The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1949 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1949
Page 8
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1»AGB BIGHT CLASSIFIED ' ADVERTISING INFORMATION Uatly ral« pci Une for con&ccutlv insertions: Minimum enure* Wo 1- urn* per tine 15a 2 times per line per day 12c 3 lime* pel Line pei day 9c 6 times per line per day Vc 12 times per line pet dajr Sc Montfl per due We •' Count live areni«« words to lh« LI a Ad ordered for Hire* or sli times ana •topped before expiration R'llJ b« criarg ed (or tti* number ol Limes Ihe *d ippearea and adjustment oJ bill made AIJ clarified Advertising copy »ul) ml tied hy persons rp.Mdinp outside o the city must be accompanied by rash Ratea may caMlj b« computed from the tftof* table AdrertlsmE order tor irregular In lions takpfi the one time table • No responsibility wit! be taKeo foi more man one incorrect Insertion n any classified AQ AM RtlB ar« reminded Lo their prone* ejiMiricaiion «tj-lc and type Thr courier News rr^enes in* right to or reject any aa BLYTHEVlLLg (ARK.) COimfKR NEWS Apartment for Rent J-room furnished »j>l Close In. Ulll- Itlts lurnlshfd. Ph. 2062. s,4 pk 8 7 one-room apt. Ph. 2920, St pH 811 Small «pt. 2128 Henley, nh 2523. 8 1 pfc S,? J-room furnished apartment ElTJ- 108° w I?'"' A," UI " ° nlr - Pi """ 3109 108 w. Kentucky. 3 pt 10 n?"H 00m Iurnlsh "l apartment KtolrtI • Hcnea Adims only I'b 3109 J08 Wm Kentucky. r2J-pk-s,6 .m'f'm. ".f'O' 8 ^ furnished 4-tio^, A ' h - Mrs M °- Goodwin 7|M pic 8 30 Apartment, forwent. Ph. 25U 82 pk a Two room and rmh fumlshpd apartment, rear 1313 W. Main Ideal "or rauple. Low rent. CM 232 , 9 a i „ 7 p - m - 85 pt: 12 3-rooma and balh unfurnished, Pn~ TOi - 8.5 pk 8.9 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts now available at POOLE MOTOR CO. w« cm till all your needs tret BenulnB paria from ouj coin- pLeie Line EL1S POOLB. OWNER * OPEB.VIOK youth Highway fit RI 3teele. Mo Phone sueli 43 H|12-ct-tl CHAPMAN SEHV1CE STATION" M»m is division Phone 2i63 tton'l endanger jrour lamllj »Ub UUItJ urea—BUY LEE TIRES Inturanc* Call 3545 Kur Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned ProleeUon m w A*a si GLKNCOE HOTEL BUILUJNO 48-ek-U AUTO AiVD fUfiNl'J'UfiE LOAN'S P com [it Personal tier vice Uenrral Contract Purchw,e Corp 108 South Jtn Phnn* 603 Will do b»bjr lining Ph 2423 • be wing alterations and buttonhole* 6UJ E Cherry. Ph. 313J. 8,1 pk 8.15 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blylheville or •107 Osecoln 8-3 |)k 9-3 Lawn Slower Service WeJdLnB Of AJ1 Klnda \Vcstbrook Machine Shop N. 111. Ph t\tl 63-ck-tr Typewriter Makp your home pretty for sjirlti Xpert Hug CJeamni: Service [jr ynu PEERLESS CLKANERS Pnode 24:i:t BlythevUle 222-ck-ti TYPEWRITERS Koyai, Smith Cornn* »nd Remington DON EDWARDS rnn rypwme/ Man 110 « Second St Phnnc 338U For Sale, Misc. Second hand bAtb outllt Good con "•I 'Pet» th» Plumber- Phoue ; 6-ck-tl ROOFING .AND SID1NO jet Ward's low prices! lop quality «! . ID, pnc , w«a-» pnau rooluiB and siding L^ raboiatory stea tfivei mnK nara service «iriy^ isnt «no colnrrul Crtn^i*nlFni ainntb lerni.- Rnwing • Wide .arlclj ni yfe.