The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1938
Page 4
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PAGfi fi (Auk.y coumiai mm THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDDURY, Editor SAMUEL F. NORTHS, Advertising Manager Bole National Advertising Relirescntalives: *x!tansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas Clly, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Eulerctl ns second class matter nt Uic post ufllce at Blylheville, Arkansas, under acl ot Congress, October 9, 1917. Served by the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier Jn the Cily of BlyUieville, 15c per week, or G5c per month. By mail, within a radius of bO miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for six months, 75c for thvcc months; by malt hi postal amcs tiro to six. Inclusive, $$.50 per year; In stones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable tu advance. The Rwlist As Blunderer The .sUiro''il idwilisl <.-;m «<;l i"U> a goocF d«il of trouble, \vlml wilh his liabil o(' .stopping mil into Indl'ic with his eyes on the heswcns. But (here arc limes when it docs seem tlwl llu; eultl- ly practical realist can gel into more of ;i tangle than a do/en idealists put What. ails. Hit.' international sul-up in Europe these days, if not a dose ol'» super-realism, applied cold-bloodedly by practical men whose boasl it is that they have tossed idealism overboard as a delusion and a snare? We. arc witnessing right now the final death-rattle of the League of Nations. Wh'en. Britain and France inform the League that they are giving formal recognition to Italy's conquest <>f Ethiopia, the League is just about I'Wid-y for the mulci'lakcr. And wbon llicy follow that by requesting the League to abandon the Slimson policy . of refusing to recogni/.e territories; acquired by force the work o[ nailing down the cofl'in lid begins. All of which lias a direct bearing on this question of idealism realism. With all its faults, the League was the work of idealists. That is, it did represent an effort to substitute international law for the law of the jungle. It tried to free the world from the fear -..of- war by setting up a regime of collective security. What is replacing it is, very clearly, nothing less than a return to the r.n- cient balancc-of-powei- system. Kurope once more divides into ' armed camps, whose inmates arm to the teeth and remain at peace only so long as neither side can see any percentage in starting a light. That is a system which makes peace expensive and war inevitable. It could be followed, one would think, only by people who had completely blinded themselves to the painful lesson ut 1,91'J. Yet it is precisely (his system which fe being revived by the clear-eyed realists. Prime Minister Chamberlain of England has openly said that he is following. H policy of realism. His French allies have .said the same. On the opposite side of the fence. Dictators Ilit- ier and .Mussolini have long boasted of the utter absence from their scheme of things of any taint of idealism. Yet this vaunted realism can the world nothing better than a return to the road to war! The idealist may stumble and fall often enough, with his eyes on the stars. Hut can he ever get the world into a mess than this which the realists are cooking up? intro. Fur The Safest Way '['wo boys wore killed in ti'all'ie, i" Mvnipliis, Tumi., Chu ulhet 1 day. liucausu ul' ils (.'xlnumliiiiiry word, thai oily lius buen "Aiiiorii'ii'.s siit'osl city." Junior Sal'cly (.'otmcils wen; duced iu Aleiniiliis 15 yt'ai'K a Ifj years mil a v 'l'il(l wins killed lioiuij to in 1 from solionl. Tlie to ho killed wore I wo boys on lliu .same bicycle. Tlii.s is y to Junior Sal'i'ly Council niles, lint an except ion had been made in the t-asu of those two, who wore lirotlioi'M. The boys wore riding homo at tliu time. They ordinarily followed a route I hat was guarded by Safety Council guards, but this time limy did not. They were struck by an automobile at the intersection of two .streets. The driver of the car Hiiid she made, it a rule always to look both \vnys at an intersection, but she could not :;ay positively that she kid done it Ihi.