The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 103L 1 BTiY'niKVILl.K, v'AHK.) COUIUl'.IJ _NK_\VS PAGE ,FIVR CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word 'or first insertion and one cent a word for each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken for less than 50o. Count tho words and send the cash. I'honc 300 , <i>/l950'TnE!iOW«-Mt:i!f?ii.!. CO. To dull I I1I-:UIN HIvllE TODAV kvf|i Illp f(0lii *ru«lii IUJ Thrui.ll. limn. FOR SALE FOH SALE—Baby Chicks. All varieties Custom hatching sollclt- td Marilyn Hatchery, liiyUitville. 20-CK-VJ? (II N- •** In PRINTED LE1TERHEAD3 OU 20 j pound bond paper. S3.75 i»r 1,- 1 000. Very low prices on general piinting. lixcclU'iit sideline. 1'ock- et siimiili; caso; ccmmissbn 25'; to SO'.l-. Give cue reference. Pioneer Printing mom!, l Concern, Box 101, Hani- : ., . II Junliir (rmiiilry t:l*'i: It he >iinirl>iltiK ctchi»lvc— |n»l tor Ilic "jounscr «cl." Aci'unlliujlj IJtRcrr, \vlin»p rntlicr \vn» n n"»- lilfr Illlrt nliuu- nrllm'MhiT. Hie furulrr I'llll. VAX IKHIIIX, ""• In, Hi nriillliy .IH'1 InilllllifMl. l"i'- C'llUM'll till! Ml" IH»ll l-""<- " III T ncri' i run xilli in ulil liuu«c. '"«1 rciti'uJvli'd II. ,.,.,., To llfil Thrusti rlliiif IIAIJU J1OI.I.O\VA V, n >nuni: nrlMl »l'"i ni» ImliiiliiK iiroiinil llif i-<iii"»f- Allrarlfil Ii) Ciliiuvr. hr 'iBrcrll '" »ln> lin.l |i:ilnl |mrlr;ill. i" '[!f Ihi- new chili timiNe. l!:ii>l Kim- HID -Jol.- Mi- VI>n-" I" ,L,. Hull. AnJ In- thoilBH ' |M»vc ttto fanii in:s uii» « lii»l < if year. | ' "Ami Just wliat Is it you ivntit :r.c to iln7" "Malifl 1'ut come." said Ginsei promptly. "She's fa kliul ot »i..k- mlnileil that she's l/juinl to iinTnl icli'jfly, ar.d ihitc s'-.y w.xi'i ul inu I'm sure slic'll in':inl >;ni.' Shall 1 coimi 1 li'.T t<i illrl alternately wild the- artist ami v.'.l li; '^~.[ t i;,',. c ;iib will. Ibvd .1 '"'' l '"'J llr:i -"'' '' Kfc * w o In Ihf c'j'jiiti'j li'OuK t< •aml. H'rir mo Hlacli'ittur. Ill- ill. C'Mcn^-J. '-I'! i/ no! I'lil'f'V co'itrrMfiit ir.'o-jse be iiu''C/iy fjaiit anil il.c ii'lll !,•" "M llaoKt>li to llcnrcr." Tut -ill isd > n is 111 loiVi little : shc'a Hani . Ktl : i coiiW -cr- irii>y :!tor the I..>.H r— U:,; prtliy. IMiH. i! |ii\tty! Ami -«-r— lio^c ^orlraln ili-nc" eil lo see -.Onii tio it it. He t;i-;:-in by iin i In; OUR HOARDING HOUSE By Ahern FCK UENT APARTMENT— and oflicc- for rent, February 1st. Ingram liuildins, j «ee or [Jiione, I. E. I'arkhurst. j 29C-K-TF OFFICE rooms for rent, cheap, as I low as S5.00 per inon'.h. Hub- 1 bard Ilardmsra Co. 2C-K7 I n M:?II.' l--'n'r"xli''>lii ivii» linuaMiini- npil lir ilJ '-ijult o'i'l " lo - '""' fclriini :, jillltnr. l.r uonlJ nl.iHr u lilrlurfMiui- iiiUllttun I" Ilir i-llH'. Hill ill Mcul.i'i lilurr- itrri nr- rlvrj turn- "t l.l« «'"""";i'.! 