The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 16, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 16, 1930
Page 1
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Served by the United Press ,VILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST M1SSOU1U VOL. XXVII—NO. 182 lilydievllle Courier, Blylheville Daily News, vimi-nm Jllytligvlllo Herald. Mississippi Valioy Leader. '^2 1L__ ,.,,,..„,.„ AKKANSAS, IIH'RSnAV, OGTOHKK Hi. 19:j() :/ SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Newest Photo of United States Supreme Court Her Actor Husband Too Fnendlv With Famous Siage Star Woman Says; DETROIT. Oct. 1C (UP)—Alice | Urady. fp.mous actrcs and daw/html of William A. Brifdy. New York producer, is named co-resjwndent i h> a suit for divorce ll:.?d here by I Mrs. Bernice McClelland. < Tlie plaintiff i.-. the daughter of j Michael Wiesnian, wealthy Detroit p.i-to dealer, 'ste asked a decree | from Dona!:! MeClellanrl whom sin 1 married in March, 1020, after a romance- which had ils inception in I ;he civic theatre here where Me- | Clellanti had been playing juvenile j leads. Mrs. McClelland' a!leg,?s Mrs. i clad I'.rady made trips to Boston and i Whci ea: band qucntly in her Neu 1 York hcme that h? made tile Brady home his mail --* Parnell Hits Changes In Constitution HOT SPU1NCIS, .Atk.. Oct.. 10. (HI 1 )—SlH'aklivj hf-Cnrc the. local iaim club Oov. Ilnrvey Parnell en Vengeance in I 1 nil for Colorado Bank Crime. MIITOIl'S NOTE: The dr.ilh of Jain- 1 Icuslc, li-ailer In thr S'MS.IMO Liiinur, Coin., lunk hcliluji nnd Hi:! 1>ri1 ini'iils ID lie \otcd iiixm at the Bi'iiinil I'lfcllon of November 4. 'llu-' [-hht executive v:as bitter In dcncui'.rltiK t le n!iic::-.iment' ttlnYh would ulti'r the pirsonnel of tin; flale highway department limits on' slate laxa- mr'mber.s of the iimuu u-ips wi vision aim i ,,„ i • , eastern cities with her liuv , ' : "' l " cy posn " in W^ni"'^"' to:- ilieir official uliol-i aiKl eiuci-tnliied him ID fre- lo : '- Ul iC;:! '- J - a!c J'-i'tic;--; Janv.s Clark McHey-olds. Ol:vc r V/cndel Ctml)i:z Brsndcis. Left to H B ht. slanuin^. are JuMict _„ __ _ '.iffi^a^k'^^^ »-. irlhiinnl in the lnn;l—the Un:ti:l Stales Supreme ttmrU-uro HC Hie nppcliitir.rnt of Charles Evnrs llirjhi 1 ;; us Chief .Induce. Left ;lell Hol!i:'.-=, Chji'lis tvans limits, Wiills Van DrvanKr nnd Ixiuls llailar. F. S!U;IL>, George -Sutherland, Pierce Bsnlc-r nnd CMU J. Roberts. Miss [Srads- in Denial ' ATLANTA. Ga., Oct.. 16 (UP)—j A "inis'.nkr 1 or an outrage" was the ! characterization of Alice Brady,. noted actross. wlien informed shY, had been named co-respondent, In j divorce prorecdiiiPs filed at Detroit! a--:ai!ist Donald McClelland, co-'r/-] [ ri.ii • \v; 'after taking ti: Han-ins with her in ••Within 2-i' MdnapCr 01 IMlSSOUri- WO-. S.v.urday nicht. Youtlis Heitl for Robbing | P Two MornUcn Women [j S O ITU MGRTHLTON-, Ark.. Oct. !B (UP) 1(1 I I ~Preliminary hearing \yab uiuler- U I I I «-ay her.: Jcday for f> youths charg- ! cii with robbing 2 Mnrrilion wnmen ] after taking tiiem for a ride last! Heads National Cotton Group Ho^rs." at ll» Erlanger. ! Both Miss Brady and McClelland ', denied the allcga'.ion there was I anything culpable in the manner in • which they admitted they had! traveled together or even in the' fact McClellan mav have had some ' man Identified as Gsnp-i rilt> y<"i % -iis. Byron Appte, uete J ! EaJv-r. Ti-imaii Biirnettc. and