The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY,_OCtqBER 15.J930 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.)' COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS '*••» otnt* a word (c* cm In- aerttoe u4 CM tent • "flrt tor MC& lor MM Uuui Wo, Count UN u« tend U phoae 3 FOR SALE FOR SALE—Cash or Trade—my equity m property at 1W Weil J Ash p.. priced a; I great deal below value. Dr. C. A, Caldwell, Lafe, Ark. 23P—10-18 - .„. / MrA O (95Q'<V NEA INC-Vv BEUIS 1IK11K TOUAV Aiv FOR SALE — Large wild pecans, time cenls F. u. B. ueWilt, Ark. Pete Brown, Box 472. 14P-K21 KOR SALE—Slightly used G. M. C. tmck. LCC Motor Co. 14C-K11 Eat FISHER'S FROSTY DONUTS—Fresh Dally. tf. FOR SALE—Main si. home. Hi.? i\ bargain. Handsome residence ! - with 0 bed rooms and 2 batlis. Easy terms. Quick sale. Thomas Land Co. FOR SALE—40 acres lo good negro farmer. This land is 3 miles from town, Just off hardroad, house and barn .well drained. Wonderful place. 'Last time sold it brought 56750. -N Owner moved west and will sell for $3000. Thomas Land Co. IScklO. FOR SALE—160 acres land, 90 cleared, good alfalfa, cotton, corn land. Five tenant houses, barn, outbuildings, rural route, school bus, gravel road through place, good drainage. $60 per acre, terms. For further information write E. N. Walker, 2019 Felix Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 15p-kl6. FOR RENT FOR RENT—One of Shane apartments on West Main street Telephone 191 and 511. 15tl. FOR RENT—Two room house on East Cherry. Phone 888 o r 450J. 9-CK-TF FOR RENT — House, completely furnished, 6 rooms and bath, garage and servant house. Good location. Call 505 iSr 618 after six. 13C-K-TF FOR RENT — Li?ht housekeeping rooms, furnished. 700 West Walnut, Phone 678. 13C-TF FOR RENT — Steam heated bed room, adjoining bath. 603 W. Main. Phone 642. 14CK-TF FOR RENT—Front bed room. Garnge 719 Chickasawba, Phone 295. ' 9p-k20. i FOR RENT—3 unfurnished rooms •'• to parties who will board 1 men. See J. W. Sisk, 111 W. Rose St. 15p-kl7. WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and Ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 70* a Lake St. 17ck-tf Eat FISHER'S CAKES AND PIES—Fresh Daily. tf. CKI.IA MITCHELL, IT, war. >he trti If ullvc ••• >v«-nll«). she leuvra her nanr* Iralluu* home IH Halllolurc for u home !• ,\cu> Vurk nllh her fatarr, JOHN JUTUHKI.l,, »• acr arUKKt.nic MARGAHKT II 0 G E K », licr Molarr. divorce* Milchell aad re- mnrrled nad IH Hnrr n v>l*im-, I>AKM:Y snn:i,ns. yomiR v>n-i- r>au«r liB01i»i;rnnBer, 1* In love with lh« (Irl and l>etore lca%lne Baltimore CelU prOMltrd lo he loiul to hi. love, ftkc I* lonely IB Mltrkill n»k* r.Vl'I.VN I'.UI- SONS, brnutlful i\lilutv. lo Introduce the. Klrl tn young lirouU-. Mr*. 1'arioa* confer* Celln a Mi«:*a« to \Y!B Mitchell'* affectlo** anil agree!. She Invite* thr a'rl to her [.one lalartA home lor • ^verk-end nnd Ihere Cella rneeu TOII JU-UMN. faielrmflnir am ot ritihlouft character. Mr*. 1'aniOu* earoaraitr* the nalra. cdia Ireau Jordan c.-Hilly at flr*t Lut \m vroa hy Mm romaatlf love. MaklHC after he hni reieura Met iruM MSI DUNCAN, loclally prominent, hrnimr* t.Ylln'a loyal irlrnd. Mllchcll urrnnicr* nil elqburate ]iarly to honor of hi* daughter'* ]Rta birthday. The rarty !• n dinner tinner. Jordan penuadr* Celln 10 Irnve early and wkrn *hV arrive* hinwc at - a. r*. her (nthrr )• furlouft. Ti\o dny* later *a.e tfotm shopting: ivllh her sraaaiuathrr nnd !• Hcoldcd for talking* 1o a •hov employe. Crlln -declare* -ieaantly that her own mother vrorkt Had Trcrlflnc !