The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1934
Page 3
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SATURDAY, MAY 5, 1934 OOfllto A-JU-T Q O R I 1_E PAGE Mews a n d N o te • f o r the Motorist* SPEED EKPEC1EB Whale-Like Auto Flips Tail for Cameraman !G5-Mile-an-Hour Averago Will Be Needed to Win at Indianapolis HV WINTIIKOP [.VMAN United Press Staff Corrcsj Hindi-lit INDIANAPOLIS, 1ml. (UP) — When the winner ol tills year's DM mile Memorial Bay race comes roaring down the home .stretch, a new rcco.'d for Die Imlianajxili:; Speedway is expected to lie .sot. Speedway olflelals. drivers und .mechanics are predicting that the winner will have to average IDS miles an hour or move to win UK; lace, The pre.scnt liack record Ls 101.162 miles nn hour, which Meyer averaged In winning lust year. Afwr obtaining the lead at 335 miles, he maintained a pace of 101 miles an hour with cock-like rcu- . uladty an acuident to oitici 'cars in the race caused an official to slow down the field for several lops. Had It not been for the enforce' reduction of speed, Meyer would have been almost certain to average 105 miles an hour. 1 A nev: rule, limiliiuj the ninoun* i, of gasoline for the entire race to I -If) gallons for each car, is expcctcc • to result In a more steady pice b", all the drivers. Many who aio ii the habit of "burning up tin ' track" for the first 200 or 30 : miles and then slowing down . save their motors are expected to I fettle into a speed of 107 or ICU' miles an hour o conserve their ' gasoline supply. J Racing exiii'i'ts believe that, the steady pace, however, will result iii a better total average. All cars w.-. be limited to a maximum piston displacement ol 3G6 cubic inches. Supt-rchaigers are not |>ei 1 niitte<l on four cylinder motors, but may lie used on two cylinder motors or on Diesel or semi-Diesel engines. Two Diesel motors have been a Col mil 1) us. Ind., mrm- nlaclnring company.. They arc expected to furnish .an interesting test in so far as the fuel consumption limit is concerned. Fuel tanks cannot hold more than 15 gallons of gasoline, thereby least two pit stops necessary, for each car. The''oil' supply is limited to 28 quarts, and no further supply may Le taken on during the race. Other rules are much the same a.5 last year, .with the exception of a new order reducing the starling field from. 42 to 33 cars. The smaller field was agreed upon alter two drivers and a mechanic were killed last year, partly because of the congestion on the two -anoVone-ualf mile brick" track. In order to qualify, a driver must average more than 100 miles an hour for. 10 taps, or 25 miles. The 33 cars which. turn in the fastest qualifying speeds will be permitted- to compete. Qualifying trials will start May 10. New Line at Lower Prices Will Be , Announced Next Saturday FLINT, Mich.— Confirming reports of a new line- of Uulck ino tor cars In a lower pi-leu bracket. liarlow H. Curtice, president and general manager of the Dulck Mo tor company, today clisciisscJ Bulck's manufacturing program •and the company's Impuuani step i into a new field. ! At the same time he announced that full details of the new line of Buick curs will be made public ' May 12. Meanwhile a vigorous production and distribution schi'd- jUle has been Inaugurated by the Resembling a whale out of water, here you see the pymaxloh, a three-wheeled Vehicle b^lrig manuftc- , factory, designed to make thu ne* lured at Bridgeport, Conn., as "the car of the future.". The Invention of Buckmlnster 'Puller -the 'sii-' cars Immediately available at al i:er-streciintincd mode! has two Iront wheels set midway-In' the • ovatold • body aid one rear . wheel, set The Invention of Buckmlnster 'Puller, -the 'sii-' cars Immediately available at - In the- ovalld • bod an : . " der "'"' dl5trll) " t0 '' !