The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1938
Page 3
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FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1938 Holland Society — Personn! Holland Graduates Nineteen. Tim Baccalaureate services fur Hie Senior Grtttlundoii Class of Holland high seljool nrc lo be lu-lil Sunday mornlni;. Mny 22. ni llic school Hiiditcirium ill I) o'clock. Tlie speaker Is to !)<> Itov. W«yn<; Oray, of Hie First I'mlryloj-lnii church of Ciumhersvillc. The vnl(!(llcta!'!:in for Ihe ijrail- iialinif class Is Ui Vonne Vim-, with 278 jiolnls. Miss Vim' lias fctcn quite nclive In tl>n music department. of Holland high schtol .since .slic fjirojlcd iiljoiil 'two year.i ac.n. Tlie .Siiliiluloriun honors I.K to Karl rjolinon with 2!>i> l-l iits. Mr. G'ohoon was iiroinl- it in all athletics. Ijii'lmlinj! kcrtteill, track and tennis, lie vrfis ulso mitsUmliiif; in UH- oratorical (ieiiurtmetil. The other memhn-s of llic i-lnss r.rt: I/wry Crook, Clmilhs McCurmick. Olii Mac McConi, Gronjia Purrhh, Kallirlloii Nortlicrn, Leonard Bti- <;nne, Hcrnlce Ktiiidm, liayinnnd Kifi-r, Naillne Willis. Harbam Fra- aet, Charles Ellis. Johnny Ilruoks, Mellw Kr-nloy, Kdim Man Slnlci), Ethel Lnmkln, Frances Sum ford. Kiigent! Sninfortl. Tile program c:on:;ists of a Koto, "I.iki; IK the llinle'. which will sung Ijy Molba Kcnley. a trio number "Cnisiulerx Hymn" and two nimibera Ijy Hie mixed diorus. "The Heavens Iteoinul" and "Send Out Thy Light.' These .selections are under (lie direction or Mrs. W. A. Dates jr.. mid Mi-Si Mary Loit- ise Soivell. Mr. and Mrs. John story and .sons. Jack and Joseph Harvey. were the dinner giii-'sts of Mr Sto• parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joe y, of Denlon, Sunday. Among; //if other children nll< | g , (( ,. s ^ ivcre: Mv. ami Mrs. Ollie Story and small son. John Slieelinn of Dentoii. Bud Story and Red Story. also of Denton, and Marie Littcll. of Ste«le, and Mrs. Eddie Higdou and son, James, of Holland. Hazel Cohooti, who is a member of the Warden high school faculty, was home over the week end visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Colioon. Mr. anil Mis. Charles Cohooji were guests or Mrs. cohoon's pai 1 - r-nts, Mr. anti Mrs. E. D. McClain of Bonne Tore, over (lie past week-end. I Mrs. Bcrllia, or fit. LonLs, was the guest of Mrs. Liu- <ly Sandford over the last- \repk end. MI-S. returned to St. Louis Saturday morning. Mr. and Mrs. W. 1. Myers were guests of Siipt. Harold Jones ami family aiid also Mr. and Mrs. U M. Pierce and TaHiily of Canith- crsvillp. Nellie Lester nnd Mis. Oil SandforU and small daughter, Ann Awe the guests of Mrs. Ed rsrown rnf Warclell, last. Wednesday atter- noon. Rnby Sandford has returned from St. Lonis. -where she lias been attending a business school for the jinst few months. Miss Georgia Mac Best, Mrs Claude Edwards and dauf>]itcrs Claiidine :iml Sylva Ann. also Dick Host, nnd family of Cape Glrnr- cleau. Mo.. Mrs. E. N. Blumer -.111: con Sonny, and Miss Geneva Best who Is attending the state Teachers college, were guests or then parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Best Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Story im son were guest,', of Mrs. Ed'lic Uigdon Saturday iv'pht. T/Irs. Rutn Devcre aiiri danj,!i- t<v, Cni-ol Ann. of Dcsloge, Mo. w?-e guests of Mr. nnd Mrs. Jin c.Mhoon over the week ewi. Students frcm here who atten. Sl.ile Teacher.'; college nnd who ?