The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BI/YTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COUHIER NEWS SATURDAY, FKBRUARY 7, 19:U =WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSOX Jesus, the World's Teacher Society Calendar , . Monday Circles of the Woman's auxiliary Ju 'the First Presbyterian church •vrill meet'in these homes at 2:30 o'clock: Circle 1, with Mrs. J. H. Morrison and Mrs- Virginia Keck; circle 2, at Mrs.-Marsh M. Calla- vray's home with Mrs B. R. Allen also as hostess; circle 3, Mrs. Ross Steven. Circle 4 will meet at 1:30 o'clock with Mrs. W. U. Webb. Mrs- : 6. J. Rodg^rs will entertain the. .Lake Street. Methodist church'wonian's missionary "society. The. Woman's missionary society of the 'First Methodist church will meet v :iV the, for. tlie program .'ond'»c<iial meeting.' Cirdts'-'i.v2 and 4.of lhe'Wo- man's ' mlssionsry union cf lhe First Baptist-church wll ucc.1 at the church. Circle 3 will be entertained by Mrs. J .E. McCall ciid circle. 5 by Mrs. A. A. Thompson. The Business and Professional Woman's club Is having an International Relations meeting at lhe Oof f'-Hotel at 7:31) o'clock. . :'<•'.. Tuesday Mrs", p. W. McCutchen Is liavlus the. TjOSfday Luncheon club. Mrs/WiLcon Smith is hoElcas to the Tuesday Contract club. The Music department of the Woman's club is meeting nt the club house for a study of the op eras. Wednesday- Mrs. Harry Klrby will entertain the Wednesday Bridge club. Mrs. W. Owen Blue Is having the "Enlre Nous" Bridge club. The Junior High P. T. A. is meeting nt the school. If You "Cotton" to Sports- Mrs. Rxcoe Craftou U hc-icssi an ',J , nls ls j^j lne t i me 0[ year broidery, open-mesh weaves and Bits of News Mostly Personal riUiltJM UiTIU-RAX CIIUKCH II. J. Klelnillensl, Pistur I The International Uniform Sun- Sunday schcol and Bible class,! <l-iy School Lesson for Feb. 8. Je- 9:15 A. M. -sis, the World's Teacher. Luke • Divine worship, 10 A. M. Strmou 0:21-12. leubject: The Greatest Enianclpa-j • • • I tor The World Has Ever Seen." | BY W.M. E. G1LKOV, D. U. I Services are held at the St. Stc-i Editor of The Co 113rationalist I phen Episcopal church. | The passage from which our les• 'son Is taken ls known as the "Ser: CHL'KCH mon on the Mount," and we find It W. J. LeRuy, Pastor , presented more as a complete unit M- ,,x M, D inn , Sunday school, 0:45 A. M. i in three chapters In Matthew's Mr. and Mrs. Hay Hill have asj church, 10:50 A. M. Sermon; Qospsl. The Imprisoned Soul." j The nature of the "sermon" and Parma «., ,.,,,i h.r ^, 0 , i.., -£ ."".•" £? 8 "^5 :3( L!.'.'..-. 1 : ..... i thc conditions under which It was A. are ha: and Roy by MiEs Paul-! CHURCH OF THE XAZAUENE City and Ver-' nol (toddy, _motoreil to Lltllo Rock] .\ T the functions that they signify. We associate preaching, espe- ahd-. b daughter, Miss LaVelle. are 5|>end-; . ir.S today In Memphis. | Tom Wraight Is spending • the weekend In St. Louis. -• -' Sam Landruni will go to Jonesboro tonight for the weekend. pastor at U a m. | Lwn exerdscd ,„ „ ^^ for . .N. X.I. &. mcus BI me | mal wny m& deMms wjth mun( , mo u 'congregations rather ihan with church nt 0:30 p. m invite all young' !»ople to come d be with us, Kenneth McAnally, •president. Evening worship and sermon by Troy Nelson returned yesterday, „" ^"S r al i-30 i m from Indianapolis, Ind., where he- p rB 7er"inecliiis Wednesday eve- visited relatives. . ' ( t 7:30 m . conduced by Guy Buller of Lcpanto, of the .".