The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 9, 1949
Page 9
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MONDAY, MAY 9, 1649 BI.YTOErn.LB (ABK.V COUHTER NEWS PAOB OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WDfvJ'7 PUT ALL THAT S6NQ BOB DOWN TO HOLD TH 1 LIGHT.' I DON'T CARE WHAT TH' NEIGHBORS THINK' rr&T-HEIR BLASTED CO6S AN' CATS THAT S RUIMED MV CEMENT PATCH.' THeyo NEVER 6UCH A BARRICADE A<S THAT WOULD WHY SV3THERS GET GRAY C-SAD, shoppy.' •to H\E SOrJDAY-~ -me GlCAPFe If got 6PDK6 IrJ VW DRBAM.,^ UST6I-J WAS SPOKftrtE, CREAM WAS 60 YEARS LATE^ "* Anc/ent Port Revolt Defends Old Traditions HYTHE, England—(A*)—This an- ify port Is in revolt. Us citizens I iwTFnded to fight some civil administrators with modern notions and [ utter disrespect for tradition who I want to deprive Hythe of its tion and privileges as one of Ihe English Channel Cinque (five) ports I of eastern Kent. Hythe, Hastings, Romney. Dover I and Sandwich were organized as ft 1 Confederation about the time of the Norman conquest in the 13lh | Century. They were responsible for the de| fcnsc of Britain at sea and provided the country with its navy. In return they were grunted certain privileges. These Included par- I ticipatlon In the crowning of Hie king and the right to claim the I contents of ships wrecked on their | coast. They last \vonl into action against I the Spanish armada with fife -ships 1 But they will enjoy many of the | privileges of the confederation. Now, says town clerk R. J. Rod- I dls, the Kent county council want? I to make Hylhe, FolksLone and E1- I hum one local government unit I That would mean the end ol j Kythe's privileged posltfon. pWe value our rights and we shal t sacrifice them without a full |blooded battle," he challenged. Roddis has enlisted the help o I Winston Churchill to scuiUe tin I moderns. The former prime minis Iter is lord warden and admiral o Ithe cinque ports and Ls bound by • oat}! to guard their freedoms am 1 liberties. Churchill's secretary sitl • he has promised to take action. Read Courier News Want, Ads. Treat Your Watch To A New Check-Up • Prompt Service • Reasonable Prices ROGER THE LODGER By Elizobeth R. Roberts COPYIKHT BY QKfNIEIG- HIH-IWIt MSTM4UT10 H MIA MKVKC. MC XXXII 'JMIWARTEID as a person trying fco slRM a swinging door, 1 flounced out to the kitchen lo mi* jp the butler spread: a pound of Meomnrgarine at eight reds points :md a quarter of a pound of butler M seven, mixed together with a pinch of saH »n<l yellow coloring. H have been while I wns the kitchen that Roger mi>»eked his bags; for when, I r«- jrned to the garden room, there •o lay, stretched out on my chaise .otigue at t i red in h is terry cloth robe and slippery with a highball in his hand. "Hi, there!" he greeted me cordially. "Just in time to referee a little gome of pinochle." Th at was a nolher thi tig about Roger that irked me; he played games »uch as rummy and pinochle ami cribba^e very ably. Robbie was easy pickings and I'd estimated that Roger had won back every dime, maybe more, that he'd paid for rent. "That burns me up," I told Robbie. "I don't see why," he answered. "I like to piny e.irds and it's a lot easier to sil here evenings and tnke Roger oti lh;m to go out looking for a game." "I Know," I said 'but he always wins." "He plays better than I do," Rob snid. "Well anyway/' I took refuge in womanly philosophy, "it's the principle o* the thing." Rob said quickly, being allergic to misrepresentation "You know it's the money thai gripes you.** M was, too. I was sick of being taken m m every way by Roger. I heard the cause irf my irritation say, "Colonel Hartwicke decided he'd like to return uptown He left messages of appreciation.' 