The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 7, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 7, 1931
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVII—N'O. 278 OTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOM EDITION lilytheville Courier, Blythcvllle Dally : nivthcvllle Herald, Mississippi Valley Uader. iA'THKVll.LK. ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, FKHKUARY 7, liCU SINGLE COPIES'FIVE CENTS Scni FnioDrouih Area bv Hoover j\iLct u> jiuuvti AH 3"i~t Evans Answers • Aily. Gcm-pc Morris' Lel : tor to Squalor Caraway. , LITTLE ROCK. Fet. 7. (UP) -1 Chaigoj by GOD::;? E. Mcrris, F'.IS- land. Ark., attorney, that He:l Cross 5 workers envjloviiv-j hi^'h hand- j e<i methods In dealing v.'ith drcut'.! sufferers, even to the point of car- j ivini? weapons, w'cuuhl a denial today from Albert Evans, in chary? cf Red Cross relief wcrk In Ar- j kansas. todiv. MDrris. who is ciedited \v-it h| checkine n near food riot at En?- ' land early last month, cmljodlr-d his' c-harises in a lette: 1 dispatched t' 1 ; Senator T. H. Caraway at Wash- I ine!on. in whidi he branded re-j nmtr, purportedly published in a | Memphis newspaper - of D ?ncorKt' i iot at England as "absolutely ', false." The attorney said T caid official cf tiie -Red Cross iit Eii?!fti\rt t-.'M ' workers there to co:r.e to work aimed and that they all anucaral Hie fcllov.'ius day carryiny weapons. (hilf Charxe False Evans told tlie United Press to-1 day thc charges are without foun- j dation and the Red Cross headqnar- Sab Ready for Wilkins Undersea 'Irip Lo Pole ll A CK BONUS COSiriWMlSK. ! WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 ItU'l— I HUUSC democrats SWUllg IlllO lil today for the $550,OUU,OX> ISaeli- | rac-h i'G)n[rroinlbc bomi.s proposal to increase the loan limit un • vceruu's adjustfrl scryU-c ci'rtl- ; (Iralis. This would ussurt LI | KfCi'ily passage in the house. RESCUE .1TSHKHMKN WJI'KAI.O, N. V,, Feb. T. (IIP; —C'ca^t euard bunts pushed thru lifavy ice and a blinding- MIJIV- Ktenii cu !<ake Uric and brought hi five of 15 fishermen who bad brcri drifting OIL an ice flue ttva miles cff the UurTalo share. Ar.clhfr beat was stan'din? LJY the' ice flue In rescue .others wiiil-i search wits continued for four m?n believed stranded off Wood- | land lieach, N. V. MEET HEBE Mississippi County District! Will Hold Public Rcta-l lions Session. | The towns of Blytheville, Osc.?- ] ola. Lirxora, Leachville. Monette ' and Manila will be represented Ini NFA Washington Bureau! '-he Public Relations meeting ofj li-'tlie Arkansas-Missouri Power com-' Critz Says Plan Meets Farm Needs AtliT i':>'aliit:i!lii; liri'ss lepsils of liv.- I'uinpiumlbe drouth relief pio- lu'i'al, which uppaii-nlly soon is tti be iiiadi 1 law. J. K. Cil(2. county A^iU'iiitina! aivnl, expressed ll:o opinion that solution of Lit le;i-:l a major palt of Mississippi C'.i'.mly's I'BI cro;) pioductlon lln- niiflnK problim was at hand. 1'rovislon which the .^rceitu'iu mnki-s f-i lean-. Tor food us well" 0 "" 1 and scnalc conferees ugrecd as fur fred and seed makes It today on the $20,000.000 drouth re- i Trliiin that Mississippi ccimlyliel project announced last night. UriiiiMS will iiiio Ilielr full citralu of Ecnntor Jones, Republican, Wash- teiU'Ail loan money. Mr. CrltxihiiStcn, snl.d the agreement wns Will Permit Federal Loans !o Farmers [or Feeding Farm Workers. WASHINGTON, Feb. 7. (UP)— pulil. Tills will probably aUoKi'lhLT to W3').GU) or more. In addition there will be approximately the saiv.c amount of farm credit from the county's $50,000 allotment of the Jl.nOO.COO appropriated l;y thc slate legislature for Ilnanc' Iny acrlcultuml credit coriwi'ii- tlcns. This money, together will that nvalhiblc from otlv.'r sources. 