The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1949 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1949
Page 4
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TOOT BLYTKEVn-LB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, AUGUST «, 1949 THS BLYTHEVELLE COURIER NEW8 THB COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher JAMES L. VERHOBFF. Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sol* National Advertising Representatives: Wallact Winner Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered u second class matter it the post- office at Blyihevi]|£, Arkansas, under act ol Con- iress. October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Presa SUBSCRIPTION RATESr By carrier In the city ol Blythevjlle or »ny suburban town where carrier service Ls maln- Uineri. 20c per week. 01 85c per month Bv mail, within a radius ol 50 miles $4.00 per year. S2.00 (or six months, 41.00 [or three months: by mail outside 50 mile zone $10.00 per year payable in advance. Meditations I delight Lo dn thy Hill, (> my god; yea, thy law Js within my heart, — I'&alms 40:8. The grace! c.s^eiiiials of hajiph^ess am: something to do. sotneUilng to love, and something to hope for.— Chalmers. Barbs We read many reports of thing's being bad abroad Eiirope's pique year] • » • Rats avoid obsli uclums through a .sixth sense—• which doesn't explain yuur favorite baseball star's hitting slump. • • • Thieves stole manhole covers in a Texas town. Must have been those tough guys who use 'em to play tiddly-winks. * * * The most (returnI color In animals' ryes I* brown. The frttn-tytd monster jusl han In h« different. * * • Jewelers are to hold a convention In a western city. Oh, goony, youngsters—another gejn session. Senator's Proposal Has Good, Bad Points Should the U. S. Treasury pay Col- our presidential election campaigns? Senator Lodge of Massachusetts thinks so anil has introduced a resolution for that purpose. Tlie theory is lhat our present system of private financing weights a winning: candidate down with too many commitments. The President has to grant favors in return for favors received. Thus when * new man takes office, he has to dispense many of his choicest plums to the men who drew their checkbooks from their ixjckets most regularly. Soon afterward a scanning of passenger lists for European and other foreign liners shows a lilieral springling o f new American diplomats, who naturally just happen to have been heavy campaign contributors. There is no question that merit would be a much bigger factor in presidential apointments were it not for campaign obligations. Private financing is a headache tor another reason, too. The need for radio and television time is making campaigns steadily more expensive: and adequate funds are increasingly difficult to scrape up. In principle the Lodge proposal sounds good, at least al first glance. But some tough questions come to mind. Who gets the money? Just the two major parlies, or minor ones as well? If some of the latter, who decides which shall he included? Offhand, any discrimination at this point would appear hard lo justify in a democracy lhat professes lo keep ihe door open always for new ideas, new policies, new parties. Democracy can't he a closed corporation. Fiirlhcrmore, would there be any government control over how Ihe money should be spent by the parties? Kdward J. Flynn, Democratic leader in New York's Bronx, points out lhat much campaign money is wasted. Bui any control to prevent waste might in time turn out to be control for control's sake. Control of a political party's spending would mean an end to free elections. Other objections have been raised but these are the big ones. Fur all ils apparent surface merit, Ihe Lodge proposal is unlikely lo get far unless its supporters can show that government financing of