-fre >-.rme uvci the week iral WOK |'-r Colioon v.Kl Mildred Ed- fev's. Mrs. Mamie Sowell and Mrs Marshal Myrick were in Dlythe- ville Wednesday night u, .we" llic Little Theater pi,,-/ "A Full House." Mr. nnd Mrs. .Jim Miller or Trti- manli. Ark., .were guests of Mr and Mrs. J. o. Ray over Hie week end. Mrs. E. is. Chitnvxxl and daughter, Ann, were al- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Unfortunate, They Find Happiness In Work Demonstration Club News Notes These uUmcltw women make their liviiifi in <-oiii|!,:titi<m with ihcir ,o r ,r - h " i at II, iwu way who arc inisfortuiw. All arc (if Rhodes work ill II tiiilllilii; i Twi-niy-llvi' iiiriiilii-rs at thc U(iU\w»Kl lloltn.' Di'iiHHMrjillon dill) Illfl Illl H bllSilH'.SS iniVlinr, III Illl! j liomc 1,1 MVS. K, l>. I'urkcr with I Mrs. Hull) l)nvis us t' i ^ The roll cull by Mrs. l-'rt-einni.l Si'iiiiii-. M'ri-i-iiu-y, \viis nnswiwl will! iieu- rec-ipcs. Hiirlmi (he Ijiis- Incw mc.-Unj! pjcMuYd ovi'i- by Mi.s, .1. A. I'uync, Mis, Wnllcr Woinl ii'iiuriiHl on the county cimn- fl) iiinliin; slivwlin; (he use oi •SlimiUinl 11 mi jms lor thi.' lulr nnd |;iviii|; detmmslnulons of «ir- KMC-s (nude from niier wnixl. Mrv J'. )i. ,)«,,•(.((, MIS. W(H«I nnd Mrs. fin-iinc wri'c M'lcetcd n <>•' civni lit ihndiitU' (hi> fourth Wi'iliii'.',diiy In Jiiiii. u'ltli Ml.v; l-'liils Woui! ilim-thiit. ' Tlic hostess swvi'd Mindvvldies, li.-a iiml c;t):c before [lie |>i'oi]|) went on n lour mi which Ihcy Jn.-,pivied ilonf mine.-; but ihcy cum ciibliiK, tin; new Iliuitisl pursoniii'i' iiwl lire liamiy Ihsil they HUM " '"'"' '•'•'•l'l' 1 »<-< > «f Mrs. It. N. llllis] lowtlK-r Kith Mis* Reed S Umd.|den •"; "' n*"? 1 'lower «»,I (l '• " L Mis. Dyc^s honii 1 lhi> U Mi-A Ij-mui cwrlrr, Iclt. wlui guests were .served enki' uiul PAGE THREE tiaveleil by c.ydo. bus. train, or on foot Ihiounh every country In ICurojie. Ho luis criissi'il the Bn- liara on a ciniu'l, rnmiii'd In •nir- key. tramped 'JOD miles heyoiul Um Ari'llr Circle, iiml Is uow |iic|iar- M'lli I" I'iiniidn. ills nljj :!ul)Hhi was (lii> limn- yn iiiailc. II- uiirt [>.MIII "Co third aiul. on cond-lruck" »onlnl trains, h |,.,|» on the liwgol , a ,,d Collncr News - WaT)l ON or OFF in a Jiffy Just :i '11 you Anyuni' "i.l x , l;ini:iim;i' |n< nun:' hint'.iiiii'.cs Is ttnstc n[ lime," he Mild. VMIIII iinyihinv. ilruw 11 c:in mull isiiinil thai," In l,ii|il(ind. Mildly .sketched n i'i liulerr In oljiulii meal. M«'.l "I IH.S liiivilliu; has been iluii' 1 uliiiic. while .sciinetiiiuvi lie hns Mime ullli iiictiiljcrs of |!ie Cuiiijiln;; chih dt which lie Is vine chiilrilUlll. To nil Ihoj.e who IliU'e- n'l IIKII li iiiiiiu-v iiml who wiihl In lrnvi'1, iu> Kiics llii.'.r worth of ml- \u c: Fnrmnll 12nnil Quick- A((ui-l,uh]o Cultivator, •"f < Deaf Mules Ask No Favors In Earning Their Own Livelihood WR ARE NOW SHOWING OUR NEW 1938 AUTO SEAT COVERS '• New Styles & Tat terns • New Low Prices $1.95 up • Expert fnstallalion at No Extra Cost A COMPLETE STOCK FOR ALL MAKE CARS WE URGE YOU COME TO Headquarters For Auto Seat Covers Before You Buv. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Walnul SI. Ph. C3.1 nttraetlve yomi!; lilythevillr. women, Miss Ltivcrnc Ucctl, 22, and Mrs. Edna Rhodes. 22, emiiloycd at the Rice Stix garment factory anil Miss 1*011.1 Carter, 2), who works at Hie Coca-Cola bottling planl provide emphatic siipuorl for the oojileiition that deaf mutes can take their place, side by side with more fortunate persons. In mmijr iiidusliies and obtain eci'itil succes.s in their work nnd at (he payoff window. Tlic three of them are nttractlve with bright faces which relleci their delightful dispositions, and. are iniieli move adept at their work than many of (heir co-workers, who are not ))aiitlicni»>e<l. so their employers say. They are making lliu same salaries as woald uc paid tiny one else for (he .same work. •Miss need, who could win honors in a beauty contest, face and fi"- nre considered, has been worklii" nt the factory almost four months for her first job. She obtained (lie position after her sister. Miss Marilyn Reed, who is also employed there, (old her story to the sillier intendcnl ; ,Jack. Thro, but