The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1934
Page 8
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EIGHT BI.YTHEVILLE,-(AP.K.) COURIER NEWS . (Conttnned Iran Pago 1) His frankness on tlie possibility of reunion between Mimcluikuo and Chilis, proper lunder Maneiiuku- oan leadership, of course), is unusual. Bijl other forces are also at work tending to heal (lie breach caused by Hie Japanese Inclusions at Shanghai, Jer.ol, and In Manchuria. One of the most striking of these is Hanni Ito, a fiery, fnnntlcnl lit- ; tie man who colls himself "Eicr- nal Youth," and who Is a cross be- V«reen Billy Sunday. Mali.itmn Oandhl, and Old Man Jingo. He Is preaching throughout China and Japan a gos|>e! of i> united Ab!n SUNDAY SCHOOL Jesus Acclui mod as King Tnt: Mad. 21:1-16 Tlie Uniform Sun day Sclkool l.rsson fur May 0. BY WM. K (ill.HOV. D. D. Ultor of Advance The triumphal entry Into Jem salein has become celebrated in Palm Sunday. Our thoughts have been glvi'ii to this recently, so that we come to the study of tlits lesson with the preparation of tr.e Lenten The description of the entry of Jesus Into Jerusalem seems to have a unique plnco in the ciosprl story. We ilnd Jesus on different occasions reeking refuse from ihv opiwsltion Che |>eit^'cuting .spirit of the under tlie lentlershiii of Tlie press of Japan gives 1 his crusade serious 1 attention, nml two of the most widely-read Jaijancse newspapers recently devoted four full pages to Ito In an edition widely circulated in China. Ho wears Chinese clothes on lib lecture tours in China. • • • Sm Japan as Savior Urging rtio union of Asiatic peoples, Ito cries: "If Japan is defeated" in the World War that may come soon, the entire Orient will become dark. If Japan wins, Cfl- na will prosper anew, India will revive. , "Hanni wonders"— Ito s|H?aks o! himself in the third parson -"If It is not tile true will of God to mix Japanese with the 400.00D.ODO Chinese. . . Jiist as Japan is the sa- vlo'r of China, so C.'inn cnn be llic savior ot Japan, "The Chinese do no 1 , realize wlia', destiny lies ahead of t!ie Par Kast They do not untlcrsljnd that their neighbor Japan slakes her lite on defending this part of the globe V It remains to be seen of course. whether China will umlentamf any such thing from this slrangi prophet, or whether he will make any impression at all in CliUia. NEX.T: Kattl* of gunfire and fear of bandits arcumpiiny u trip from Harbin to Vladivostok, the fennrrljr important town whlrli ncu Japanese railroads and ports lave in multitude, Wo find Urn, for the most part. avoiding the tlirangv dpiibllc places. giving his greatest teaclilnss to Individuals iiiul to .small groups os he wanders through Hie fli'lds. as he sits by the side of the well, or as he reclines In KOIIIU' home where t'c- has ben Invited to supiwr. In many of his public up|>ear- anc« wo see him confronted with opposition und denunciation. A few days after' the events <le^ •eriljctl In our lesson, ue see him In a very dlllercm procession, to the, U'lng spat upon and reviled ns he walks nntler Its burden. ' • . ' . '. The. tall of a comet contains monoxide gas, the «imc gas that is found In the exhaust of an automobile. Ho»' does It come In cur lesson, therefore, that we have this contrasted incident? Ilrre. as lie rides toward Ji'i'iuatcin irom the Mount of Olives, the people cast their gar- est need ol the man who would discern true values, and who wouH always sec things aright, Is to B c-l that sense ol discriminating Judgment llmt Is not swayed merely ijy mcnta In UK way and throw palm outward events or by Inward branches in Ills path, crying. "Jl-j- ••'" •' — sannn. blessed is hi' that Cometh in Die name of ir.c I/o:<i." We can hardly account for the changing scenes, out the contrast Is one llial has been by Jio means lacking In other ;>erlods of history and ' In the llve.s of great leaders and teacliers. • History records so many cases where die'mini who has Hit plaudits of the throng today is sulfc-ring ttx> violmcc of l.:c mob tomorrow, or the man vilio .Ls acclaimed as the very savior of his nation toduy was harrif-d and driven by the mob but a few years earlier. In our own day we have scon a rather notable example In ItiC rise to (xiwer In England, during the war period, of David Lloyd Cicorgc. although in another »ar, the war of £?n^]aiid against lite }Joers. Uoyd George was the object o[ the vengeance nf a mob. which threatened even to hang him. Probably, the chicl teaching of Lhls u-sson out of this contrast and .Us emphasis upon the instability of the mob. Ti:e