Carl , T t;- • stcv by Victi m SFHINOF1ELD. Me.. Oct. 16. '.UP)—Search for the swarthy ab- nnctor of :\rrs. Alma Wilson Jlc- Judge McGehee 'Rules Court Is Without Jurisdiction in Parnell Expense Case. of his mail forwarded to Miss Bra-' Kinlcv shifted lo Kansas City to- dy's New York home. s were entirely said. • Their rela- : day a^ growing fears were fel' 'r professional, i may nl-i have kidnaped Fred Ben- '' rubbed, skin. Cedar county assessor. Bcn?ki:i was firs! leen leaving After fiiri " r ing= .for Greenfield late . . - . i Tuesday night and his automobile Accident Victim Dies " a - ^">-;t hidden iu a cium;, f.'. | '.re°s near the it; <t where Mrs. Me- LITTLE ROCK, Oct. 1(5 rt;p)_ j Kinky, an expectant mother, was Two city employe.', a patrolman and 'i r e'?a«ed after tiie kidnaper had Wnlte of North Little Rock and Lloyd Bcstic of Vigouia are accused by Mrs. Lillie Holder nnd Mrs. urfLE ROCK, Oct 1G (UP>- Jcse Ethridge of picking them up ' The Republican state organization's ni a highway near here and rtriv- j fC ccr.d lUtcmpl within a week to MR them acros:; the bridge at Glca-1 rt c ; v? m!0 p rimnvy campalEn ex . son where they aliened the ' identified pictures of a Kansas City ganssier as the man wiio en- '.-"retl their farm home Monday J nl»ht and forced Mrs- McKinlcy to leave with him. i.v were! jicns?.-. of Gov, Harvey Parnell,. t Dcm'cratic candidate to -succeed j ! himself, was blocked shortly, before j noon today wb,3ii Judge McGehee I ; -I the criminal-division of the Pu-1 ' last;! county circuit court ruled the ! I court was without jurisdiction to I Invcuigate inasmuch as the eom- ; plaint did not only comply with the — . . ,, , [Miriiirjiiinir! fc -at'itcs covering tlie corrupt prac- thc secretary of thi sch-ol board, 1 " c!(i »«' Pnsouer 10 hours. iU Ut LIV I U flLL! ticc act were under f LOCO bond each today | Several posses which had been | ! Jlldge McGel-pe's renlv was cm charged with manslaughter in con- ^arching this section of the state p. , w. w/ D' C i j lalned in a letter to Osro rection with a traffic accident tov (] -- kidnaper abandoned the i Ae * • \ v - W. K'Vei'S OpCaKS < secretary of which resulted in the death of search yesterday after Mrs. Benton I Edith Baker. B, late yesterday. The little fiirl was crushed by an automobile driven by J. E. Garrison, city pc'.ice officer, at a downtown intersection. 11. M. Buker. -17. father of the tirl. was seriously injured. Witnesses Eaid the patrolman's cnr crashed the coup!? to a tele-j *-> ytr ivf~" Iconic to ;::'_• that ye miahl have collllt as fi!e d September D show- jihone pole after veering off • the * or >' ai ' "lljjnmage; iiic." taken from John 5:40. In- . QA total expenses of S5.fl50.S5, " ' crease in connrcRations of every i wlli eh was changer! September 20 13 i MADISON. Wis., (UP)—Efforts fervice show that interest is on. sl>ow S-1.5S0.35. t" iccnte the mcthets and widows 'he incline, according to those i:i j "There is considerable difference ; cf 31 Wisconsin soldiers who died charge. " j of opinion among lawyers ar.:i . in the World War. eligible lor the The preacher said that this lr\t ! iudses as lo llle »""P-elatian of j ;'' this statute, and inasmuch as I Vets Relatives Soiicht holding his court was wlthDir. j jurisdiction to place the matter bt- The Rev. \V. W. Rivers brought ' ! ore n E rantl J ur >' 'he circuit, judge nr.cther inlerestini; messasie lo a j '" llis Iotler said, "you