The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 4, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 4, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1934 BLYTHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER NEWS JAG* MCDEKN HCHE NEWf Conducted (or this M*6p«psr Ip the tnteteit ol 1U women readers toy recojniitd tuUiorltk* on ».!! phases of home making. Florence Brobeck, Editor Mrs. George Thurn, Associate Editor Tea and a Shower for the Bride UfRf 8RF MM , IILIIL fillL uUIIl •ni I Mrs. Thurn Gives Useiui Tips (or Entertaining for Bride-to-Be , 'Dear Friends in Blytheville: So mfiny questions at this tisne of the year concern what entertaining to. do for the prospective bride. Showers are of course the simplest and most appreciated gesture of liospitality which anyone can make for a prospective" bride. The shower may be verj personal in nature, consisting ot lingerie and boudoir gifts, or it may be any one of the many types of household showers. For example the kitchen shower, which is always much appreciated; the linen shower in which towels and bathroom linens, • well as sheets and pillow cases nrid boudoir linens are given. Bu in the latter case the size of the beds should be known, and something about the bathroom and bed thing about the bathroom and bedroom color schemes. What to Serve It Is easy enough to work ou the kind of shower, if you con Milt the tastes and needs of the bride; or of her most Intimat friends, beforehand. Then prepan the refreshments a-cording to trie time of day, and size of the party For ii very large party, a buffe tea or supper Ls the happiest so lution; for the smaller, more in timatc crowd, a luncheon or dinne is ideal, or a .small tea. The buffet tea may be scrvei from tile dining ronni table; ar range •M one end the tea service at tr.e other a service for coffee Ask two friends to serve, on? each place. Have near each o these services, all the accessorie needed. For the tea, thin slice lemons each slice stuck with cloves ccbe sugar, a pitcher of thin cream near [lie coffee, sugar and heavie cream; •ylth plenty of cups an saucers and spoons at hand fo each. Small plates, such as salad dessert plates, with napkins, forks and spoons are arranged in "order ly array between the two'Bever age services. At intervals arc .tr- foods; if there is to b= a hot d'isr Mien this is either in a casserole o a chafing dish; with plates . .sandwiches, cold meats, appetizer falnds, available. After these a served sufBcieritly, they arc Carrie to the kitclien and the desser served. Variety Is Appreciated Tile sandwiches might be roll cheese sandwiches; chopi>ed ere sandwiches on white bread; face sandwiches spread chopped hard cooked egg and ncrs. Tile hot disyi might be rcamc lobster or escallcped tun.i fish; t ops Jne of the easiest ways of entertaining for the June Bride is to give shower and tea. Illustrated is a simple tea table, with silver lea ervice consisting of tray, kettle with alcohol lamp, tea pot, cream 1 teller, sugar bowl and an extra bowl. The candlesticks are also ol silver and one or two trays holding sandwiches and cakes. n addition there is a tall stem compote of glass filled with cocoanut ookies, and on the serving stand at the left there arc plates of iced up cakes. Behind the tea kettle is a pile ot small plates, each with napkin in place; theicups and saucers are ready, the tea spoons on he table; three kinds of sandwiches, olives, nuts, mints, the cookies j and cakes make this tea menu. fold in the whipped cream. 