^ cnini* ana welRnt^ Ohonse today ir,i an attractive nnusp al Inw CAM MONTGOMEHV-WARD B!1A ck ci Loans Money to Loan , n «. no red. tan« FHA APPnoVED RATES if ASK FOR DETAILS '" Max Logan, Real lor or re- n , or i- FARM LOANS oee us for one of the best long time, easy payment, farm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in buying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 41~39 _ 7-8 ck U Services OUR CviMoniers buy Pina Foam again and again U cleans rug* like new DEAL'S PAINT STOJl!; 7 29 ck 8:2B 'I ft federal meat display c«pa sanitary scales Meat olocts one •; norse meat cnoppei one rnged-mlst .1, conoitloned display c*te. one i.lH-in cnnlir Bss AIJ mese arr pracilcalli ne» ana it B sacrifice Ph 3300 1;» ck tl CAKE EQUIPMENT, castle 4-rt Clear L'ase. 4-slice To»stmaslei Electric leaner, silrerware. nil km<n at dlsB- e^. A-bpot Cory Etertnc Co;te« Makei lo" Bunie: attic. Fu Ibrana ne»l 18" Attic tan. stainless «te«J Hall Tre«. lablrs and CUslrs. Deep Fat Friers' japKln Holder* istalnleaj ,teell. Water ntcners., I'ravs, U cu r, Dcto freeze 1 menu blactboarn. menu lold- crs. (jable * Nelson Piano, 1 Baby's ll SIS 1 /- ^^ Frj PotiUO S "«' LL 2674 7|20-clc-8i2U For Sale, Misc. l-marjie baby bed and. mattress, l BIG i VALUES^ IN USED CARS 1016 Dodge t-duor Sedan, blue, radio, heater, seat covers and '-19 Arkansas license... $i)95. 1947 Plymouth 4-door Sedan, blue color, car is in excellent condition, has good healer, 1919 Arkansas license. . .$1195. 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, maroon, has radio, heater, and '49 Arkansas license. ..$1050. 1911 Ford 2-<loor Sedan, has radio, healer, and 1!I1'J Arkansas license. . .^595. 1911 Chevrolet Coach. ..$5<J.-). 1918 Ford Pickup. ...$1195. 1916 Ford Pickup. . .$895. 1916 Ford Pickup. . .$SI5. 194(5 Chevrolet Panel. . .$795. 5th at Walnut nn.pamj Phone 4453 Halawm studio Piano in perfect condition fll 3169 or 571. 7 JO ck 8 6 PUPPIES Registered Wlrea Pnone 57S - 7|30-8.6 Nice lot on Walnut St. «T x 150'. Exclusive neighborhood. Price $3250. H. C. Campbell 44'16 — Phone — 2390 8-5 ck 8-12 5 room and bath. Nice garden spot, chicken house. Fenced in. Reduced Price. |3150. H. C. Campbell 4446 — Phone — 2930 8-3 ck 8-9 xninr mlnuu pboloalatlo Mtrtc* OSTECM'g STUDIO l!»-ck-U Notic* It's nice, it's coxy, it's well- tiuilt and new. A 4i/ 2 room house well located on Lake Street. Close lo church and school on bus line. Lf you will see me quick, I'll sell it to you for $6500 on 100% G. 1. Loan. 50x140' lot on Willow Street, ?600. 50x140' lot on Hollv Street, ?1600. 100x400' corner lot on Hiway 61 North. ?32oO. 100x200' lot on Hiway 61 North. Country Club Drive Addition, fSOOO. 70x165' corner lot on Pecan Avenue, §1150. See or call JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. FENCE POSTS" Black Locust jQc Black Walnut 35c Mulberry Hoc Red Ced;ir 30c Chestnut 2Sc Write Jim Swift Ueliverefi »t above price* Genera) Delivery Clifton. Tcnnc&iea Sleep cool every night. Drive out all hot stifling air from your home with a cool- air fan." BUILDERS SUPPLY, INC. Ph. 243-1. South 61 Highway. 8-1 ck tf Unusual Values m USED CARS Be Sure to See Them Soon r 2-d,,,,,- Sedan, 5,300 ac- l " P ;illd B«y. fully 19-17 Buick Super J-door Sedan, n;,ooo actllai performs like new. Be sure to see this car 1911 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan. 19J1 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. 