The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 2
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TWO Items pitV) Personal t Interest' SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities' 1 and News of Women Society Calendar * Friday Tb* Promise Land Methodist church Li having its innual Harv- «4t-supper at the church at G o'clock. Belles and Beaux Dc|cat« Named lot Slate Mtetlnc. • tllr:. John WhiU. of Osceola.willl represent the Mississippi County federation ol Women's clubs atl ll< biennial meeting of the state j- iuvfort Smith November 4-7. She waj5 elected a delegate by the cf- flcers and committee chairmen who( attended tiie board meeting hcrei yesterday. The president, Mrs. liar.) \Cy.-H. Thompson, of Wilson, will' bo "represented by Mrs, John Ed-1 Joiui Edrllngton ol Csccola, musicl . '-'f'-ihllc Safety ol Hlsiv>vAy.s" will!'be^the principal discussion ofl'eredj by^l'iiU, county In an elTort to hive, resolutions passed condemning' • da&cncd vehicles and unlicensed | ariycrs. Other matters taken up at the mating, held at the Hotel Noble, w(* the appointment 'of Mtss WII-'[ lle'A. Lawsxjn as chairman of cd-! ucgticn, plans for enlisting more] iclttts of ths county Iri the fcdcra-;.|.f j j ..'_ • tiojj, the allowing of prize money! John !?. .Mcnanir-l III ««« six iiiirl • lor.connsts to be sponsred by va-; n half months old when this i>lc- iiu£ chairmen, plans -for prepar-mrc was made n month ato Al- Jiifrlreports for the state gathering j though Ills Daddy Is n doc-tor He an4 discussion of Hie art activities; believes it's football lor him; tint iu^hoals In cooperation with the) lS| Ms mo uier thlnks so fro . n ,,, prop-am sponsored--by tlie county j 4 . fc j., ,,„ klcks j io ,,, , hc Enll ,,^ n dejiitmem of educailon. . 0 f,.Mrj, James H. Brooks and his .& committee will .visit every or- 'mother was before her marriage gBBlaitlon In, the county In In- Miss Miriam l3rcS:s. Vittpe them U become'a part of .- . , :i!_ tnt'cour.ty gioup. Reports of last year's acuvliles showed Uiat much " Mc bu interest-was stimulated among Mls-l Mmclr)z 1 slsjlppl county women and school- nmc "y ti students in various contests which. °f this *•• •will be rejicatid tills year, It »s acts, plajimd to l:ave the reports thoroughly complete .when t«i«>n ' t" Fort Smilii. 'Pie next meeting will be held ! j>| all Bits of NevJs Mostly Personal WM. «.'. McKKNNEV Secretary American KrUje l^tuc The rule of eleven and examples in the home of Mr. and lmvc uee » Klvcn. Following Is a Mrs. E. C. Patton tomorrow. Mrs ' complete hand In which East, by Harris is Mm. Pulton's sister and , this rule, Is able to do Mr. r.i:d Mrs. Ilnrry Kir by were visitors In l : nrni!uuUI Wednesday. E. F. Blcmcycr will Icav; Kenneth a member of the football ' some very cl evcr and accurate card team. Mr. ami Mrs. O. J, Walker and son, Fred, uf Yarbro wore called to Hcckford, 111., Wednesday by the death of ll:cli- san-in-law, Gus Swunscn. Jin. Swansea will be re- 'Ihe arfiiir 1-. taken to Ljsnu .••r!«ibi'rt. • i ll:e Louise Dancing, ure will present 1 by Miss - II. MAKE IT 52LBSHE lunonow fo r l--nycttevlllc where' mcmb<!1 ' ei1 as Mlss Pollcllc Wnllrar. t : -;e will spend (lie week-end at Mrs - George Carney has returned the Zclu 'luu Alpi,.i sorority house loni a vls11 to Clarkston, III., and as tile e^st of her Daughter, Miss l >:llltr - '" Michigan. .rL'Ima. lilcn-.eicr, who Is u frccli. Mr. and Mrs. Molt Douglas, of nih:i et the .-late, university. Kennett, v.cic visitors at tl'.e Uly- Mrs. P. li. lirooks, of Belnonl,' "'"vIMe Iro.spital today. M:n., Is (ho ot Mr, and ! Lollls Hlnkle, of Kansas City, Is Mi*. EH'Jii Kiiby fcr a ftv; days.' ll| e cuest ot Mrs. Hlnkle's parents, . J. ! ; . Smo::r, of' Lllbourn, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Keynolds. k £p?ndiii{ :i week with hl^ cinuijli- , ——— ler. Mrs. !