The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1931
Page 6
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:'AGH SIX m.VTnrcviu.rc. <A!JO COUUIK'H [Coaches To Play Red Birds The Eurle Cardinals, one of tho /as'.esl independent teams In the ltrl ' stal(;Sl wl " l )la >' tllc Coaches : FJ VC M Osecola school Saturday MnKWrl Hinrk Hounds Iioxln3 lnta ' and " 101 ' c ls belll|! rals " ! ""' J " sl a kltl ' s «"' Hubbard Hands_ nounus^,^.^ m whie)i n m;m w(n mim 1]imM] , u , a |n a my [cw yia ,. s . :i ^ iv Deteat; Militia Will i Mat bo tlic «lioi-l<r limits have spc.d ilnn;:; up lo wlssrj It. makes a; Tiio Cardinals mo I'nc biggest DVPI- MpirHanlS '• Jiileicnce. Hut In the old days when i::li'n., (mined lung ami hard'Drawing-card In Arkansas and re; uvei nicrcnams. , . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ i , y ^ , e ^ h , , dwyi , - Company M and the Gas Hounds! jntk nritton hail l;ccn fighting over iw scars when lie linnlly lest to. 1 ,^ ' f . oactles ' p jv ^ ^'u b" B ° tisd for leading honors in the , M ; ci;cy walker, nnd hK record was cui-:i!<.ail phenomenal. Jo!umy| ,.„„<! O r pinchjr onU Bird of Wil- Jity Cage League as a res«t of a j nimdu , W3S C]!0 ,|Kr comparatively rmiu iluimt'Ion who battled al:oin.,.scn. UurucU of Shawnja,Hudsono: 1'5 yrai'S b:f:>!'c lie flnr.lly lu I';it!:u' Tim?. i Among tl'.e fid-timers, there were pl'n'.y u! records of long ling c, aiv.l the men didn't, wind up snliijiinn l«l'er doll* eltlier. Old 'as quintet last nlglit nt the Arm- j .ry. . | Each of the two teams now nas ! V.iroc victories and ons detent. EvI- I Jsncc of the closeness ol the mo : shown In the standing oi t!:c .lubs. With the militia nnd Gas •"•ve deadlocked for first honors, ;;ur teams have broken even and '.:c tied nnd two tennis share tr.;' ^jlUr berth.. The Gas Hounds, who hav; Ixs'-n • .veeplng through all opposition so ir this season, were handily bsat- ,.i by the Hubard five in thccpen- i .tg game last night .The hardware I nick i.uintet won 3D to 22 in a game I }cln , !!ial was interesting despite th:;,' , ..ict thnt the victors led nil tin.'. • \.ay. At the half way mark the hubbard five was out in Ircnl, 18 .j 7. Tntum, Hubbard forward, l n; high point man of Hie fame , ith 15 points. In the second contest the Frisco '. sed two complete teams to win Lvcr the lowly Apes, 20 to 9. Trailing nt the half, the Apes rallied to L.COTO eight points In the. third uarter but when the Frisco firs! .[ringers took the court in the last Barter they coasted out in front. - v,'lth room to spare. McHalfey and -lolland of the railroad team lied :cr high point honors with six •>oints each. Ill-Jickcrs Take fliers . The Dixie Fliers lost, to the Hl' Jnckers in the biggest surprise of .ne night, 19 to 14. The Hi-Jnck- ers easily flashed their best form cf tho season lo win from the team •yhlch seemed headed for league honors early in the season. Bogtjs, center, led the Hl-Jackcrs with nine points, ivliile Bible cou;il«J eight points for the Pliers. At the half the Dixie Fliers led, 1 to 4, but the Hi-Jnckers swept ahead in thej . third quarter nnd stayed out in front. The final game of the night was the most thrilling encounter of the four games played. Company M de'. • featcd Uie Merchants' five in an extra period contest, 21 to 19. Kramer Sinks deal Ciiarles Kramer, coach and forward of the soldiers, sunk a field ' goal in the extra jwriod tc- put the militia ahead. The game was close nnd thrilling nil the way. At Ihe half way mark the teams were tied, 11 all,,In the . third quarter the guardsmen sprinted out in front to lead 17 to II. In the fourth quarter the Merchants came back with a rush to eight points and bring the ECOI-C up even as tha soldiers couUl only gain two points. Van San, Merchant forward, was high point man of the battle wits 12 points. Kramer led the guards"men with seven paints. Lineups of the games follow: First Game Hubbard (30) Pos Gas H'nds (22) Tatum 15 P Christian Q Klngham, J. 3 P Tnylor 5 K'inghnm, A. 9 c Ellis, T. 2 Grimes 2 G Rayder 3 Blnnxenship G Pnrker Substitutions— Hubbard: Wnke- ficld 1, Henry. 