'through, I should question his abll- ty, 1 can't understand. Since he was now dressed informally, I lie intended to slay lor a while at least, and 1 edged my way lo the front hall to spy on lie state of his luggage. It wns o surprise lo find the vestibule strung with clothes hanging from door knobs, light fixture, and the usual place in the closet • • • "IjXXH.BD jou," he raunlefl, as I returned lo the garden room. "\ou thought I'd moved HI upstairs." "Yon unpacked — " •Only temporarily," he cut in. Then, as though It hurt him lo be forever calling my attention to obvious niceties, he explained he had unpacked because his uniforms were just back (rom the tailor and in a good state ot press and he couldn't very well afford to allow them fco lie folded and become wrinkled. That left me feeling as though I'd trietl lo pick 1 wondered how Roger made colonels and generals jump through hoops at strategic times for his cover-up or benefit, though why, after the antics he put us washing Monday, «nri whe his pocket And disgusted, too. Disgusted enough lo make a grave tactical error: I got in the car and drove away bo spend the afternoon. When I returned, my progress through the vestibule was not impeded by clothing, valpac, fool locker, or musette bag, Believing I'd won, I galloped to the garden room where Robbie was still spread out relaxing. "Whoopee!" I exclaimed. "It worked!" "Hush," Rob signaled. **Roger," pointing toward the kitchen, "ii getting supper." "You double-erossert* I exploded. "You let him slay." "Never said 1 wouldn't," Rot: answered. "You're Uie une with head erect and tail over the dashboard. IxxJgers is lodgers. I stil can't see what difference it makes which CHIOS we keep-" IT was in disillusionment and bitterness that I attacked the ack door bnll ning, I dithj'l rush ip to answer it but vtood at th« oot of Ihe stall's and called out i shrewish, "Wluil is it?" A soft, sweet, gentle voice re>lied, "Are you Mrs. Roberts?" was relieved thai she considered here mighl be a mistake about -hal, and called oul more plcas- mtly thai 1 was. "I want to talk to you," the nn- gch'c voice went on. "1 rang the Iront door chimes but no one answered. 1 knew you were home. 1 could bear you." "I'm washing," I said bluntly, Iflermineci not lo encourage ttiis Lorelei. "If you cure lo wait, when I carry up the next basket of clothes. I'll see you." "I'd be fllad lo," she chirruped. I took my time, noting with grim satisfaction that I wai dressed like a Fury (1 have a fixation on the subject of rg>t being able lo work in a decent, clean' dress) and that my appearance alone would discourage any applicant for a room. Eventually the clothes basket wns filled and I trudged up th« basement stairs with it. Jn a flash the back ncrecn door opened aod a young creature relieved me of the heavy basket, carried it oul-of-doors to the clothes reel, and began at once to shake out the washing and pin it to the line. I looked at my Jlatlernly dress and shabby shoes and wished the ground would open and swallow me. For this girl was young and beautiful, with a mass of chestnut curls, clear skin, and large gray-green eyes, full mouth that had a jolly expression, while teeth as even as beads, regular features, and a perfect figure. And she wns smarlly dressed. More than that, she had a personality which reached out and shook me by the hand—shook me lo the soles of my feet. I wa« experiencing love at first sight. I was dippy over that girl. Dithering and doddering, 1 attempted to keep pace while sh» hung up the laundry. When sh» said, "Mutual friends . . ." J interrupted her to say, "Yes, yes. go on." I wanted to send them flowers. <To Ae CunLinned) t Factory-Trained xperts tx> Serve You! DHEIFUS WEB! Ureifm . . . WMP lli.imondi All Work Guaranteed $ 25 or more