The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1939
Page 2
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?AGE TWO ••TO-Ml HIES 'Nation Cpnserv^s Fppcl Re- K>urc§5, §pe?d Produc- tipn Of Materials Thomas WaVlliig.'onc' of Canada's b«st-kno*)i r "rorrcipomlnils, has written mufh for NEA Sir- , vice on Canadian alTalri. since this story was wril(fn, Wn>llng, \olunteercd and Has .icctpled as Chief Press Liaison Officer for Army, Navy, an<| Air Forces, with (he rank cf Jlajor. BY THOMAS WAYUN'G (\Vritttn for NBA Service) OTTAWA, Canada, Sept, 13.— With ~ ' Quickly bo placed wider, complete control. There Is a carry over of 100,000 bushels, ami a heavy'crop Is In prospect. Expansion of American manufacturing plants having branches In Canada may be expected. Nothing can efl'ccl the legality of sole by Canada lo England of gcods produced in Canada, Mor<r"thn'n $4,000,000,000 of American money is invested hi Cnn- Rda, nnd skilled workers ond equipment can iKjdily bo transferred across the border to speed, up Cnn- ndlnn production of supplies mid. munition!:. Boeing Aircraft, lor instance, lia a plant nt Vancouver turning oui Shark bombers tcr the Royal On- adian Air Force. Other plnnc-buil.1 crs can quickly ndopt (lie same technique. BLYTHBVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWfl -„_,.,. in the war, the beginnings already have been made oil a "bridge of ships" on (Jic : find In t)ie stt whlcii will cany a confines strepn^ of «ar supplies and tralne.d ?ir pllolb lo England's aid. Prime Minbfer Mackciuie K|»s aireadj has announced plans ior KUlijiorl by the Bominion of Iho ti M ,isli enprt (n (lie war. ^'iille volunteeis between J8 and. <l are being awpled fpr service in Eii- ro|)C, inuverEal consoriplion ib not planne4 at prfient. Inp.lusjqn of Canada under (he (tuns pf the United Stales' (inns embargo, is expected to raise certain problems, as doei tlio present, legulation, forbidding cnllilmenl of Americans under the Canadian Toledo lliinillii£ Booms TOLEDO, O. (UP>— Cnnstrucllon work during Hie first h.nlf of 19;i9 slio«'ed an lucieasc of 2M \icr cc)!t here. Part of Ihls gain wns due to llic upturn in the small home mar- kel. wlilcli has come alx>ut becaiise cf loH'er Interest rates on mortgage flucinclng niid the shortage of single-family dwellings. . But Canada's economy slreatly has been sp regulated as to place its maximum power behind (lie war .effort.- Conservation of food icsouices unrt the speeding up of production in many fields has nl- i.eady begun, nnd JICIOES tlie.sea and througli the aii, Canada's supporting stiengtli will soon begin to flow to Briton PANAOA is RESEK'VOIK OF MANPOWER Canada's inllltaiy foicei have already been readied foi whatever may come. The 5000 regulars and 125,000 inihllft aie standing to arnis. But a belter indication of Canada's potential military value to the homeland ib in the fiicl thnt She sent 600,000 incn and women in umtoitn to Europe dining the WprldWm. The Canadian niuy consists, ol only six destroyers, b\|t thnt is six moie than sl)e had in World War (jays, wh,cn she depended on ships loaned b.v the BiHlsh Admiralty. Coastaj defenses have been immensely strengthened, and the iiir force, while small,' about 150 ships, 8> mwieq) ant! welt-lrained. Some of the best Rcynl Air Force fl.vers of the \Vorld War were Ctuindi'aus, who me naturally skillful and bold flyers. Caiiiiija lias nlieadv mobilized industry, comineice, traijsnort and food • distribution, \\ith all plans ready to pul them on a war basis at a moment/i notice. , Signiflc^it moves me on (cot lo build up Canada's production of essential \var munitions and materials TWO years ago the Dominion had thrpe mrplfinc factories Today it | WS thiiteeu All i are speeding up production, olid Delivery is made direct by' n.vipg the Atlantic. Previous to the present emergency Canada had only cne small-arms faclory. govoni- n\ent : operated. Now British vmr contracts jiaye enabjed various engineering plants to switch 'to nni- i}llion-mamifacUire. W/>R MAiERlAI.S OorPVT SPEp!>ED Produclioii of the 'sjnovii ol war" has been, and'will be'ipeeded up, Minety per cent pf Ilia world's nickel is produced in (lip mines around Sudbury, and copper production can be speeded up. Canada is an important producer of gold, and also n safe haven for gold already produced. More than 56Ca,GOO,pCO in British B old has ill- ready'been, deposited in the Bank of Canada. The western oil fields of Alberta, as yet comparatively untouched, might quickly start to flow. The ereal grain terminal elevators which dot, the prairies imcl the storage facilities at Halifax and St. Jchn will be placed til the disposal .of IhV British government, at. fixed prices. The entire wheat- production of Canada cmi PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Beat 1'ricen Kirby Drug Stores J, L. GUARD Optomelrist Only (Irailunie Optometrist in Blythfville. Glasses Fitted Correctly (j BIT/1 Everything for your entertainment ami comfort. Watch Society P»fe Of Courier Newt F« Free Sbow Gurttf Weds. - Thurs. l".