campaigns will nol handicap Ihe free working of America's democratic election system. Wishful Thinking Senator Donnell of Missouri thinks the North Atlantic Treaty opens th« way to an American civil rights program. This is the final proof that when * man wants to be against something h« can find a reason almost anywhere under the sun. The Bigger They Are . .. Winston Churchill has been tonguelashing: litlle Clerncnl Atllee, Britain's prime minister, ever since Atllee's Labor Party took power four years ago. He lias called AUIee a "sheep in sheep's clothiilg." Recently, in a jib« intended to disparage both the physical and mental stature of the prime minister, Churchill said: "Never before in Hie history of human government has sucli great havoc been wrought by such small men." If Churchill expected Atllee to lake Ihis in silence, he was wrong. Indeed, Attlee was in the process of replying at the very moment Churchill was speaking. "I am afraid lhat nowadays the strength of .Mr. Churchill's language is in inverse ratio to his knowledge of Ihe subjects," said Attlee. Not bad for a lillle fellow. VIEWS OF OTHERS The Serpent nd the Dove The world would be a sorrier place without the quicl witness-bearing of the Quakers. Their humanitarian service, their practical dedication to the ideal ol universal brotherhood, ihelr conviction lhat love can move mountains stand is a challenge and inspiration to their fellow men. Even in totalitarian countries qunke Influence has many limes readied through iron resistance lo bring to minds In slavery and bodies In need a solace and * gllmpte of a higher pence. Kor thai reijon the report on Soviet-American relations just Issued by Hie American fVlends Service Committee will be read with great Inler- esl and respect. If It ii less persuasive »s « con- trloution to peace th»n the indlvldtin] lives and group serrtces at the friends, It can still stir useful thinking On the julijecl. Wilh the central lliesls lhat war between th« United Slates and tlie Soviet Union I: not Inevitable every jenulnt Christian must agree. This u one o( the lint requirements lor constructive thinking about today's world. That changes are not Inconceivable within tlie Soviet system which will make It pOMlble for that system as modified to exist in one world with American democracy must also b* granted. H Is valuable to be reminded that while a "(InaJ violent conflict between the Soviet and the capitalist world* Is a basic article of faith of Russian communism," the Communists do not necessarily want lhat clash, but see It as Inevitably determined by history. When the report comes to a detailed prescription of »tef« lo be taken to combat Ihls Communist misconception, there Is more room for disagreement, The most crucial point Is perhaps the suggestion that the United Slates place its stcck pile of atomic bombs under United Nations seal. The committee feels that under present world conditions Die most radical gesture toward International good fnlth Is demanded of the United States. Yes. but it must not be an empty gesture. The UN at present has neither the machinery nor the police torceja act as ol the atom bomb. An outrlghrglft of It to the Russians would be just about as feasible—and not much more productive of International chaos, tn a world which still relies on material force even for moral ends, the bomb serves at present as a balance to the huge land forces of the Soviet In Europe. Until national sovereignties yield lo world law. such power factors cannot be Ignored. The Christian Injunction lo be wise as serpents and harmless as dove-s remains. The proposal to turn over Ihe bomb to the UN regards only Hie dove. Nevertheless, it challenges the thinking of ihose who call themselves Christians and yet put their reliance on American possession of the bomb. Such devotees of the serpent