frade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new BENDIX Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance lor Ucal SHVIUKS—Conic in Today HUBBARD & HOKE Appliance Co. "... And when your financial seat get troubled, at- woys go talk to the people at GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION." COTTO N FARMERS Chemically delinked cotton seed germinate quicker, plant and plow Ihe same week. Reduce chopping expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE a. & T. t,. No. 14, pet SO l.b. Bat JIO.W I), fc P. L. No. LS, Per 511 Lb. Hag 10.00 Sloneville 2 B, I'er 5U Lb. Bag 10.00 Stonevillt Z C, Tw So Lb. Ha< 10.M Kowdcn 41-B. Per M Lb. Bait 10.00 Half & Half IHIbrcrtl. Per SO Lb. Bait 10.00 Coder's 100 Will Resistant, Per 50 l.b. Baj 10.00 Fauta, fer 50 f.b. Ban 10.00 Kmpire, Per 50 Lb. Baj 10.00 C'orne in and place Tour order or gel Tour supply today. BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 8.SS Hlytheville. Ark. Phnne 857 Branches: Leachrllle, Ark., Fforncrsville, Ma. and Senath, Mo. iCf, INC T. M Rtfl FRECKLES * HIS FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8ER Wh«l'» FunnyT "You're tew young to think thnt fur buck, but 1 cnn remembor ,tho good old days of tho soap slioi'tago!" I itu. ] I YOU I-LL 6»c/ VAt.trr 04 RAOO AND VM.M, Goes »u.-t) I'M L-LAU6II1NG MYSE1.P SICK.! lMV,IMr YOU Writ A VA- VALET/ 1 MEAN, HONESTLY/ COME, UVERMORC , we'oe APPRECIATED HO*/ 'OP >S(it!"'' Hal ions By A.L VKRMEER CENTS WORTH OF CANDY FIXED EVERYTHING PR1SCIU.A. I HOPE YOU WOULDN'T SHINE UP TO A BOY FOR A PALTRY DIMES WORTH OF CANDY; RICHARD P; AGAIN We'll Keep These 111 MICHAKL 0'MAU,KY and RALPH LANE t WELL, Wt'RE HOT LOCKING ' VOU UP. YOU CAN LEAVE THE B1U5 HERE. sc oar / 1OU SOT PAID TO KEEP brought frigs > QUIET ' 8U65 - ONW TH05E Batsonin.. Growl arid I quizzed him. „ , [T I5K'TMO*IEYATAH,BIK3S UMTIt WO SET THE OTHER HAWES. WHEN VOU GET M, DROP IN ANO AMD NOW *>U D II* TO BE LOCKED UP If OR YOOR OWN S/WHY, WOULDN'T VOU ? WASH TUBBS Hen's Story By LKSLIH TUKNEK ..AND BELIEVE ME, GIQ, 1 KNOW MOW WU FEEL TONIGHT ! VEP.E5 AGO 1 WP.S U THE 6AME SPOT ...COMFU3EP... DESPERATE ... BV HIS NEfiK RELM-SE, QtG is tistcew TO BEU... HEARS DETAItSOFA, IONS STRUCOI.E WITH McCHlOLliM WORSE OWN, I HftP FIH^LLV MANAGED TO QUIT FOR TWO MOUTHS, AWD wn$ ELMER! THEN ONE DM IN ft. C^FE I 116,0 AW OVER- POWERIWC IMPULSE 1O POUR A SMALL DRIWK 1(1 ID MV GL^5S Or- MILKl 1 FEtr HOTHINO,AMP V POURED AUOIUPE. r I'LL NEVER KNOW WHV... 1 OUW KMOW THAT I HAD NO MOCE POWEC TO RESIST THAW IP A. HVPNOII&T COW1 ROLLED WY WILL 1 . THE- I KNEW, I WIX& IN MY ALCOHOLIC YVRRD IN EL P&&O. SO 1 QUIT TRVIW& TO FIGHT IT MONE. GIG, &ND CRLIED ON A.R. 1 .STUDEBAKER. Phone 888 Phone 888 Now Is The Time! • See These Trucks • ' 3947 Studebaker l^-Ton with good body. 1942 Dodge ] Vj-Tnn wilh army body. Ideal for hanl- ! ing hands. i 1939 Chevrolet I'/j-Ton, has new motor. A good low I priced truck. m ' 1946 Sludebaker '/i-Ton ... In excellent condition > : throughout. ^ See the 1H49 Slvidebaker Trucks . . . noted for low cost operation . . . available in all whcclbases and sizes. Chamblin Sales Co. "YoUr Fritndly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 888 ISTUDEBAKER* BUGS BUNNY Sylvester's nl Home By FUED IIARMAN. AIN'T THERE NO PRWAvCV N y V)PE.' THERE'S TWW TOUQH B010 I CALLEC A LOP-EARED 6OOM.. LCCID ENOUGH SO'S HEARD PUSSYCAT I) j. y A I,LI** OOP Diin'l (Icf Kxcifcd By V. T. HAML1N DON'T. BUT A FEW BUCKS ! THE RISHT PLACE MIGHT ,„ vcue Eye-APPEAu/f PEGREES.' ^S I / 6O6H. VOCJ VER.. AND ITS JSCNNG ' THAt'S A, TO HAVE A, SNAZZY i P(?ETTTy \ LCWKINS LOAD OF \ SM^VZZY \PASSEN<3EES 7OO? ^ C& 1C ' /^ By EDGAR MART1M j BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES

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