The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 1, 1945 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, January 1, 1945
Page 6
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I'AGESH Speedy Matches Promised Fans ,'. Hickson and Carlin ; Will Grapple Wisbar And Yaqui Joe Tonight THE CARD • - All-Star Tac Match .1 ," Billy Hickson (185) and Johnny Carlin (190) versus "Gus Wisbar (185) and Yaqui Joe (198) 90-MinuU. time limil Two best falls of three ' Preliminaries Hickson versus Wtsbaf, Carlin versus Vaqui Joe Four, of the fastest; most sclen- jjflc wrestlers in the business will set the tempo for the new year night ,on Promoter Alike Meroney's weekly wrestling sliov. The piogram, designed for the maximum in speed, science with oodles cf good fast action, calls for an all-star tag match and a couple of; promising, preliminaries lhat should please even the most'fas- tidious. '.Orie of'the expected highlights Is the return of clever Billy Hickson, a speedy, aggressive and unusually brilliant grappler. Making hts first .appearance' here in several years, Billy team's with John Carlin, . slightly' heavier, aha equally scientific "s far for one:tcam. Wisbar on Card .Opposing them will be a pair of r mat luminaries who are well known and quite popular with the cus- .tomers, , Ous Wlsbar, the colorful • German,-and Yaqui Joe, toe hold specialist .This quartet will toil over the ,hour and a half time limit, two best falls out of three Attracting considerable attention are the Uo curtain raisers Wlsbar nnd Hickson, 185-pounders apiece, are booked for one of I he single fall events with 30-mlnute time limits Carlin and Yaqui Joe will be in opposite corners in the other. -There seems to be little difference lii the two teams and a close, hard fought battle appears Imminent. All are seasoned veterans, highly skilled in the finer points O f Ihe game. They are forllfled with a tog of nng tricks and have plenty of color, Carlin Has Toufhie For Carlln It will be his second show in recent months and, not unlike the first, he was a tough hombre to handle in Ya<inl Joe Carlln returned to'the local Legion ring n few months ago after campaigning away for some time His opponent was the handsome dapper St Louls- an, Tuffy Truesdale, and «hat a battle these tv,o pul up Carlin spoiled the Mexican chump's debut, thanks to a fast finish. This particular match should be a test of open style grappling versus a sound, stiong leg assault, Carlln, who has met some of the best in Ihe business, including some champions, is a'polished matman who relics on a wide open nnd methodical attack to wear down his opponent and set the stage for the kill. Indian Leg Specialist ^ For an exponent of toe holds nnd sclssor,s, Yaqu! Joe is just about tops His legs are of steel-like qualities and he knows how to effectively use them His tremendous' leg strength arid agility have amazed the fans: Thev 'can'f figure where he gets his porfer. They, however, are con; inced it is there. '_ Wisbar Is certain to offer much opposition and cause many anxious moments for Hickson before their setto is over, not to mention during the tag match All,In all, it looks as it Promoter Meronev has chosen a lulu for his Initial show of the year It gets under nay promptly at 8'15 SNOOFKIl REPORTS FINDINGS The old mail with the scythe 1ms jlven awny to the youngster with ;he triple threat pants. Which Is another way of saying that the New Year finally lias arrived. Anticipating such n blessed event t sent my pet sleuth, Sam the Snooper, in search of sonic (lioni- sing and inviting keyholes to learn vhat the local, sportsmen were thinking of this approaching New Year. Here is a full report of his flnd- ngs, "quote and unquote".. Resolved: , Earl Buckley—To always lake niy grin on future hunts. Frank Wliltworlli—From the way 1 have been shooting, or failing to shoot approaching birds, I might HS well leave my gim at home. ' Fred Boyclt—Never to carry n :ustonicr on n mythical hunting or 'Isliing trlii once he gets Into my chair, Itosco Ciafton—On my next deer unit to save the boys some trouble nnd wear n Inllless .