The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1936
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUU Hl.VTHKVll 1..E. (AUK.) C01.1RIKR NE\VS Victims of North Carolina Night Riders Vrhrns Tell How Floo Whipped Them Cni Their 'Hair '''lie <""liini's shadow rf niB|,l 'iilecs f.i'ls ever :i >T:il-l'fc. "To- 1 ...... ''••"'' i'l xi'ii'linisimi Ninth ('nrollii:i. A noted innvsin- I"' »' ..... :n> ami nulhor brin-s vmi :i .now eolorl'ul, MOW niiwrj>ilv "trail lint always liuiinn won)'. |i:ilnliiil> of swial misfits whus« eoiinli'iiiitrls iiilgl-1 ]),. ;,,,,,,,| ;,' Mie ilinsy side slnvls uf-tii;,-.; l) li^eh rcilllliv latlt-s i: 1: a,,y | I-', (lie «vil;l. It.v l.nM'A I 01! XKA Service S(:Hf CI.AHENDON 1 . 'l(il:acc» Hn:ni" ( ik'wii mid a .Minr ItHOOKA] IN (V-rroi,,,, ...... , . »f rlj)si>.'Jin» (!„. sl!n •„ y bl . c , tw nisl i n , nco leaves- -i'iis- 10 tj s the <Wio I thc L.l.irr Fov.'lcr (close-ii;), i.bovst "wrsn'l i' home" -when vir.'tiirs railed the other day. The p'cture t?lcw explains why: he's sho\v.i left! en C..M.IVII deft) and Ornre Fowler llici:;:lit if they'd pin on their l«n dicsses before ilu-y bad then! lelvre inkrn. such nnery might tiisi.'nn' ntlcnluni from Gincc's 1 licks left, short and ir- l-r.r, ,- llc "; ge. fiui the stnar- jJi'odiiciloii'nBw In I- 1 - linn! year on Broadway— "To- tm™ Road" come to life I followed the road, wlnd'in" b°- Iwcen the toljacco fields, out to Lilnie Fcwlei-s ].lnce wlu-re (he v.hite-cltul night riders came flo«- Kf-«l CS-yK,r-olcl LIlHID and l^s ll'»'c daiislm-rs. Grace, Glen and t-.imlmc. and .shrnrei! their hair. 1 * . * I!«eF C r,lr<l. nnxious-eyeri Mr.?. l^.ltr looks out from Hie door ' lh'-' impainlcd shanlv. "Yes'm 10 BirLs i, | lc ,. e . Yes'm, you can talk (o (hem." . i lihnc. -lier Imsband. isn't at I home these days, [.time's "on the I Sanir," the local expression for I v;crl:mg on Ihe cimiu pan-. He ' <vill bo away for eight months' allCMther— four of them for di'.mkenness and four for IrilMii-' 25 cents from a little cii|j»!e(l boy. Neighbors describe Libue Fowl- 1 "R iiprcarancc by saying lie's I "nigh-sighted nnd crooked." Th"y tell, too, that, when- arrested last Lilnie admitted he hadn't had a' bath in pve years. lie took a! bealing rather than n bath— inter! uas scrvbbo.d. ..... . - I "Seems; •like," plaintively says Ili-ycar-old Glen who \yas 'our- of Ihe (luggers', victims, "they been tryin' to undermine our Daddy Seems like they're tr;;in' to Lreak us up." * • + Ten children there are in the ddws with nlu.s.s I" eurlalns. , A chlrknn hops up o t i Ihe .poreli outside, looks In nnd decides not to enter. 4 * * OI-IKV, 17, mul next oldest lo l-rnnk. appears, wonrln K a wide- brlninied strnw hat. "Yes'm," she snyi», "Illey Hogged me nnd out my •iinli'," Sill- licslliiies, yrlns nnd then lite the hut oil' lo show n liend wlih about tin Inch trowi'n of Imir. "Hit was Inle one night, along PAGE SEVEN,' iiielaiy when the i], rcc 8 | slo| . s sll Hillbilly Mugs, us they will nil request. Oten lakes Ihe lowest notes "nil Clrnee (ho 'iilBhest, "The OW Counlry cliureli" x, tlielr favorite, but they IIMIVC oil tl>e lust lcj( m . praiioiiiK'liiK Ihe word, "Clmr" They're prelty girls, even' wH',, Itielr Nigged hnlrents and linml- tashins tliey have shoes,' thoi'it'n°nt home they ,50 barefooted, to ciiy them on a pornoi or hoc "I don't joii should see me".MIC says between sobs, 'bocauso IIH .so dirty There .ilii't any way , I c:ui get clean here mid I'm uihnmod to be like (lib Those Bills ciuscd me this monilne utte I cooked tnoli breakfast ami saw I Mrs, 1-tawlcr, too, must hnvc IKTII i' . »»«'. Now most U'eth nre none and ',icr In - ... ,, ,.