may tall themselvs restlsLs. but their wisdom Is a short- term wisdom and holds little promise lor tlie dove of peace in the nay when a hostile, power, convinced of the Inevitability of war, gets its own atom bombs. Appeasement Is never the way l o peace. But a deep, unceasing, importunate search lor ways lo make our collective ns well as our individual actions more Christian holds out the only nope ol conquering our opponent by ncnllng 'him of his darkest fears. Since Hiroshima, Aincrinuis have had the gravest responsibility of history thrust in their unready hands. The analytical eye and the compassionate heart are both nccden to make them efjunl to it. -CHRISTIAN SGIEiNE MONITOR. Upholding the Peace State Department 'White Paper' On China Junks Former Policy PETER EPSON'S Washington News Notebook Wainwright Reminded of Corregidor Incident by Manila Y/riter Now in U.S. WASHINGTON (NKA) — C! e u. Mmt. n Ir'.v mcmllis. One bie bug l.s ' building a house," beg.ui Cortrigli Jonnlluui Wflliiwripht of Conraiuor i how to prt tlie Ice bluck. Another Is ; 'Now ninvbc von as a. "oveinmen fame held a pmw conference in ] what to do when s ,u»v covers the offiebU will ,ct a little Insist int ^V, 'T^ ™^" ?L h "^-., n '± e « d , 1 ';!:- _ . _ . "«hc pn,h,e™ of the private' b uiW - i £™lni By James n. White AP Fore ft n Sews Analyst (For DeWItt MacKenzie) The olficial American side ol •hat has been happen!tig in China 'LVS made public in Washington cAtcrday. Judging from early press suiu- navks, the Stale Departments ong white pn|>er tells, on Hie whole, Sunday School Lesson By Kdwin P. Jordan Written tor NKA Service Of all the senses, tlie ability to ;ec is perhaps tlie most important The person who has been born blind cannot know what color real- s' means or the appearance of other minim beings. One who has become, tlind after having been able to sec 5 in almost equally biul situation. Many cases of blindness, whether present at hirlh or developing atcr in life, can be prevented Active In seeking to avoid un- icces.sary blindness is the National Society lor the Prevention ol BlinrincKs. This or':ani/ation i.s .intere-ted ir any measures which can be used to nrevent loss of vision. Recently it its 40th anniversary conference at which luany papers were •n-esented and m'tnerous suggestions offered for combating loss nf vision. Tile most important preventive is to obtain the best possible advice at tlie earliest pofisible moment Tnli'c(u>ns of the eye and other defects which may lead to blindness ran frequently be treated with coiu- nlctc succes- If canr'ht early. TRANSPLANTATION H is not possible to restore siirht in all patients who have become unable to see It can be done, however, in a few cases. In -some, for cxamnle, an operation may be eonsidcrrd when the cause ol blindness is lack of transparency of the cornea of the eye. It is a mistake to speak of "transplantation of the eye." as actually it is transplantation only of that part of the eye referred to as the cornea. The operation is a delicate one. Tlie normal eye tissue must exactly renlace the diseased tissue taken out. It ean be done successfully by any expert eye surgeon, however, and many people already have had their vision restored by this means. The eye tissue to bo grafted into a bliuri person can be stored for only a few days. Consequently the ittle (Hat Sias not been known or surmised. But it gives detailed reasons !or he end of one policv toward China —and East Asia—and opens the way .owarcl creation of a new one. In China and Asia more than linlf the world is shedding the chains of its Iciiihil colonial past. Communism Is making a long planned play for the majority of the iHuuan race at an opportune moment in world history. What will lie (lie new American policy to counter ttiis? Tile white paper is vague. Secretary Achcson say.s merely