The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1938 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 12, 1938
Page 8
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»PAGE EIGHT fil CITIES TIC IIG RELIEF JJLYTHEVILLE (ATIK.)' COURIER NEWS Relief In Cleveland T °, Let Contracts For , REA Construction May 24 Area From Pittsburgh to Detroit Hit; Cleveland Has Serious Problem BY JOHN SlIl'.A NKA Service StnlV Com-sponili'iil CLEVELAND, May 12.—Altliout'lv not as ivtTions us it h^s benn pumU-d r.Isfcwlicre, Hie relic'f situation inc- hi3 Hie "lu'uvy iiKliisti'y" (•.Hies, stretching across noillu'in Ohio loujjhly ,on a line from t'iti.siimgh to Detroit, is uni-(niiiii-(l in ^nivily [dncc 1KB. CciUeiin-} in ClrvtJ-.iml. wliori' o>!ly the most de.s|>er,iti; .•irrnnibllni: niKl hand-to-mouth, cluy-ui-iluy expedients have prevented a crisis and widespread hunger, the relief situation in n do/en towns c-rlos [or solution, '('he f;ict that jieople of Ciovi 1 land and other cities in the imlus- trial bel'i, relief clients its v.-i;)l ji.s those with jolj.s, arc tuWnt; the situation quite calmly doi.'s 1101 niter the fact that ot!L-i:ils lire luml with a problem which has steadily grown more .serious since J:m. 1. '1'he situation is nut nearly us desperate as the rest of (he nation has Ueen led to b.'lieve, but it is sufficiently critical to tax Die best elforts of authorities. In cities such as Younyslown, Warren, Akron, Conlor), Loraiii, Toledo, nml olheis, several uiclors have served to the problem. F'irst, the "iii'nvy goods" cities are, devoted to making uroducLs .not .iniiiicdintely consimicd—^U'd, milo parus, inachliiL' tools, tires, iiiuos, and the like. The business recession hit them hinder (linn it hit totvns producing Vi-oiisiimci'j}' &oods," with the result .thiU uui-m- IJm/mcnt mushroomed more t:\vili- ' CAifUTHEHSVIl.LE, Mo., M,,y J?. -John W. rtslier. .supervisor ut' tilt I'eiiiiscot-D'iiikllji Klei.'tljc Cor- limiilion, Mated ycKlei'day tliul i'i:!ili-:ii-!s lor < (instruction of ]>ov.- IT lines ovel the un-ii in t| cc . (, V(i iiiiintii.s would be let on Tiu^ihy ay •>-!. "' ' 'l')u- project, wliidi extends <jv<-i- pi inherit and Dimklln counties, tails loi 1 the coii.'Uructioi) ul aii- THURSDAY, MAY 12, 1938. Radio Is the Fourt n School at Greenfield Village ' The seriousness of the relief .situation In many citie.s in the industrial region is lypllloil by tlii- iibov« phi;;:/-, Klmivfti>; .scores (/!' ijj tlic i TO counties, ijids !«• oiK'iird In this city , : , V.4, and Aslu'r .Mild In; n- jnfini .-Kiiiat eoiifiti-iic-tion w »;k i-l.lll'l I/I lllldU"A'UV )]>' .111,11; )f.r Entire Carulliersviile School Faculty Re-elected . (V>l(liTI!tUSVIU,H, Mo., M ; ,J j i;?.- i;i/.si.-(«; M. fierce, supciiJiu-ii- j rji m. (i! 1 city .schools IICTC, ' ye.sti-i 1 | day announced that the board ol jidiicatiun Mud voted, upon iccoui- 1 iiK-ndiitioji by him. to it-employ all teachers ol tin.- city schools In/ I next year. :-:ch<x>]s iiiclniii the i-iinlt- and liiufi f;ohools, nnd tin- cuti,mi school. Increases in saliine.'; wen; au- thorised by tin.' board for :;cv(.-i-.d ol Hie Icachi-i.s. Tills increase was t'.ivui iu most ]jai-l to U-aclu-i:. nliu-ic salaries v.-cre out .several .U'lir.s HUO. The hoard also voted to orcot 11 workshop for Die voca- tioniil uHi-iciiltiii-L- department i.i cost about $450. Snpt. Pierce said needy pevsuns In Clcvclnnd lined ii]i to receive n|>|)le.s, oianyes :ind t! 'e school had closed the yeai'in small paekn;;c.s of rice from meam-r relief supplies. excellent liiiatieial .shape, ing cards an;l niakinu coffee. On May Ifi n special session of the .stale legislature will meet, to atlack lht> [M-oblcni. 'Hie cities, linked III (he Ohio !