•'^ b rv Hood small groups. Tlie (unction of leaching, however, wo ihuik ot rather as exercised wiih small groups and in a very direct way. Jesi;s dealt in his public ministry both with large groups and with small.groups and individuals. We ed to business her* today. can hardly think of (he Master as BY JOAN SAVOY NEA Sen-ice Writer }!Jmc-sewlng is In style again to the new weekly Bridge club. "turn your hand" to a ing the Matinee Bridge club. Thursday The Mld-Wccfc club is meeting with Mrs. J. Louis Cliorry. Mrs. Matt Monaghan jr., Is entertaining the Bridge club. Young Matrons •Mrs. Carrol Bjakemorc ^ is hav-j j imple ' llttlc b i ouse or 5p0 rt5 6U i t . .,.. *r_.u.u .i.,i. profitably. Do make It of cotton. There is nothing smarter right now than i cotlou. From the daring new evening dresses that feature linen lace and cotton net to the simp!.: little blouses that make Purls suits what they are, you will find old King Cotton doingi llLc - blt l " is sc!> " son. If you haven't cast your eye over the new cotton materials and the new and lovely clothes made from cotton, you- will be surprised, and In no small way either; For colors, Ihey run the gaunt ot the pastels, In milte UK ravishing .off-tones that luscious silks have achieved. And for design, since cle: !lgn is whut everybody is shouting .about this spring, cottons have 'everything from the popular slrlpcs '.ond-plaids-'..lo delicate luind-em- AuviUary Has Business Mfttins, Americanism Program Activities of tire Child welfare committee, the sending-o{' gifts to the (foil Root hospital, thc c!£C " tlon; of a historian, -plans tor a benefit parly, rejxsrts of plate.bul- letins and the music • committee and a program on.;."Americanism 1 occupied,toe attention ;of mpnilior, of Ihe.:American -Legion auxiliary •who met at the' : homeVpf Mrs.. E. M. Mc'Cail' Friday afternoon. Mrs Loy Welch was also hostess 'to tlip 16 present. --- '; The,roll.'c»!iJS»Ma«ls*er«d wiftl the ..present the' or gifts of tobacco, cigarettes, cards, records, rags for rugs, to be reiit-to the Fort Root hospital at Little Rrck. . The .daughter of.a World War Veteran was given slices and hose The Child Welfare committee also reported that' a-telegram was sent to Senator R. A. Nelson and another lo Represeulalive E. E. Alexander asking their sii|>port to the Mothers' Aid Bill now before legislature. Mrs. Edgar Borum was elected historian to fill the unexpired term of Mrs. James H. .Brooks who recently moved to'Las-Vegas, Kcv- Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Hall motored i , mn be completed and we hope to delivering orations. We thing o.' jto Kennett Friday for the day. KW? our first service and dedicate him rather as speaking forth the ,.„ __.,„._ „ . ..... . words of truth In very simple and very effective fashion, putting all the emphasis upon lhe appeal of the truth to Ihe souls of men. Not an "Orulor" Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Alston ontl : ,| lc ,, 3W building February 22 Mrs. Carl C. March motored tn: Cairo, 111., Friday. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Two of the new colton contrlbu- Max, and daughler Miss Mary lions to spring chic arc shown lo- Spain, are in Sardls, Miss, for the ""• % Z.,^ M^S":! Corner Walnut and HjhU, Slrcets On the left ona of the new suit | brother. blouses, and certainly It Is i^ver loo early to think iibout the suit and Its blouse. This one Is of the new hantl-embroldcred eyelet | Alfred S. Harwell, Faslor I school for ev- j lins, General Siipt. saver Miss Adah II. l»,,oho, who re- j ^S'S* at lla spring cenlly underwent an operation a: i . „..,,, .. ... i (p nf . L _ t.. i.,_ „_...:.. , .... ;. a!!Cl I.