The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1936 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1936
Page 10
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PAGE TEN „ "'- :BLYTHEVIF,LE, (ARK.) COURIER NKWS- Much ft njUHSUAV, JULY 16, 1036 CHAPTER I TT was 5 o'clock in the moin'ns nnd Helena Derrik, ntltred in a white swim suit, was poised for a dive. In'another moment, using her. lithe body as ;» Jmife, slit would 'slit the sv.'ifcr below- her 'But just now she stood 'thinking how nice it was to bo 20 and full 'of. health. And , , . In love. She. 'described a graceful arc and left scarcely a ripple to mark the 'spo.r where that arc iiad termi- , jialed.: .Then, for out from the lake shove, the smart white rubber cap appeared on the surface .Helena's'arms, looking longer than . .they were, began a perfect rhythmic' stroke that brought her to the float agiin. Kasily she lioisteii herself from Ihe water oi»d began smoothing out her suil, squeezing little rivulets of lake water down her flawless legs. Wading ashore from the float, Helena stooped to ictiiovo a blight coolie jacket from the sand. 'Swinging it around her shoulders, she started ofT at a inn lowaul the big lodge which was set hack from the lake iij the cool shadow , of the towering tiees. "Well!".: she heard a voice remark, "I thought I was the eaih bud—but I peiceive. I'm just a lazy pikerl" She looked up to sec Peter Henderson watching her from the vcianda of the lodge He stood, tall and handsome, willi a robe of .toweling wrapped.around his athletic fiamc. Even in the weal; sun of dawn, Peter's thick blond hair shone attiactuely. Imolun- tauly, Helena slowed her pate' conscious of a queer feeling mound her lieail "It's so .ibsuid that he c,m do this to me," she told herself "I've Known him hardly 24 hours'. . ." Absuid, perhaps, but it was lute. She VVMS head o\ci heels in love with Petci IlemlciEon She had been attracted to him fiom the first moment of their meeting, - and dining the ensuing liouis, in which Ihey had been much fo- "aelher, this, attraction Iiad come to be something more Of couisp . it was foolfsh Helena had ns- suicd heiself that it A>>-; She. iud met Peter Henderson on Iiiciav moinmc Now this was Satuidiiy inoimng—and she w,is in lo\c with him! Nevertheless, Helena Dcrrik Helena knew such tilings did happen. So lite 'whole thing a great joke, and why not to her? "But I'd belter only n few.sludieil Ihe pamphlets, bo careful," she had warned her- "Why should I worry myself, lo self during- Ihe sleepless night. "This is the., first time I've been away.from the slorc—really away from it—and it may be-that I'm H had, indeed, been a sleepless nicltL.-.In'licu of sleep,'Helena had lain. • reviewing the chain .of events .which' had brought her to Crest .Moiintnin Lodue. For two years, she had worked in llelvis's big iepnitment store, and It was only l^i spring thai slie had been given n . department of her. own. True, it was a small department; was. an important'one,— especially during months. the summer ]\TOW knew that she had been .wise lo pay strict atlen- n . to the" ultimatums of Miss Landcs, the personnel manager of Ilelvig's. She had 'been wise iii takini,' home Hie lillle pnmphlelR which' Miss Lamles handed out lo her "class" of salesgirls. The majority of tiie girls seemed lo limit Maisio Jensen "Old man Hel- death after hours'. 1 ' iiad nslted Helena. Vic pays liie for eight hours a liny —and lhal's what I'm giving him. No-more nnd no less." it did scent as it Maisie got along quite on well as Helena Dcr- rik. IJolh received the same salary, and certainly Helena obtained no more concessions llian llic Nevcrthe light-hearted Maisie. .,^,,.