-shirt. Bill Mnlln—Never Ho believe my own eyes when It comes to seeking out n gcaA cranplc hole. Bill Hlgglnson—That It- isnt so much the kind of condition of the ure, but the way It Is handled, or i it? ;Frcd—Never lo clnlnv.n deer If It 1ms as much as five rounds of lend. ' SO WAS HIS CHAIICOAI/ Paul Byrum—To cither padlock y;blind; or live In it, 'fhere Is v> honor among duck hnnlcrs, I'm :onvlnced. "Prog" Hardy — That Jupiter ^luvlus runs Dame Fortune a close • V BAAF Bombers To Play Maiden Here Wednesday The BAAF Bombers, an enlisted men's team, will meet the Maiden, Mo, Air Transport Command aggregation in the feature attraction of basketball games at the Blythc- ville station Wednesday night The contest will be the first between the two squads and the Bombers will seek to stretch their winning streak to nine victories as opposed to only one loss. In th.e first game of the evening an all-star BAAF air crew trainee team will tangle with an all-star GI quintet Play will begin at 7 o'clock at the Rec. Hall Canadian Hero David Vivian Cunie,' Ubove. of Canada's South Al(tens Regimsnt, Canadian Ai- tfnored Corps, has.been awarded r^ihe \hct or j a Cross for gallantry ' f •nd outstanding leadership in a , Albree-day battle for St Lam- Itteu sur Dives, Fiance. He and -ipis force of-175 men—all of Kfthom' were wounded or killed fkefote achieving their objec-' J lu'C--Cul' one of (he main Gei'. «Mn > ts>cape routes (mm ihe V s . . !•» ** :>'M' BLYTJIEVJLLE COUKJER NEWS DOPE BUCKET •s i. e. second for fickleness. Dr. Paul L. TlDton—Thai 1S45 Is •nnaUicr ycnr nrid another deer season. Who knows but llils mljlil, he It, Warner Hawkins^-To -cross fox squirrels with blgck cnts v> .save ImvhiE to elye their tolls.. Mike Mcroncy—To h'^d more six-man and four-won Ing matches and less Individual^matches for my fnllliful wrestling fftrw.. Joo Wliltley—Tq b? more lenient on tlic sportsmen tills ' year—as long; ns they obey tlic gnnic lows Wilbur Htiycs—To'keep hunllng until I cim kill 50 ducks. (In one day?) n. P. Brogdon—To try out one of my own inniiu/actural duck calls lo sec If my iuck will Improve. Slnff Sergt. Robert Tublis—To sec If the Secretary of War can't send me another Ivjelvln Paincll for my post Imscbn'll (earn this MI m me r. TO RETAIN LAURELS Uufoid Orr—Tp retain my laurels as Blytlievllle'.s Amile' Oakley this year. Dill Orr—To pick UD nothing but floating $10 bills In (he" future. nufprd Young—That Irish may be great hod carriers but not bird (log breeders. - • Jess White—To tend) my bird cloic that as the'shooter I get the bird. Teil Green—to nlways Inkr. along two packages of cigarettes for my fisherman friends. Doone .Hnll—To leave the creek dredging lo the dredgers. Me—To wish everyone A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR, •SON IN WASHINGTON Planning A Postwar Plane BY PETER KDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent •Growing belief thai a practical airplane for private flying hns not been built will lead lo an early 1045 nectlng between Civil Aeronautics Authority heads and representatives ot the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce to clarify the rolejWhlch lie federal government should piny n the design and experimental con- truction of new types of planes to meet a popular demand for postwar personal aircraft. Differences on llils point arise rom a statement Issued recently by i 1 . P. Wright, new Civil Acrdnautlcs Administrator, In which he put up a trial balloon for n grant of money to (lie CAA to do necessary re- carch., The proposal was Immediately looked on with suspicion by airplane manufacturers. ,John E. P, Morgan, bend of the 'crsonal Aircraft Council In the Aeronautical Chamber of Commerce, mite Wright that this looked ns if he CAA was .delving : Into development and manufacture of civil alr- cr ^hV f ' v i ) r«rogaUve.of,:the industry. . M < ,shol-l,'.ncitl,cy.was.§ervcd 6lv Ihe !of ef nftienl ;to J; stick . to.' its : > ivd mi n - strntlve duties nnd let the industry do 1U own technological rtcvciop- nent. WRIGHT WOULDN'T WANT TO HARM THK INDUSTRY ,A curious sldellelit to this con- roversy Is that Wright wns until 1940 vice president and director of engineering for Curtlss-Wrlghl and wo\ild probably be one of Ihe last men in flying who would do nny- hlng detrimental lo the industry. But for daring lo sny Ihnl there would' have (o be better airplanes for private flying if lo develop as a postwar industry he got slapped down by the people he was trying lo help, • The case against small airplanes of today is long and pretty well documented. Basic guidebook is a report on tlm postwar outlook for irivate flying mtidc by John H. Oeisse nnd Samuel C. Williams for Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Air William A. M. Burden. Surveys In that report showed that of every 100 people who took up Hying bcfolc the war, only 15 completed the course, and that the average private plane purchase! stayed an owner for less than four years, then gave up flying n u 0 - gether- neasons advanced for giving up flying included statements that it was too expensive, that It was more difficult and less fun than had been