refer tn large conyrcgntion of the Fir=t: fectic " 3831 Crawford and MD=OS i Baptist cliurcb last evenjnc; wlien d 'K cst - ot 'be stnlnles and -state tr.? i be used tiie text. "And ye will no; '• governor's campaign expense r.c- ! count as filed September * " most iliring bandit tl:i* southwest h-.i' 1 kiniwii siiHT Hie dnys uf Jcsst 1 Jiimc'S. rniltil u nKtiihunt that lasted frr iniirr than twa yi-nrs. Here Is tin 1 cmtiplrti-. roiiuinliv sturv (it tin- notnl rrlnu'—ftir wlilch llircc HUM, Incluclhu; I'lru^lr's lirulfiiT, v(.-ri> haiiKt'll. ItV .MIA Snvire ypRINGl-IELO, Mo. — "SVe are ^oliis lo get tlicm nil and we are oohvi It' hiiiiH them, according to law, In Ihc p^niicntlnry at Cunoii City, Rn'.o." ! That was the remark wllh whH'li Sheriff L. K. Alderman of Prowrs county, Colorado, buckled down two and one-half years ago to trail the l,ang Hint robbed the First National Hank of I.amar. Colo., rnadu off ivilh $2:tB.t(Hl mid killed four men. The vcl.?rnn sheriff's grim promise- came close lo Ihml fulfillment. Three of the robbers have died on the scaffold at. Canon City, as I:.? predicted. The fourth, notorious Jnke l-'lcaglc. who led officers of half a do/en i-Uiips on the wll'l- -.'ft mini-hunt known to the southwest since the days .of J.;ssv James, liun. died I hospital hi!re from u. bullet woiinrl received-wlien peace officers finally captured TEXftS GIT! Mot Springs City Engineer Apparently a Victim of Amnesia. James Cox, Victim of Mysterious Attack, Was Acfc ivc {or Cordell Hull. HO'l' SI'RINCIS. Oct. 10 (UP))— Mystery sinroumllng the disappearance of 11. S. Morclnnd, Hot Sprlnps rity engineer, missing since Oct"ber ;i, was unraveled Into yes- '.?rdny when it was learned llml lie lint! bocn locateil at Houston, Tex., aimavently Ihc victim of amncsln. Col. John R. Fordycc, nssacliit 1 "! In fevcral engineering projects with :;, Tcnn., Oct. 1G. (UP —James N. Ccx cf Cookvllle. hpre to appear before 'the Nyc senate Investigating commutes a:-,-probably the principal witness, was - rfiislied across tlie throat. in his hotel room, la'.l nlxht and Is In a serious condition at a local hospital today. Cox and ft group of prominent ' . iblic officials and politicians wire coinjrezattd fo r a "parly" in . the early part of the night.'-'Cpx.: v,as teinj kidded about Uie rii-'; mored "Iiuull contribution" to the Hull campaign, and had bitterly di nltil and resetitcd thc remarks, i; was learned. Thereafter the. cut- ,ig Is shrouded In mystery. Cox was found Ot Fhorl time later ty ene of his companion. 1 ; with his throtit slashed. Authorities were di.npletely at a loss to ascribe a mollvc fo^ the attack nnd wero hr.inpercd by. Cox's Vefusal to dl- \..iii,r : \'.K name of his assailant. Cox had chargo of Hull ianif-algn lunds In certain comities. Representative Cordell Hull, rcm- Inatcd for United States senator In the Democratic primary of Au- frhml of the tnlssine man, telling tcrdiiy that hLs campaign expenditures did not exceed $10,000. the. nts death marked society's dual vlc- Icry in ils Icng effort to avenge thr 1 crime at Lainar- The fuct that the sheriff's prom• isc was carried out so completely j is'due largely to the sheriff's own j persistence. i A traditional western sheriff of j the old school, with a ten-gallon 1 'Tit and a brace of s!:;-shooters -• 'art I "" ____ ...... _ ...... ^ ___ ........ ti I part r.f Ills regular farb. Sheriff j it, f s posslb.'