„,„;less, Helena took Miss Lnndes seriously; and she studied ttc multi- graphed pamphlets entitled, "Gct- Ihif! llic Customer's Confidence,' ami "Conrlesy," and, "You Are in Helvig's lo Sell—Not lo Marry.' Then oiie day, quile suddenly Helena was cpllcd Inlo Miss Landes' oflice, • Trembling, she hat taken .llic elevator to the. fifth llooi and walked down Ihe spotless hallway lo (he door marked Personnel Manager. • "Good morning, Helena," Miss Laudes hnd said, removing hei glasses.'Charncterislically, she hai iwitelo the point at once. "Helen do you know anything about sporls?" "Why, I —Tin afraid not," Helena had faltered. "Surely you must know some- hing about them," Miss Landcs irgcd. "At least you know what smart woman should wear fov wimmlng and tennis and—" she vaved her hand vaguely, "well Kidminlon?" ' "Y-yes, I think I do." Miss r.andes replaced her sncc- aclcs. "Good! And before fall 'on can learn something about the vlnlor sports, .loo." She smiled at lelcna. "You sec. Miss Little in he sportswear department is lenv- ng the first of the month. I nought you might like to have her jlace." Helena Dcrrik had gasped. The sportswear department was one of he most important in Helvig's. It vas important not so much because of the volume of business, )ut because of the fact that it drew the daughters of wealthier families fn the city. 'You realize, of course," Miss Umdes said, "what the sportswear leparlment means. - Us customers •ne chiefly young girls with money o spend—young girls who cnn influence their families lo maintain in account at Helvig's . . . or not naintain an account at Helvig's.". "But, Miss Landes, 1—" "It's my opinion," went on the lorsonnel manager imperturbably, 'that you can handle Hie sporls- wcar department even better than Vliss Little. You arc good-look-' ing, and you've that healthy, outdoor look that a girl in that de- parlmcnl ought to have. But that's not what convinced me, Helena. I've watched yon in our personnel classes. You strike me as a girl. who is anxious to gci somewhere in tlic world. What do you say?""I'd like to try it, Miss Landcs." * t * CO on the Monday of the follow^ ing week Helena had found herself in the sportswear department. This department of Hel-;: vig's big orgaiiizalion was hardly/ more than one corner o£ the "ladies' ready-to-wear"—but it was a glar.'ioraiis corner, done in a sil- veriif modernistic mode with indirect lighting and streamlined display cases. Old man Helvig had quickly recognized the trend toward outdoor activities on- the part of young women, had been among Hie first to see that a smart costume was half the fun. He was proud of his sportswear department, nnd cautioned bis buyers that it was to have not only (lie reasonably pi-iced lines, but the exclusive outdoor cosluntcs as well. by NARD JONES (T) 1936 N£A Service, Inc. * T.TKI.ENA lilted the work from Ihe fhsl very day. She had always enjoyed .swimming and tennis, but when her father died and she faced Die world with a high school diploma and the problem of supporting her mother she found j little lime lo engage in either 1 spoil, llnl now, at least, she could engage vicariously in them, and she tool; over Miss Little's place w j ( |, a genuine enthusiasm lhat pleased customers and meant dollars and cents to Helvig's. Quickly she learned Ihe likes and dislikes of the steadiest of her clientele—mostly young women v.'lio hud little to do but sancl- j vvich sports -bclween rounds of bridge and dancing. Some of them I .s!ie grew to like, and among these | was Sandra Leigh. Often Helena hncl seen, (lie Leigh girl's piclure in ihe rotogravure scelion of Ihe newspapers, and she realized vaguely that she was the daughter of a man who had much lo do with liie upbuilding' of ihe (own Bul until she had sold • Sandra Leigh bathing suits and tennis sliorls she hadn't known thai, she was a sensible and altogether likable person whose friends called her "Sandy." Helena would not forget the day dial Sandra Leigh had burst inlo Ihe shop in H rush, asking lo see bathing caps and sandals. "We're gelling away on Hie four o'clock lo Crest Mountain Lodge," Sandra explained, "and I've left all iny swimming things at the beach." "Oh," Helena had exclaimed pleasantly. "I hear Crest Mountain Lodge is very pleasant." "Haven't you ever been there?" Sandra Leigh seemed surprised. Helena shook her head. "No . .." The Leigh girl studied her a moment, then added suddenly, "Why don't- you come along? There's an extra mar. who's said to be awfully nice—and I'm Ihe one who's been delegalcd lo find the girl. Why don't you help me out? I really think, you'd have a good time," Helena hesitated. "It's good of you, Miss Leigh. But tomorrow's our busiest day in the week and—" "Maybe I could fix il," Sandra l-*gh said quickly. "If I can, will JT".i acccpl?" "Why . . . W hy, yes." * * * gANDRA LEIGH had arranged it, too. Within half an hour afler Ihe Leigh girl had left, Helena received .