greut- U. S. Monument Effected To Sarah Bernhardt GENEVA. N. Y. (UP)—Its exist- ence'virtually unknown to the outside, .world, an odd memorial to Sarah .Bcrnhnrdl, French tragedian, erected by a devoted Oencvu admirer, stands in n llltle frequent- eel spot south of l!:e city, near Platlsburg. ft is believed to be the only monument ever erctted in tills country to her memory. Tlie monument, iGmposiMl of concrete blocks of stone nml a cement base, stands n tot 1,1,1,. u was built by Charles 13. Ucnn. Geneva lawyer nnd descendant of Colonial settlers, who followed 3:er career in U]!G country and in foreign capitals. ' A plaque, of Vermont mnrble, bears the following inscription: "To Miulam Sarah Bernhardt, the greatest actress In the world, whcsc lyric fire and divine voice gave more Intense and supreme life to the jwets. in profound ud- mlrallon is built isis nigged mo and _... "Romance Holds Oi>en the to Eternal Spring." 'Hie memorial is situated on Bean's estate. Dean is an officer of the Knights o[ Cyprus. blons nnd emotions. When we can observe soine mail who U subject to abuse and cciii-' tumely, aiifi can find In him some : clement ol goodness that blgoir;- and prejudice have failed'to sci\ we have put reason above tho away of passion ami Ignoble Influence, and have come Into the realm o' moral values. i It Ls not so easy to attain this as I would appear on the surface. It Is, in fact, the hardest, way of life, and It demands life's sternest ami supremest discipline. Fortunately we have Die discipline and thc i»w- cr of Christ to help us attain u. spiritual discernment. The man who is truly of tli? Christian spirit brings to life n sort of touchstone, in which' the. spirit of Christ in otltcrs Ls revealed. Hi- con see In the prophet who i>:., x , spurned and denounced and pew i..i! cuted the true man 01 Qod, ir Ocd Indeed be there. It Is-- easy to throw our pa ],,: branches In the way, but it Is moiv difficult In thc huiir of Calvary tu '" able to discern tfie living Chris: cruelty. the dying victim of human '•"Ji'XplulllSll. . "foci 11 inuiijjni a collie of drinks would ! do me soini! good." • "Well, did it?" queried the court. "No, I fee) worse now," St'hull/. answered glumly. • • • "Well, that's settled i)ien," tr.e court opined.'"Alcohol does not cnn- •>l)rlny fuver." ' . Whisky No Spring Fever Cure, He Decides BUFFAUD, N. Y. • (UP)—Whisky Is no spring fever tonic. So rulnl. J "''ge Clifford J. chip In nndli« i lorlal. by the Knights of Cyprus nd devoted frlniuls. Rnad Cmnler News Want Ads. NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE Default- having Men made in the payment of thc debts and ob'.l^n- tions secured by that certain deed of trust cxecucd on June 18th, 1920 by William B. Ambcrg and wife Ohariolte H. Amberg. to the urnlor- slgned, as Trustee, as thc r,-ime appears of record in Booi "Z", ,:nge 345, of the records of Mississippi Courity, Arkansas, at Ulylr.evillc (and' assigned to John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company by instrument of record in Book 35 page 49), the indebtedness .secured ty said trust deed having been extended by 'instrument dated December 2nd, 1932. and of Record In Boole 64,/page GI5. of the records ot said 'Mississippi County, nt Bly thevllle', arid the owner of the in debtedness secured having requested the undersigned to advertise and sell tiie property described In said trust deed, all of said indebtedness' (as extended) having matured by default in the payment of a part thereof at the option of the owner, this is to give notice that we will on SATURDAY. MAY 19th, 1934. within legal hours, at the front door of the Court House In the Town ol Blytheville. Mississippi County, Arkansas, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property situated In t^e Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, to-wit: South Half of Southeast Quarter of Section Thirty-six. Township Fifteen North. Range Eight East, containing 80 acres, more or less. •All right and equity of redemption, homestead, dower and appraisal -waived in said deed of trust but the sale will be made after due appraisal ns provided by Uc laws of the State of Arkansas. The 1 title [ s believed to be good out we will sell and convey ns tnis- tee only. This April 24lh. 1934. KANSAS CITY T1TT.E & TRUST COMPANY. Trustee By John Henry Smith. ' President. Church & Gannaway. Attys., .Memphis. Tenness'.e. 2G-3-lo-r McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY FKEE DELIVERY Specials for Saturday and Monday HAMS Small. Whole. ' Fresh I'ork 5 to <i I.b. Aver. Pound 14c SHOULDERS Small. Fresh. Hulf or \Vh6te: Pound ' 9ic SPARE RIBS Small Pound 9ic H0(i HEADS Whole. 