that America must "encourage . all developments" in China aimed at tluowinn olf the "foreign yoke" of Moscow-directed Communism. That could mean anything from helping refuace students to flying bazooka* in to the Mo•' ins of China's northeast. Slill in Need at formula .fg) So the policy if remains to be shaped, by a special board, and the job is a toush one tor many reasons. Somp formula be hammered out that >,viil lit iu wilh U.S. policy eUewheje and still sit passably welt witli t 1 -" prople most concerned i.i Asia. It has to satisfy their chief criticism of the old wo'iicv—that «-c pay too much attention to Europe. They say Europe i.s fur Drtter equipped industrially l Ii a n Asia, lives better, Ls man- stable nation- illy, and therefore is Misccpl- ble to the inroads of Communism winch ivc say we ar- out to slop. Yet there's the t|iu'.stion of whe- lier Asia conlil assimilate aid like that in Europe, lixl i! so. who could afford it? where is tlie middle ground where wluil we can <!u Rill work wit]; Asiatics? Here in America, internal pulilic- al differences over China and Asiatic policy could strongly influence I are important if satisfactory results the Dls.lblcd American Veterans, i J'rpncVs llul Urm, Senator Finds I ers One of (lie corrcsiwndents who : Oklahoma Sen. Elmer Thomas' j Cortrielu'o prophecy has been ! ar e to' be obtained showed up wns Mrs. Mninertn ; economizing effort to cut down on . correct in more ways than one. I in order to speed the restoration BUick.. an attractive Pilljitnn. now . the aviued .servlrcs stockpile of pep- \ Woods i.s having a trash time iron- ! of vision to those who can oe core.sponrlenl for a Manila newspn- per h.,.s i un into a hot protest from hm out 'ho dttails of constructing treated in this way. eye banks have pe: Walkm? up to the RClicral nnd ! the QuarlermiiMer Corp.s and the .ma fmancin" his two model homes, i b rnaiClne hnuds, .she risked him if lie Muiii'lon.* Doard. Thomas, as ', Mast of his trouble ha.s been in net- icen formed in several cities. recalled the time they hud met. rrnn of an appropriations siibccm- ; tins Federal Housing Admifislra- Tlic general salt! no. he didn't. mltlce. hart criticized 'he stockpil- ,f;n finance approval Woods is Note: Dr. Jordan Is "unable to answer individual questions form i what comes out in the end. The administration seeks lo qet other measures through Cousress too, and compromise may result. But Asia herself mav try to influence that policy. Xnv grave crisis there might well subordinate the need for long term planning to Uv.-t of meeting an eiiie'-iency. This is possible because tlie tii- strumrnls America seeks to use In her global battle asainst Russia^ communism do not always briia^ according to American wishes. _Such an Instrument was Clliang Kai-Shek of Ciiina. The white paper tells ' 'iw he got /Vnenrun aid. but did not use it effectively. He lost tlie supuort of his people. His armies lost the will lo fir'ht. Chiang failed. The policv [ailed. Loan of Silver Srn^ht But Chian« Kai-Shek is still a- vound. He still heads Ihe party that runs \vlin' is left of non-Communist China. The refugee government through which this is done lias just put its economy on a silver currency basis, without enough sil- Mrs. Block then Itilcl him thnl m s o! 200000 pounds of pepper and ,ii;o haviir; trouble «euiii" Army readers. However, cacli day he will ver to do the job. .•he wm tlu> last person he talked ,|,c request for funds to stockpil" a , ; L T ,V on the desi"n"for military' " " ' " " ' " ' to before beinc taken prisoiier by I,,, mnrt-: "Tlnit pepper i.s a great posi., and Veterans Administration the Japs. She was then n reporter defense weapon." snorted the sen- ',ppi,,val for GI loans for her husliaml'.s Manila ncwspa- , lt or. - i ' i I( , urs Xol (0 Reastm Why per and she had bren asslcnrd to Tiu - . ho linm ,,j _, m vi.