The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1966 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1966
Page 12
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F*g« Twelve: - Blytlievllle (Art.) Courier N«wg - Monday, Jun« M, \9t» •: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION 4A11 classified advertising must £ in by 4 p.m. preceding day of publication except for Monday's i».ue when Ads must be in be- lire nooi Saturday. •Oslly rates pet nne consecutive Insertion. ^Minimum charge I'-JO ll-tlme per line 30c ti'tlmes jer line per day 25c Jitimes per line per day 20c T;times per line per day lac SSIonth per line i.OO •3 line minimum iCount four average wordi to the Hpe. -Ad ordered for three or seven t&nes and stopped before expiration will be charged for the num- otr of times the ad appeared and adjustment! of bill made, cash re- f;mds must be picked up m-ithin -All" classified advertising copy must be accompanied by cash. Rntes may be easily computed from the au<-ve table. "Advertising ordered for Irregular Insertion take the one time table. • No responsibility will be taken for S "ore than one Incorrect Insertion any classified ad. "All ads are restricted to their droper classified style and type •Bie Courier News reserves the right ffi edit or reject anj ad. I (Notice: Two lines of a •standing classified adver- Htisement may be changed = ln any 30-day period at a r charge of 6» cents. When : additional changes are re- Squired, the advertisement E will be billed as a- new ad- S vertisement.) I SKILLED SERVICE !! DIRECTORY VOLKSWAGEN Central Motor Sales Open 'til 9 PM Daily J8S '64 I'OKD 4 door, radio and healer, automatic trans., power steering and brakes, factory air conditioner, white sidewall tires J1695 •65 VOLKSWAGEN fully equipped includinf air conditioner, low mileage, me owner *#* '65 CHEVELLE Malibu Super Sports, automatic trans., white sidenall tires, radio and heater, red with black Interior, sharpest car in town WSJ •65 FORD 4 door H.T., full power and factory air conditioner, leather interior, extra sharp, low mileage . $Sfl '64 VOLKSWAGEN Convertible, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, low mileage, real sharp $1495 '63 PONTIAC Catalina 2 door H.T., hydratnatie, radio and heater, power steering and brakes, white sidewall tires, custom red leather interior, exceptionally nice car .. $1595 '61 CHEVROLET Intpala 4 door H.T., V8, black color, white sidewall tires, radio and heater, automatic trans. $645 '64 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door, V8, automatic tram., white stdewatl tires, radio and heater, real sharp .... $1695 •81 VOLKSWAGEN Deluxe ledan, radio £ neater, whit* iidewall tires, exceptionally clean $*W '64 CHEVROLET Impala 2 door B.T., whit* with ted Interior, clean M new.... $1895 •6* CHEVROLET Impala t door H.T., original white, new white aidewall tires, automatic trans., radio and heater, iff ai clean u new $1491 '65 CHEVELLE Malibu Super Sports Convertible, automatic trans., radio and heater, white sidewall tires, red with black Interior, low mileage .... $$$ '61 CHEVROLET Impala V8, 2 door H.T., green color, automatic tians., radio and heater, white jidewall tires $595 '6$ CHEVROLETS, Impalai, 4 door H.T.'s, full power and air conditioner, low mileage, exceptionally clean, guaranteed and all an low bargain priced. = Underwooa — Olivetti Jales • Services - Rentals '• Easiness Machines Co. 6008 W. Main FO 3-8991 • 4.10 ek u AutoUptiolstery .CM-Trucls-»rm ec<ulp. mate, on- MO B. Matt, FO a-WJ^ „ Boats - TOPS - Deck lists. OU- MO R Main, PO MTtt.^ f"^ Buiin«i Schools ;.',. Biythevllle Business colleg. Summer classes July 1, Sept. II. 403. 3-3 ek tf !:CoU PO 3-4553 5 For Complete - Insurance Protection W. J. POLLARD AGENCY : : Planned Protection ~ : BUtbevllle federal Bulldlnc * ' Ulot&M line pole*. Blrtnertlla Iron :» liettl. PO 3-Wtt. 3-l» ck II : r ~'~.=quFpmeirt Rental t 0ullatjzer-nvut BACK Hot ? Air Compressors ^ ' Concrete MUerB 3 Ow tt Electric Welden r :" WBt«lbarrows-picks * ibordi I W»tel Pump« I Heavy Jacki — Cranea 7 Truckt A HandvreDCbel :- OMpenten Tooli I riumben u«cuanlc Toon = : Tard & Garden TooU r: WKeelclxalr & Sollaway Be4 ; " *•* for anything not Ustod We dellrer S '• Pn. PO 3-82»2 or PO 3-373* s: Kelton Francis ;'..'. FRANCIS ANDPOE Motors * •Bxpert outboard motor repairs sjtd cfibreglass repalrn. B'TBTJM HARD- 3 WABE. lie K. Mala. 1M ct U -V^iTWV^AAV. Painting r: SPRAT FAINTING!!! T ; Expert painting on Barns, Olna, "•fRrm Houses. Loside A: out, all at " a very modest price. GLENN WOODS ?phone PO 3-0501. 6-6 ck 7-7 ! • Interior Painting. All work guaranteed. PO 3-7243. 5-31 pk 7-1 Pecans 2' Pecans for sell & pecans cracked, i Farm. 6S5-3612. 4-3 ck tt now aertlce »U makes T.V.'s "i radios. * -Wilson's Fum. & Appliances. 5 '•'• 113 E. Main, Ph. PO 3-4237. 3-7T Rug Cleaning Si; Peerless Rug Cleaners Pickup & Delltery 241« B. Franklin — Pn. PO Sandblasting „ . V^*^«S^WS~*>v«>W !' W. remove run, conocloa, old Epunt and etc., from metal by sand- SMastlne. No item too large or small, rjno. o. McHaney ft Oons, lac. an »-M ek « Seotic Tank Servieo j^*r^fv^*f t s*f*s*r^s+*t*s***f*s*s*f***'**r*- . clean eeptu tanks, cess pools ,/ease and sewer lines. All rork guarantetd. Oene Nuckles, W WT Vll». BlTthtTllle, Ark Ph. ) I-ttK. 1-K Pk 1U Stoves jour oren tbenaoitat *dj Many More Models To Choose From! See One Of These Men Today: *John Nelson * Claude Williams * W. C. "Dub" Colston * Bruce Ritchey OPEN TIL 9P.M.'DAILY Help Wanted, Male Wanted Immediately Welders .. . construction workers men to work in steel fabricating plant. Must be able to lay out steel and fit up jig; be willing to work out of town. Applicants must be able to read blue prints; be high school graduates or the equivalent. Welders must have their own hood and tools. All high school graduates will be considered if they qualify. Mississippi Valley Industrial Services Osceola, Ark. Frank L. Quinton 1-1 ek tt Construction Superintendent Must have experience in erection of prefabricated metal buildings; be able to handle crews and set up forms for concrete. Applicants must have own tools. Apply in person to Mississippi Valley Industrial Services Osceola, Ark. Frank L. Quinton Cottage - Turn. 3 rm. & bath. Possession June 1. Ill E. Davis PO 3-4050. 