-a message from Miss Landcs. Ulephon«d just before Bui Helena l{mn> in her licarl tlial s/ic liaJ lost herself to Pclcr Hcmlcrson, qvile. as suddenly us he insisted he had lost /iimse/j to her. quarlcr to' four? you to everybody noon. "Everything's fixed, darling. Will you mtel mo at the station at I'll introduce _ —and by the time the train arrives at Crest Mountain Lodge you'll feel as if you'd known the whole gang all your life!" Helena had doubted lhat, but it turned out to be perfectly true. The very fact that she was a friend of Sandy's gave her instant acceptance. But she didn't try to convey tiie impression she was more lliaii she was. By the time Hie, Irain reached Hie lodge everyone on the parly knew lhal she was 'in the sportswear department" at Helvig's, and none seemed to think the less of her because of it. In fact, most o£ them were open in their admiration. "Helvig's is where I should be right now," one of the girls confessed. "Father's supposed to be a big stiol iii lliese parts—but we all realize that if he paid his obligations we wouldn't know where our next meal is coming from. I'm the little lady who gets her picture the newspapers' society columns and appears everywhere—ns if nothing was wrong. Father calls me his 'front.' 'But I'd feel better if 1 were dragging down a few dollars a week in Helvig's, as you ™:e." ''Tiiis extra nian T spoke about will meet us at the lodge," Sandra loid Helena. "He lives in a lillle town on the other side of Hie stale I think you'll like him. His name is Peter Henderson and he looks more like one of those collar ad- verliscments than any man 1 ever saw in my life." Helena laughed. "I suppose there must be men like that—but I'll have to confess I've never seen one!" Well, she had seen one now. Peter Henderson was unbelievingly good-looking, and behind, bis bine eyes was both power and intelligence. Helena had been rather embarrassed at theiv first meeting, realizing -thai she was "the extra girl" for this young friend of Sandra Leigh's. But within, a few moments Henderson had dis- polled fliis uncomfortable feeling. "You always hud excellent tai'le," he lau;.;hcd toward Swuira Leigh, ''bill 1 never realized il extended to 'blind dates.' WhciVve you been liccpinif llii* delightful Miss Derrik?" Sandra winked at Helena. "Thai's a secret, 1'c-lor." * * t UT afler dinner at the lodge Unit night, Helena toll IMw Henderson Ihe secret. While the- others were gathered iirunuil n roiirinir log-lire, Peter and llelnin Iiad drifted oul nloii]> l!«- patli which led toward the liike. "I'm enjoying Ibis no much,": Helena said. "You see, I work in'; Hnlvig's—and When Sandra Li'ish 1 suggested T''come- a lout; on the"' party I was quite overwhelmed " "Then you haven't known Sandra' long?" Helena shook her head. "Not more than » month. And Ihcn only as a customer at Ihe store " He looked at her sharply. Good! A kindred spirit 'i don't know Sandra's gang "vcrv well, cither. You sec," he smiled. I live in a lillle town east of the mountains. Oh, we've street cars and a municipal debl—bul we don't attempt to hold a candle to tile metropolis you call your own " That had been the beginning of Helena's uncicrslandiiig, this feeling that, in a measure, they were two people a bit out of their ele- menl. Following Ihe path down toward the lake, Ihey had decided lo lake the canoe out on moonlit waters, II was there on the lake that Peter Henderson had said, "I think I'm in love with you, Helena." "But you know nothing about me, Peter Henderson. And 1 'know nothing about you." He looked at her a long time bo- fore lie answered. "All I know is that I'm in