-s time. School ffiwrls are not enough. Traf- lic regulations are not enough. A safety campaign is not enoiiKh, wilhont the consciousness of every man and woman behind every wheel, in every home, and at every .school, of the full measure -of hi.s or her own responsibility every day in the week. Yardstick Reve<iled J'Yom Washington comes news of a vacuum-sealed clock in the basement of the Commerce Building which measures time to the leu-mil!ionth of a second. H can be used to tell, among other things, exactly how much pull Hie earth has on ohjeels resting in the same room. Tin's suggests that it might also be used to determine exactly how much pull a citizen has wilh his congressman, but the big thing, of course, is the ability to tick |>JV millionlhs of a second. For the time now appears the opportunity to measure accurately: The life of a Kuropean peace treaty. The staying-power of a literary discovery. The lime it takori a woman to change her mind. 'Hie Municipal Auditorium is lor .ill tin 1 people. It. is »s much for ;i prize light as :i women'n club-nnd there's not :\ lot of diircrcnce between the two iinyway.—Oily Mnnagrr H. P. McElroy of Karons City, answering women's protest »l!iiin:.| light nt iuulitoiium Uic niuht they \viinlcd it. This i; Ihc lirst time ;i man has ever inc. :ind this is my liisl iraniav. From mw on I'll ciun my own livin;; iinrt let the mm work tor theirs..-Mi's. Ellie Warnnck. of l'iUs!nn;:h. :,m-d lor diviiHT by her uevcnth husband. OUT OUR WAY .1. K. Williiuus / THAT GUV HAS WROTE, A DOZEM NOVELS, SEVERAL, HISTORIES,AND QUITE A WUMBEE OF BIOGRAPHIES... AND DOM'T KMOW IT.' HE'S PUT ENOUGH STUFF 1M LITTLE MEMORANDUM BOOK.?- IN TH' LAST 1EM VEAESTO MAKE 'AKTTHOMV ADVERSE," LOOK A PAMPHLET' YAH-HE. MIGHT BE A AUTHOR IF A BOSS... BUT IF HE WASW'T A BOS5, HE VVOULDM'T BEWRtTIM' SO MUCH AMD HE VVOULDM'T BE EITHER A BOSS OR AUTHOR.. SO WHAT ? THE LOST WORWis i-'nibAv, MAY is, SIDE GLANCES By George Clark ".liilin ufTcrcd milk free lo Hie nei^hboi-.s, hut they ex- puetcd him to Leave il in hollies on their porch iiml have it (here before breakfast." THIS CURIOUS WORLD I William Ferguson SPtPPt^V> «t- %iil^^ £ ^£?;T $ \^ V J ..._..".'' -ASL-V/ -ris>o T JN ENGLAND, RACES ARE HELD fWITH AS MANY ~ AS /IS RAID ANNUALLV/ BV SF£?RTS/V\EM IN . THE UNITED STATES BEGINS AS A /=LfJ/C> S BENEATH THE BEE'S EODX AND IT IS WORKED INTO A PLASTId CONSISTENCY IN TH E INSETS WCUTfl . 1S35 FIGURES, the latest available, show IhaC .sportsmen of the United Slales nnd Aln.vta jiald S9.25lj.7S8.94 for liunting licenses, and nearly SSCO.COO for Hie Federal Mijjr.'Uory iJii-d-Honliiig slamiB. In Pennsylvania alone the receipts were more than SI.WIO.OOO. NKXT: When iliil Ibc j'Vcnrli I'oiTijjn Legion lijlil in At^vicu? The Family Doctor Prtt. QC. The Body's Need Of Walcr "Thin is tin 1 lirM cil hvn artl- ck's in which in. Fishrxnn clis- cns^rs Mio iinpinlaiu-o ol walcr.i BV Dlt. stlOKKIS I-'ISHHKIN Kililnr. .funrnal of llu- American 91 r die it I Assnriiiltnn. anil ill . ilyncin. tin: llc.llth .M;iEa/.ini: The human body i.s liir^oly a s?lf- irgiilating nirt'luuiisiii. in lb;ii ivg- ul.Mion. however, il requires rcrlain riiils which wu must supply of our ou n accord. ;\s lias been <Mii[>liasrml by tlic wcll-ktinwii physiolojisl. Dr. Waller V C.inncn, Uic second most nutvir- liint of these substances is walcr. Air. or oMygrn, is of firsl inipnr- t.incr. Food i.s the third most important. 