>ol '' t ' i 11 the tall, which docs the steering, rudder- fashion. It uses, little 'gasoline, but can travel. 126 miles ah icy... M "'* ' ' ''' ' .. , !>o . " " " Knee-Action Simplicity Is Reve-kled by "X-Kay" * J • ' - - • J ' : . : • J - . - : . '•. • v • What happens in Chevrolet Knee-Action units when the front .wheels'pais; dve^buirips Is IKo'frn,'in ; ,triese "X-ray" views. The photograplis show the upper and lower"jmsSlioas of the .wheel, whichi has a range of C 1-2 inches of travel. Note that there Is ho movement In-tni steering arm (indicated by the arrow), In the uppermost position of the wheel, the mata-eoll spring is'compressed; the upper hydraulic shock iibi.ortel--'piston has completed-its stroke, and the bottom piston is'Teady tc-check the recoil/In; the tower whee| position, the coil spring is extended, ;arid the. upper shock Qlypfbtjrpfeton' i? about to':cheek the .uflr ward .motion of (he wheel. This type of Knee-Acttpn gives shocki-propf steering because, for '(he'fifsl time in American motor car design, the steering arms, ^ie-rod, and'drag, link do not .move, up and'down with the wheels. A common cause ol steering troubles is thus elimtn»(*di',»jic; .weitr. jn-t^..ei«srh>(i.'~ ii ~ 1 "' 1 ~' Is greatly reduced.-'so that accurate snid. "(o draw upon tlie whole ol Bulck's lo'ng experience in automobile engineer Ing and design and to ccxirdlimti every phase ut Bulck's viisl niium facturlng facilities -tor tlie slngli purpose ol building Did bvst au lomoblle it Is pc«sitil* to build. "This 1ms been done In the 19S 1 line ol cars und It hus been dim In creating the new louer prlcw Buick which we lire about to an nounce. "Buick heretofore has alway teen hi the price Held o( Irix »995 up. In the 'old days,' whe: everyone was making more mune and spending It. freely, the de mand for Buick automobiles re suited In factory production of quarter ol a million cms a yen For quite some lime now, dun t changed conditions, Buick ha been In a price area coiLslclcrnb! above anything warranting • th volume. • '• "Buick's record of .achievement Is essentially a result of organization and the rich experience of more than 30 years of fine cai production. Quality In mass production has been the Buick keynote. In the achievement of this, the finest • manufacturing facilities in the industry have been assembled In the Buick fBctflrk'S. "It is Bulck's manufacturing policy now to use this great wealth ol experience, organization, manu- lacturlng facilities and engineering skill'to bring out a Buick car ol the same quality that lias built Ihe 'company's reputation over Ihe years, but a car to. sell considerably under the present lowest Buick price." 'Quick Service" Offers New Idea in Auto Service W. T. Barnett Announces 12 New Car Deliveries Four Dodges; eight Plymouths nricl one new Olclsmobilc were recently delivered by the W. T. Barnett Aiito Sales Co., it was reported by W. T. Barnett today. A Dodge sedan was delivered by Mr. Bnrnctt to Ilaje Jackson of OEccola. O. E. Snider" received a new Dodge . coupe • from Lloyd Stickmoh. far. •Barnett also delivered a Dmlse sedan to J. N. Hol- fon of St. Louis and another to R. H. Buckner of Memphis. New Plymouths were delivered to the following: H. C. Davidson by Ilomcf Burton. J. C. Little' by T. I. Seay. Maurice Erhllchcr by Lloyd Stickmon, Betlie Lee Mc- Cutchcn by W. T. Barnett. J. M. Roughs;, Kennett, Mo., by W. T. Barnctl. J. L. Penny. Maiden. Mo., ' by Mr. Baincll. and J. B. stub- Wirflelrt. Mnlricn. Mo., and Jewel Carrol] by T. I. Seay. W. T. Coals of Manila has a new Oldsmobllc which he bought from T. J. Seay. and complete. .ofja repair station, in This, new radio repair inent is one 62,388 Chevrolet Cars Delivered in 20 Days DETliOIT. Mich.