The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 3
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^MY,_ SEPTEMBER 13, 193? BT,YTHEVn.,LE. (ARK.V COURIER NEWS If Torpedoed Bri lions Toast U. S. Rescuers Cornmunicalions Acl Gives Broad Powers Over Broadcasters to Preside Bj BRUOE OATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept, 13.—When President Rorsevell—who lias proclaimed a state of limited national emergency—remarked tliat lie hail no IntenUon of trying to censor the American press or radio "ni the present lime," he xcl this reporter '* onrierlng. Suppose (Mo President did have such, an intention—under existing laws, just, what could he accomplish along the line of censorship? Tlie're are two answers, as follows: as far as the pi-ess is concerned, lie could do practically nothing. AS far as radio Ls concerned, he could do practically everyOifnfr. First, the radio. NETWORKS COULD BK TAKKN OVER UHdcr the Federal Conimuiilc.i- lions act of 1934, the President may at lils discretion use almost any means' of regulating or controlling broadcasting. He may even take over stations or networks to lie run by (lie government', lie may order equipment removed from any station. the legislation under which broadcasters are now licensed specifies that the President is empowered to take such rigorous actitn in time 'of war, in time of threat or peri! to this country—or "(o preserve the neutrality of the United States." •. • • The likelihood that any such powers . would be Invoked is very slight, however, according to the Federal . Communications Commission. • "Broadcasters are doing a remarkable job ot censoring their own stuff," says a spokesman for the commission. "We have been (old that a comparatively liberal censorship exists In Europoean countries, including Germany. Commentators are not required to submit word-for-word copies of their talks in advance, hut are simply asked to hnml their notes to the official censor before going on the air." fCC officials p:Inl out that radio is tackling its new role of war- coverage without precedents to fall back on. Officials of networks, as well as cf individual stations, have displayed full willingness to cooperate with the commission. If -the i l CJ5,.ot the President ,de,-, sires any change in method ol presentation cr in- typo of program during the war in Europe, there is every evidence that the radio people will comply willingly with any suggestions that are made I>RESS CO-OPERATES ANYWA1' . Beyond , making suggestions — which, might or might net be acted on—there isn't much of anything the administration could do to control the press us long as (lie country is neutral. It ought to be added, probably, that no one in the government is worried by nils' fact. Wholly aside !rcm the little matter of the freedom of the press, it is pointed out. that "the newspapers have amply demonstrated their willingness • to co-operate in previous grave crises. During-the last war—after the United Stales get in, that is—the Fostoffice Department did try to get through a bill which' would have put stringent restrictions on newspapers through control of their use of the mails. Congress refused to pass the bill, however; ns it turned out, the newspapers themselves established a central bureau of censorship for the handling of government information. If the United States actually got into a war, the government ccidd impose some form of censorship through control of the telephone nntl telegraph systems. These agencies could be placed under Hie direction of military authorities with arbitrary p;wcrs to administei them at their discretion. That wasn't done during the World War, however, and it isn't believed here that there is much chance that it would be clone if the United States sliaild go to war again. Part of (he crew of the torpedoed British freighter Olivcgrove is shown aboard the S S Washington drinking a toast to theiv rescuers. With their cannry mascot, the enlire crew of 33 was saved by tno American liner about 200 miles southwest of Uuntry. Ireland, where the torpedo'sent the- oiivcsrove to the PIRKIIG T (Continued from Page 1) Cecil Shane appeared as counsel for Mr. Jackson and insisted that this city does not try to be "extremely technical" on building requirements. He said that the Pitx- simmcns property could be eon- •lemnetl by Ihe city council if it so desired because of the condition it ivas in. He claimed that the city had been put to an expense of 513 In fire nlarins originating from the Fitzsimmons property and that the service station shed was a "credit lo the properly beside it." Mr. Fiizsimmoiis sharply denied that there had been four fires at the property as staled by • Mr'. Shane. However, even though city firemen had answered fire alarms 2nd been suinmcned to the property that he paid taxes and was -•ntitled to such protection. Ife said lie obeyed the law and expected his neighbor to do likewise. On n motion to diny the petition Alderman E. R. Jackson-, Eslcs Lun.