The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1939 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 13, 1939
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Be Sitre To "Attend Mississippi County Fair Sept. 26-Oct. I BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER, nw N<wi.n»ini. Ar,,,,..,,.- ..._ . » ^-d"i f f ^X VOLUME XXXVI—NO. 150. lilythevllle Courier Blylhevillc Herald Blyllicyllle nnlly News Mississippi v»Upy ^DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF,NQimniABT ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Do Not Forget To Pay Your Poll Tax Kef ore October 1 POLES CLAIM \RKANJ3AS, WRDNKSDAY, SKI SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Summons Congress To Meet Sept 21 Roosevelt To Seek "Cash and Carry" Neutrality Law WASHINGTON, Sept. 13. (UP)—President Roosevelt today summoned congress to meet in special session Sept. 21 ami headed (he administration toward a spectacular showdown with isolationist!; on the issue of selling arms and ammunition to Europe's belligerents. The call was Issued after a* clnim lire of senatorial prcles Hint lite Roosevelt, plan to nroon existing neutrality legtslulioi would Involve the United State In war. Senate and house leaders of boll parties were invited to confer her with the president, the clay befoi congress meets. It is Mr. Roose veil's purpose to confine this ses slon to limited 'emergency legisla (Ion If possible. He will address a. special mes sago to congress Sept. 21. mid i: expected to ask revision ol neutrality legislation In such manner (hat any belligerent could purchase anything here on a cnsl and carry basis, thus aiding Great Britain and Prance. Industry Profils NEW YORK, Sept. 13.—War li. Europe is bringing a pronounced upturn throughout ' the United States In military and private industries, especially (hose which may lie converted to wartime purposes, n survey shewed today. The $200,flOO,000-a-year aviation manufacturing industry was re ported authoritatively to be heading tor'absolute maximum production soon. 'The government's six arsenals, although still ptr an eight-hour day, employ 14,000 men—4,000 "more than last year. ' f .'.•-.;:•• Steel, chemicals, railroads nnd a dozen other industries which have sealed government orders for opening in emergency reported increased employment and activity. Financial authorities attribute a considerable part or this upturn to replenishment of inventories in expectation of the usual "higher wartime prices, and to the expectation (hat the importation of important commodities such as textiles' may be reduced. Year Old Baby Struck By Automobile Today Howard Elvis Martin, one-year- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Martin, was struck by a car driven by Hubert'Wade at,one o'clock this afternoon near the family residence en Franklin street. The baby, who is at the Blylhe- villc hospital, is not believed to be seriously injured. He has several bruises on his back. Picking Pay Is Sixty" To Seventy-five Cents In I his Vicinity Cotton pickers are being paid from 00 to 75 cents per hundred for picking (lie first staple of the season in 'Blytheville and surrounding section. Last year, the picking uiice started at" 50 cenls per hundred. j There is no need of any •pickers Germans Threaten To Drop BorrdDs On Open Cities/Towns HBHUN, Sept. 13. command Disc The Blylhevillc city council mC L m regular monthly session at the city hall last night, dividing Us attention between the usual public I session in (he municipal courlroom I and an Informal 'conference' in lhe j mayor's office with each galherinf; have Its topics of dlscnsslcn. Jn (he formal session the council denied (he petition of M. Fdz- slinmons, owner of property adjacent to Hie Tom w. Jackson service station at Second nnd Ash stvects, seeking to force removal cf i wash-shed constructed on the icrviee station property by Mr Jackson - -- • - would be bombed from the air. Speed In Certifying Cravens As Congressman Urged Is LITTLE ROCK, Sept, 13. <UP)- d during „„„ !