The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1949
Page 9
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FRIDAY, ATTGU8I' B, OUT OUR WAY (ARK.) COURIER NEWS By J. R. Williams TH SIGNAL 1 \U-IIM CONVINCE!? UP «• SU k/V>6T MODERM BE V CONVENIENCES BACK AM 1 FINISH ) WERE SUG6ESTEP TH' STORV LATER; ) BV SOME LOAFER OR GAPABOUT Wt-O NEVER COT A DIME OUT OP IT/ suse, we u&ep \ TO RIG UP ALL J KINOS OF FOOL \ GAD&ETS TO LOAF \ MORE--MOVVTHEY <3OT 'EM OM ALL TH'MACHISJES SO SOU'LL juice STAWD WIITUUO * BUT Y LOS/ 6OOWDS TO MB LIKE A MUSCATEL. VOO, A TAUKIMG OR DO YOU BOOST VOOR Mildred Cram and Norwood White Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople PAGE NINB FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSB* Get Hoi, You liums ' 0 SOFT WATER ON YOUR FARM • Guaranteed • en. enjoy th. wtndrrfai convenience and economy *r baring soft water on your fara if you gel • modern Water Softener from BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. So. Highway (1 Phone Z4J4 . , 11.1...... . ,„„!, j,, rrt ,„ r,,«lr. k» J»l Ir.r.ed Ib ., Mr .. K ,, rJM1 . V" ' '" ** "••* " "•« "'- ^fvor." i,r th« r«tM>lruub4.. <'i,»' Ik. I JC.,. K, rrmm Mr.. «•!.» .!,,„,,,. ,. , ».| u xorp'd mr,,*rl *•"'** »'"«'»•«. • ..blr_.. wk. I. Mr.. . Vlr,.,r, . wfll- -d.,. Ird Ullpln. wb. |. .H,,. t-.rer.oH'. kon M «k*i7. .»* Ik* Ir.ller r.r»... k.ll. .< . »I1I. K Service -.-- That'* Our Motto.' We apart no effort in providing an EX'IKA everyday prescription service which means extra convenience to you Feel free to cau on us »t any time Prompt delivery service Phont 607 WOODS DRUG STORE XI 'J'HE trailer door was open, the slops were down and Mrs. Everson hud already descended. A parked car had spilled its load of tourists, and a handful of desert rats, chewing and grinning, stared at her. She strolled back toward Ihe second, tracer, a lighted claret m her hand, Ignoring the "No Smoking" sign. Mrs. Malone stood at the top of the steps, looking down at the little crowd. She felt a sudden sharp pity because they were human beingj. One of the women held a new-born baby in her arms The children wer« licking ice- cream cones. A grandmother in a print dress fanned hers«Lf with a folded comic book. The parked car sagged beneath mattresses, boxea, bed springs a bicycle and a washing machine The windshield was thick with stickers. And the battered hood steamed as one o[ the men squirted water into the tank. Cheerful and whistling, the filling-station attendants squatted to test and fill the trailer's oversize tires, climbed up on Ihe truck to clean the glass, tesled the I honesty: "She could take a eouola quarts . . ." v America, America, the hot dog stand. The weighing machine In* ugly station. And beyond colorless in the flat sunlight, (he desert, the long road, highway 66 east and west. • * • gUDDENLY Mrs. Malone. against her conscience and against her strict determinalion. felt apart from these others. They weren't on their way. as she was, to a place at safety. They were traveling, in ignorance of their (ate straight toward annihilation. She thought: "Suppose 1 warned them. They'd think I was crazy They'd give me the big Yankee razzberry." Mrs. Everson hud turned and now strolled back, her head with its mane of shining dyed hair held high, her eyes arrogantly returning the curious stares of the loiterers. A step or two behind, the nule Filipino kept pace will) her. Lunch is ready to serve Victor," Mrs. Malone called down to turn. She stepped quickly back Into the trailer, threw her coat and purse on her bed, and srnoolhins her hair with both palms went into the kitchen. 'JJHE silver caravan sped eas*- ward. Inexorably the miles dropped behind. The sky remained cloudless, Ui« air still, (he earth Passive. Dawn was clove pink Fanhke rays of light opened behind the horizon, ihot to the "nith; then th* rim of the sun appeared, fiery, molten; it |if led seeming at first to be flat at the r'oTnd." 1 " 1 ™ l " nin « it3 Wh °' e Over the voyagers m the two traileri hung „ haunting, paraIdea: they might—jus Iwen the five human beings who led from the cataslrophe in two gleaming trailers might not escape. • T hf™ T!