.; 'he received a". sei-oiid j Alclcrniaii hns^ done IHtle for^ two blow which disarranged the plate, causing amnesia. It was reported j years but trail thc Lamnr bank bandits. And Jake Fleaglc could have testified Unit thc sheriff has been a deadly bloodhound. There wasn't much lo go on whei: Ihc Mrirlui.ii-k MsiiiificturinE C'o.. tit Ixjwtll. Uai-s. Hi' Wiia elect ed at tlie cnuwnlinn held reec-ntlj automobile driven by D- R. Jones.' school brard secreliiry. British Freighter Sinks Cuban Vessel; AH Saved fl'^"""^ to European war • terics. were announced tot Now piTsniuil of the National As the ctase stn] . [ed Tne bnmll , soc.ation of Collon Miinufactureri ! aftcr cnll mlttlng their crime with Is Ward Tlioriilon, above, trensurci j „„ l!lc rllt ],ics5ne5S of Chicago of the Jld-rlui.ii-h MsuufictiirinE | l!tv n,;slcrs, got clear a»ny and were unidentified by any witnesses. It all happened on May 23. 1028. j Five men rushed into the lobby of ; the First National Hank, produced] Kims and gave the "Stick 'em up!" order. Hunk President Slain I r Everybody in the bank promptly | •' Oes here after It was learned Morclnnd had been fo'iud Hint Hie city cmin- icll would rcn.iicst his resignation as city engineer ii]i3ii his return here. CoU Luke Lea. Noshvillei publisher, '"' - to a question ,to r Gerald P. Nyc, ,iu r 1)13 of nndlns M-reland strolling llst-||, mk , ix( . d by s , nto law . lessly about the streets of the Tex-' os city. Rudder .said the Hot Springs engineer had um!crgor:> r v:ist change and lie barely recognized him. Moreland was unable to explain his disappearance 'and tati-' ed ta respond to medical treatment. Col. Fordyce said his condition might be attributed to an accluciu feme time ngo In which Morflland WUL struck on the^ljead,by..n ^tejim thovcl. It rfas liccefsary tb"*placir u .'•mall steel phut- in his liead nnd committee. :-ie:i?.tor Nye had liifiuiretl about "a. . ttoiy" that Colonel L;a hud been clteied $10,000 for his Influence in . Bhelby county -(Memp^U) in behalf of an "unsucjessful candidate for the Senate." • 1 Epfakln'g iiiformally.-Seniitqr Nyq > -smi<l j nt • thtt='elos»vot^yei!Vylay's;« iicsr.'j'S (hat (he Investigation so [ni 1 had failed ID develop any evi- c'ence of "lovLsh expenditure money." of. FILLS 10 DEII1 ceme- was tlie saddest, HAVANA. Cuba. Oct 16 (UP)- i Ati -j" lallt Grlwrnl R»'Ph ss-sris, theirii sr "'— ^^ <° 'olin del Collado and sank it early today, .six mile.s off Mriricl, Cnb^ Tlie Antclin del Collado's crew of today by; ever fell from the llos'oi Jesus. Us- ! a "\ " ot .. cilll . c(1 " pon to lnte n're'. thatj '. Im-:ing as the theme "Why Peonle Go : to Hcl1 -" thn "'nngcllst said in par: locate the "Xo man is lost because he needs immediati' relatives of these men to be lost. God has provided a rnr.- i chat section in a proper court proceeding any opinion I might expires wuuld be- extra judicial." f. \V7 I 1 T I 'nl ^ W CCCI HflVC Little Thls l:.iv: been unsuccessful. In each edy. Chriri Jesus. This Is one which . Rppalns; SviPFrVi Affpr (•rise the mother and widow, if never fails. The blood of Jesus' " c S a - 1IJ> "^1'cci.i. rtiici either survived the veteran is "V- cicsiiEeth from'all unrltihteousr^s . cibie for the trip which the f.?:l- auri the rnr.edy is mnver.s^l and ' Army Aviator Japan's Peace Pact Ratification Victim of j idcnt uf the bank, and a veteran i Year, HoWCVCr. ; of the days when the west, was . ! really wild, lived up to his old trn- dilloils pulling out a plsdl nnd E i, ootlllg thc bandits' leader in face. Thc leader turned to an aide BV JAMKS F. liOAVE United 1'ress Staff (^orrespiiiulrnl (UP) — Tobacco, Oregouiaiis lik: SALEM. for which Ore.. many - and remarked. "Get that man!" [ Charles Lamb would "do nnythhv Ulj I'arrlsh fell, shot ihrc'.ish the bruin, but die," will be banned In this | At thc same moment his son, Urnl.