5-24cKtf Modem (UA. apt.. 3 nn. and oatn. gas equipment, sir conditioned, couple only. F. aimon, Ph. PO 3-J1S1 or PO 3-33?l 1-17 ok U 2 rm. modern turn, apt., utl. pel. $15 week. PO 3-3331 or PO 3-9703. 5-17 ck tl 3 rm. unfurn., apt., nice, 417 B, Cherry. PO 3-3535 ot PO 2-2624 5-13 pk (1-14 Typing, mimeOfWLpn, notary, photostats. TYRONE TYPING SERVICE & ACME TERMITE. PO 3-3280. 3-2 ck tf Wells Pump driving and lawn mowing done. Call FO 3-3039, Burdette. 5-24 pk 1-25 For Rent 3 bdrm. house, unfurn. Newly decorated. Good location. PO 2-2663. 6-11 pk 6-13 2 tdrra. Souse. 330 Wilson St. S35 too. PO 3-7620. 6-11 pk fi-19 4 rm. house & bath. $40 mo. PO 3-9672. 6-11 pk 6-19 fl rm. house, lurn. or unfurn. 3 rm. duplex, Carolyn St. PO 3-0554. 6-11 pk 7-12 Furn. 2 rms. & bath. Window fan, new bed. Stove <Sc refrig. Nice, $35 mo. Lady, couple. PO 3-3435. 6-11 pk 7-12 Purn. 5 rm. house As bath, fenced back yard. 305 E. Kentucky. PO 3-4489, PO 3-8292. 6-11 ck tt Nice 2 Bdrm. house In good location. Sam Godwin PO 3-3928 or nights 3-8853. 6-10 ck tf 3 Room apt. Fum. $37.50 mo. Bills paid. PO 3-9029. 6-10 pk 6-14 3 bedrm. trailer. $40 mo. PO 3-6411. 6-10 pk 6-14 2 Bdrm trailer, li.£ baths, water lurn. 50x10. $85 mo. Kocott Park. PO 3-3261 or PO 3-8438. 6-8 pk 6-16 3-rm. house, unfurn., bath, gas, $35. 1409 W. Ash. days. 1601 W. Ash after 5. 6-8 pk «-16 4-rm fum house, 2 rm furn apt. 3tl. paid. 115 E. Ash PO 3-6417 6-8 pk 7-9 5-rm house with bath at Dell. Ph JO 4-2238 after 6 p.m. 6-8 pk 8-16 4-rm furn or unfurn house. $43 mo. PO 3-181S or PO 3-9610. 6-8 pk 7-8 3 rm. furn bouse, bath, 512 S. 1st. PO 3-1449 or PO 3-3535. 6-7 pk 8-15 4 rm. fum. house Sc apt. PO 31732 or PO 3-8168. 6-7 pk 7-7 4 rm. unfurn. houso at 626 S. Late. PO 3-7414 6-4 ck tf Furn house. Call after 4 PM. Couple only. 1024 Adams. PO 3-3704. 6-2 pk 7-2 ^ mobile homes w/air cond. Mathis Trailer Court. S. 61. 6-3 ck tf 4 rm unfurn. Newly decorated. PO 3-8431 or PO 3-0648. 6-2 pk 7-3 rm. unfurn. house. 3 rm. furn. PO 3-8790 or FO 3-4311. 6-2 pk 7-3 TJnf. ("aplex, 3 rm. & bath Glean. Couple or single. »30 mo. PO 3-3435. 6-2 pk 7-3 3-rm. furn. house, S50 mo. ph. Day PO 3-042J & Nlto PO 3-7919. 6-2 pk 6-13 Small Souse. 1214 Holly PO 3-3153. 5-30 ck tf Completely furn. mohlle home, utilities pd. Oloss in. $70 per mo. PO 3-7001 5-31 ck 6-31 Trailer 1 br. air cond. 841 6. Dlv. PO 3-4679. Bark' 's CourM 5-31 pk 7-1 1—5-rm unfurn. house conveniently located, ill Chlckasawba. |60 mo. PO 2-2915. 5-31 ck tf New dec. 2 bdrm. 2201 Marquerlte. Make mt offer. Zoullne Powell, PO 3-1546. «-l Pk 818 3 rm. unfurn. house, bath. $25., 110 Ward St. FO 3-3535 or PO 2-2624. 5-13 pk 8-14 Nicely {.urn. apt. &. furn. house on Davis St. TJtl. paid. PO 3-4339, PO 3-7962. S-17 pk 6-18 Mot em House. 1021 McHaney. Located near Nlbco and Central Metals. $40 mo. Nat. gas, wash. conn. O'Steen's. PO 3-4522. 2-8 ck tf TJnfurn. house & newly decorated apt PO 3-9225. 4-9 ck tf '4 rm furn house. PO 3-9781 or PO 3-7897. 