11 has frequently been proved thai a hninan beins may uo yo or 40 dnys without fornl a;:d ^.LiH rc- rovci. Water must be .supplied reg- nlaily to the bixiy II it is lo function mi.smubli! comfort. The records of men who iiavr broil tost in the (te.scrt mirier a hoi .sun show that niosL men diR belore thirc tlny.s liuve patvsrrt. and some may die inside of 38 hours. Dr. Cannon tells oi a Mexican win was lor,l in the tiiy i;iains of Ihc southwestprn |iarl nt Un- united ta!":,-, and who walkrd nr rrawlcd a tolni distance of nb:nM TS t tnile-s, repeatedly drinkini; his <mn nxcre- ticns. and surviving tor a inial ot seven Ways, when hn reached help. The record, fee says, is one which has never been equalled. If. however, the human being lies at rest in a cool room he may- go much longer without water, llnis It ts reported that an Italian political prisoner who retused to oat or drink died in his cell on Ihe BY ADELAIDE HUMPHRIES COPYRIGHT, «» BY NEA SERVICE ,w OAST (IK ( IIAIlACTKllS •I.U-KIK Jtl'N.V— Jii-ruinci kin- niiim In fly. nmiKH IIKKCIC.VKK— lirrn- tic nutvil |o tr k | Hi,- ulr:itu>i|ilii'rr. UlillVI, .llKl.ltllSK — ,,i. in th r vliluui hill? wiinlril lloiirr. iiiollii'ri riliiyi 'I'rliuiril I M , nt imr. Jarklc <lc< i,l,. M |» ivlih |lu K cr I,, II,,. CHAi'TEK XI JJOGER did not gel (o take oft for Ihe west, coast, quite as soon as lie had anticipated. lie wan obliged (o "hang-around," as lie expressed il, until the weather was more favorable. "I don't want anything (o happen on the way out,—before I eet to make my flight.," he told Jackie, liis blue eyes earnest. "I've got to make good on this now. If anything happened and I Jell I'd let lieryl down, after having her pick ine for the job, I'd never be able to look her in (he eye again. She's n wonderful person, Jackie— you've no idea." H seemed lo Jackie llial she had been hearing how wonderful Beryl was often enough lately to arrive ;it some conception. "If aviation ever achieves ils ultimate goal, it will be because of people like her," Roger said. "People who are willing lo give nol only thousands of dollars, but their time and almost their very heart itself. People with foresight and vision. . . ." "You forget even such wonderful people have to have pilots (o Ily their ships," Jackie broke in. "You're the one who's Inking the chance, Roger. Sometimes I think people like Mrs.—and I know you think she's perfection personified -simply like to share in the reflected glory of someone else. 1 suppose if yon break all records on this (rial flight, she'll think she did it—and want all the medals." * * z J>OGER slopped chewing the end ot his toothpick; he glanced across at Jackie; they were having hamburgers and toffee at the Airport Inn, waiting for Beryl JVIel- ixise to join them. This might ue their last meeting for some time ;is, if ilic weather "broke," everything was in readiness for the take-off. "Why don't you like Beryl?" Tioger asked. "She thinks you're swell, .Jackie. She told me so— just Hie oilier day." His eyes crinkled at their corners. "Not still jealous, are you? Now that we're really engaged." Jackie had absolutely sold him on her idea. Since the Jiighl of the announce- nenl party—and that kiss behind the banked (lowers —Roger believed Jackie intended to marry him on his return. "Certainly I'm not jealous!" Jackie llnred. Just the same she did not like the other fiirl any better than she had from the first. "Except that I think I'm the one who should bo going with you to the coast. But of course I'm only your fiancee, nol a beautiful widow with millions of dollars to buy my way