The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1931
Page 8
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KIGHT m.VTilEVll.l.K. (AUK.) COUKIKH NKWS FRIDAY. FKIJUKAIiy (J, Jf);U Marine Corps General Who Angered Mussolini He's a Soldier of Ability But Never Leovncd to Keep His Mouth Shu I. BY LUXOKA nilTCllEU XEA Service Writer WASHINGTON .-General S:«etl- !c-y Darlington Butler rose licir. the ranks and became cos-i-ml U'ilh medals for act; o! personal heroism and cth?r ljrll]h:u tchlcvom?nts. But although he curried 1 nn i,; s orders nbly and iiitelllBcntly, 1,0 never learned lo cnpp::sj his strong personal opinions in tho |:i- teresfs. of expediency. Today he Is Ijolli .tlie most valuable officer in the U. S. Marine ccrps and the general \vlio tac-s n court-marital because lie mirl" 5 speech to a Philadelphia club In which he attacked Piaiilrr Msni'.o Mussolini of Italy. Otherwise, the most liuorcsiln; facts about Butler arc that: The marines who have Fcrml under him have nhvays accorclerl him hero-worship because they regard htm as n srnmrc-slio'ilvr. cnn- fldcrate of their interests, democratic to a define, able to nllal-i a high standard of discipline v.-llli- oul becoming a martinet and as brave as'any of them. The martn? corps, you will find, Is divided into two distinct classes: those called "Butler men" and thorn who haven't had much contact with him. He Is a "bundle of nerves." us feme of his friends sny, full of a remarkable driving force, and nn • extraordinary ability to think things,out and get things dor?. In speech he resembles a machinc- Bu'n, his sentences rftcn sputtered • with allusions showing him lo Iv- widely' read and informed.- And his conversation, In private at least, is as frank as ever cam: 1 from the lips of n'ny nitm in m:i- f orm. .- • Has Napoleonic IjOrck t ' Butler ,ls rjjly a little tpllo\v. Eiic-rt and .thin, but Apparently . ncssfsscd of nnc ol those ir-n ccn- stlliitloiis. His hair is sllll brow . and not gray because hq is not. quite 50 years old He lias a tniall rather liatchcy face and Ills ncto, larro r.nd something like a parrot's, bas a Napoleonic hook. ; If Butler would but keep bis mouth shut at the right times, la would please the politicians ani( the 'diplomats as well as ho pleis- .' es everyone else. Unfortunately, he lacks that faculty. Still nnre unfortunately, hs has n marked contempt'lor many politicians and diplomats. Th.".t tongue of his 1.1 r.U that ever got him in'to trouble. And never'before Into any loal . trouble, such as this cort martial. Heretofore the Butler tongue has irritated those who disliked him without giving them a chance to strike .at him. In his Pittsburgh speech two or three years ago he explained the technique of our Caribbean policy. When O-.o marines 'supervised an election, he explained, our State Department's candidates always, won. ire explained how that was brought about and added that it was customary f:rm- ally to declare the opposition candidates to be. bandits, The State and Navy Departments were SOT,about his candor, but they could hardly punish Smedley because" hi 'had done these things in Ntcin- gue and Haiti, obeying or<".?rs. After fighting the bootleggers, pcllticlans and other grafters as director cf public safety in Philadelphia through 1924 and 1925, finally beini! eased but by tra p.ill- tlcians, he said: "I read this iool Volslzad Act as intended to apply to everybody. But it appears it is meioly intended to keep liquor away from p=o- ple without influence and doesn't apply to others. It's a case of enforcing the- law In sc:r.: places bluffin? at enforcement in others." Well, they C'uidn't do anythlnj to Butler • about that, cither. Everyone In Washington. Philadelphia and ekwhere knew lie knor? hncy Red Triumphs PecklSLbs. LETTUCES POTATOES State Certified Seed. liu. GRAi'E FRUIT Luvce 1AC Florida, li for 1U BANANAS ['Fancy Golden Fruit Pound 4'/2C Ptfirpv J um| >'> ? 1C IfiLtdll Stulk.Ba. /2 EESE) ONIONS Bed4G Stl 10° PLES Rome Rouuty OtC Ark. Blacks. 