love with you. And lhal's enough for me." At thai impulsive confession, Helena had taken the defensive. But she knew in her heart that she had lost herself lo Peler Henderson, quile as suddenly as he insisted lie had lost himself to her. ' Then in the early-morning hours she had slarecl wide-eyed at the ceiling of her room in Ihe lodge. At last she had succumbed to her restlessness and gone down to the lake for a swim, not realizing lhat upon her return she would confront Henderson. Swiftly he came down the steps to meet .her. "If you planned lo go for an early swim, wliy didn't you tell me?" he asked. Ther L . | n the privacy of the forest dawn, lili arms readied out for her, an* Helena felt herself trembling In every fibor of her youn? bidy. Hayli Society — Personal -Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Tidvvell of Birmingham, Ah , who hive been ' heie fcr tno weeks visiting Mis ..Tiowell's sister and her husband, Di and Mrs A Q Shtrej wcie driven to (hen home Monday by Buddy Dcweeie On Ins- icturn Mr. Dc^vccre was to Le accompanied by Mr and Mrs J E -BiJvley and children, Marjoiic and Russell, of Tvscaloosa Ala Mi and Mis Ba\lev arc Mr,, Shl- rcy s pinnls , Miss, Anna Mj\e Khonrie and hei cousin and her hi.sbtinl, Mr and Mr; S.TII Ham i uf Pan-1 gould. Art and John Hamri jr , o' Car,l<vtll, Mo . spen! from Sunday until Tucsdav m Cairo 111 . with Mrs Hamris, mother , Mio L. Khorrie. Miss Kiioiirie accompanied ' Mr. and Mrs. Itnmra to their hcme a;. Paragould Tuesday and v;ill .be .their, guest for the v,-ee!<. Dr. and Mrs.. R. I,. Crowe, of Memphis, who have been spending Ihc summer at Ihcir collate .at Lakeside,. Mich.; were here Monday visiting Dr. Crowe's mo- Ihcr, : Mrs. B .D. Crowe, \\-hiie enroute home. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kqlrlick 'of-Lcs. Angeles. Calif., are here \ tiling Mrs Kotrhcks parent* Mr. End Mrs D O Callicv Mr I and Mrs Cathej and all Iheir '' children had a . family reunion picnic at Big Springs Tutrdij. Present were Mr. nnd Mrs. Kdlr- lick.-their daughter and her husband, Hr. and Mrs Man in Miller, and their grandr~aughler, Mi«s ; Lucille' Young, of ihis citv. and another; daughter. Mrs. Linnie .Sharier, of Elsinors. Mo. Mr. and -Mrs. I. D. McDermott and children, of Itika, Miss., who arc in Blvtlicyilic visiting reift- i.ttves''. 6f Mrs. McDermott. were here Tuesdaj visiting friends Mr. McDermott was manager of ihe ^.compress .here for- a number o! v years. Mrs Frtd Larson WAS in Memphis Monday \isittaj her shier Mis. I A Toehtlle. who is in SI Joseph's hospital convalescing from an operation prlormed lisi week. Mr. and. Mrs M. E. Kotgrass . and sons, Don nnd Morris returned Monday from Dvcr'burg, Telin., where thej visited Mr Notgrass's mother, Mrs Sarah .Chllton left Monday for Port Lttuemvorlh Kaus.. uhrre Mic ivill rcimln fnr •KHfrnl Fascists Bailie Paris Police as Political Unrest Spreads i J*i"*Vle5WWOIH -W«T* * •**,*, „., ., . """ "' " ip Bo Coiilinucd) * " ** ^^ v Sr*EB)u*i Tt _ M u^«. **».-*.A«J; k»-*«t** .uried BlBMrare , tables, and clmirs from the d' i 30 Slecle-Cooler Society — Personal Ark., after visiting friends anil relatives here. Mrs. Sam Ilainra and children arc- visiting relatives in Kentucky. Gilbert. Brown, of Peach Cn- clni-d. was in Slcele Sunday vis- j Mr. and Mrs. Estcll Petty tire (he parents of n .daughter. .Jo Ann, torn nt, [heir. iienie in this city- last week. Mrs. C. N. Senders and gratid- darghtcr. Alice Ann Men. and grandson,. Rodger Windall. of Joiner. Ark., and Lloyd McBride. cf Ciiruthersville, spent Snml.iy in ateele ns gucsls of Mis. I,." c. Spencer ami family. Mrs. Carl Popples, who ituder- s nil an • appendix operation nl SI. Joseph's hospital. Memphis, list. week. Is Improving rapidly nnd expects lo be able to return home the tatter pun of the week. Mr. and Mis. Frank ,J. Weaver. Mr. and Mrs. Do;-k Weaver nn:l children, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wiilie Ellis and children. Mr. and Mis. Jeff Strolhers and daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Elwoocl Blown ami son. Mrs.