^U p. 111. in a delicate cate au lall the no4 pi tn i Ihe Memphis Baptist- hospital, now much Improved. She has left | s now nt B. Y. P. U.'s meet at 6:15 Sunday evening. A union for all. Sunday school officers mid ullav sc pique well calculated to go smartly , Ma(llson nm!lw . shc expects to re- ] i icr - comldl Tuesday 7 p. m. with bo!h the blues and lhe tum ,, ome ln hvo weeks . ' m "' •' Bible study Wednesday evening browns or early spring. It is a Thc RDV md MI5 p . Q- Rorie - Lesson, Acts 4:13-5:42. ' !C fL l ?" r L"IJ'°L J L' ™« da »° ht ". ^ 5 *"<«• w ' re m Bring your Bibles. smartly cut frontispiece, lapels andj Mempnis°'Friciiy'w r hcVe ' pockets. [consulted her eye specialist. The other (right) Is one of the! R ay \vorthington WHS a business new shlrt-shorls-sklrt suits that arc so gcocl for tennis, golf or any spectator sports. Thc shirt and shorts come in one, this blue and white men's shining, wiih a iwlo type shirt nnd shorts full enough to play tennis wllh ease. Tlie circular skirt slips around, buttons with white pearly buttons and there you are, a lady In a nice spectalor spcvts suit. visitor In Memphis yesterday. Max Logan nnd Don Smilh will! spend Sunday In CaiutliersvilSe' with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Sliiiie arc spending loday in Corning. Ark.: Mr. and Mrs.-O. P. Moss 1 ure expeclcd to arrive home today from {FIRST FKESlll'TEKIAN CHURCH Columbia and Jefferson city. Mo., j ij cv . Marsh M. Callawuy, Minisltr Bring your Choir rehearsal Thursday evening al 7:30 o'clock. Sunday by Sunday we come nearer reaching our goal of -WO in attendance at Sunday school. Why not "so over Ite top" tomorrow? Everyone is invited to worship wiih us. ada. Plans were anounccd for the. benefit bridge party to be given nt the Woman's club Friday, February 20. The music committee chairman, Mrs George M. Lee. anounceil that, appropriate programs were presented .In the scnoois on Robert E. Lee's birthday. The Legislalive^buUetin of the state, written b# Mrs. Edgar Bor- imi, state cjia'irman. was read by Mrs. E. M. McCail; Mrs. Lloyd V Wise read the rehabilitation bulletin anl' Mr?. lx>y Welch the bulle- tin'on trophy awards. For the program these numbers were sponsored by Mrs. Charles F. Wood befere Ihe serving of delicious refreshments. • Mrs. A. C. Ncely will entertain the -group next month. Ilns linok anil Bridge 1'artlcs. : Mrs. M. Flt7jsimmons was hostess to two interesting parlies Thursday nnd Friday afternoons when she | entertained seven tabbs of rook and the same number at.bridge. In remembering Saint Valen- .ine's day there were red carnations, with green ferns as lhe background, hearts were suspender! ircm while tapers in silver holders and the tallies wore Valentines. The nppeTi/inii phil? .->ervc.l \vas where they have been visiting fo>! ; days. ' ! Patty Shane, daughter of Mr. am! E. Z. Newsoin, of this city, and 1 Mrs. Cecil Shane, Is spending th the Rev. C. E. Welch, of Osceola. ' • • • • Club Meets week-end at Letichville. ,\[r. and Mrs. W. L,. Horncr and' : s on have gone to Whentlcy, Ark., Miss- Irene Crowcier was hostess. to spend the week-end with Mrs. to the Friday Night Bridge club | Homer's parents this week when she also entertain- Mr . nml Mrs Kolan(1 Greene were .;d Miss Mary Ardcn Galloway and Mrs. C. P. Rothrock. visitors in Osceola last night. Mrs. C. W. Gnrrlgan is ill at Miss Hazel Hnrdin won the clubi tnc ,. r . mc 0[ Mr nn( , Mrs N B pri/x and Miss Mary Anlcn Galloway was high among lhe guests. Delicious shrimp saliul, cakes ami tea was served. Special Meeting rianneil Hy Business Women Momlay In carrying out tl-.e .stalo plan for an IiUeuialiuiul Relations! ] nice-ling, the kcal anil' Professional Women's club has| Menard. -Mrs. M. S. Sieger and daughter. Mrs. Laurence P. Foley, accompanied Mrs. Foley's baby, Margarc;, to Memphis yesterday to be placed under the care of a specialist. The baby has been seriously ill several days. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Daly and Mr. mother, Mrs. N. Maf.hcws, .r q , L - ret . lrl . prt PHHTV -if °' L<)l " s ' relllrn ™ Prlda 5 nf - lor, nnd pupils of Miss Ola liob I y -p, Harris will, present numbers in JcUUKll'V i\ JLMlSV dance. ^ •* were presented: The Reading of i Bnptist church at the meeting Fri- the- Bulletin on Americanlsm."Mrs. I day alternoon al Hit- home of Mrs Kelll Reed^ president; . talk "Na-: i rn Crawford tendered Mrs. N. 13. tional Defense," Mrs- R. N. Wave i Essary and Mrs. J. W. Williams a jr.; talk "Our American's:!! Pro- ihow( , ri Thdr hora[ , w . ls rcC ciHly prixe. a set of silver ush trays, was won by Mrs. W. H. Slovall. Given Sl.owcr. , T ,, c pl|hH> , js invi(0[1 (a { ^. The 15 members oi ihe IV.clis mcetlns to br. fc.iturcri wiih ad-1 Sunday school class o[ Ihe First J dresses on "The League «1 Na-| lions" by Marcus Evrarti and "Am-. Moulli at CouiUy Ediicalion OJ'l'iVt i," Mrs. Ernest Rce; PianOjji,,^,.^.^! by r ••Sols Bois" byStaub; 'To A! Tllc ' ^^ scrv( , d 6f Rose" and "To A Water Lily.'j E -., Mwlch cak(! „„„ co , r owcll; violin selections rrau-1 « 0 , gram, solcjs WiM McDp 1 mcri 1 ' 1 and "Star Spangled Jlrs. W. L. Homer.- accompanied by Mrs. Geoigo M. L'eo'T Delicious relreshments were served. iuly dcllcioU5 Given Parly. Mrs. E. K. Lallmer \v;\s the yueit of honor at a party given by M;s. A. M. Washburn Friday ;iiu-rnojii '! In compliment to her birthday. The crkan's Alt.tiule Toward the CatiK and Cure of W,u" bv M«sl Will!" A. Lau-son. Olhcr numbers ,.. ... , , V: f Um S , rural schools of M, i 1 "" 1 . COUi "l' wrls tllc clwf » . will be: sons "America"; talk'^J of Mlss Wlnnl? V::- : ; •What The World Is Doing." Miss! u ™ rr - county supervisor, riur:;-,; J: "»'ary. while Miss Willie A. I.n-,v ssa. , . From Ger-' ypl '" coi " u . v superintendent. n '" nbcr ° r Conferences and aaciul Cora IjCO Cclcman; "Russia," Clara Ruble; "News From many." Miss F.lla 'Morris; Scotch | dance. Miss Sarah Pauline F.vrard: | "India." Miss Ruth Sti!w.:ll: "Fi-. dac Auxiliary." Mrs. Howard Prw-! lor; 'Italy," Miss Sallic M. Crowe: termed right meetings where lo business connc,u «'itn her cdicc. : - 1 -' 5 Lawson had 330 visitors, a: "France." Miss Minnie Matthews; Strirklin-Harmon The marriage of Mrs. Mabel mari and Mr. John C. Stricklm. i 18 ladles present surprised'!h' guest i "Holland." Mrs. Hallic Smiiltiy; i - . _ . . ' t,«vj. ..Y^^.^j... _ %. •> r:,.,. » rtir ^1.\i-ic- tlii-»r- made- (o«r addictscs, visited fi\ school* and rent out -iG7 letter^ i to i:tuiL'4 prt'bt'iu j-'.irnrisen 'a 1 cues' t.»<.•".!«•» - - - . • < „ I of honor with an lnfrestm"V<o-i'r B(;1 8"" n " Miss Lois Uavis: S| " r - tcd by M ^ H "-'° ". ?r..,.. Lin a .i!