The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 6
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SIX" RI.YTnR_Vri,LR. (AUK.) OHiUJKIl NRWS Glum syHBn I He's G oocl They LaugheilH-But'After j Ten i 'Easy Lessons He Bowled Over'the Champ. BY CLAIRE^ MJRCKY ".JiEA Stnrice Sporis .Writer BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — "He's so clumsy • he's clever. Vuh can't i'hat he's'gonna do—ami if you try, .too, fclln." That's 'what th£ Maxie Rosen- blooms, the Yale Okujis, tlic Jimmy Mahoncys and other lesser known light heariei are. saying at Battling Boztf, Birmingham's blustering boy of 20, whose .amusing .tactics may 'nydob;hun'oni of ringclom's grcai- eit> crowd- plcascrs. , It .was announced last. nth that Maxie' Roscnbloom, tho weald's champion light heavyweight d9V>'n, would take a hm down Into Dixie to fight B"?.o, Sept. 29, most of the ciltlcs figured the champ just needed a new fall topconL mid was out, for some easy money. The anrrunc*cni?n.r was received with n chuckle alone Birmingham's caull- flcwer row. Tlicy had n hunch thai SlajKie Maxie was due for a surprise. The surprise came, and the Birmingham boys continued to chuck- la. ,poseni)lrom'S'OWn cloyvnlnR l;ic- lic.i were, put to shame by those of Battling Bozo. Fortunately for the New lYorXcr, it was a non-title bout, .else Bozo-would be champion today. lipjt,took the decision by a wide margin. ...-('. ' * ' . .James Curtlss Hambright—that's •Battling B"zo outside the ring—Li a- tall, frail kid with a small head. His best friends say there's, little In. It when he's away from the arena, but even his most severe ciitlcs admit he's smart when he climbs between the ropes. There lie displays his- own unorthodox tlyle of fighting; n. style no on? else possibly could use. effectively. Some of his opponents have tried lo fi?ure Mil an attack to beat him. Whitcncr, Andrew to Mix Monday Fill! I drews, Wlillcncr ami Louis An- llghtweielus, who were scheduled to clash here two '«cks If Michigan Lan Uncover «eo;.*iii^et losetiicr Momiuy Field General Season May Be Big Success. . KV i,. s. II.AKUY N'uftonal Footbull Rfferec If you .sec the Michigan quarterback huil ;i pass deep in his i"m tcnilmy with Iks Wolves holding n smut. Iraii. or if you see him drop back and punt on first clown frith the enemy far out .In front. In tiie storing, mark it. down Hut Harry Kipke'ij a school teacher are f, failure. ,•.;.; •In Ills efforts to. uncover another Utcrlt?,, Rockwell or Friedman, (ho Maix.; and Blue mentor conducted a M'hocl for quarterbacks for SfVcn i loiiu inomhr. Insl year; if Mjchl- i gun's oleven is directed' • without any inLscucsv this fall. • Klpkcl wiil have considered his efforts 'not in vain. Or. top of that he will receive the thanks of "Hurry Up" Yost and sincl nine street, according lo Joe Crals. promoter. The meeting had lo 1)3 postponed from Ihe earlier Uate kc- ccinse of an Injury lo WlUU'iier l:i a cur accident, II Is slate. The boul Is scheduled for 10 rour.ds. Don Burton of this city and Huford Demon of Luxora, another pair of llglitwcir,lils, will mecl In a semi-final bout slated for six i omuls. Kid Stevens and Noel Lambert are do\vii for four rounds atul a hattlc ropal opens the c.irtl. Vols and ' ".I* <IMU Mf'f J'lt t n III nnia — n lljc '" Kllcst and lwl WteM u JiUIUl I ,,. ont (laci . of t]le coj.ff-ii'oiise , |i\"lhm> ' lllc towl1 of Blylhevlllp. MlssKslr [ (.ill II 1C j|(1 comity. Arkansas, within tii R'llllc Il0llrs IJ1IIIIC ,„,. UNIVERSITY, for judi dal .sales, Hie lollowhiif dc.wrilie ^•pU»3lp"<wt«l;ieiil estate situated In the' Count ,,:a.. -- "Wlrai.of Mississippi and State of Ai'knn Alabamu and Tenni'.'si'C nvcl Hal- sas, lo-wlt:—• urdny al Ta«caloosa in Alabama's! annual Homccoininf,' Day same, in! what spr>rl writers predict will he , Paragould Bulldogs Are Showing Old Time Form PARAGOULD, Aik.— Tlie Para- <?ri]ld high school Bulldogs wwiii lieai'.