1'ul Inlo molds, or one Inrge mold, eucli \v«t with cold water. Chill thoroughly In llio refrigerator. Turn mil on crisp lettuce to serve, -ami garnish with watercress, chopped olives, imiblK'.s nnd sliued cucum- lior. Mayonnaise- or Russian drest^ ing Is delicious with this. Two cups .shredded, canned lobster or freshly Uoik'd lobster; two I tablespoons- gi-lnllne; one cup told ,! walcv; one run boiling water; one •cup mayonnaise; two tablespoons shii'ddcd plmiento; one to one mid one ImlJ teaspoons salt; one cup whipping cream. Koak the t;rln(iiic 111 the cold cut In culx's »:ul thn cut In sniull pieces also the nuts broken In pieces. Mis thoroughly. Put into Individual molds which been wet with cold wnleiv - r ._ thoio'usjmy. Hcmovc from lluy'innl'ds onto crisp lelluee :ind with whipped cream dressing. Top .with u whole pecan. PLK ON SUPPER INI May Be Light or Svib'stan- Mix until smooth, add tlwf remain- ' Ing milk ' tfradmljy. : stir'' In Uw melted. Rod last, of tial Dish, Depending on Type-of .Dressing . water uiul (IKsulve in . the boiling water. Add tho rn i or the cold /'-liter nnd let the mixture chill Ham or I r>h<;tpr Mousse ls |wllllc prepm-iim Hie lobster mid nam o r booster mousse is , )imlcnlo , nicll mlx nll (ogctl Attractive and oeaSOIl-i' 01 ' 1 '" lllc whipped ovum. Pour Nothing Is so. good on n Sjjrlng 'Into « mold wet wltli cold water evening ns delicious waffles appro- uiul U't stand In (he refrigerator priately .ill-cued a.s ti supper dlsli. until ready to .serve. Gtunlsh wltliJTIic rtresslin; may be creamed able Dish To make the ham mousse snlad the following recipe 'rimy be followed. If mold. Hie lefrlgerator. molded salad It may In a fancy should be cut thin slices of tomato ber luid alternately • against the mousse, and scive il on lettuce | or chlckoiy leaves. Highly seasoned mayonnaise, or sour • ncnm cuciim- I incut, chicken or Ilsli, or tlic mlx- served in the bowl, on n nest, of dressing is di'lielous with this, lelluee. ' MuMeil Grapefruit Naiad Two teasiwons gelatine; one One nnd une hnlf tablespoons fourth cup cold water; one iHilf: He-Inline; one Inill cup boiling wa- cup cream; two cups minced cold ham; one fourth cup minced celery; one green pcp|>er; eight large stuffed olives chopped; one eighth r; one half cup snjjnr; one npple cut In cubes; one cup per teaspoon paprika. 'juice. Soak the gelatine in cold water Souk cuns; one fourth cup cold' writer; two cups grapefruit sections ami eelntlnc In- the cold lure may be fruits, n syrup or custard-like dressing, If the wattles are served us iiiidn dish, obviously they call for the heavier dressings, while In the guise of de.iseit Hie syrup or fniit sauce, or custard sauce is sufficient. A plain wattle, liked by most jjcople Is this one: One and one hall cups Hour; livo thirds tcnspoon salt; one and one hnlf teaspoons baking iwwder; two eggs; .one cup.milk; two tablespoons shortening, melted. Silt, together Die flour, salt and . fdld In tho stiffly bcateii< egg. whitest ... ... . .. Huvf the- waffle iron thoroughly hot, uiid if it Is oife 1 which requires 'gn'OHlim, 'hive- it, well rubbed with .•jhortejilni?: • - • • > Kko Waffkk • 'One nnd. two thirds cup flour; one lull! k'tispoon salt; three- teaspoons baking powder; two table- poons sugar; two thirds', cup cooked rice; two eggs; one and one third cups milk; one table- ipooir melted shortening'.' "• Sift tojjellicr the Hour, salt nnd baking powder;, add the tuenr.ricc, yolks or eggs mid part of the milk. Heal ; until smooth, add the remaining milk nnd melted shortening. .Fold In. the sllfljy beaten egg whites, and bake as directed. This Is especially good with a thin lemon or orange custard sauce, or cooked fruit sauce. : Kid, Cake Waffle*' One third 'cilp Miortviilut'; two thirds cup sugar; two eggs; /Hie hnlf cup milk; one teaspoon vanilla; one and three 'fourths cups Hour; one half teaspoon salt; two teaspoons baking powder. lllcnd the- shortening utul sugar together, ndd the yolks of the ceiss slightly beaten, then two tablespoons of'mllX. When thoroughly blended, acid llio rf|iiulnlng milk mid Unvoting. Then add the mixed and sifted 'tlrj' ingredients. Last add the stiffly bcnten egg whiles, Bake -ns for nny waffle. Delicious with stewed cherries, iinj- berries, with fresh straw- Cjiester .'W.