The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 5, 1934 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 5, 1934
Page 2
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Social Calendar .SUNDAY'S EVENTS' Cross-Scgraves weddtog, f> P. M, «t hooe of Mrs. A. M. Butt. . Altar society of Immaculate Conception churci to have coffee supper, 8 pjn.. at home ot Dr. and Mrs. Fred CliUt), 1115 W. Walnut, MONDAY'S EVENTS W. M. S. of First Methodist church having business meetliie at church, i:30 pal. •Quild ol -St. Steplicn Episcopal church meeting with Mrs. Miix D. Miller, "2:30 p.m. 'W. M. U. First Baptist church meets at church, a:30 i>. m. • TUESDAY'S EVSNT3 Mississippi County Federation ol Women's clubs hiving luncheon 1U Woman's club, 12:30 pjn. "Mrs. W. C. Hlgelnson entertaining Young Matrons Bridge club. Tuesday Contract club meeting irith Mrs: Harry Kirby. Miss Margaret. Griner • . ds Jtrnrriie Smother man iTns mirttage of Miss Margue : rtft... ..CriB* .«W .Mr. - JJimmle Sobtb-trmim; was solemnized last ovwitpc at.jthCjhome if the bride's ptKjiits, Mr-land ijrs.-y.<O. Crlncr, ^e'jtev'. ; ,fcpha IX Aeaslcy,, pastor ot.Utt^r&stJCHurch-dr the Nn'z»; rt*ie;Tr«ad • tne;- ring service '-bc'forf s^lffUhertng' of- members .-ol : the fImlUes- p »nd<-tnclr' 01051'. lutlmalfc fltj&tis. ' '';."••'. :'•>?. Vi : " : Vi ••rSie house hart •becn v ''dccorate^ •with' .early summer flowers with aft improvised altar of ferns and palins flanked with floor baskets or Of; ange. blossoms and pink \vygclia ilediwlih pink and white tuUi bpws.V.Iris and snowballs carr'" oyi, an;, orchid and while col i&Seme in the dining room. -'The ;, who "i was given Ui ^aniage : -by.< her^taljier, wore Ft rock ;'of .wKite'.'rouitn : . crepe ww ' taUoted'e Dec*. HHer'cccsaic was;$( roses --in<t-i»ete»*: VA .. 'ii (Tin -_, ,_ -- red rosebiids:. r -.V l^£;>?—VI-, i ?».'.-.-..•••; 3Se brldesraai&s, Misses UicB Irland i^Kl.'Cfnev.i Carter, Vofr * crepe" frocks with matchuji ure hals. .JUJss BpiBlandjwjj Carter in poB "»•, TJ*,"5ljJff. wfjrc tBf [*F«enfcn ttphtiuoh. : * afclfjJHt^, 1 *??^. *j'°8 ngn Jr., fw nfs besjfjjniuj,, ..? '-' fjiiss -M !t >nif - Lyj'-'jfottf- ? t p&yft t^if: nuptial musitf^5l«ctt l 'fccliidil M|ffideUibhfr& WedcSgjt Marcli >•• llefore the wedding, members i 0»]brtiW ; pl)irty.and the.two jam-, ilk* wej'.-epte'rtaiiieoVwth^-a sugi peiiparty by Mr. and Mrs. Criner.' f?te(1af honeymoon,' to be spent ^Mainmatii*' RnVuint 1 'and other Mr. Stnotti sheer frocx *ith a short The, bride, .who came. .tare w ernian, 1 at'lendett -tlje ; -st<sle nrilvcir^ sity' at :> FayeM«viile where he be-' the Thcti • ' ' came a member >. of .. Kappa Nu fiaterntty. Mjutj Make - Resmatl«is For Cwntjr Luncheon Here. A number.of.outstanding women of the county. have' made rcsef* vations for "the luncheon ' to be givsn at 'the Woman's club 'Thursday. 13:30 'o'clock, for the benefit of the educational fund-sponsored by. the Mississippi County Kcdcra'-" tion. of .Women's clubs.'- The 50 cents to bp charged includes luncfi- j. L Hoip and games of bridge'and rook with '' ' apprize fof each' table.' . Mrs.' U S. Mitchell,'of'OsccoliT will-entertain IB gussts when she Is hostess to- her -bridge cluB.' Among the Osceola women making reservations ara: Mmcs. Glndlsif, R. O, Bryan, J,-L, Ward. J. H, Hook, F.. P. "Jacobs. J. H:~Lovewell, Ed L. Qulnri; W. J Driver sn;,-Joe. Hires.. A.' Hi. Bchrens, W. C.; Pace and F. P. Travis.V . f Mrs/ J. W. Adams, bt - this city, is chairman of the.