The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 10, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1949
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MA-Y 10, TU,YTIII<rVir,T.E (A1VK.) COUU1EK NEWS PAGE SEVEW' City Softball Play Enters 2nd Week Blytheville Mo tor men Meet Sullivan-Nelson; Jaycees Play Phillips &' Sullivan-Nelson ft"d Blythi'ville Motor Company, rated as the om*- l*'o teams of the CUy SoHball I League, aie, scheduled to meet lo- njyht In an early showdown D.I , play in the league enters its second week of the current season. The two motor outfits are slated to .swap blows in Ionic-Ill's ftr^ darn* which Is scheduled at 8 o'clock. A second game Is also on tnp with tlie Jnycers median the Phillips Motor Company nine at fl:30. However, rain yesterday raid cloudy skies today may cause a postponement of tonight's tilts. The Walker Pail; field vas in poor condition this morning and needed a considerable amount of sunshine before reaching a playable coiHI- tion. Roth Sullivan-Nelson and Bly- Iheville Motor Company wilt b;? seeking win No. 2 tonight, having hpen victorious in their first outings of the .season. The Chevrolet boys, defending league clianin^ pounded out an easy 19.5 win over The Jaycer.s n their opening s?a<nc last week while the BlythcvHle Mo tor Company nine had to comr from behind in the last inning to subdue a surprisingly strong R-.i- 7.0rback Drive-In learn T-G 9fr nvd Fisher is slated to do (ho * mound work for the Motormen wiih Jack Whittle or Harold Ward lo hurl for Sullivan-Nelson, The .Inycees and Phillips Motor will both be .seeking their fiist wins tonight. The aycecs lost to Sullivan-Nelson last week nnd Phillips was defeated by the Ark-Mo Kilo- Sports Roundup Hush by Fullerlon Jr. ! University Records j Four Earth Shocks NEW YORK. M:i>' 10. 01N— ['>m- my Deck a rd, l")v:ikc U. tnu-k cuiu-u. is pUiKKiny; Wisi'onsln'.s Dim fioiir- mami as "!be middle distance runner this countiy has produced.". Could be he's pliv-uiK his own Drake relays, where Gehrmann ran a 1:49.5 half mile unit Ntvni i: i N.itii-e I.' hereby \:<.\ en I ! ihf : uulcJ^ii.'ued has nlk'd \\ n!i ilu 1 i ti« 1'im.nv-.- i^iuT ol HeM-niu.s n! Uu- hour j then rame back les:. tlinn later to do n :::i.l mile . . .lint I 'Jiin-li Deckarri rlnims Glenn oimumi''.v,im. Ki:t;v:i!i lion Lash and the oilier ROO I ones never couht accomplish a double like that. . ..Hrrimm IJnrvon, winner of tin? Cioodall Rnuml-Hoblii Golf Trjurnamt ut at m.itc-h pl;ty List year, fig. ires il will be toimher (him ever (his week when KCOIHIR is on a medal basis. He points to a seven lie had on one !iole, \vhirli lost him only three point: Aherc it would liave lieen five on the medal .scoring . . . .In a collect ien- nis match last week. Captain .lohn Penn ot Con.ell lical John Uncknell of Princeton. . ..You'd never see that kind of confusion at Cape Gi rardeau Teachers. NKW YOKK, May 10. MVVoid- SuU' "1 Ark.iii^is lur | ham Uuhvi>ily today ivporfoti Unir j n, K i dispi'MM 1 HI-IT m i earth shocks were recorded at Us ; preini'-es. deM•['ilir,! jts '.'. x-ismoKMiuh station yesterday. ; Hlydu-ulle. M» Two wne resist i'rod last nl-^lit. the liist ui 7::H:40 p.m. iKST> :uut till' MVnud at 1 -HV/JO. Both were rs- i muiled »l -/UK) miles from New Yurh City in nn iiiuielrriniiied di- HH'tLon. The \\v\\ Ji^t-ph ,). Lyni'h, si-is- molo^'ist. Mile! twr> .severe .shocks wt-ir ii'mnii'd yr.^tri'dny inoruinu about :.-; dlst»iil. probably in iho si in<lies. The uus in. tl>5T), and tin- .seamd t a-tn. Airlift Cost Figured LONDON', Mav 10 •••t.l'i -The F.II- i'i-.:n Office said toti:iv liriluiti's I'nlc in tile Berlin ail lilt eost her I S KSO.IHIO if21.JOn.onoi as of Mnreh The United .Sl.Tlrs' part ! ait lift has cost the American u erinucnt more than SITi.OOn.Ono (h Read Crtirier News Want Ads 'lint t nil (Mi ihc '«! as '.':!7 N. 'Jiul. S(. i^ipl'i t'onniv. Th' 1 ninlct':-.i'rtii'il .'.1;i!r> th;i! he is ;i ri'r'.