The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 3
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16, 1930 ni.YTHEVlU.E. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'OFJKERIJKLE (Continued from page one! graphed and a copy was sent to the government's bureau of identification at Washington. Prim at Last Identified For months nothing came of it. Wife c-f Senator From Tennessee Then some sharp-eyed government cxr.iudtscovtrtdUiM, the print was Identical with that of a man named William Hcld;n. who had just bein arrested on some trivial charge, and then turned loose., by authorities at Stockton, Cahf. it seemed liopelus t-j hunt for Holden —until government experts, com- j paring their great mass of prints, discovered Ural Holden's prints] were identical with those of a certain Jake Fleagle. who had served a term in the Oklahoma penitentiary some years before. • Sheriff Alderman instantly be-1 ijau lo hunt for Fleagle. He learn- i ' '• ,,. ,. ,, , ed that the mail's family had n U|r re I-a ieft-,,1 i.lmtoVr.npi, ,,fMvs large ranch near Garden Cily,| Wi |liam E. idnck. wife of U. S Kan. With other officers he wenti S( . !llltov \villin,,, K. Hiwk, of Chat tht-re. Jake and Ralph, a brother,' ,„„„„.„. Tr . llrl . Brock, a \h-inamt r.nt sway; but their fatlwr and k l«'o other brothers were taken info custody, and the officers set up a watch for the missing couple. • By Letters they traced Kalph Fleagle to Kankakee, 111./ where! they nabbed him a month later. By letters, also, they traced Jak/j t'j Peorin. in the same state.—and got to his apartment just,-10 minutes after he' had left. ''In his L Richard B. Russell, 32, Gained Sweeping Victory in Recent Primary. By UAI.I'H I,. SAM>1-:US l.'nltrrl i'lrss Sliifr Onrfspumlent • ATLANTA, On., Oct. 15. (UP) — The youngest governor Georgia ever had and perhaps ilio youngest In the history of (lie Unliod Slates \vlll assume the duties of chief ecutive here next July. He is Hlchard 13. Russell. jr.. 32. son of Itlchard B. Russell, sr. chief justice of the Georgia su- 1 :lon (ollOivliiE lite grndtinUcm from Hie U T^hool. '' Two years Inter lip wns elvctt speaker pro-tern Of the Georgia house mid after Jour vtars in Hint tempornry post won It permanently for another four yea. His mother, who ralwd sevei boys and six girls, cast her firs' vole under the 19th amendment for her son as governor, flu^el! stiys he doesn't know how the report became circulated that- there avr 33 members in his family, but ex- ptcls thai number Is corny, when Ills nephews and nieces me counted. His father was a member of the Court of Appeals before his elsc- tion to the supreme couit in All Ihe Hus.sell niice.stois be-fore that ' had been cotton manufacturers. Russell was born In Winder, Ga. I premn court. Amounts to illcrllmi j Nov. 2, 1837. He went to the puu- ,]ie school in Winder and attendc'l PAGE THREE Jrilish Designers now styles created under tho ill- ti " |i r I • iwllon of Edward II. Symonih. Use Home Fabrics —, — 666 LONDON. (UP)—in an effort !:• ndutv cii'.viifners or tfnshlon* lo use UrltMi ubilt's. Neville's one of the leadiin; i.ishion houses of London, ims (U>l.'i:cil A number of nutiiinn modi 1 !-, in.uiL' from home products, uouv. inuiut'tles. hop-sack and Inccs an' tlio materials used In tuc Relieves * H«d»<*e or In M mlnutfs, checks » CoM the llrst day, and check* M»Url» IB Ihrec days. G'liG also in Tablets HORLIC.KS M ACTED 'H\l,K.*A .^ 1 ' Gordon The governor-elect, whose vie- tory in a nm-off primary <tet>,, j -'™ ^^ "» '" Asked aboul his ambitions, ii>- evenlually amounts to election, has exhibit?;! '• a popularity unseen in the Old Sout.h for mnny year.s. He outran four other contender. 1 In the'first primary and annexe:' 128 of the 1G1 counties in l::e stile in the run-off primary against G. eluding whether he would represent (he state as United states Senator, hi said. "There'll be time for that after I've been governor for a while. My job i as governor Is taking nil my time H. CarKwell, his run-off compel!-! these dr.ys, or rather my plans nf- ! ter I am governor." , . • ', ... --•—•-- ;•••••;•"•—i -iie already has a reputation fcr! He succeeds Gov. L. G. llard- appointtrt lo UK. Senate t«, fil UK EW eeping vclcrs 1MO hls bailiwick. | man. who is completing the two varawy fiillU'il liy ttir; <!c;uli ill n s was e || ' St-tsaior I.. D. Tyynn, now fctte. ,.,. llcn ),„ wss 22 al [he flrht clec _ election for the ram of tlie K-rn: two-year terms allowe<l by Hal? i-anslliutlon. the Omit the stimulant — drink a Horlick's Hot for breakfast—and you begin ^lie day arifjbt. The world's best loved food- drink. A quality produce never matched. Take a bottle home now. Or send ten cents for sample and free mixer to ORLI C K'& KACINE, WISCONSIN ! endary outlaw — a vague, unseen Jigu»;c, as elusive as Chicago's no- apart'irsm they found a regular arsenal, comistlng of five rifles, an automatic shotgun and 2000 rounds j man and his assistants in the ef of ammunition. . ... f:rt co trace him by letters. A torious Fred Burke, who was classed with him iii one of tfc nation's mcst- notorious killers. But. the hunt kept on. Postal .authorities helped Sheriff Alticr- Thr« Are Hanged With Ralph Fleagle in hands, the officers were ased. . Sheriff ' Alderman their few days ago a group started for the Ozarks. where they had laid encour- ;: trap for him. contln- , Q uUe unexpectedly, five of the the bank-Oeoree L. Absluer and do ™ with a bullet in his aMomen Howard Royston. These two, with j He was overpowered and drarmed Ralph FVagl,, were tried, convict- an(I brr ., gW ' to a h Ua , J a ™~ cd. condemned and executed. I v.