-iforcl, Loy H. Welch and John ! C. Mcflancy cast affirmative votes. E. R. Jones declined to vote. S. U. Owens tvss net present. The parking problem \vas n subject of considerable discussion. Mind Your Manners Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1. What Is the fewest- number or candles one shciilcl have on n dinner table? 2. Should there ever be extra silver or glasses on a table? 3. How many snlt and pepper should there be on the COURTS table? 4. Should you use bread and miller plates at a tcrmal dinner? 5. If you are having a dinner for six, should you use place cards? What ivould you do if— You are a woman witlr.ut servants, and like to entertain large groups. Would you — 'a) Have "picnic" .suppers, using paper plates and paper napkins? a (b) Try to do things the way ,•• your friend.iyith servants' > en- '' icrtriin? '<•>-- :•;••., Answers 1. Fciir. 2. No. Only what is needed. 3. A set for each tivo persons 'I. No. S. No. Best "What, Would You Do" SD- Inlioii—(a). Stork Oilers on Deadline EUGENE, Ore. (UP) - A stork- headed this way failed to make the "deadline" for the local press. The papers announced that a. son had been born to Mr. ami Mr.s. Burton Willis before going to j press. The next day they explained • i*.^.^). mu ULAI. uny Lucy LApmlllCCl Svvert Henry Aos in an ex part: tllat twins wcre bo ''» n "d tint the irocecding in chancery court asks se ™nd ollc didn't an-ive in time his name be changed to'se-| to calch 'he previcns (lay's edition'. Henrv HIT: nUpoiM^ n. n . *),m , — , , . thai vert Henry Oas, alleging thai the change is soiifhl because of confusion in spelling his nnine Percy A. Wright is his attorney. Mrs. Eva Baldridge has filed suit ngninst Earl Baldridge asking for u divorce on tlie ground of conviction of the husband on a felony charge. B. J. Garrett anks ?. divorce from Etta Garrett on the ground of desertion. Guy walls of Manila is attorney for both plaintiffs. ,' The eni'lh's great polar ice caps and glaciers are made up ot snowflakes. Immunization Clinics Have Protected Many With 4200 Mlfslsslppl countj residents Immunized from typl'ioh fever during the past month, the County Hcnllh unit is concluding special clinics which arc bellcvct lo have prevented tin epidemic h Ihls section. Despite epidemics In n mtmljei of nearby counties this Slimmer there were but, (hrcc deaths li this county of 75,000 population. Cool weather is expected to finally eliminate practically all cases Typhoid fever, which ones nn- nually took n large toll in 111! county, had been almost cllininat ed here until (his slimmer. Study Exhibit Set-Up At Mid-South Fair Features of the MUlSoulh fall at Memphis are being studied today by D. S. lantrip, county agricultural agent, and R. W. Schroe- dcr, assistant ngcnt, with a view or using ideas obtained in exhibits at the 'Mississippi County Pair. The county fair, to be lield here Sept. 2G-Oct. 1, will feature prod nets of (he farm and home Just ai the exposition in Memphis is do lug. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Wilhatil Cilsmil—fal You'll J ump Q,, of 8«! ii i- ,, >1 " jr <" ^ ponnjj of liquid bite Into your bovtlnljlly.lrt]!!! bite «not flowmc freely, your looj Jocjn'tdlEMt. It m»t itecsrs m Ilic bowels. Cua blo»ls un Iwir stomach. Von get conatiimled. Your >vnole syatcm 13 pul^onnl anlt you feel BOUT sunk BUI] tl) C world looks punk. ' A mere l^.wi-1 movement doctn't eet at thec»u,e. It Ukos Ihojfioo,!, old Cartel r In L ' v ", ?iu " *» B't thrw Iwo r ounJ 3 of bile Ilowlns• tecK- nn.l make »v, f«l up nnd up." Hnrtnlcss, c;nllc, yrt Btn«i- inlt in mnlclne bito flow freely. AiV for £f1? r "V ltlclll -"' > l"»'>Xn»inc.2C«nt. refuse anrthlnc cbc. Merit Awards Are Awarded Ed F. Belts Two awards of merit, were received by Mr. and Mrs. K. P. Belt at the Southeast Missouri Photographers' association held this week at Charleston, Mo. They returned lost night.. Mrs, Belt wns re-elected treasurer of the orgnni?atton. Mr. Belt wss a retiring vice president. Thirty five members of the association attended from Arkansas. A new lighting system was explained by representatives of (he General Electric. Miss You Dach prominent photographer of st! Louis, was also on the program. ilfctcr Reader Never ISored BSCONDIDO, Cal. (UP) _ j ac |; Neolcy, Escondido water meter reader, will argue with anyone who says his job Is baring. First Necley broke up the home IHe of a family of black \\Idow spiders nnd tlie next day n three-foot rattlesnake contfste4 his right to read a