\Worthln«too, conductor, lulrif for divorde, co tendfd . in his petition t&t t wife, Ann*,' bought funml'- elott for him when he wa» serlowly r SlM) denied this. , ! • fium! i. CMkw . CMM« V M 1 o. Approximately one-fourth/ of t habitable land on earth U unl British control, Pays for a Beautyrest Mattress Hubbard Furniture Co. hoice of cloth, for fine silver, thin :hina. and delicate glassware belong in a cloth of equal delicacy; white he new wocden salad set, peasant hiiia. plain silver and thicker glass are more at home on the crash type of linen cloth, or on peasant weav- ••s, and bold colors. Study your table and the dining •com, before planning any party. Select new wares in harmony with the style" of your house and plan 'our parties In the same spirit. Formal entertaining is impossible and in bad taste in the - simple house, while simple, easily planned parties are Wore fun anyway. MRS. GEORGE THURN. degrees. Spread with Mocha cream Slling on top of the cake and Mtwecn the layers. Then sprinkle the top with brown, toasted monds. Moch* Cream Filling One half pint cream for whipping; one fliird cup powdered su- ;ar; one tablespoon mocha, flavoring, or two tablespoons stronc coffee. Flavor the cream with the sugar and coffee, and use as reeled. SPICED COFFEE Mocha Tart Is Another Attractive Coffee Flavored Dessert salad a molded mint, jelly and vegetable salad, individual servings; the cakes iced cup cakes; iced cookies; p?tli fours. For the smaller tea emit the cold meats, hoi dish and salad. Have at least three varieties of sand- wiclicG. with tea, nuts, candies and candied orange peel or stuffed dates as additional sweets. •Recipes for such menus, with additional menu suggestions are given elsewhere on this page, study them and adopt them to your own entertainment needs; 'consult your grocer and baker to find new kinds of breads and crackers, interesting new ingredients for sandwiches. Consult your cook book for good recipes which will insure the success from a culinary point, of view. New Wares Needed Perhaps yoi:r tea table and buffet equipment in inadequate for such a party. This year the problem of price U not so bothersome as in past seasons. All table wares arc cheaper, even silver. And since this is among the nicsl beautiful and desirable wares for the table As a tea-table cake, this spice cake is delicious. Use either a boiled white frosting or mocha frosting on it. Or if served as dessert for supper, or any menu served at the table, it is delicious with a hot, chocolate sauce in place of icing. One third cup shortening; one cup sugar; two eggs, two thirds cup strong freshly made though cold, coffee; two cups flour; three teaspoons baking powder; one eighth teaspoon salt; one teaspoon ougr.t to bc»in restocking. Look about for silver tea with it when and codec services. Add a new salad boa-l and fork and spoon- or a tray for sandwiches; or a pair of small dishes for nuts and candies, if tea and buffet menus are offered very late in the afternoon, the table needs candlesticks, and these are now made in unusually lovely styles The candles for them are In all colors to harmonize with Spring color schemes. The cloth for the dining table when buffet style is served may be n damask table cloth as is used for dinner, or it may be a runner, with matching mats used under th« va- vlcus dishes. For tl;e tea table a lea cloth is necessary and in each cnse napkins match the cloth used Tr.esc tea cloths arc made of homespun effect linens, or arc very fine of damask, handmade lace and handworked linen. The style ol Hie table warts as wll as the pocket book should regulate wour cinnamon; one fourth teaspoon each of ground cloves and allspice. Blend the- shortening nnd sugar and beat