The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1936 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1936
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JULY 16, .(AUK.),, cqumiou NEWS PAGE can GET WHAT YOU WANT from the CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Business Directory £»AWN mowers' sharpened tltG Ideal way on (lie Ideal Mower grinding machine. Guaranteed Job only $1. Bljlhcvillc Machine Shop We Make AU Sizej of Airplane Type Fans Barksdale Jfg. Co. Dallj rale per line lor cunseou- Hva Insertions: ; One time pel nno Ito Two times per ' ln(! P« da ? •• 08 ° Uoiilh r»te p« line 60c Miutinum enarBB 60o Three limes per lino poi day . 06t I A few used desk fails for sala cheap Blx limes per line per da? .. 05e | Ato ottered lor tnrec ur six limes and slopped bctore expiration will lie charged for the number of linn's the ad appeared and •Oualment ot bill mode. ill cwssineo Advertising copy submitted by persons residing out- dtfc ol me city must bo accom- tkulcd by cash. Kalca may be «««Uy compulcd from abovn table Acm-riu5inss orourcct lor nregular Insertions take the ono.Umo raU> No icsuunsimnvy will be taken for more than one Incorrect in- icrtlon of any classified ad. PHONE 1» TRANTHAM TRANSl'lSB CO. Moving 50c room ui>. Pianos $1 up. PHONE 064 "THE r- FEDERALIST I'or Sale Keep Keel With Hunter Electric ' c rans Hubbard Hdw. Co. ^32 model MOTORCYCLE, 7>l llnrvcy Davis. Reasonable. Justin Tldwcll, Dell. M-p-k-21 GOOD CROl> for sale, 13 acres colton, 4 acres corn, and furniture, S200 cash. Clifford Pills at Driver's Grove school. H-pk-17 siiyhlly "used"FACTORY BOAT und laic model Johnson Kca Horse 12 II. p. OUTHOARD RIOTOI5, t;oo<t shape, $100 cash. Paul Byrum. 0-ck-tt Good Used Trucks 193'1-V1), Hi Ion Iriick 193-1 Clievrolct l!i Ion truck 1A3 International 111 ton truck & trailer 1035 Inlmialiona! Hi tou truck & trailer '.i Ion International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. lot. roii SAI.H D room house, l»th. Large Across from high and 6™ (le tcliools. Cheapest taxes in town Could ue made into apartment 803 Chickasawua. dh tf Keai Estate ~FOR SALS Several thousand acres southeas Missouri rich alluvial cotton * corn lands. Any si/e tract. TERMS LIKU . KENT. Everett B'." Gee MH. VETEHAN! Here is a chance lo invest you ttonus money wisely. GOOD 53-ucn lann near St. Louis. CHEAl TERMS. T. !•'. Elder, Care Be Cafe, West Mcmp'nis, Ark. For Sale or Trade—My home a 919 V/. Main. Bargain. Mrs. S S. SlcrnteE. Call 954. Eggs, Poultry Cash Feed Store Pays lop Prices For Eggs & Poultry JU E. Main lor Rent Three room furnished apartinen 021 Chlckasawbn. Will r«lcco rate for respoiiL,"fjle renter. Apply a Simmons Tin Shop. 10-' FOB RENT—2 unfurnished room lights & bain included, $8 mont! 300 Soul'n ICtll St. " 10-pk-2 Ship. by J. W. I'AHKKIl TRUCK LINE epcndable Dally Service to and From Memphis Keep Freight Money at Hume all 127 . 