-; if an amendment on " the . CHEYENNE. Wyo.. Oct. 1G f UP) ( John Parrlsh. reached fcr a rifle I November ballot is successful 54 YP^TR nf Vlpnrn I Lt ' Willirinl Caldwell of the army] thai he kept hidden In a telephone But there Is little Ilkllhcod that ^^ *t-...a Ji uii\,iivc | _; r fj nrir IK ,.'-.iipd in a rtiEine \Vy-. bootb. The* wo-nirlpH bnnriit r^.-iHor n mn^^u,. «r n-^ _*^.— ...:,, '.he province of Pinas del Rio, tho i nearest port. n i n- »M n. Uuarrel Gives Man One '•peop> don't so to Hell hernuso they intend to go. No man intp;ids KN'OXVH.LE. •UPl— AfUr 54 Samuel Slovcr T.?nn., Oct. years of sibii;? has my^tes'lci^iv I — — ^...I*..,*T ijui Liivit. i.-, unit; tir.ii:i^uu I r>ir Corp- porirJml in a raging \Vy- ( booth. The n-n-.incled bandit leader! a majciritv of ISeaver staters I online; blizzard late yesterday while! saw him, ami John Parrish. like his! Acquit N«gro Charged With McFerrin Murder OSCEOLA, Ark., Oct. 16 — The. Criminal Division of Circuit Court, for the OsceolR District of Mississippi County- re-convened this mor- • nine after adjournment Tuesday afternoon with several minor cases carri?d over from last term on ths docket for trial today. Kid Wright, negro, charged with :he murder of Charles Kolcn, an- ctlicr negro on the Lee Wilson plantation at McFerrin, and up for ratrlal at this term after his case resulted In a hung jury nt the spring term, was acquitted Tuesday. Thc grand jury, which made a preliminary report Tuesday, return- Ing 14 true bills' will probably complete its deliberation today. Visits lo the County jail and the Mississippi County Home were made yesterday. -he sunken vessel was a S^-year- IE" t Tl C e- P'l' '• '" go lo llc11 ' cvery one ex l> e:ts to ff™ v ercd his power of speech, old side-whec!-r of 977 tons and fifS! U, J. SO DHIS , becr.n-.e n Christian seme day. but St over's vc-ice left him at the nse carried a carco" valued at £80000 ' ma!1 - v vv:lil unUI il is lno Ialc ' Tllp ^' ol fivo - Hc is n0 '*' 53 - When try -n a poace '.in-.? mission of good . father, was shr.t to death. will (ward a foreign land. Then the bandits forced two tell- His body was found today In the j ers, E. A. Keslnsrer nnd Eckel A. idfrren, to carry the money bags IIJ^ kvuus "<*:> luunu iijuiij 111 me ^I.T, wreckage of his plane near Look-1 Luin -lit. Wyo.. 30 miles west of Ijiraniie. Confirmation of the fate of llvo to the bandits' automobile at thc curb. They to-k the tellers Into vote in favor of banning tobacco admits E- F. Atchley. secretary of the Anti-Cigarette LCORUC of Ore- gone, cponscrs of the measure. "W.3 only v.-ant in discover which j wny the 'wind blows' in regard to smoklnir," Atchley declared. "We the car with them and drove off. The son? le-idfr. W. nines Sin Lonoke Man, Veteran of : Confederate Army, Dies i LONOKE, Ark., Oct. 1G (UP) — W. H. Harrison, who observed his 95th birUiday Saturday and was one of the oldest civil war veterans in the state, died at his home h?re . late yesterday. Harrison joined Company I, 9th Mississippi regiment of volunteers at the beginning of tlie war and served to its end. ShofWhen He Could Not Hear Command Lrtals were made by Miss Alic.o Lee Crosjean. 