The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
Page 3
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SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 1931 BLVTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THUEL THERE'S A SPRING STYLE FORECAST In Florida Fashion Swim DAYTIME MODES AT PALM BEACH Craft Will Cosl $4,500.0GO and Will Travel 100 Miles Per Hour. ISY ISRAEL KI.E1N Science KJilor. MCA Scrviue : DETROIT.—Prep.muions are b?- :::; made here for the construe;:on of a 103-ton "niK-d-cli:!" air- si!i|} following appropriation t;. congress of $200.000 tt-.v;ird til u ship's ultimate purchase for lite 0. S. army. The ship is to be Ih; flr.n practical dirigible of this i»:i-.;iie iyi v - ; ol construction, Iolln;;iii^ >'.-.:•.•.'•;• ful tsls o ftlie expeihnenla! m.'tal- elad alrthip ZMC-'J Ijy i!is U. !army. It is to cost 54,503.010 in 1 is exprc.ed lo be ready to:' iL'liv- ery to l!:t> army in IMS. Preliminary specifications !"or the shi[> call for one having : irro-s lift or weight, inelucliu.,' dev: ifc'cfld and pay load, of 100 loirj U;iu or 221.000 (bunds and a velum? uf 3.800.000 cubic feel, or slightly hrs- er than the Graf Zeppelin. Hanea of 2(100 Milss Eight engines. toialin" 5COH horsepower, will be usea tc; pi\ it at a maximum speed of 103 miles an hour, and a cruising speed of 70 to 80 miles an hour. Us practical range will lie 2000 r.i!le=. It -.vili j BLACK is a color blondes prc- be 5M feet long and 120 fee; in ! f> r for beach wear tills s.' diameler. | clown in the sunny southland. Carrying an average fuel load of I .Mrs. Desmond Clarke of fle'.v 20.000 pounds and a crew of 3">. | York. j>ictured above ar, P.ilm Ihe s'.iip will have a capacity f y; 1 B;,ich. has a bathing suit ol a pay load of 50 passengers. 25')0 ! Week silk, topped by. a cute pounds of express freight an:l 10.-1 biOcrn jiirkot in inalc'uns co'.cr. OCO pound-, of mall. • H:r sandals are blsck and white. The ship will have criuipm?n* for convoying a sonacircn of air-! planes over long distance, taking | them on for refueling an'.! drop- j ping them when desired along the [ way. J Most peculiar about, the ship 1;! its metal construction us cp;:uscd to fabric covering. duralumin | frame end rubberized gas rn^s of | such ships as the Graf Zeppelin. the Los Angeles and the new n.-! 500,000 cubic foot, Akron now beitij = built, at Akron. O. j The ship to be Iv.iilt her? 13 t: i have no gas b.igs or fabric covc-r- i ing. Instead, its metal pb.lin? c; a strong aluminum alloy is to b. 1 ' the container o' the- helium ja; i thai will be used to lift it. Inside. I tv:o breathing be'loonels. designer! i to collect and dispel air as t'r.e j ^pressure of Ihe helium surrounding \ ^^etn is lowered or raised with the | ctiange in temperature and alti- 5 tude, will be the only import-mi '• p?-Hs cf ncn-m2'.al construction, j In the interest of greater safe-' ty, however, the hull will !j2 par- | titioiied off into'.s ty! prevent !o;s of sufficient lift in;! power to affect i!s operatlr.'i. shonli , It be hit by gun fire from th: I ground or from the air. i Eliminates Fire Hazard J According to Carl B. Fritsche. vice president of the Detroit- Aircraft corporation, which is to build this dirigible, the metal-clad type of airship has the following advan- [ tages: 1—U is fireproof. 2—It is weatherproof. 3~-It is durable and permanent j in structure. ; 4—It is navigable in practically: all kinds oi weather. j 5—It is economical in the use cf buoyant gas and ballast. fl—It is capable of high sp?ed. up to 100 miles an hour. 7—Its cruising ranee, is limited only by the expanse of the broaJ- cst ocean. The single metal surface of Ih? metal-clad ship, Kritsche further assarts, porfouns all fuuc'ii.ns that are divided amons the trip'.e-byev construction of the fabric-covered rigid airship like the Graf Zeppelin. "The melal-clad ship i> a rin^ie > -VriicturM unit," he says. "i:i v.hir'.i ^the surface plating carries a considerable portion of the diic:' stresses. The metal plating, which U the outrr cover, is the strength member and is also thr gas container." SOCIAL HKGISTE1UTES ill Palm Beach apparently enjoy being taken for a