anywhere. It seems to me, Hofer, she should be satisfied to stay hero and wait, the -same us I must do." "After 1 all, it's her ship," Roger reminded. "It's only natural she should want to go along. If it weren't for my arguments against il, Beryl would make Ihe trial ight with me. She's thai interested—and plucky." "I suppose you told her it was much too dangerous for her!" Jackie said, with some bitterness. "It's loo risky for any woman," Roger said. "But that wasn't my main argument. I want as light a load as possible to make the fastest possible speed. And—this may sound selfish—but somehow I want lo feel I've done this all alone." • * * JACKIE could understand that; it was the way she vrould want it, too. "Sec here,""Roger changed the subject abruptly; he leaned toward her, his blue eyes earnest again. "There's something I want lo give you, Jackie, before 1 go—that is, if you'll v;car it." He looked as though lie did not know quite how to say what lie wanted lo say; as though ho still felt uncertain as to how Jackie would react to it. She said, "What do you want me to wear?" carelessly, not prepared for what would come next. "You mean you will?" "Why nol?" He looked at her another moment searchingly, direct. Then he unfastened the small aviation pin, symbol of his achievements, that he always wore clasped to his lapel. "I want you to wear it," he said, offering it to Jackie. "Until I come back . ..-. and if anything should happen. . . . Well, I haven't anything else much lo leave you, my love." For once Jackie did nol ask him not to call her that. Itc had said it in such a different way, nol on thai light note of mockery. ) luut said it as Ihc ugh he h meant it. But that had not be wlial made Jackie draw ba< "No, no," she said. "1 can't la : il, Hoeer." This was going a I too far wilh her joke. Someh< il might make the last laugh b ter-swccl. "WJiy not?" "You lohl me you'd never without it—that it brings y'| luck." "It will bring me more, if . wear it for me this lime." "I'd rather not." "Please do!" His tone was i gent, as though-more than sj knew depended upon it. "I ca: give you a ring, or anything el: j Jackie. Nol until I get back, want you to wear it. I'm aski you to." "IN that reachcc case ..." Jack icd out for it, but st | reluctantly. 'Here ... lot me pin it on yoi He was on his feet, bending ov her, his fingers fumbling at 11 lapel of her coat—the lapel II- was over her heart. His face, i most as flushed as her own, w close now, his eyes looking ir | hers a breathless moment. '" pledge our troth . . ." he said, a voice curiously unlike his ow "Oil, here you are!" Anotlil voice—Beryl Mclrose's—broke . on them, shattering the momel us though it hail been mads \ thin crystal, delicately wrouslf Then she must have been ^f that she had shattered somcthi _ A flash of pain swept her facc/1 though it had been somclhij within herself, "r have be looking for you. I've got grc news . . ." She sat down in IV chair Roger bad. vacated, b'i manner poised as usual, her sni as gracious. But Jackie had seen her fa when it had been unguarded. S had seen that flash of pain. Som how she could not feel as rescr fill toward this other girl now. < as triumphant for herself. "We can fake off in the moi 1 ins," Beryl said now. "T weather's cleared. The bureau r ports just cnme in, clear-from t coast. No mere waiting. Rog< Isn't that grand?" "Swell!' Roger said briefly it was enough, His bVuo eyi looking info Bery/'$,. were alii wilh the fire of'Ail h'is dreams. ) had forgotten Jacjfie's existen once more. This "moment belong jus I to Beryl. : (To Be Continued) ,\, B lu-ouKli the sweat, Ihc urine, and : ill of Ihc other excretions and I ccrctions cl the body, the supply •)f \vutcr is constantly Ijciiin