anticipated, that members ol the family objected, that II look loo useful plane, T. P. Wright has estimated that there is a,demand for eight or 10 times Him number, lending up (o operation of 400,000 private planes In 10 ycurs. MONDAY, JANUARY 1, 19,15 Office Workers Sought A campaign to obtain office work- cr-> for Ihe Army Service Forces, Washington, 13. C., was started today. Clerks, typists nnd Monographers arc sought. Applicants may sec or call (lie "Civil Service representative nl Iho U. S. Employment Service office here Ihls week. Transportation Is paid, housing guaranteed and substantial salaries offered. All hiring Is done in accordance with War Manpower Commission regulations. , i CHICKASAW Wcsl Alain Nrar Zlst SI. Sal. sturls 12:45; Sun. slaris 1:45 Ni«lt( shows 5:45 Evti'jit Monday, opens 0:iS Cunltnunus shows Sat, and Sim. Last Time Today Walt nisnry's "SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS" In Tuchnicolur Universal News > Comedy Tuesday BUDDY NITE Two tickets for the price of one. "ONE DANGEROUS NIGHT" Midi Warren William as "The I.onc Wolf" Selected Shorls much time getting out to the airport, that personal planes weren't useful enough because they required automobiles or long walks at both ends of the trip, and thai there wasn't any place lo go except up In Ihe air because there weren't enough airports close to the places they wanted to go. NEED THEM AT $2000 OK'LESS ' What this ndds up to Is need for a plane lhat will sell 'for less than $2000, can be maintained for less than $5,nn hour flying time, will be safer and enslor lo Ily, more versatile as to Its uses. It Is Ihe con- j tcnlion of some flying authorities' that even Ihe most modern • planes, I ottered for private (lying todav ;: are j seven years old. That points up I lie I question ot who is going to do the research and 'development for n plane lhat will meet the demand nnd build up the industry. In 1933. Evigcnc Vldal. then Secretary of the Bureau of Aeronautics, went all-out on a campaign to stimulate •nrlvntc. flying and thus contributed to' bringing production iml ._sales- ( bf :prlyat6 planes, from'.'136 Open 6:45 Show Starts 7:00 »' Monday Night i ONE SHOW ONLY Danger Romance in Mystic Damascus .. ., ; ;. r- .vy" surveys cstiri\ate>prbduction:Vnri ales of atoiit 5000 private planes a year after the wnr, but thai assumes the selling of prewar type planes for prewar flying conditions. With n more salable and more RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY mOHTS Box Office Openj 1:15—Show SUrta at 7:30. SATURDAYS * SUNDAYS Vox Offlc* Open* 1 Show Start* 1:15 Last Time Today 'UP IN MABLE'S ROOM' UKO NEWS and COMEDY Tuesday ft Wedneed«r Tuesday Night Is Opportunity Nlglil "TORPEDO BOAT" liKO MiWS anil COMKDY WRESTLING Legion Huf, Monday, Jan, 1, 8:75, p. m. Lowest Admission of any Wrcslliny Arena In Amrlc*. lfe 3 ^i,,L" 9 - C ~^\ 45t Rcsc "* d Scals -' W T»x Jc-To- 15*. Children's Seals IZc, Tax 3c, Tot»l, 15c, "'• i»s Reserred Seats On Sate at the Legion'Atena Every Monday from 6 p. m. on '', ( TAG MATCH Hickson & Carlin VS. Wisbar & Yaqui Joe 2 30-M/nufo Pre/iminor/e$ Billy Hickson Johnny Carlin "• \t. Gus Wisbar Yaqui Joe SANDERS Virjinli inicte •' BRUCE flUBERT cn,. .itcc by Ltonidc Mogm. Ongmal Scieen Play by lM:p HacDonM Md Herbert raramounl News Short Tuesday PAL NITE 'Gildersleeve On Broadway' with thirold I'ciiry Sclccled Shorls New Theater Manila's Finest What have you done (odsy lhal some mat tier's son should die for you lomorroir? —BUY BONDS— in our lobby. No waiting. We arc issuing agents. Last Time Today "BATHING BEAUTY" Keel Skcllon and Ksllicr Williams Fo.v Xc«'s and Short Tuesday' 'HI, BEAUTIFUL" Martha O'Drhcoll and N'oah Beery Jr. Sorial & Slinrl To the Membership of The Chamber of Commerce, and Citizens of Blyfheville: Another year has passed, during which. I have had the honor and privilege of serving as president of our Chamber of Commerce and, at this time, I want to give you a brief report and message regarding our activities in your behalf. Frankly, 1944 was a year which taxed, to the utmost organizations such as ours. Conditions made it impossible to bring about additional industrial developments; housing' construction was frozen; business expansion tied up- and every resource directed toward our all out war effort and because of these conditions, I cannot report to you that our Chamber of Commerce "got new factories" and things like cethat, but I cpn tell you this: "Blytheville has maintained ' pace with communities of our class throughout the nation and is in good shape to go ahead when the green fight comes f ° f f . U L Ure indus * rial development, I