809 W. Ajh St. WE BUY II1I1KS & ALL KINDS METALS We Bell Coal, Wood and Kindling Give Us a Trial and Be Satisfied Blytheville Fuel Co. 118 S. nallroad St. Water Supply Cut Off By Vessel in Canal KOCIIKSTKH. N. V. (Ol')~l'ap- i;e ItirniiKh tho llnrfie. Caiuil ol Hie Mallion. kirgrel vessel ever |o neyoliule Hie inliuid waterway. WHS tuo imieh tor clli/.cns of llic village or Clyde. The Mnllion'.t k«>l broke » wntiT main supplyim; tliu village nud residents were oliliucd lo call upun Hie HIP department for \vuler im- Itl il was repaired. Dance Every Night At the Silver Moon Nightclub Newly Remodeled Good Music Most delishtfnl Night Club between Memphis ami St. Louis. r"REAT hero of Republican parly ideals is. Alexander Unmillon. Opposed lo Thomab Jefferson, lie insisted on a strong, conservative Constitution and on adherence strictly lo Ihc Idler. As first sccrelm-y of Ihc'treasury, lie had Ihc Unilecl Slates assume (lie debts of tin; individual slates; lo re-establish public credit and put the government on u firm financial basis. Hamilton founded a iKitioiinl bank, improved tlic syslem of duties, and, in, proved himself one of America's leadinii financiers, lie had been a cap- lain in Ihe Hevohilionai.v army, under Washington, ;md in 1782 was elected as n deU'Kale from New York lo Use Continental Congress. In 1787 he became'dele- gate to the constitutional convention and helped Madison draw up Die Constitution, He strongly supporlcd the federal power and lite Constitution in a series of let'lers which he latei published under Hie title, "The Federalist." His death; in 180-1. came from a fatal wound indicted by Aaron Burr, wilh whom he lind become involved in a polili- cal (] u a v r e 1. Hamilton's pie lure tiupears on the 30-ccnt black slump of 1H70, and Hie same value in bro\vn. issued in I BUB. We Have Ihe CARS IN STOCK 111115 CllHYHOI.KT COACH Now tinw, mntcii' (^'J7|t J Squirrel Slirs Commottou; Explores Bass Horn HHOOKUNK, Muss. (UP) — II look iiiuiv (linn iHi^lilh^ the' llrsl and s'rond vnlna down lo. net "I'll/ay," (he pet s(|tili;rcl of Mur- tln mtd John Ciiuiiiaii,' lo . com* out ot a bass horn. Kuuy, em ions, .decided lo cx- Jloi'O the interior. The Gtmnwis rled in vain (o coax (he squirrel mil, itnd ilimiiy culled'on Hie Ani- nul Ucsi-iie T,e;ig»c. After con- cocliiiH many w:licimvi lliey hit ipon ;i Milutlon by pliielni; giiso- llno in (lie moulii of the horn mid blowing (he fumes Into (lie instrument. I'may soon 'rctrealed. SALEM. Ore. IU1>) — Allhniigll Stale Treasurer Ili'fus U. lloltitan admllled lie. \vas color-Wind, he!,, iju/i i'as iniiiied a jiulnc for n i-uillieml \KAl)l\) ialhliiK bcanly contest ;il a resort. "I tan .see a red-lieaded flirl any lime, though," llohnan suid. l!i:iB-K()KI)'COACH while sido-wiill tires i] I'.W CHKVKOU'IT SKtUN, six wlwls, (rimlc I'iirk ...- «; 1!K)I Dntljto I'ii'k-uii new [i:iin( Commerce repoi'lj;. A lulile coin- lilled by llw rhiiinliei' rcvcnls Ihul ia,fl;U ttioi'C iK'oplc Ili'e In linviis mid tllli-s (him In riiiiit coiuniinil- lil'S. WIKcnliiirf; Illbtu 1'flA'd POKTAOK, Wis. IUI'1—A ijlblo, printed ul Wllteiibiini. Clennuny. Mini eonUilnlng n lorewonl by Mm tin l.iil her, Is 11 pitod pikssi'.v sluu of Wlllliiin H. Uriiiiur, I'ml- \W. Tlu 1 Uiblo Is enelo.sed bot^'i'i'ii Inrh-lhick wotuleu covcr:i bound with plitskhi. Good Burbccuo E. BAILEY, M(jr. el the benent of summer prices. . Fill Up Now My Coul 3s Black But r Treat, You While I.OCAI. HAULING JOHN BUCHANAN — PHONE 107 Onl:iriu Cllirs C.iln I.ONIJON. Out. IUIH—'1'll Onlariii':; pitpiiliillnn is inuvlnu lo Uu 1 cilie.s. Ihe Loudini Cluuntjer ol SWIM ALL DAY Vw illc - I He Chicago Mill Pool There arc Auslrahu or when liioy were Introduced Kniflitiul, .