- \Vcoclro\v Siiclton and daughter, accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Weaver of Pine Bluff, Ark., who arc visiting relatives here. I were visitors at Rcelfoot Lakc h^t j vv eek. Mrs. G. O. Travis and sons arc visiting Mrs. Frank Daniels In West Memphis. Ark. Mrs. S. W. Blessing h;is returned lo her home in Lillle riork. ilinj his son. EKvcod Brown,- fninily. nid Mai-rugc Error Corrected BOWLING GREEN, O. <UP) — Afler 4-1 years 01 mnrried life, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Clark of Detroit. were \vertrtcd ngain. Clark explained that he mnrried under an assumed name Hie first lime. Vegetables Are Grown On Fring-e of Arctic WINNIPEG. Man. IUP)— Great Slave Lake settlers, living in mining villages on the fringe of the frigid Arctic, grow Ihcir own vcye- labies, Austin Gumming, government mining inspector, revealed dniing a Visit here. j Cinmnins'snid Ihe sc-lllers mnn-j aged lo grow enough fresh vcgc- : lacli's in Ihc lew fertile areas! around tlie lake lo meet Iheir own recinirenicnls. and .sometimes even lo export some tu rcUlements fur- liH'i- noi-tii. The -rnrmins season" , legins in June nnd extends inlo I August. I - - j I Courier News Classified Ads Pay. | FULI, IIEUCA'I'KSSEN LINE Cticeses for all tastes Cold Meats of -,uiy kind Fruit Juice & Ginger Ale FRESH YAHD EOCiS DAILY ncKARirs f;i;o. & MEAT niAHKUT Phone G13 —We Deliver mouths. Mr. nnd Mrs. Wolf Khoiirie' and family were in Lillxmni Sunday visiting Mr. Khourlc's aunt, Mrs. C. K. . Stckery. who lias l«cn quite ill. Kciscr News Notes Mrs. \V. M. Parks, Mrs. Herbert Pool, and Mrs. Hershell Grey, of | Little Reck, spent Sunday "with Iheir parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. R, Bratciier. Miss Ruth Bracher, Virgqinla Bourland, Moberly Estes and Charles Lambert, of niyihevilic. were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wntson Sunday. J- If. Hudson, father of Mi's. J. H. Watte, spent the past week in Keiser. He left Monday afternoon to mnkc a short visit with daughter in Joiner' and before returning he will visit Mrs. Joe Mounts In Osccoln. • left Doc Ha: has , Little Rock returned vvith them. f " miy ° f Mr, and Mrs W. M. Taylor and M: and Mrs R. H. Robinson were { Wl ing them, lnj n week's outing Inn and family where Ihey will weeks wilh her son. John Chilton. | dinner guest., at the Hotel Pea-1 Loirlng of Dye<« Ark were "l , and fnniliy. Mr Chllton has been body Monday night to hear Rudy per guests of ~Mr'u-d "Mrs \V M America Seen i) declining health tor some Vallee. ""aylor Fiidav nielT ' X* n "" Mrs. J. p.' Polk" nnd dau^hlcr "' Ore ' rec i<>"S StOHCS Linda left for Pnycttcvllle carlvj ' nxicsday morning to visit Dr.' w YORK <UP)_More prc- Polk's mother Mrs. J. R. po)k![ ( ' io ' | s slones are being boiighl ill ORDERS TAKEN FOR "BERNAT" YARN fNSTRUCTIONS FREE Mrs. Leslie Hooper Mrs. A. C. Haley 1100 Chickasawbn Phone T!)2 FACTORY TRAINED RADIO. EXPERT Now iivnihtlilc for repairs on nil makes of radios. 14 Years Experience Phone 233 Henry S. Werner at Hardaway Appliance Co. Mte Liicile Holt left Simdny on a week's vacation for Mncon and ' Columbus, Miss I lwo;Alncr!c "' rc l wrls K - Par'™^ Japn- M rs . otlo Kochlcr and dough- lcr ' ° [ Del1 ' ate spending the wck vvltl1 Mrs - Koehler's parcnls. Mr nnrt Mrs Mrs. J. P. L .int. of Jefferson, Mrs. Wallace Synthetic'Wood Tcslccl MELBOURNE (UP)-Aftcr thirty years of experiments, a Iccal inventor claims lo have i eel at last the secret of ^,, 1B synlhctic wood. He says Hint his manufactured product can IK sawn, planed and chiseled like ordinary wood and without warp- Ing. _ shrinking or splintering. lt| and nbn-lnflain- Ikeda Is on a world lour He! found that in many countries prc-1 cious stones are exclusively the' properly of Ihe wealthy. That situation docs not, exist in the United States, he says. MANLKY TOURS Win. Hold, Memphis All Expense Tours to Dallns each Sal., $23.00 Mrs, K. A. Tcaford Osccola, Ark. rhone 101 w Contracting . Fall Acreage Beans *»# See Blytheville Canning Co. Blytheville, Ark.

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