5-14 pk «-14 Modern bids, across from Air Base. $85 per mo. Call Randall Hawks. PO 3-S288. 1-31 ck tf 6 rm unfurn. house. W. Main, $60 per mo. PO 3-6090. 4-8 ck tf 2 BR mobile home, close in town. Wt. fum. PO 3-3331 or PO 2-2112. 13-17 ck tf 3-bedroom fsrm nous* located *bout 3U miles west of Air Base on Green store Road. $25 psr month FO 3-3331 OS PO 1-1111. 3-17 ek tf For Rent-Colored Property 2 bdrm. witn oath located at 1108 Thompson ~t. PO "• 3331 or PO 22112. 6-1 ck tf Dnfurn. 3 rm. duplex apt. $28.!>0 per mo. 1037 So. 15th. St. PO' 3-3331. PO 2-2113 4-17 ck tf For Rent—Apartments 2 rm. furn. house. 3 rm. turn, apt. 110 E. Ash. PO 3-6304 after 5 p.m. 6-13 pk 7-13 1 bdrm. unfurn. apt. Call PO 22556 or PO 3-3250. 1125 Chlckasawba. 6-1,1 pk 6-20 4 rm. furn. apt., pvt. bath. Can be seen during day at 627 W. Walnut or call after 5 p.m. PO 3-4397. 6-11 ck tf 4-rm. & bath furn. duplex apt. Newly painted. S60 mo. 1015 W. Ash. PO 3-4409. Hubbard & Hake Furn. 8-13 ck tf Two, clean furn. apts., 2-rm., pvt. bath. 1409 W. Ash, days. 1601 W. Ash after 5 p.m 6-8 pk 6-14 Newly decorated air eond. fum apt, utl. pall. PO 3-1863. 6-7 ck tf 4 & 5 rm. apt. unfurn. PO 3-1732 or PO 3-81C8. 6-7 pk 7-7 Nice 3-rm furnished apt. $60. PO 3-7945. 8-7 pk 6-15 3-rm. furn. apt. Washer conn. PO 3-1536. 6-t pk 8-13 3-rm furn apt. with pvt. bath. Panelled throughout. Nice cabinets in kitchen. Close-in. PO 2-2595 or " 3-3331. 6-3 ck tf a-rrn. lum. apt. PO 3-2465. 6-3 ok tf THE FINEST IN FURNISHED OB UNFURNISHED APARTMENTS, CEN. AIR COND.. RANGE. REFRIGERATORS, CARPETS. DRAPES, SWIMMING POOL PITCH AND PUTT GOr.F. GREEN. 3 LOCATIONS. 60 UNITS, SEE OR CALL TKOMPSON REAL ESTATE CO., 1000 N. 2ND ST.. PO 3-6911. 5-31 pk «-31 3 cm & bath uniuin. duplex apt. Call PO 3-9457. 5-21 pk 8-22 Clean, well furr spt. Water furn. PO 3-3557. 5-28 cX 8-28 4 rm. fum. Svpt.. PO 3-8672 or PO 3-8243. 5-14 pk 8-15 4 Rm. furn. house, PO 3-8672 01 PO 3-8243. 5-30 Dk e-31 3 bedrm trailer. Tsrbro. Ph. FO 3-4306, 5-27 Jk t-28 unfurn. 3-nn. house * bath. 418 E. Ash. PO 3-3149 or PO 3-1708. 5-25 pk 6-26 ] bdrm. noun, nnfum. $45. FO 38057 - PO 3-7999. «-13 pk 7-13 »tors Bids, for nnt. Ross * 91st St. PO 3-3368. 5-20 ok tf 3 Br. house, 9213 8. Circle, 22 Br. houses In Mantis. PO 3-8313 C. FO 3-8673. . 5-20 pk «-21 2 biinn. boust, 1337 Csrolyn. u t-ssto. <-i« pk «-'« t bdrm unfurn duplex. US mo. 1039 W, Walnut PO 3-6040. • 5-7 ck tf END FEAR of doctor inn hospital bill*. Mutual of Omaha hospital, surgical, medical expense and Income protection plan pay biff benefits fast and the cott It low. Gin yonrielf and family bin protection, new peace ot mind, call or write — Frank King, Agtnt P.O. Box m - BlytheriU* Pheu tO t-MM Representing Mutual of Omaha MUIUAl OF OMAR* MIUR'ANCK COMMNT LIFE INSURANCE; UNITED OF OMAHA •on* Offlu: OsBtk*, 2 rm and bath turn, house. Air cond. PO 3-3123. s-ll ck « 7 bdrm. unfurn. brick apt. N. 21st St. PO 3-6217. 5-17 ok « 3 turn, raw., all utll. pd. By tl>« week or month. PO 3-3483. 4-20 cfc tt Mod 1 bdrm duplex. Lts & BUS furn., 1112 W. Ash. PO 3-9175 5-14 pK «-I5 620 B. Main—Can b* used as office or lor small commercial bust- ness. PO 3-4523. 