The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1934
Page 6
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MG8 SIX /ABIU COURIER Cue Ball Artists Take Loop Lead; Kirby Loses Third Straight Fred fialiba's PaMlmers liowled ever one cf their si.-cnaesi op- pencil's aud kept ttn-lr own icc- crd unblemished when they trouncrd tl:c- Rouliwon IJrug corn- pony U'.-im, !2 to 8. at Ha Icy Field la;.i nljlu. The Baltic was played under lactcsl by fioblnvm however an:i uliilc the \ictory is ton- U-tlwly .iv.'irriled to I'a-ilimc U will be .'.tiljjoct in leviow by the man- ael:ir; o'limittoe of Ihe Commercial :oll ball loop. The victory pave the 1'astlmers n record ol three vans unil no to *al Hie Icauue puce although I!. D. Hughes wllli two wins and no losrrs Ls nominally tied for livEt place. 'Hie loss dropped Robinson to a position immediately Ijthiinl the leaders with tv.-o v. In 1 ; and oiK' loss. I'.i the- sc-ond half of last night's double bender the Teachers broke Into the \vln column for Ihe first lime, irouiKint! Kiruy Hm'.licrs In ri • cloiy.'ly contested over-lime struggle. The «?ore was 0 to 8. Claim Umpire Krred Tlie I'.istimers (jot off to an early • l!3<l asalnst the Robinson crew Eiid were rover headed. The Mine took on Hi? color of a rout mill! the hte Innings but Robinson finally managed to pull up wllhln a 'it?spcc!alj!c distance of the Pas- timcrs. Hchlnson nni.shed the game under protest niter Urosdon. ecu terfieldiT. was called out at, the plnle. Tile hcet footed cnnlenci had gnashed a him! blow rtoiin - tht loft TicHl foul line and trying . to stretch it Inlo a home run when thrown out fit the plnle by the nlle-armed Barnes, Pastime left fielder. Uoblnson players claimed thr.l the ball \vas relayed In- names by 1 a spectator and that Brogdan was en tilled to a three brse hit sr.rt to be allowed lo advance n base and rcore miller the flocked ball rule. Their claim wa. (Msallowr'd by the umpire in cliidt John Stnllh, and annmmcemcii Uiaf (lie came would be nrolc.~Aet followed. Glover ilaitlmr star . The rasllmers' pounced on tin hurlhij! of Rimer to make a riin • auay of the name In the fonrtl Ihntn 1 ,' when they counteil a bis, .rhare o( their runs. The feature was n home run by Glover H'lio-M stlckwork and ficldim; wer -. onl-flamlini;. ^ Incidentally Glove wii limited ip" a rflri'e w 'ba£6 hit 61 : another him!'-'smash when Ttiom U.MII, base runner preceding him IBM rouiidlnjt.third, slowing up [hi bin fir.rt sacker.. Oilier home run: were turned In by Bunch am . Barnes of the Pastimers and Cal laway of Hie druggists. Bunch, <!c spile .thrw crrois, fielded brilliant Ijf at" times. :: Thc Pastimers touched the <lr yve.-v. of r.imcr and Poiier for 11 blows while the. Soda Jitrl;cis KOI . lo Snmtlicrinan lor 10. The latter lioivovr-r aided by good fielding end r.eiil Robinson blows fatrlv rcll nealterert. . Jiliisler MimliriK rails . The fccond - game wns n lurd lourht- Imtlie with Kirby Broihers mnkin? frcmient substitutions. It) fact lo some of the Kirby mnsicr ininrtiun mlglu be ntlrlbulcd the downfall of the team. Lutes' error in the extra stanza led directly to Ms def.-at. The Kirby hurler went the lull distance, giving up 1C blows. I'lickett was relieved by Kramer on the mound ror the Tfnrhrn:. Tojelher they yielded U blows. , Crawford lerl the Kirby bailers flth three safe blows wliilo Hum rot as ninny lo pace the Teacher twalsnilihs. . -The box ...eorre follow: I'irsf Tronic Robinson Hale, 2b Crowe, ss ..... Caltaway. Ib-c "" How Dry I Am Walter Ncusel . . . expects lo (|iiatl fiom the cup of victory in hi 1 ; b:iltli- wilh Tommy l.oughran In New York, May4. Teachers hint, fs Kramer, ss-p . Irooks, 3b .. 