-affair which is - expected • to draw 100 guests. • -, « * ,* Mats Completed F»r Offee LAST DAY By Helen WcUhimtv F KT'S pretend we're happy, 1-cl's meleml (oday \Vill not bring the twilight Taking you away. JET'S RO running windward, Sunlight in our ews. Caps of youlli for courage, Laughter for disguise.'. QUSK will Lring Ihc cross-roads, Kiss me iiuickly llicn. Say Ihree little tost w'oitls, 'Hold hie close again. RUT today IctVs frolic. Lei's pretend it's spring. . . . There will be forever For remembering! ueen of Roses JHorriersviUe Society-Personal'.' ':" Mrs. Anderson Ruftln, Mrs..'B. P. Paris. ,Mrs,:r.Mllford . Sanders,.aiid. Mrs. ,W. N. "dates shopped in Bly' r . flils of Ntucs Mostly Personal SATURDAY, MAY 5, 1934 Miss Thelma Parsley will leave exl week for I'Uie Bluff where Jihe II! visit Miss Arllnc Langster, arid lot Springs, while on her m»- ion. Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Friend abd in, and Mr. and Mrs. Noble Gill will spend tomorrow at Helena where Mr. Friend will make plans or the district B. Y. P. U. cop- to be held there next M. Bums, L. a. Thompson, and B. Bolln .spent nursday In Little Rock and Hot. -•rings. . i , , Mrs. M. T. Moon has returned torn Cape Glrardeau, Mo., where she was called to be with Mrs. W,V. Davidson who was critically Allured when her automobile • over- Mies was called; to Ponca City, okla., because oli, : the critical illness of her brother,' Paul Phllllber. She left last nlghf,„'><••< Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Barnett,^ll(. Salem, "Ark, for i the week end accompanying their.-mother, Mrs.- N. .M. Barnett, to her home after an extended visit here. Mrs. Leslie Shell and. daughter, Jean, of Cambridge City, Ind, .»re guests of Mrs. Shell's-parents, .Mr. and Mrs. Ed Baker on Franklin street. . . • • Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Bamelt were In Memphis Friday afternoon, to be with Oliver W. Coppedge. Mrs. Coppedge is critically 111. at the Baptist hospital. • '-..Sheldon Hall attended to:.busl- J. L. Kew*Mi, Sunday school, »:45 ajn. Thomas' Bogun, Supt. Sermon, 1! the Rev. R. C.. Medaris, of MeniphU. B. Y. P.. «.-'«:« pjn. Mrs. L. Newsom, director. Sermon' t p.m.. To be- supplied. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. " I'JRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Science textbook, "Science aod Health with Key to the Scrfp- ures," by Mary Baker Eddy, one if which reads, "Do you ask wisdom to be merciful and not to >unlsh sjn? Then ."ye ask amiss.' Without punishment ' sin would multiply" (page 10 r ll). A Christian Science broadcast will be given Wednesday at 10:30 m. over KLCN. ijji : .'£pe:- abi, 'en- CljHdreh's .Day.«einrtfe;,>i cial • foreign;- mfcwon > nrpiptM; in- titled "New l*a**a."iu/Ajpwv'l^jfic &$*•'& program . by! members: fcriall = (Jep the school.' ... This prbgrim 'has Hie, eleven o'clock hour ori account of the absence of the pastor from Ihe" city. • • -"••" •"• There will, -be np, .evenirig .services in tHe. 'church.. Parents of the children' of' the Sunday' school,'-'and-' the general public cordially Invited to Uie 1) o'clock service. CALVARY BArTIST CHURCH (fmKriy Finl BapUit -Cbarch • ' ' Ml^iB) . . •; ' - S. t«y St. . Special Saturday night services, 7:30. .Subject: "Sin and Sins,". Sunrise Prayer Service, 6 a. m. Sunday. .Subject "Why I Am A Bajjttet." ...;[. -,Sunday nlgh't service*. 7:30. 8ub- Jectlf-the-Sfcdfilyipr 'the Belicy- crrt;.