ride—and on sunny days parasols dot the walks with their .color. Mrs. Hobert Mc/Vdco (left) wears a white frcck and jacket to match of French crepe, and a white felt hat. Her parasol li striped ill pastel colors. Mrs. Harrison Williams (right) wears a short Jacket of while wcol atop her two-piece sports suit. Her hat ba:id and scarf match In brightness. VERY FEMININE is Ihe flltcd bathing Mill woin by Koweiin (right), swimming at the Breakers in Palm Beach. The suit, was cut on princes lines, with flared short trousers lo give fullness. The resistance the little Jabot of while rubber lo match her cap. Mrs. B. B. Sory (center), of Pnlm, attired, in a sailor pajnnut suit of white linen with blue collar and banding, wtvs one of the human pieces in Hie backgammon party Mr. ami Mrs. Charles Hall gave. Enjoying one of Palm Beach's favcrite sports, lolling, Miss Carmen Mather (left), of Atlanta, Ga., wore n charming pt»!c yellow three-piece pujamn suit, with bands ol deeper yellow. How Great Melal Aircraft Will Look The.above picture shows how the peeled to develop and what they vill be like, when they arrive. He il&o outlines the steps which, in hi? ,udgment. must, be taken if war is o bo averted. 1 believe yon will find "Thai Next War?" .stimulating and Interesting. It is being published by Harcourt. Brace A; Co., iml retails at. $2.SO. Hero Rewarded —* death of Rev. T. M. l.olt, the election of officers which wns scheduled for that meeting was postpone:!. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blrchett were lllytheville visitors Monday. Mr. Luke Richardson was a Blytlicvillc visitor Wednesday. Misses June and Trenly Plnker- Un of Gosnr.ll visited Mrs. Bessie nii'lmrdson Monday. Mr. Howard Jackson and Alfred ISnttain arc vhitlna in Mississippi Ihls week. . i SOMETHING NEW lor breakfast—n human backgammcn game played hi pa]»mas—was sprung on her guests at Palm Bcacli the othar day by Mrs. Charles M .Hall (above) of 'Chicago, who herself wore ocharm- collnr. While wool lacs, in the ing 1)1 nk pajama. suit, with scarf form of n cowl-collared Jrock, anri matching turban, was the costume worn by Mrs. George Henry Warren, Jr., (below), at n breakfast nt thp Patto LA- ma?.e. About 60 per cent of lii:' .1^1.11 rural area of France is devoted to raising crops, its farms averaging 24 acres. The country is mare •subdivided than any other in Europe. • (Continued from page one) mad.V thereunder, there is hereby appropriated to be immediately jivaiJable. out of any money in the] above,, a hero .„, „„ , treasury, not otherwise appropriat- j the Ilfo of n lineman who ed. the sum of .«20.CCO,OeO to be dentally K r Ba po«l a live, wire. DCIt used by the sectalary ol agricul- j, nrnnager of R jnwcr plant nt ture for tne follownij purposes: Bnldwyn. Nb'». P "Piret, to malcc advances or loans t/i individuals in "the - drouth and ! _ , . (or), storm:or.hall stricken areas. Blmv " nlu! MlSf '- s Mayme ami Al- he Britlain \vcrc visitors at Pecan Grove Sunday aafernnon. Miss Urman Matthews spent, with Miss Theat- of the United States for the purpose of . assisting .and form local agricultural credit corporaltons,. live strcfc, Joan companies, or like ; f n 'I. n {i"J' nr "' cn n| 1 .3TO i BOOK SURVEY • Fanny I-uret's "Back Street" Seems i tractiveness. There is about il. _ Ov:r-5/»ni; a:iil Somewhat Banal,! somehow, an ineradicable odor cf j quarlsrs as his r.nd P,?n IlcchTs Is n Dr.- the 5-aud-lO-cent, .^tore, for .towards the 'eiid. s> that it is hard to keep from nipping over to the last page lo see how the thing comes out. The scene is a French prison In j Africa, where low-breakers from the Foreign Legion and the labor battalions are confined. It Is a place of horrible bruialily. run by a slow- willed commandant who. In turn is under the thumb of a sort of human tigress, a light-skinned Negre.