1;; expected to come close lo meeting the county's needs. Mr. CrlU doe.s not believe that j an;. 1 Important changes will have j to be made in tlie machinery set ' up to handle the federal loans, nnd 1:; confident Unit very shortly aflei tictiml adoption of the addlllona compromise appropriation applications for loans to cover the food as well ns the feed itud seed parls o ubEtnnUally the same as previous- y mudc public. Represeutatlvo Crnmton, Repn>- lran. Mlelilgnii. told the United 'ress the project provides for $20,- UOU.OCO for loans to rehabilitate the liCLitli anil storm stricken farms. Tlie project is to be Incorporated .n the interior department .bill and Cramlon jald would be voted on first, by the senate. crr.p production cxpcnsu liiten. can be ing SEr.cothly and wa.s discharging; its duties properly. When asked if it >vas true Rerl CroFs workers were arm::! : in a Memphis newspaper, to have come frojn Calunel Alleii' in charge of !n= Red Cross he-e. i that we had another food riot in j England is absolutely false. We had ! no disturbance of any kin:l." j Applicants Forced to Wait j "The only man disturbed at all i ccming fere as wan done last year. j Fifty are expected to attend. | j The women's committee, made; j up of wo men-employes in tre san-j' I towns, wil meet Tuesday afternon j { There *vi!i be 17 present. I For. the night reeeSUr?.. zl ',!» Hotel N^ble, there will bb these i speakers: Miss Alberta Rcss. Bly- i thevHle, whose sublet Is "Applied Public Relations"; C. D. Cp.ikins. Leachville, "EToduction And nis- With Breakdown as He' wbution of tiicrgj-:- c. v. •&- baurli. Blytlieville. "Public Utility T-.- I f \7* ]' ' Qausrn. rjiyii.eviuc, niuiLC uiiui* I'lghtS tor VindlCatlOI}r^ i "Problems"; J. A. Base, Blytheville, i "Cur Community and Public Rs- WASHINOTON", Feb. 7. (UP)— i lations'; Clyde Matkin, "What f.Icnday. tti= day the rio: is said to iBishcp James Cannon jr., appeared i "t!' i -i'-5 Do FT Tlie Nation": J. have occurred, was on? poor fellow j today to he near a physical col-1 s - Martin, Lnxora, "Electric Indus- RrjggELLVILLE Ark. Feb 7. who had been there Jour da;:.: try-; lapse »s he continued the fight to ; "7-" i (TIP) The ll-vear'-old son of jack ing to get his food card filied o:U jiindicate himself before a commit-i The seven speakers for the wo-1 <OT.>-r he n jear old son^pt jack FIljIITli RusseUville Boy, 11, Killed When Children Discharge Rifle. Hog Wrecks Motor Car, Costs Life of Youth Cross empbyes would relish a dis-j bit of reserve energy at his com-1 D °" : Miss Agnes Barton, Blytl-:- turbance at England, fcr they tw | manrt. The strain was plainly ap-1 vlllc ' " artm J ' IllsuUs Addre5i The father of the dead boy had left him with several other small Red Cross fm- bre?.a? ; told an as=cci?.te, •Flip Ret! cr^ s mn ? iils ncre claim: be the last time they arc behind in makin? out! ml this." , "I hopa this will j m .. Avcr! , ge Domestic P^tes For I gun was back. It was not known I have to go thru ! h Pas t .Year"; Mrs. Marie Hick- i how the un was fired but it was Thc Pas t .Year"; Mrs. Marie Hick- i how the gun was fired, but it was BlyUievilie, "Privileges Of- 1 thought to have been done by 0:12 " , cards, sometimss called a 'pauper 1 .