-'.'»i''?\' ,i\}'. :.••';.•• TriejRflv. Hpw«rcl . King, county ilsai(>4»ry.:'. ! ;jrtU'.i-. conduct .these ;rylc)» j. Ali . -ar*V cordial ry ; hi»it*d ' '••' NEXT WEEK a/ Blythetiille's Theatres THE I IT/ • John M. Stahl's Universal lore drama, "Only Yesterday," opens at the Ritz theater Sunday and Mon- ^^.^ ' KIRST METHODIST EPISCOPAL . cmmcfl. "SOUTH •; 9:4J iuuJBunday schobli j.Xl) 11 'a.m., preaching service. Sermon; ••PXylng' the' PrloV," by Rev. L. E, Tull. i: Mt<»thly .'pommuhion service wl? bt^seryefc i^i_* BY MARY E. DAGUE • ;.-'•; NEA gervlte Staff Writer •'"Junior appetites are apt to wane' wJth the coming of warm weather; then Sister or little brother devel-, ops a tendency to pounds day. Margaret Sullavan, John Boles, Reginald Denny, Billie Burke and Edna Mae Oliver play the featured roles in "Only Yesterday," and ;heh- supporting cast includes itiousands of extras and more than 15 well known screen players In speaking parts. The story, ba:|;d on the best sell- Ing "Only Yesksday" of Frederick Lewis Allen, covers & span of 12 years, follows the tragic love affair of Margaret Sullavan and John Boles, whose only meeting lakes place at a dance while he is an officer in training at a local camp Sudden tragedy and disillusionment follow, with tlie story sweeping on through the Armistice and up to the fateful November, 1929, the day of the stock market dB- aster. Even In these days of stagger- Ing combinations of box office all star casts, the ro;lcr of players collected by Universal for "Only woman of his tribe alter she has tasted civilization, jives the nost stirring performance of his entire screen career. Witli the exception of a few white tourists. Including Ruth Charming, Ferdinand Munter and William Daldson as the "heavy," the balance of the cast is coin- posed entirely of Navajos witli more than 1,000 tribesmen Inking pan in impressive scenes. •,Mr. ..and. Mrs., Mpford . visited . the ., former';; .parents, Or. and hlr^.^C., A..,Sariders, at, ijarbiu liill Sunday, j,,,'., ' .,•,••, .... " Twenty-five ,'meiwbers. ol tlw ..,, M....V- -met (Wednesday alterqppii with - Mrs. pattie Shumate for and children went to Jackson, Mo., Tuesday to attend the funeral of their' uDale^pay.^ — v;I , 83, who was killed in' an' aulbrn'o'- bilc accident Sunday on Highway Gl. ' P. C. Parks and sons, B, P. and A r K ^t-Mt t nc«n ''tie ago, attended the city h 1B li, hpmi , 0 , her 'daughter.' Mrs. 'J. -i;. SllC ness in Memphis yesterday: E. N.> Lobtey is a -patient at the St. Joseph hospital ol Memphis.''. Mrs. N. W. Brigham Is at .the Memphis Baptist hospital. -.... Joe Blythe and- daughter, -Miss Josephine, and Miss Edith McDonald, of. Detroit, Mich., are . guests of Mr. Blythc's mother, Mrs. Helen Blythe, and daughter, -Miss Lelai Miss Evelyn Blythr, who has been visiting in Detroit, Mich,'arid Pittsburgh,-Pa., has returned home. She was accompanied' by her si»ter, Mrs. R. L. Ooldston, of Pittsburgh, who will visit her parents, Mr, ^and Mrs. Virgil Oreeney for several weeks. Mrs. 'Goldstori was formerly Miss Mamie Blythe, at this city. . .•-- -..•: \ : The Rev. Stuart H. Salmon,-pas-? tor of the First. Presbyterian church, will preach in the Fint Presbyterian church, at Batesville Sunday, both morning and evening. The Rev. Mr. Salmon attended Arkansas college in tHat city" several, years iigo, and. was\extcnde<i the invitation to occupy the pulpit for the day, as' the regular pastor has been, granted a leave ot absence for a special course ot study. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen ill. Brooks have as their guests for the weekend. Mr. and Mrs.'Robert E. tee, and son. of Piggolt. /krk. Mrs Lee is a sister of Mr. Brooks. The Rev. j. L. Newsom is to spend tomorrow at Holland, Mo where he will preach'at the Bap- list church. She hud been bedfast for years. Kcnnctt had been a member the Methodist church v since childhood. Her former . Rev. D. M. Margrave, now of An- roston. conducted the service at Ihe Methodist church Tuesday afternoon. iissisleii^'bV- 'tlVs Rev. 'C N. Gaines. Six of her grand-i , Walther .League Business' 'jkleet- ing"Thursday,'7 pv'ni.'' '' .""' ;; ; You-are-'invited t&"ttiese |ces. "He;that .is' of God^h«BreUl God's words: ye therefore -, he?r tte'rii not, because ye are of God." .tr' 'Trth 1 ,*" ^1, ' d tT ' - V -, :/. :-i- be 'me'ib i so..tejhptinfc"that' i^ clvild can turn a,w»y frpmi the'm."irt.'ilst- JeIxjredoinV-. '•:'•';•;>.. 4. •• .- . • -Tt:d ettSli: from eighf ;tp;ten can Vkk.jJ! n*i..l JX.". _^l __ »- '-t;4iil j 1 :' i_ I i_ "i ' _ cabje, reputation tastes like grass, ' Yesterday" is unequalled for fine, expert casting. J r : The most' hurnah portrayal of Indian life.and love' ever attempted f or .^ the: screen Is to be seen in sijiughlrig Boy-" .The new Metro- Ooldwyn-Mayer drama, starring Ramon Novarro with Lupe Velez in the/feminine lead, will open at the. BitzTuesday for two days.' , The ;pklure contains a primitive hive', theme that .''is' heart-stirring in Mntenslty with an epic back- ground'of Navsijq' reservation life that-'is''packed with audience in- tert^t;.. The Indian. Is -.treated as a pe^spnalityt-fbr the first time in •the drama;:i.Uiat: builds' rapidly in ' Fox Film scoops the entertainment world in presenting one of the foremost theatrical institutions, George White's "Scandals," at the Ritz theater Thursday and Friday. Besides the original "Scandals" girls that were taken to Hollywood from New York, While also took with him his talented staff of song writers, dance directors and technicians. Capitalizing on the proven ability of his staff, he , was able to inject into the "Scan- I dais" all the song hits, dance rou- ' tines and spectacle that have mad? his past endeavors a by-word on Broadway. The "Scandals" boasts ten songs, all written by three of the country's foremost song writers. Jack Yellen, Irving Caesar and Eight eye-filling w-£h the dance Ray Henderson, colorful revues, numbers all directed by the master of them all, George Hale, are featured in the production. Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Durante, Alice Faye, Adrienne Ames, Clin Edwards, Gregory R a to IT, Dixie Dunbar and Gertrude Michael are only a few of the principals of whom the large cast Is composed. ejnijttonal .cliriiaxes. j oBamon NoVarfo, as the young, _.._ . N*T»go^Indian..who finds love with | chanical Man." Saturday only. Judith Allen and Tom Brown will be shown in "The Witching Hour," along with the last episode of the serial "Perils of Pauline" and the cartoon "Me- Thing" 8, 4T. *'IRST BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday school. 9:45 a. m. Alvin lolley, Superintendent. ] There will be no preaching ser- »tce'. "•••'. • ••• : - -. • . T. ^.-.,B.-iy.'-p. U.;-6:30-p.--m! ''•••• '" -'• • Teachers' meeting, Wednesday 1:15 p. m. ..;( Prayer.' service ' und X-line Wed^bolay, ri:4: business dniishters acted while four -grandsons' ' and. 