-^d toward a very successful season with a.10 to 12 victory over the Ncv;porl Grayhounds runt a 12 to 0 vicf.ry over the Rector Black the 1 crucial t-nily season game of tl-? Southern Ruiifcrence, it will bi I he elcvMilh clash between the two; elevens • • ! Alabama holds a big edge in vie- j lroli : s, having won FCVCII out of tnr-j ten contests j)layed- Teiuir-ssee has j won thr last three encounters, how- ' ever, and 'Hamn has not entered I ;^^i^^^ the win column against their rivals', sincr. 1913. . • i . I.asl ) -'ar Tennessee eked out a ; 0 I' 0 win in Knoxville. This year' Alabama lias :i veteran line and an Improved and more versatile! backtleld. Reports from Knoxville Indicate injuries are plentiful in the Vol cnmp but a big pavt "f the reports are not taken seriously 1-ots Three and Foiir, liloek Nine. Davis Third Addition lo the Town of niytheville, as per plat of record in Plat Rook at pane 3, more particularly described as follows:— Beginning nt a point in the south line of Uavls Street. 100 feet east of the east line of I-'irsi Street; thence east with the south line of Davis Street 100 feet; tlieiice south, parallel v.-llli First Slreel, 150 feet lo an ' . alley; thenee v:est with <nW nl4 1 ley 100 feet; thence north ISO- ' feet 10 (he point of betflnnln-.;. Said sale will lie made m\ A cretf- a of three months. Any purchase or inn-chasers other than The Union Contra! Life Insuranre C.rn- pany will be retjnired 10 execute a nole with per.sonal cntlorsemeiu to l» approved by me, and n lien on the properly sold will lie rclalnccl lo secure the payment of sul-1 not- In full. Witness my signature, this nth [day of Oelober. 1930. ! W. W. IIOLLIPETfiR. I CoinniL^slcner. 15-22-20. Ciils, indicating that, the local ele ven has a decisive scoring punch force BATTUNCi HO/.O This Draft ()s;rr Big league magnates and their immediate inferiors came to deadly Others hav.i tried to beat him with I Srlps the other day In Cleveland his-own freakish style. The result I ovar the matter of the draft, has been the tarhe; they come out I 11- seems the biff pe-plc of the of the ring with cars a Hit!.? thick- ] minor leapies don't care lo allow er and their heels a little rounder, j choice, of players from their organ- Even Boz> himself doesn't know what he will do the n.?xt second- That's why a fighter who plans his ling maneuvers ahead has tuch a tough tune will) him. Bozo makes no plans and cannot be figured. , a • • It goes without saying thai Bat- tliul?,. Bozo Js one of' the ' smith's rn-st popular figures in the fight "nine. He always pacfo the fight clubs. Puns lake great' delight' In seeing him literally slap (he heads of rugged the same time carrying on a rapid-fire-conversation, with friends sitting be- lov,--hlm at the'• ringside. ' •'iaimv Byrne,' Mike Mauwr, Emmett: Rcce'o—all hsayywetehts — were outtpeeded and hopelessly outgeneraled by' the youngeter \rithln the last few rtonths. In between times, Bbzq trimmed Yale Okun and Jimmy Mahoney. Less than a month ago ' he flopped all over Champion Rosenbloom. • : No one topk Bozo seriously—not. even in Birmingham—for more than a year and a half, during which he fught .perhaps-150 times as a preliminary boy. finally he took to flattening his pushovers and as he did the public began to notice him- Mah'opey was the first man selected ; to show the fresh upstart some real-fighting. Mahoney had to be patched up. Jimmy Byrn» was next, but he was alm"st blinded by Bozo.- Finally Yale Okun was enticed to Birmingham, but he also went.back to New York with his ears ringing—and not from cheers. .Of course, Birmingham promoters didn't mention any of that to Maxie Rosenbloom when they signed him. That night came; with 1 came Maxie Rosenbloom— And James Cur I Us Hambri»ht— Birmingham's Battling Bozo is still waiting for more bozos to slao s! zations nt the rate.of JSOOO per Ivory sample. The big leagues, which have been paying all sorls of plain, and fancy prices for the uuddlng Ivory, want the ante set at something reasonable and stable. The Idea. Is, the big leagues wi'h to quit outbidding among them- relyes-'It has turned out lo bo on expensive' pracllcc. It will be workout without a deal of (rouble, say the big league people. A OH) YOU KNOW THAT— .Tay Drown, n young man 18 vears old. has been doing a! whale of a lot of tackling for Howard Jones' Trojans this semester . . .he was a halfback in high school and an end as, n freshman. . . . During a recent ame. Hank T!rut!.?r of Northwestern tossed n pass that was ruled illegal because he wasn't five yards behind the line of ccrimmaro. . . . Brudcr leaped up and down, screaming shrill remarks about the refcrecing. , Fred Gardner happened to be the referee . . . n few minutes later, -when time was called, Fred took Hank aside and instructed him in this wise: "I didn't make the football rul?s. I was sorry to .call back that play but there was nothing else to do" . - . whereupon Hank, broke down and said he was sorry, too ... making everything all right. seven:! Ihoiisaiuls Malro iihiiiiiii and undergrads. p. • • | this year \viiDn its full The first hair'of last season'was Bought into action, extremely painful to IVTr. Kipke Ciici: with Michigan leading by two lru(:h'dov;ns. lie saw hls'flckl Earnliart and Ocorgc Flippln, packs voneial throw passes from deep in a wallop Hint should be fait Ijy (lie Wolverine territory. On- .'another i learns in this section. Spencer, a triple threat mail on the offensive and a deadly tackier on the defensive Is clearly the outstanding here. draft price will be determined' only jnompcd Insn'lhnr mid played with fter a lot of trouble, .say the mln- r league folk. All I c<\n Inform oii today. Is that it will be worked nit. The ogre will- be slain. Come Now, Charlfs! Mr. Charles Gabby Old Sargc itreet breaks into print again with i piece In which he says he has a reat ball club and that he doesn't hlnk. the test team won. Great ellow, Gabby Street, and you can't ielp liking him for the way he led ils boys in the recent world scries. Jut Iw's a great spoofcr, Gabby Street, and you know lie loves a oke. Colleeialc? There, seemed- a distinctly col-- Icgiate Influence abroad In Ihe recent series. It was exemplified In a sort of "pals-off-the-fleld-bitter- enemies-during-UK-gamc" attitude among the boys. Thus, Al Simmons and Burletsrh Grimes. Simmons and Grimes got into condition last spring at Hot Springs. one another's blocks. Al told Bur- .?Igth : he considered him n great pitcher, and nurlcigh tolrt Al he was a very fair to middling batter. But, nlas! On the ball field In the world scries this. beautiful friendship was torn to shreds. Bur- 'elgh dusted Al with fast In the region of the cars. Al responded by socking one for a hoins run. Bnrleigh offered to battle him as Al circled the bar«. After the games were over, however, they shook hands, and Al said he thought Burleigh was a great pitcher. Burleigh said he thought Al was a fair to middling battrr. Just like Slwash Sam versus dear old Oglesotn Oscar. It's all forgotten after the war is ended. AH Is sweet and peno?ful now. But just the same those Cards would like, one more crack at the Athletics. occasion wilh his team trailing, the •Ignal-callcr crrssed both Mr. Kin- kc and.the opposition by kjcklng on first down. The Maize and Blue- bos.'! IIOIKS that he will not have in witness any such displays' of field generating this semester. v The situation is.acute; says Kip- kc. and theso statistics tell rwhy. Michigan'.'; major gain.? record, for the last two Octobers, stands at won 0, lost 1. Her November record In (he same years shows five major gumes won, two lied and none Evsn Kipkc's best friends told him he had lost three games last year through poor team' direction by his quarterbacks. Thereupon he organized the school for quarterbacks. . : • Tv.'lce a week from early Decem ber to commencement days they tcok the couiw. in quarterbackir.s. Kipke gave.them everything fran psycho-analysis lo voice culture Fielding H. Yost's little black bonk containing all the quarterback tricks of Weeks, Uteril*. Rockwell and Friedman served as the textbook. Teacher's pet was Tessmcr, a sophomore. Although not-' an "A" sludent in the courra, he-got gocd grades. In addition, he looked like a. fair kicker and passer. Newman also impressed Kipke. • • + J • Michigan's-material (his y?ar Is only ordinary.) From a wealth of backs:, Kipke has moved Morrison. Ho/er and, • all fullbacks, to positions in the forward wall. He has- pretty fair