• no dlvcrnce. SOW OO OX WITH TUP. STOnf CIIArTBR XXIX M RS. THOMAS WORTHINGTON . . MITCHEM, frozo If Icy slares could have Milled tbe girl beside her would have been a lifeless Tlctlm. "Hold your tongue!" Mrs. Mitchell should]. Cella was angry. There were bright red circles In eacli of her cheeks. Resentment that had been elowly gathering now burst forth. "My mother sews for a living!" Elic exclaimed. "She's not ashamed of it. and neither am I. She's the finest person In all the world! You'vo no right to say things like tliat about people who work. They're—tliey're just as good as you are—lliey'ro better!" She stopped, flushed, and looked tt Mrs. Mitchell. • She was surprised that lier grand, mother did not Bay something. Prido kept lier from turning her bead. They rode in silence until they reached Graiiimcrcy Park. Thompson halted tho car anil held back the door for them to descend. Celia darted a quick glance at Mrs. Mitchell. Frigid, Informal, the •white-haired -woman stepped to tbo sidewalk. Not l>y tho faintest sign did she recognize tho girl's presence. -jMrs. Mitchell moved majestically up the, stairs and Inlo tbe house. r Her grandmother iraa half-way up the staircase vyhcu the girl entered tho hall. A minute later Celia heard the door of Mrs. Mitchell's sitting room ihut loudly. It was nearly 12 o'clock. Cella TV wit U> her owa mom and took off her hat. Sh* tried to re»d, gare up the attempt, and finally ureut dowoituln. Msrllia WM talking ortr the library telephone. •la this Dr, GrlswolJ's offl««r the maid asVed In lier low, tones. "I'm (peaking for even Mra. Mitchell. She wnnts the doctor to come as soon as possible. WliatT lie can't? Oil. yes, ho mutt come rlglit away! Mra. Mitchell la T*ry tick. You «ay halt »n hour? Yes. Very well! 1 ' Cella hail been llstenlug. Solomn-eyed, she aleppcd forward as JIavllia cut down the telephon*. "Is grandmother 1111" ilia uked. "Why, how—" Martha nodded. "Tlio doctor'11 be hero In halt an hour," sho aatd. "Mrs. Mitchell's had » chill. Ei- h«d no place la thla liouse now. Bie filt'Ilk* an Interloper. For a Ions vhllt C«lla ttared out (lie window. Suddenly ihe became alert, ron to her f«ct end eot to work. She •*•« atlll Ihcra when John Mitchell knocked on the door at flv,e o'clock, Cell* lealtated, then opened tte him In the doer, She itood betor* cute me, stairs." 1 must hurry back up- LOST AND FOUND LOST—Reining Ion automatic shot gun, near Mr. Smotlicrrnan's about 1 1-2 miles off the Armore' road. $10.00 reward for return to Hubbard Furniture Co. 13C-K16 TAKEN UP — October 11th. two marc mules, one black, right eye out; one red, weight about Ml pounds each. E. C. Thompson, Fla 14P-K16 LOST—One brown horse mule, on blue marc mule. Finder notify TV. A. Oats store, Holland," Mo. HP-K1' LOST Oct. 4th ladies wrist watch 16 Jewel Milos with baby picture on cryslal. Finder return to Mrs G. W. Taylor, lleward. I5p-kl8 ' WERT He Makes 'Em See' NOTICE With our recent partnership with Mr. Gco. Carney, we now have Ihe bc&t equipped independent shop in town. CARHEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Balldlng "We know we know how" AHTiIA disappeared on noise - less feet. Cella sank Into » chair walling for what might bap- lien npxL Throughout the rest of the afternoon >he wns like a prisoner. Luncheon waa announced and she went In to sit down to a dreary, solitary meal. There could b« only on« eipla- natlon of her grandmother'! Illness. What would John Mitchell say to this? Dr. Grlnwold arrived. He wa» a short, rotund individual who came into the-houBO briskly. Cella heard Martha conducting him up to Mrs. Mltcnell's.btdroom, Tie girl walled aniiously until footsteps sounded on the atalra. Then she went into the hall. •Doctor—?" she began uncertainly. •Yes, rm Dr. Grlswold. What la It?" His voice had an energetic ring that raalched his brisk walk. "I'm Mrs. Mitchell's grauddaugh- brown (Ilk trar«luH coitumo Mar- Eir«t Ro|«ri h*d mttt. A. brown felt hit wu pulled down orer the elrl'i Lead. Hhe looltdl «iHctly as Bh» ha,d lh« day th«y arrived from Baltimore. Spread optn on lh« bed «u a half-Hied traveling c«a». "Wbal'B thli nuDBcnse! Why are you picklnc tti&t traveling bag!" "I'm golDJ home. Back to my mother." Mitchell turned and closed the door behind him carefully. "So that's It," h» eald. "What's the matter! Dout you like, It here! Tired ot tho place?" "It's not that," ahc- answered. "I>ctcrmluei5 to leave, aro you?" 1J1E girl WM embarrassed, Was She said tliey were common! That WM when I couldn't Bland it any longer. \Vhy-mother's n, fltlerl It ]u»t Eccmcd KJ though grandmother was tnlkluB about her. I —I tolil her uho didn't havo auy rlulit lo say such things. Then I aald wooing