The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1938 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1938
Page 5
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MAY 13, 1938 ( BLYTnEVlLl,K (AUK,)' COUIUEIl NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily.rale i>er line far consccu- ilve insertions: One (line per line I0c Two times per lino irer dsy ...08c l"hreo times per line jier clay . .<XJc Six times iier lino per day 05c Month rate per line OOc Cards of Thanks 50u & 15c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six limes ami stopped before expiration will be charged for Hie number of times the add appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing oul- Hide of th eclty must, be uccoin- j panted Oy casli. Hates may be ; easily computed from above table, i Advertising ordered for iiTCsular Insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more llian one Incorrect, insertion of any classified ud. Business Directory Hurry CURVE IN CAFE Good I''ond at Good 1'ricts FllKSH RIVKIt Cat Fish EXPERT AUTO RE!.'A1K8 Garage oiierntci] by Floyd Jlargctt Cigarettes 2 fnr 25c HARRY BAILEY'S Holland, Mo. I'honcs 5-F-l & B78 Used Fumflure WE BUY & SELL USED FURNITUHK BUY NOW PAY NEXT FALL HUBBARD 2nil Hand Furniture Next to Got! Hotel Piano Tuning I'lnnos tuned and repaired. Ca George Ford at Wnde Purnllurc Co. Phone 155. Hardware t'scil 1,,-u ...... $2.50 ,, ...... . Tlscd Oil fool; Sieves ....52.50 u] Used Bjcj-cles ............ S 1.50 . uj • ,AI1 .in Fair Condition SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Poultry Kice Myers for sate. Ifishway HI. Mrs. Vidii Oglcsby Mattlieiv.s. hcnc 19-K-2. ia-ck-B-U WE BUY POULTRY Highest Market 1'rlces 1'ald. J. W. MOOKE 321 K. Main Si. For Sale Tomato anil pepper plants, Host varieties. Reduced prices, lleaton's Home of Flowers, i'lioiie 195. 12-ck-Hi. REAL HAKUAIH — new national 3 totfll cash register. Cash $150. terms $175. Dusltc Inn. 9-ck-S-U PLUMBING FlxLin-ps. pipe, fitlines, all bathroom accessories, valves, electric water systems for farmers, water softeners, or nny oilier iteu con- iiecied with plumbing or heating. "Pete" The Plumber PAGE FIVE 25,000 Rolls of Witllpnper | f ^' c< ' 1" _^ ROOM LOTS $1.09 up Must complete lino of Paints and Wallpaper lu N. f. Ark. Hlythovillc Paint & Wallpiiper Co. (lllyllicvillc Owiiril X Oniralcill (llcntoe ISldi;. I'hunr. KM) I'M! I he iv were pro-1 ain-rulL us rompum! lu Hie 3010 "10 imiifii Sl.ilcs ym\ miimilinimvd lu 10M. For Rent fmni.slicd rooms. Kcu.'wnaolc. I'honc 07-J. 10-i>k-l-i Comfortable betlrom, 1017 Walnut, Call 102, 2-ck-ll 3 room unfurnished nparlmciit,. TOO \V. Walnut. MLss Elisc Moore. 21-c.k-tf. Nicely furnished bedroom, liiner- sprlng mattress. Miss Hall, i>!ione ». 18-ck-tf Female Help Wtd. Women—AJldrrss and limit ntlver- lising material for us at home. We Mij>|i]y ei-crytliliiff. Good rate of JMIV. Ho Kcllingr. Wo experience necessary. Merchamlisc Mart, llox , Milwaukee, Wisconsin. l'J-k-H Wantea In desirable .section. 