—A total of W 380 units were delivered by Chevrolet dealers during the first twenty days of April, according to W. E. Holler, general sales manager of Chevrolet Ivfotor Company Sales for the year through this period total 2.15.332 units as compared to 154.S2G units in Ihe same period of 1933. milking the period 1S2 per cent of Ihe corresponding for the hvenly The Phillips Motor company's isew Quick Service Station at Walnut find Filth streets, established through tlie opening of a mechanical inspection and repair service in connection with the 7T7 gasoline and battery station, is one of more than n hundred of its kind opi'iied in recent months by Ford dealers throughout the United States. The purpose is lo make expert | mechanical service as easily accessible as gas and oil. and so well has the plan worked out that It is predicted that hundreds 'ol similar stations will be opened by aur tomobile dealers in the months just ahead. The story of the first such station, established In Detroit a few munhs ngo by Stark Hickey, Ford dealer. Is told by Paul R. Acton in Ihe April issue of Motor, auto trade publication.' Hickey's success was such that he is already plan- ling a second neighborhood "one- stop" station. The idea b?hind the plan Is that it enables an automobile dealer to ;ive those who drive his cars and :h.e motoring public generally service of the same scope and reliability as Is available at his main shop, and lo give it to them at a iwlnt more 1 conveniently located. The new Phillips Quick Service nation here will give all types ol ten-ice available at the main shop on East Main except heavy repair jobs, Phillips Motor Company- Opens Radio Department Horace Wakefield, operator of a local radio sales and service business, hns been engaged by the Phillips Motor company to conduct its new radio service depart- recritly/ inaugurated for 'fhei cqn-, venlence of inolorists;ljy.' t/iejPilui lips • Motor company and Is . Available both at the .company's .itir' Quick. : .Service Station.: corner, '<& Walnut and Filth- streets,' the regular shop on. the-corrier-'orf period in 1933. Knlos reported days ol April arc more than 180 per crtu of the corresponding 1933 April fi?nre Of 31354 units. Rolall deliveries ol commercial cnrs nud trucks continue lo gain; 1G.524 trucks were delivered during Hie April period, which triples Ihe 193,1 ligure of 5.304 unlu for the same period. Sales In the commercial field have shown steady Increases, Mr. Holler pointed out, anrt al Ihe close of Ihls April per- I ,lod had reached a record figure of 13,010 units for 1034. \ ,eads War Anew on Bootleggers warned to ippttr within thirty days In the court named In the notion hereof and answer the ornplalnt of the plaintiff, Berths .eslle. tinted tills 13 day ol April, 1931. R. : L. Onines, Clerk, By Elliott Sart»ln ; D. C. Shelly k Stiles, Ally. 21-28-d-li As 1 Deputy Commissioner 'or 'In* terual ltev«uue, ArlUur 1. Hpllult (above), of Kiotaa Citr, Mo.; l> slated to direct th« revival of war on reueal biuXleigeri. Illegal dls- tlllen anr other* «riRiR«il ID Illicit llriMnr tr«d«. N THE CHANCERY COURT OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS, CHICKASAWBA -DISTRICT. Mrs. Mattle Noble and C M. Noble, Plaintiffs, vs. No. 6TO5 Sybil Noble, Fred Hhauver, D. D. Ingamel£, Rcllly J. Baker, Peter Kelirea, Bertha Witter, W. E. Holdfnrted, Anton Bolm, C. Louise Soeier, Adolph A. Oraf, Jos. Malccek, Charles Krunip, Elizabeth Wlnterbnuer and Albert Nolle, Defendants. WARNING OKDKR The defendants, D, D. Inigamels, Rellly J. Baker. Peter Kehreii, Bertha Witter, W. E. Holdenrled, Anton Bolm, 0. Louise Soekcr, Adolph A. Graf, Jus. Mulecck, Charles Kramp, Ellubeth Wlnterbauer and Albert Nolle, are warned to appear In the