^?f,'! er< r '!' coll E cslKi to nn the ma congressional once the re peclnl election 'ravens elected being: brought In (Here Is an xs _Mya= K S=wr«us is shown. I Although cotlon was materially' damaged during lhe past few' ivechs because of blight and also affected by the excessive rains of spring followed by the lale summer drouth, extension agents and others familiar with colton grow- ni5 believe thai the crop"whi'be .lormal; '. . QtUev. crops are" not faring .so well due to lack >of • rnlii. A general rain would greatly help corn, j ruck, fall gardens, pastures and seeding crops. Truck grown for the Blytheville Canning Company is sulfev- ng so severely thnl the heavy all anticipated will not matcrlnl- ze unless rain falls in a few days, iccordinj to' George Greb, head f the company which regularly certifying the returns The Informal meeting wns saldi to have been •'—'- • consult cf week. Friends snicl Cravens woulj] o nave been devoted primarily to',kn, » , ^ lilvc " s WOU «J «- onsultatlon with a rcprcseH atlvp S . , S ty altolncv Ol For ' Smith f a «ti)lty corporation srvingthl' "ft tleV , 0 ! C ' bc nral - few d W* fin hL5 )er mploys several n the fall. hundred workers city regarding certain matters. .:.?°.] i .'-e,,Chief; Ed,., Rice, told.,: the ••"ring the football season here would lie acute with several games on the schedule He big - He explained that double parking ' p'„, r on narrow streets such as Walnut *." and Hearn and north-south streets' could not be tolerated, especially ™ '" 1 * 0[ ten**! personal before leaving fcr i'j In, the concurrenl special elecllbii senatorial d'isirlcl .«£ cancy, former state Representative Lyinan L. Mikel, Rrrt Snillh nt- lornej', won over two opponents, Gutensohn nnd Sam dtillo- "• "'" *'>-^>-^ol^- Ul KCL1J111K the streets cpen for emergency service, such as fire and ambulance calls. The chief told the council that school authorities refused I 0 allow parking inside the school ground and (hat tills complicated the situation. Members of the I council joined in the discussion' and it was hinted that since football games created the traillc prob- Freak Accident Causes Loss Of Sight In Eye W. J. Faught, farmer nnd dairy- -MwwV? fr P V' g " l -f f' 10 Cye 'T """" SChC ° ! » uth ««'M" should rairrcl ( • accident which I Join in helping to solve the prob- os? at'*his"}"™ on"Hi» 0 " t {I r" i re°a7 f ' r ' th ", t ™'' CDl ofnclak"wouW i'hen the nail broke and struck It was suggested that nnnp»i« be r.iacie to local The announcement, w lls nlven put as coming from "the fuehrer's headquarters," It said that Polish district governors ns well AS army commanders lind been ordering civilians to fight, Oc-rnmn troops In all towns and villages. Tlie German agreement, not. to upmb open cities from (he nil- or well them wllh artillery "based on the assumption Hint the enemy himself would nol irmkc such open places n battlefield." Ihe announcement said. it said thai since the Poles had nut lived up to that assumption. "resistance will be broken by nil means." "The Polish government and hor Incapable army leaders are responsible for these conseriuenres," tlie announcement aiid. Tlic government today meat radons, Including Finn urns BEHELD II President Of Arkansas University Killed In Traffic Acciclcnl reduced saufuue, from one and a half pounds to one pound n week for the nest Iwo weeks and conllscnled nibbsr Urcs from all vehicles except, those expressly permitted (o opcrntc. The meal rationing applied only to the Berlin area. 'Hie rubber decree requires thai all vehicles be submitted lo lhe department for rubber nnd asbrslos In their present, conditions. l!xlra lires must be': surrendered. Exchange payments be niiide ranging from the. price of n new tiro to ;hc price of the old rubber. For vehicles continue operating, new tiros may be omnltied only with ration cards and on siir- •cndcring the worn out tire. War dispatches from Poland continued optimistic, although mining was said of the slc(je of Warsaw, which the Polish rndln •eportcd as having been partially ifted by Die arrival In the vicinity of two northwestern Polish armies that had crashed out of the German trap. ils ej-e ball. Artillery l-'lro Heavy PARIS.