5-10 ck « Furnished Apartments. Call PO 3-6096 or PO 2-2045. 5-11 ck tf 1 BR turn apt S05 1034 W Walnut. Newly dec. PO 3-6049. 1-8 ck tt S rm. furn. apt., private bath, water furn. t50 per mo. Call P(? 3-3483. 4-26 tic tl 3-rm furn. apt. with pvt. bath. Closs in. PO 2-2595 or PO 3-3331. 4-25 ck tf 2 BR turn. apt., utl. furn. Drum- mei Boy Motel. PO 3-8168. 3-8 CK M Efficiency apt. complete!? furn. and equipped. Utl. furn. By day. week or month. PO 3-8168. 1-21 ck tf 1 Bit unlurn. brick apt. N. 2!st St. PO 3-8217. J-35 ck tf For Sato Hybrid Daylillea now in full bloom —see before you buy—385 named varieties, 25c and up. Visitors welcome. PO 3-4794 for appointment. 6-13 pk 7-14 Motorcycle Honda 50 S170 Good cond. LE 2-5908. 6-13 pk 6-21 Living room suite, maple table & chairs, bedroom Euite. den furniture. Early Amer. T.V., stove refrigerator, washing machine. PO 3-9562. 6-11 pk 7-12 1965 Honda Motorcycle. 150 dream. Like new, 1100 miles. Big Discount, Steele, Mo. Telephone day 695-3132. nite 695-3230. 6-11 pk 6-20 Good ole Tennessee country hams & bflcon. 3 miles south 51 highway, Dyersburg, Tenn. At the Country Ham Motel sign, Stoys place. 6-11 pk 6-16 Girl's bike, goo'' cond. S18. PO 3- S738. 6-10 pk 7-10 4 new 10 and 12 wide mobile homes at a big discount. Mathts Trailer Sales S. Hwy. 61. 6-10 ck tf Camping tent-trailer, sleeps 6, like new. $325.00. LE 2-8781. 6-10 pk 6-18 Good until 15th of. June. $5 trade In value on batteries. PO 3-9111. 6-10 eX 6-1S Aw cond't. 15,000 B.T.U., used last summer only. Liks new. S95. LE 28466. . 6-10 pk 6-13 LB & kitchen furniture, nlmost new. LE 2-8600. 6-9 dh 6-13 A must this mo. 46x10 tr. Sales tax pd. See at Tinnin'B Tr. Court. Gosnell, close to Bass gate. LE 2'-"• 6-8 pk 6-16 5748. We level, disc, sow or sod lawn areas. Complete service. The Red Barn. 6-9 ck 7-9 Cullison water softner, good cond. LE 2-5233. 6-9 pk 6-13 BE gentle, be Mnd, to that expensive carpet, clean it with Blue Lustre. Rent electric ghampooer $1. HUBBARD HARDWARE COMPANY. 6-7 ck 6-15 Restaurant is Donut Shop for sale, good business, across from new super market. Terms arranged If needed. PO 3-9669 or PO 3-1530. 6-7 pk t-7 PATIO FLARES Festive flares with insect repellant - wind resistant - burns 5 hours - only 35c. THE RED BARN. 6-6 ck 7-7 GEESE $1.00 per head. Free delivery on loo or more. Phone night TU 83509, day TU 8-4726. IIADDEN'S GOOSE FARM, Kennett, Mo. 6-4 ck 7-4 Trailer, 1985 Rocket, 10x50, 2 Br. small down & take up pymts. PO 3-9319 after 5 p.m. 6-2 pk 7-3 1964 2 Bdrm. trailer 10x50. small equity, assume pymts. PI 7-8571. 5-30 pk 6-31 •S9 Amer. Houss Trailer. 50x10. Air condt. & carpet. LE 2-5745. 5-23 pk 6-24 Over 50 -tereo 8 trsck tapes In stock $5.95 to $9.95. Complete Stereo sets for any make or model car. Ford Air Conditioners installed for S250 and $275. Phillip Ford. Ph. PO 3-4453, 300 N. Broadway. S-21 ck 9-22 Store building full of used furni ture, cheap. PO S-2558. 5-19 pH 6-19 Csed Frlgiaalre •irnmatlc washers, used Maytaj washer*. All strictly guaranteed. ' HALSEU. a warn 307 w itain Dog houses, porch swings, bird houses, reas. Georgs Narx. 201 N. 22nd St.