Chancery Court ol Mississippi County, Arkansas, Chickasawha District, within thlr ty days and answer the complain! of the plaintiffs. Mrs. Mattk Noble and O. M. Noble. WITNESS my hand and wal as clerk of said Court, on this 14 day of April, 1934. R. L. QAINES, Clerk Elliott Sartaln. D.C. 4 14-21-28-5 16 thU I* to |tM noUo( that we will, on SATURDAY, MAY IBth, 1934, within legal hours, at the front door of the Court House In the Town of Blythevllle, Mississippi County,. Arkansas, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest ami best bidder for cash, the following described properly situated In tr.e" chlcka- cawbt District of Mississippi poun- ty, Arkansas, to-wit: South Halt of Southeast Quarter of Section Tnlrty-six, Township Fifteen North, Range Eight East, containing 80 acres, more or less. All right and equity of redemption, homestead, dower and appraisal waived In said deed of trust, ui [lie sale will be made after ue appraisal as provided by tr,e aws of the Slat* of Arkansas. Tne title Is believed to be good, ut we y;lll sell and convey as trus- ee only. Tills April 24th, 1834. iANSAS CITY TITLE & TRUST COMPANY. Trustee By John Henry Smith,' President, Shurcli 4 Qannaway, Attys.] Memphis. Tennesste. 26-3-1Q-17 Historic Corn Rites Vtrfanned PLYMOUTH, Mass. 1UP) —Tins Plymouth -Antiquarian Society performed the annual historical rite nnd planted 'seeds ol com from the NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S RALE Default having been made In tin payment of the debts and obllga .ions secured by that certain of trust execued on June 18th, 1920 by William B. Aroberg and wife Charlotte H. Amberx, to the under signed, as Trustee, as the same ap pears ol record In Book "Z". pag original corn of the pilgrims. It Is 345, ol the records ol Mississippi planted each year, when the maple leaves are the size of a mouse's ear. an old Indian tradition . Hogs are trained to locate and :llg up (ruffles In France. The truffle Is an underground fungus, and !s used for omelets, sauces, poultry dressings and other dishes. County, Arkansas, at Blyitevlll land assigned to John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company by Instrument ol record In Book 35. page 449, the Indebtedness secured by said trust deed having been extended by Instrument dated De ceniber 2nd, 1932, and of Record In In WARNING tlie Chancery . snwba '• District, County, Arkansas. Bertha Leslie, Plaintiff, vs. No. 5699 Walter Leslie, Defendant. The defendant Walter Leslie Is Book 64, page 615. of the recordb i or said Mississippi County, at Bly- OBDER Itheville, and the owner of the In- Court, Chlcka- [debtedness secured-having requeslet Misslulppl \ ttie undersigned to advertise am sell the property described in said trust deed, all of said Indebtedness (as extended) having matured b; default In the payment of a par thereof at the option at the owner Ancient Weapons of War . Retired Farmer's Hobby ' BEAVER DAM, Wis! (UP) — Weapons, of war ranging from Indian arrow heads to German machine guns have been collected over 'a'period of many years by August Smith, Beaver Dam, a K....„.,.. ,. Hired'farmer and former member criof.-tni^. : safes:'of; Dodge of'the'Wisconsin national guard. AFS:. ri fi>l I Mil ii t l(\i i ' ' 'lull 'nil l TTo "'linr ,-,,,-.,•;, t-i..:_. nnnn '.C%»ratl6ri> f; ».;" : tel«|rgjjhic : I is NEVER IKEIISTEl (Oontlnned from.Page.1) Walch Never pW»xr4 '...;:. Life in. this "hot corner of Asia'! is very niuch as It was in' the,war zone of Europe alter 19H. tasked Russian here! ' • ''•'..'"' "It seems to Die that 'the .war danger has about passed : in this | part of the world, so: far « IJM is concerned. WISat do you think?"