until light. Beat in the egg yolks; add coffee slowly; add sifted dry ingredients; mix well; fold in bealcn egg white. Pour into two layer cake pans well rubbed with shortening. Bake in a moderate oven at 375 degrees, for twenty-five minutes. Mocha T»rt Four eggs; two tablespaons strong cold coffee; one fourth teaspoon salt; one cup granulated | sugar; one cup flour; one lea- spoon baking powder. Separate the eggs and beat the yolks until very light. Add the coffee, salt and sugar gradually, beating continually. Then add flour and baking powder sifted together. Fold In the stiffly beaten egg whites. Mix thoroughly without beating. Spread in two layer cske pans well rubbed with shortening and bake in a slow oven. Ten to fifteen minutes. Oven to start should be about 300 degrees, tlien increase the temperature after the first five minutes to 375 TlIU RECIPE FOR SPfflll The request for this recipe comes in often to the Cooking School lecturer. This is the old Italian recipe adapted to American ingredients. • •.--. • To make enough for six servings, have on hand one fourth cup olive oil; one fourth teaspoon pepper; three fourths cup tomato puree( cooked down tomatoes, or bought tomato paste); one and one fourth cups water; two cups canned tomatoes; two teaspoons salt; one clove of garlic; two bay leaves; two peppercorns; one teaspoon Worcestershire sauce; one tablespoon sugar; one half pound spaghetti; Parmesan cheese. • Heat the olive oil and pepper in n large saucepan. Mix" the tomato puree with water until smooth; add gradually to the hot oil mixture, then add Die canned tomatoes and salt. Cut the clove of garlic in half and rub on the bay leaves. Add' these and -the peppercorns, Worcestershire sauce and sugar to the oil mixture and boil until the sauce is thick. Remove tlic bay leaves and peppercorns. Cook the spaghetti in boiling water until tender which is twelve to fifteen minutes. Drain and nm cold water from the faucet quickly halting powder, then ndd tlit yolks Irene Dunne Says "1 UK my Lux Toilet S«p beauty tr< JUDCOt Rgulaily evtry day." Elissa Landi Says— "I find that Luit Toilet Soap if txctlknt for the lion."- Claudcttc Colbert Says — "I find that Lux Toiltt soap is ucelknt foe the com- pica ion and Barbara Stanwyck Says— M For years Lux Toilet Soap has kept my skis soft and. smooth." MILLIONS of women the country over are celebrating the 10th Birthday of fragrant distinctive LUX Toilet Soap. over it, in a sieve or strainer. Drain again. Put in saucepan, cover with the sauce, heat a few minutes. Pour into serving dish, cover with grated Parmesan cheese. Factory Authorized FRIGIDAIRE SERVICE Genuine Frigidaire Paris Factory Trained Mechanics Reasonable Charges Pay 67 -Phone- Night 414 Everett B. Gee Sales Co. 403 Main St.. Ulytheville Visit one of these stores and BUY SOWat tlfcese low pricey ^ L0_u_iiiiiiiiiiiiiii_u^^ r -I.----IL— '" ~- J JL ' t ~~'~~^~"""^^•^••^^•^••^•••EJl' LUX TOILET SOAP'S Anniversary; Sale also brings the opportunity to stock up on LUX-RllSfSO-LIFEBUOY a: low prices .. Save by buying now! ' OKAOI A Raw Milk 74 Craig's Dairy SWEET&PUREFLQUR A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR At Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. DISTRIBUTORS BLVTHCV1LLE, AJHR. Kirkendall Variety Store 124 West Miiin St. Kirby Drug Stores Uain at Second —:— Main at liroailwa Borum's Drug Store 205 \Vcsl Main SI. McMullin's Cash Grocery 322 West Main SI. Liberty Cash Grocers 31-! West Main SI. L M. Bentley Grocery 1020 West Main SI. C. A. Hovey Grocery 309 North Gth St. Nabers & Nabers Main and Division Sis. LUX Large Small Sizo lOc ibr all fine laundering Rinso Large 23c •Small Size for 3'25c Soaks clothes whiter 1 LIFEBUOY HEALTH SOAP 3 ° 20C Ends.B.O.-Pn>tects.hca!th Cecil Lowe Grocery 530 Norlh 6th St. 0. C. 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