiilih nvci- Hie Tigers. The victory inWccl Dosloii to prolpct ils three- nine lead over the third-place Vhlle Sox. Bobby Doorr drove In e<l Williams twice, with n single ml a sncilllce, In .jiccomil for all ic Red Sox runs. Denny Gnlc- o«se held the 'ligcrs to five hits estlng Tommy Bridges, who gave P seven. Thornton Leo liurled Die While Sox to « .1-2 victory over Washington, dlslilng out only four hits. Two errors by outfielder Oecrge Case helped Chicago score Iwo runs in Ihe clglith to win the game. The Senators protested the gome In the sixth when Umpire Lou Rolls ruled Outfielder Waiter had caught Wright's fly. In attempting to throw the tan WnlRer dropped It. Rookie Lester McCrabb, recently recnlli'd from the wminmsjwfl, Eastern League club, made his major league debtil by pitching ,.. e Athletics to a 9-1 victory over the Drowns. He gave up only seven hits. Wally Moses gol. "4 for 4" to lead Ihe A's ID-hil atlflck on Ken-' ncdy and Gill. Yesterday's hero — Billy Myers,' discovery, . to work" for'set- 1 Pet. 0 1.000 0 1.000 1 .000 1 .000 • G9 01 05 62 „ , - SO 71 Boston 57 12 Plilladelphiii !.'. 41 . 88 New Ycrk Pittsburgh American New York Boslon Chicago Cleveland ., ... Detroit Washington „„ Philadelphia 43 St. Louis ; 30 League \V. L. ...00 30 ,-.80 55 ...17 58 ...73 Gl ...70 04 59 78 87 87 Pet. .711 .593 ,570 .545 ,522 .431 .356 .211 Travels Long; Stories Shorl . BERKELEY. Cal. (UP) — Miss Maren Eiwood docs not find short story writing and Icng distance traveling Incompatible. As instructor In short story wrilinj at tile University of California, lust, year she commuted 28,000 miles, or more :lian Ihe distance nrcuml Ihe world tu .conducting weekly clnsscs In various communities beyond (lie campus. Read Courier News want ads. ALFALFA SEED FOR SALE We have on hand a supply of New Crop alfalfa seed for sale. II, s. Verified and approved for A.A.A. payment in North Central District. L, R. Matthews Gin Co Phone ll-F-2 Yarbro Tost Office, Blylheville, Ark. on To S. LOUIS KANSAS CITY * CHICAGO (ne Frijco's popular dayligfit train 'The Sunnylond," aniving St. Louis 3:55 pm . . . air-conditioned coachej . '. . the "Snaclc" cm serving the meolj with budget appeal Connecting Service to Kansas City Mfi.o,,IPctille Lv. St. Louis...... 4:1 Opm Ar. Kansas City . . . 9;30 pm Connecting Seryke to Chicago . 4:05 pm 9:30 pm Lv. Si. Louij...... 4:30 pm 4:25 pm Ar, Chicago 9:25 pm 9:35 pm ^•^ *. FRISCO LINES » For tick«u and information call Ih. TiCKET AGENT lhey benefits that were to come froiii to Tlie women of America heard of Mme. Curie's need. Thousand? of contributions poured in. When the.ramed French sclenlisl arrived m United Slates in 192J, President Harding presented her with a gram of radium, a lasting gift made possible by those contributions. In 1929 another gill o£ S50 000 was made to her. . The discoverers of radium arc shown above on the Panama stamp, compulsory on nil mail to provide- funds for the battle against cartcer. ~ — _ WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 33, 1939 Students Must Identify Themselves M*,;? n ln ,V st HlenlJflcatton or slll(![ '» ls attending at Haley Fleltl this M " e " olos Ol ' °thf>- from Uielr school (hey will be forced y , C r<1Sl " al1 a(llllt li(! W'-"-Charges, Supcrlntenilcnl \v D. Mcpliirkin announced today. Pi ^ y ,.r St . Ud ° nU w)l ° «« ProjK'rly identified WU | bo eligible to purchase the 25c students tickets. Mr. McClurkin pointed out that i tie past considerable troupe liad been experienced throu?li pcr- . in order lo save the dit- jeience In Ihe cost between rcsu- ai and stiuleuts Uekcte. This situation, he said, necessitated the rule requiring ihut Iwna nde stu- oent.5 be Identified as such. Those wlio are not students will be requ!re<l to buy the general admission tickets at the regular price ,"!'• , Rllsmp <! -wat.s may bn bouelit for an additional 25c and on sale at the high :re now cliool. Yesterday's Results Scuthern League (Shnuglmessy playoff) Nashville 2, Memphis i. Atlanta, c, Chattanooga 2. National Leagiic Chicago B, Boston 3. Cincinnati 3, Brooklyn 2, 10 innings. St. Louis 4, Philadelphia 3. New Y-crk nt Pittsburgh, postponed, rain. American League Philadelphia 9, si. Louis 1. Boston 2, Detroit 1. Chicago 3, Washington 2. Clei-eland •), Ne\v York 3, 10 innings. 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Tuesday Through Sunday Thrill Show 'Death'* Holiday' The World's biggest Thrill Circus, realnrinp Auto Crashes, .Jumps, Rollovers, Fire Wall Crashes, High Dives, H ti nt a n Cannon, Slide for Life, Clowns, High Wire iind Trapeze, (lie World's Highest Act, Fire Dive a n (I 0 t It e r Amazin Saturday and Sunday Thai Gang' of High Class Entertainers lh;il Keep You Laughing for <!() Minutes Slmifihl. Rctler lhan ever. Wedi and Tfeurs. fiighfs Pufiling Contest Open Only to Farmers from Mississippi and Pcmi- sco( Counties. S2GO in Prizes 4-H Club A His l^y Oiiarantcctl by (he -1-H Cliibs. (Jrandsland Admission Free on Friday Afternoon. Balloons Witli Parachute .lumps Kvcry Day—FRRR finest Fiiir in Dixie ig nights

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