~ ...n.- uinr iiifim, UlDllg 'M-m HI u yuiJi I nbom. tin? middle of .strnwborryln', «'il mul:worn. Ihcy \senl, off ii^nln i^t night nnd tame bfck Idle Tney cuiwti ive wen j Ihch motlicr nnd knocked her or lierj donn nnd then trey u>ak lier out. •i' Is Jin- I In i he cornfield nnd knocked her "trail again, I'm nfrnitl to sliiy he,* mm nfiald to icnve O'n, Glen l-owlcr. Ill u.slng [he xhilin, niuspmei l,d>s hand minor nu'fnlly i,i.s| JL .cl S the ir^cd locks shon, by "ernsiirlers" vUio draaecd lier from.'JUT bed in me dark of nl^ht m:ui;nt wave ut Tutor ulty. Kiglit dollnr.s lilt cost "There ivit.'; nbwil 20 or 30 niL'ii in the orowcl, i Biii'ss. They pounded on Hi t . door nnd throw II open nmi came. In. Tiiey was nil In while. I vim- l.vlii' <m (, u , |,,, ( | nnd they Kniubed me mid then lliey Ki'nubi'rl Caroline mul Olen. i veiled mul they s,dd It 1 didn't stun liey'd ^fflntl .somethlntj down my Olen Inlcmiiits, "i yelled, ((,,,, j 1 asked whut they'd coma lav mid I <«<! lliej- know anything iiKiilnst our ciir-uclor ichiirnclerl nnd ttiey wouldn't miswcr. Then lln-y tlrnir- Et'd us (nil of the himsi> mul rj u |-' «{'. too. mul look «s oil mul beat ns.^ They Ijeiit me the worst. I .,.,„_.. ' nllSt -SJ-SMll^ Caroline, 15 yenvs ol<l, tosses her lioad. "They bent me," .she says "lint they (tliln'i c ,|| ' my !,„!,'._ '( I run nwiiy so fney couldn't. I run twite." ilou'ii, die child's eyes ure conUn- tiiilly das«l. "lie neeils dociorln'" I'u- mother frel.v, "|,,it i i mln -' t ,.<,. »o money for It. We're' pwe fnlts. We don't menu no | mim l() , one lint we're pare folks, i^telv the bnoy'.s hud ti fevt-r, too. | ttiink he's wormy—kind of." announces. "Itnln'l] niran n VMU sninrl of money If It keeps up."" . . , Ni'st morning tli e F OV! i er ,,i, lci} looks dcsL-rtbd. Only tliu p! 8 s, n'lli^ Wing nraiind Ilio doorytird, are In slslit and they scurry ai Uw n'p- liroac'ji of visitors. Mrs. 1'Mwlor answers n knock nt the door. "Frank nnd [tie girls arc llu'lr niuldy nnd late ))!„, 50mp ' (0 ° U.yll^e'Ijaek. ^h'fZiS" b'.ie says goodbye mid dlsnmipiirs Here dwell (he Fowlers. they were .sought out by "averting' nlBlil. riders...That's ^f, Sl Liluie' Fowler. «-HI. a yorng son, in" tin doorway, peering anxiously at the photographer. Uvo-rocm .'..Fowler... home, froin frank, thc oldest, who is .21 and cii!>;;lcd, to the two-year-old baby. "Orandma" Nova Co.v Is (here, loo, looking in from the kitchen and bursting into tears at the sight of company. Airs. Fowler shifts the weight of tlie child in her arms and pushes a chair -forward—the;.only one in Ihe room. There's not. rccm 'for chairs, for it is a small room, almosi, filled by the two Why Gulf is the Gas for July licds. 'unmade, aqjiiiul the wait, and a worn t'.'renu. the only other furnishings. The walls urj smy nnd iinrmished like Ihe out- side of the house, but foin-.rbr- rrrd plclures. cut from muii.i/ines covers, hnvc been pasted to one of the walls. There nre two win- 2 3 J"6.7 8 9 (Oil 12,131415161718 10 20 2122232$ Showing Jessie ^ Family's been making wh If you Inko ii look nl Ilic calendar Dad's whiskey making experience ;ii bci years, it's easy to make out it v^as way b 1892 when Dad slnrted learmng r.ll ou^ of good dislilling under Grandad The picture hanglne «P there i» Uad. It's William Wilken and Tom weren't aboc this snap was taken. 