The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER ir>, 1936 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Here Are liquor Rofls of Three Granmier Schools' (Continued Irom page one) The honor roll for ihe month In ihe three grammar schools of the city ate: LANGE SCHOOL. First grade Emma Ian Crawford, Ross Jejn- elle I loll Is, Mary Lynn Jacl:sO;i.. Mildred Ltpford, Mary lleien| Osceola Society—Personal Miss Mary Louise Pleleher Domestic Lonsuinplion of Mr - Slcvo ""'i' 1 ' J''- /-> r\ r i r- ' married nt the home LottOll UCClmes, hilt 1'Or- UVelcli, pnstor of the married nt the home ol Rev. c. E. I' !."-Welch Monday afternoon when '\ new ihuly courts on Ihc Ixtok of *Cl.S Wllk'li Kcv. C. E. Wl'lcll Will :each duriiiR Hie next few months war, taken up. Mrs. ci. u. Cceraves led i h c mission Mm Mrs. Many Jonc.s, Mrs. W and Mrs. W. C Inklni: pan on (lic v |irot;r:iin at llu> i cl ! ull;l1 ' , 1( _, rt Sunday nl fi lii f or a short and to St. .Uons. The ceremony wns at- Mr.i Honlndjy.'told 'the- council thai Inu cotton were consumed in mill-: James McMullms. liiis way he could of " ie - Unll0(1 Slates in September WymenUi McUonald. Fifth Grade & lie pfellcvcd in I force a definite answer ns to Hie I possibility ol natural gas for Dly- '3 tlicvllle. 'hk; proposed 'In the event /. that he is jointed '.the privilege, to ' branch oft-tlic St.-Loiiis line run- 4 nfius imur Pnular Bluff. Mo., and i bring'It castj'lo' this city and oilier A towns' alohg*'lhc'route. II he fulled f_ (o siicur enaiural gas. he could liavc j a Bufane system operatins within of mediate families. The bride wore nn ensrmble of brown travol tweed Me.ssle Sue Arwood, Sarali Pauline sl 352,535 In August and 545.- i' j with hut nnd accessories to match. Evr.-ird. Sixth.Grade: Mildred l.'ov 1 , 1134 halra ln September, 1929 Hubbard. Eula Mac Kinninichnm. i Total consumption in the. Lavelle Deaelte, Virginia two Litile j moiHhs of this season, Adjust l to Mrs. Ralph Is (lie daughter of I Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Fletcher of Osceola. She has lived lu-re priic- PAGE THREE . , lesson on lida with | Miss U'nlie of Lido Rock, solemnized Saturday ovonliiR nl (ho First Methodist chinch In Pino nhiir. Miss Iloldcv- new is well known lierp nnd hi IJIyihcvlllp where' she lias mnile many friends on fiomienl. visits to Mr. nml Mrs. Hugh llughey nnd dai.itlilct, Sue Cluy, d[ Mem incollne of Ihe Methodist! llui'iicy'.s Woman's Missionary society Mon-|j. n. |,n day afternoon. Sixteen mriiilx-r.* i . Mrs. J ; u. Driver Is oillerl;ilntns the ruiuracl bridge club to which she bi-:ungs at her country home sonlli of Osceola Thursday after- lln> week-end with Mrs. Is, Mr. nnd Mrs. In Osveiihi. Mary Eunice Uyson. . j.Oclober I, amounted to 7«*« Inle, H™^ IX "he o'S I^WeniV .SUDBURY SCHOOL. First grade i -HOnibt 1,104.588 in the same perio. 1 j S | 1( , tt . as Bm |iialed with the 192£ Estelle Givens, Helen Henry. Bob-1 a ^ season. ^^ f| . om t , 1{ , Oswolil nlgh sc | )l)0 i ^ __ bic Jean Douglass, Lura Douglass,! Stocks of cotton exclusive of lini- ju'nil has been one of ibe mo'si pop- 90 daysi a/tec' being, in-anted i sltl ' wauei ' Coiner, uutiy (Jollier j on aepic franchise,* Horriaday said. " ' ' [W.: : M, Bohaimlng. E.