1 .- l.llllr AMI I.I." ""'» " "." KII.I PIIVIIIl) ""!'•' ••""';'• 111-MTO i-iitrlil »I«R- ^"' >iriur.l. .-..uhl n"l mi"' 1 , "i I,-1.1 finii;- III III" l'l:"'>-- ,ik 111 ;,„ tu ,v:, ; ,>.n,. • fl '>''! " KK-al. :>u'l. I ( ... i-.-iisillvu tmylali j |0 .,,. ,. 'i-iHliK vuU-c. ', -.IrLui An ".SIlC dOiKSil't IH'l'l III i'llt. Lit .'.'.I ' ,\ 1; ,l i;i';.r-r t;. She can Jir;l ail—a;;;! «alli—ai,i!! si.o itjiicinliL-ml ilrivc—and il.ince —uinl kc.'ii :*|;LOJ j v -, i^'.ful ty.-.i. lii wltli tier while she 13 i!nj::;; u." i [i[. ;!i |,| S [„-., nj, "1 toe." Ktlily siallrd "8:-.ii:. . : ,; i!;i.Li; hair Wijnhl a si i.-r ill el:V" ' ll.t.' >imi..4 ::i ^l liav^j Mfiie ul Ibi. "lleir-.n^o li.ud Ins lo do tl-.'-c; j taiii-: Lull titblle appi;:'! 1 ' lioitraits." slie aiii'.-nilnl i|ui;--;ly j G!n:;er \viithcd lintiilisiulr. i"lie noeda tiio mniic.-;-." [ -|;:;:i|." she said "ilo — ins I Ci.i:lil -i: : tcr of n;-.i WO'RPrTjASOJi, I k'MflU WHA~f IS BBCOWIU(3 CSF M£T -"•- Mo sii?, EGATI i — HERE iVe BEE.tJ LE-f-Tl/ "RIPE OPPORTUNITIES 1 SLI? — CAM if BE "TWAT I AM UP MEMT/ALL^ 2 gi LUCkV To 7 Me D£V DQklV , KAB BULL-'FieirfYs HEAH, OR • ^QiJ'jD rfAB M& GES-fTlM' 1 A •JOB lU -fM' AREWA AS BULL-BAIT f — Uo, MIS-fAM , / MA73"Ari, — A-'rl CAMY P>VoRM I Q*A -fhl' RADIO -~ Wrifeu A^'( S. "FRdo MAM WUK HEf?£ TO 1 *-^v \ Oi-OVVJIU L3 U*r i»iu-fvj I/AI-I- » " \v SF^s - C5REA-T CAESAR/ — viefee if SiaaS. —I . _ , _-. i _ - ^ _ / • up nlhv. Well, let him. •-'.-> Sin'Cil Lt rnn :unii£i'l. ru i( J i 111: ui-uua \uu ni'u.^j. ^ j,7.:u. bi:« &ai<i itn.Mini.-i>. "" ImHc • IT Tit ir'nV i f-c- • I ' f> | "I sec. Well. I'll Have to Justify;,!,, yo ,, t^-ctlully care for IH..WU j ! t ^.'' ",'.-,,1" i^, ,,'. ,!''"'.!,'. j ' your in 111'.'. l'!l SCii vvlal ( j v ..-; Ihmvn cvus ll::it I'irll MSI '• \ la if. .'.,"•' ' ''' '" ° "' '" 11 can ^o." iii-.i-Jy to wu-p for y^'mlic-;:! v/i-'-' -'-i-,- i ,•,!-.„" ! ... Aail |]o you HJ. O 0 |j vc .|, rmvll skin "' . . . FOE RENT—Four rcK-.i hcus= SIO. 5I5 Madison, with water. Sec Jack ; Bishop, 511 Madison. Op-kO ! FOR. KENT—Shane apartment and | five room house. Best of pUrnb- | Ing fixtures, light fixtures and | heating plauls. Both kept in perfect condition. Telephones 197 and 571. • cktG !«'• '": ulr " ' 1 WANTED PLAIN OR FANCY SEWING—Mrs. AlUe Sisk, Phone G72. 124 Dou- Eau. 4C-K11 <. in i!it ii'Ytij.' l^liixrr. ulifii -ho lii-:iril ulnilll II. Imll'll I'A'I-IV sr..Ul!> Ki. ,-un- "I Sli«-*-il. '« u < I'nlly ,,i,nhln-t.-m.ic. |.l.-:,at.,s l;.TnllT ,.' rilllY JACKSIIN. \\lltri-ilium i;i-ici-i wc-nt ti. 1-itJy- .v>w cis or. ttrrii TIII: STOUV ~lx v.