-n ol Aikun-,:i-.. ot t'.-vnit mor.'.l rlvir.u 1 ! IT, Dial hi 1 lins iicvei 1 hcra ('Om':i'1''ji Of :i 1< Lony of oilier criiili' tnvolvjii'.' nioi'itl f ;n jiii u<f<- ,'t?i;t( no lier.iM' to srtl iJi't'i 1 l)v llu- mulcr- M".ll''il h:i> been icvoked \Mtlsin ! l\ V ve;irs l;t- ( p:isi; ;nu1 ih;\t I he mi- di»r *V!ti«'ci \\:\'\ nevc-t hern ''ulUh'teil o| vinln (ii'! 1 till' l;i\\.s of liii or rdH 1 oilier .viMlc, -I'elativ: ID t]\ Mt!e o< nli-oholii 1 limiors .V>plfi*:itiiMi Is lor prrmll lo i.isnrd tor openiikin brjMMiiin: 1 . tin- l--t th'.y al July. lfM[». :ui> rxplic on thi' ;U> d-<v of .lime. l!>."iO. Itlylhr^illr ,!;I\VIT-.. My A. ri'iiwp. Applie;mt Sn't^i • 'ihecl and t\vm n Tn Ix-lovc me this si clay nf M;ty. WIO. Mrs, Miir-liiill llhu'kiiLil (S.;'l» Nulnrv t M> O-rMini.v-iim e.xpiir.s: 3 U T>:*. -Iain Street, Blytheville, Arkajisw, Application Ls for permit to be «- itod for operation beginning on th« IM day of July 1949, and to expire on the UQ day of June, 1950. fowler, Jr. Applicant. In Uliitt on Ills Ksuitctiron A husky .ineinini WHS limplnR ' away from a nmncd NcriinniiiK« ses- : .sjon al M3chi?,aii tlii.s .spring w!r-n Line Coach Jack Hint I spatted . him ..."What's tl-e mutter, .-urn? ' LPRS bothering you?" Illott'tl ; syinpathetHally....'l'lie kid clutched Iiis limhs and replied: "Yeah, the mu.sclcs are all .sore iilnnir )he ! back here.". .'•That's .stranc;e." ; Jack (ut-lnlted. "I wa.s watch) K I yon. You couldn't have (;nt it (roin [ chaining too fast; il must be from; geUiiiR up .so many, times utler (hat little guard knocked yon down." Onr-lMtnme Sporis Pnge Talk around .laeobs Be:ch is that . Jiick Hurley, who had Billy PinrolSe wattcr.s. Harvey DorrLs is scheduled j jn Mjke Ja ' ro bs' first bic fieht pio- fnr hill duty for the Jaycees fnc- | Jnotion and yince Foster in one of Mike'.-; last, may be 1 picked to han- W. Fitzhugh of Phillips Mo- ln« 1 tor. Should tonight's games he postponed, by rain or wet grounds, they v-'ill be made up the week of June 21 which has been .set aside. In the league schedule to make-up postponed games. £ Army's sprint? /onlhnll drill---, (t wit for track afterwards :mit only ;i few days pinclice \\nii hi"h liui'dles in ;i dinl meet H';-ihi-,( Urnwn. . .The K-O-\J iK nis;is-Okliihotim-Missituri> len- i'.i\i- iijii'-t hiive v-el some sort o[ , remrtl with W hits, Bii runs. :nul i '•'.» en ins in four openiut: niehl i' nne:-c his} \\-^ek. They r:ill't srl\' 'in s pi't'lteiN are ahead cif the ha(-; UTS. I'nil of the Line HHV.S \vlio saw Art Hriutlemuii pi'eh batting practice for I he Tlj;- i':s Sunday -his first workout since lie was InjuiVd In Florida - figure ihe kid will be m Iheve pltchlnn bal\ Raines beFnm very lonsi. , .Tuininy Phillip.s, who h'-' heei hittlnu; at n terrific rate for the University of Viu;ii)i;i's ha.sebail team, isn't tn- rrolcitr ( M?iet,;is.tnt>.i IMstrit < Cuuiily. Arhatisas. lu Ihe MnUer ol Hunt the l.:ist Will ami of Ju.srph Home) Nolii-e is herr'hv f.U'e Tr":t;i!tieMiury une i undrrsii-ned on tlie !' UHO oil the estad- nf ,ln:.ri Anv mid ;ill persons Ivr ar dvin:»iul ni'.ninst siiiii i In- rerjimed In file s^iicl tlenianct proni'rlv i iiu*. Hie nnilei: iiMicd, within ^ nnnitlis f rtinj I his 1(1 i|ny of Itl-W. A. .1 Blythevillc Holl-iivl A- Tnyliir. Attorneys for Ivxeeutor. Is iiLHtr'!'M',:ni'ti Tesrod in professional hall An i fixed by law Notice is hereby Riven that Ilia [ that me liils !