*o.l- » . , Kochlii/Kv: I were: Clear Lake. Urinkle ment, of gifts. man anu IMT. juna ^. oirn-Miii. ,, , I >• bolh of Ihis city, wore married Allcr sewing for several hours],, ! Ish dance. Miss Jane Kochlii/ky: I «'erc: Clear Lake. Urinkley. Ros. i. . "Austria." Mrs. Sue R Mason: j KeiH-r, Pecan Point, Grider. Bur un oi mis cny, WJIL manicu! -•---- -- = •-• - ,,-"Grcnt Uritain " Mrs. Siidle Crews: i "cue. ii;siit ( .wcr. Lost Cane IVrrv isterday by the.Rev. T. R. Shep-j "e hostess served dainty "Iresh-. P™^™;,^.,, Cnnfcvcllce a .'Brush Arbor. -Hatcher. Wu"t ;rd -. • ... menu. ^ ^ . ^ 1 Geneva." Mrs. H. L. Reynolds: "A', Shady Bi-nd. Skid way. New Fl.-.pc herd. Class Meets i I-'riilrrnily Has Hjncc. I Thc Ladies Bible class cf the' lhe Kappa Alpha. Phi's kr.-ilj Firht Methodist church met at chaplcr celebrated l',s first annuer-! C T \TV -M tvnrwvrn nniK the home of Mrs. W. A. Stickmon sary with a dance at the Woman's 1 KI.HAI.U .tux GFriday evening for th usiuV..<vjb i;u evening with Jimtnic Boycl monthly meeting. I ar.i IiLi orcheslra tunnslnng llio The primary business taken up music for Die 80 present, u-as-'a report ot the condition of; Visitois were from Cavuthprsvilir. the child being cared for at the > Jcncsbcro. Oscr.ola. Li:xora, WilsDn, Games hospital. He Is being rc-jrcrrcst City and Maiden. A foa-! lm dcr every stale exrcutlv? moved-to'Campbell's clinic In Mem-• lure of tile dance was ".specially" Mhcn H the bill Is p^ccl, Frank phis'for an operation alter hav-jdnnccs with members of various D. Rocd will be eligioir lor re: ire- Visit of a Holland Boy." IXinald; Whltton. Armorcl. Gosnell. Var Hickman. I bro. Lone O.ik. Hair Moon. Ekroi . jlJell nnd Danshcrly. ; In aftdition to visiting thc?c com HARTFORD. Conn.. iUP'—Ths'inanilics flic- tatight live dciuo: General Assembly has received a siratioa classes. lfc!d three le.icii- bill which would reward the wr- ci-.s nieetinc.*. visited 48 teac'iers vices cf a man who cn;ertd Mate I and held 56 conferences employ in 1873 as Governor's clerk' The work ot Bess'e Parlee Sabbiih sc'ncol at 0:45 a. in. The orshlp program of the school bens promptly" a; this time. There is welcome waiting for everyone at- er.riing the school. Worship service at eleven we have, constitute a model for both the preacher and ihe teacher. He did not wnsw flme and words on unimportant things. His teaching nnd preaching moved in lhe realm of lhe deep realities of the soul, and he taught men to distinguish between the things that were of moral and spiritual value and the things that wer» of only temporary and passing Importance. Here Is the passage chosen for our lesson he plunges at once into the very deplts of the meaning of love. Love is something that must be exercised toward oners enemies as well as toward one's friends, at: it is not love. If we allow hateful and bilter feelings to lodge in our hearis, even toward those who have wronged us. it Is manifestly true that we are not practicing love. If we curse those who curse us, and show vengefu atlitudes and actions to these who treat us unkindly and unfairly, we Tr\t: Luke 6:2'-4'J But I say unto you which hear, Love your enemies, do seed to them which hate you. Bless them tha'. cur;e you, and pray for them which dcspltefully. se you. - And unto him tha: snilteth ihce on the one cheek oiler also the '.her; nnd from him lhat takeih away ihy cloke forbid nut lo take hy coat also. Give lo every man that askclh Ihee; and of him that caketh way thy goods ask them r.o:. again. And as ye would lhat men should do to you, do yo also to them Ikewlse. For if ye love them which love you. what thank have ye? I 1 - , 'ni™.v- arc not ? uttlin S anything lo Ihe .1 oc.ioct. grid's store of moral and spiritiif ilh' the pasior preaching, using j values or to iu ^ Splntlm ic subject "Stewardship