'lickelt, p-fw lolland, Ib . 3i'!i!|;. c Callasvay. Hb . Sratcher, rf . Ncvlns, cf ... .^!cy, If ... AH Tolnls 44 10 10 0 Team. w. L. Pel Paslihie 3 o 11. l5. , Hughes 2 0 Ucbljison 2 1 Liberty i ] Ark-Mo Power 1 1 Teachers \ 3 Hayncs o 'i Kirby o 3 1.000 1.000 .UG 1 .500 .500 .333 .OM .000 •TO NET TIGERS Kniqlits of Columbus Wil Furnish Opposition for Locals Here Sunday Tile Knights of Columbus bal :iub of Mempnis, Term., will nice :hc lilylhcviHe Tigers -at Hale Field here Sunday afternoon a 3:JO o'clock, accordlujj lo John Smith, manager of (he local club Memphis club boasts a Smith says 3out May Prove How Mur-l) Camera Took Out o( Tommy HI' HAHItV CiltAYSON NEA Service 8|»urls Kdltor NEW YYOnK—lluw much did :lmt severe thum])iu^ .dealt by Prlmo Uirncra lake om of Hit 1 |x>r- ennlal Tommy l/juuhran? Certainly, It did the Irishman uo ,'to<i, and the Imlubtrlous Walter'l hhouhl »':i[][ij) ihe old Plmnlom (if 1'hllly in the 10-romid 'iijiteh lluit bj'lnys lx>xtng Ijin-k to ihe Garden tonight. Neuset—ijroiiounci-d NoLs-cl—is a singular .•sa.ipjR-r In Ihul he Is lhiH lo "scrap anybody. As matter of fuel, thv newest Imix latlon from the I'iitlierlriiul will pay for Hie privilege, us he did In December when lie guaranteed Hay Impclllltlere SS.WX). cMtsel wound up with n check for $3.19, which now hmujs framed In the oirice of his to-mnninjer. Jimmy Bron.<-:ou, but luul tile sails- faction of chnsim; Ihe laife llaliim from Eighth iivi'imc and 49th Ircel lo Ills falher's West 1'ulnt barber shop. Maybe It Is because he is handled by a former promoter lhal Neusel is so CELSV to do business wilh. Paul Damski put on imxtl- istic productions In lierlln mill Nazi trouble caused him to book passage this way. "Eilher he can finhl or he caii'l fight," said Damski, on their nr- rlval here last fall. believe lie 'Hie strong The local manager says Ihe visi tors will present about hall ol the players of Tlasf,. 1 .year's trl-stale tourney champions, the South Memphis (Jardluais. In (heir llne- •ip Sunday. Smith's club is also composed to liiltc nn extent of Memphis, bull piayers so It will really be a, bat- llt ol Memphis taluil. In a way. SjXlMDINGS R 2 Potter, c-p 4 Rimer, p-ib .... ^ Brogdon, cf '.'.". 4 panske, 5b 4 Itodcry, It '3 Parker. r [ "'" a , Totals ^ • Pastime AB Barnes, if 4 Jenkias, 3b "." 4 Thcmason. 2b ..... z Glover. Ib 4 Bunch, ss ... 4 Smotherman, p 3 Moore, c 1 Browning, rf 4 Mcdlin, cf T Boyelle, cf .... \ Sti!well, ss .; '. 2 SOUTHKKN I.KAGIIK W. ],. 5 G 7 U 8 fl 8 12 can, hut there Is only one way to find out. Throw him In there will anybody." So It was thai Ncusel, who stop|>cd Larry Galnes on the othe side three months afler Ihe Tororr to negro look a decision Irom Car- nerir, made his American bow a the comparatively small Rldgewood Grove Club In Brooklyn. The matchmaker sought Johnny Risk but wound up with Lcs Kennedy whose chief claim to fame wius i decision over Max Baer, score< while the. Butterfly Butchcrboy wa in his fistic adolejcency. Kennedy went out In Ihe slxtl session, and n Illy in the hand o Stanley Poreda would have, cum pletcd the picture when Neuse finished working on the Jersey Cltj Pole In the tenth and final frame After making a motor-pacei bicycle rider of the long-legged 1m :x.'ll!ttlerc. the Ferocious Frank iiirter losi a bit of prestige In limp ng to n draw with cagey Natl 3nwn. 11 was not generally know hat lhc big blond turned an ankl while hopping about In a dressln oom worm-up. Excuses dun't g n Hie beak busting business, lie ottered none. But Neusel mcl the test de nantlcd of all gladiators when h InmilKd Into King Lcvlnsky IV last time out, or rather when th Klngfish bumped him In the thir period. The Chicagoan may Ihe most formidable fighter 1 Ihe world, but has a distressin 1 Chattanooga .. 