=s whom he has installed in his t—"The linn \Yiilow J< Ib Fast .Ulion Willi a I.ittlc i'sy. choloey aiiilfd. • * a BY BRUCE CATION XKA Service Writer Since there is a large and con- sahcairls it ^eems to have teeu C3- pecialiy designed. Into all of thb comes a young officer, supposedly a mere replacement for a member of the prisoi organizations, or 1 of increasing the capital stpck\of such corporalions. companies, .or_ organizations qualified to do business with federal intermediate .credit banks, or to I which such privileges may be extended and (or) of making loans to individuals upon the security ef WAUNING OKUEll i Oriiim B. noone, Allie Harrison, Mrs. Allic Harrison, W. A. Snod- Brcrs and Helen F. Sncdyrass are warned to apiwar In the Chancery Court for the Chlckasawba Dislrlcl of MissL'sippl County, Arkansas, within Ihirty days, and answer the complaint ol Ihe plalnltll in th'- cnusi 1 there pending wherein People:; Building & Loan Association is plaintiff niirt the above named, lordlier with O. n. Boone and Annie J. Boonc, his wife, are dc- fcnclanls.. Witness my -liand 'as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on Ihls IStli day of January, 1D31. (Seal) R. L. GAINES, Clerk, By Harvey Morris. D, C. Held, Evrard & Henderson, Atlorneya for Plaintiff. 10-20-2-0 thsClassified for fiesulff 306 ter Emery. Miss Elmer Harding visited Mrs. I Ruth Davis of Loi-.; Oak. Tliurs-1 day. | Alfred Lucius spent Tuesday evening with Miso Brittain o! Lone Oak. i T. J. Richardson spent Sunday. the capital, stock of such corpora- 1 Wl "> Frr>llk Mcole lions, companies, or organizallonsi and (2) to make advances or loans I " to farmers for crop production for from the crop of .1931 and for further Mr, ami Mrs. Walter Sl-:ry and , r are expected to rcuirn soon Bradford, Ark., where Ihcy making their home for . agricultural rehabilitalion of the drcuth and (or) storm slrickcn or hail stricken areas In Ihe U. S. The advances and loans made pur- '• some lime. Miss All 1 .? Brittain and Urman Matthews visited Mrs Howard Jackson, Wednesday. suont to this act and amendment; Mis. Jnrksvn sp:nt Wednesday thereto shall be secured by lien: on crops or other securities, under such rule and regulations a-s the secretary of agriculture may prescribe.' COAL and FEED Kentucky and Alabama Red Ash Coals. Delivered Anywhere. Hay, Ear Corn, 'Oats, Mixed Feed. Special Prices on Car Lots. C. L. Bennett & Co, Phone 64 I-I.MIIJ .neii..n.. mem lor a memcer ol the nrUon r> i~i nr^ -Back Street" is^ublishert by lac staff who has been transferred to| "eCOH GrOUC NCWS Cosmopolitan Bcok Corporation •S2.50. | THE MOVIES SKEW TO BF, slant, audience for anything that MR. KECI5TS FIELD. a'[another post, but, in reality an un- I dercover man for the French secret I service, assigned to check up en rumors that the prison was being Boy s Plan W(M?k's Celchi-ation of Scout jAmiivcrsary lYcop 31 of the lilythcville Boy Scouts will celebrate the 21st an- nhersary of scoulinj bci;i:niin» today and continuing for a \vdA-. In observlns "Ont-Coor Day" today tile troop src haviix a". >.r day hike to Lone Oak. s-ii'riw tV.c members will attend the churches of their choice in uniform. j Fanny Hurst writes, and since this audience seems to be faithful t» her ii faUn that neither bid writ- For three or four years Ben Hccht has devo'.ed himself to the movies . — turning out. in the process, some ing nor li.inai plots can overcome, ra *Jicr cntcrteiuins film sOries. liier; re.iily i>n't a great, deal cf [M OV; t ;c J IRS rctiuiu-rt ID the novel. i.f:ise in v.iiihv; a reviev.- of luv i an( j hl« l,iic:t (-n:;inj. ' : A JOT in latcsl hjsic. Ha-.vover : sine; it is \ i,ove." lends one to the sad conclusion that he might just as well njrl of the piogrsin, I must report .hat "Bad: Sirrct" i::ipve;sed me as bcinp: almr.s'. tol.Tl!:. r devoid cf merit. tells of the adven- I •• return to the inoviej. ixwrly conducted. Tills officer, naturally, iiins into a good deal of cx- citcmen!. and docs not escape with his report—and, incidentally, his life—until the last page. This sounds as if "The Iron Wido/;" v.crc just anotlier hair-raiser. But it Is more than thai. There is in it a good deal of shrewd insigh! His movie in ve" is almost entirely Into the souls of convicts and war- all action, dens, ar.d a serious study of the lures o: a Cincinnati gn-i in the gay d OVO i ( i O f aC (i u ,i. Its central char- TO's; tho daufhlcr o; a slore'ueepsr,, a<!;er—one of the I'.'.ost monument- r. girl who v.