- Sept. 13. (UP)—French artillery hammered al German positions on the Saar front tonight in prcpnratlcn for a large scale thrust against the Nazi WcsUvall defenses. The French drive against, advance posts In the German line continued LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13,-^tale methodically ngnlnsl heavy enemy Attorney General Hofl for an opinion on application cf the county ge Wants Holt To Rule On Mississippi Comity Situat' ion FAYETTKVILLB. Mt., Sept. 13 lul'l~])r. o. C. Fiilrnll. pi-psUlfDl of the university or Artniisns who was killed .veslcrdny In nil auto- iiiobllf. accident near here will bo burled tomorrow following funeral cervices at. to u, in, nt the unlvev- stty field house. Oov. Bailey arrived loday to pay his respects lo the lute educator and attend the funeral. Until a new president, can be named liallcy said Dean J. s. Wntcrmnu would be iictlng hcnd of the university. 'llie board of triistees meet.s next svcek to nnmc « new president. Members of (he fmully advanced (he (licary todny (hnt DC. Fulrall may have suffered a heart ntladk piccNlini! the accident. Triicli, (;nr Collide Sept, 12 (UP) Dr. Jehu c. Putratl, OG, president of the University of Arkansas llitf past 2(1 years, was killed almost Instantly near Westfork nt 0:30 p. m. todny when his automobile collided• head-on with a truck. Font' occupants of the truck worn Injured, none of them seriously. Tlie driver of tlio Iruck WHS Thomas Bradley, 4,1, of Wlmlow, Other pnsseiifiors we.!* Earl Mcoro, 23, of Wins-law,- who .Buffered a broken coltavbone 1 ' and other Injuries; -\V. RSSenl'cy aiid his four- ydar : old son, nnd Clifton Mills, nil of Wlnslow. Moore was'• the only one who remained In the hospital. Mis condition Is nol scrlolls. Dr. Full-all accustomed (o drlv-' ing a heiivy car. ii was said, was In n lluhl machine, li, wns reported.! in rounding a curve, II was wild' Hint he failed lo keep to the right. | The driver of the truck, a ligtil vehicle loaded with empty tomato crates. Kcnslnu a collision was In-1 evltable, drove us far off Ihe shoulder of the, highway »;i passible he said. The automobile struck the truck practically head-en. The driver's side of the car was caved In, Iden- Report Nazis Handed First Defeat Since Invasion Of Poland LONDON, t<> ™ir™n;;roVho \Ci?l5? v<IIKl rorce(1 Goman nmi<CB " i^jri^K"' v( ! i '< !i ™' >>-v >'<<<>«' fi'flin Warsaw and in S1S=is«lpSI Soviet Ships Are Ordered Back Home I'AHIS, Sept, 13. (UP)-All Soviet merchnul ships cnroutu to rcnglmid hare IK^,, ordered to return to their home ports the agency radio reported from Moscow today. Would Have Regular Anny . Expanded To Full Peace Time Strength •WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 <UP>Cen. .lohn j. Pcrslilng. who led he Amerlcnn forces lu the World Wai', snld today thai congress should profit by (he "costly lesson" of unnrcparcrtncss In .'1811 and swiftly boost the rcyiilnr nrmy lo full peace-time stroiiKlh. - , rmhliiB, known is' "Ola clack Jack"., to the' Ihousandii of officers and moirwho served'timicr him in 1317 and 1018, broke his usual custom of refraining from ccmuicnl on world events by taiiliiK H s i n u>. inenl on his birthday, Me | s 70 ( 0 . I'orclihiE uryed Immadlale strengthening of national defense. 1 ;. Ills statement, released through his military secretary, Col. acorgo E. Adamson. gave "lienrly support" 'Oil's roecnl or- porsonnel of lhe navy and mnrlnc corps bv _. . —- - , , Is In physical -..ii, ui nil; C"l y, an tllVtJt] III, 1UU1)~ •—*• ... . M __ j lily of nr. Fulrnl) was established ' orshlng characterized the pfrs'- by his watch and papprs In his C " L °""- v ns " " mci 'c skeleton" of pockets. His body was broken bad- to unoffl- :lal messages-reaching Paris. The advance on the Rhliicland While automobile wrecked, the truck was damaged only slightly. Dr. J. 3. Waterman of Fayclle- vlllc. flenn of the University of ™= impenetrated » duct g, n nd. thqir"^" H*<£^ ™,f™ ^! 1 " C , 1 ^.f"™ teck ™d™daU «J!™«jL» ^^S.?^'^™?^*™^'**^- York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 13. (UP)Cotton closed easy. open high Oct. 925 92D Dec 91S 921 Jan 912 g]5 Mar 902 • U08 May 889 89G July v. 817 88-1 ausing the loss of his sight lie taming of a calaract. and low 915 904 812 8!)3 87C sea Spots closed nominal a 1945, off 13. Orisons Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 13. (UP) — Cotton futures followed the lead of sleeks todny and closed barely steady, off 55 to 35 cents a bale. Taken to Memphis, specialists there plan to perform an operation for the removal of the cataract prior lo treating .the eye in hopes 1 of restoring the sight. He will re- clcse mt>i " in Memphis for several days and then will reluni home before the operation is performed in a few weeks at Memphis. Mrs. Faughl and Irn Kcontz, who accompanied him to Memph' left Mr. Faught a I the home of relatives where he will remain 915 S04 901n 893 87G BM open Oct 937 Dec 927 Jan 922 Mar 914 May 889 July 887 high 843 929 922 917 905 low 832 916 914 903 88« 87G close 832 51C 914 876 Spots closed steady nt 93G. off H. Livestock EAST ST. LOOTS, III.. Sent 13 (UP)—Hogs 8300. Top 810. 