can tell you that we d Rl * -, pros P e ? s ' either °* * hi <* "'"M give employment to several hun! dred Blyrhev.l e men and women. Whether we get either or both of them depends entirely upon future investigation and developments. aepenas From the standpoint of roads, I can tell you that a committee from our Cham- Ihe SiSSirS WDS lnStrUmCntt " in bri "9 in 9 ° bout the lo "9 desif ^ improvement of o c ° n *' tn ™*'">* of the Blytheville Community Fund; op- T d Mi « issi PP ! Co ^y ™<: conducting war bo'd bee " over -, sold '' was due »o the work of our organization but I by ou! One thing that I am particularly proud of is the effort our Chamber of Com merce has carried on throughout the past year in finding living quaSS for soldfm Stftm J*»fc n V"' 18 ? f ° B1 ' theville - St ™9 e « j « ou?midst 9 n?ed help and we gave it to them to he tune of many hundreds, serving seven days in the week in assisting these visitors in finding living quarters. assisting that "' W ^ s D definite fact that BJytheville would be OU orn-, A i 9 , Pr °? ram '" 1945 ° nd bu " d the hundreds ^ «n°?s that our community desperately needs— I cannnof tell you that but I can tell vou thai ^X^^'S * ' Ot ^^ Wi " ^ d ° ne ' bar " n9 Unf ° rsee " «•• "Clnffon SI upon ' " W ' Pe '° Ut ° ny Pre f " f PlanS W ^ ch have b ^" rpade and agreed tee thaHs hokL" S^'f ^^ f omm f rce h « a PO^-war planning committee that is looking to the future, to the time when we can a^ain nick UD our n nrmn ( PU M SU ' tS r d . C u nHnUe *- he buHdin9 ° f ° U ' Community along ^elin' we desire Uan tell you that this committee is looking to airports, river terminals, factories municba" It has been my observation that the work of a small town Chamber of Commerce was somewhat like Jacob's coat-one of many colors. To detail all thenum™™£* ch C Mdr PeC n /"I! M W ° Uld V° r °,T fr ° m 9iYin9 "faction about BlyiheSK h ^school children to building roads and locating factories, airfields, etc. A constant workina organization must be maintained; one ready to meet any and all changing conditions- one capab e of doing all these assorted services without fanfare and hulSloo-that's the type of organization we tried to give you during 1944. """'°o mar s fn, in?*!" -n e ^ Fr °H- stand P° int — °" d d °»°« «"d cents-1944 was a good year for Blythev.l e. In one thing only am I disappointed— too few of our business insJtu ±LT n f C ' hZenS T COntribUted , eitl I er m ° ney ° r Hme t0 the work ° f our Chamber o?CoI merce last year. To me membership in one's home town commercial organization is a badge of good citizenship, a sign to the world that they arc doing their part in the job -'° < _ NOWM945 is upon us. Another year is ahead. What will it bring to Blvtheville' The answer will come from no other than the rank and file of the people of Blythev lie SnTto ^ ^»fc e °lT ° Ur *T ' ff ° rt mi9ht take ' if Sti " remains for A. folks back home to chart the future of their community and unless there is a wholehearted and sustained effort on the part of all of us we cannot hope to have Blytheville like our returning soldiers will expect it to bo. l Contrary to the generally accepted idea, it doesn't take much money to run a | e «Thnn FORTY rPNTQ A v^S' Casl1 "^ ° f °P eraH "9 du »»9 1944 represents ess than FORTY CENTS A YEAR per capita for the people of Blytheville, actually less than seven cents a day for each business institution in the city, to carry on a vear around ,ob of community building designed to benefit every individual in the com- mumty. I hope more of our people will have their names on the 1945 membership r y e . ar of sc ^« as your president I want to express my per. thanks to ev?ry single organ, Ia tion and individual who hbd any small part in our work during- 1944-without that support we would have been greatly hand" capped To those Business institutions and individuals who contributed financial support to our eftfrf; I can merely say "thank you." To those members of our board of directors who so consistently gave of their time, whenever called upon, I say "thank you, a ot, for your work and help." To those members who have worked faithfully on committees throughout the year, my thanks go out, for without their unselfish aid we could have done nothing whatever. For myself and on behalf of the Blytheville Chamber of Commerce, I want to R^U -M S °J ^ Ha , PPy NLeW Yfiar ' ond '<*'* W0fk hofde ' *° wi" Hie war and keep Blytheville what it has always been— the best small town in all the United States Sincerely yours, -"mes. « W. P. PRYOR, President Blytheville Chamber of Commerce

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