1911 Chevrolet '/,-Tou 1'ickup, c l enn 1910 Inlci national Pickup. SALESMEN Wundcrlich Olho Slanfield "When Better Cars Arc Built, Buick Will Build Them" Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Dial 555 far Service Walnut at Broadway Fresh RIVER FISH Open every daj tncltidlns Sundav '• deliver 5 pounds and up CITY FISH MKT. 812 S, Franklin Phone 3917 S J pV. a 3 Uncap Used rtcondtiloned lawn o'-vcrs. Also, new mow master Rotary ta.ivn mowers <Jar<lei> iractor slmos't new Estate HcatroEfi, heats < lo 5 rooms Thermon-siat roiuro! circnlaioi !50 Sec E. Mathls So 61 HlwftT Blv- meriiie. Ark. 8 3 pjc K ' K My fiome and adjolnlnj 50 tl lot. one mock east or Leachv.lle business mstr.ct. House complete with bath RUiornatic not water heater, attic fan' ant! olinds. Mrs. Claude Uncn. L«achville. Arlt. 33 c jc 37 One 6-foot McQuary meat case rnone 2J9I ~ . ,.,. 9 o 4 CW a I for Sale, Real Estate 127 acres, all cleared, sandy loam »oU; one xood 5-rootn house. gooQ out- buijdings; muit be sold within next iiU days. Priced low in order w make tiift sale. *135 per acre. 160 acres, all In cultivation, on graTel road; ;some of ihe best land In Southeast Missouri; one old 5-room house or not much value, but this L« a real bargain HI the present price ol $135 per acre. 560 acres on gravel road, with electricity, running water, compiett balh; good U-room house; school bus passes door; one good 5-room house; 2 extra good barns; good loam soil. I consider mis • very good buy lor a man wanting this much land. Located 6 miles northwest ol Sernle, Mo. See or call J. w. SADER, Lllbourn Rt- 1. (fladervHIe) ph. «21. Irom fl a.m. to 4 p m., or at Canithersvllle Missouri. y<K)l Carleioa Avenue ph' 47U-W alter 7 p.m. 8 ,3 ck 8 7 ANY KIND OT BUSINESS WANTED OK r'UIl aAL£. GROCERY STORES £TU r-HU.NE F1KLD. 23M 2J pk 816 HUMKS S6MJ UP IXJ'fS J^50 Up" tiO.ML «.i.l AWU t-_H A tiPKClMJa ULV iHEVlLLfc REALTY PHONE t'LLLU 2^4 xi pk B fl Business lot on North Hiway Gi. Near Corner. Ph. 57. 7-7 ck tf i-r o o m tt o u fl •. Floor furnace and electric noi w a L e r 'eater Owner tcaving lo-jcn. PH. 2261. 6.1 pic 6,Y Three lots on North lOih St. for &a]e. Flcase contact Grover Perkins. Kiu- '' a - A T- 8,2 pit B,16 Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS II liuercjtea in Buying or selling ««• Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. E. Joyner Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 819 SPINET PIANO MUST BE SOLD unlortunale circumstances force us to sell in this section a pretty Unit net piano (lixe nevi statidara maj'.t. lr Kuarantcca Pay minimum down payment Act quickly on this Good i l , u ,- r ^ qul " !d - " 'nW'wwd *rtw ..AWCE MAWAOEB PO Boi <14i> ..temphl.s. Will notify where !cf "'""> 33 ck 36 One 10 room house on Jamison 1 DIDCK Oil Hl t u;-*, «| Ko rlh Kith J low. Priced J6.000. Terras, One 4 room nousc on Rose Sired ( ail carry UI LOAN'. Tour room noubc on corner lol Will carry 1IXJ% Loan. Also nave TO Acres ol land ^, m. Irom c:iy limits. Call me !or jour REAL Eb I ATE NtEDS BERT ROSS. HEALTUR -^1* Phone It yon would like « Truly Beautiful MODERN HOME You're invited to see this exceptionally nice G room home which j's now offered for sale. It has everything you might wish.. . 