'two' ether near relatives were pallbearers. Surviving arc three GODS, i\mos V. anrt Zack Kcnnrtt, of Hornerwille. . and, .Earl W. of as .(lower girls, | jilval In bc.auty ol the biooms l " —' '"—' Hint will bedeck Santa Rosa, Call!., at its annual Maj rose carnival IB Lorraina Cleaveland, above. She'i k««> chosoa ot tbe colorlmi (tie. . and one. daughter, Mrs, ' ' ' _. Plans' are completed for the cot- fee supper to. be given Sundiv evening, 8 o:eta*;.hy the altar so'- ciety of the - Immaculate Conception church at the 'i-.ome of Dr. and Mrs. Fred' Child. • The public is torited to' this affair which wll Include cards, .. dancing and the .serving of cake and coilcc to whte n a small su'rii-'wIU be chaig AJ< -..."- " Ftr S«pfi.i •PlioneJ. There'will be a pie suppsr givt Thursday evening; 8 o'clock, by th Yarbro Community club for th benefit of tbe Yarbro communlt Band Will Give Second ' Concert .on. Church Lawn The BlyllicvillclBnnU. liniter Ihe direction ol Everett McDowell, will present thn scco::il of n scries of Sunday aftniioon concerls on tlic lawn of Ihc First "Methodist church tomorrow at -1 p.m. There arc 18 pieces In the b,md. Selections for this week's concert iclude "Queen City" (March); Field Day" (March): "Maslcrlnll" overture): - "Our Director" (Mar h>; "Marjoric" (WaUz>: "GardT'i f Eden" (Overture); us" (On;-su>p). Nevada Gold Mining Camp Enjoy$ Boom SILVER PEAK. Nov. tUP) — Scones reminiscent of Lx«m days when tlii5 niininp ramp prorturrt opproxiinately $10.000,000 in gold kitchen. "The Arkanus Ramblers" wi fvmlth mode for. the occasion an other tpecM.'entertainment Is b- Kelly's Nemesis Hunts Dillinger : ST.. UXrtS. '<UP»—«*y Holmes a&UVHtt. atw.thne-came bowl- fc* N*6fd in a-JMtch here. 'He to- MM M, u «rtn»> •! m i- 3 a •MM, caaptnd to tbe did mait of •«•"-."• -'•.'.'.' ait al hand again. The camp has been producing steadily for the past. 60 years, but with Ihc rise In gold price, prospectors returned to take another chance in their endless fight witli the desert to wrest a fortune There is a scarcity bt homes and -c;.:ipmcnt. Shelter k at a premium. Original prospectors named Ihls camp Silver Peak after discover ing silver. However, Ihc silver ore ;old was Caruthersyille YOH^I Wins Honori in'Art « Chicago CARUTHERSVTLLE, Mo.-Byron Ward, son of "Atty. and Mrs. R L Ward of this city, who .is. a stit- flpit at'the'Chicago Art 1 InMitute, tiis had triple honors bestowed on him during this school year. ••Last October Byron was awarded membership In the Life r>or- tralt Class, an honorary class that au-artis admittance only for •outstanding, meritorious ' work. '-' : ' Later he was pledged as a member of-the Delia Phi Delta fraternity, an honorary art fraternity to which membership Is also governed by excellent craftsmanship In art. 'Possibly the greatest honor-o that -Byron Imd three offering accepted and hung by 'the Student Art League exhibit. With the handling of these, Byron was B u- tomatlcally made « member of th" league. To become a member a person must hang at least two units. Byron submitted three, and each was accepted. ' But another honor, and thrill was that soon after the three units were placed on exhibit Byron had a buyer for each. He rold all three | 7IKST CHRISTIAN CHURCH., •:,,' .;B. K. Lalimtr, Minuter '.*',' v . Church "school,. 9:ij , a. m...'.': • •• | .Holy , Qominuuion and- sermon,. i '.Evening, ^service, 7:45 p. in. .'