-enl with all of the ! a n y un pleonnst men you wi:i eve: t:::wll:ij salesir.;!-, and had the.-ep-: ,.;,, c t_[5 a spcrics of Don Juan, ut.ition cf bcir.J ' !iy." tuS v.-ln r;.il- j v -; 10 lias n pcrfKtiy (?rrible ly u .isn't Well, the young lady | v.-hen at last h; encounters a v.-o- fcll In love \vlth n rising Jewish I man w |, 0 | s UR al)le to pive him the Tuesday vlien the ,'co;;ts will .v.-i 1 ™" her iiiher died .111.1 lett her ten-'p: 'to tin i;coil turns for the :ilo;:c '•" 'he world, the ysnns lady Cason post of the Americin L-rqicn. A rtunonsirnllon in first aid will IK- pive'i \Vcdnrsday -Community Day". The scent laws nnd oath \vill be. way in which, given tile right cir- cu:nst.mc3s. civilized men can go back into the Jungle. It Is well ivorth reading. Horace Liverrlght is the publisher. Tho price Is S2. • * * T!1E \VIIY AND WHERE OF THE NEXT WAR "That ' Next War?" by K. A. Bratt. Is en excellent book for anyone who has doubts occasionally ccncsrning the stability of the present, era cf peace Its author is a Scandinavian mill- Mr. Hecht writes as biutaliy as tary man, and his conclusions arc nnvrd lo New York—a::d; c\er. One slili detects a sell-con- extremely disturbing. He sets forth she run into there but the | tclous desire to be rough and shock- very clearly that what we arc cn- ,- friend, imi.'icd and mod-1 ing—the same note that kept "Gar-1 joying now is not so much pe-ace as prwpcro'.is. He itrmicdi- j goylcs" fiom being tuilte the book simply the absence of war; that a'.uiy rented a flat for her, an<l in-' it should have been. r died .111,1 left her it so. Howard Jackson and Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Brittain will return Friday from a short vl=!t with rcla- lives at Lafayette Springs. Miss. , noon. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Hodge | The ladies aid of Ixme Oak irH nlslit with her mother. Mis. Bud Brittain at Lone Oak. Thealter Emery visited MiSJ | Hazel Walkor at Driver. Grove. | Sunday. '• Mrs. M. S. Avery is improving: after several days illness. ' Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Lucius were'. the dinner guests of Mrs. R. B. j Hodge, Sunday- i Mrs. Vida Lucius was a visitor of Mrs. L. F. .Hedge Monday after-, had as Iheir guests. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Hamer Lucius. Hertert Bet'j and Miss Mildred Lucius attended the party at the. noberlson home Saturday tveninc. Mrs. Eiila Britlain was the Sunday evening guest of Mrs. Howard Jackson. Alfred Moore visited Miss Mil-. Tob c it- 1S ^ iivcveiltivc. dcd Lucius Tuesday evening. I „„„„', , Junior Alcman and Robert Use uGfi Slllvu ior at the home of Mrs. R. E. Davis Mcnu'ay afternoon. Because of the- INFTJUENZA ! SPREADING] ! Cheek Colds at once with 666 Chicago Mill m Lumber Corporation icntwed •lay by ';.u., 1.1 ni LIU ui>. j .... , -. new wars are brewing just as the rcocl aci.5 nn Thuv.*-! tni t sl-.e weal, to me In sin—stolid.' "A Jew in Love" is published by old ones did. and thnt they will Good T:irn Day" r.n:l or. day Ihe troop members will r their parents by assisting Courier News want Ads. virtuous sin—for scores and scares' Covlcl, Fricdc, Inc., and costs SJ.5.).. surely come unless some definite, and scores ot pages. ' ' * positive program Is agreed upon by- All of this is to'.d in something A STRONG TALE OF A the lovers of peace. n:ore than twice ths length that PRISON IN" AFRICA All of this has been said before, ought to have sufficed. andthsEng- ] "The Iron Widow." by Harry j of ceursc; but Major Bratt cites Blish in which It Is all set forth! Htrvcy, Is depressing enough, bill chapter and verse, and shows Just certainly adds nothing to it-i al-jnt leost keeps one's Interest atous- ho\v these new wars can be ex- SAM MEISEL PAINTING and DECORATING CO. .Wall paper of the 1931 styles at Low Prices. Al°o Hanging: und Decorating—Lowest Price—Cash or Carry. Ill South 2nd St. in any language, SUPERIOR COAL C6. Cherry & Railroad Phone 123 "What A Life—" says one brake lining lo another, 261 stops In a day's work. No wonder we wear oul," RAYT1ESTOS Lined Brakes Stand Ihe G»ff. Dixie Service Station Phone 315 Ash it

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