/>a«i!e of Municipalities, will present" thctr plea that they be nt least allowed to lux Ihc.iu- sclvcs for their sharp of (he needed relief, pin-haps by dirci 1 ! cilv taxes on utility bills, or sonic siieh expedient. Second, the cushion of uni'iu- ployincni coini>ensauim is lacKina, I i^nio does noc yet n. due to legislative delays, until 1SU9. ; Can't Issue Itonds Third, the stole constitution pro- hiuit.s city Bond issues nbovc live per cent o: (lie tax duplicate except , lor certain self-llqukmllng objectives. With tax ciiiptic-ntes lon-iri- in ine pnst lew years, nearly nil Ihc cities find themselves, uuaule to issue bonds lor rcliel. Fourth, the adininlstralive setup in wlml harry Hopkins has cuhea "the moil backward ind\istriul st:i[c as regards renei," i:s one ol •miiKcsruli anct esiiedient vatlicr Vnan 'a siuMtn-rannmi! machine, \vith the Ohio state tjovcnuneut L..iering and retiniy fiom Ine picture in greater or u-ss decree iroai titiie to ti'me, mid no permanent understanding hsiween JOBII aim suite uims'ns to men responsibilities. • A year ayo tne out, ol tile picture wnirely, leaving cities to slniiiie au>.i: in-st. iney could. >~mn, politics and the foithcoin- iii;; fall election cast tlieiv suadovvs over the scene. Liovenior M.irtin L/iivey's greatest, strength Ls in the rural dislrie.ts wlilch control (he legislature, and wnien have never been brought to a reali/miou 01 Ihe relief needs of the cities. p.<ir- tiutlnny Cleveland, wliere a lie- publican admlnisiration niider hiayor Harold Utircun struggles with ine proolem. • Drops in tlic liiifkct Cies'claiid has "been nxuiccd to drawing on its \VfA sponsoislni) iimosior aired rolici, wtilcli means uiat WPA money will be harder to get in tiio mime, une c.ty cu..:i.-:.,...un ims even been, given permission to horn a, leiiet • w j vul y m his ward to raise itinos tnai. ftm tide over relief clients tmlil a solution can be loim.i. w,.n „,..„,. iciief needs of $25,t,JO a day. any S.KH plan Is the merest, palliative. Manila Society — Personal Clergymen Hit His Priest Pose dependent on sicel nnd puns Uusmi-ss, CIWUI.M u.i.->, ai latest estimate, some 189.0M unemployed, -inm reticnes tne peak record of 1933, and moans Hint one person in lour is selling tunic lorni ol public assistant!', of these, about •js.wj are on cmvci ivuei, a gam 01 omy about vwi/ sln:e (lie lirst oj tuc ..ear c.-c.iin- i.icamvmle WPA rolls were increasing irom 22,Ujj lo oi.i/Oj tei up lor tnu snianer niimuer] hud 10 he telescoped in such a manner mat they «m run um by l..o middle of juae. Umess they >....i u* continue alter i/iat time. t..e UHIK o, mesc people li-u-e I to turn to direct relief. ] Ke.icf Stair Fired I Meanwhile Cleveunus share of 1 an .Klniutt-nly inaaKmaie i-j^ >- tlt .. appropriation for direct relief l-c^reii out on Apvil 15. drapru- an tuoit to e*e it out by cutting taxi' [lao.mcnts lar below 0. a. sona-ii-I iiicilt standards, -the cininT relief ^ministration stall had to be discharged by Mayor Burton. There no money tj pay inem. Tnev tlayed at their iwsts as volunteers t.A/ 01 them, lacing empU-nanded or nearly so, the mounting streams' ci relief clicius demaiidm? imm-.- (ll»le help. , b "iergcney alioimente frojn other funds by city council i, avc bccn olstnbiJted to the most needy caws Promises of landlords not to evict nnd of utilities not lo cut off ser- Ucc .together with distributions of fruit, vegetables, and rice by (lie IVxIeral .surplus Commodity Corpo- iMion, have slaved off serious trouble and grave suffering day by day. ' Workers' Alliance members are active among relief clients, and liaxe besn singing a'- "si(<lo-,vn culKc' at one relief station, wliere 0. W. Tiplon transacted business in Memphis Tuesday. Atnont; tliase who atlanded the County Lfngiii' Union held in Del! Tuesday night were Hoy Ashn- braiiner. Edward Reynolds. Jack Berry. Wayne Slroup. Hill Down- ins. Hoy Samples. Hcrlirrl Adkins, Clilloid Kim;. Misses Solda. Frledii, and Vledn Miu!l)naid, Anita C'nwan::. Mildred Ann Arin- Mi-onu, llertlm Mae Oriililh, Anna Helle Tlu-clkald. Chloi- Scot I., and Key. Stroiip. pnstof of tho Woltui-1 'list church here. ' John H. Cov.