'Gas Hounds: Von Alman 6. Bh. boys wlll.uljy in a prcliinl- ijinry game and the \Vllsc:i glrh will battle thc'OscocIn girh In i j preliminary game. Thq tlrsL gain. , will start at seven o'clock. P!i:cki:iS the eyebrows, If con tinned t'o lotitj, may l?.id to thc- Lctnl 'dc.Uructlon of some of the jlialr." FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 1931 ID V()U KNOW THAT— The Rccscvclt Utah hi^h chccl baslcetbsll team recently '-•tted a 132 lo 12 victo.-y ever lifi Central high schol . . . he ruxnevelt schco!, ju:!. c.'f he mdiJii rsservaticn, h \-- nly schcol In Utah w!th:ut a lymnaslum . . . wiial woulj hey have scored If they had n gymnasium? . . . One of th:- onvaids, Bump: Eldredge, ca"d 20 Held goals for a i-jtal c! 52 liolnl.s . . . The iTanke: bench will l;e a hard y rii:d a real tils year ... Thae'i Manager Jc^ M:02rthy wj boyish n?ur; has !; widen out ... an-J Jimmy IJurkc, who is ... not fcigettlng Bat3 Ruth . . . a:iil Dusty Co3hc. . . By the way. McCarthy Is g::ng t: put RiiEly through a i:re:ty;tif) this cprl:ig . . . . Jn d if j-.; doviii'tt think Ji:'s oulte e:-:J snoiisli. It will ba easier ID m i s?al en Ihe bench . . . for I'.my will b; playing hall i: the American As-'::;hi:on. Chicks, Luxora To Play ' i floor tvr'lcs lor long counts. •n-.; Luxorn boys and girls' bas- boys are lightweights. kellnll I3ams will p!ay the Dlythe- vil'.e teams a', the Armory here [ The Luxo;a girls have cue of the, hp"'. li'iunr, in (hib f.ieticn annually | and are favorites to take the ineas-, lire cf tlie lilytheville girls. i Ihe Chi:ks have improved o( j lalu and shculd gh: the Luxora | b-y lj:Eke'.::r:> a hard battle. | I i < Luther Orr, Memphis, won from Ing a wedding present to the kina .Figgle Williams, Jackson, In the and queen of Bulgaria, a wealthy ftmi-wlndup. Orr won In the 4th |»asnnt of Pleven to whom afcou'. round on a technical knockout. • 20 villagers owed companth-ely Don Burton of Blytheville, Ark., large sums ol money decided unconditionally to release them fro:n their deh'.s. His action was due to his interpretation of King Boris 1 wish Ir,?, The' no money should be spent on gif;^ to them In view of the hp.rd Urn;; through the country. His exninpl; lifts been followed by several o'.rer peasants. The grapefruit is net, as cf!;.; supjwed, a Aybrid devo!op:;l b; SOFIA. (UP)—Instead of send.-1 crcsslnn other fiUts. It Is a na- furnished the upsef of the evening |by taking the decision from Earl iCallum of Memphis In a six-round preliminary. Callum was on the ' Freed of Debt Wedding Present j 3'jrlo.i in Upset On Freeman-Trammel Card MEMPHIS, Tenn.—Tommy I'Yes- man, welterweight, chainpicn, w:n ; a teolmleal knockcut ever U'.ikc i Trammel. Fort Worth, at the aucli- I tcrtum lierc last nlyht wr.en Hef- cree Billy Haack. stopped the schel- ntcd eight round hout in the Hull , round. It was a non-title fi^h'.. Dr. Paul F. RKcCutchen Dentist STEELE, MO. Phone 85 'Iron Bnrk nurgc' a great British IUhl:r. was In the ring for 2U Rank l> Elniin was raleil a KOCI! licavywclglil during his 22 activity. I'eter Mnhcr, (he Irish liiavywelnlit, fought for 21 •ars. against f.llfT opposition. The Ciriat John L. fought 'cm all for 21) years. Jim Corbetl, Kid Lavlgne and Joe. Cinns—all listed amoiiB Fisllana's ImmorlaLs—fouRlit 18 years ench. Jim Flynn, the old I'lirbio fireman, who fought Jack Johnson and the vest, wore gloves over a period of 20 years. O!d Tlinm Lnngfonl was In the racket more than 20 