3 bedrooms, large harvest kitchen, 2 floor furnaces, attic fan, storm windows, large screened back porch, double garage, yard furnace, cedar- lined closet, and 2 baths. For an appointment, can GEORGE WIGGS 2751 or 4268 Cates-Worthington Co. 8-ck-4;6 For Rent Maan cameras lor a 1 1 O STEEK S STUDIO ZoO acres of land, approximately 200 acres in cultivation, verf few im- provemems. located near Alrln, Mississippi, between the Tallahatchle and ,,VT ppl rlrers for '"rther Inlorma- tor. contact s. M. Thompson. E aW. 8.5 pk 9,5 Salesman Wanted MAN WANTED—For Ra, : !eT^r leis in city of Blythevllle. Ko , West End Cure for Mam. Ph. -V33V JFemale Help Wanted Girl car hops. Must be ireaT \e[[,uml, 21 years or older. ,-, „„. ! A ' ) 1 )I >' "i person at Razovback pv 8,11 Drive-In. g_4 c v ? BEFORE YOU DECIDE SEE THE USED CARS AT T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. l!l!7 Chrysler U'indsoi .|-door Sedan, green, radio and heater, while sidewall tires . . . special low price. 1916 Nash "600" -l-door Sedan, black color, new tires uon't miss seeing this bargain. 1915 I'lynmulh Special DeLuxe 4-dooi Sedan, maroon, low mileage, has new tires, radio and healer. You'I) like the price. Ill II Chrysler 4-door Sedan, completely reconditioned, new lires, new paint job, radio, heater, and seal covers 5965. 1917 Chrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped with radio, heater, and a new set of tires. 1917 Plymouth Special DcLuxe 2-door Sedan, has all the things you want. .. .brand new lires, seal covers, radio, and heater. 1916 Mack Truck, 2-Ton Model with 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, very good tires—see tl yourself. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main f»h on « 2122 For Sale, Cars and Trucks Before you buy, see these USED CARS 1917 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. 1918 Jeep with 4-wheel drive. Just like new. 19-12 Ford 2-door Sedan, lias radio & heater. If you see it, you'll like it. 19-11 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radjo & heater. Very clean. 19-10 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1916 Chevrolet Hi Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. Sfv»rai oth*r «cHl*nt buy* to chooac from. 61 MOTOR CO. North Hiw-ay 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck tf STUDEBAKEn r.cfr and tfrl, bt- ycl,. CHEAP. C.1L 23S7. .1 2001 W«t _?*"T- 8.3-pk->,» Wonted to Rent r, n !i W ° s r lhr< * "^f 00 ™ unfurnished nouse by permnnenl. Blyih«Tllle fam- "I in nice section. Good rent. R.f- erencd. Phone t36«. 4 p " , Wonted to Buy !| .* Pr1ce p>l " SUMl CHICKCNS- 7 * M.rktt «i7 ck » NIC* coo] rumuned bedroom Kitchen privilege! PU «30« 7|27-ck-30 LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, G142, BJythe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 8-28 rlvlnc to California August 10. Da- tire psA&tuger lo iharo eipent.cs Phone Private Rooms cooi front oedKom 803 W Mmlo 44ja. men only 7flB-ck-tr H«droom. 1109 ChlcJUAawbt Phon* m 7|ie-pk-»ue 4 ccmJortablt b«droom Ph 2075 T|1J pk 81 li e. coo! cedroom. elos« in Jlu W W«lnut l|ji p k Bertroom wltn kitchen ptlveltge* •irJs or Couyle Pn 342:1 /jso p y 3:31 Bedroom. Private Bath. Phone 3537. S> pk 8,11 California-Florida Rivalry Turns to Bass LA JOLLA. Calif.