in Being Simple, Vel Difficult Neighbor." There will not be a meeting of ae Senior-Intermediate Christian Indeavor society • as the entire lembership will go lo Caruthcrs- llle where they will bs ciitertain- d with lea at live-thirty. John IcDowcll, piesldenl of the society. •Ill lead the prayer meeting at Ca- nthersvillc- -nil the young people vill remain there for the evening vorship. At seven-thirty p. m. the pastor vill preach on the, subject "Whal Lack I Yci?" "Enter lino his gates with thanksgiving and inlo his courts with jratse te thankful unto him and iless his name. For the Lord is ;cod: ar.d his mercy is everlasting: ,nd his until cndnrelh lo all generations." It is only when righteousness triumphs over unrighteousness, whet love conquers hale, that we fine any indication of Improvement it the world. 50 far as our concUic is concerned, or that we add in am way to the world's store of goodness All this seems very elemental and wh?.'. thank even sinners also love those that love them. And If ye do good lo Ihem which c!o good lo you, nave ye? for even sinners also do even the same. And if ye lend to them of whom ye hope to receive, whr.t ;!innk have ye? for sinners also lend lo sinners, lo receive as much :'.^aii;. But love your enemies, and do them good, and lend, hoping ior nolhing again; and yoUr reward shall be creat, and ye shall be lhe children of the Highest: for he is kind unio the unthankful a:ut lo the evil. Bo yc therefore merciful, even as your Father also is mcvcifii:. Judge not. and ye shall not be judged: and condemn no:, aiul ye, shall be forgiven. Give ancj it shall be given unto you: 5000 measure. pvc:s:d clown, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give inlo yo 1 .::-. boscm. For with the sumo mc-.isure that ye melt withal it shall tc measured to yon again. . . And he spake a. par.ibk them: Can the lc.i:l in? blind? shall they not both fall !nlo lhe ditch? The dlsclp'.e is not above his innslcr: but every one lhat is perfect shall be as his master. And why boholdest. thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, bm perceives! not lhe beam that is in thine own eye? simple, nnd yet in all the ccntur- I Mdernte. ami regards o;he:s as F1HST METHODIST CHL'KCH P. Q. Korir, P.isliir Worship and sermon n a. in. and 1:30 p. m. Morning service broadcast over Either how cnnst Iliou say lo Ihy brother. Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye. when Ilioit behold'.-s: nut Uic beam that, is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first (he beam out of thlu? own eye, and Ihen shall thon see clearly lo pull out lhe mote lhat is in lliy brother's eye. he 1 their nearness to God. the father ies of human life it has been the i woul dwis hlo be regarded himself., of mercy, aiul thr-ir iciviuni^nent hardest thing for men to perceive i It is only through such attitudes! in love to him. Morals and reli- and put in practice. EfTti those who lot consideration, and kir.tineis. and; gioii are one In their highest ex- profess faith in Jesus of Nazarelh ; mercy, that the world advances U c pressicn; nnd we cnnuul t. 1 Go,land adoration of his name and i higher planes of moral anel spirit- \ ly without being God-like. Tc learn teaching are often quite as venoe-junl living, fill in their altitude toward their | Nor is this rule c enemies as are the most complele simply a matter ct moials. U is I proclaimed as lhe very c&it-m-e of unbelievers. i religion as well, for ic is in the I his gospel is to a-Uain the higher: So Slso in our judgments of one j practice of such uleals c! low ami! art, of living nncl the v.