170230 Ibs. 785-EOO. 14C-160 Ibs. 650-715. Bulk sows. 650-725. Cattle 3300. Steers, 810-1050. Slaughter steers. 700-1150. Mixed yearlings & heifers 85(11025. Slaughter heifers, 675-1)23 Beef cows, 525-C50. Cutters & low cutters. 425-500. Chicago Wheat open Sept. 82 Dec. 82 1-B high 85 .1-8 80 1-4 low 82 82 1-8 85 1- during the first treatment. Stock Prices NEW YORK, Sept, 13. (UP) — Tlie war boom in stocks encountered its first decline in nine sessions today when prcfit taking sales increased on fears over neutrality law revision. A- T. Jfe T 105 1-2 Anaconda Cop 30 Assoc D. 0 85-8 Beth, steel 93 5-8 Boeing Air 277-8 Chrysler C8 Coca Cola ill l-< Gen. Elec 42 1-8 Gen. Mot 535-3 Int. Harvest G9 )-8 Montgomery Ward 537-8 N, Y. Central 201-4 Packard 41-4 Phillips Pet 45 Radio 63-8 Schenly Dist 131-2 Simmons 23 1-4 Sccony Vac H "-S Std. Oil N. J 52 Texas Corp .13 7-3 U. S. Smelt 63 U. S. Steel 78 5-8 Haley Field for the games, it was admitted that even with such cooperation the parking and truffle problems remained acute. ' J. Meli Brooks, secretary of Hie local chamber of commerce. Bested that attention be given tc parking in the business section during the fall months, particularly on Saturdays. He suggested that a lime limit would help to alleviate the ccngest- cd condition. He pointed out that 60.per cent of the city's trade is out-of-town" trade and that room should be made for such palrons to park their cars and trucks without ureat inconvenience when they ccme here. Chicago Corn H was generally admitted thai the business section parking (iiffl- cuUies were increased because business men and merchants insisted on parking their cars near uieir places of business. As a rule they do not park their machines n front of their own business houses but In front ol "the other fellow's" 11 was claimed. It was suggested- thai some plan for "favoring" the out of town mctorist be worked oul but il was admitted that this would bc rather difficult involving an obvious •winking" as time limit violations by out of town motorists and application of sterner measures agalnsl local residents. The decision ended with lhe council deciding thai nf^er all the problem was one for the chief cf -police to work out and not for ! °ts, explains funds in Mississippi County flu- sl111 belter strategic prsltlons on Went of the university As such nexl two years. l)0th sides of, Snarbrucckcn, .which the duties of acting president aulo-' Previously. county turnback ls virtually a No Man's Land, al- matlcally will fall on his shoulders funds for Mississippi County have In6sl surrounded by the French, unlil the presidency Is filled letn- been used in meeting principal and German artillery pounded at the Interest payments on rond district Saarbriicckeu area to prevent bauds but have been Insufficient Prcncli occupation of the city, to meet all payments, \vltn lha re- T ^ c r ifcnc ' 1 arc now firmly suit that payments no certain P' R nled on the west bank of the bonds are past due. Under the 1930 Williams A<" Saar river. With the French seeking to dom- funds were appropriated to aid read lllnte " lc cllllre Sanr Industrial districts which constructed farm- t!lstr| ct Ihc German forces were to-market roads, In meeting their re P° r ted in two lines: interest and principal payments '• A ' n ' n band of recently com- during the next blennium, and Mi- "'"'"' "'" ' " ' '—-'-Page snld that he wished lo dcicr- mlnc whether both the turnback and the money appropriated by the Williams Act shculd bc paid to tlie bondholders or whether the creditors wcro entitled only la the money appropriated by the latter act, with the county receiving all cf the gasoline turnbacks. them Mr, Airmail Pfots Thanked In Name of Cupid SYDNEY. N. s. W. (UP)--Although he has never flown lu an Empire flying boat. John S Jii- gram. a Londoner, has senl a letter of thanks lo (lie pitols on Ihe English-Australia run. He thanks them "for so failh- fully carrying mall between my.wlf and my beloved fiancee m Melbourne." His letter, addressed to the pl- hls fiancee, a plcled pill boxes and lank barriers on the wooden heights not far across the Saar river, these uere built in the Inst IS months. 