—f/p>—one more item lias been added to California- Florida rivalry. Dr. Carl L. Hubbs professor ot Biology at the University of California says Florida's smallmouth bass arc really laree- mouth bass. The statement is made in a paper published with Dr. Reeve M. BaiJey of the University of Michigan. The )aper says that smallmouth bass lave been planted In Florida, but they do not do well And it suggests that claims of record small- mouths caught In Florida be disallowed because these fish really are. largemouths. BUT SHOE REPAIR COSTS LESS' That's why you'll save yourself many 2 dollar by having your shoes repaired by our expert workmen. Next time try us. H-flLT€RS QUALITY SHOC SHOP .1.2 i w M « i M « T Radio Repair All work done by a licensed Radio-Telephone expert Every job guaranteed. Why pay more for less? Piano Tuning Done with the famitus 'Stroboscope" — Exclusive lo this area. Why tahe les.« :han perfect tuning when he best is available? Sheet Music - Records Supplies-Repairs PIANOS New and Used .verything In Music BROOKS Music Store 07 E. Main Tel. 811 Say It ... With Flower* THE FLOWER SHOP Great** BmlMtnt Phone M»l m rj« For Expert PRESCRIITION SERVICE Phone t«41 Nichols Drug FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 19« Follow The Crowd To Sullivan-Nelson's Big Used Car Lot BEST BUYS IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY 1918 Chevrolet Aerosedan. 19J7 Chevrolet Aero Sedan 19J7 Chevrolet Fleelmasler 4-door Sedan 1918 Dodge 4-door Sedan 19J2 Chevrolet Town Sedan •>;• 19 tt Chevrolet Town Sedan 1911 Ford Tudor Sedan (These cars are equipped with many extras.) CHEAP TRANSPORTATION 1936 Chevrolet 2-door 1934 Chevrolet 2-door 1935 Dodge 4-door EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always *lake • Good Deal U SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phon* 478 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES (AM Tjfn Except Cancer) Clinic SU Main BlTtlwilJe Ark rhon. YOU CAN'T MISS AT BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. We're Got the Car You Want At the Price You Can Afford to Pay 1948 Chevrolet Aerosedan ,has radio, heater, and seat covers, 9,000 actual miles. Priced to sell. 1917 Dodge 4-door, radio & healer. 1946 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, engine has been completely overhauled, has radio & heater. A rea] buy. 1917 Jeep, has 4-whee! drive. Bargain price. 1937 Graham 4-door Sedan, has new paint, new tires, excellent condition. . .$395. 3 Model "A" Fords priced from $50 to $125. Blytheville Motor Co. "South'* Fines: Service" Broadway & Chickasawb, Pnotle 4422 SEE... and be convinced... Th«s« Art Excellent Values in Good Used Cars 1919 Plymouth Deluxe 5-Pass«nger Coup*. 19-19 Mercury 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, healer, and overdrive. 1919 Mercury 5-Passcngcr Coupe, has radio, healer, and overdrive. 1949 Ford Pickup Truck, less than 500 miles. 1946 Ponliac 2-door Sedan, has radio & heater. 1917 Chevrolet J-door Sedan, has radio & heater. 1917 Ford 4-door Sedan, radio & heater. ( 1916 DeSoto with fluid drive, has both radio and heater. STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phon« 4333 I

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