-.iy 13 the another. The good man is con-'. kindness that, men most display j best that religion can b?. j to regard and our fcUowmcn [ the good life ! with lhe love and mercy lhat Jts'.i> BRIDGE BV WJ1. K. McKEN'XKY Sunday school 9S5 a. m. Ti:ere I Secretary, American Hriiljr c!.c.igue overcall ' start with one club. West v.-o;ild Just because you go lo sleep with with o:ie heart. H fosl anil West were vnlncr- an ace. It docs not necessarily mean al ,,,,. Noit l-.'shoukf double, but, it „...„ tll , „-„ „,„ JUIK ul an . that you have piayec, lhe hand N - or ,,, nncl SDmll wcrc Vll!lwr3b , c niolltis t - as . , us t , Kh b[1 , ™_ IXlOrlV. romnhivpiir. vniir i •- . ..„ . , . ' . ^ ll poorly. Rather compliir.ent your opponents on their correct play. tm , no\mmp is the better bid'from and r,!Kl West no: vulnerable. las been au increase every Sunday in attendance for the past four months. Junior, Hy. and Senior Leagues, 8:30 p. m. An increase of over 300 per cent in Ihe Junior League in >j-|ic Niddin- past four montlis. At auc || m . south "vcuid start .,,.. Prayer mectm E Wediicr,<iay 1:30 witll one sp;1( , c Wcst ,„.,,,, „„,._ ,,;. |)al . Illc .. , ![)](ls ]ih ]ens( n flvc _ call with two hearts, and North i card spade .suit and a four-card would carry on the spades. I club suil. woukl lw jusliliccl in winning In his own hand with th; jack, West, would discard a ::eart. Two more roim.U uf clubs arc taken by lhe dfclarcr, a ..ti.'.nmul and a heart bMng tii-L-;!i-.-.j:i by West, dummy discards a I-...M; ai:;i a diamond, Ea^i follows. ^,'J,s- two loimds of spades by the il..-l.»rei-. West discarillng llic six o: iv.Mrr. ai:d the qticon o:' dinmon ix (L-- clarcr the ion anil jack ol dia- {North. Souih would then bid three nde.-i. jN'oilh, now knowing lhat p. m. An increase of 20 per cent Inst week over the precccc'.mg weok. "Ediicalion and Kingdom Extension" subject next meeting. Choir rehearsal Wednesday 3:tS. A banquet will be held at the Methodist church Monday week, for the men of the church. Every man is urged to be present. fraternities each of the cities dancing. ing been greatly Improved by the treatment received. •> The commlllce members were named: Membership, Mesdamcs j rjcll B. Y. P. V Has Charles F. Wood. T. J. Crowder, ,\ Training School Ed Caldwcil; Sick, -ync- Senior 15. Y. visitors I r o :n; ir.cnt on fc! , on ! f . nm u In pay. Ihe ir.i.isurc: ,],, H . :uli ,, of ,,„. , l B. F. Brogden, Ed Mesdames Emma S. Burr^y, W. A. P. U. of _ Its annual training school would apply to anyone who has'K.,,,!.,,. .„,... t . xlcllslel . c . served the state continuously for j i;u;gnt al o , cco . n " 50 years. . | " OL1> LANDMARK UAXUI) ! HoS})ital NotCS Stickmon, Dozie .Mick, vi:'.t:r.~,. the church this week "in ni"hilv C. N. Keal, Sallie Hub- rcssions. Thc Rev. P C LarirJev Icr, Emma S. Buriicy: Hoir:c,_Mcs- of jontsboro, nssoclalnii mission- dames E. P. Roe, Zeph O'Brini; Absenve, Mesdames W. D. Henley, ary, taught ihc classc from tlu- , took "Tlv; People Called Baptists." cd historian John Fisk. MIDDLETOWN'. Conn.. lUP' — One of Weslcyan Univerr-ity's an- 1 Biiiv Hii^lic-.;. \i->s i. 1 - eirnl landmarks, v nre-:;irirkec! cic; iv.r.Urd tn tlie llhtlie\Vl- hiisn'ii'l East Hail, in whirh Prev.clrnl and Mrs. L M Mflorr'-m-l 'iii-Rutherford B. Hayes and the n (-: W.