-an nnd Roy ,, brannef transacted business 1-caohville Mnnday. • H. I,. King was in niytlievlllc Monday en business. Mr.s. D. L. Kiiiu, wlio lias bren isithi;,' her son. II. 1.,. KI,,.; iind lamily of tins city for lhi> few weeks, was called to Hnker, Ore., this week on arconnl. of the illness of her daiujhlcr, Mrs Vler- tnli flailwick. C. I!. Hramion nt Mf-nijiliiji. Tenn.. attended lo business in 'Manila Tuftday. Cltibeom Tipton of Monrlle V U- Hc'd relative.; in Manila Tuesday. Neirt filicdd. who was i-opm-ted to to seriously ill from pnni- mcnia fov the past fi'\v days, is said to be improving at Ihis wiil- I'iiul and Miss Unby Spikes n! Roll-oil. Mich., are visilin;; ivla- <•.-; c.nd friends here and in Uly- Ihcvillc. Mr. Ppi^s j s coniiKU'd Hi tin' BuiToiishs Aildhi-i Mfi-i chine rompany of DiHuiit. W. W. Fowler, suin'rintendt-iil' of School District IS. was in Lit-j tie Rock on business Tuesday li.-l lelm-m-d late Tuosdav iii^ht'. | Miw.. ,\fay::a ravmer of Uike Village. Ark., is visitinj; relative* and frionds in Manila for a few days. .- i Knjmoiul ItacMastcrs was in! Mempliis tin busincs. 1 ; Tn t -.-;(i;iv. Charles Caller spnnt Tui-sdjv about •SK.COO m Ihe ti-easiiry, AtlencJ Little Theater's Play "A Full House" "A Full", the first full lenalh jiroduction of tho recentlv orgnnixi'd Blytlicvillc Tlioater, was plnycd before several liiiiidrecl' people at Hie city audiUirinm Jasl hlRllt. [ Another production Ls planned for (lie iiciir future !>y this non- prolitable organization which has as its object ihe enterlaimncnt of the people of the city. With (hi' continued cooperation of townspeople. Lin; inemburs hojje lo establish and develop a lasting ci\- Irrprfcp. utTlcci-.s said today. Closed Camp Vulnerable, Chimney Wasn't Closed CONCORD. N. If. (UP) — Cnrl Hill fortified his .summer camp ngalnst -Intruders when hn closed it, last. fall. Opening it this season, lie found the place littered with overturned lamps, broken dishes and torn HIKMI. In a corner of the c-iice. During the summer when the young performers arc on vacation the program goes off (lie air. However, it is ahvay.s back again in Hit 1 fall with a now crop of youni!- Mc-l'.s. Ham! Will March in ! Mcni)l)im Parade Announcing (hat its members regretted only llio means used, the Seattle Methodist Ministers Association has issued a stnle- mciil criticizing Ibo <loimin{> at priest's robes by Joe .McCauley, nbove, state patrol oiliccr, to gel a confession from Mrs. lUary Eleanor Smith in connection with the slaying 10 years ago of Ensign James ICtiRCiiu llnsselt. McCauley persuudcd the TJ- year-old woman convict to "make peace with her Maker." She implicated her son Uec.istro Earl Mayer, in her statement otul pleaded with him lo confess, but lie refused. Read Courier News Want Ads. JJolls «f Most complete line of Paints nnd Wallpaper in N. F.. Ark. ni.vUioville I'jiint & \V:illi>ai>cr Cn. (Illylhcville. Onnril & Oiirralodl filencoe !!!<!?. Cboiic SSO 11V N'OKitlAN SlWini, NKA Service Itadio Hilittir NEW YOH1C, May 12. — Chapel services are fun for the students at the Greenfield Village School. I'lirticularly tbe Wednesday morning .services which are broadcast over- the Columbia radio ' network during the school year. This weekly program from the small village outside of Detroit i.s probably Ihe most, authentic early American program on the air today. An old silver bell made long tiso by the ton of Paul Revere rings out Ihe theme for the broadcast, The bell hangs in the chapel of an old-fashioned 18th Century chapel in tile heart, of the village, where Henry Ford has attempted lo recreate life in America as it was 100 years ago. The people who live in Greenfield Village, with its Early American treasures and landmarks, cany on old-fashioned trades. «»t.