-PO 3-6733. 5-14 pk 7-14 Cull hens, 50c. HalssU Egg Farm. PO 3-7960. 3-8 ck tf We make photostatic copies. Money loaned on diamonds. We buy old gold rings. 3'Steen's Jewelry. 10S W. Main. 3-8 ck tf WATSR PUMPB Salea and service lor Oouid Ocm- mg Lero and Modern Water softeners Hubbard Hardware. 213 W Main 10-9 ck tl Money orders. City Drug. 7 days per week. 3-3 ck tf Used REFRIGERATORS Fully Guaranteed $49.95 up HALSELL & WHITE 307 W Uain «-& ck tl 55 gal. steel garbage Barrels Free delivery. PO 3-7191. 13. 1-3 ck tt For Sate—Colored Prootrty Brick house. S rms. & bath, $7.800 $800 down $60 mo. 2116 Roberts St. PO 3-9073 or PO 3-3309. 5-13 pk 1-13 For Sale or Rent Gro. new stock « fixtures, store bldg. with apts. Good location. Selling because of sickness. See to appreciate. Parkhurst Gro. PO 3-7310 P 5-24 pk 6-25 For Sale Real Estate 1500 acres fine Ozark limestone grassland. 175 in cultivation. 2 homes, ! baths, water abundant. Lays mostly level. Partly fenced. 9 miles from Hardy, Ark. On good county all weather road. S42 acre. 560 acres, well improved new 2 bdrm. modern ranch home, fenced Bnd cross fenced. 3 springs. 2 ponds. 3/4 miles off Eleven Point River. 1 mile to blacktop. £25.000, one third down. 197 wooded acres, good spring, paved highway. $32 acr«. ' tal48 -" - - - - , y Pmtd Right! n roRD rairiMu, 4 door, thti one Is a beauty Had priced rl|ht. $795 Economic all '61 RAMBLER 4 door sedan, fi cylinder, standard trans., real Rood transportation at arfaln price. $395 Bargain! '59 VOLKSWAGEN sedan, try (his one and you'll buy It. $395 Try It! 'S? CADILLAC, this one Is loaded and is priced right lor a nice cat. $595 See This One! '61 CORVAIR 2 door, If you are looking for a bargain ... he sur« and see this one. SULLIVAN'S RED CAP SA1E, / TOPS THEM 25-MONTH WARRANTY GET A HEADS-UP DEAL ON ONE OF THESE BEAUTIES! $395 Real Nice.' '59 CHEVROLET Impala 4 floor H.T., this one has it all, f.ven factory air conditioner, real nice. $695 Check It! '61 RAMBLER American 4 door. Just as economical as the price, runs like a dream. •65 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door H.T., solid white with red trim, fully equipped including factory air conditioner '65 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door sedan, solid blue with blue trim, equipped just right for you '65 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 4 door, beige with fawn trim, standard trans, economical 6 cylinder, radio and heater, white sidewall tires '63 CHEVROLET Biscayne 4 door sedan, power- glide, 6 cylinder, a real nice car '62 CHEVROLET ImnaU. 4 door wdan, powerRlide, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, solid white with red trim '61 CHEVROLET Impala 4 door sedan, poivergilide, power steering, power brakes, radio and heater, white sidewall tires, factory air conditioner $2695 $2195 $2095 $1395 $1195 $1095 FREE FAMILY VACATION $395 With the Purchase of Any New or Used Car Priced from $995 and up. See the Red Hat Men, they have all the Information. Remember . . You Can Always Get a Better Deal at... BOB SULLIVAN CHEVROLET-CADILLAC 301 W. Walnut Phone 3-4578 OPEN EVENINGS Store 'mlldlng, 316 E. Main. 35'« 30' For lease or sale. PO 3-3483 2-22 ck M For Sale Real Estate By Owner—3 bedroom vi bricked home, patio, screened breezeway, sir conditioner, drapes and rugs included, S700 equity payments S83. 