-. Cannon would not say how much , (ered To company Employes"; O.l ot i hD children who were playing ' Biyihevllle, "A Message rom The Management." ' oa'h,' and for that reason men and ; longer he would take to answer I p ] women mu;t come in town three or: c'r.irges of mtennciur.t 0:1 which iiis j FTOV four days to secure their cards. .opponents are seeking to obtain his' . "I^have wri'.len you this let!?:' from the church. i jj ij c....,,;,./,. so yon may be on your iruard t3, ' ] "010. Cervices protect t»e name o; our -ood town - Thirty Hurt in New YorV : . For Mrs, Mary Menley f.Kajnst another fnlse report. I aui " Lv Js "'t ll > Wcw I OTK : * "' 3 nearby, officers said. The mother of she children died some time ngo. eporl sur? omcials of the Re.1 Cross in[... : .i i c pui-ii^h jriat tlieir empby^^ Inrl to arm themselves asainst 'Reds' at Ei^land." Train Collision | Funeral evicts will be held this i : ' aftcrncon for Mrs. Mary Jane i 1 NEW YORK. Feb. 7 (UP) —i Menley. win died nt the home ol . Thirty nerscns were'injured, three her son, Bill Menley. South 17th : seriously, today when a south! street. Thursday afternoon. : Iwur.d train in an east. sidi sub- : The Rev. E. z. Newsom will of— . . . !'<Mv crashed into iho rear of an;f;cbt= at th2 services nnd inter- bv li'flin in Alabama empty train wliich was moving on- nient will ba mac'c: nt Maple Grove I lo a siding at HO street in the cemetery. The Cobb Undertaking' Teams Up With Horseman HOUSTON. Mo., I'cb 7 (UP) —A hoe which darted across the highway in front of tli- automobile last night as they wore driving here for n basketball game today was blamed for the death of rne Cnbool, Mo. high school student nnd injurj of his five team mates. . Frank McClellan, 18. was killed. S209,OOC Fire Under Control at Los Angeles Theatre Crowd Thrown Into Turmoil by ^??i Blast T Lasl.Nights •-.;.;.. i i n ' Ask Protection CHICAGO, Feb. 7. (UP)—Owners of nine Humbolt Park bakeries j P unc hboard Salesman asked for official protection todiy I ^ . -, n T\ from more than GOO women who the bakers charged had resorted to violence in enforcing "a bread CHARLESTON. MI'S.. I'cb. 7.) •(UP)—Fire which threatened to] wipe out the city last night was under control today nfler (ire departments From Grenada nnd Greenwood Joined forces with thc Charleston fire department to battle thc flames. I Damage ivasestlmiiUd nt S200.000. The blaze which started in thc Turncr-Farber-Lovu Lumber company, spread quickly to the Lafisco hotel and four residences nil of (Which wore demolished. Several other residences and Hie Moody j Eiiih"l>i°aiur' Ninth streets were I position of appropriation measures i hospital were ignited. Two bltizos | 10 cked. which piled up durlnj tre dispute ''in the hospital forced patients lo j Abuse scclim of pavement wns ond to remove the threat of an : leave their beds. . shot liit-> the air. hurling a taxi-: extra session of thc new Congress I __i. -i .....i «.\,i M.,-/\,i.