9 Nas-vllle '."!! 8 New Orleans g Atlanta 7 Memphis g Birmingham 8 Knoxvllle .'. 7 Little Rock '.'. 5 NATIONAL I.EAGUt: New York Chicago ..; ' Boston '.'.'.'." Pittsburgh ...,.'..'.'.' St. Louis Brooklyn . Philadelphia W. 11 10 7 7 7 C 4 Cincinnati 3 Pet. .643 .b7l .5ta .538 .500 .411 .40 .284 Pet. .180 .Ml .538 .538 .600 .WO .308 .214 Bf Marry Gray sou In trying to talk himself Into o ajor league uniform, Sam Gray Ikcil himself out of one. The veteran rlghl-hander'strou- es with Rogers Hoimby aniount- I to notlilng more than a wtse- ack In regard lo a monkey hull. I)e:pltc Ixinh B. Von Welse and ic Ice and coal millions back of Browns, H appears that (he ub Li retrenching. So Is ihe Si. ouls public. Insofar as the Arner- an League Is concerned. An opcn- ig day low was set there the her day when ihe Cleveland out- t was paid olf on 4000 paid ad- issions. Well, only 28 new uniforms were urcliasi'd, and when Gray diop- l around for his, lie was hanil- d a -1033 mixle! thai had •y cleaned. "Don't I rate a new unUoniiV" u demanded. The qunricTinmilcr explained Ihe lortage. Smokies Defeat Travelers And Vols Lose to 0:lcans Club Ne\v The leagw leading ChatianooEa '.ookouts of the Southern league -el down the Memphis Chicks via •lie white wash route yesterday Vnndenberg limited the Chicks •o six hits and held them score'"'?.. The Lookouts got lo Bayne '"r in blows, getting one run In lie thlid and four In Ihe fifth n hl!!!iis. Ijwkoul catcher, hit for •he circuit, nlngdon lurned in a •jood llrldln? pptne for the Chicks, PRIDAY, MAY 4, 193 Big Bad Baer Gets Little Earful lir.bli of stretching the opposltlo wlinn he finds the range with h right fal. In the case of Neusel, the Kin Eot.his sights adjusted in the third heal. Walter hit the canvas lecr- plimk, bin the situation was as strange to him as ii was embar- rawtng, for he was up and In the thick of things at Ihe count ot three. Damski contends Ills charge's ead didn't clear until the seventh Innzn. which perhaps was just as •ell for Lcvlnsky, for Ihe crst- 'hlle fishmonger must have wlsh- d he were back on lhat dear Maxwell street as the Pretzel 'minder fairly roared down the trctch. alks Himself Down Klver Gray, who barely was hanging n. anyway, carried his case lo ornsby, and when new duds were ot forthcoming, grunted: "Huh! big league ball club In the ml- ors!" "You shouldn't complain," relied the dominant manager, co!d'. "You're a minor league* pllcli- r. . .?' . And he was. Gray departed for Illwttukee that night. ; , . ; lie Cantankerous Mr. Fcirell , Cleveland fans generally are not r sympathy with Wesley Perrcll. he once Invincible right-hander •ho, remains a violent holdout. ? Alva Bradley, who has paid the North Carolinan $0000. $0000, 510,GO, $15,000, $18.000 and $12,000 In liat order for the past half down ears offers him a basic salary of SOOO, with a sliding scale whereby he could collect 111,500 by Inning -20 games. Big. handsome, only 26, and with all the ability in the world, Fer- cll should be one of the idols of he sport, but he has an ugly dis- •osition. He always Is right and Us teammates wrong. If a curve ball is smacked, the catchershould lave prescribed a fast one. Fcrrell has walked from the