2. In the fortified main Seigfricd line behind the Sanr province nnd in the Moselle valley. Military observers reported that this line was solid but not completed. How Itng it would bc before a major French-British thrust could bc made toward the line depended on further ndvnnco operations to feel out the weak sptl-s. German girl, is n refugee now ilv- Fitzsimmons. who was rep-! lns '" Australia. "You Jinv. open 85 1-8 Sept ,56 ' 1[Dec. 55 I--J high 57 7-8 57 5-8 low close 55 3-4 55 57 7-8 57 1-41 resented by F. c. Douglas, complained that construction of the shed in alleged violation of the city building C :de had resulted In a boost In fire insurance rates on his property. He contended that the shed was not all metal as required by the building code and did not comply with the permit Issued for its construction. Continued on page 3 brought me and countless olh-.'is within twelve days of their beloved ones down under," he writes. King Back After 35 Years NOANK, Conn. <UP>~Thlrty-five years after Charles I. Fitch, railroad station agent, lost his ring, workmen demolishing the foundation of the <ld depot found it under the platform, Burglar Gets $30 At Ralph Young Apartment Ralph Young was robbed of $30 last night by a burglar who entered the house by unlatching the front door screen. The trousers and the emptied bill fold were found on the front perch this morning. The Youngs live in llic Slsk apartment nl 209 West Kentucky avenue. pornrlly or • permanently by the Board of Trustees, probably at a meeting of trustees next week. Governor Bnlley snld no meeting of the board would be called null) nllcr Dr. Piitrnll'« funeral. He said hs would stay In Fayettevlllc lo co-operate with Dean Waterman .ilia the university faculty "In every way possible" lu connecticn with registration and the opening of Die fall term nexl week. Heat Wave Seeking New Record Here I/ there Is anyone not too hot to bc interested In figures, they may like to know that another new record will probably be established t:day for 1939 weather In Blylhcvllle. H was 100 degrees at 12 o'clock noon for the hottest mid-day record the pence-lime force authorized by congress In 1020 nnd snld he "sincerely hoped" (tint, the special session, It called, would Immediately tiulhorl-/.c an nrmv nt. full pence- time strength. He snld Hint; Americans have "very strong reasons to be thankful for the far-sljjhled measures taken after the World Wnr to nvcld a repetition of the dilemma , of 1017." He recalled the "deplorable situation" existing when Slates entered llinl United n-ai- and snld that nl thai time "a n |, n single move had ben made, from a military point of view, to prepare for ' The polish counter attacks were ' reported to bc the rcsi.ll of ° comeback by tlie armies which lh e Nar.1* had reputed trapped In the Pnseii men west of Waisilw , The len or(s said that Polish ! forces fioni the west were attacking the aermnns In the Warsaw sec or f,o,,, (, 10 reai . Ju paris clnl Pcllsh dispatches reported that he Polish armies from (ho west i hnd established liaison with the 1 main Polish forces defending War- A radio bioadcnst from Moscow, lilekci up In London this afternoon, said dial the Poles also had started nu otfenslve In the north. Allied mllltniy oxpeil!,, describing lhe reported Polish rccaptuie' ol uxlz ns the first Gorman defeat on the castein fionl, said that tlie German general staff apparently' had slietchcd their motoilzed columns loo thinly and Hint they had broken under the attack of 250,000 l'o!es advancing from the cost nnd west. The recapture of Lodz would threaten the safely of the German advance ns fnr as lindom, GO miles south of Wnisaw, and reduce the risk that tho defense of Warsaw could be turned from Lublin, 100 miles southeast of Warsaw. . Allied experts snld-.that the Polish position at Lod-/. would be difficult to maintain QIK | tlmt the Germans could bring ,up. rc-uiforcehi'enh to rec6ver ; the lost- giound. ' Meanwhile Polish resistance np- jxMircd lo have , been .stiffened along all fronts cxdcpl In tlie's'autli where the Germati'f'claimed to have thrust forward hi an effort to slash Polish commtmkatlcih lines lo Rumania In Ihp vicinity or Uvnw. "To End Hillcrlsm" LONDON, sept. .13. (UP)—Prime- Minister Neville Chamberlain .told parliament today Dial Client Brit-' nln nnd ]->anco .ire dctermliied~"lo; put «n eiid once ami for nit to.the. menace of ftttlerlsm." To thai, end he said: The two powers are carrying oilt their obligation fully to give eycry nld to the Poles ivho. ".so far have frustrated", the >fnzl conquest. The British war aims include Hb- erizadou of the Czechs from Nazi rule. The British royal nlr force is operating on French soil imd the public; will be advised when British' troops, already In France, go into action. The British navy Is constantly' attacking German submarines with success nmt German shipping has been cleared off the high seas. Three. Polish destroyers have: joined the British fleet. ' ,c The French armies advance Info German terrltrry hus straightened out their line nnd been "completely successful." Car Thief Receives believe 11 will be as successful as it j was during lhe World War. Meanwhile TVrclgn Secretary Lord Hnllfnx threatened reprisals if Qer- Tnree Year Sentence " lfl " (lr " ietl forces harass civilians. Speaking in lhe House, of lords. Halifax condemned the reported announcement of the German general sUlf Indicating that it intends lo b:mb and shell open towns and Frye, 33-year-old resident of Wynne wlio was arrested nti Mllllgnn Ridge Monday night on n charge of stealing an automobile, was sentenced to three years in the penitentiary when he entered a ' In tllc com nions Lord Privy Seal villages In Poland. cf eulHv to the rlnrcc in " of lhe year, according to the om- ^u'court at W,m cial weather observer, Samuel P J Morris. The maximum te has Mlsslssl) rested Fryc at the request of r _ | Sir Samuel Hiare announced that J the British Broadcasting Corporp tlcn would broadcast. In German the names of German dead, wound- * 41V. IJIlt.tlllltlJII MJlllJJUIllLUllj IIUO /^ ,. |«^"U- Vt: been above 02 for the past IS da i „ Col " u y ofRcets who traced u< vni.- i^ttai 10 uj n,- .,, : .. ....~*. been recorded dally! C "'".' mtl lhe car to tilc «««when there was n . " " w?c c:ninnniily \\here Frye Squalus Is Raised To Surface Today and "clear" has since Aug. 23 very light shower. The last rnln of any consequence 1*11 Aug. 21 Before today, the previous high was 103 degrees registered last Friday after n 102 on last Thursday and Ihe thermometer went to 102 again Saturday for the only "abcvc 100" days of the entire siunmer. The maximum yesterday was 100. Mall Bos F.xplodcs OAKLAND Cal. (UP) — Harry , King P res >"nably knows about love PrM5Txi\ffr-inT>II VT IT c«»l 10 "-"3 l"~J«<l*aw,.J. nllu^a UUUUl. 1OVC ,110? IS T ' i H -, SC! ' U 13 ' Alters. When he heard an explosion (UP)—Tlie sunken submarine Squa- m a mail box " .»" "ywiuu l«s »lth Its em-go of 26 dead men poilC( , to ., c:mj ; , c]< was raised to the surface today by has blown Vip" A navy salvagers who then began tor, however/who lowing It toward Pcrtsmontli navy the box found II yard nine miles away, | cracker Instead Simple Test Explained To Test Pearl's Worth DARWIN, Australia (UP)— J. Marco, penrl expert, .who lias been Investigating local pearl fields, revealed two tests tor distinguishing real pearls from false. A genuine pearl, Marco said, If rctil In the hand, will remain cold. ed nnd prisoners when their identities have been established. Says'German Bases In New World Likely LONDON, Sept, 33. (UP —The ministry of information said today that the government has reason to believe that Germany may attempt to establish air and submarine bases on the ccost of South and Central American countries. WEATHER Arkansas — Ffttr tonight arid while n cultured pearl will become' warm. A genuine pearl held against the light, shows a translucent cf- Thursday. >v, n , ' n i fect ilwarrts ror about ont-sSxth Memphis and vicinity—Fair and wen a fire | of i ts diameter, while the cultured warmer tonight; Thursday fair, peart-docs nol, he explained. continued warm.

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