The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1947 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 26, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE <SIX BLYTHEVILIiF! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, APRIL 20. 19-17 Laney Terms Henry Wallace A Crackpot •''iTraveling'lp a Family Affair LITTLE ROCK, Ark., April 23. (U.p.) — Gov. Ben Lnncy today termed -Henry A. Wallace n "crackpot" and . asserted thai the ex- vice-president's recent European st&ternent "appealed to l» ap- prpaching traitorlsm." Lancy upheld tlie right ol Iree- dcrm of speech, but said that in "tfnies of crisis," American citizens in authority should not be allowed to make statements \vhiclx mjy disturb the delicate balance ot, foreign affairs. Laney disputed Wallace's slf.te- m*nt that the U. S. \vas in the Middle East to get ,tho oil of Sai'di Arabia. He HSSC'-{M! that suih an act would meet Ills ap- prjival if it, was necessary to keep Russia from getting the fuel first IT opposed to imperialism ns such,'- 1 the governor said, 'but I do', not believe that our proU'cUve action since the war can be termed' Imperialism." The governor added tiiat he viewed the proposed loatia to Greece and Turkey as necessary | to* prevent Russian expansion and another war. 'ill our responsible official.- nvc convinced that such aclkvi wiii ' prevent the spread of communism. I then I'm back of them iinil I bc-| Shows Comm'lCS Plan To lievc the majority of the pnnplc ... -~ , ,, feel the same way," the governor 5>C!ZG Quebec Province said. I Lanoy concluded that he felt- Q'JEDIC CITY, April 28. (UP) — that Wallace should mako up his Premier Maurice Duplcsf,is pvomls- mfiid whether or not he v.ns an eel today to reveal more informa- American. "If IK doesn't like our tlon "in due course" nbout a coded country, let him so somewhcic- document, sniwd in Montreal, which tlse," the governor said. [he said 'Indicated the communists Mr. and Mrs. 1'cliciano I'anuan and their nine children took up all the passenger accommodations aboard Iho China Victory freighter, when they recently returned to their homo in Philippine Islands alter live years' uhscnce. Expatriated at start of war. Pangan is rcturiiinc to his U, S. government job. They're pictured waving ijoodby before boardinii the ship at Oakland, Calif. f j j r\ i C-OdCd CJOCIfMlCnt pl:nme<| a revolution to seize control of I he Province of Quebec in l!t!U, the 100th anniversary of the communist manifesto. Duplessis lol<l (lie provincial legislature last night that the document, .seized by special police in a recent raid on a communist hideout in Montreal, staled that between 10,000 and 12.000 men could' seize control of the entire province. He said the document was in the form of a coded chart, the key to which showed that communists planned to seize the Montreal city hall with 100 men and the provincial police headquarters with 120. Copyright by Gsvcn Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. TIIK STOUVi Snulile Inform* • VJ.-ky Ihiil <:<nlfri-r ivlll lie • julnhii? (li.-m. Vl.kj l,-ll« S,.[,lil,-' nlinut -Sjillv llnKot for Ihf CirNl ' llnif, .Suphli- Mil* lllirlKhl uf the v n/iiur of Jliifful. It luiil J>fi-ii , inipiirliiut tn TUT mini)- }i-arit i • • xin t , •tfcpHANNY?" fl ^-^j- "- > , j.... • , ."Yes, darling." ' '•" ' • "If your Bngot came from around here, too—I mean—i£ he was sort of a little different from average people—.well, don't you see?" Vicky choked a little, swallowed and went on in a rush, "ft's -4-oh, -lliis is going to sound awful, but 1 really don't mean it that way, Granny. You must promise you woirVbe cross with me, no xriatler \vhat I'm going to say." ;"Of course I promise," Sophie agreed with fond indulgence. "JFor heaven's sake, what's wrong, -"Well, it suddenly struck mr. wlien Salty wanted to get your permission to take me V> tlje-inov- les on the very (Vxrl uay I met him, ,hq)y. ha,rd it would be to esplaiu-our whole life to someone wjio has never lived that way. I mean, ^it's .so- difficult to explain