years, too. anil good up lo the last. Jeffries and Shaikcy were In the game 12 years cadi. And Willie Hilchle and Freddie Welsh, lightweight champions, ;iad 16-ycnr careers. The trouble seems to be that if" n flghler gels a few reverses, the folks figure he's washed up and should hang up Ihe gloves. Some of the old champions didn't get Ihelr titles until they'd had some of these reverses; they learned through them nnd cnme back to lick adversity Snme of these former champions now look younger than their years Indicate. Bimlette, "Keiscr Stage Two Draw Games on Court The boys nnd girls of" BiTrdclle and Kelser schools buttled all over the Court at Burdettc Wednesday iflcmocu but ivt n single victory 1 when his attention was ntlrnclctl to , Ihe perspiring roakle ccnte.v flsMer I fro'ii Portsmouth, with his l'-l cocked at an angle, with the dlvtl- nsl i:ntfonn ever seen In the maio 1 .leagues, and with' the burly in:l uncouth appearance of a piano mover. Cy Sweat Alone The career of Hack Wilson Is tribute to th? efficacy of nersuh-i- Balnp.d. Bclkvo it or not—as Rlclcv would say—both games ended with the opposing tennis t'3ad- loeked and this Hoys' game finished that way dcsnite an axtva per- Icd of play. Tight basketball Hint! The score ci the girls', game was 25 in 25 and th« boys finished 10 to 10. T.uc.11'0 Quails, Burdellc forward was the star of tlie girls' immt wilh 15 points.' Brency, BurdeMp. •sunrd, wns tbn stnr nf the boyr,'' tion. By sweat alone did Hack live. Apes (9) Stevens Woolcy 3 Wahl Adams 4 Smith Second Game . Pos. P P C G G Substitutions—Apes: Frisco (20) Holland 6 Secoy 2 Carmen Santj Osborne Colfcoth 2. That snrlni? at SnrasotJX. Hock chnsJd (ly balls hcur after hour. Relays f.f fuiKO hitters drove file 1 ; tc tlie elumkv bov from the Vir«in- ln Ixia^iie. Hack huffed ond uufTcd Jobn McGraw watched with an amused but nn np]>raislng eye. When McGraw onsncd his newspaper In Havana. Cuba, the <by nnd read that Hnck hull staled to plnv center ncld for ''•Cubs. Ills mind must havr eor.o _ but Wlilttfc of nurdctle wasl'Jarlc to n ;-ct afternoon In 1025 n hhh roint man with six points. '.Cincinnati. At thnt time Hack hn< In Ihe extra five mlmiVs ijcrlnd been with thr. Giants two yenv nnd though Hnck might as wjl hivn be^n carryin 1 : a cnndv cani as. his bat wlion he went to tin 25 : plate, lor all the good it did tin Dmiovcr i asnlust hi? league curve balls. Me Oiuiniilivjs Grnw still hnd fnitli In him. l\fonlgoniery | Down the River Luskj Bi't nt that time the Giants wcr" Watts nghting bitterly for the nag, nnrt TJIlLson. West nick's Imuotcnce at thn i>late irk- Keiscr 10 L,| j 0 |, n j.. S3 \ lf scut Hack on on- B. Lambert 21 ^i on to Toledo in exchnnze for Murrlerj fan)c OU [iicldcr whose nnme Inr, nlavrd by the boys neither team could score. Miie-ups of the panics- 25 Ii. Quails 7,. Quails McHiffey Ouarlcs Thurmond Scott Burdette 10 Ford Whittle C Ellis 4 McHaffoy Grcacy Girls F F C C G G Boys F V C o G C. Lamtort 2 Frisco: McHaflcy 6, Mos!ey 1, Carlock, Eaton 1, Chapin. Third Game Hi-Jackers (19) Pos. D'ie F'ers (14) Fe-atherslcn 2 F Bible C Warrington 8 F K'ingham 1 Boggs 9 C Cox 2 Stewart G Lewis 3 contract to piny cenlerflcld for th-I the third bate Job is thrown OOMI "hieago Cubs the ot!:cr day. o: j to contest b:l\rccn n new mm- course you know wha Faimllcroy from 111* Coast League. Johnny Wilson Ganske Substitutions— Hi-Jackcrs: Robinson. Fliers: Kettingcr, Bage. Fourth Game— C'pany M (21) Pos M'chants (13) McHsnry4 F Van San 12 Krutz* p Issacs F Wright 6 C Wright. M 4 • Baker G Wilson 1 Wiggins G Isaacs. B. 2 Substitutions— Company M: Kraher. 