-i-.s mainuun Urrle Sim's efiorts to p.\y his get an UUrivicw with the temp;.r- that pepper is one of 'he most crit- t , m ,,i 0 ycs according to the letter of ''. nrlly defeated ueneral Mistaking ; u . a i .st,;itci-k- materials in short sup- the law sometimes turns up weird '• her for r, ben. the itcncinl hud said, ,,iv. Reason i.s that its an indispcn- a ,!, n2 . s / rom t | u . orneral Account-i "You letter eel the hell mil of here, able insicdiei^ o! all canned meats. , i :U£ oflice. For instance, daylight kid ThiiiBi look bad." • Trooiw sln'ply won't eat canned -aviiiTs adds a lion lule complication When Mr.-. Block rerallecl (he in-' m ,.. lt . s have no pepper in them. to i c[lcra i payroll procedure because cident. the general remembered it. M tir ], : has been i-omhifird n f ,jui c | interpretRtion of regulations killed to cli i.>ver :: synthetic ):eppcr. Plen-; on W ; 1OT n-ght differential rales of 'v of tliintv (hat look like pepper : p^. npply. Mis. IV.ock'.s husliaiui wa: during Ihe Jap occupation. Why Nul raiiil 'Km? answer one of the most frequently asked questions in his column. QUESTION: May I have some information alxiul an "inflamed liver" or "enlarged liver" and how to overcome it. ANSWKR: There are many conditions which cause the liver to cn- I large and without knowing what particular one is involved it is quite impossible to guess at the source of the trouble. IKIVC been devised. But the taste Is U. S. Co:ist Guai-d has been of- ;,lw;u.s wrong. Principal .supplies of As a result, several hundred night errinloyr, of the Department of Ag- J5 Years Ago In Blytheville tered a to cover the ice on natur:il pepper now come [rom In- i , jpnitur? who check airplane* ar- navig-iblc rivers and hikes wilh soot din, in,!o China and Indonesia. j ,-jvlns from foreign ports to see that or some materinl which will x,,i o ,,t of Ihc Woods Vel i no i 1Rrml ,,| ills e c u are imported. fpeed up the early spring thaw. The when Housing Expediter Ti-he E. i lost f i ve hours pay per week because. | M;ir theory is that anything black :lb- Woods Announced that he had in-'- im> tjobbledygook in OAO rulings j P™ <orlvi more of the sun's hent rsiys vestei! nis own money in develop- L nn the subjecl These employes put • ni " B 1>y Mrs - E A - G'oodrlch and than a while .-ulMUnue. Sc-ientist.s nl ent ,,f a house, he poi a . ;n tlw same number of hours, sum- i daughter Miss Dorothy Goodrich can pi nve miilhemnlir.illy lha t ilie cnli !inm tlic town's top real es- : ,,ier or winter But when d:ivli"ht I 1>crall5C lt wns lhe " oirtlltla y' Tll e idea ,-hcvild work. The MUI inndui-e.s t i( t c l..bbyi,i. I-'rnnk W. Coi'triijhl,' savmi-^ fa <x into effect, they" have '"- ; - "' ' J "' "" " ~ J ~*~ rnouoh durlne (lie winter lo «-li» ha.- nmsht Worlds on many is-I to lafcc li'pay cut. Back on standard keep m.kst U. H. rivers open lor all Mlr.s. "Tight. I'm glad to .see you | lime, they pet tiieir full salary. IN HOLLYWOOD lly £rskine Johnson XKA Muff Correspondent Misse.s Winifred Goodrich and Mary Grac3 Hill were given a slir- e bridge party Saturday cve- Hair was iield at the Goodrich home which wa.s decorated with garden flowers. The guests were presented handkerchiefs by their friends. An ice course was served. jimmk: Smotherman is now able ludic no trump. It. might even I four no trump, it might even ! lo be out following a two weeks iil- siiEgost the possibility of a slam. ,,,,,« froln malaria. South knows that his partner has | MLw Carolyn Haley who teaches HOLLYWOOD -N'EA) — alter hi. South American lour and news for moviiciuiis! , up,'ii.s ?r<m al the Astor R;:ol. . . . singleton of his partner's suit Also •Ihcalir iidmis.sion ]iv]re.> al first- Jackie Coo-an is in Canada break- Nnrth must have sonic clubs run dealers will lie .-la.