it'is her unusual ability which has made her successful in her work of sewing oir'-lliB facing of sleeves lo men's shirts. The superintendent says that her u-ork is very neat and that tlic time lost by givi)i(; her special instructions in writing is more linn compensaled by the duality of her Miss Reed, who moved h orr . from ;;o gupsts owr the ;vp-k end 'Iliev were in Portnseville Simclnv nf- lernoon 1 0 visit Mr. l)m | M VS r f. Payne. Mr. nnd Mrs Miller rc- liiriml to Triiinann Moiulay morn- W. Af. S. Slpct at Mrs. Kcnlcy's Tlic Baiitist la«i« weekly w M S ineetmg n -a s I,,,),! at thc homc of MLS. carl Kc mcy this wc ek. Hie program consisted of nlnn- •IHIK fo.- their infeio,, sUl(i ' k Uns quarter. Among (lie Inrtie.s prcsnil were: Mrs. B. w. Stiver, Ms. Lawrence Slivers. Mrs Roy Edwards. Mr.,. Tom Edwards Mn Celestia nicks , VJ1S u.o only vlsl-' i M , ?, " cxl mKMn " ls ' l(> b» lielil at the home or Mrs. Tom Ed- wank, next Wednesday night ' Mrs. I. W. Herd last summer, is a graduate of Ihc state scliool for deaf mutes at Little Rock. She can sew imusiially'well, having .special- ised in that subject ut school, cooks, plays soft tall nnd basket ball and many oilier things, which she learned In the 1:1 years she was in .school. She became de.if afici' having been stricken with spinal meningitis when two years old. Only her hearing nnd speech were affected by the illness ami her other facilities lire much above the average. Mrs. Rhodes, the wife of Joe Rhodes who works at the Top Hat cleaning eslablishmejit despite lie- ins similarly afflicted, has been employed at the factory almost three weeks. Since she came here from Higden, Ark., two and n half years ago, she worked at thc Hand Hox cleaners In the sewing department and as n "bagger" but had never worked in a garment factory before. Her work is that of an examiner nnd she inspects men's shirts all day long «> note any errors made. A graduate of the .state school nt Little Rock, ivhere she was n student for 12 years, Mrs. Rhodes is adept at many (hint's and keeps lioiise, in addition (o her work at the factory. She became afflicted alter having been stricken ill from spinal meningitis and whooping coii"h when she was two and a hair years Those who remember the soft ball days recall smiling- u-onn Carler, who was a member of the Coca-Cola team. She has resided across the .street from (|, e plant lor many years and has long been a friend or .r. A. Lcreh and his employes. When it w:is decided (o have (i new inspector she was offered Hie position as her work requires no Hearing nor speaking, she sits in I font of a mirror all day and wiilehcs die lllled bolllcs us lln>>' ])i\S!i Ijy. oilier Coeu-Cnlii pliuiLs use deaf imitc.s for this same work. Miss Curler also has H diploma from the Little Rwk schonl which she nttended ror nine years. The daughter of Mr, mid Mrs. Houston Cartel 1 , she Vns born ivItJi this handicap although it uns not discovered until she WHS almost two yenr.s old when (hey look her to n specialist after she had never Inlked. New Libertf/ News The Rev, Howard Kin,., | ( .ft M l)n . •dny rot 1 Klfhtnond, vn., to altond the Ba])tlst convpjuion. Mrs. P, H. Mnddox and son, n, ^f. Aycock, Mrs. ,1. M. Aycor); and SOD, Paul, reliifiiert Monday rrom Sardis and other points in Mississippi where they visited relatives. Mr, nnd Mrs. D. Gauelt nnd family spent (lie weekend at Viih- iliisn, Mo., with Mr. Clairett's mo- Iher. Mrs. Unrber. nnd Mr. Bnrbcr. Mr. nnd Mrs. Knnlcr Crook and diiiiKhters, Amy cinlrc and Maliel Lynn, or Holland. M D ., were the Sunday guests, or Mr. nnd Mrs. Lo- t'nn Perkins. Johnnie McNcw left Tlin for a visit with his parents other relatives in Illinois. Mrs. Henry Lutes, who Iras been ill at her home, Is Improving. 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