5 Lbs. DJ Mnj. o™. Smcdloy D. Duller, now facing court, martial for alleged remarks which aroused the anger of Premier Mussolini of Italy, shewn hero in cJir.rnclerlslIc poses. At the right Is a recent close-up of the "fighting general" of the Marine Corps, lakrn shortly l!c:"orc his arrest list! been ordered by the Navy Department. Known as one' of the most liemocr.ittc o:' liiijli ranking officers, he is strikingly! picturixl at the left as he acted as cheer leader for Ills' Marines in ;i service football game last fall. Once called In to rid Philadelphia ol j vice, he is uec:i ower center as he was sworn in us Director of Public Safety in the Quaker City by former Mayor W. Freeland Kencirlcic.l Uup.T center nre two other Informal photos which rovcal the accused olf leer's "rugged cast of features. mcnt policies when tiicy mac'/! him nrmy had them from six months I heroism near Tientsin and soon problems of "extraordinary masnl- Peck 12 !bs. 25c f Dozen Ific Extra Large Florida Same kind we had last Saturday SUGAR In Cloth Bags *f\C Lbs. '±3 a "pDllcr-niau of ImperlaliEm" word:to G years and thty haven't Icain- of his remarks has sometimes been rd to salute, you shouldn't c-xpscl af toward. at Ttaiisin, advanceil llulc " tllc cam l> Limit 10 Courier. 2 for 35 C two numbers on the list of cap- conaplclous success" and the Navy carried tack Into high places. (the marines to teach them In six [ a ins for further heroism. He lias ? nvc Wm another decoration for AVIinl rcMliln- Sai,l .days." I served nt various American prsis. H" 1 same perfrrmancc. Ho 'ha; Sev;i:\! anecdotes still survive) He Is a Quaker . | | n |j lc p],i:iiplncs in Porto nifo French. British nnd Hnjtlnn mcd- frc-m the time when he served ul | Tlie Brest cnmp Imd from 50.-1 Panama, Nlcarnrjiia, Mexico, Hni'.i al s ona eleven campaign medals. Ercit in 1Q18 ;uici 1010 during Iho ' cos to 75.CCO men most of the time ' nnd France, us well as on vnrio'.is As you go up the stairs to the eviicuiUlcn period. The Brest cnmp mK ] (i, e | r uveragc stay wns nbout. bnltlfshlps. He wen his first Con- Secretary of the Navys otflo? in I was r. mildhole nnd Butler unt'or- n week. Butler-put n marine ser-iynssicral Mcdnl of Honor through the Navy building you are .con-] took to pull It out ot the mud. ne, B i>ant In chare-? ol each kitchen i skill and courage in leading 1 his fronted nt the head with a bfonza mnsfii carried duckliuurds up the nnd solved the food problem. He'troops into Vern Cruz in 1914. He tauiet-fire feet high, with a Inrge hill. Pci'smiiB cenic down ; thnuglit one of the best ways to won hfs second in an attack on rcfef of Gcnsral Butler's head. Tt one^ time and they sent word to s! , n(1 t ]i c doughboys back to Am- Fort Hiviere in Haiti in 1015. lead- cnmc from the Philadelphia Law Buti?r thnt the should be - r ,-!ra hi sc-d healtli and morale Inrr a score of men in a despCMte Enfcrcemeut league and comme- A-nwn up for circss purcidc. Butler, i wn s to Bive them, thrc,? scumre and daneoi-oiis attack. The Aisny morates his service as director" of i.lthcueh attached to tlui nrmy. re-1 , ; , crl i s ft j av . General Hnruord, Gave him its D. S. M. for solvinij jniblic safety. '•' Carded nuiMlf as a naval officer n,en head 'of the Service of Suii- and circlded olher\vLsu, He and a |,i y , hove in one morning and told ..r.v clhcr officers met Pershmg at ),],„ u,e nrmy ral i on allcwanrc wns ;.ie station and he «as asked what j Mne Acceded, nutler iiclmlllcd an !;ni.' cf iiin tsvloiv. , lllnl an(1 5.,,,, lhc rM \ ans W o»ld "Htll," said Butler, "I wasn't go-!