The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1947
Page 7
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SATURDAY, APRIL 26, 1947 ' TJLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COUK1KK NK\V^, CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION MUMS VIT Hue:::.-.:.: _ vv Count five iverag» words to tli» line. .,~ Ad ° rd " cd f" '•!>'<"> or sli times »ud eiotjieii before expliation will ba char*- "(i'T "" uimlier of times me ad iu- tftjuK 1 ^ adjuslment of bill made. , ,™Y;<Sw"s"l<Ml A<lvcrll»lnx copy sub- lamed ty |,er.ions residing outsida o( tlie tity njUKt do accomiiauled by cash. Rates inay bo easily couiyute.1 from tfco abQT« AdvertEsltiR order for Irregular Inner- tlosA takes the ODe tlui« rate No responsibility W |]i bo Ukon for more tluu one lucorrect insertloa of «oy cl»!!«lilci] id. For Sale HAHY CHICKS Vuailruplo A S13.7D tint kundrei], Jim FRYERS $1. Raised in brooder. Abraham's Poultry Hnnse, rear Abraham's Cafe, next lo American fA't'ion Field on S. Hwy. 61 3-28-ck-tf l.ullon *MU| DI'I, II on.i year lr,,m l,r<>...l- •T *U nor Itlyllm-iH,. (Hn L'n. I'I'JC ct-cf KAIiY CHICKS ,-<.rlifi..|l (lurks PuM crmviiii: ninl ; L J:iyi-is. r,-^,i,iu hiiK-JjiriK. Onlir ii,in. Hl:il,i,-k llal.lii-i-j-. Xurlli III Hi,.-lnsivy. I'luin,! :j]7'J, .|!ll-ek-tf for Salt alk-ill , ...,. ,•;,!,!• ">•'«. » ..... her M,|i],li,... AlMi Mills CimitiiT<M>rj!. I'liulli, Bull Stoll. ii.'rtl. - [,. li 111 niih Ijallj Uirui,.,! mi |.:iv..,l Mr.vt, Kvuil liirniiuu. ami in B....,] . , n.liii.,1,. uriniil vi- o- In vi' |«i»K,'»«iim vvilll d ..... I. sluns-ii l, v :,,, |,<,ir,ti,,.-,il. W. M. Huriis. |,.. al , M r. All l:iml* roiiiili lunilier. U'.i.i.l trt -,|) ,,,,r rlik IIIIIK as it IriM,.. CIIMII. ui'l.j LVI ,1 ill K.ilii-i.irs Mill W..,i ,,[ ,,.,.. . ' 10 i.r I.', Ai-rc" nil,' ni.,1 (,„[[ m j|.,, tuulli im H»y. (U. WHl liit-aifil. 11,1 POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower — the Pathfinder — the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions. IMythevillc Machine Shop. -I-l?,-ck-(f Ti-il 2-v<-nr-.iM >vM - psp.'i.,. .!. (•_ .(i K<|. Ulylliovil!,,. n,,, N.-w varan! .', ru.ui •> iiorrlirs. W, II 1711. $:;nnci.nt> , u.r.i" fr.jin Mi- ,ln wljiil I'IIIMI-S nnliirally. piiia F,>i I'li-lius lilt's :in<L ii[ilinlMi. n , ]i.-rfi'.-t Drills I'aiul nn.l W;!]!],;,]^.,' Slur.' •iii'.i ,'k-r, 30, .10 & r>2 Billion Norge electric heaters iirc now ;ivaila!)le at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements am available for any power lines. H ' 4-21-ck-t!' One*. M. C. panel body with new motor, -rood (ires. One liilernational !/j ton with new slake body, good (ires, liotb in A-l condition. For (|uick sale, call day plionc ^(>(>0, niji'bt phone iia'H. <1/2G pk 5/3 linn... Tniil.-r. ^'J' LnSiill,'. rirc^ r,,..!., livillL- r.n.rl kili'lli'll. Hi ...r-.-. v,.|i.-< hill l,li,..l^ ,: 1 I Sijiiu'ii. S. ill llit'liivay. Wliih. K.ii-V l'i-yiT«. in weeks For Rent ->'-'., -mM livlivir iiii»rli<r< in r.