44 years ago this Friday- Dad began distilling Bearing in mim, how fussy iis folksin the distilling business are concerning the laste of the whiskey we drink ourselves, I don't guess it's anything but natural that you're finding our own Family's Whiskey better suited to your taste than anything else you've ever got a hold of. TakingGrandaciWilken.and Dadand meand William and Tom—I suppose you couldn't locate a family any- wheres that's been busying itself with whiskey making for so long a time as vis Wilkens. And here you got our own Family's Whiskey —the self same whiskey we always keep about over to the house for our own enjoyment, 86.8rror.f-TKe jlraiihl wrmltici in lM* tirojucr »« I S mi>nlh« or more <il J. 25% utraigrit whiskey; 75% grain ricntrj.1 «,„„!, Thi, product conlalni 5««lrainht «!,!,. l«V 4 veanol.l. 20* ilraijhl uhtiVty IS mnnlhi ^ 'itirco i up) _ p a<1 ., lc ,„ n Mtrry iind ciOM-covntw inimeis If liny, »cie up iiu.ilnst, it i iM( , ,„' IW4. An oidhwnce pioUdcd a $1 line loi iinvrihijc fnstei . tlinn n, WELDING AT DH3T PRICE." 1'nOMIT SERV1CK Barksdale Mfg. PIIONB If) l!cfor« Vou Buy Any Oiitlimrd - See thc NRPTDNE •'• 3 II. 1'. (!£/|r ShiRle Cjl. 'iP'lt> fOlher Sl/cs lo 16 II. p) UlJItltAlil) TIRK & co. HOW YOU SAVE MONEY-rircstoi, c saves mo,^ by carefulbuyuisof highBraclematerials— rnaniifaclurini'' in Jarse volume, in .(ho most ellick-nt fuclories in (lie world—ami ilcliverlnu lo you by tlic quickest:ind most' 1 ,ccpiH)!srfibiitioi),sys.tem. Tliese siivinus arc nusscil 'on to car owners. ' ' ' ' ..' " FIRST LINE QUALlTY-TKe new Firestone Slamkrci Tire is a first quahly lire, built of !ii K h g rat ) e materials, by skillcJ workmen, embodying Firestone patented construction features — used m no otlicr tire. ' • "-> THE'FIRESTONE NAME flND GUflRANTEE-Every Fir«ln, w Slandnnl lire bears (lie Firestone name, .your Kunrantcc of «rcaler safety, dependability nnd economy. GUM-DIPPED CORD BODV-Evcry co.ton fibre in every cord in every ply is soaked in licitiid rubber.This is (lie only process known that prevents internal friction and neat, providing greater' sircn-lli. blowout protection and longer life. ' " TWO EXTRA LAYERS OF GUM-DIPPED CORDS UNDER THE TREAD -This patented I'lrcstone feature binds (lie whole tire into one unitof greater slrengtU,cushions roadshocks.givcs extra protection nRainst punctures. LONGERNON-SKIDMILEflGE-TlienewscientificallydesiBnednon.skid tread is wider, flatter, with more nnd tougher rubber cm tin- road, giving long even wear and thousands of extra miles. Ti^s^ohc STANDARD SIZE 4.50-20 4.50-21 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-17 5.25-18 5,50-17.:... 5.50-19. ... pace $7-45 7-7S 8.20 8.80 ' 9-45 9.75 10.70 II.ZO HEAVY DUTY (5.00-17 6.00-20 fi.50-19. ... 14.30 15.55 17.45 OlurSii*lPii:«) Pjop]i')«niltlj Ion $21.95 Z9.10 35.20 21.3O a F18ST QUflUiY TRUCK TIRE AT A PRICE TM? SAVES YOU 6.50-20 7.00-20 7.50-20 30x5 1 llli new Firestone Standard Truck and Bus Tire is built in volume production, resulting in bijj savings ivhicli are passed on lo (ruck and bus owners. This new tire ia first line quality, built of high grade materials, and is the must dependable tire obtainable at these low prices. Whatever your (rucking or transportation problems, the new Firestone Siar.diird Tiuck nnd Bus Tire will give you IOIIK, trouble-free mileage, and will save yon money. Come in today and let us show you this new tire. To see it is to buy it — not just one lire, but n complete set. LEADERS IF! THE LOW P3.CE FIELD u.ncl 21 HOUR WKRCKRK 8KKV1CR 1'IIONIC Sir Wnlntil & Kiffh Sis. Phone S10

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