•:. p. ISlomeyer, and imnlly. Amciig llio.-,? from Iccnl Parent- T.iachei 1 lis'.M'lalicns In Jouerbcro 11- Ihe Stan- meeting Tuesdny and Wcilsiesday were: Mrs. Leslie, a (U-leyatc Ironi the senlyr hlcii eionp, Mesitames L. W. Oos- ntll, Wnuicr Hawkins, 11. N. 11111 anrf C. E. Crist'cr. ' Mr;. John il L-jiie iiiid Mrs. Elhol Wilson will return from Little Hock tonlulu where ihey wont yesterday to accompany n boy home frcm the crippled children's lils- pltal. 13einard Jaggcrs was a visitor hi Memphis Yesterday. Mrs. Clyde Robinson, accompanied by Mrs. J. W. Rlibdcs airJ danjiitcr, Mary Sue, of Hnyti, Mo., arc In Nathvllle, Tenn., lor ses-erul days visiting I'hlllp Robinson wlio Is a student at Vnv.derbllt- Mis. John W. BlyllM, formerly of here and now of Dewitl, Ark., will arrive tcday to spend the weekend wltl, friends cnroute home:;;;;." ^"' 1 ™ K ' fro,,, .im^hn™ u- hm -» ,,,„ , vns „ qll| ' c .-> (o or ta| | cet 'i°\i t|l reading. WEST s-a-i-e- 2 H-10 O-J-3^. c4,o. NORTH S-8-5-3 H-A.8-3-2 D-K-7-3 C-0-8-4 SOOTH—DEAIER S-H-1C-7-4 H-Q-l-7-4 EAST S-K-9 H-K-96-5 D-10-8 C-K-9. 6-5-3 A rtnli- is a bag oi pany powder C—A The BlcUlnj South, the dealer, opened Ihe contracthif with two no trump | with all lour suits stopped and a. ; count of 17. West passes and North [goes to no trump, which • closes the contracting. Tlie 1'lay I West, has the opening lead and jlils partner has no bid. ills strong- I cat suit is spades, and as it is not ; headed by three, cards In sequence, i the fourth bey. Is tlie correct opening. Therefore .West leads the . deuce ol spades, dummy plays the I three. East covering with the king. Although South now knows that .East can hold 'only'one more spade, . he sl:oul(t win. the first trir-k with ,tlie ace. If the second spade is in • East's hand han'nhiis to be the nine .spot, East will have the spade suit i slopped Hie second time. South starts - his heart suit by leading the queen, West follows with the ten. dummy the deuce ami East wins-the trick with the king. Uy applying tlie 'rule of eleven. East "can .'now make the follov..-.!^ deductions. His partner lielil no suit longer than four from joi«sboro where she delegate to the shite P. T. A. meet- togc timslied' h> 1 Ing from the DcWitt high school. . "'?''" °" lC '' cards-otherwlw 'the deuce would not have Ixen opened. The ten of hearts played by West on the second trick also Informs him this his partner holds a singleton heart because If the declarer held only the queen of hearts and not llic queen and Jack, the queen would not have been led. That leaves West, now with four diamonds and four clubs. East holds five 'clubs to the king, there are three In the dummy, his deductions have told him that his partner has four. If his partner held four clubs to the ace- 10 or trie ace-Jack, the club suit would have been opened In preference to the spade, therefore East must not return the spade suit, but leads the five of clubs, which forces the singleton ace from the declarer. Declarer now leads a small heart to the dummy's ace, West (Baby Comes) Tinue Lubricant and Pain Reliever brings Comfjrtand Eat* Strain and i.ulna rolicie — SlrrteWni; irllhvji illi- . .. •• co&jtoit— Nervca sootbeui ft iMKcoverj- of tu cmlocut oUmolrlclia l" al «d IT counllees tbousamts for over 80 re.n. The mnrrdous Molher'. [let I Very *!"