The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1966 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1966
Page 2
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(Alt.) t, 1* TINIER AND TINIER-Miniature Marvels of Electronics ^..••^•••^ m •• ^^ .... t. »L J.L. L-II ... . u_IU n mt n*n Kuf h»eome mtaara- Ai tMnfi m•** tmmui* H may bte«m», ««nhiolly, At INVISIBLE wocM of tteehonic*. From At vacuum tube, it mmd to At tranwtor, A«n At printtd circuit through srtody mimotyiiwtion. Thii isthe latest sttp. Where most •lectronk firms have dtvtlopments in this field, Westmghouse claims At first plant erer set up to manufacture microscopic electronic circuits. At.Elkridae, Md., employes p$er through microscopes to do their work on silicon chips. Some are no bigger Aon the ball on a ballpoint pen but become integrated circuits. Key is a chemical process creating impurities in the silicon to form diodes, transistor junctions, resistive and capacitive areas. Blue-collar workers are not being supplanted by white-collar workers as this miniaturization develops throughout the electronic field; They are replaced by white-all-over workers. Most of them wear surgery-type clothing because Ae work must be done in ultracleon surroundings. In this enlarged photo, en ant straddles a number of integrated circuits, «eeh performing functions of 50 to 100 conventional electronic components. An electron microscope peers through a microminiature chip. Several foyers may be put together to create extremely complex circuitry. Grandpa's the Kissin' Kind (McNMftl •7*«H*to lacj DEAR ABBY: After Uvtog with an pulsive kisser for 50 years I have decided that kissing is for the birds. There is supposed to be a time and place for everything, br' this big knucklehead of mine can't tell time, and the place doesn't make any difference to him. No matter what 'm doing, counting stitches, cooking, reading, or watching a tense situation on TV, this 77-year^ old "kid" leaps at me and says, "I've got to have a kiss." He has cut -iy lip, bent my bridgework and knocked off my glasses. There are times when I coulu cheerfully send him to Viet Nam. I am no beauty.. .Sign me... "75 AND DUMPY" DEAR "75:" If there 1 ! anything they don't need IB Viet Nam right now it's a 77 • year - old red - blooded American "boy" who is kits happy. It's your patriotic duty to keep him home. If you can't train him, Mr qiiilize him. DEAR ABBY: Ou:- neighborhood has a "birthday club" for the gals. We meet once a month in the homes. This month I was to be on the receiving end. Imagine my ihock and hurt when I received, instead of a gift, "credit" for all the little penny ante items I had borrowed from a neighbor during the list year, but had not returned. The total of the borrowed items (one lemon, spool of thread, two egs, etc.) was more than the price designated for the gift, according to her figures. I feel she is petty, expecting such items to be returned. I would think she'd be insulted to be offered them. I am willing to forgo her gift, but don't you think she owj me an apology ' 'ore the.cT'ib? HURT DEAR OJRT: No. Your neighbor, tasteless -.s she wai, |ave yat Inestimable valet. A teiiei, When you borrow wnttfelif ,be tt a .adl or a tta spoon of baking soda, pay DEAR ABBY: When I read that letter from the woman signed "UVING A ME." who couldn't enjoy the physical side of marriage, » couldn't shed a tear for her Did she ever consider what life would be life if she had the opposite problem? "Frigid" women are fairly acceptable in society, but those like me who are "oversexed," and are therefore "adulterous women" are ujspised f e than drunks, drug a d i 1 <° c t s, and criminals. v " - been ''is way since my teens. I have tried psychiatry foi year unsuccessfully. I got married because I was pregnant. I had. several children and have no* been true to my hu;' 'd altho God knows I have tried, t didn't even LIKE ban the men I cheated with. I wish "UV- ING A LIE" could live in MY head for a few wtzks, th< • she'd know what Uving in hell is. My reputation is not spotless, but it's better than I deserve. I look like any other middle - class suburban wife, but I am far from it. Sign me... "ALSO LIVING A LIE" Astrological * Forecast * •it,.-.—--- ifrCABBOU. MGHTER . *o'«et«mlB» TOW fornw., not. McNucbt -'- WEDNESDAY GENERAL TENDENCIES: •TfiiVdaytime to fine for seeking some unusual ways to please people whom you are very fond of and also to devise modern methods to keep better track of financial or business arrangements. The evening finds deceptive and confused conditions in-effect, so be watchful, alert. 5UUES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) Make your abode more beautiful'.by adding color, cleaning, ete'SAdd to its value. Try not to be'jealous or envious tonight. Getthat feeling of accomplishment. Relax and be happy in PJtK (Apr. 2t to May 20) You "are dynamic and charming during day, so make good use of^tiese fine qualities so that ypi£gain greater income and ca¥-help others as well. Try not tel'Jbe forceful tonight. Avoid quarrels of all sorts. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Improving your wardrobe, s o thifcyou make the right impres- sioi'on others is wise in A.M. You have excellent ideas that youican make materialize dur- injjaay. Evening should be quiet since your judgment is no'ftoo good. You are tired. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to:'J«ly 21) Kind acquaintances can-be very helpful if you talk over your aims with them at Today In History Today is Tuesday, June 14, the 165th day of 1966. There are ^days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: Cfe this date in 1777, the Continental Congress adopted a resolution by John Adams that the Stars and Stripes by the flag of the United States. On this date In 1775, the United States Amy was founded. lif 1841, the first Canadian Parliament opened in Ottawa. In 1913, the Panama Canal's Gatun locks were completed. In 1940, the Germans occu- iedlParis in World War n. In 1941, President Franklin D. Roosevelt ordered the freezing of-German and Italian .assets in the-United States. Ten years ago — A train wrack near Rheims, France kiUed 11 persons and injured 14Cethers. Five years afo — Communist Cuban Premier Fidel Castro agreed to accept (arm tractors jB-eicchanje for prisoners cap- tuM to an April invarim attempt w Cuba. But ha wanted tha.'«urabor of vehicles to cor- IB value to MO heavy to had originally for. lac. luncheon, dinner, etc. However, let the evening be a quiet one. Adverse situations and conditions could result otherwise. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) By being charming, you are able to achieve much now that was difficult for you before, but take care of your reputation in P.M. Make your regular work more efficient. Take it very easy in P.M. VIRGO (Aug. 22 to Sept. 22) If you have a desire to grow, study how others have become so successful and emulate their example. Steer clear of one who seems clever, but is not. Listen to suggestions of others, but use own judgment. LIBRA (Sept. 2? to Oct. 22) Romance can be on the agenda in A.M., provided you seek out charming people, but take care you do not get into some kind of trouble in P.M. Be sure to attend carefully to business. Get on the beam! SCORPIO (Oct. 23 to Nov. 21) If you carry through enthusiastically, with whatever is expected of you by partners, they will be very pleased and bigger profits are possible soon. Study personal relationships well, also. Retire at a goodly hour. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 to Dec. 21) All that work ahead of you can be done well if you show real ingenuity. Put heads together with fellow workers and see how to improve mat- ters for file future. easy tonight. Get into some pleasant hobby you :lifce. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 to Jan. 20) In the A.M., you are able to carry on remarkably well with whatever your particular, important duties may be. Be sure to avoid persons who like to argue in P.M. Keep as many appointments as you can. AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb. 19) Giving attention to making abode more charming during day and adding comforts will please kin as well as give you a great sense of well • being. Don't overwork. Guard your words so that no arguments start in P.M. PISCES (Feb. 20 to Mar. 20) Try to achieve closer teamwork with partners or co-workers so that routine work can be improved for greater profit, satisfaction. Be certain that reports are out on time. Take .care in motion in P.M. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY he, or she, will be one of those charming people who early will understand the value of a dollar as well as be very conversant with securities, foreign exchange, etc. However, taken that will help to get ideas, otherwise the mind will get so involved in the merely practical that the wonderful possibilities in this chart will be lessened. MUVILEGES AUTHORIZED 4* SECOND CLASS MAIL BlytherlUe Courier New« BLVTHEVU.LE. »BK OS - 12316 Birr? W Batnes, Publisher 3rd at Walnut sts BlythevUle. Ark. Published dally except SundiJ Second class .postage paid at Bly- therllle. Ark. HOME DELIVER? RATES In BlytbePllle and town*.tn the Blythevllle tride territory Daily 30c oer week BY MAIL PAVABLE 0* ADVANCE Within 50 miles or Blytftevllle $7.00 per year More than JO miles rrom $15.60 per year COSTLY HAIRDO—London-based sculptor Charles de Temple, son of the late cowboy Tom Mix, hammers in fold nails representing hair for the finishing touch on a futuristic mask. The sculptor works only in gold, an art form little used since the heyday of Renaissance Italy's craftsmen. serve Board Chairman William McChesney Martin was accused of triggering a two-week old decline in New York Stock Mir- ket averages. Martin bad Mid on June 1 that the economic situation looked much as it had during tht '20'i before the de- presiion. . •' . >• © THE NATIONAL BREWING CO., DETROIT, MICH.». OTHER BREWERIES: BALTIMORE, MD. • MIAMI, FLA. Here is a truly remarkable new product from The National Brewing Company...this RESEALABLE quart contains GENUINE DRAP Draft Beer by f M. Uf4.Ef.IV. to the finest beers dispensed from any draft tap. A new patented scientific filtration process now enabled MallUlftl to bring you genuine draft beer in resealable quarts. Before UllS, 1 ui IBitf draft beer in either bottles or cans. Packaged beer had to be pasteurized -so it would keep without refrigeration. National's new filtration system eliminates the need for pasteurization. This makes it possible-for the first time -to offer you flavor-fresh draft beer in no-deposit, no-return quarts -with no refrigeration required until chilled for serving! And, the new twist-off, twist-on cap lets you pour d y|U!»S (UI UJ> Ilium as you like), reseal the bottle, and save the rest for later. Try a quart -or more-today! TDM «f tk* ttp...poar what you want...reseal...say« MM rest!

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