! He replied: "The. Japanese are '' never so daoferouc as when' they think that you think the danger '; over." • • • • ' ' This is .the'atmosphere in and around VlKllvci»tok, tragic and shabby port town, on which turns the destiny of three nations and perhaps all Asia. And this Is the railroad over which Japan and Russia are at odd*. Negotiation* haW been renewed at Tokio recently- looking : toward sale of the Muxsiah Interest in .the. road to Manchukuo. And they may succeed, tor, as thihts stand now, this, "short-cut" to .Vladivostok, acron Manchukuo to of no : treat value to-RuMa any. more, ; ' ' * And establishment of three new ports on the Mirtchukuo coast 1 just below' Vladivostok ' is grfduiiry dralnlnf the lif«-b)ood 'out of.thlt He has more than 3,000 arrow heads'In his collection in addition to 300 stone hammers and axes and about 300 guns. His collection 'includes the rifle with which ..,. : -.-.„.».... Sitting Bull Is supposed to have «'. production been kilted. , ,:ly,';Mp'. TJbdige.- 'Brothers ! arul-.coirimerc''of vtir- tous.types . and capacities'. '. ' ' ,'_T^e. lirjie' afid uriusual order frpm r oir Brooklyn dealer, conies as a'flttliig climax to the rerhark- ^aWe sales 'records that are being *t ;by JXidge: trucks," said Mr. Burtte., .commenting oh the' order. "At .the time the .telegram w'as received Dodte truck and commercial., car .sates.'had been exceeding last-yew-'s records for 15 corisecu- i live .'.week*.', pur .figures, show that I from VanuWTiV^tq 'April U, '1934.1 TV - t 1?.; brack' *•'!«' totaled n.626 during. the same period of' " ' of " " " nnd his equipment, tools and testing de-vires are said to be the most JOYNER & BONIFIE]LD Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms are merciless. They strike without warning. You can guard against fire or thieves, but you are helpless to protect your property against tornado damage except with insurance In a good company. See us about windstorm Insurance for all property. First National Insurance Agency GtMra! Insannct Phone 12 Expert Repair Service FOR ANY MAKE OF RADIO IN '' ANY MAKE OF CAR Ifwrace .WakcteU, weU kMwm ntt» Knrit* med t« eaadact «r new department. He h thoroaghly tnMnl t*4 >^npttrnt lo render sen-ke on 1 arjr 'Make •* ra4l» ta any make *r car. .r.,T>la' WfTtee;- la avtUaMe at either of our tir* PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Quick Service Station WALNUT AND FIFTH STS. A rieto idea conies to town! PhiHips One Stop Quick Service Station / " • ". ' : NOW OVEN AT \VALNUT AND FIFTH STS. FOR THE CONVENIENCE OF BUSY . MOTORISTS featuring Minor Mechanical Repairs FOR ALL MAKES OF CARS AND TRUCKS Brakes Adjusted Brakes Relined Fenders Straightened Fenders Refinished Motor Tune-ups Minor Repairs Specialized Washing Specialized Greasing Until you try it you'll never know how really convenient our new service, is. Drive, in for your usual gas, oil, etc., and! we check your car for minor adjustments free of cost. Leave your car with us and you're only a minute's walk from the post- office, bank and shopping center. Experienced and dependable mechanics on duty from G a.m. till 9 p.m. STANDARD GAS AND OIL PRODUCTS KIRKSTONE GUM DIPl'ED TIRES FORD GUARANTEED BATTERIES Phillips Motor Co, Quick Service Station Bernard Gooch, Mgr. MORE TIRE FOR YOUR MONEY^ As low as .00 4.40x21 4.50x 4.75x19 5.00x19 mr Gfrmmmut tai FAMOUS QUALITY AT SUCH LOW PRICES. Don't let anybody tell you that some unlward-of manufacturer makn as good a tire ai Goodrich at prices like this. The COMMANDER Tire is mode to protect you against unreliable tires, to jive you rea/ tire value. Stick to known quality, Goodrich Certified, and you'll save money in the end. Come in and let us show you bow to slash your motoring costs. Goodricli tires W. J. Wunderlich's Main Service Station

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