-J. Landon.! compared Mcrpbe& of the council assured ' Second Grade: Dorothy Sal-eby. | bides: Biigg I'aslcy, Junior Burjar- er,s on hand on September on hand I ular members ul Walter Collier, Ruby Collier j on September 30 find August Sljclal sei here. red ns follows In running I younger so- I June Workman, Mary Louise w.-i- '•• crs. Lcrline While. John Hampton.''" consunilng Mr. : 'jloftjaday Informally _ tbut if convirjceoijthat. there, is no'hope of natural igis -for Blyilieville wltliir a reasonable time .that they would by favorable to the eslnblishmeru Gradc1 Bonnie Jean nnchai n in «,.., t. 30 AUK. Third Grade: Eulopia Whilwnrth Fourth Grade: W. II. Davis. Fifth of a -Butane plant here. Butane is I'imlf wajr between natural and artificial gas." according to Mr. Ilor- 'type o! arid establishments In warehouses Spindles active during September Dick Duncan. Evelyn Smart. Jim'amounted lo 26,087,004, against -J5.- McAdams. Sixth Grade: Emnulins' a^i.978 In Augi:st and 30,035,470 In Page. Loraine Secoy. • ! September. 1'JW. gas plant which several other Ras Cecil Wolfort. Mary Babcock. BeL- companies'. have- already sought ty Lee Rowc. Sally Maihls, Elira' Ssplember i-xiwrts amounted to bales, excluding )tnl?r.s CENTRAL WARD. Firs! Orach: , 902.95G bales, excluding oyuinst 3CC.03G In August and 725,- lyrmlsslon of the coundfto cstiih- t>elh Ann Crook,'Uinty Moore jr..; 870 ln September. 192U. llsh here. Susan Simpson. Wanda Fisher, i September imports totaled 3.33-: Simon, local real stat<? oo- Second Grade: Vera Goodrich. loir erator. forl eiil . ,. v . ._. ,. r ._ and Ftanklini'Etreets.'Simon stated man). "Alice Ware.-Betty Lou Kra-j HoKJ)ltUl Mr. Raliih is (lie .son of Sieve i Ralph sr., of Joiner. Alt., and Mrs. i number of years been a.ssoclaled ' Osceola, and prior to his connection with this firm was a.ssoclak'c" ^n business willi l:h father at Joln• cr. lie is well known in Missibsljipl county ns an enthusiastic promoter j ol amateur spoils, particularly j baseball, having orgaiil?ed and foi the past several years served ns bales, excluding linleis. against S,- manager of th? Osecota seml-pr M's- 0. E. Sullcnger Ls cnler- laiiUiii; :u |, r iil 8C n t |,er home lien- Friday .ntirmoon. Mi. Mrs. Murray Semmes of Baton Rouge, Ui., are In Osccola lor a visit with Mr. Remmess 1 h«'r, Mrs. Paul St'inmes, who will accompany them the first or nexi w t «k to Ftiyettevillc, Ark. when; ibcy will vlsli Mr. nnd Mrs. • J. -Semincs. Mr. and Mrs. R. M.'Fleieher of Memphis spent.the u-eek-end lierc with relatives. Mr. aisd Mrs. Andrew Morldn have ri'iiiined from n wedding irl;i Ixiuis and are at home to 10 their friends tn Osccoln. Mi.'* from Mrs. Hunt of Luxora LUXOHA, Aik.— Tuesday after- no-n Mis. Nobli- Hunt Jiitcilalned wlih a bridge parly In her lovely .•.pailnieiH on Culhmm Street. The rooms llirown open, lo Ihe Bitesls were LvMimifiilly decorated with basktis of rtallus and snap drnsons. nnd prizes nwnrdfd Mesdaiuos Jns. l.ovt-11, Tlics. F. Hudson, Jns Driver and Ram lirmvn. Mrs. [Won F.iiicvtains >; 500 Clul) a I Luxova .... Ark., .l.nsi-,|| K | 1t Mr. s liilssel lji)«r-n was hn".U>-s lo Ihe llvf linndjpil I'luh of which s-lic Is a ineinbi-r. In uddlilon to the four luliles of nii'i]!l).-rs she entertained twelve Bi'i'sl.s. among whom were Ml '' "»d Mr.-, li. C. LniigMon, Mi'. uiterIniiis nt lincuc, ?" 