•/.The evangelistic.'meeting begins with the" Roy.-". J. J. ..Walker, of Memphis, in charge, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Jacks, .of-Dallas, Texas. . . One fiofld Torn— I^NDER. Wis. (UP)-A 12-ycy-old collie that saved his daughter from drowning two years CHURCH. OF TilE NAZARENE Eipha.. D. Beastey, Paster Sunday school. 8:45.a. ,m. E. L. Ivans, supt. . Morning worship,. 11. a. m. Subect: "Dlscourageinent." , r N. Y..P. S,;6:«.p.. rn. ...... ; Evening service, .;7.45 p. m; ' At /this., meeting, the Rev. Mrs. Beaslcy will begin a. series i of revival .services uuider the brown tent aVtiie corner of .Vine and Seconc stree'ljs.' All. arc cordially •• invited x> attend. -,- i . , . tAKE STREET, M.' E. CHURCH W. J.. LeRoy, .Pastor :'Sunrtay school, 9:45 a. m. t Church. 10:50 a. m.' Subject 'Shall We Star with a 'Good God qr, a 'Good Man'?'' Leagues, 6:30 and 7 p. m. Church, 7:45 p. m. Subject: "The Strangest Thing that Ever Hap pcned." Visitors. and strangers are given i cordla.l welcome at this church (JHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOC1ET .- VEVERLAST IN G PUNISJT. iteNT" Is the subject of the Les son-Sermon to be read in th Christian Scltncc service Sunda morning at II o'clock, i The Golden Text is. "Shall no the Judge of all the earth rt right?" (Genesis 18:25). win ^ J 1 . cued t hy E * rl In Boom Lake near here. 5 b ™ kc tllroUBh lhc ><* e ? ld ot firemen, Masc res- do? af( cr two nours wu 3.000(000 tons ol ^ Among the citations from Bible is the following. "Be deceived; God Is not mocked: fo whatsoever a man soweth, tha shall he also reap" (Galatians 6:7 •The lesson-Sermon will also in elude passages from n lc Christ!a Qurt of Milk. Daily . practice.-. ..of.; providing .a .quart, of milk a day for each child TOukT never be neglected but me 1 of Hhe ifillk 'may be 'used hi ream :soup,., creamed 'vegetables; r«rts.,snd: beverages loigive va-. lety.., .Tea ( and coffee should not * permitted until children reach he years of discretion. Meat,'fish, •ggs, - raw and- cooked vegetables, aw and-cooked fruits, cereals and lmple-><ieuerts can--be served in eat 'Wrfety. ..-:. i •'s «* utmost' importance hat vitamins and! minerals be 'sup- Ited.-.ln. abundance,"the : calory »lue ofc^fcodi must : not-be 1 forgot- en. i The ^amount'-of food"'a child «ds.»t this'age'-'his-been esti- lateoy.ig. between' 1700 'and '2000 alorle* a-'.day. The- pfotem calo- les should be-between'10 arid 15 xr cent of-the whole amount. A raking- knowledge of the calory alue tat: (he 'more; common foods Is helpful. .'i ..; •, • j\ , r i \CJU«cie5) P«^: Meil ' • The following menu for a day 15 3*^'T?^?d tout to show the umber-W-'cmlories .in each;dish. •Breakfa»t:.';onf .Jarge 'orange 100). 3-4 cup,cooked cereal (100), /jtiBteipoofes ^cream'(100); I'spfl V*I egg ifTO)^. 1 slice.toast (50), 'Mp<ions Mtter. (T0),'t glass milk. iut 3-4 cup (125). Total calories, •The instincts of lady are very much the same as those , pf a gentleman,, previously discussed In this column. She is 'equally punctilious about her debts, equally averse to pressing her advantage; especially H her adversary is helpless .or poor, As an unhappy wife, her dignity demands that she never show her disapproval of her husband no matter Tlow publicly he slights or outrages her. All thoroughbred women, and which require so little effort but which always mark one. Wisconsin Prison Day School Is Success WAUPUN, Wis. (UP) — Nearly 0 inmates of the Wisconsin state