4 or 5 rooms furnished or unfurnished. See Mr. Clark at. Sterling's. 1^-pk-lC Wanted To Rent" By June 1st. Small unfurnished house. Prefer Central School District. IMicinc 80D. lO-ck-tl Room and Board Room ,and board, flat Wett Asl) phone 151. l.2-ck-5-I2 Cloal & Ice My Coal Is Black But I Treat You While ICE I.OC'AI, HAULING John Buchanan Illylhciilte, Arlf. I'honc 107 Repairing LAWN MOWERS Sharpened & Repaired Bly. Machine Shop Phone 808 So. 2nd, Shoe Quality Shoe Shop NEW SAMl'LK SIIOKS Evcrj'thing For Your Shoes I'honc 120 Vrec Delivery Aulo Pails USED AUTO PARTS Vor i Ford-ChevroIeHMyniuulh City Auto Parts Co. tall Sll fo~Buy~ i jNcxt to Kus Station S251'0 Worth nf 1JSKI) KLIRNITURU All Mak.-s Itadios Krpaircil WADE I'URNITURU CO. H2 W. Main I'bonc 1S5 Wallpaper Male Help Wanted MAN WANTED If your iirrsciil job is nol .sali.s- fnclory and you want lo make mere money, write inc. You <:nii liave good earnings with iiica- s;inl work on a nearby Wnlkins Route now open. Musi be iiiifinr 50 nnd have ear. Write tor particulars to The J. n. Waikius Company, c/o A. r. Lc.vis, Mcjnphis. Tennessee. Complete Line Of ELECTRICAL Fixtures & Appliances Expert Wiring WALPOLE'S "The Complete Electrical Slorc" 11 tt So. 2nd I'ltonc 3U AMBULANCE SERVICE HAY X NI«H CALL 30 Holt Funeral Home SAVE MONEY ON Meats Groceries HIGHEST QUALITY 1935 Plymouth Sedan ................................ $195 (imitl Sluiili 1 ............ Nu Trmlc 1931 Chevrolet Coupe ..... ................................ $89 linn:, (inoil .......... (Uunl '|i u . s 1936 Chevrolet % Ton Pick-Up ...................... $275 ' 1935 Chevrolet % Ton Truck ........................ $165 A Bargain 1936 G. M. C. 1% Ton Truck ........................ $375 l.«Hg W. II., .Sl.lkc liuily, miy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. <;. Al. ('.. TRUCKS OU)SM<)HJ1,KS 1107 I). Mtiin Sales & SiTvico Hiono I!2!) SEED We linve on IHIIK! for sulc or tnulo, lor other prodiicls, Jlcuas --Uimlo, Dentil, Mammoth Brown, Wilson ami Virginia IJroini, I'cns—Wlitps awl New Km. Ijv;|)a!rai ~ Koixwi. Cotton Brcn—13. l>, I,. ll-A nuil Sloiiiivlllc '1-A. Will sell for cash or (null' \vllli yon lor olhcr Jilnds of UCHIIS or cotton becd. I,. R. Matthews Gin Co. Ti'l. ll-K-3, Vailmi, jUk.uis.ii t'ulIon, CnUni) SiTil * Coal >; Patriotic Poet HOKl/ONTAli 1 (^lini who named IvTu's- .solini "II niice," CJn- brlclc - . 9 He wrolo 1 - s, novels" Auswcr la Previous Puu!f 13 Caicllc, H Uafilo's ncsl. 1C Female sheep IT Tennis fences. 10 .Supernatural tieln>{. 10 I'lnnl purl. '.'.I MUnil. LM View. '-Ml Bridle strap. 211 Fliih. 32 rer(;iininjt lo inicinlc. 35 Ill'OIIOUl'.. T M onicc. .'('/ Silkworm, :in Horn. .19 Follows. •I! Throng, •12 Kettle ear. •15 HuwuiJai) bird •IB Sk.-iliii); jioiiils •SO M<-sh of lace. !il Birds. .11 Uy way of. 85 Mule iinccslor filiCrowini; out, Si Uomeslic slave. 50 I Its most filfllOUS -T-\vas willi Huso. COllo xvna ;i native — VERTICAL 2 Dycinc tipparalu::. IlKliorl lelter. •1 I'crUiiniiH; to tho nose, n Wood demon. (! Ciphers, 'I To press. D Knijlni; fircasi'i 1 . 10 To line again. Jl Inspires rovcrence. .12 11am. •—I 15K11. 17 Fiumc made "* film a ', war hero. ' 20 He suggested' '• many <>t the! • • Ideas. ; 22 Southeast. 21 Wine seller. 271/)om bar. 29 Owed, 30 Before, 33 Spickncl. 31 Wrath. 40 Part thai turns. 41 Tropical .\ inanunnl,. 43 Mussel, \\ '•14 Microlie. 45 Kngllsh coin> •17 Unless. wrilln£. 51 Dry. 52 Unit. KITo harden. - Ofi Senior. ' i 58 Halt nn cm. ' SCREEN WORK AT A SAVING Repairing & New Scicrus WADE FOR ALL PURPOSES Barksdale Mfg. Co. Phone 19 fl()c YARD Sand & Gravel I'hunc 700 $1.75 and Up E. C. Robinson MWBRlt CO. Real Estate RK.