1 ' Mrs Oi '' : - Ti'"'"p.'on, Mr. n\\$ B I Mrs, Ci. C. Driver, Mr, nnd Mil Ntble Hunt, Mr. ami Mrs. Alvln Wundi'i-lich nnd Mrs. lOdwnrd Sllll- innn. At llu' (•unclii.slun of several Interesting I'.mics 'of bridge n do- Ik-lous .wind coiirsi.' was served lo the twenty right mii'.sts nnd prl/es were awarded Mis S. L. Oladlsh mid Mr, Hen lluller. by a number of other members" from throughout ihe county. .--« Tlie district mcclinp; at Tyroiua '! wns discussed In n brief business i! session prccedlnn ihe rcadltis of » the |):i|x>r» ami talks. " Kl The following Indies enjoyed her hosuliullty. Mesdames Kmtnet Hunt, BAKING POWDER I Doctors Attend County Medic Meet at Wilson lioweu, T. P. Hudson, G. E. ThcmpMH). Ulllott Wllllnms, Eilwnrd Silllnnn. II. c. Lnngslon, it. J. Gil Hose Wiiltc lias relumed i Itsple and Misses Dolly Ooswlch Illufr, Ark.,. where she'nnd Louise Hudson of Luxorn and was m:,:d of honor in the weddin B ! Mesdames Clarence Vollmer ad o M..-S Vlda Mae lloldcrncss of I W,,,. Wundcrlleh of Dlytllcvllte. ^!L B '""- """ Mr " '^tertBakHjFtoi.r t ames of brtdfie were played M. 0 Smith. A. M. Wnsli- burn and C. T. Morris iittfnde: the meeting of Ihe Mlsslsslpp county Medical society nt Wllso: Tuesday nighl. Dr. II. K Crawford and Dr. Lylt Lot ley, Atcinphis . phyileliins. and Dr. E. A. Barrel!, of Wilson, took part on the monthly program heaif Gu«nn(ttd pur* ind efticitnl. USE l«i> thin of high ptictd br«ndi. I MILLIONS OF POUNDS USED BV OURCOVCRNMENT that, he ^d'deeds lo the e'itv from 'mer.--Vary Adah Robinson, Harold property e.wnfers along the':alley for l,Na(han Rosen thai, BIMv IfE?ett a si Hp along the alley that would ^ourih Grade: Mildred Scotl, Del- make it wider and more serviceable, la P.\ye Sykes, Elaine Anderson. Simon (ol dthe council that the Fifth Grade: Martha Washbiirn. city vould only be out the expens" i Anita Etraeke. of grading the alley. The council ! - anwp'led the property strip aloiiK the nuey.if!; _,_ . ., • Lone Oak Items . . ,. . i Sixteen members attended the Loins Mnlonc. Tomato, was dls-' monthly liible stl.dy meelitig of the mussed from the Blylhevlllc hos- i Baptist Woiimn's Missionary Un- pital today. lion held at ihe home of Mrs. C. I Youth Held for Theft ; Mrs. Jim P^UIs atlendrd the / rt Q ,|l ;ecuiity council meeting at Leach-' 01 Car at r Ortageville ; V ille last Thursday in the interest; : of the P. T. A. I James Pace. 20 yenr old youth,i Kcnnard Walters wen first and'j Is being held by local police for second priz; on his 4-H club.corn' Ihe theft of a car. the property at the stalo fair at Little Rock. He ' of fcllls Hull, Nes- Bedford, III. . i returned home Saturday. . j Pa'.'t. who \\T.-, arrested Monday j Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burchett en- : night, by city police, admits the tertained the six Sunday schcol car beloiim to Hull but declnrfs dasses at'their home Friday nighl. that the New Bedford mnn gave Gamc:i and coni.'-sts were enjoyed l:v all until a late hour when refreshments were served. '• There will be a bo\ supper at the i church Friday night October nth for the benefit of the church fund. There is Sunday schcol ever? Sunday at 10 o'clock'to which cv- ciy onu is invited. Mr. and Mri. Odes Brooks visit- Mrs. Wes Tomlinson him a dolhr, hud the car lank filled with (jaEoline and told him to "beat it,". Pace, it is understood, was picked up near Poria^evillc. by Hull, who declares that Pacs held liim up end took the automobile away from liini. Hull notified Poria^e- ville ^ITicers who 'phoned the cur's •'dc-sci-iplion to ' local officers, re. '.suiting Ln Pace's apprehension.' ed Mr. and Hull has not jet clabned'the car | Sunday. held here, according to police: AIt« r j : ccmir;;j ,h?re 'yesteiday he later! lelt ana'has'hot bftn heard'from | DURHAM, 1 N. C., (UP)—Dean El- again. -• . . . - - | bcrt Russell of 'the'Duke Univers- • | ity School of Religion is serving a;, New Str«4 firavplino- U"PP'y Pastor of President Hoover's new "licet Uraveiing ;church in Washington during Oc-! Completed at Luxora ! lobcr ' continuing the series.of ser- ] _._ • • ; mons he preached there during LUXORA, /Ark.—With the com-! S2ptember ' The services are at tile pletion of'the 'graveling of the l!' vm Streel ^'mfc Church- Dr. street from thp Prkrn cintinn . t n Russell is on? of the outstanding street from the Frisco station . to Main street, and Calhoiui street, Luxora has about orie-half mile udditlonal hard surfaced streets and practically all travel.can now be done ' on . either paved or graveled streets. The gravel :.was. 'purchased leaders in the Friends Church. from the State Highway Department and the .work was financed by .the property • owners on the streets that were graveled. - . WILL IT RAIN TOMORROW? CONSULT THIS WEATHER PROPHET IT rilRIHCT.S TIIK WEATHCR FOR WO11K OK PLEASURE It's a fine thing to know in advance just what turn the weather is going to lake. The litlir Weather Prophet will tell yoit in a very leliahle manner. Cut .Out This Coupon C.rt n WEATHER PROPHET FOR 69c Reff.Sl.OO Value Mail orders ]0c extra.. Quaint — Prat-Ural /Vltr.iclivc Surjirislnsly Arrnrn Ie {•inr H'cailicr: The two children come out when the v.cather its to ije finr. Hainj- Wcalhcr. Tlie wit-1) comes out 8 to 24 hours ahead, of rain or smw. • • is made ol hardwood,-in Swiss cottage'style,'anil-is dscoi'ated as in the picture, v;ith thermometer, elk's:head,' bird hous? and bird, etc. 1 It has four windows and two dcors] ROBINSON DRUG CO. . • Your Rexsilt Store "-•Vx^'-'- ^ '^>'/' .;••*"?<%•' A light tap on the throttle... ....AND co AROUND! hill-up withTfiillips 66 * W 6O miles an hour with an inch left on the throttle THE GASOLJNfcioF CONTROLLED VOLATILITY -'Listen in on the Phillips 66 , Flyers every night except Sunday, beginning Monday, October 20 —« to 6:30 P. M., Central Standard Time, Station KMOX. . The Voice of Bt,.Louis." NfCK DAWSON GARAGE 312 South Second St. MID-NIGHT IXJi Golf Links SAM RMI.GY Varbrn B. II. SECOY Ark. J. C. CRANE C40 5. Lake CIIAS. ASHCROFT noewooa Rldje School .1. I!. ROfllXSON GHOCKRY Tlrar I.aVe Kr-id and CUrlt St. .1. F. JOHNSON SERVICE STATION 3!3 South Dlviiion St. HAY AND NIGHT STATION Hroacl«ry and AValnnt KAGI-F. CAFE 408 North Mil St. BEAUTIFUL 'and CKAKMING! It's an added special quality that makes the beauty of a pretty girl. But she's a natural favorite to begin with. And for the same reason Camels arc favorites with the modern crowd. Scientific principles govern their manufacture; but the mildness, the fragrance, the delicate flavor arc natural qualities of the tobacco. There's enjoyment in tiic smoking of a Camel. Camels go with happy faces ... a lift of spirits with llic opening of every fresh, fragrant pack. For Camel's delightful mildness holds all the natural goodness of choicest tobaccos. Don't confuse il with the flatness or insipidness 'of "over-treated" cigarettes. *••'£ CAMELS

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