• llu-y nuillliillrd very riipldly, until now New Xcnlniul Is siiid lo have tit least 10,000 red deer, , . >, • no deer unlive to Ucnd qourlnr Nuvvs Classified Ad* New Zealand, but, from Drs. Wert & Wert OITOMKTRIST8 . , Over. Joe lentvcV Slor* "WE MAKE 'CM SEE" Phono 6<0 TRUCK , BARGAINS PIWKU DAY SI'UClAl.S iilllt dual All IIKIU (MIKVUni.KT 1 Truck I CllliVUOl.liT Truck 1-U Tun ........ ?Mfl 1-U'. Ton .1. $;t!i5 I IK! I OlIltYKOLliT Truck i i-a 'k'on ' FOH QUICK SKKVICE ON WASH 101) SAND Tubes r»rli 11UCNTO, On I (UP)— The double with till:; world is that )t sleeps l<io much, William Yoims, (10, declui'i'S. He works '.':.', hours a day. .sleeps •.! hours, and bo:u;ts be can "kcpp most yomiy fellu\vE> TO1.-E1JO (UP)—To prove thnt woini; "ol uhvays Is believing, part ol Miss Eiuisu Voorluis; Hlallicmaiies clns; ill Libbny lllglV School formed nil "(jpticul iHn- sion" Ri'onp and make up an exhibit of examples. Till I! * HAT1KUX CO. I'HONE VI and GRAVEL I'llONK 7(11) Superior Coal & Alining C(i. And tre handle nil U' SimimH, Crcal liilhi- ihandi i;nk- C.ial— Head,, lEo, etc. Now Located at 101 North Stxuml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EmvAKU<j, Proprietor All niakw or rclmllt Tyirewrilers, Adding Miicnlm* tna c»l- cuUloi-s—Ecpalrliij—1'art*— Ulliboni \m ( i 1KB Truck 1-2 Tun Truck '! 1-2 Ton SIQS 5-H Ton 15 1'hcse (ritcks arc all rcuindiliuncd mil Kiiiii.inli'ed, Others tu chiiusi', TOM LITTLE t'liune CLC1 ONE STOP- SKUVICK'. STATION'' TOIl VOUK CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LU1HUCATION WYSK J'KIMIY in of, Sci'vko Dcpartinont. ].. H.-JOHNSON in olKir of Body .'Dcparlnibiit. —BATTKHY SEItVICE —HAIIIA'IOK KKFAlit —IHHJV- WOUK —I'KNltlill WORK ' —GLASS INSTALLED —AUTO I'.MtTS W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES d^e & Plymouth Dealer PHONE 888 HEAR! HEAR! If you hiwc'.fi burinl »Haocialioii corlillcatc of •any-kind ,oa your loved OHW wlicn tlicy puss ii\yuy, .we will iiecopt it iil full value on the funeral; provided .you buy im much us ?50 or mure in inoi'clunulisu. • COBB FUNERAL HOME •» ; PHONK 2C ALLKY OOP wun :I;OUGII! Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. TAKE YOUR HANDS^J W£LL, MEBEE MOT- OFF OF ME, YOU / BUT 5UMPIW BIO APE - CAN 1 U-OOK5 FI5HY/ HEY, KING HELP IT IRVqUR^ 1O ME-. DUMB GUARDS GET THEIR HEADS CRACKED 1W / CAVE ? 301-303 E. MAIN Mrs .r. J. Davis—Spencer C'orselierc Call 421-W for appointments WANTED —AM, KINDS JUNK Scrap Iron, $3 lo $5 ton Aluminum, lOc Ib. Br?,ss, 2c to 4Vzc II). Copper Wire, 4c to 8c Ib. Radiators, 4Hc ib. HICES & FUIlS WOLF AKIAN PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN Always in llic Market for SCRAP IRON WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones Blylhevilte Iron & Metal Co. 2 ncu'iy cltcoralcd apaiiments in duplex, unfurnished. Call 7ir! 8-ck-tf Large 3 room modern Iiiinib'neil aarlnipcnt. Cool. Heasonabis. Call 280. 