-a:ita c l!iln.q or not Is tor ^-iirk at the r.cai'c-si mirror. Itfuiio other vvomati lo s3an to .b-'-in: mediately r:ie sighed. "Walt,' '}„' v .: i;:e:iig!i; It. Nuw juii.gii In HID iiafly jatic tavl. "Vu'.i m VIT know. M'^.., ia:iil Ilirl with lliu Speed person. Un- j iiidu't t!ii:ik t v.-osiii: llin it cither, j .", [less s!ie Is really In love ivltli Uarcl. I \vait till you see 11." i she'll want 10 get Speed back. And •j\r\: l,l';i<: S^tvr tin !Mn) 1:1 ;i!E sent ImmeJiac.-!? for EiMy. CHAl'TEK XXII S ! .'-> -YA:'.y. tU'-ilirii;." i "i'ai !a a ;crr:::lc jsm. -.-u.-iu. ! Jlliit POULTRY WANTED — Market prices paid at C. L. Bennett Co. Feed Store, 210 N. Hailroad St..! west of courthouse. J. E. Fisher. 4C-K1G POULTRY WANTED—Market pri- ccs, any miantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 B. Fourth St. QC-TF WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown, 701 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF I tbere will bo time enough later on i tn ilocitie whether she v.ants Hi:ec'l 1 jierinaiiciitly or ii;st lcn:u ea^Jcti ; to pot Him away from you. ,^ ..,-,,, - npIIIL meant well." Ginger said ; "in tlie end.^it will r.-ori: out lust j°°.'.J", ( ','.';'^ EJ ~ *• 10 EdJv Jackson, "but all' lonphiBly cillicr^way. V.'c in.lcr-j ..;"_,,:,;,,_ \; :a » crcalurc (-, |,rlng- BO T,ct. have tiidndumber moments.! 5la '" 1 CaC " «"«. uoa t vre 1 attv j .^ ^^ A ^ Q|]Uc yo ,, n ,,. " , , , .... horfd ,_i "<> wol: "O"-' 1 Lcr '•• r -''-' ;:i iu WB ivou rcn;i-:nl:tr feed. Jon't you? Tiiinkir.R I waabnroil-mcboKtl.-. ai!( , , 0i) ,. cil , n|0 ,,„,.,....,,. i Ar.'l bv.v r'-,','!-k,r.!'l;it! ne was. V.'cll, sins Invited Speed Itoncy-yim re- i ,,^ f ., s ,. e f ^ .. b , ;l 1 - 1 . , ]ils ,' niemlicr cliuckins htm oat Oi thcj thai v.-ot'.;-ca<l at i'jj' Ultl." iiivsoiiage thai lime, don't yon? | -Just ictnvorarliy. And 1 extfci | And 1, ICiiily. the farmer ut ray Dirt, 1 will beau little Oiiii;r-r within a:i h:cl: of her life. I'll i-ii v\uli her. v.nii; willi her, ride with l.f-r, ilnlice \villi her, until s!-.e will wl.ih 1 cita-l. l.ct I'ay Dirt t" lianu. \Viiat dy 1 care if I have to iuo:t- gag^ the plow to pay for itiy vloas- PAV, AH BROADCAST MUFFI -TH 1 AIR BUY AU r'.-:'.<:t oi !: ; l;;n:iid to 'M frirra o: no farm, you'rt "Hut. Kilily—" Kil:!y c.iriiiisciii (he small hriiuls In '/. an.i smiled at her. "If .my one of us truly curen tor uyijouy cl=e o[ us," tic saltl oCi:tly, "we'll corao through tho racket BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martiu u llard'a portrait commissions 'acceptance to Ginger, ti'.at cock ^nre ; yoj ki.o 1 " von can he terribly sweet. CHANCE OF LIFETIME—Reliable ambitious man to establish lonl business. We linance yon. Exivsri- ence unnecessary, r.fake S9-SV2 nay. Full or part time. McN'eES Ca., Div. D-558, Freepor', 111. that 1 am practically In cliarge 0 [, 1 person ami everything. I am simply worked I' 3 "' recuivcd il with a uoncba Kdtll'. 