Uncle ilarccl and Sir Charles to someone who just has spinster aunts. Salty said once how little resemblance there was between you and Uncle Marcel. Nov.', what's going to happen when he sees Mr. Mansbridge?" •"Mr. Mansbridge," repeated Sophie. "How strange It sounds to^ hear you call him that!' ."Excuse me, Granny," Iho girl went on, "but let me gal, It off my chest, while I can. Sir Charl«. lor instance. Now suppose the Bagots should call—Salty said they would and I honestly want them to cull -^suppose' Sir Charles loins after dinner, the way he always does when he gets through serving? What could I tell them? 1 kiiow I'm sounding perfectly jhastly and cruel, and T assure r on 1 would hate Sir Charles not o sit down after dinner — it just lever occurred to me before that ve arc perhaps a little — different." was a miserable silence. Sophie drew a deep breath be- orc she started to answer. 'Arc you iiuita through, Vic- orin?" she said at last. "J'crhsips household isn't commonplm-c, but it certainly isn't common. And 'ou can't think for a minute thai nythiny goes on under my roof, r ever has, of which you need )e ashamed. Marcel, and Godfrey, 00 — and even Sir Charles, in a vay — are the only friends I have eft in the world. "As for Sir Charles — he is really somebody," continued Sophie, 'besides being a superb butler for which belter families ihan the 3agots would envy me. And after -ill, he should be that. lie has SITM-^I ail tiio best families, from ine Carleys in ,'l!cr Own Way' to Lady George Grayston in 'Our Betters.' " "I'm sorry," said Vicky firmly, 'hut I can't sec that playing butler year in and year out can be called n real achievement." "But wait!" Sophie ordered. "Then came the triumph he had been working toward all those years, lie was the Admirable Crichlon, Ihe greatest butler of : When he cnmc back from his Australian tour the King knighted him. I had been inlrodiKed to the King two seasons before atul kncu him slightly. I was there when he Madden. Al Sophie raises her arms to the back of the chaise framing her face, and n dreamy look came into her eyes. "My, hov distinguished he looked in hi: black silk breeches and pumps And how pleased he was! To thi. good day, I can't understand whj 1 never fell in love with him .Everyone else did. In 19H h came to join my comuany as ; knighted Charles London was there. 1 icrmanent member, playing Init- ers. and after we dissolved the ompany he stayed ou with me as uy own personal butler." "Well," said Vicky, "that must le just about the longest part a.'jy- locly ever played." * » * 'T-TE'LI, play it as long as he can breathe!" Sophie declared, 'lie's one of the fe\v absolutely lappy people I've ever known. No iclor likes to retire, you know, but can't very well go around being King Lear or Ophelia with- >ut getting put away." She aban- loncd her pose and leaned for- vard to stroke Vicky's hair. "Yes, ir Charles is one of the few happy >eoplc—not like poor Godfrey -" Sophie had spoken Godfrey Man.sbrklge's name in a tone of icculiar tenderness, but suddenly she snt erect, her mood abruptly Itered, and cried out, "Godfrey!" .caving the chaise she rose in excitement and began rushing bout the room. "Good heavens, Victoria, he'll be here in a few lays, just think! I must look a right. Go and sec if there's any nail, darling," She seated herself n front of her dressing table and :>c0;m undoing her braids. "Gracious! Here we've been .vasling hours talking about the iiast when mine may conic back on me any minute! I wonder if 's changed much—" "I'm going on a picnic with Snlly," said Vicky, "lie's coming over about 12:30. I won't be here lor lunch." "Oh," said Sophie. "Sally." She looked up in tfie mirror and met Vicky's eyes. "Now don't worry, darling, everything will be all right, I promise." "It's only for a iew more days/' said Vicky. "Of covirsc. I'll invite the Bagofs to tea when she calls, nn.i I'll speak, to Sir Charles and everybody. If it's, respectability YOU v.T.ut, you shall have it. We're all still a little slage-slruck around here and 1 shouldn't mind a bit acting respectable for a while." "Just till Salty goes away," said Vicky. "After that I won't" mind." "You'll see. darling," Soph'e promised. "We'll give a mayniQ- ccul performance." .,-' \To Be Continued)' >^ Lengthy Niime What's in a name? Col. Joseph Adolphus Amcricus Vespuchis Leonidus Wolfalcanus Napatalicus Alexandriciis Lucius Quinliiis Oin- cinnalus Wolfsou lives in Manila. Read Courier News Want Ads. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H, Webb Hwy 01 at State Line i'hone BlytheviHe 714 Let Us He!-> You— STOP -DIUNKING There is no medical remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist its Iniluence! No cost to you —only co-operation. JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873—Illytheville, Ark. ... VsTX COF-tt. 1947 BY rifA SCRVICt, IM. T. M. Rtr. U. S TAT. OFT. A-It, "Don't touch that cold chicken—when your father gets up to give the baby his bottle, that's his four o'clock feeding!" For Limited Time 4% LOANS ON FARM LANDS On medium si/e and l:ir£e tracts. No extras. Full repayment privi- fcge. SEK US FOR QUICK SBIIVICK ON FHA LOANS For Huildlns "or Kcpuirin;;. 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L No. 14 Cleaned Treated New Sacks Purify 99.5 Germination LIMITED C<flOfl PE ^ SUPPLY ^I*U TON Also Ogdcn and Royal Soy Beans $4.50 EARL MAGERS Phone 635 Dell, Arkansas,^ A Little Mistake Our Boarding House with Moj. HoopleQuf- Our Way By J. R. Williams S^O, SPARROW 1'A.V Ace AT LAST ACE HE IA6AO \\JRf\PPEDiM GAUZE AsSD PLASTER.-— GOT CAUGUT A, 6L| ZZARD Of- / WHY DIDM'T YOU CALL ME I BEFORE CUIWW SIX SLICED ITSELF OUT AT MIGHT AUCTION AT C006ANSS, ,MA30R? I PICKED LJPA< CRWc OF < EARWUFFS S- ossce\ FOR SIX MPRE65NE &1FT FOR. MRS. BR^^4^^tGA^i THE WOR.CV WAKT VIC FLINT That's an Order BY MICHAKI. O'MAM.EY atul IIAM'H LAN <£?ith PAT rot in jail, I ttgured on a food night's sleep. But I should HOW ARE YOU.VIC? THIS ISCYVERNOH.SORRVTO-- MAKE ABlt, PARROT. YOU'RE CHARGED WITH TOE MURDER OF FLUKE AND 80R6ER, tNO WAfe INVESTIGAT- 1N6 THE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE OWNER OF THAT CAR YOU WIRE CfelVING. CWANC65 ARE YOU KNOCKED HIM OFF, TOO. iiave Known better. WELL, WVOIDMAJOS, v LATE OF THE U.S. MARINES! WHAT 010 1 DO WRONG THIS TIME, MIUOR VERfiON YORK CAUING MR. FlltiT. JUST A , PLEASE. WHY DON'T "\ VEOP1.E HAVE' SEftSE ENOUGH TO CO TO BED? X^STOW THAT 'MAJOK'-\ / THAT X BUSINESS, ViC. I'M 6ETTIHGVSOUNDS IIK€ \ WARRIEO NEXT WEEK AND \ AN ORO5R, ' I WANT YOU tORf.W [)£ST,s\4S.lMUCR ViRS'ON. TAKE NO MS AN tu- I WHE.'i DO VOJ SWER UNIE6S TCU'RE SIMPIYAvJ i -' D ME '/ VOJ'D NEVIEK. Y WOULDN'T I ? THEBE'D ^ JISK MEDER- \ BE HO WtlKSSK IEFT... AMO MVfiElR Mi AFTEP POLICE flMD JUST SEf NJ56 THIS CASE IN KeiNSlE'S I CEFUS4D TO / DIMW. WRITTEN IN KZ. F1N1SH THAT /V OWN HIXNDWRI1INS 1 . RESEARCH! jl"^ ^Mt 7" * he «n. ^, J ^'^r^ ^J&«^ $&%%(% HV i, l, IF; TURNED SO, FWLTO Flf41SH' , OE- FALSE MID VOU'LL B5 FOUND WITH A BIJUET IM VOUB HEA&-AN OBVIOUS SUICIP6! LKTER.THES WILL STUW8LE OM TOUE. VICTIMS-THE BODIES OF AND POM'T TE.S TO Pwse AND oven- l EVEN IF VOU StlCCEEOEO, VOUE. FB1ENPS WOUID BE PEAP BEFOdE VOU COUW KIND ' EXCEPT FOR. ONE BOMEK! MOT RYDHR Suspicious (!Y 'V. T. HAMUN •$ COl^' tOTOWN)) 1 STllL DON'T Y£ -3 ^M^.^^1 •*- c§^ C^ ^ A: BUT I'VE HEARD Hi'STRi.. YOU BEItER FOILOW HICV-- JUST To SEE HH PL^YS IT 5TRMGHT-' ALIJ1Y OOP II's History to Them 15y V. T. IIAMUN I'M 6L.\O VOU \ £'«. I CAN WE'RE =£T FOR J >cu THE>' " 1NG> / WILL BE. IBS.' /S.WRlSiNG'. <\ LiGHTJ - ^CSi~l <5EiT IT. C-\PT\'N ,V»«W TI-.EV £OT. A C'JYSTAU Bf\LL , Cfl SOMETHING? 5TRW>G= CHAPS, LKUTEMVtT.' THEY •SEEM TO KNOV.' EV = 1 , DETAIL C- Cd5 ,\TT^-K PL-XM •--•JITVIOUT A POSSIBLE SOURCE C= INFCRMVTIi rr's UNCANNY; ^,,^; 'w^^ii^ ^x3z3af^='-- •••v y ^/i' : '-wW'rv-' : '% • "^^fe^l^Mn lOliilttife fe^ -,- : ^lfti31'tfM^ BOOTS AND HKR "ffoij can't -tiiFr, «c>vn Vernon. Besides. t>»».c' was quite an honor 'o i« HkeCy | t < £t rr,<xn OLVT 1 . &O

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