° l ' ld be an "Plosion, nightier than ,any oilier, intense heat, terror, then silence The world and civilization would l>« wiped out. Mrs. Malone knew that this thought was in the minds cf the others too. Each asked himself the question: "Is this the end of the world?" Each in his way responded to the terror ot that possibility. It is one thing to watch the sun-ris« believing that it will continue n> rise for millions of years to come It is quite another thing to contemplate a break in the chain o( days, to vision a world shaken by litanic forces, battered, thrown o« its course. A broken earth checked on its axis, shivering in space. A pitiless sun gl.nring at the rum. crisping the exposed top. Mrs. Everson bulled and painled her long nails or studied her secret maps. The Marchese played the wood-wind themes imbedded n operas and symphonies and tone poems: the shepherd's piping from Iristan, the bird calls in Siegfried's forest, Ihe impalpable sweetness of the faun's dream, the WWIK of th- nightingale in Beethoven's Sixth. Mrs. Malone couldn't identify he "tunes," but she knew she'd heard them somewhere . . probably on the radio. It wasn't all music. Th« Marchese talked, too, hours at a time, while Mrs. Everson listened. They nade Mrs. Malone think of Sche- lerazade and Bluebeard; the Marchese exchanging his gifts of anecdote and remembrance for a few more dayi of life. No, Mrs. Malone decided she wouldn't leave Mrs. Everson. Not for awhile, at least. (To Be Conlin«*t) FOR SALE Concrete cnlvrrU 12 inch in it Inch, plain or reenfurced Also Concrete Building Blocks chrap er than lumher for barns chicken houses, pump houses, tenanl houses, tool shed» Wr deliver Call us for free estimate . . Phone 691 OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. THE GRAVES COMPANY nj vi TOI\S O.SCEOtX - Morfcjd«jr loins- (nsuninr BMTHFMtLF Phone 3075 PRESCRIplONS fresh Stock Guaranteed Besl frices Kirby Drug Stores RENT A CAR Anjwhrn You Plraw Simpson Oil Co. Phone 937 HAIRY VETCH k«rly Shiment Ex ' Shipment Expected I'lacc your nrtler now for your requirements, (o insure yout needs fom first car. Blylheville Soybean Corp. -SHE SAYS sues ACCOMPANIED ey A TELEPHONE BOOTH/ I'M UTTERLY AT SIXES wo sevens / POOCH KENNEL! TKEKJ A DOGHOUSE/ AND ROOTY GATES.' U?rS GET Rioruo.' <e thF-ROKITER'/ Tb CAU. LAMOUAGE ENGLISH' .u' . yes ',, Mr ' And * r «°n tuffers with hit coat on, but he took it off the other day and the boss mistook him for one of the office boys!" PRISCIU.A'S I'OP Why 'I'ake Chances? MAVBE I'D BITTTtR WIRIIE HER LATER WHAYO THE MATTER' DOM'T VOU WISH WAS ..BUT MOT TILL I FIM1SH THIS CANDV BAR' I!Y MICHAEL O'MALLKr.nd RALPH LANE WHY, LUCY.'I DIDN'T HAVE AW IDEA VOO'D BEAT THE R^FT THIS EARLY IN THE MOBNINS/ WASH TUBUS Research Depart merit ... AUD THE PEIMCE PRIMCESS LIYED FTEE!' WOW OFF TO BED WTHYOU.CATHVl UNCLE EASY.,. DO I REWWD YOU OF A GOLDEN IBED PRINCESS ? IF YOU KNEWMYHMR LIKE I DO, VOU'D KNOW ITS MW0ST KEADVTOTURN &OLDEU! THEY'RE AIL 'f KMM...WOUIWJ'T 17 IE LESS SELFISH BLONDES,.. I ( EUSY, \F VOU COUID WMTAMD PF»(! Xu HT U™«N THOSE *W".*™aamP HMR.ED PBIMCESB K NE TIME 1 BUG'S BUNNY Phones 85H-R57 Rlylhevilk, Ark. In England It's the Chemist Shop In France It's tht Apothecary Shop In Blythevrlle It's BARNEY'S DRUG STORE For Expert Prescription Service GRAIN STORAGE BINS Insure Yourself of suptmrl prices on your Soybeans, Corn, \Vhcat and other Grains. Our Bins are Governmenl Approved, Gov- «rnmcnl Kinanccd, 5 years to pay Por Full l';irliculai-s—Call ot Come In. BIYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Blytheyjlle, Ark. Phones 856-857 TUDEBAKER* IMPORTANT NEWS TRUCK OWNERS CD UJ Q II has ,,,si been revealed in Ihe magazine, Automotive News, (hat Slndebaker truck sales have increased more in the first 5 months of this year than any other manufacturer in the country. \Vhen you buy a | m . k , keep in mjnd ^ t people all over America are buying. Chamblin Sales Co. -Your Friendly Studebaker Deater- Kmlmad & Ash TUOEBAKEM r — V* STILL WORKtN'OM THAT oS GIMMICK... MENTAL DISCIPLINE AN' CONCENTRATION ? f I'M ONE OF TH' COQNTWV'S SWEETEST PWACTITIONERS OF voai / — PON'T GO 'WAY... I'LL *S_RISHT BACK/ 1 WEMAIN IN THIS POSITION n SEVEWAL//> HOURS/(' WANKS, DOC, AN' THERE HE IS POCKS, A REAL, GENUINE YOfil ~~ ~~ STEP CLOSE AN' GET A GOOD LOOK/ VA MEAN YER HOT STUFF...SOMETHIN BY V. T. HAiMl.lN ..AND CVEB SHE CJOES NOW STEeM Fl^ST IT CONTINUES TO ' A FEW MIGHTY 3-./KSTS F1?<?M THE EOCKETS MM THE SHIP WILL SETTLE GENTLY THE MOON. IV BUT - A LEAF 7 ON • MOON? ROOTS AND HRR Rl![)l)ircs »V BDCAK MAHT1N

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