>ar. Will,. M,,,-k i.r will ..-M linililiiiir nn.l lot. ilenl. On 11.-i l.-avina for hi-allli. !'hoi><. IHIl'l. - \ic-o Li-dj-nniti. close in 1110 Walnut J|I7 |,k-5!17 :m,l rdnin- nlld 'i. I'liune :is:ir,. BniTrn.imo. Ulj'H^vil]., llolel Hin K. Matn. Pbune 952. Mrit On lint nrnisli^.l hoilrnnni. lllflinn privil Cnse in. (;nii|.!r. 21« 1!. Pnvi-. EVERY MOVING PART. OF YOUR CAR IS THOROUGHLY CHECKED FOR POSSIBLE TROUBLE/ Car need repair? Of course we can fix it. Kill better si ill, we can help avoid bitf repair bills, by servicing your car ( () prevent trouble. Summer's nearly here, and hoi weather will lack up problems, unless your car is conditioned for il in advance. P HI L LI PS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth — Blythevillo, Ark. — Tel. .453—3715 •"'111. 40 A< .i[ in fro..l ,-f [.. v ».. (•„.!. . ,1 (: l^lis l^nif^ I Il,,\ S^ iii,.. riimiK r,n 4' PAGE SEVEN KM". WulK' IVLI II.IIMI ii;u iik-:>i;<> TO LOAN I)« you need n lonn to or remodel? No down payment, no mortgage, no red t»po. I'll A approved rale 5*. Ask fo/ details. Mai Lo«»n, UenHor, phone 203-t. Lynch Hldg.. ISlytbeilile. 9-aa-ck-lf Fo^ Complete Protection INSURABLE HAZARDS Rhone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glcncoc Hotel Bldg. ' 1 24 W. Ash St. Sec us for nn estimate before you have your tractor overhauled. \y' e RI H>ciuli-/c{ in .sti-ntii cleaning and paiiiliiis;. Ulcclric unit iiccl- ylonc welding. UiiHseli I'hilliiis Tractor Co. Iliwuy fil Soiilli. I'hone 217!. y-1-ek-tf I-el us sti;n[ien and rrpjjir your lawn mower, reKiird- of kind or si/e. (iet yours ready now, and avoid (he \ns\\. \Vo pick up iiixl dolivor. lilylheviile iMachino Shop, 211 ,S. 2m! St.. plume 282S. .l-:(-ck-ir For Hire on Jireferre-l. HIT hnii».L,o|.|ni; Male Help Wanted Latest model self - service open display HiiPsem produce or dairy refrigerated box with mirrors to reflect double display anil fluorsccnt li^hls. This cast is 11 feet long with-. lower, storage. Prici^ SCOO.OO. l.ilii-tfv Cash Grocery, lily^ville, Ark. 4-2.1-ck-28 0 room house located close (o hi.nh school. Ideal for large family. Priced to sell this; week. f> room modern house, will sell completely furnished. Can be FHA financed. Perfect condition. Quick possession. Call Max Lojjan if you want lo buy a home. Modern duplex, a real home and investment. Don't miss this. Call Max Logan if you \sast lo sell your property. Appraisals mude with no obligation. See or call Max Lngan, Realtor, phone 2031 Lynch Bids. J-2-l-cl--28 K.M.KSMAX - MAX WITH AMRITION luTf-s.-irj-. Cf>v,'r lm-al ti'ri-ih.t-y. l)r:nv iui: iior.iunt. t:,in,l rliniu-., "ailvan--,'- silir.n an, I ^ontrirls. Pr- Kei,!ie= r.-.-f Vnn..- r,l ilii« Courier Xe«->,. tn Hie rinir of in.|all m . nl "- to 1r:iv,.|. (;,,n,l T'av. M.-iii I --! !>„,. . ..... I..VT— n,l. \Vrile Ilox -on' <"• 4121-rk-lf ions Mm M.^li"--. hi T-'"nFtr,v . 