5 to 6 Lb. Aver. • -.' "Bach I K. €. .ilriskft or Rib Pound ' '. 1 100',;, Pure Pound PIG LIVER Fresh and Tender Pound SLICED BACON Positive Relief For Smarting Itch To end smarting skin itch, eczema, rash, teller, ringworm and foot-itcli use Blue Star Ointment. It melts on the skin, sending tested medicine 1 ; deep into ports where it kills genus and ends.ilctijiig. Very soothing. lXx:snothurn.Pleasuntlrjodor.(aav.) Ilcud Coiirk-r News Want Ads. Sunday - Monday MA'I'INEK & --NITE—10c-35c M Last Time Today Mat. 2:30, 10-25c Nite 7:00, 10-35c JOHMMy WEISSMULUR Pound 15c Small Center Cuts Pound 15c RADISHES Hunches for lOc CANDY & Sons Mother's Day Spi'ciiil. 2-IJ). Hox' 75c CELERY Stalks tiuch 7ic I SALAD PRISING 1)aint ^ r f COLnniCT WASIHNGTOWD 27c MATE Pepper Pol Cartoon Musiatl Comedy "(Joins Spanish" Saturday Only MAT. and Nite—lOc - 25c FRIDAY; MAY 4, New Frocks for Graduation Being Received Daily G RABER'C TVBPT OTAUVQ ^^& Of Course, You Can Wear J'i)m Schult^, H8, guilty o f intox- I-arger Selections Permit Rasier B ^ p , JCItoice and Insure 0 Satisfaction i^-ij-sJ - • ONE OF THESE BIG HATS They come in Panamas, liouglt iiti-aws, Pelat'oons. Leghorns and llglit Wflalii Sisscls . In whiles aiid pnstcl 5lmdes. They ore uiont nattering styles, and uvon If you have .never -worn a |i| largo hat. come In anil try on cue of ilieM-. Very S|»clally priced at $1.98 1 White Gloves New fabric gloves with nu-sh and embroidered organdy cults. 59c 98c For the Girl Who Is Growing Up VOILES AND ORGANDIES In tho cutest styles for growing girls'from 7 to 14. Pastel shades- in ?olid .color organdy, as well as fetching stripes. High waist styles, with tic-Lack sashes. .50 L. G. MOSS Blytheville's Cut-Kale UNDERTAKER Why Pay A Big Prict? GOLD DUST TOWDER 2 Pkgs. 5c LIME RICKEY,,,, and S-oz. Itottle 15c STRA\VBERRIES Home Grown Quart 15c BUTTER (•olden Hod. Creamery Pound 26c FLOUR Kiigc. 1'lain Sack 85c OLEO Valley Park round lOc BREAD Big Dandy. Salt Rising Now Onlv lOc CCFFEE McMullin ' s Slwetai: CABBAGE Nice and Green Pound BEANS Great Northern 5 Pounds GREENS Muslard or Turnip 2 Hunches 7c SOAP 0. K. Small Size 10 Bars BAKING POWDER K. C. 25c Size 21c Dainty Dotted Net Dresses in most becoming styles. Those have tafVetti trimming and sashes, ;i'ml cunie in dainty iiastel shades. Many have told us thiil they have seen these dres- - C PS offered by city stores at ?3.98, yet we feature them at Sizes 7 to 16'/ 2 $ 2 In All Pastel Shades A Real Sensation In Silk Hose "NU-MAID" The New Kingless All silk Clear Sheer.- Chiffon. Absolutely without a flaw or "ring" from toe to top in the sheerest quality;' A hose that is a run! §1.59 value. All'Siew shades and in all An epic of human emotion, picturing the tremendous battle of woman's love against man's forgetfuiness. Bythedirector of Back Street' MONEY ISN'T EVERYTHING — but it's a lot to a young couple who have more wants than income (It's a story that applies to you and you and you! DON'T MISS— LET'S BE RITZY Starring LEW AYRES With Patricr. EHi«, Fr.nk McHu.I,. ubtl J«»«n. Directed by Ed» d ,d V~ YESTERDAY A JOHN M. STAHL PRODUCTION. Produced by C<ri Ljtrnml., h. Suwittd by ttn book by Ft«d- trick Lt»i« Alltn. PmtnUd by C«rl LMrnmlt. A UNIVERSAL PKIUBE. . ~ . cGuirt. Prtf€«(«d by Cj,I Lttmmle. A UNIVERSAL PICTURE. SKUIA!, - .\ERKYTOON Paramount News Broadway Brevity "Plane Crazy" with Dorothy, Arthur and .Morton Havel COMING THliKSDAY - FRIDAY George White's Scandals Lovely Graduation Frocks Beautiful new organdies m pastels, white iind attractive prints and plaids — Dozens of newly arrived styles that nre certain to please you. Organdie Collar and Cuffs Whites nnd pastels in pleated and milled ttyies. These arc unusually pretty. Special 59c 98 c And $5.98 You'll Adore These Charming Sport Dresses Now is the time for these snappy sports dresses. Some have little jackets in contrasting colors, and the individual styling in' these high quality clreyses actually set the wearer off from the rest of the crowd. They are styles .that, can be. worn for most any occasion, and you. will see them worn by tlie hest dressed . women. . . In Three Popular Price Group's. 3 $ m $c Rudy Valcc, Jin my Dili-ante, Alice Faye. Adrirjnne A in e s, Gregory HatolT, Cliff Edwards and George White I) A NCR - SONG - COMEDY ROMANO: • HKAUTY NEW SILK SKIRTS In white and pastel shades, in pleated and other attractive stylw in values that soil at $2.60. We Take Your Scr/pf

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