••,'• J" vdulile In keeping tt« condlllon. epin Alia , you in nrj« eliario (or Hip apvroaehlDg «'«»'• Do try it lonlplit I All llrue storti itU und rccomncna Mother'! Ftl»4. Q£ andMailthit Coupon Today To Tho BriKlntld Co., Altanla, C«. toil receive FRKE po»t r»U (In p!n n enrolop*) their i-l-PSBe lllUB- triled hook In colon—-'Ttllnsi to Know BeJoto Baby Coats." (\) Sama Strut or R. F. D CltJ stale ii. lt [ r j. Idctit, Mrd. J. Cole of VVIlEOn,!, iy Ej!e Saturday In the lormcr ... , returned. cotton. Uniting them out into little lo her home in Paragoukl. . balls ai-.rt seeing a bow of babv James Starkcy is a patient at the libuon, each a dlflercnt color lo Mcmplilr, Buptlst hospital. Ule top lo hold them ..„.,, -. - ... Mi-, and Mrs. J. w. Connor and. Put n dozen or 50" John Edlngton oi Osceola, n l , i !cj (:J)ar *. c of l^'project and urfes an | Srandson. Jimmy Connor, of Nnv-, tic the bag up loosely with a satin Chairman, Mrs. John White c' .5-1l lat "?! 16 to cooiwrule In Ihe uonal- ]l>- r '' have moved Ii:re and are now- ribbon, fasiennis the ribbon to the ceolj legislation' and cit 1 ip lu B oll<1 purehasliig of cookies, nut "I " 01 »c with 'heir son and father, i bun nt Intervals and attach a rib- V..! breads and the like. I Jnke Connor, in [he Randolp.i j bun with which to hang It over tne coa of Orito; art "chairman/ ? S °»«». '»>,'»'« ?<""»»*»' ls "> been employed liere, has BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON chairman, Mrs. '- James -B. cjuifrman of public heal:,' 'II .chi|d welfare, and Miss Ciai' ti Cuieman, lilgiuvuv, yards and ;-i' : '-; den' chairman, wera present. '-• I . - - * ' * * Clnti Entertained. Members of the Wcrtr.jsd|ty Brhlge -e]ub and Mrs. Morris ?il- verstern ol St: Louis wlio is vlsll- her daughter, Mrs. .Paul H. i Smith Great 1'iii-linffs SfuJU'd. aahrilu: :iijo and Uaiticclll and tiieir pair, .igs were discussed by the', IS nu-\ jeis ol thu Delphian cnaii'er WIM attended the meeting nt it,- Hotel Ngble yesterday when Mrs. L. V.- Wise was leader. Florence do Medici was taken up by Mrs. F. E. Fry and Mrs, U.' S. Smith apartment on West Ash at. j side of a dressing talc. Each guest Jake Connor is the mw manager! can have her own powder puif wh j n cf the Barnsdall filling station at i she adjusts her make-up at the Main and Huh streets. Mrs. George Hcinplml, ! party, of Ken-' --- • bridge games'"Mrs. -W." J. Pollard 1 m-cn tlie prize, hosiery, and the; .-• I" reviewing the Italian paintings hostess presented he r mother a! "K io the year 1300, Mrs. J^uics gift'.- ! u - Clark clten scicrul fnmoiis mns- A delicious plate lunch of Jroz-1 'ei pieces as vxiimplci of this i>e- en' : salad, sandwiches, cake loppcdl r 'od- Mrs. O. W. McCulcheonoiit- witli whipped cream and coffee; lined (lie study of pictures by was".served. • j Ciahrilandajo UEim; "tlie Olt) Man =•-.'•• 1 and the Child," "The Last Sumvr" Da«(htcr Born . and such inintlngs by >Batticelll Announcements have been re- cely'ed here of the birth of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Cecil O. Oamftiell, of IndianoU, Mlrs. \vnn. The baby, born Saturday, weighs eight pounds. Wr. and Mrs. Campbell lived here for several years whsn Mrs. us "Madonna oi tno Magnllk-alc", "Calumny" and others of thai period with other members taking t'alie ,aiul Cantly Sal * -Is riamicd. Members ot the Altnr joclciy of Campbell was a papular member. the Church of the immaculate of the younger set. Conception will have u cake ami candy sale Saturday liom u mull 3 o'clock In the Lynch building next to the Joseph Hardware store, The proceeds will be used lor EChcol improvements. and Mrs. M. A. Isaacs last, night. Couglis from'coHs mi;- lead to sc- rioua [rouble. You can Elop them HI-MO ii i ; now wil1 ' Crconi'ulslon, an emulsified inside the bag, i crcoS()lc ,|, a[ - J3 plL , a3an[ , 0 ukc _ Creomulsion is a medical discovery wiili iwo-lolj.action; it sooihcs and hcala llic inflamed rhembranw and inhibits perm gioirllu. Of all known drugs crcowte is rec- ojniicil. by higli rncdlcal authorities ns one of tlie greatest healing agencies for couglis from 'Coljs and bronchial Jrrilalioiit. Creomulsion contain!, in ' III FttCC Charles G. Jutlen, ot CHUB Glr-, ardeau, h altending to business The skin of youth lies In every " erc - ' box of'new wonderful MELLO- Mr. una Mrs. E c. Patton will ,01-0 .Face Powder. The purest have us their guests tomorrow, Mrs, powder- made—its color is passed H. L). Bandy mul daughter, Miss I b V llle u - s - government. No pastl- Jur.1- 1 , Miss Virginia Hinkle and IlcsSl "aklncss or irritation. A lieu- Miireii^ LViah, 01 Newport, who are i Fl ' racl1 process makes it spread coming uvcr for tin; lootball gam' i more sll "" ) thly nnd prevents large Jtalph Atkinson of iiatcsville 'who P° rcs - No more shinynoses—t! ^invj : - '-••- • - 'on longer. Use MELLO-GLO. Kirby Drug Co. . Adv.-11 is woi-klng in Ciunchersvlllc (His lull, Is iilteiKliin; to business her.'. Morris Silverstein, uf bt mi She Is , Louis, Is the housegiiest uf Mr. a Mrs. I'nul H. Roscntlml. MJ-S. Uosenthal's inolhtr IJr. mul Mrs. L. M. Harris and son, KuniKth, of Newport, will be Piles Go Quick Son Born Mr. and Mrs. -Jack Homer announce the birth of a son yesterday at Uie Mempjils Baptist hospital. ,. lion DfU»e Will Be piveo at Turrcll An. Italian cabn'r.H dance will be] given at the Turrell Woman's club j Monday evening, beginn.!ng at 7:30 ' o'clcck, for tne iene'flt- ; of the crip- j pied children's hospital .'a,t Little t Rock. .. .. ;•;-?..' • • • | Dancing, dining and sjr.icialty en- ! tertainnient will be! features of the ; evening with Ray Lipscomb jr., -of | Marian, a pupil ol the Shuts Mayo I tchpol of singing- and dunclnj, the •, How Old Are You? i Head Courier News Want Acis. Gljpously Alive at 45 My, Friends: Correct Your Eating Fau.lts and -~I,ose ; Your Fat With Krus: chen' Salts Ves: I'm. fcrty-five today-built like a race horse, my fricr.ds soy— and I know I feel 10 years younger than I did three months ago— and I'd htte to tell yon how much' fat:i lost with Knischen. • ; I .call KruEchen Salts the "ins;-! ic salts" because when I was Int! and wretched, despondent and hale Eick.all tl>e time—It took only on^ .bottle that I bought for 85 cents' au, Kirby Drug Co., to liven me up, —put ambition and energy into ; me-rrnake me feel years younger 1 and nith the help cf a "change indict sh.ov ( - me ho\Y to lose the fati I aas £0 ashamed of. i Cut out pastries and <u :.':ts—go : easy on pctatces, cr:am chccso. and butter-^at lean mral. c...o..- en, fish, vegetables ond fruits and never-tail to take on; half tea.-: £pocnlu! of Kruschen Salts i). a glass cf net water before b- -.k- ifaet every monitr.j. 'Ev«y druj Ebre wort.iy • 15. name In the World sells K Saltt—an 85 ant bottle weeks—not-much to'pay'for .; ant health. Aav. Ihnsc wbo uill donate fur the ihfckcn ilintur of the M.i- ple Grove tVmcti-ry ;iiS(ii'i;ilio]i arc asked lo rjll Jlrs. j-'rank \Vibb at CIS—J before Tuesday. s arc causetl by bad circnla- of the blcod In the lower bowel and a weakening of the parts. Only nn Internal medicine can remove the cause. That's why external remedies and cutting lull Ur. Lconhardl's 11EM-HOID succeeds, because it relieves this congestion nnd strengthens the allotted parts. Dr. Lconhnrclfs prescription has such a wonderful record for quick, safe and lasting rcllel oven in chronic and stubborn ca<e that Kirby Drug Co., «i ys try HEM-noiU at my expense. Your Pile suffering must end or' money back—Adv.