-.rcli 11. Mo. dis:r.i!svd.' ' CHRISTIAN SCIUS'Ci: CHI-KCII "Spirit" Is the subject of the Irs- jon-sermon to be read in the Christian. Science service Sunday. February 8th. The Golden Text is. "If ye be led of the Spirit, ye nrc no: under the law." (Galalians 5:18>. Among the citations from the Bible is the following: "N'ow lln Ixirrt Is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord Is, there is liberty. But we all, with open lace \K- holding as In a glass the glory cf 3 r o j the Lord, arc changed into til? same image from glory to clory even as by the Spirit of lhe Lord." ill Ccr. 3:17-18). The lessen-r.crmon will also in- Tivcnty-cne received cerlincales' tticir education, (heir pawing the exam-! hns . P. N. Lultrell, p. M. Burncttc. Mrs. li.' M. Burnctte con duel: il.'j the'devotional with the rading oflj _ ) ^^_ mi th 91 Psalm, ; | Along with the sludy course w;t>j officials n-.aile a vain elfcr ; Intrsellng gam^s and conlcstsitwo addresses given 'by the Rev. tain funds for rebuilding. i-axeil. Kim; piil.ii-i' tl.e nt enllec.- 1 mlH::ir lo cb-! tin At contract, the writer prefers IJumpini; [|n> contract to five sp.idcs, the bidding of four-card suits be-1 nlll l Scuth holdjng six spades, fore longer suits, especially with a ! would go to six. singleton in the Innd. If "l!ie shor. suit is ever going lo b? bid. bid it early and then, when the contract gets higher, the long is ui:i. I therefore Smth. at contract, would I S—9 ', H-a-l- 10-G- 3-2 S-K-10-6 H-A-K-8-4 D-K-MO-* C-Q-7 and are approaching spiritual lit-.' nml its demonstrations." iP.ige '241i Services arc held at the Hotel N'cble, room 104. at 11 a. in. FIRST C1IK1STIAX Clil'IlCH K. K. I.ilirncr. SlinMcr Church school. 3:45 n. m. Communion and sermon. 11 ,-i. in. Subject: "Our Unclaimed Her- EAST S—7.5-3 H-9 D-9-76-4-3 C-10-8- G-3 mom's. Tlie declarer swings his l:i : l trump, putting the squccirc di We.-:. If l-.c discards the ace (if d'.umnd.-. the kin;.- of li-.-art!; anil ki:v; ui diamond!! in duinuy will Ijc ";i 1S ;!. white if I-..- <iiM-.irds the- li-ii r.: hearts, declarer will rtisr-i-rd th.- king cf diamonds (rum dummy mi.i both heart-s will be guud in dummy. Although \Vu,t has gone t-j fki';) with ins aec of diamond.-, ho hr.^ not ma<!e a mistake in the pl.iy--- rattier tlio declarer has playc'l ill 1 ; hJiulwrllinrecojiiizin-r the rruio-v- (Co;)yrl s ht. ipji. NKA's-.-ivicc, Inc.i SOUTH—DtAfER 1 S—A-Q-J-8-4-2 11—7-5 D-S C-A-K-J-5 The 1'l.iy Aces are seldom led nyainv. ;\ soclesios j-Miiall contract as the ' Icr is usually prepared for thai kin<: | cf an ollense. Mo;t ot tlie l:?it-.i ! players, with West' sholdlnv. \\<:u'.<i SIXOXn BAPTIST rill.'RCH upon the queen of hearts whit!-. K. 2. Xe.wsoni, 1'astor |dummy would win with tl-.e r..v. Sunday school. 0:45 a. in. W. iBcclaier would then Inki: thu LIQUID OR TABLETS Cure Colds, Hciuhiches, 666 SALVE , s Jiaby's Cold Chris'.ian Endeavor i:45 p in. Church, 1:oO p. in. \:* V of F,u?Ui:u! h..s!\oaled: ar,c! the covner-itonc of :illiii^o!i will sive special music. MATERNITY HOSPITAL—For 11:1- | :W to m-.u ir.ovi- than If r spiritual tulldim; is purity. Thoj Au effort is being made to havr forlimate c!r!s; scc!ude<l. private,: nava: ur.irnr;:-*. tthi'fllbaptlsm of Spirit, washlnsr the body j 150 at Sunday school when the] rates reasonable. For information rsuui:'r ;;^ed in h:n> !of all the i:np:irities of flesh, signi-i Bible classes sill h.ivc charge of j v. rile Fail mount, Hospital. 4911 East | i!t.iny ^w iii:ifi,rm.-. in iris suuo. jflcs tha: the pure in heart, see GocI !lh3 opening exercises. '27th, Kansas City, Missouri.

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