<iifT m*m -after March 4. Announcement of thc agreement IiOS ANGELES. Feb. 7 <OP)An underground explosion In front <?f the Orplimmi theater'here n^hi Inlured 31 persons, two seriously. In a criwd that strained ro'lr" llnfs at, the Los Anerle.? shnwlnp of n talking picture starr- In' Richard Dlx. The film "Clmmaron" hnd Just b?rn comi>!fle<l and Fred Nlblo, Tloilywnort director, was Introdnc- WASHINGTON, Feb. 7 (UP) — President Hoover nnd congressional leaders have composed their differences on further drouth relief and $20,000.000 Is t» be appropriated from the public treasury fcr thnt purpose. Minority Lender Robinson and • Sennior Cnrawny, Democrats, Air- kunsas, who ted the relief tight, told questioners the compromise was sufficiently broad to iwrmlt food loans to distressed • farmers. Majority Leader Watson said ho' was satisfied. He Bald Mr. Hoover ' would agree to the $2U,000,G60 for solutlcn of the drouth relief problem. A Few Not Satisfied Disturbing-'- opposition developed In the Insurgent Republican group and Senator ' Brookhart, Republl- • can, Iowa, said the compromise would no.t satisfy him. • tRn. absolutely , opposed-.-!•') it." • Brookhart said]- "I want"fo 'give •' food to starving pcr.j'c In cities ' nnd I can't, sea. anything In this to do It." But the leaders were in line today on (he Issue which has con- . trlbuted more than any other this • session to legislative turmoil and prospects for an extra session. .' . Tly; new $20.000,030 loan proi posal takes the place of the disputed $25,000.000 Red Cross appro- nK memhtrs of thc cast from th?| prlntlon. ..-. static when the theater nnd nearby! Approval of thc SM.CHW.MO fund holdings on nroadwa.v between 1 Is expsctcd to lend to early dls- /i -i n rk " I •! aur.nornies 10 nave uueii u.ri^-u uy Ufits ID Days in Jail: the irnltion of .'ewer ens caused i by faulty electric wlrinu. .. - „ Jnmcs Rodgcrs. 29. ?rslwliUe | T«-n men. William Urmihart. 28, Etrlke" launched to force prices' punch board salesman and nllegsd | nnd Dave Prnedmnn. 21. were serl- down from 10 cents to six cents par £ ] lor[ , chance artist was fined S251 o«=!v injured. They suffered cin- ^lon of the brain. Arthur Cnmp I cab skyward nnd throwing mm. ; women nnd children to thc slwet- The explosion was believed bv: late in the day broke tension at ! authorities to hive been caused b;'| thc capital. Senator Robinson of Arkansas, Democratic leader,' I'lii. making public the text of th? compromise said hs did not believe an extra session would be necessary. Couch Intermediary . It was reported that Harvey Former Pitcher Killer] FORT'PAYNE. Ala., Feb. 7. <UP1 : ! ct-mpany is in charge of funeral ans. The deceased is survived by two of this city nnd Topack. Arizona and meted out u tail sentence of i later returned the dollar when the previously had been other bakery. clerk discovered his rus? but the ,.,.,. . chases If secured by liens on crops The blast created a panic among j or by other sscurity," as provided the hundreds rf speclators nt the j by ths proposal. of the train, silting on thc tnc'< with In.; h??.:l in his hnnds : f> _t'» will be buried iu Alabnm-. : U "Pi" U ra t'praf *lb!a Los Angeles Reaches Balboa Safely jair.l Zone. Feb. 7 7cfl rases Prosecutor Out After Railroad WAL NUT RIDGE. Ark.- s. M. Rogars Will the the St. Louis | :o Railroad com- dayVforc h pai^cipTting d ilTnaval order of the railroad commission f. Texas. Feb. 7 (UP)- markers, arrived _from , Lake- t™__ye» rs, B£ which rcqnlns te acto- lulrst - to put traiii: 101 and 102 | rl-in-'of Former n'nv-nmr'jin'™ nt Giiaattinsmo. C.;b,-.. naval base, back In service. The railroad at; !•: "Pa" Forct:.--.i f-r uri-sldctit'ln All was well aboard. that time appealed t othe Supreme' 1932 " ' — Co', rt Hnct the cas3 was ccnfirm;d,, F-icrscn hk "1,0:11- „„_ „.