\i huiu luivii, in a corner 01 me >-'"'.» vu viu-jii^>iiiuiii.u usuics. living room lie found Ihe innrmider Their children go lo school in a —a fiiuhteiH'd duck which hud I 1 ' 0 " 1 °' (l country school house. Ev- entered llirmigh the fireplace cbim- cr >' morning they attend the ney. chapel service which is broadcast When danger is near, Hie tiunil stimilalcs Injury and attracts an enemy to herself, permitting her , young lo scamper to safety. once a week. Old-fnshloned. non-sec t a v ia n hymns and psalms from Die Old Testament form the bulk of the number!) heard on the program. A student announcer read.s the psalms. There « never a minister about, even on Sundays, for the Greenfield Village Cliapel is nan- denominational. Every one of the 153 students whose voice is suitable for public speaking is allowed lo take a turn at cond.uclini; the .service. Most of the songs arc sung by the school children from memory, (lie group knowing more than 108 psalms by heart. The children range from tiny tots to yoiing men and women of 18 and 20. The Village had only 32 pupils when the cliapel services were first started on Sept. Nilh, 1929. Since (he chapel had just been erected there were no pews for them to sit on. They had to carry their own chairs to services. Now there are 153 regular singers. Lea Fit-ipatiick, ciUev p r i si ng manager of Detroit's powerful radio plant, WJR, first conceived the Uien of broadcasting tile services. Mail response to that first local broadcast was so large Hint, the Wednesday morning service wns made n regular feature. WHen WJFi joined the Columbia- network a fe«' years ayo, the program wns extended to u nation-wide audi- For the first time a tand com- JXKi',1 cntinOy of Hlythevllli; ;;dlool Mudi'nls will take part in the Grand Carnival Parade in Memphis Saturday ni K lii. The :«) niem- bcis. Hiidi-r tr.e direction (if C. fi. Moil-head, will be accompanied by i ii»iiiiii-i- (,( bund parent:-.. This i-ily wici rt-iji-csi-iiK-d Jn thi: pamdi' .niuthi-r yi-ar v ,'li(-n a combined Ciii-uthi'i-.-ivillc and lllythi-vilk- liin,' Hlythcvillc lias pt-i'founi'd ill IKT own name. 'I'lie tii-oup will l» tnteriaiiiwl wilh a Ihi-.'itiT party Saturday moi-nins at the Maku tiu-irtcr. :iiul in the afu-i-noon, ;i <lancc in honor of the hitnd iiii>mbi'i-.s will be held it 2:WJ ,,'i.-l,i c - k at iliu ICilis ..,,i<Jiun-- nim. .Lunch ;,nd dinner will be served band members free at UK: Mas'uiic TeiniiJt 1 . Mr. Murtliciid ha:; unnounced ihut tin- hand meiiil^rs will report, it the aittliioriiini nt 7i(lo p. in bcfori: the parade which start's ai 7:-!5 o'clock. Those students making the trip are: John Harp. Rote-l Holt Gerald Carter. Todd Harrison. Billy Bill Morse. Bill cfininblin, Richard nobvrls, Eugene Johnston Edward Edds, Millard Edds, Vcrnon Thomiison, James Cozart, nobert Jontz. Colcninu Stevens Feed liiitlic-i-rord, Bob Hei-rick. Wynette Shepherd, George Hubbard," Don Wllhelm, Sue Ramey, Pliilfip Hish- op, Ann Crook, Bonnie Jean Buclj- anan, Phe Marie Koonce E M Terry, jr., Jeanne Atriick, Winifred Crawford. Mrs. c. W. Afflick k the official i chaperon for the eirls. NOTICK TO CMEIHTORS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVE.^ That letters Testamentary on ^fc ' estate of James A. Wilson dccea'sid, were issued to tlic undersigned by" Ihe Clerk of the Probate Court of Mississippi County, in the Stale of -Arkansas, on the !5th day of. April, A. n. )9:i». All persons having claims against said Estate are therefore hereby notified to exhibit the .same to the undersigned, properly authenticated, within one y(ar after the date.of such Idlers Ti-Klanionlaiy or they may be prc- i-tutli'd i ruin «ny benefit In said Kslalc. And If such claims be not exhibited us aforesaid, within two y«us jiltc-r tiie datis of such Ict- It-rs, they will be forever biirred and pndmk'd Irom any licnefit Irom said relate. (iivcn Uiis ISth dav nt April, A, O. li«!j. HcUy Ann Wilson, 'jvstalilx. of (he lOstati' of .laincs A Wil.son di-i!(-:i.scd. Read Courier Mews want Ada, AMBULANCE SERVICE DAY & NMttllT CALL 30 Holl Funeral Home AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE IPO',,'. I'niiisylvania Oil. Scaled Containers. 2. r ic •1 Miles No. of State Line II. W. f>l HOLLAND, MO. COURT RULING HOLDS BY ORDER ARKANSAS STATE POLICE fleaa uouner News Want Ads SAVE MONEY ON iroeenes HIGHEST QUALITY US ^V. Brain I'honc a:! 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