—No. 2. Mitrathon Dancer and Practical Nursf! Finds New Medicine Master Remedy— Cains Seven 1'ounds HALL SISTERS SHOPPE Presents the Seasons Best Values In riiifl'on.aini Service Weight in (ill I lie becoming fall shades. A hose for ]>racli- .cal wear yet dressy and •flylisli enough for all. $ 1 Also closing out a series of broken sixe.s ir, S3 hosiery for $1.15 while they ()l!R RKCl'I.AK HIGH GKADK HOSIKRY AT $1.50 to $3.50 in chifl'on and service weights and net MISS IIAZLL EARKI.EY "For six. months I was bothcrc.1 \vith a severe pnin in my back anil legs." said Miss HaZel Barkley, j pracllcal nurse and marathon daii- ; cer. 410 West Fourth itrrot. Littla i Heck. ' Indigestion too, was the .- cause ot much discomfort I IOH ! weight, Iclt tired nnd uom 01:; ; incsl ol the time. I tried scvonl : medicines without bcneiU. ; "Finally I decided to try Kcnjoh '•It went right to work and rchcsvri the pain in my tack and less I regained my appciltc nnd slept be;, tcr at night. I continued th- trca-- mcnt until I took live uo;t;re> r i-.o\v fcc\ like a different person i cat l:.:arllly without disivc?.v Ki (! . ney trouble, which cmi-cd n- 0 ; pains, is gone. I gained scvc'-i poiinds in weight. 1 will a] wai ', praise Konjola for what i; <i 0i ' : .', ior mc, lf And to it g(-,:s, the same f h 1 stcry whenever Konjola is K ^,.\ a chance to make good. And wii,'; 'ins medicine has done for o;:-,ii 3 it will rin tor you—for everyone' KcnjoU LS fold In my';;. , . -\tk. at Kirby Drug Stores" a;:.i"r'.; •ii! the best druggists in all ;C-A: S i thxiiQhoiit this entile section. addition ' to elemenla wliich sooth o and heal the intUnieil membnncs and stop the irritation, while Ihe creosote goes on to the slomaeh, 13 absorbed into the tlooj, aliacks tlie seal of the trouble and checks the growih of the germs. . Crcomulsion is guaranteed satisfactory in ilie Ireatmcm ol coughs from colds, bronchitis and minor forms of bronchial iriitnlionj, and is cxctllent for building up the system after colds or flu. Money refunded il not rc- - •licrerl after taking according to direc- FOR THE: COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON GET YOURS NOW! Fine, AH Wool SUITS —Good Patterns --Firm Fabrics — Well Tailored —Large Assortment SHOES $ 5 Snap or curl Good comfortable brims, new shapes lasts, smart styles, and colors all leather R.D. Hughes & Co. Complete Outfitters For Men & Boys THURSDAY, d scarding "fh<- six ot spiclcij j'fiie eight of hearts Is returned from dummy,. East playing the six, declarer allows It to win, playing the seven, West discarding the ten of clubs. Ills next lieart led from dummy is won by'the declarer with the jack. West discards the Jack of spades..;-. All' the declarer can now do is 'to cash his three good dlajuoiid tricks, aud he must sur- icnder the last four tricks to his . -j»30 : opiwnen,and his contract htm ucen defeated one trick, 4SJJS , -•»-»•"- — — —• •- • i w v MIUUON JAM USEO VEAMtf When Itost Is Brokeu DeaWroWpilyiiUJfK&ncy Irregular Wcfc'jJirfcsiE 50.000 Users I F tottered vilh bladder irritation*, celling up at night aud «ul backache, don't take ckancctl Help your kidnryi nt the first iictt of disorder. Use Doan'i I'illi. ~— SitcctMful for more than SO yean. En Jortedthe woridoj^u^ Sold by dealer* everywhere" Endorse Doan?*u—- CHRIS. HILHORN, 703 E. MAIN ST., WEISER, IDAHO, uy was troubled with my kidrux*. T^ McrelEon* were cloudy, cooUu- Ihick ftediment uid were KftAty and pataful. My back W2I to sore and stiff tn the morningi trtat tometimei t could hardly set out of bed* After uiinz Ddln r « Pilil 1 vrai eoroplctdy cun:d of the gltgck." 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