-hrci lo with- me in ., roincdy act foi• night clubs Therefore. Soudi is correct in jii siuht of prrw:ir Ii \i-ls ihi~ win- ;uui T\ r When it's .srnoolh enough, jumping to tour spardes. ter. The prirr r<'dnc::n:i wa.~ .isre^d he'll ;:, ;rn a New York booking. When Hie dummv s;ws down it upon at a MVIC, inect:ni; of indu.-.- • • • • Inoks almost imiwssible (or South at lean two spades, as a person Uchool .it Manila, spent the weekend i-arcy buls two no trump with a he rc wilh her parents. SO THEY SAY I feel our American friends can play a crcat part in trying to find n solution ito Ihe British financial crisis) and some means for a iiTpr and more flexible .sy.sU'm of world currency. Can they do this fcy releasing some oT the gold Ihcy nave got or bj- mcrca-sing the price of gold?—AnUiuny Eden, former British foreign secretary. t * * Thr major decisions of our foreign policy since the war have been made on Ihe basjs ol an informed public opinion and overwhelming public support. These who rule by arbitrary power...(to not reali&e the fttrAnglh behind our foreign polK-y. —President Truman. • • • Tlie acts of the present Czechoslovak rrcinip, directed toward the tyrannous dominatkm or re- ligfous organizations by Ihc police stale, are rlrar- ly contrary Xn UN Manriarda and as MKh arc rtr- ploreri by the...United Slates.—Secretary ol State .Achcson. * • « We have Imrt three rnnnds of wage inrrea>rs in the pail three year*. The country was assured that svich was possible without price increases, < Bui > prices did increase.. .so that the hiphrr benefits wriT soon nullified.—Herman \V. », pr«id»nt u. »• Chambw ol Commtict, :ry hra.s.s ii: X.H\ York. rltiqui'llr in (In Point '.'S in a 30-pomt suiili' Inr' l heater maiMLT'r, ;uui ushers. IK:K-, ;cn l>y Na: Wolle. zone UMin-crj lor Warnrt Rrotiiei.s Ohui'.^ th« a-r lers. reads: | "Petting ronplr.^: f>i no[ ih-tiirb m^css the conduct 's ,>ncti a is \ atlractins? the attention of thix=e ^ around thrm. II tlieir condni : :s ' - Via'u-eahle uo mi! lu v .sr.,ite. b\u SAV: ' " 'It wil! be necessary lor me to call one of the m.uugcinont i: y.iur atlitnde does not chanim at nnrc ' Call tlic m.-iiKi-rr u ;lie\ pcr.-i.^t." Claik Gable'.- \iriliiy hit.s :i new hii:h in "Key to tlte C'lty." Tn one scene he lent.- a trlrphnne ixiok in half xvith his b-ire ii;ilui,s . . . Pci- gy Ryan, who Irained up with Donald OConnor ;;: '';jn.~e wartime nuisicals lias ^nincliPd a camp;ii?n Fimon and Shnsler will make the to make his contract, as he must, n'h Chain rton novel it.- liic sprin» lose two trumps and possibly two *:k (Hit tiic advertism- campaign vlulj tricks. Flowevcr. as Mr. that the llieme is a McKENNFY ON BRIDGE Bv WiltMin K. iMrKeimr.T Aim-rica's Caril Authority Wrillm for N'EA Service Hay Cart Win Tin's (lame 1 ftin Ehiiic yon todnyVs hxtui a? ;i] nu bidding. However, a? AU'red p. sheituvoUf points nut in lii.> iTrnii ;ii tide in Tlic Briduc ^""r! f j :i;;^,i7nio cinltlrri "Pructira] Ri iriuo." :iir liand filso has A very Shcni\voht paitils out, ,1 liitlc tlc- t'cptioii on [he part ot South might «ivc Vmn his conirncV. A 100 V AK2 • A J 8 7 3 4954 Musical Instrument In New York, chinnc's brother in law. Dr. H. H. Kline, calls for an American silver loan to help out. This puts to America this quostion: Supporting this eun-piu-y or be responsible (or the ctMi.T-n'iicnces; are you fitihtin? Communion nr not? Again. Chiang Kai-Shek !,,->s launched ;l u auti-Commnntst "Pacific Union" with President. Elpirtio Quirino of the. phillmrines and Prcsirlrnt Syuaman Rhec of Southern J'li-ca. Will AmE-iira support this anti-Communist nllinnce? ft includes Chiang, whom the white paper paints as pretty hopelcssJfc Dr. Rhee is waging a small w^ against the Soviet-supported Northern Koreans. At any time, either side could expand Ibis into something much bigger ;<n<! harder lo stop. Would we help if it couldn't be