|- c re-iuccd U Harlrrd would Issue In; to pull thos? boys out Into the the orders. Harbonl nn:d nnd let n lot ol tr.»m catch 1 I'lioumcnln and die, just as Uicy! were about to leave lor home." ' Pershlng nnd Duller drove around : iii 0 "ii's" him. lhc camp tuiwllier.' Tliey passed n Honored for Valor doughboy who failed lo snlulc and I this conversation followed: Pushing: "Did you notice ihat he didn't salute, General?" Butler: "Yes. I noticed General." And then they passed another prlrati wlio iltil'it ST.ItHc. Pcrshlng: "Did yon notice thati thnt man didn't snlutc..General?" Butler: "Yes, 1 noticed it, General." Pel shins: "General, think they f.h-,uld be B\itlcr: "Well, General, CORN R ™ 2N cUO c OLEO Purity Nut 2 Pounds 25c PORK & BEANS Camp- I?C hell's. Can Q PINEAPPLE Hillsdale ;E Hillsdale OCC No. 21/ 2 CaniJ BEANS No. 2 Klythe- 1AC villc or "Miss Lou. Can J-U- Guaranteed Fresh Country Eggs, Limit i RITZ .THEATER Friday and Saturday Soe Marion Davics in 'Bachelor Father' Admission — Matinee — 10-30c Night— 10 and 3f>c. Sunday and Monday Don't Believe Everything' what He was talking about. R«nlly, an absurd sort cf ):erso:i to be in public life! If he hactn'i been such an amazingly go-d officer he never would have rircr. very far. Unfortunately for Buticr. he was finally foolish enough In an otho:-- sisa gcott speech ti rcr^at c hcav- say ttory to the effect thai MUFSO lint was a hit-and-run driver \vho had Wiled a child. Hardly anyone In Washington, except pcr In the eute Department,' 1ms regard for Mussolini. But hnrdlj anyone believes that story ab~u Mussolini to be true. Butler laii himself wide open to attack by repealing that story in public. But although this apa:;ntly' ol; -vious error will be used ara him, hts court martial Is libcly I '.urn out to be the mcst populn court martial ever slF-gcd by branch, of America's p.rmcd fcrcr The high officials of the Navy D partmcnt are supposed to hn\ long disliked Butler and ti have been responsible for the fact that he wasn't appointed commander of the corps to succeed the late General Neville. One tiling about Butler Is that he wasn't a Naval Academy graduate. Another thins is that wherever Uutlcr has been en the Job with admirals rr other naval officers they have had to let Butler run th; show Ijecauss ha was obviously so much better equlped to do so. And It also ay- fears that when Butler has mo-? or less privately expressed his . opinion of Navy and State Depart- Yon Read— Hear Tiio Storv of— SOUP Campbell 1 ^ To- OCC L<J CRACKERS C. C. 2-Lb. Box COFFEE Sunset Gold TC COFFEE Pure Peaberr G Lbs. Kellogg's. 3 I'kg Limit : MII.K Pet or Carnation OfTC 3 I/ar«;e or (i Small LtJ . hc sucssed he wouldn't. Butler Is ci Quaker, as iiveryonc knows, nnd his wife "thee's- and, CASH GROCERY BrookfieSd cr Cioverblopm, 3 Ibs Limit s=rvln , m china as a. lieuleimuti in 1900, Bntler won a captaincy by Stiicfly Fresh 2 Dozen for HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Sec - ; 4 Near Rainbow's FLOUR Chief or Heauty OQC O«7 CALUMET L " r &27 '• ilUirrKR All Brands 2 ! I Creamery. Lb. Blylhoville Four-Leaf, None Better. Pound No. 2 Tiny Tad 2 Cans BUTTER Springbrook IO Creamery. Limit. Lb. 10 60 C TOTATOES1S29 j witli Bob Steelc Admission—Matinee & Night 10 and 26c. SOAP Pal - moli rfor 15 C Pride of Fairileld. No. 2 Can Per Can Sunday and Monday rapoi-atcd. All Brands. 6 Small or KIDNEY BEANS FLOUR Blue Bunnx HQC bs. <t/ HOMINY Polk's Rest irC U SALT MEAT CABBAGE PLANTS 'THE HDTTERy BRIDE 1 Armour's x Star Sliced. Pound Sugar Cured. Ever-Good. Pound JtANETTE MAC DONALD JOHN GAPJUCK JOE E. BKOWN CHISHOL.'A JOitPH AVACAUIAY Swift's, Sliced or Piece Pound Pork Ribs !n 9c d; Bones n>. 4'c PORK STEAK Nice, Mealy Pound I STEAKS K. C, Round ; N. •• ,"i,,.i « \ t (} 'v-t-. ;.<v*ov v . f S." V" 1 > ---** t- \ Coming —Tmsday, \Vcdne. Admission — Matinee & Xight 10 and 25c. SHOULDERS Fresh Pork Pound 12c HENS Full Dressed I.h. CI j SWEET POTATOES O1C ' ! I.h. 62 CHEFSE Full Cream Pound 18ic day & Thursday— Lawrence : Coming — Tuesday, Tibhett and Grace llonre in day & Thursday'— Conrad "NEW JIOOX". Naglc in "FREE LOVE". AND G THE WHITE NAPHTHA 10 B&RS FOR 35c Stew Meat ib.. »3usage r sjl0c Home CountryClub 1 OA Hdlllb Whole. !h lOU Salt Meat Ib. 7c Pure Lard Ib.l21c :™l!kl5c Sausage Mi j; ounJ 6c Dn^cf Clod, K C 0(1* ^"aSl shoulder lb>wl BSSB 17 Lard compouod jjig

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