meter. Tlie snake struck nnd missed; Neeley and a club didn't. ' | Read (Curler News limit nds, • When Baby cries and frets--is miserable with prickly heat, liinper rash or chafe:! skin—change his little tears lo smiles with famous Mexican Heat Powder. It's so soothing and cooling In his tender skin —so quickly effective that each long-lnsling application is a real Messed event to Baby: Grown-ups also find Mexican Heal Powder- an excellent nslrin- gent. Use it lo relieve the itching and burning of heat rash and other inor skin irritations—to soothe snd cool tired, nwcating feet anil to :hcck perspiration and odor. Get, 'amous medicated Mexican Heat ?owdcr today. Sold by all dealers. WXICANIiPOWDER; nncl Southwestern" Law And Order Body For 52 Years "V .HII.I'.K R. IHU.AHll llnlloil iV(>.« Stall' Coi-rcs .El. I'A.SO, Tex,. Sept. Ill (UP).- :Joi'n when ft II^KO nnd « strong ri'fl Hint) W ere the last, riles ol :altlo thieves, \venncil on 11 dii'l ol' •inshi'.s iviih rnsll<m, rnllroiuls and thp^KOvmiment, mul matured uy " ' wllon In InlevmUlcmul tif- - that's Iho snwi of "Tlip iincl Southwestern." mi or- Icn whose iimnc still stands or law and order on the ranse. Squalling (m boothet'ls undo,- nil wk tree .sill) standlim I" Clriilmm, re.x., n inoiip of ciutlenien met in 807 to form ;ni urBuiilv.iUlon which vymild combat, Indians nnd rmllcrs ireylng on Hie rnuehcr, .. tlio Texiifi nnd Southwestern Cnllle Raisers' Assn., Inu., up- Ihe 'front entile (irivos over Hm Ciils- holm trnll, to Hie present iimi- when modem cuttle thieves make lightning forays <m grating ] im is with Hat bed Murks, It has kckod horns with (lie U. s. covernmcnt, tlio iulKviiys ami its bluest cm- foinor;;—(lie packers—and won. It Is (lie oldest cuUK'oirirs oi'gmiljn- tlon, OJIP oi lhc- most, powwfii) n(j- ilciillimi) nroii|i.s In ^h,. iiniion, I and the world's only iwijurnlloii thai devotes incst of Us effort to Ivncklni; down llsv.stopk (hlevc.s. Thi! iirst inrmlHTs of the Texas ami Southwestern banded together to lomlmt rustlers, to regulate round-ups, unil to "liandle' '(lie slluntlon In u lf Territory r iisow Okldhi.inai, where dl'ovfrS were imvlnj; trouble with Indians, outlaws and (oil collectors. Now it inaliilalns Inspectors nt major market and shlpplin; points In the rattle ccnmliy In u imhl HK"lnst llvi'slook thefts tind plnys a role In i,|K)ii;;orliij! Irttlslnlliiii ImiofMiil ID ilir rattle Industry. In ISC; tlw nssodnilon lucldcd llio railroads by helping in tin. light tu ciUtolii the llrst (towrn- .iiiODl iT({iilnll«ii of a (Uibllt; utility —the Intoistate Commerce Ooih- mlsslon'.s uiilhurlly to NX rnll rales. Aellvi- In KM llroiilh In 19:M, when tim cow country was planned with drouth trojn JPAGE THREW represents cowmen, who mi) ward ol n million cuttle on ranup;; of .southwestern states and In Mexico. ' Organl/ullou Is IJnlijuo H lias fouulii. the tatties of Mock raisers from Die days of the Werl Optometrist "HK MAKKS 'KM 8I5B" Over Joe Isaacs' Store 540 Cnnncln lo Mexico nnd thn i llllciwl \\lth deai! mu) ijying cut- He, the nssoclntlon \vas In the thick of (lie drive /or the federal government's emergency buying program. More recently, Die Texas nnd fimillnvi'slmi, with tlie help of allicv ciUtlemeiVs organization!!, hns luiiKhl ngainst, nitltlcnllon of tlie Argentine pact, which would nllov/ the Importation cr rattle from Ar- tjentiiui. The ussoelatton opposed ratification on uround.'i hnportiilioii of Argentine uiltle would brliiB « threat of hoof and mouth disease lo Hits country. lii It's battle against Uio puckers, Ihe ei-fjimlzallon foufiit dgnlnst, a finni'RiillDf of Texas trail cattle, which began In iBSfi, it backed n tick eradication move now coming to a successful closn will) only u fnv counties still under lite quarantine. One of dm Uiglicst members of (lie association, the fabulously vast King Hand! in south Texas, discovered that tlek.v cntise "Ti'xn.-i Ji'ViY" mul developed tlie HU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servlc* dipping system of ridding cattle of the pests. But the Texrift nnd Bouthwest- cin's big fight has always been' nj;nlnst cattle riisHcrs. First with the noose, and now,with Inspectors stationed nt . shipping points and markets to watch for changed and suspicious MeiHIflcatloiis, the association relentlessly drives sgalnst livestock thieves. Read Courier News want ads. REAL COFFEE — — ALWAYS FRESH BUY A PKG. TODAY KIRBY DRUG STORES 3 Stores For Cash This Week-end . . j • ™\ .• SHOE POLISH ATLAS-BROWN or BLACK . . Heavy Grade ^'MINERAL OIL IPINT 33' JOc PRO. LUX SOAP I FLAKES! [2 ''CORNING" I ALARM CLOCK 89° 500 | PERFECTION CLEANSING i TISSUES | 1C m The 300 Yard PO-DO PHILLIPS SO' MILK of MAGNESIA . . 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