ucoulo wero aa good ai alio wns. Or belter." Tho girl looked up, Hushed nud defiant. Sho hud told the whol* story. Sow tmo'wai ready to t;o. Mitchell Kuzed at the floor. "Is ihat-all?" hn aaked. "Vcs. After Hint grandmother dldu'i fjicax lo mo. Sho went 10 her loom and lien I heard Martha telephone for tho doclor. I—I'm iiorry Uio's sick." PAGE FIVE OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahenr ter." the girl ciplained. "la she -very 111?" Ths doctor tipped hla head to one side. "Nervous relapse," he said short ly. "She's subject to them. Treat cd her for years. She'll have to havo rest, absolute real, prescriptions and I'll again In the morning. Good day!" Dr. Grlswold'a straw hat was clapped on his head and In another moment ho was g6ne. A little later Martha came down the stalra again and Cella accosted her. "Martha," she asked timidly, "do you think I could *ec my. grandmother for just a minute—" "Ob, no, miss! No, I couldn't let you. Tho doctor eald Bhe ivas to be kept nndlaturbeil! Nobody can go in to see her now!" "But I thought—I mean I feel I ought to—" .Martha shook her head negatively, emphatically. "I couldn't let you go In, Miss Cetia!" The girl wailed a while, -then rcturn&d to her own jpom. She ••• It possible ho didn't understand? Sbe tried to niaXo It plainer. I can't atay here," «he Insisted. 'Grandmother doesn't want me. lave you Kaen her? Martna wouldn't let me go In, but I bought probably you could! 1 lope nhe Ib-n't very >1ck. It wa« my fault—I know I Bhoitldn't have tald Tvhat I aid, only I couldn't help It—" "Cello," eald her father, "I've seen my mother. Will you sit down IcslOtt m« and tell Just what It if«s that happened? Here, take oft th»t hat." • Milchell tried clumsily to irnooth tho girl's curls back. He eat dnwn on the side ot the bed (ind drew Ler beside him. Cella darted lilm a quick, suspicious glance. She could not read what was In the mau'B mind, but ho did not look angrf. Her cour- have to ago rose slightly. I've left "i didn't menu to tw rude," she bo hers twgan. "1 said. It befora I thought, but, oh, don't you see 1 couldn't havo anyone say such things about my mother! Mother's not common! I couldn't listen—oven to grandmother—and hear a thing Ilko that!" A dark glow spread slowly over'a face. "What was said about your 'pHK man studied. •*• cral seconds boforo ho biTuUc. "You see, Ccllu," ho said slowly, '.'my. mother hits EODIO Ideas (hat are—rnilicr old-fashioned. She wai trained to tallcvo they were right She ilccan't realize tlines arc different now. rm sorry for whal lins hnpiicucd. H'u very hard for in old person to undcrstnud—" Tho Blrl was iminted. Could It bo vosslhlo thnt ho vrn* laklug her side? "I—I was willing lo say I wr.s wrry," felln mumbled. "Martha 'oulihi't let me!" ' "That was right," Mllclicll agreed. "You couldn't nicuil mailers, liut, Cella, I know your grandmother dldii't hoiicslly mean to «»y anything to rolled on yotir mother, She didn't realize how It would sound lo you." Ills arm moved around tho girl. In* an instant Celln had hid' her laps asntnst her father's ahoulder, Hot, quick tears caiue. • They sat Ihcro until nhaclowj to darken Ihc room. At last Mitchell saw, "Put nwny thcso things now, Cella, nnd drcsa for dinner. We'll talk hilor." The two dined at seven o'clock. Later Mitchell went to his mother's, room. Ho relumed to Inform Colla that the "nervous attack" was not scrloitB. Mrs. Mitchell was subject to such Illnesses. Ho believed lu a few days cvcryllilng would be all right. The household slorm was noj calmed so easily. Aflcr two days it was decided, on Dr. Grlswuld's advice, that Mrs. Milchell should go lo her country home in Connecticut. Cello, would slay with Evelyn I'arsous. It was tho widow's suggestion and solved a problem tor Mllchcll. .Tho girl herself was pleased. CHE was In the living room, lilly ARE NbU <30frvi& 1b Be HERE MR. "FOR A SHORT 5P£C.L "2 LOOKS -TrUT OF Hi 5, He US £5 is KIM, BUY - SKIMMED coMwe<?rforJ5 P «ju, if -THEY CArvi "RIPS ME THREE OR FOUR j- y BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES YKS,. INDEED! By Martbv she went away. "Wo