> day »f May, l!»l',) liquors for |jL-v[>rui;(> at retail un j Ojo j>i't'?iii;;r.s diwt'tiljed un Ja; Ilia) 4261 Dux Office Opens at 1: Slnuv Starts at 1:3« ' Enjoy the whiskey thats f* [ V\*J' ' O( ^ ; ' OG ' H| J WAU MWAN OH IVltfY BOlllt Tuosdiiy JINX MONEY" Glad you ruillcd u|> Iliis tidi Jiinkt OLD SUNNY BROOK DKAND enjoy u itnoolli Jiink — fiuin now on my Itivonlo bniiii] "on Ific Sunny BtQok - Wcilnosday A Thursday "SUMMER HOLIDAY X TlC(rilNICOl.OK) Ituoncy Clurht A Ltirlitilns, Inc. - Inclusive Dish itml.n s - l.llllr It.irk See the Memphis NO TUT: Ix'ivbv '^ivrii Ihc \vill \vi1 !iin the I utio die boxing under thi setup .. .When Harvard's crew won. Tommy expects to no Into bitsUiewlof I the Adams Cup Regatta Saturday, ' . . .The U. of Maryland's 450-uound | at Covivler News Want Ads. OUP of Hie spectators was loiTiicr Secretary of the Nav/ -^hai'le-s \ Pfaiicis Adams. Thfl Ciim.son rrc\v manngcr, Charles F. Marian, Is n tfrnnttscm of both Adams and J, P. MorRjm. .. .llal SrtiulU, \vbo wns nbmil the hottest thing on the field ; hhn around. bronze tei-rapin'ot, whir-h has bern sniped 11 times In two years, will be cemented firmly In position In tiont of the coliseum.... Sec ins unfair lo deprive opponents of the exorcise they got lugging Ihe (Tuin- Ilie fifnlr Arkansas lor a permi! In s<-H bnr-r roliiil at 11)01 \V. Hose. Hlytno- villi*. Missi'i';lppi full nl v. Is a rjU/en nf Arkunr^r;, r>[ unod moral chaiacter. tliiit IIP hns never been cnnviftod of n f< -MIV or oilier eriine involvini? moral tin piUn!e: thai iut license to sell beer by the COTTON CARNIVAL BLYTHEY1LLE — TELEVISION BRINGS YOU THE SHOW AT HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. • Tuesday—Arrival of the Royal Barge • Friday—the Children's Parade * Saturday—the Grand Carnival Parade • Wednesday—Royal Court Parade—afternoon Crown and Sceptre Ball—evening ra/ this bill -fcr nie, will you ? (Check the Newspaper Daily for Exact Time) Hubbard Hardware Cordially Invites You lo See the Cotton Carnival Through Television Suppnsn a flrangcr a=kcc! you to pay Iiis electric liglit 1'ill every monill . . . Farfctclicd idea? No I so — iic- riiusc you ilo help pny n lot of oilier people's elcclric bills every month! Every lime you buy cigarettes, maldics, gasoline, a lipstick or a watrh, nr hundreds ofolher thing?, part of what you pay is a federal lax. And that same federal lax money helps pay those strangers' electric bills. Here's why: the federal government is in the electric, business in 6(>mc parls of the country. Il sells eloctrie service to some people and lo certain industries — liclow thr. AVho makes up ihc difference.? }nti do— llie gm eruiiionl uses some of your taxes for ihal purpose. The more of this lielnsv-ciisl elec- trieily the government sells, the more (axes the government must collect lo make up ihc difference between selling price and cost. Vuder SuciuliMn in England. government supplies all elcclric service . . . there are no self-supporting electric service companies any mure. As a result, lh c English jiroplr lod.'iy :\rr |i;iyir]^ inor*; for tlirir elccli icily, niirl Ilritisli nr\vs- pa|icrs arr full (if coiiipliiints nliuuL tlic clrrlrii; prrvirc sinrc lhc government look over. Yi c arc ngiiiriM jrn\ n nnirnl-in- lli«'-r]('elric-lm>iii<'i-s lit Ainrrira. Hcr.-tif^c rt tlirratens nil ?rlf-suj>- liorlinj: eleclric rompaiue?. Arul Iterance it is Sfiri:tii/,;ili<»n (if one iMisine.-s a lf>nt: fn>[ M«-[> lowarcl Sortali/.aliun of «// luiHiir-s. AIosl'Ainrrieaio tlnu'i \vnnl thai. . . . Do you? Helen IT;ives slurs in thr Tlnclnc Thi-.itrr'. Hear her every tiund;i!, CBS, T T.M., ('ST. Ark-Mo Power Co, Never btiort to great an entertainment value! MAGIC MIRROR TELEVISION . . . fjunr- nnlccd lo oiri;H?r/onn tniy snl, nn]/» where, "in/ lime. Supcrpoworcd (* nssuro dependable performance even in outlying arras. BIG 10 IN. lull vi.siun, direct view picture screen willi clearest picture of Ihcm nil. •1 HOURS OF RECORDED MUSIC AUTO- MAIICAUYI New J310 phonograph plays 7, 10 imd \'i in. LP (f.oiif! Play- irii;) find .standard records automati-. cally liiroiij^h n ^ini;le tone mm. FM-AM DYNAMAGIC RADIO . . . most powerful, eoni|iacl radio ever built. Complete home cnterlainment . . , yuurs in a beautiful modern cabinet. MAGIC MIRROR TELEVISION DYPJAMAGIC FM-AM RADIO 4 HOURS OF RECORDED MUSIC Weekly Payments as low as $5.00 213 WEST MAIN ST. PHONE 2OI5

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