box- half dozen times with no one wanned up. On other occasions he IBS declined to leave the premises when paged. The young man was fined $1500 and suspended 10 days In Boston last suiu- ner when he refused to bow om when ordered to by Roger Pcck- npaugh. • • • Not Another Bambino Because he was a splendid hitter as a pitcher, Pencil, six feet two and weighing 190 pounds, had on idea h« was 'another Babe Ruth. nut last August, when he decided he was finished as a fling- er, lie discovered that poklmj the pill dally was'a much more perplexing problem than being up there every fourth or fifth day His average fell lo .250 anil he ?nve an excellent Imitation of a wooden Indian In left field. Uut Trusky May Be a (Ifhriy • General Manager' Billy Evans snys Cleveland would accept an Infielder like Buddy Mycr. of Washington, for Ferrcll. as what under the ot off Speecc. The Birds, ver, made Ihelr hlt.s when they leant runs. Atlanta's Crackers defeated ihe Dirmlngliaf Barons, 4 lo 0, at Bir- nlngham. Barnes hit a home run o make certain of his victory as he' winning pitcher. He limited he Barons to six hits. White was he losing pitcher. Jackson Wields. Powerl I. Bat, Brandt Shuts Cubs; American Idle 'ot I wo hits The Little Rock Travelers were bee;i ii.. l|K <l -off 1 to 4 by ihe Knox- Ille Smokies at Knoxvllle. Trie \fs pot off to a three run '• In the opening inning and -ere never hi'adi'd. Hulvcy was th? j .•iniilri'i anC Swcetland the los-! UK iiilclwr. Etten of lire Trav!<"-.<; hit for the circuit . ,'ew 1 Or 1 eat V penea V nfbu°t'wer l e do! <°"^' C " ""*« "> «'• B.ert ear. "H,i! you're telling me," { Be,, rated. 3 to 2, at New Orleans Sa> ' 5 Max lhc Ma e»" lce "t- "I'll slug him daffy in four or five rounds victory, 'he Vols got to Messenger for 10 nt lnc mosl -" Tlle conference took place in New Yoik where Baer had , Cumt * b tasy ' Ptr5 '" *>"> The National league had the show all [o Itself yesterday. American loop clubs being id' The world champion and p: !'• selling Giants won over the Pltif uurgh Pirates while the seccE place Cubs were blanked by Le'f lirandl and the Boston Bravef -' The Glanls trimmed tlic Pha .'• 5 10 3 at Pittsburgh with Traf Jackson starring at the bat. Jai',' son,'removed from the line-up i j day before for a pinch hitter, u:; his hat to good effect, driving '. four of the Giants runs with I ', hard blows, one a triple and i. other a homer. Clark .slatted the Giants but was relieved was credited with Smith was the los pitcher. The Hues threatened lows, twice as many as the Birds come lo prepare for his lltlc buut wilh Champion Camera June I4.'!' !e nimh *'''*" Pine1 ' HiUtrs r Lticas and Pie rajnor lilt saf wit htwo away but the rally smothered without a score. " I Ed Brandt held the heavy 1 ling Chicago Cubs to two bli as the Braves won. G to 0 at O cago. The jinx of southpaw In Ing continued to pursue the C I who had been twice previov I Etnil Firpo. the verbose South, pal. Local fans have never taken bcaten by porlsiders. Wallie B ! American, and Ralph Smith, Die Sinkcy very seriouslv as a wrestler BtT Bctl a P ail ' °' homers to 1 I Jackson, Tenn.. school teacher, will - - -•• ••-- "•" " 1 meet In the feature match on next !Firpo Will Take on Srnilh; Sinkoy and Romano lo Meet lassos Unmasks One of Thoss "Masked Marvels" T"' 5 wrestlln * card at »-« arin i CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo.—One' of those so-called "Masked M,.,-: -•els" was just a -"marvel" here Tuesday night after Tommy Tassos of Chicago yanked' the silk the hefty fellow's of their storking off leml In the natch. The "marvel" first. ory. The match will be one of a sc- In a so-called elimination tournament leading up to a rnalch between the survivor and the light- heavyweight caarnpion of the country. I In the preliminary match heavies and Sinkcy has insisted 0:1 ihis UlD Bost< "' attack against chance to prove lhat he does have Mnlcme the goods, according to reports. '" 1C st - Louis Cardinals trou Sinkey has been active in the past ej the Philadelphia Phils by . few monlhs although most of his [nar 8 ln of Medwick's circuit c Imatclics have been in towns other wil1 ' " lrce men °" '" "i e foil ' 'than these on l-,is own circuit He inni "''- The scori; was 8 to 7. us made a swing through the Caro- wos llle r ' fl1 ' consecutive win when unmasked wi " be f catur e<t for Ihe first time proved lo he just an ordinary in n number of months. Charles couliflowercd weather-beaten fel- sinlce y °f Ripley. Tcnn.. who Is t'-c "w like the rest of the grunt ac- "sure back of the Sinkcy circuit, ors. He .gave his name as Ror : including niythevllle, will meet •\!len and said he would hunt a' Mikp Romano in a two out of IIMV localion to wear his mask in tnre * fa " Si ont hollr ll »"'- h'mit. Allen, however, went on about his matcn to win two out of tbree fa " nl( cy has not appeared here in falls from the much, lighter Tas- 50me t' m e principally because Jeff 'os. ' I Roland, local boxing and v.-restling It is said lhat there are seven '"' u "" ' ~" '"" commissioner, has frowned on t-e linas iricetinir amou-j other? Gafoor " t!le Birds. Paul Dean, you: Khan, the India "'mystery man" er urathcr of Dizzy, got credit . wiro received such a big play at tnc victor J' although Ihe Ca.. I Memphis several years a"go.' Little "° ecl lllrce hurl ers. P. Collins the losin gmoundsman. Alien Ihe Phils lilt for the circuit. 13 The Brooklyn Dodgers defeaf * Hit Cincinnati Reds 3 to 2 ai C 1 - . cinmul. The Dodders, scoreo Ih'a runs in the first half of the elgli " Inning. The Reds came back I C _»!_ i I 1 Bel U '° '" tncir half ' falling ( in rOUrtn at JaCKSon shy of a tic score. The Reds co' iet to Benge for but five hi JACKSON, Tenn—Tiger Burns. Kol P vvas tlle losing hurler. Sardls. Miss., put Don Burton of " is kuo»Ti here of Romano beyond reports that he is a veteran of the game who goes In for rough performances. Burns Puts Burton Away , vnr«ln< u*™ h 7. a ll S " en dl?ht round }XM i nr ctlcs when he lost the pre- stayed on in Ihe ring for fully American Legion Irnlnary match to Johnny Stole, i five minutes with his colorful and night. Fin:o went into tantrums and. side splitting protests. ' Burns, weighing in around 145 ed Mike on lhc w card here AMKKICAX New York I.EAGUK W. L. 31 Cleveland .. c 0 Uc-lroit .'..". 7 0, Washington .. 7 Oj Boston " fi 01 St. I.oiils .... " 5 " Philadelphia ....."" G Chicago Pet. .015 .GOO .553 .500 A& .455 .429 .364 in YOU'RE in TELLING ME H took a crane 200 feet high to lid- in stepping Ihe 167-foot mast in T. O. M. Eopwlth's the America's Cu? challenger, Endeavor . o.and on that mast will be spread 01 plenty of canvas enough. OiSopwith hopes, lo carry back lo Totals 32 — — — — i England the cup that lias been Kirby Second Came • AB c 5 . | . ---- -"J. liMlV- I|(W> UttU 12 U o | in America since the middle of the century. . . . Belligerent Na" mplrcs lla(l bctt " R n Crawford, ss 3 o Jackson, ss 2 1 Foster, Ib ."" 5 o Waal. 3b 4 0 Gcodman, If .'.3 o Tyrone, if 1 0 Hardaway, Sb 4 2 Carter, rf o 0 P. Hanoy, rf 4 0 Hartwlcle, cf 3 i Smith, cf .;...'