ex- and must, constantly be 'eslorcd. Thai, is why all good authorities •cconinicml ut least eight glasses jf water daily in addition lo Hie fluid that, is- taken in (he form of "cod. Keiser News Mrs. Km- Clay Colem-m and laughter. Nancy Sue. of Memphis, were \vcckriKl guests of Air. and Mrs. It. p. Dunavant. "Mr. and Airs. MeKcnnley Tinner uid diiiighlcr, Nell, and Mrs. E. R. Faulkner of Etowah accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Wllliaixl Lylcry to Knytl. Mo, Sunday. " ( Mrs. J. T. Polk was laken to! lie Baptist hospital last week «ncl | is _cx|:cclr.l home next .Sunday. Jrs. R. II. Kr.uertson presented Ihc "iris of the Home Economics ::las-s wilh a picture. "The Pioneers'" by Robert Wesley Amick, an American artist. The picture will bchuuy over the mantel in the living room of Ihc Home E-onomics cottage. Willie Amos was taken to the Baplisl hospital Wednesday and is in a critical condition. The musical recital of Miss "Robbie Gowan will be presented in the t-chcol auditorium next Tuesday nrjhl. The public- is invited. 'Ihc Junior and Senior banquet \vill be given in the Home Economics building Friay. May 13th. The May-clay idea will be carried out in the.decorations. Small poles and streamers will adorn the. Uiblcs. Rose and while will be the color scheme, 'flic following program will lie rendered, with charafters as lollo'.vs: Johnny Jump Up, James. Wcstcr- ficld; Welcome Song. Ruby Johnson, Mary Payc, Harry fJunavaiit jr.. and WinlYcd Watson; Color of Streamers. John P. Keiser; Lights Out. Senior trio: For&ct, Me Not. Harry IS. Anderson; Century plant. W. E. Piss. Miss Florence Pouoll accompanied [ tlic tenth grade on a weincr rl;1 i nt Odder Park Wednesday »jj I Miss Benlah Thompson went w-l tlic ninth grade (in a, liamburl fry Tuesday night ul Gritlcr Pi'I Porcupine Becomes Pet, I Is Accepted by DJ DUNUAS. Millll. (Ul 1 )—Ace III "conies a-runnin'" whenever J| DcMann. his owner, calls him- : nnmc. He loiters around the hoi the rest of the time, occasion; | playing with DcMann's dog. Ace High and the dog arc friends, and even sleep logct-l with Ace High perched on doy's hack. But nobody ever pels Ace llj| Hc'.s a porcupine. Diluted hydincliior;i; acJ<! ing used lo treat oil wells crease their production. One K:l sas well increased Its daily out I from Si barrels to H-!o barrels' 1 this treatment. rishlrrnlli day. Walcr i.s absohilcly nccc^nr Ihc tinman body lor several rea .sous. II lornis a |>arl of all ul Hi MXTClitms ot Uic various £huid.' It is included in all of the digestive jukes nf (he body. It is I lie nuiiii inntcrial In HIP Wood oiul i the lymph. In (he joinls il limn a purl i:f Hie fluid thai is nccessar for Uibvleiitfon. 'Ihrouah the cvaj: oration o] water from Hit- surface "f thr body we regulate c»r trm- pcraturc. Hecanse ot UIIK ronslanl Inter- rh.ingR of icntcr in various |wr- tious of tlic body, and bcrauso .."•cinu- \\aler i.s ctnislanlly bein^ lost Announcements Thn' Courier News t:as nccn authorized to mukc formal nnnoimce- mrnt o[ the followini; candidntes tor public olllcc. subject to the Democratic primary August fl. I'or County Treasurer 51. L. (BILLY* OA1NES I'or ShcrilT and Collector HALE JACKSON <For Rn-clectlon) County Court Clerk T. W. PO'ITEP- Vnr Cniuily Tax Assfvisor W. W. fmiDDYl WATSON DHYANT STEWART 1 «r Cnuiily am] rroolwtn Juiljc DOYLE HENDERSON S. L. GLADISIf (For Re-election) Vor Circuit Court Clerk HARVEY MORRIS Tor Cnuiily Representatives W. W. FO\VLEB L. H. AUTRY WOODROW HUTTON U HOARDING HOUSE willi Major Hooj)] LISTEM, BEAUTIFUL, VOU DESEPVE A !XK.' HOW'S ABOUT TOMIGMT AWP A BIT CHERRY HOPP1KJG AROUWD AKJD X'LL LET YOU HE TURNED HIM DOWM 'f LIKE A ROMAM THUMB =

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