11 jUSt Will Slop pretty ^ocd, l\:!fly. A:5 ROCII as sil make:! up l:cr miud vrhat sbe wants, LOST -AND FOUND to death. And 1'at won't corae. And!..,,., why won't siie come? Well. I'll tell you why. She says Ibat It isti't fair to you. Edily." Soincwbat to her surpriEe Eddy roared with laughter. "\Vliy ;lou't you luvito me. too?" Jam Er-.rcastic! Co sweet, won't linj:;," she ?aid to iK-r=elt.! vo 1 .!. f;i:d ?lniw I-IG poor litlle slcli j always bo manaijeil, ouo way ji;.j : .- •! -c.cJ tiina? ! It- '•-•> we'll mate it ea^y fur her she'll ssi It." "Yo3. And we want her to I'ave or another." ] -^ M ' s c,-.:n:r.!; for hsr lieMlh and But a grca: Ojai more isiana;"-;i rhe ,,... , 0 ,. 0 j ol , kc ,] a f lcri aa d n-.cnt was to be required o£ ^c-r ia ; j. cl: -- 0 fa j. 00 j nt t [, :iti gijOy. Aud this connection. | ... 0 ., via ^ Sur1l n rhanKc for her. i'::': id icv. bniind to ba prclty, Eildy, :.:.:: you !;uov.' you lilie pretty airls, NEW Jcliu Deere stalk cutler taken from Lea Wilton Company warehouse at Armorel. $10.00 reward will he paid for information leading to its recovery. Zx?e V/ibon j Company, Armorel, Ark. 6C-K10 - no suascstci!. "Or -jtould Ibat he anoihor unfairness?" • . -Weil. 1 timuG'jt of It." confessed Ginger. "But 1 thought you wouldn't T HAT very afternoon co ; rnf? n ioti tcic '•'.voaid il tc coiivcnfcii! !'•• '-•• in bring m'j ji'stc-,- u-itfi :::rf i'- ! iC .,'. ycii'.'" •".'.'oil, rather." ""i.on yc:: see h(v,' nice !t v:l!l [to fiiiiuo up her inir.t!. Ouo tiling i.H iure. \Vlialcvor c!se In the world she may ililnlt Elir',1 li'iii; lo have— It won't be me. Uy the lime tills visit is over she will wiah me safely mice sad for all snugly asleep lu my sir. feel of sod." Ami, quite surprisingly. Eddy laughed hcartiiy. (To Ilo Continued) WA;,KS SUES HUSBAND DETROIT, (UP)—Walking home I from rid?s may be a more or less I with n movinEi^ Hi? co.iislnrrii common practice wiili girls of the ' tiilir.s slicuid 1:^ ci'.:!!?ri_ before flr.piier agt. but when a liusbaiul i covErins v:i:h :r.r:ir,Giio. ": ~'.c -ir, 1 : 1C(1VC3 h i s w jj c t5 get home as best i vcnis tlio -.vcipMb" >o n - WARXIXG oiiuEH , /veto York Cotton Cii.'iN'CHRY COURT, CHICKA-I NEW YORK. Fob. 7. cUPI—Cat- niSTSICT. MISSISSIP-! :on cio;iu stf tl.iy. Coitls Itolincil— Dresses Remodeled— Everything Cleaned. RE-NU CLEANERS I'hollc she can. it's a different matter. S,> thought Mrs. C. Hazelitt Nes! bitt. who filed suit for divorce apins-, Ernest Ncsbitt. She mentioned the walk home as an act of SISTER Chrysler and Plymouth P;n-ts To imlividuals or shops. 