400 Louise, PO 3-fl562. 6-11 pk 7-12 By Owner: 827 Mayfair near park and school. Assume loan 33QQ down notes $72.15. Sacrifice $900 equity for quick sale, PO 3-1553. 6-10 pfc 6-14 By Owner—2 bdrm. home. Carport storage. Buy small equity. $300 & take over pymts. $60 mo. PO 36204. 6-11 pk 6-15 By Owner 3 bdrm, carport, fenced yd.-Buy Equity S300, 172.12 mo. 395 Summit, PO 3-7130. 6-10 pk 6-13 3 Br home on beautiful corner lot. 4 1 ," c o 25-year mortgage nearly 1/3 paid off. Pay low reasonable equity and assume loan. ]200 Cherry. PO 3-1559. 6-10 pk 6-18 Political Candidates The Courier News has been authorized to announce the following candidates for office in the forthcoming Democratic Primary election: Legislative Post No. I BILLY NICHOLSON District Prosecuting Attorney RALPH E. WILSON 57 acres land. 30 ft. W. of Highway 55 3. of Steele. Jenkins Farm 895-3612. 4-3 ck tf Whit, lots for sale. Will arrange financing to build. PO 3.6008 or LO 3-2544. Osceola 3-3 pit 8-4 BY OWNER .. New 3 bdrm two story contemporary, large wooded lot, choice Joca*'jn. C. M. Smart, Jr. PO 3-9574. 6-10 pk 6-18 Continued en Next Page 1HI WODQca ULlKb, gUUU spiillK, pnveu jiiguvYnj'. •P** a-ijtw- 74x148 vacation hunting and fishing cabin site on the beautiful Spring River, 4 ml, from Hardy, Ark. $795, $25 down. Many mors. DAWSON REALTY Mammoth Springs, Ark. Phone 625-3318 «-13 pk 6-l« Katz Jewelers NEW LOCATION 221 W. Main St. Next Door to Martin's Men's Store and Gomes-Wright Shoe Store. WALKER PARK Miniature Golf Weekdays 6-10 p.m. Sat. and Sun. 2-10 p.m. "Cowpoke" WESTERN SHOP SEE US ... For Nocona Boots, Saddles, Tack, Grooming Supplies, & Clothing, DiiUwood. Arrange* ment« Sale South of Rlytheville on Hwy. 61 HERMON JONES BOBlNUk MEN'S ' AMBBANC* 0*. MM Union Af* fBon* MMM UumpBH «, Tsanssm Okll for fit* ConiuIUtloi. insurants for Tutsts Planning Key Man. '•rtnitrsnlp sn Cor- pomtloo. Oroup. PenUon. Mttln- mnt »< BMplUlMtton, Got Termites: Call ACME! Don't Want Termites? Call ACME! PO 3-3280 ACM ETERMITE CO. John rone Cottonwood Raceway Int. 55 & Hiway 140 OSCEOLA, ARK. Racing this Friday & Each Friday Night Time Trials — 6:30 p.m. Races — 8:15 p.m. All New Track Steel Bleachers Class "C" Stockers and Class "A" Super Modified from a S-State Area, THE FASTEST QUARTCR-MILt GUMBO TRACK IN THE SOUTH All Work Guaranteed 18 Years Experience BILL BEARD Auto Body Paint & Glass Works 2213 Birch St. (Rear) Ph. PO 3-8345 Made to sell for much more Still Guaranteed at this unbellevtbte low price. BIG M DISCOUNT 111 STORES Main & Franklin — Ely. & Air Base Highway BE SAFE LET US PROTECT YOUR PRECIOUS FURS AND WOOLENS fN OUR BONDED STORAGE VAULTS. BESTWAY Laundry Cleaners WCK-UP * OIUVEKX MEMRm U K

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