1. Marvla.1,1 Wont«irf fo Buv ._,»*: - :. S,,li,l™'H,l.' lal'V '"•! * li'lll" cliair. I'ra,- \Vr.,.l.'-:,l.-. l.'l.'lil. S|. ,,,,„.... -.1,711 H, .;,!,„,.,.,„. <;,,i,iir,.|i., ( -,MI V.rnon) St. l.«i Cash for wrecked or junk automobiles. Wade Anlo Salvage, North Hiwny 61. Phone 3785. 3-27-pk-4-2? Will pay lOc for copies of Courier News of Friday. April 18, hrought fo (he office. 4-22-ilh-tf Wanted to Rent \ or 5 room unfurnished, house. Phone 350!). 4-23-(lh-U •tl2fi.].k-:7 rilblini; Tan ' ,.,,.nly "I ,.il,l,uil,liiu-s. Small ,,,, ln ,it i,,,,,-,.. KH> M :>«'• fl. l,n. S,.,. Iliis nntl "iMiisi- 1 I'lal'f >.l,»-k lr,,,ii Vain Slrr.-l Sln.ill iliMvn (,1,'in II, l,;,fnifo i-i> 1 ,l. r n,,.i,lb. 1', will, .1.-..I. I ;,...:] I ,•,„>„, I,,,,,'.' "I, ..r.v.-,,v-.,l II.V,.,' I.;.,,-U f,.,,,, M.lill SI.'.-.-'. l'ri. v 5 L| '.-.0. . ,' will, irni'.l inil.-v il :. T!ii« i" ..,,',1,1 ,,r,..l,,.:h i|. "ivi-l! .Iiniiu.l. 1.1 nr I." Acro^ on" n."l l-.alf hlili--: '..mill 'Hi 11" y. r 'L W.-1I l,)'il. rn 'r.VTl'irK OTIAV. IIKAI.T^ I'limic- .M^ nKKT IIOSK. SV1.KSMVV n.-ins ()( «illi W. M WilliiniK .>:-rv. I l.-> foiilli Thinl riionn 27.M FELIX A. CARNEY City Radio Service • Expert Repairs on All Radios • Complete Line of Radios in Stock > We Pick Up and Deliver rrurlor l,r..»Mii K ].ln>r. U'llilini; ,>!»»•. iai- liiirruw anil i.lnnliT. Cull II. II. SALESMAN WANTED Kl :N10NKV -.vilh fi.-i,il line. I HIO vl-inl- iuiv..t!iMr'ig il'nviri," l!,,,,'i.'' m',',',',"!,!'?. huKJ .Slim,lav Hut. rum,,],.!,, ,,ri™ r:in«. Sell h^lamly. EM"'i -ii-ni-,- in, lllair." Vii'ii iNi,'a','i M "'."6l.i.. Personal W.-iCil, f,, r 1,1.. Ijirit'o iinrly Woilnos.lay. May Till. H|>niisi,ivi! (,y In.iiiv Alli'ir Kni'li-l}- of Hie Ii n,.,,lnlo Con,., ,,1- imi Cburcli. .t : '>:l-i-l,-7 taking several Irips.lo lli'iitiin Ihii-l.i.r. Midi. Ibii Kgirini;. Wiiuld lit.,. i>:i««|.|,«,T« III sliar.- ,.xi,.„,.,. ..;,...., ,,„.. Wrin- .A. rr. Usln.n.. Iloul,. :| lli.n- luii ll.-iflmr. 2«-i,li:m Famous Neotite heels by Goodyear Step nn il, fricmt ... If you w:tiit reul ri-weur I'mnTorl from Ihuse olil .shot's. Itrlni. r 'them tu us :ui<l save the prit-t! (if u new p.ur at hl{;h prires! HALTERS '3UAUTY SHOE SHOP 121 W. Main SI. JOHNS LIQUOR STORE All Your Favorite Brands • YELLOWSTONE • SCHKNI.EY • ANCIENT AGE • 4 ROSES • I. W. HAltl'ER oi.u OLD TAYLOR HUNTER 1'AtlI, .T<(NI-S CAl.VErtT'S tniso nioviiiK, fdinulalion ro- Iiaiis. Kxporicnccd. Have all ••niiipmoiil. Call ,|!i2 or sec Kraiik Croi'hctl, .'!()() S. lOlh. 'l-8-'l«-' r i-S Mr l.: lr ,,,,. r . Try ,,s ,„, v .,,,r ,:..,,,.,»l '»,"" HI"",. I t,.,,...- -lu.,i,,j.-. ||,.,,ry «.••!!,!.,.,I, SI,,,,,. I'll,,,,,. :|.,ii. !-•„,-. iy "-"i s sin,i,. .I.H.i,!,•::« «I'KC'1AI. XO'I'ICI: S.-nil vmr r.nndv »:,sll 1<i TU'J Chill :< i !• Lii.vj. i-:::i-|,i.-r, 7 Wonted fi.\.VlT\Tli.\ W,. .,, .iii|i|.i..| I |."ii'|. iiii.l .l.:>n i-n-i |... r, i,(in •••"' .'in .1 all ,1.11.1 1:1 ii, u.,i,,,l ^l''t> H.'ll t,.'l UIVlll.'VJII.- pill!' ^7:;i. i ; 2^-,,k-;. 