were at Charlotte's," she mother?" he asked steadily, t'elin wns talking excitedly now. Sho had to make this clear before *-> turnlni; tho dials ot llio radio, qfi her first evening at I.arclimont, when suddenly Cella became uwn're. of another presence in llio reoiu. ,She turned to confront Tod Jordan. "Why—Tod!" bho cried. Evelyn Parsons watched thorn from the doorway. Her smllvvras sinlslor. (To Ho Continued) explained. "Grandmother was having her lea gown fitted, aud- the fitter dropped a ball of pint. I said 'let me get It,' and handed it back. After wa got Into the car to come homo grandmother said I was never to speak to working peoylo or tifiat them as equals. NOTICE Bids will be received on the Hickman, Dislrict 48, school build- ng at ihe oilice of the County Su~ iwrintendent, at 10 o'clock a. m. October 23d, 1930. 10-15-10-22 Eat FISHER'S BREAD—Mr.e for Sandwiches. tf. PLATE LUNCH 20c Sandwiches and Fountain Service WRIGHT'S FIYE-AND-TEN CENT STORE WARNING ORDER J. M. Russell is warned to appear in the Chancery Court for the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, within thirty days, and answer the complaint of tile plaintiff in the cause there pending" wherein Peoples Building & Loan Association is plaintiff and J. M. Russell and Pauline Russell are defendants. Witness my hand as clerk of said court, and the seal thereof, on this 15th day of October, 1930. W. W. HOLLIPETER, Clerk. By Harvey Morris, D. C. Reid, Evrard & Henderson, Attorneys for Plaintiff. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 15. (UP>— Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct. ..... 1027 1035 Dec ..... 1050 1059 Jan ..... iOSl 1070 Mar ..... 1082 1U91 Nfay .... 1103 1111 July ____ 1125 1131 Spots steady and unchanged at 1023. Oct. Dec. Dec. new 1048 Jan. old 1000 New York Cotton NEW YORK, Oct. 15. (UP)—Colon closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct. old 1034 1034 1021 1027 1030 1039 1023 1027 1050 1054 1050 1049 1058 1047 1048 10G4 1060 10« new- old Jan. new Ma *iy July 1000 1083 1101 1121 1070 1093 1113 1131 1059 1080 1100 1119 Spots quiet at 1040, off 5. 1062 1082 1102 1120 Read Courier Nc«s Want Ads: Men Like Blue Best, While Women Pick Red MILWAUKEE, WIs. IUP)— Blue is the most attractive color to men. while women show preference for "warm" colors in merchandise and colored advertisements, Ferdinand Aumucller, Milwaukee, told delegates to the 13th annual convention of the International Direct Mail Advertising Associallon. Aumueller emphasized the difference In color preferences of the sexes in revealing the results of personal tests. He said 44 per cent of all men chose blue as tin color they liked best in all field of purchases including clolhes am automobiles. Kcd was the nex preference and purple third. Hcd headed the list for \vomci followed by purple, blue, grcei orange and yellow. SLOW RIDERS TOO SLOW LUTON, (UP)—So slow were It. c:ily two competitors in a slow b cycle race, that they were ordere to dismount and toss to decide tl issue. —Auto Parts—i Why Pay Mqrc? JACKSON AUTO PARTS Hal* at 21st Call K Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Ingrain Bldg. U Blythevllle, Ark 1025 1048 1060 1079 1100 1120 T-BONE STEAKS THE BEST IN TOWN 50c. Good Coffee TOM'S CAFE 105 N. Second SI. V. R, WASHAM-TrmtlcT Dally trips to MemphU. pick up and deliver freight packages anywhere. Special rates on carload loU. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone OUR PREMIUM is goods to suit your taste and the bcbt workmanship. \Vc deliver promplly. You pay for what you get and set what you pay for. Blythcviilc Upholstery & Repair Shop J. II. Jenkins, JIgr Phone 460 117 S. 1st. St. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A GOOD SCOUT ru. see WAT TVSH 16 SAy-...M*J STAV IN THAT IMWER. .- AND DOKT MAU£ AW GETTllJ BEDDIWS- SEE \MHAT 60ESS M.E89S FRE£UL£ FACE PASS TVIIS WAV.-. HOH? AIBPI.ANE? see IF I esiea ser OF THis wess TBV AM' fff. IT CAM AH' A RIDE FEL\.OMJ -VbO TOU3 A800T!! M1SS1H5- MOPPED OFF TO SE6 IF H£ I'UOOF ENOUGH iwo Ptv. . OU. SURE ^S^ify 9&.

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