prison here have been attending clay school for a year and the pro-' Ect has been pronounced a suc- ess. The school is under direction ot John Faville, Jr., resident director of education. Most of the teachers are prisoners convicted of some form of robbery. No formal course of study is followed. The students are divided into class groups ranging from illiterates to junior high school. '15. Luncheon :''cni'c-half .cup baked macaroni with; tomato sauce aob) -,4-head leituce (12), 2 teaspoons men, are considerate of others less''fortunately placed, especially of thoss 1n their employ. One of .the. tests by which to .distinguish between the woman of breeding and the woman merely of .wealth! is to' notice the way she speaks tq dependants. There are a number of things a "lady" never does. She is not rude, to .anyone intentionally. She never accepts an invitation and lien not appear—nor does she ever refuse one invitation for an affair and "accept" another one on the same dale. She never snubs anyone. She does not use slang or tell dirty stories. She is kind to everyone, especially to older people, which Includes being polite. A lady always arises when an older lady enters the room— unless she is playing cards or has a baby in her arms—and does all the other little nice things ($6), I. whole slice iote • wheat bread (looi. 1 tea- .poon butler (35), 2-3 cup apple sauce (1W), 1 glass milk (125). To- calories-; 538.- One ball round steak [rourid (100), T balcc<i sweet pota- ' . \-2 cup creamed peas and carrots (6(D, 1-3 cup fruit salad (130); '3 tablespoons brown Betty with I tablespoon whipped cream 200), 1 slice tread and butter (135). I glass-milk (125). Total calories, 900. ToWI calories for the day. 2043. BREAKFAST: Baked rhubarb. cereal, cream, broiled bacon, shirred eggs, nruffins, milk, coffee. LUNCHEON: Mushrooms on toast, sliced ; tomatoes, chocolate brownies, milk,' tea. DINNER: Mock duck with brown Eravy, steamed spinach, cabbage and ratsin and -grape fruit salad, rice custard pudding, milk, coffee. FOR SALE Laredo Soybeans $2 per bushel Mammoth Brown $1.50 per bushel MooreBros. Factory Authored FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigidaire Parts Factory Trained MechanicG Reasonable Charges Day 67 -Phone- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 407 Main St., Blytheville for a Beautyrest Mattress Hubbard Furniture Co. Even in favorable conditions, the life of corn rarely exceeds 10 years'. Approximately 2,125,000 Union troops were engaged in the Civil War. hn h , then has been gold. The tedei-al.ofacer who brought George "Machine .Gun." Kelly to Justice, W. A. Rorer. above. Is on tbe.tratl bt John DilllBgcr and his gang. Leadin'g sereral hucdvei) federal,.-stale, "and s, Jtorer U dlrect- 5 tlio man.huut for th6 out»;s- icros*. ft rut Motion o! water every Courier News Want Mi. -- Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance Phoae TVt IMI'ROVK YOUR CAR'S PERFORMANCE BY CHANGING, Sl'ARK PLUGS EVERY 10,000 MILES. ; Genuine Champion Plugs 65ceach PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. , . QUICK SERVICE STATltJN Walnut and Fifth Sts. EVANGELISTIC SERVICES First Christian Church May 6th-20lh 45 Every night, 7 Dr. J. J. Walker, evangelist Mr. Ezra Jacks, music director and soloist. Mi's. Ezra Jacks, pianist and children's worker A Cordial Welcome A waits You If transportation is desired call 334.

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