-.., , n rmrKV-xx I but no action has b«n taken. ] 'nat!nn" in il;is weok's hsus- of his CLiifc iu i.muM-.^h , •vffi-l- mivr tile Forum ••Fsr.i.r' MILFORD. Conn. (UP)-B 2 causs ,. • II ,v '-'"o ™ n%te" " s co?", m "™r S!ld Ecim Kab:ikorf WC " ofc - ' Whl<C C:inrS A r"'"^ !", , j,.,, . ....own. as (manor ^^ C noitgh-or careless enough' PARIS. (UP)-Thc Municipal rf IVxsr-, onut^nrtcrt in his article "--'*•;; v*i"i.i 5 .. — -j - »v,«.«-,«^r that UK Section was no more v - -to leave a slip of paper bearing : Council has <«str bo'ed thousands "c'r,-nt:f ll-.m that of "Abraham ««ir tMrfs* a', the scene of the of white canes to the blind of Par- ; Lipco'n' incllier humorW. crime, police wore able to arrest Is. Police and pedestrians_ are or- them immnHKtplv for tVe theft of dercd to help the men wno carrv 45 chickens the canes, which bear the seal of I Among thc June brides of 1931; ° ClllCK! lL I the City of Paris. U ill be Miss Mas Lynch, above, i pretty society girl of Terre Haute, Three women were named spe- ' cour t held that the act h:.d al- cincally as lenders of the "moth-' readv beeil C o:nmilteed. ! tl'calT entrance, and a near panic j Speaker Lon&worth cr's c;ub" which it was said sl:m- i A grip^ containing a nmr.ber of; , tlle crow( j during thc perform-' settlement at thc end of the need thc movement. ' . ... . 1W M -L I> OiT5, Manna BUrrOWS nf Wiknn Dies or TYiison, uiss, 74 «'*. _ . „ _, OSCECLA. Arl:.. Feb.. 7.- The body of Mrs. Martha M. Burrow.j _ rf Wilson, who rilsd there yeslsr- i day cf appoplexy was shipped to f ... r Mammoth Sorings, Ark., for bur- V°'J.':. 01 j punch boards and "keys" purpori- j Ing to contain combinations 13 j lucky numbers on the boards, v:.o j seized by police. Cirtons conialn- sotr.e of the boards bore the I. "not fixed" while inscrlp- i i lions on olhers indicated that they fixed." ance. I gotlatlons In his office. Represen- Fire broke out underaround ond I tative Tilson, Connecticut, the columns of black smoke billowed j House Republican leader, who has out of the rnggert hob in the pave- stood ngalnst any compromise on mcnt, lal last night. Mrs. Burrow was 74 years old. She was the mo'.her of Peter Burrow, Frisco Railroad scctlnn fore- Adds Two Members American Films Called Bad For African' Morals . the $25,000,000 Red Cross fund, ! said: "This plar gets away from nil Ideas of a gratuity, or dole or charity, because every dollar advanced . on tiie loans will be secured. The i secretary of agriculture would have I discretionary power as to the j loans" I According to announcement of the text of the compromise both SHANGHAI. (UP)— Shanghai's i i --• .- -— -..-• ,,, man 'irtth whcm" 5he""mad-""h»r' Court of Consuls has been increas-! PARTS. (UP)-French. ovcrsens! for providing capital for agricul- mnn, with whom she mad. n.r. _ _ _ membirs to five thru : missionaries hnye reiwrted to the | tural finance corporations and tor or- i hcme at Wilson. China P! S ns New ! Provinces (or Nation the sul H. the Douglas Jenkins. J. F. and Kuramatsu Murai. consuls gen- ^iiiu.> »"^ Britain and Japan, respectively, nrs ,' V . ,. . ,., ,. " :, f J. _„ or under-!, he tnrre orig f na i memb(;rs of the m , ltte , d , "I,, 11 ?,'"" f ",l ° ,' ! TT are in for i rm , rf vie floodlights nnd tha love trl- ! „ Inneles nil hove affected morals, the . u.iu nuituiiui^u .\ll.i.u, Lyiiiuia [jell- ... ,,,. t . v,n* nnllL.InU 1-lt SHANGHAI. (UP)- Newspaper . eral lor thc United States. Great! ™* ^ " ft ?'' {0 ? 