1 AND li IJAY RKRVICK ON ANY MAKK OH MODia, 1110- LIAIH-K WORKMANK1III'. PHONE 2642 \Vo Call for mid Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Klei-lrical Apiilinuco Co. Antlitirl/i'd IMotnrirl.i UiirfEo S:ilfs tiuil Service IOC Smith I'lrst St. 1 Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 20,1 S 101-1 Chickasawba CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel \Vn curry il in stin-U In 1^", IS", 18" mill 21" sl»rs. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. lllvtlicvllln, Ark. "Ma&eliTen Gallons! You're, Not Going to Pull That Gag About Running Out of Gas!- Whether it'« one or ten gallom, you gel cttoan, knock-free gat here—superior urvlc* tool A quick, efficient, cheerful check-up on oil, tite», caibofatoi, and motof—all lot the pric* of on* •• (or tO) gallant of got. Feu happy motoring, drive In here flritl LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. 't Wreckers Ph6nc 578 llr. Service tberKng Tires IT you lived »ii Lhc moon, you'd fo Mm earth -10 Li HUM bi 'iijhtci 1 li:ui you now sec; Uiu moon. PRESCRSPTIOJ rcsh Stock uci) Prices Drug Stores Trcsh Stock (iitarantuci) Prices Your I':itn>nugc Appreciate d ACKOSS FROM KIT/, THEATER DON EDWARDS "The Tjriewrlter Man" IIOYAL, SMITH, G'OllONA mil Rk'MINUTdN I'OUl AIH.K HO N. SECOND ST. PHONE 3^112 (Every Trnnsnctlon MUST BE SATISFACTORY 1 ! RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Fypfs Kitcpl Cancer) DRS. NIES& NIES Clinic S14 lM:illi, fllylbevillc. Ark., V'lnne i!»^l S24 E. Main Phone 2407 nitttnital FARM LOANS RAY WORTH1NGTON Tune In Prudential Program Sunday «t 4 p.m. over WREO Serrtnt This Section for 21 K«n 115 8«. Srd Blythevll]*, Ark. Let Our Flowers - - For Every Occasion Telephone -101 and your order will be on It's wny In record lime. Our Floral Arrangements toll n complete Btory. ^ FLOWER SHOP f.T.n. Service We Kellvcr Anywhere Ph. 491 Mrs. J. M. (Miict Williams, owner Glcncoe Btdi Radios and Hearers Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors v Batteries s Tires and Tubes Puint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Mo in St. Phone 2122 Give It Phone 555 LANG5TON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL .iCX)EN Contractor LYNCH :BL06. JLYTH EV| L Lt AR K. ' ATTENTION FARMERS 11 We havo received our shipment of Hoosier-Crost and Super-Crost Hybrids for immediate delivery. Arrange now !o call for the corn you ordered. We suggest you purchase a sufficient quantity of seed corn as tile supply is limited. SEE US AT ONCE. Biytheviile Soybean Corp. 1800 W. Main Phone 856 or 857 FRECKLES AND HIS FHTRNDS Faces ill Window BY MERRFM, RTiORSEJ THEYSE HWIM& IA ANOTH6FJ. ROUNP / GOOD SUPPER ITS PBETTV DARK- I DONIT SEE AWY30DY THE UVIN6 ROOM ' , , MUST/WAITING FOR.? UTS HAVE A LOOK INSIDE f OP PEANUT BUTTER.,' OOWM THE STREET. AND THOSE" DRIPS ARE UPTD1HE EARS IM A . REFRIGERATOR;

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