30?; oft'. J,. FOWLER 1'lione 8SS liced in this tyn of C-a-: COlJM'l'Y. ARKANSAS. , O|).-l: Hi[!.l Low CldiU meiiimuc for 15 minutes s:i a o!=v.-. >:v.tcc Torre and Lillie 1:1. Toire. i JWar 10,7 nj'.O lOul 10G1 cven : Plaintiff, May .... 1005 1C3S 103u 108S ... i x-j. <£:•:) vs. I July .... mi 1121 nil 1112 Daily .Momi . John,on, -:t ii., Dc-fc-.-.d-1 Otl 1M9 11-10 1131 113V BREAKFAST— C:r.r.?-.-'. covosl.i " !li - ! Dic l " S n ^ ll & 1155 crea:si. [:or.chcd c;3s ess i:silk tu-JGt, i 'Ihe .tJfr:-.:' = -i : . C.iihcsir.p Joliii-Uaii !17o 1177 lliii 1152 milk, coffee. :-o:;. Jc:::i!on. • Tommiei £po:s tjuiet at 1070, ofT 5. LUKCKSCN—Curss =ou:i'K', .--Li-'v-; J;-:ius'ii. Wilbur Jolin-or.. Bonnie | D1XNER i on sponge i" ; -' ,i i:; '.:.-.- e<.nl!o:i .t!!ii Tcrrc and Li Coucn Orieam Cotton OI1LEAX5. Kb. 7. lUPi The \vatcli may b; u^d as a ccm- j pass. Point tiie h-jitr lian-J '.) ;':e north, then, in liw mor^'.ii:-. l:.-'.f- vay bc-twEcii iViO iio::i- rz'.id ;\-.\: 1 . ;outh. lu ti:e aiiirnocii cno QUICK SERVICE Gulf Service Station Bryant Stewart, M.qr. Phone '1 BY SISTER MAHY N'EA Service Writer L.vriion jue i:i:ike a ut-licicus and • noon i ' popuhr dcsrcrl Icr this reason and : ]mls r , ' can tc varied In ro many ways', that it can be served often wills- FHECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS i oul becoming monotonous. j /" • • -^ /•- • I T/.nir.Ti cnniio^ r\if* 1C l^lfulr 1 v:f^h i ' t Dated Jan. '21. 1331. : . M '>5' R. I.. GAINE3. C:c-"i:.! J »'y •••• By Elizabeth 3!ytiie. ' Oct Clerl:. n ^ Sam .M?.!ir.a;t. i Ja » A.:y. Ad Liicr.i. ! Uf-'-s ota 24-31-7-1-; :<J at. 1U33. OiK-n 1CM 1C31 Lo-,v Close 1004 1C-: I 1037 10:3 i 1110 1110 1113 i 1145 1137 1133 ! 110-1 lloo lliij stc.idy .iiid tincinsi-'- BK.ii s-' Red I!;tll liarber Shop 318 W. Main Williams & Damon, Prop. Felix Kyle, Fred Eoyett, Guy Rogers, Virgil Williams. Earl Damon. monotonous. i Lemon spcnje pic is made rich, with C83S and uvovStles a quite | htKrty <!ess?rt. It is suitable to sene with a fish dir.ner or for Main <t ])ivisinisihinchto:i, but should not lollov.- a I heavy meat course. * • * I.enicn Siiotisc: T'C 1 . j On: cup siur.r. '2 t:'.ble;uco:is! flour. 1 ia*)":.-spunn bisttrr, 1-4 lea-! s-pcoii salt. 2 C8bs, 1 cup water, 1; ii'inon. pastry. [ Lir.c a l.irje pis pan w.i'.i !«••-, try. Mis and siit sugar, iio-u- and $a"lt. Rr.'