1 h0t .,, Ce ! lU °' d '')!" readers in America and China who | Britaln 3nd j ap;ln respectively, nrs I ses ' thc dark crlmcs that nTC com ' have difficulty In reading or standing Chinese names a '"he^af-government at '• ™"' Cou " f Consuls has Juris- j S nar(cs repottod . | Nanking has Slowed that China is i f'^",,™* «" «f. » ™#L»W Th.e mlsstonries «rg«d that th, | to have 70 nrovinces Instead of tr-! , b ' ou S--t against tlu Shanghai, cnthollc and the Protestant church-' «.S?" M ! AnH "r\ „,,. t°vin;; ! ^ fu .»" :i P a! Connolt. the governing : cs rwnd a film fut ory where mor- i Ihs IiUcrintlcnal Setlle-. a i fllmS] particularly thos; with a| I religious theme, .will be made. Th:y; ask, also, for educational films. Istlng 28. And each new 111 have a new Chinese name. • Officials at Nanking admit thatj the process of redrawing China's! use of the money for food for human beings. Provides CTOT Loans Following is an excrept from the text of the compromise nude public by Senat.-r Watson: "In" addition to ths sums herein id, a«d appropriations (Continued en Paso Three). map will be slow. PfOinriiTinv ARRESTS DROP WEATHER Tlie most unusual development | OKLAHOMA STOCKS STREAMS OKLAHOMA CITY. (UP1— Okln- homa :>'wl 3.1S3.G50 fl?h in 700 slvraiv.s and Inkes In the state dur- Ing 1930. th» state fish nnd ,,.ni>Ti7 ,,.., SCAR \\ORTII SlaO ...... , ...„. ............. .... SEATTLE^ <UP)— A scar on th3 : district huve declined stcadtlv dur- .-.*,-, , r» •• **L.J * o UL'.UI . . . AlitV.ii MUSKOGEE. Okla., (UP)-FcH- ' »« In the kkses of American mov- « .11 prohiblilcn nrrcsts in thc 31| !e stars ' In the Atrl " n "J- n J », 1d tonight luntles in thj eastern Oklahoma particularly among the black i.o- &M in thc north portion. ATTENOANCE I.T TO STUDENTS i STORRS. Conn., (UP)— The fac-i America's Diamond Appclile ; Jnl Her engagement was an- hand of Victoria Anderson, sleno;?- : i ng numced recently to Don Miller, raplwr, cost S. A. McCutcheon S753. \ past two years urtH tl hatnmsdans. SK'Os are not connected with love. KPSO rabblr.j, i cent, Will-; nnd handshaking are customary in rf Cnnnc-llciiM Agricultural; NEW YORK. (UP)—America ab-1 fcrmer No;r,-> Dame halfback fam- Miss Anderson was riding in a c.vr: i am F. Rampondahl. acting United|expressing love. Tl-.e African finds rercrris thnwcrt today. Tl-« c rish College has placed ti'e rcsponsibll- sorbs today 85 per cent of the dli-1 ed ft sa member of thc FMir Horse- that collided with one driven by ] States.district attorney, s/ilil. The: Up kissln? cxccsd!n?ly _ b?d tast« reprc-rntcrt n value- of $181.519. AU:lty of class attendance upon thc mond output of the world. The ' th fifii wwc pro<hiced in Hie five ••Inlc halcl;;rie.s. s'urtml.s. c!imlna!lng all rules rc-;csl and finest gems go to the Kardins Rtlcndnnco req;:ircm?nts. (United States. men. Miller is an assistant foot- NfcCutcheon, and one of her typ- ball coach at Ohio Slate Univers- Ing hands was injured. Tlie court Ity. ' awarded her » settlemf nt. annuoncemcnl was mnd'! after j nrd the black crowd hoxls with Ri!npcndahl had itudijd Hie I dtojust mrisii such scenes are WIckersham report. shown, Accordine to the cfficlil weather observer. Charles Phillips, the minimum temperature hero yesterday was 53 degrees and the maximum, 72 cierjreEs: partly cloudy. Cn the snm; day a year ago tto minimum "•npsvature was 43 degree? and tha maximum, K degrees; clpur,

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