stopped? Could we afford not to? It seems clear that I lie shaping of the future American policy in Asia is susceptible to pressure from Asia itself. It could come from leaders who have to think of their own survival. The best and most persistent information is Hint, ihcy all think World War II is inev'table anyway, as do the Commmmt.s. Tn their eyes the question may be, why wait any longer? Answer to Previous Puzzle I A KJ4 » Q J 10 » K965 *K J 6 N W E 3 Dealer * Q1042 + Q83 lo CAcnnn klri n»Uv. A:m- nil. hhr's flno P^'i'-r in play. a divorcee ar.U h;is ; ( Her coiuedv lr;td ;:; ; in My Hc.irt" ;.> th thp riplit tiirer'inti , hot draI on fa: a l;l;n version of the , niv show, "Bride nnd Onx>m." l.uxnry 1\« Inriis ' Wonder h»nv nwny Hollywoodi!^ , vetr.cmVMr !hnt the Ci.\uU*n <M All Ah | hotel ouco \\;i.-^ (ho pnvn'c reMdcsice f of the funu-n.'. MJrnr Alia Xizl- nirvn. She titnilly l">t title wiien the i home was coin-enril ;:ro a hotel but , >ho \vonl \vi:h the U\u-r free room year-old son. 1011 vv:11 »"Ucc that Mr. Sheln- Vhere's a Onl wo ^ t\w.- not open Ihc bidding ;n-'t •Men in WLth ;1 l ' ni ' t * nr fovlr ' s iwrtc bid . .There", H Vo" .shouM never bid ;f ynu have A A Q 8 7 6 3 2 V 16 » None * A 1072 I-es.son Hand on Bidding Koulh Wcrt North Fxst 1 A P.iss 2 « Pass 3 A P"nss 1 N. T. Pass \ A DouVde Pass Pass Opening—V Q C bid for The opening lend of of queen preemptive of hearts is won with the kin?, and sound oIMMlisas; I the spade finesse taken. West winj, nr. us you do in today's . aiirt returns a heart which dummy hand. A mfemptive bid tells your ams. I" 1 ' 1 ' 1 " tha, you dn not have the the a Xow South should not cash :e of diamonds, even though irquUrri ;;iu!i card strenelh to make ho does not have an entry into ;m opciun>: hui of one. South should dnnnny. He should lead another bid one spndc and when North i >p,id;e. West wins at^ri returns o\e:'-calls \\iih t \v n disnnnnds. (heart \\^uch declarer trumps. Cash South siiouttt I'cbici his long spade all o| the tiuinps but one. East suit, \\n\ tlie (f>in-c.nii club suit. and West, looking at five dia- The bid of u\'o no trumps <>n the mnnrl.s in dummy, will not discard , and braid--mil:! he:- death. A new part (>[ Nolth col ,,, lins a | ot O f, any of their diamonds, but will let manaser, .lack Il.iv.kin.v a new cticf. : informati.n, (or South. It tells htm [ ao a club All South has to do then Jacques Ricnarn.i. and a SJ.itl.OCO re- (hat North (iocs not have three' is to cash Ihe ace of clubs, civc modeling job ha\e put the. place spades and his hand is p«<lty well up a club and he will make his back to its pieivav ,-]ilor.dur. 'balanced, if SoiUii at tins point contract. •v ci e Lo l):n three clubs, it uouldj — Xivier Cugat Is back m New Vjik j be an imitation lor North to bid Hod Courier New* Want Adi. HORIZONTAL 1 Depicted musical instrument 5 Male child STwisI 12 Above 13 Before MSea eagle 15 Reduce in rank VERTICAL 1 Coal scuttle 2 Hail! .3 Secluded 4 Predisposed 5 Soothsayer 6 Either 7 Bird's home 8 Goddess of the growing vegetation 17 It usually has 9 Prayer 10Hoslo\ry 11 Lower limb 16 Symbol for tellurium 18 Toward 21 Movement 15 46 19 Heavy blow 20 Pedal digits 21 Goddess of infatuation 22 Drunkard 24 F'rozen water 23 Rounded 25 Seine 27 Size of shot 28 Universal language 29 East Indies (ab.l 30 Electrical unit 31 Wniicism 33 pedestal has .«evcn pedals 34 Novel 36 Poem 37 Number W Weight deduction 42 Make SO] IOW fill 44 Pilfers 47 On Ihe sheltered side 48 Harem room 50 On top of 51 Gull-like bird 52 Weight of India 53 Liability 24 Ledger entry 39 Son of Sclh 26 Hurl 40 Former 32 Affectionate. Russian ruler 33 Form a notion 41 Near 35 Increase 42 PCI died width 43 Malt drink 36 Mountain 45 Tennis stroke nymph 46 Seaport (ab.) 33 Compass point 49 From 47 SI 5} 50

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