2-1-year- c.ld secretary of slate, who was appointed by Oov. liuey P. Long last v,-eck following Ealle^'a death. Miss Grosjenn :a!d iho was forced to recreant/.? the pffice after finding a shortage of 520.000 In accounts. I > > , Pl , Lawyer s Auto Stolen here, committed suicide last nisrlu as it. apprcached a Jump, fell and Tlie accident in Wyoming which 1 rar J IM riflc s in their car, sent such,] ly duplicated in the proposed Or^i by'ia poison. His flster 'in- i ro!Iccl °« r ll ^ree times. killed U. William Caldwel!. who' ? '"s'llade back at him that he, gon code, which seeks even greater , „. . formed cffifer-- her brother had 1 Mr s. Mcl..nishlni. who retired ai! wai charged with Woodring with , !0 glvc ""I 1 - »e returned to | restraint on would-be smokes In Week ; bccrme despondent ovor scpara- a "rofcrsicna! dancer after her'nyinj the peace document to the j u am , ar ' Cr 8»i"zed a p:-.-v. .md got' __ _ i t:on frnn h!s two your eld ?on. : marrla s c to iln .J- Frederic Mr- coast. l?lt with Wcodrlng sole] , y ; WASHINGTON. (up)_,v short Hatmnn end his wife have been . Laiighlin. suffered a broken collar j responsibility for Its snfe relivery. time ago a Virginia lawyer's auto feiiatatcd for some'time. ; b'ne in Ihc fnll. . • j was stolon Police located the ma- Me.tropolitan Openipp; Announced for Oct. 27 j drlven U Rway 1 ag«in. c ~ """ Several days later it was report- he Metro-1 ed that the automobile hnd again r!:ii;e. abandoned and without gas'n r* r •]• ! ,„., ^ two days after it was stolen. Be- Bumper Crops railing to : Wilson and Darrow China's Living Cost; iUP)-In splie To Debate at Omaha I "Talkies" Increasing Audiences of Theaters 1 Meanwhile the wo'.ii'.cid I leader needed mcdicnl attention. The bandits stopped at Uighton, | f<an., and decoyed Dr. William their car The doc- the man's wounds— First Cincinnati Barge Arrives at New Orleans LONDON. (UP) — The 'talkies" j could llcver have substantially increased the'group. nnd then was murdered .-.n tlmt he freight service between Cincinnati HANKOW. (UP)—The stringent martial law enforced in Hankow as a precautionary measure against outbreaks was a blessing to all law-abiding citizens Chen Chi- Chang. a 75-year-old rice dealer. Chen wanted to cross the river from Wuchar.g to Hankow after dusk, but as martial law was in force he was ordered to stop and throw his hands up. and N'EW YORK, (UP)—The politnn Opera Company will open ils 1930-31 season on Oct. 27 with ! scene.. Verdi's "Alda." recording t^ an an-! 'ind J;IF r.ouncem-?nt made by Gtilllo Gattl-1 rnscrzn. general manager of the: oi.n FI.OUU MILL R\ZED testify ag.iii-.5l the nnd New Orbans was accomplish| ed with the arrival here today of Ohio with n barges. wounded. Examination revealed that he was deaf and dumb. WEATHER gold dollars a month, are fighting i row. Chicago criminal lawyer, wi'.i: Maxwell said there were at pros-! found In his car; mid Sheriff Alfor existence. . debate the prohibition question her: i ™t approximately 55.000 picture- j derman figuring that there might! ARKANSAS-Cloudy and unset! Gloria SwanSOn Will j tied, colder tonight; Friday partly File Suit for Divorce £";*; Ccld5r " cept "' northwest weather the ycster-. maxl- ar with .02

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