13-ck-tf Slore tor lease. licst block on Main. Nice show windows. Reasonable mil. Thomas Land Co. ll-ck-10 Fur. Apartment In Shane Duplex at 1114. West. Ash. Call 197 or 571. 23-ck-H Position Wanted EXPERIENCED STENOGRAPHER nnd Bookkeeper wants position. Good references. Eleanor Smt.h 1315 W. Main. Gail 33!<-\V. lop k2J Wanted 221 W. Cherry Call 4'18 Wall Paper SALE 1936 PATTERNS THE AllKMO LUMBER CO. 'Phunc 40 Batteries BROOM MAKING equipment, to Iniy or rent. Stanton A. Pepper. Hullman. 14-p-k-21 Personal AUTO LOANS Cash Advanrcd — Conlidenllal PAYMENTS KEDUf:EU Ho co-signers. Jusi :jring car and registration card aion-?. U. W. MULLINS ">.".iiry BldR. 1'hoiiB W5 Salesmen Wanted MAN WANTKD lor Havvlclg'ii Hoiitc BE'ITEB BATTEBV SERVICli Call J. B. dune At Tom Jackson's Service Station Lost LOST— G keys on ring, return Paul Bymm. H-ck-1 Soldiers in Alaska Depleting Wild Lit JIAINES. Alaska (UP)— Soldier from Chilkoot Barracks are fa. depleting 'the surrounding countr of all fjame. U. S. Commisslonc A. O. SchomViel reports. Schomucl urged that n UefUiit limit on Issuance of licenses b set, and Ihat n deputy Bnme vvai den be stationed In the region. in Central Mississippi. South Pemiscot (M:O Counties. Blytlie- vtlle, Write immediately. Rawlelgh Co., Dejit. AKG-27-SAC. Memphis. Most tpecics of spiders hav Tcnn., or sec cr.ll Crawford, 114 E.' eight eyes, but some have only Main St., Blythevllte, Ark. two, and others six. THEV HAVE ESCAPEo^HUW! GOOD INTb-TH''5WAMP5/~"SO WITH TH J~7"TIW5 IT,\\FTOU A5K THREE \ ( EH? ] KWEW \ME, IIP 5AWALLIAN5 \MHERE WAS /5AV VOUR vou DETAILED) i TREASOM hRouBLES TO OL'ARD / IN THI5/ j> WERE THEM J L -Jll^^i OVER? -"s^r- Hiinilin # 5O VOU THINK OVBR, DO VaH? SURE YOURS TROUBLED. ARE WELL! AIN'T SO , ANP IP SHE GETS LOOSE-I'LL PERSONALLY BUST. VOlJR 5KULL9' I'M GO/N6 AFTER THOSE MOOVIAN RUMMIES.' m AND HKU RUDDHCS DI:A! By Marti^ ;TIAEM'WHEM i UOrAE , S\\t" ! WM OUT TO 6OT OUT THE , AMD B\T CAN Ob\ GO S TO TWE I OO\Wb A PLEftlTV TWO WASH TUI51JS WASH BLINKIMG 8>.l)s; DOlUti VilW "lOU BED? i/' IDIOT, UNIOO'. HE H.!f. 7AR.M'S'(M'6UV. V Cfrl.!t)!'.V 'IM IN W OF BlOvViM' UP TH.f. BRlPftt, J5y Cram BUT HE OOT ftWhN 1 . HE'S OUT To K1U. JOE PICKET, FOR TlV LUWA MIKE, EftSY, JiON'T LET JOG OET NEftR IIOLN SMOXgl. HE'S CMtRMlMb SIVC ,QU|\WS OF THE STlJfF RIGHT N0l\). S \(r>1936 8Y' irVEA SERVJCE, TELL '(M To .T. /4V FRECKI.KS AND HIS FKUiNDS TAGAU3MG, DOKIT GET YOUR FEET WET... AMD DO V/HA", 1 FRECKLES TELLS YOU.... GOODBYE.'.' SI-IGtlT!,Y MIX 101)! By Blossor RE f SURE .'MR. BUCK lYX) HAVEWT /SAID STRAIGHT ! GOT THE- » /AHEAD OKI THIS i MOTOR IM'- ) LEVER WAS FDR- ;) WARD.... AND STRAIGHT BACK REVERSE/ i COWT CARE WHAT, BUCK SAID... . • THE , WRONG V/AY! TRY THE,LEVER THE OTHER, v/AY! WELL, I PULLED fT, 'j AMD WE'RE , EVEN FASTER IN REVERSE.' WHAT DO. YOU. SUPPOSE IS GOSH AU- FISH- HOOKS.OSSIE..,- V/HEN V/E LEFT , ' THE PIER I GAYS' YOU ORDERS TD THAT, ) I THOUGHT-».' YOU SAID. TO TIE OH . THAT TAKE A LOOK !!

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