kickers and a passer who may click. T1'3 Michigan system in football differs a great deal from other Oig Oainlnu 112 yards ill the 10 times f ho carried II?,? ball Saturday against i Scwanee. "Monk" Campbell. Ala-: tiama's .spinnina quarterback, now, leads ihe Crimson Tide ball car- p tiers with a total yardafie of 283. j Campbell's tsst, run was 58 yards through (ackle for a touchdown. Although Sulher did not play in; is the Sewaucc fracas, due to an in- ' I Jura! shoulder, lie is still second The backfield combination of j W B ; ' yardage man with 17ft to his John Spencer-, Billy Justice, Karl: C|ll - <jlt r °'' M minutes of ; playing! tins fall. This does not include a M. yard run from kickoff for a • touchdown in the Howard game. i Allernate-eapt. Freddie Slnglclonj had a big day at tackle, smashing j Sewanee plays right and !,;ft. and Satisfaction halfback in this section of the c l :enlri e »P holes for his own backs slalc. His fcur touchdowns against to go through. 'ho s'.rong Newport and Rector l:ams gave him a good start toward high scoring honors. Wilh the proper kind if interference, this boy should go far against the Jor.esboro Hurricanes and the Blytheville Chlckasnws. Newport's decisive 38 to 0 win ••ver Walnut Ridge and the victories hanging at the belt, of the Rcclot Black Cats, show the trcngth of the teams tli: Pava- iould squad has already downed. The Pm-aqpiild line Is developing •apldly but is not yet considered cady for tin battering offensive ilay of the Blylheville and Joncs- rugged forward walls- Para- ,culd plavs Ulythevilje at Blythc- illc on Oct. 31. l!i the fiood old days of the early Ten i'rjhools. especially uprm offense. Michigan uses a modified punt formation with'a stray qnar- tciback. plays what Is ternwd a ix>- sition game; and with the aid of a generally strong defense and good kicking, wiiiis for the breaks. When they g.:t in position, Michigan generally has tome scoring plays lhat ring the bell. Thus kind of football requires u good kicker, a fine passer, and a smart quarterback. The success or failure of Michi 30's Paragouid was on.? best. of Ihe pjan this season will depend almost entirely on whether (he Maize and "Hue's quarterback school has d,?- I The 215 pound (ackle barely! missed blocking three Scwaiieo j punts, and recovered one fumble to i complete his r.?mational play. NEW YORK, lUPI-Slonc pro- 1 duclicn in the United Slates in' 1329, exclusive o( stone maniiiac- i lured into lime, cement and abrasive material',, or crusl:.?d into sand amounted lo 141,i09,5UO short tons' according to Bureau of Mine., si a- ! tiblics just released. The'produc-! tio was valued at S202.CD2.702. I NOTICK OF There is :i mijrhty lot ol 1 -alisfactioi; in l)iiying wc;ir- alilcs of hiffli ((ilalilv . . . ti'iie the Itiv.t cost is n tridt; ninro but tho lastinK satis ['action ihal comes from wearing clothes of this type more than makes up for the dift'erence. (lomplclc ns-orlmciils l;evft for Hie women \vlio desires the l>cwl. You'll Like These Better COATS With Rich Fur Trimmings and Lustrous Silk- Linings Every com is of HIE newest typo. Modified ]iri!K-e.s.s lines . . . normal tolled or fitted •.vaislltno . . . Moused and bolero effects . . . intricate detail of sramhyj and tailoring . . . elaborate fur trimmings . . . luxuricuv fabi'ics . . . and treat warm collars of the finest fills. Styles foi- women and misses. COMJIfSSIONEK'S i SALE | Notice is hereby given that, by virtue of the tenns of a decree of the Chancery Court of Mississippi,. County. Arkansas (Cbickasawba ,1 District), entered on ihe 22nd day or September, 1930, in a cause wherein The Union Central Life Insurance Company ct al. were plaintifls, and Lawrence M. Ross et 'al.. ivcre defendants. No. 4735 as Commissioner appointed in salt! .'cloned a man with intellect, intu-I caus'e.'T wiU on Tuesday,'Novmb-r iti-n and !radersmp. .,th. 1530. offer for sale and sell to IT WAS ALL IN FAMILY TWICKENHAM, Surrey (UP) _ The bride, bridegroom, bridesmaids, and the best man were cousins, and the clergyman was an uncle,, at a wedding here, recently. 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