-here M operation was performc-U Then ,t remained to cp.tch .rake so i:,at he could be .saved for the Fleagle. POT months the chase Ca. ion City gallows seemed hopeless. Jake Fleagle T v,_ .„. ... ^. '. vanned. He to ame almost a leg- LADY'S AILMENT £0tiety r Cnrdui "Did Me a Great Deal of Good," Says Florida Thes^ Prisoners CENTER, Neb. (UP)-Whenever there are as many as fotir prisoners in the Knox county jail here, the wheels of industry turn for they make bricks Lady Who Suffered. Tarnpa,- Fla—Mrs.- O. -M. Hamilton/of 513. .^rth fdlewild. Street, |_ . Thc p , an 45 .eventually to bull.' this city; says, she was n) bad| n ne;v courthouse and jail of tha' health -'three years ago, and had| or j c k_ not. recovered good health alter aj credit for' the plan is'given to weakening Illness when she began I county Attorney Peterson He to suffer as described below: • learned that Knox county clay is "At times, I suffered with pain in I excellent for brick making and my-right side that was so bad I|reasoned that the county should could hardly stand it.- -1 did not: profit by the labor of men "lav- have any strength.' I was pale, looked bad and felt worse. "I thought Carduij which I had read about, would help nw. My sister hadHaken it'at- one time with good results, so I started taking Cardui. ."I can't praise Cardui too highly, for I feel it did me a great d/?al of good. My trouble has entirely disappeared and I feel much better. "lean certainly recommend Cardui, fcr I think it is a wonderful medicine." Thousands of other women, who had been in a suffering condition, have reported that after taking Cardui their, health improved. ing out..fines" in the jail. In conjunction with the plan, a merit system was - adopted whereby prisoners may cut • down their sentences by 'turning' out a good quantify of brick. ' : To date, nearly ' 100,000 brick have been, manufactured-by county prisoner's. ' Hospital Notes Mrs. John Elleclge, Hayl'i, was admitted to the Blythevillc hospit- I While taking-Ctrdul, a good UxkUve lo use Is Thedford'* Bluet-Draught 251 a package. Iil!NTER IREPORTS ATLANTA. Ga. I UP)--Fred Houser of the Atlanta Convention and Tourist bureau has imnounc- j ed that he has traveled 115,000 ! miles to Europe. Asia, Africa and j South America seeking conventions- for Atlanta in 1931. He also estimates he has attended 2,000 banquets and listened to 10.000 after speeches. g dinner £jl Read Courier News Want Arti ns business demands healthy men and women — and more than ever it is the survival of the fittest ... f appetite ' P«*«» in , or dull men- The way 'to correct this condition is to take S.S.S.— the tonic that will help Nature build up and enrich your blood. Millions of people have found it the easiest snd surest way to keep themselves "fit." If your vitality ie slipping away from you, do try S.S.S.. Take it before each meal. Get the Urge size. At all drug stores. 05 . 8 .5,co. j-fl.ii'- SCIENCE INTELLIGENTLY APPLIED'' Says CLARK HOWELL Editor Atlanta Constitution Xfany yc.ire Member Democratic National Committee Member United Stales Coal Commiiilon Former Member and I'msidunt Georgia Senate Former Member and Speaker of Georgfn Mouse, of Representative! Ami torn; Trance University of Georgia "Science is revolutionising all (arms of manufacture. The manufacturers of LUCKY STRIKE ciga- rettcs have extended me the courtesy o[ an invitation to their /actpn'c's. I was not able to accept but have taken the opportunity to read the reports of scientific men as to the achievements in their factories. "It is clear that in no line has science been more intelligently applied than in the making of cigarettes." LUCKY STRIKE-the finest cigarette you ever smoked, made of the finest tobaccos -the Cream of the Crop-THEN-^IT'S TOASTED." Everyone knows that heat purifies and sc TOASTING removes harmful irritants that cause throat irritation and coughing, No wonder 20,679 physicians have stated LUCKIES to be less irritating! Everyone knows that sunshine mellows —that's why TOASTING includes the use of the Ultra Violet Ray. It's toasted" hr oot Protection-against irritation-against cough Consistent with its policy of laying the facts before the public, Thc American Tobacco Company has invited Mr. Clark Howell to review tho reports of the distinguished men who havu witnessed LUCKY STRIKE'S famous Toasting Process, The statement of Mr. Howell appears on this page. - . ® 1»SD, The Arecricm Tobleco Co.. Mill. VALUES Far Beyond Your Expectations Yon Can't Go Wrong On. FAMOUS CURLEE Guaranteed Suits If u Curlve Suit don't give perfect siiili.sfiidiuii you Kd u new Hiiil Unlli tini vnaimfficlnrars and ourselves f-, {rnarnntuc f.very Ctirlee suil to give perfect satisfaction or a tiow suil. Add to this the ['inc'.-l of new patterns and styles and you h.iv; tlic finest, suit value tliat you Inivc seen in years. $ 25 Here's a Real Value in Casaimere and Worsted FALL SUITS Snappy Patterns and Styles flood wool cassiniercK and wnr.Htccta in. smart looking iwtlenis mid good ..-:tylca. 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