. i o B. Uiks, x p 4 j Hamby, ss i Q tional League umpires liad better 6 ! Lo'i ll " ?lr slcp ln arBUin|! wlth 0 formerly was a professional middleweight . . . There Is lltlle rnazuma In the beak busling bus- 1'iew thrjsc days. . . . Frantic rriFCh. lhc Cards' manager, wa' one of the greatest backfleld men E. vcr .. 10 rj » over a gridiron foi Fordham. . . u is plain that the Cleveland Indians can't cross their Bridges when they came lo him • • . Billy Petrolic is running a pocket billiard academy and cigar store in Dululh. •ToULi 45- » Head Courier News Want Adi. Ncusel. six feet two-and-a-half ml scaling just under 200 pounds uit chemistry to cauliflower cars ie is in his fifth year ns a pro- osslonal at • the age of 24. He is a large edition of Ace Hudkins— "club" r.ghter among heavy- Shis if there ever was one A »ody belter of the old school he icvcr lets up. Over Loughran, Neusel natural- would hope lo land the wln- ier of tlic Carnera-Baer carnival n September. Steve Hamas has in eye on the same assignment or which Ihcy should be made o fight. Hamas would find Neu- icl willing. He's funny that way Tire Carried Scrtw Drivfr BRIDGEPORT. O. (UP)-A motorist who stowed for tire in fiat! on icrc found that he had driven 250 "lies with a screwdriver In one uachine had ridden smoothly, he of his automobile's casings. The said, but the tires had needed air frequently. Pleranodons were, by far. lh' irgest of all known flying verle bralcs: these strange creature lived In the Cretaceous Period, am had a wing span of 25 feet. Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance circum-' club wouldn't ances. Evans believes Cleveland has a ccond Lou Gehrig in Hal Trosky —the "o" is sounded as in boss— ho crashed the large show in his lird year in the. organized game." The Indians have two of the )fst young inflelders in baseball Trosky and Shortstop Bill Knickerbocker. With the polished Willie Ktimm t third, a steadying influence at econd base, where Eddie Moore filling In for the nonce, might witch the American League pen-- lant parade from the Atlantic caboard for the first time In 14 alls. Today's Games SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Chattanooga Atlanta at Birmingham. Litlle Rock at Knoxvllle. Nashville at New Orleans. NATIONAL Boston at Chicago. Brooklyn at Cincinnati. New York at Pittsburgh nl St. Louis last m the semi-wlndup Louis B nard of Memphis easilv - ou of Blythev," i AMERICAN URAC.WK St. Louis at Boston. tH-lrolt at New York. Chicago at Philadelphia Cleveland m Washington «nd •* ..... v " 'B-> IIV» iUf U... In manufacture of perfumes] dunamlc alcohol: backu-oocts women u,cd to use them f 0i smi fl WRESTLING KMII, FIRPO TITANIC SINKKY MIKE ROMANO ARMORY, MONDAY NITK For a Conger JJoneymoon NO ONE expects lioneymoon days to go on forever. For you—or him—to get all-of-a-twitter every time you see each other would be asking just a little too much. , . . , , But—beware the stodginess of growing too matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliciously feminine negligee, a new dress bought just for of it, can set.your own heart singing and get a word of appreciation from that serious fellow who pays the bills. . .So here's an end to Humdrum! Turn now to the advertisements and let them take you on an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. ', '"'"^Tiff^B Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They teach the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of inestimable,value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris.

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