«rili*lfi Ctntutf lot [Vtltih rryl F. ZonucV'f Production ol' STANLEY ,„*' PENCER TRACY m BBMW • ocu utsatH • stt mtif inntii • mn i.uu . unit I Di'recfed by Hcn/y King Also Ciimcdy & Ncira Adiiiissioii I\]n|iiiEi; lOn A ?£B Admission iVislil lac * 3(ic Admission alKajs Ido & 25c 5tallncciFrl.-Sat.-Sun. - Thurs. PAL NIGHTS for (ho vricc of ] 0!> the Mississippi's es) — Finest — >!;*esl ALL-b i LEI. S.TEAMLR Sritd Htatl fsunj Wini club P i 0 Sisttito*) t> Aratncin Itjion MOONLIGHT EXCURSION 9 2> cm LT CatnttjjivllU in crcning of lun and tomanc- oh this sfleniid palahal stcjr c co ~= f fon c » J 5l 'o to Is the smash hil 6jni ol iSc > , ,>iT "'"- fp.-, • ^.^•^ca-^W*' .IV'StiW'viisJl.l 1S TJS?; WEDNESDAY, S1CPTKMBEK 13, -1931) CHAS. S. LE ONS Home FURNISHINGS Moderately Priced lour ball Requirements in house furnishings may be naci at this store, as usual, at prices you can afford to pay—in some instances less than in former years We need to forget that there is likely to be shortages in this, country that will justify 'boom' prices, as some would have you believe, because we have ample quantities ot all the necessities, and while speculators may attempt to boost prices, but just as long- as supplies are adequate the ultimate settling- down of price levels will mean only moderate advances from time to The POUCY of this STORE has always been conservative-advising- that you buy what you need and when that need arises—which will mean that you will nay the right price for your requirements Living Room Furniture 2-Piece Suites Loose Cushions Tapestry and Velvet Covers How Only . . , , STUDIO COUCH IScst i[ \i :i 1 i t y iiuif r spriiiK pillows anil seal, makes doulilc tail. Kulil Cor 1 yp;us without cvnudahil. Tlio ijesl vuluc we can lind. Von cap (my musics for Irss inoiicy, hut quality mill iliir.ihllity arc what couuls. 2 PC. VELVET SUITES Urighl beautiful covers, A SPECIAL ' VAL.UE, ; ,s shown, 2 PC, KROEHLER SUITES $49.50 to $139.50 i i n Bed Room Furniture 3-Piecc Modern Suite 3-Piece Modern SUITES 3-Piece Modern SUITES $9/175 ( 34 IPc. Poster Bed Suites |So!id Walnut, Mahogany) Bedroom SUITES $28 J5 to $59.50 Solid Maple Bedroom SUITES $95 to $225 |$59.50 to $145 2KINDSopHEflT With Our f Coieman ' Oil Heater" &?/ l.-AU-OVtR" CIRCUUTING HEAI WARM O V N - \^// ^ -Alai ~^ STOVES-RANGES SPECIAL ATLANTIC ALL-CAST RANGE New HEATPLOW design moves warm Air 67% fasler-clcnr out to corners nnd down to floorl Even uniform licat from ceiling to llocrsi Sheet Iron RANGE Cast lop, firebox mid grates 50 '22 No. 7 Cook Stoves No. 8 Cook Stoves $785 $ 9 95 -As I'icturetl Keg. I'ricc S3'l.7f> SPECIAL MATTRESSES SO Ib, Rolled Edge Cottons $2.95 50 Ib. F'cy Border Plated $4,95 60 Ib. Layer Felt, Extra. $6.95 55 Ib. AC A Heavy Felt. $8.35 inner Spring Mattress, not cheap Quality $12,50 &imc Range iti I'ull Porcelain, vSj)Cfi;il Opan doors-and elaiid, in focused jone of''fireplace heal". Batliebal.y herel-dress hero oh cold morningsl —warm «|> after being chilled! UCLU5IVE ncsiRit Speeds tV.Trm.Arr fbrvush Kovmt Faster- flowing. healthy heat; dean and work-free; no fire-lending or ash carrying ( o <1o! See. this compete heater it our store, HEATERS No, 18 Sheet iron $1.22 No, 22 Sheet Iron $1.98 No. 20-22 Sheet Iron 1,86 So, 24-26 S, Iron $2.74 No. 2JO-21 Arctic, Oisl Door, (PC QC Cast To,. ,'. $0.90 No. IS Cumfui'l Coinliiiia- lion ttcalcns Nu. 22 Comfnrl titui Healers Camion ] I outers AH Cast §7.<)5 RUGS BEDS-SPRINGS 2" Post Iron Beds . . . $3.95 80 Coil Springs . $3,45 Coil Helical springs on frame . . . $3.45 Ffoor Coverings—Aiakc your purchas- cs from (he store that sells more Arm- Ktnings llnor coverings'ihiin any slore in (he stale— SK12 light weigh 1 Riitfs 9x12 Armstrong '/xtra Special, Think of II? 2.\12 Armstrong Rugs Jaeh .. Rnss iacli x!2 Quaker inch 2x12 Quaker Rugs Chairs—EOckers No J Cane Chairs . . 98$ Split Bottom Cane Chairs . 78c Cane Rockers. . $2.45 to $5,95 Special ROCKER, upholstered seat on 6 coil springs. . $3.95 Rockers & Chairs upholstered seats and hicks $4J5 to S3J5 ,

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