.J hi butter ancl s;ici cvo.t- ed vint! and juice of Its-.ior.. Heat j y. l!:s 01 er:j iir.tsl thick :,:5j I.VM; . in wn'.tr Add to n:A ::-,isture,' with wheel beater. Boat, whites of es 1 -" «i a ptaltrr with a! wire until :ailf ">id dry. Fo!,i itMo- otcr tniMii; ? and turn snto pas;ry-| lined ysn i'.i:;. Bake in .->. ho', oven I for tc-r. minute-. Reduce heat and! kak^ 40 miv.i::r, i:i ? E'.O-.V r.vcn. i Uuncn Bave.vir.i pic is re-ally a: I bnviirian c; snicd in n baked| I iiic shell aid i>es nr.'.nqc. juice nsi •.vol Ins !cinoi! j-.r.r... The h.i.iana I can bo oniillv! if preferred. TliK SXOWSMDE! By Blossjl FAY O.DAVIS i'linncs 231 or 431 f\ V,. VOL)' *= / • ~ r <-$* ^•;:: l •^wm> ^*£n 1^^° e- N -\ '^-> <£ ' .v_,, \ ees-vao wo w.6 SCAC STIFF.... A06 YCXJ /.LL RISHT? \'in£ae'S LIUDV? 1 S<3T Kra... SEE TVS- fZEllJS-'.' •A, ^ "t- Local ami lonj; distance hauling. Special rales on carload lots. Team for local hauling. V. K. WASIIAM TKANSS'EK HOO Chickasawl'-^ I'honc S51 I.cmui cup JACK I)Ki.K Radiator L'spcil. i.= siav.- \:'.:'. tis. Xcw and Used P.aiaa'.Oi- For All Cais .T;tfk>*n Auto Parts 20'!il \V. Main—Phone CG IIA V One bale- or a train load. KAI! CORN, shuck 0:1, 83o bit -Shuck o!T. KGc per bis.. In r^.r lots. CnKon SLiles Sales Co., Inc. BlylliDvillp, Aik Pl-.or.e H4 or LD 1S05. One cup stissr- '-- Cii i' oisi^c j;si;c, 1-2 c.ip IcKion juice 1 . 1-2 [cap l;oilu«; »r,'.ov. 1 1-2 la'jlcfpcuiis Ki-anulatcd gelatin,'. 1-2 cup c-ld i water, 1 banana, 1 ct;p \\hinpin; : crcar-.i. ! Combine cisnsi* and :?' juice-, i ::;v! adJ banani cut in thin s'.icos. Add sugar and !rt stand \! bak- ini i:ie Mu-ll. '- : >-aU griallLo i.i .cold water '.<.: live iv.iru'.es _ A;';L! bni!i:v; \vntrr iv.i.i ->V!H-:I ,;e':.t:n • : is tii'-snlved add Mtrar niixiiive ar.ri ::t:r 11 :-; i:- cii^oiM'^- I-"', i - c t.r,ic! until iv.i\t'.i v e b.'-jins t-.H 1 thichra. Hc.v. t:n;il fic'.'.iy v.ilh a i d've; beater, i u'.ri in cix-aia v.ii!i)- l>.\i until fusil. Chill Kiiiil r.VA- tir.o l:; to n-l. 'H:rn into h.-.k- ccl pie F.licil ami! isnf.l f'l.n before fciving. \Vhrn n ler.ion Die Is covered i^ f\;;;? \VH.\'l CAN THE ^nOAMNf; . - -.- •.} ^" '• ' '--'I - /'^ >;•>' /^r-J V ;i -^r ' V FR.ONT Oi- WCTC.L i etlTUWC-i OUT C\ : CONTROL lClP. CW1 F'iLlf.0 KvTii ^ilVtlONi C'i- \^:T,^::''k^<•-,,. : ' '^\^.. 'bM.- v; i?p^v^pi? : f .'"'". V - -.--'-^| '^SvS? ' - S-^: --^ %^^ ^.-•f t^^^d - JT^^iii^ BULLETS viJlAlSTLE 6V, f\S HE ST£Po ON T ! V!JcJ^s. THEM « THE RO,\R OF A* MOTOS IN HOT PURS'JIT, MORE S«OTS, TU£N ft TERRIFIC ion. MIS CAR STOPS, TV^O OF ITS WWUE.LS SWOT OFF. t=aMEN COWt 1 ; Ti< CJ TiAJ. SOWltR-S t\9£ M(\M«:& NO MVSTAK6 TtttV ^t^f. NOT AFTER RACT

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