-U, KSTATK UKOKIJKS We list farm and city J'ropcrly. If you would be a buyer or a seller, -sec '[' K K R Y JVIiSTRACT & KEAI/IT CO. 213 W. Walnut I'tionc G17 Prrsonai Kirby's Active Liver Pills Arouse Sluggish Livers Relieve* bUl^titnt-Api. CTinMlpH'<in ami fit'»<Udi*«. A^llTO T.lvcr VillB Rpt ftt thP ro»l e<*T]Rij (if jonr Alutr^jihnrBfl »ni "u«k* you ,'e«l like » new ;ier§f>n. Rid T" 1 ' *y»f*».m o^ *orpjn* tmlnoni *J*il AnlT f LlT*r T'llli. TUnrlm. («nUfi. *wld at tl) Klrby Drop Blorei. ELECTRIC & ACETTTJWh WELDING AT BEST PRICE9 PROMPT SERVICE Barksdale Mfg. Co Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS over Joe Isaacs' stor' MAKE 'EM SEE" Plioae 540 YOUJJ PRKSCKIPTION WKUGGKST Main & Bulgarian Buttermilk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy WASH & GREASE §1.00 IVash. Grease, polish and waxed J5.00 II. R. SCHMUCK "Ksso" station Main anil Division CRESCENT Right Club Tlia of Cood Food HOT IMT Kl.KCTKIC COOKED S'l'KAKS OH SUiMMiCK DIUVINd? AfU'r Winter l)ri\'in)' M your car a tlic.roi!(:li ijoing over to cora-cl those litllf defects wlileli in thcm- .M'lves arc u result nt Winter Urivln;',. Let (i»r expert inrclmnies no this jol). All work iiiiiir WK TKS'l 1 YOUIt Uralios, l,ii;lils, Kiitlery, Wlieel CH1CKUN Hiu Hy George Ford's For Reservations Call Holland 17 GA1NES MKT. PtiiLOPS MOTOR COMPANY 118 W. Main I'liuno, a:i ALLEY OO BUT, OOP- FROM VOUR PINOS/XUR. VOU-VENO The Hiilli (if ;i Nation L15.SEN, WE CANX NIX ON THAT V PERMIT ME, Y U'f^ui »vrir% \ j y ~ 0 EVER DONE ( TIAEV'RE A LOT ^' Of S^PS1 VOU'O / BEST STA.V HERE \ WHERE YOU'RE , , ELECT ONE OF/ KING STUFF'.! NO\EX-KW& OF SAWALLA, <JS KING AND KIMG 15 ONE OP W'SAY TH' SAME! FRONTIER ) J^V Oil SPIRIT, REST OF m,' THIN65 I LIKE/THIS 1& &ONNA B& US—-_s( ABOUT THIS ^ A PLACE WHERE J PLACE' GO BACK TO MOO ( BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Hard lo I'lciist UV KHGAR MARTIN ,\ OTOM'T «r^vi 'e sen \T . "7 6OOO UGft HtR. OVOM .EW, ? MO' TROUBLE.,DOM'T IT? .COPB. l8J?aVj<E*StJiyg.l7ic7 T. M. REG. jTsTpA No Comfoi'l There BY ROY CRANE BUT.GEEWIZ R . MC.KEE THOSE DERM DOH'T YOU PAY TH& RACKETEERS, BOOST YOUR PRICES,' AND LET YOOR. j CUSTOMERS.FOOT THE BILL 7 — -f SHERIFF SAYS HE \HELP YOU, SWEET. HE'S SPARE ANOTHER \HM> DEPUTY— \T LOOKS LIKE I GOTTA FIGHT FR^WE SLW6HT6R , IT'S CttEA,PER TO PAY PROTECTIOM THAW TO PAY MORE TO SA.Y. B\66ER t TOT UtU THfkN YOU HAVE AUY, / MVSOV, HAVE- CUSTOMERS. 1 / LEARWEO THAT THEV CWJ'T WHIP THE UNDERWORLD 5INGIE-HMJDED, THIKJK OF UUNNERDS OFTHIW65TD PROTECT HY MERRILL' HLOSSER IF THATS THE BUTCHER AT BACK DOOR., ORDER A SMALL STEAK FOR. MY EYE f WEWJ ? SAY. ME'S ' JUST GUY JL W&MT 1<D TALK To! LISTEN, KOYAWA OLD KID — NOT . THE WAR. I WANN&. SEE You ABOUT—ITS VEGETABLES.' Mo! VEGETABLK ! ' ~^W Mo, KOYAMA—TO SOODWESS— ir CAULIFLOWER— FRESH SPIMACH. | THH KlMDTMAT MEB8&' BEETS , \AE8BE / GROWS OM TOMATO? n^ WRESTLERS'.EARS ! LISTEN—BZZZ— BZZZ—BZZZ Do IT? . ITS / Aeour THE WAR. IN THE ORIEWT, ME SATS HE'S NOT IN SYMPATHY WITVI If MISTER FRECKLES, I ARE NOT LIKE TALK. ABOUT" WAR.! WAS MAMOEO A BOXIMS ^ LESSOM x 1M TME GYM LAST NISHT, AMD DUO WANGLE WAS HIS . TEACHER. ! i.«j<sifB[>siBvlCE.»l 1 I'honc 111

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