7, Bone. Standings Gas Hounds Company M Habbard Frisco Dixie Fliers Hi-Jackers Apes Merchants W. L. Pet. .750 .750 500 -500 .500 .500 .250 .250 County Cage Tourney Dates Are Announced Lord Fauntlcroy Signs Little Lord Fauntlcroy 3ig::ed fm-gotlen. McGraw Insists t" thlc dny that he meant to kee^ Hnck, nnd Hint it was Ihreugh an errcr in the business rrficp tin' the club failed to exercisa the m- tlon on Wilson nntl he went to Chicago in 1926 via the draft. But suppose McGraw had Hack Wilson' last year! Or supnorc thr little horse were cut there this year for the Giants! Pennants? Talclihvc the Gap Instead. McGraw is forced to break up n. great infield nntl cx- i.periment with Third BiS'Jim 1 ! i Freddie Undstrom In center, whilr s--Lewis Robert Hnck Ircn Harse Wilson. Ihe home run kid. Hack was given that Fnuntleroy lame by the late Nick Flitby, Boston bas;balt writer. Nick was watching Ihe Giants work out nt Eararotn, I'm., In the spring of 1923 Verge?,, Eddie Marshall nnd n couple of others. But Little Lord Fauntleroy, <lir!y suit and all. remains will] the Cubs, and Owner William Wrigley would laugh at McGraw or anybcdy who tried to buy him. The Mississippi County senior boys and girls basketball tournaments wiU be held at Osccola Feb. 27 and 28, it was announced today following a meeting of county superintendents and principals at Yarbro yesterday. The Junior bays and girls tournament for the county will ba held •' at the Blylheville Armory March 20 and 21st. FRISCO REDUCES COACH FARES — tettvcen A 11 Points on (he Frisco Lines W. S. Merchant,u:*scr TrafTi; Atenajrcr SI. Louis Mo. Almost Travel in roomy, slcani- hcatMl conches or chair cars .... Enjoy the moderately pricexi coach luncheons right in your scat, or, if you prefer, you may have your meals in the dining car. Tickets on sale iblly. Gcocl on all tt tins. Usual free bay^a^c allowance. Half fare fir children. per mite instead of / All over America those steps are being taken in the war against Unemployment . . . . . D O not think of unemployment in terms of million* of people out of work in thig broad land of America. Think of unemployment as a few people out of work within a Bloue's throw of you—.your own neighbor*. Maybe one, or maybe two out of every twenty in your vicinity. That, after all, it the unemployment problem. Put those person* back to work and tbat ends the unemployment problem in your vicinity. Don't worry about other communities. They will take c:irc of their problem in the same way... in fuel arc doing every port of the United States. The Government l» Doing its Part The Government is speeding up-its program of public'works wherever thig is possible. That means people are going back to work, Communities Are Doing Their fart Local governments are advancing projects, and bus ten ing useful enterprises of every sort . . • getting work started... now. That means people are going back to work. JVotr What About You? (Vow, for instance, is the time lo make additions, improvements, repairs, to have odd jobs done around your home ... to increase the worth of your property while materials are low priced... lo increase the country's buying power... to gice a neighbor a job. Study the 100 suggestions that are listed here. Then get busy and give a neighbor a job. Do this, and yon are doing as patriotic a thing ta any man can do. Yon are doing a constructive thing, a profitable thing, and a friendly thing. YOU ARE GIVING WORK TO SOME ONE WHO IS READY TO GIVE YOU OUTSTAND. ING RETURN FOR YOUR INVESTMENT. The only useful money la money at work. Put some of yours to work ... Put a Neighbor to work •Jobs H ERE are 100 jobs. Not all are practical at lliis tirnr. But give ihr jobs you can— tuiliiy—and add others as soon as weather permit*. t'onxrtirrton, fte/iclr* and, fainting (a) Inside the House 1 Repair furniture 2 ReuphoUtcr furniture 3 licCiniBb furniture •} Recover mot- Irenes, etc. 5 Slain floor* 6 Varnish floors 7 La; linoleum 8 Build sheKts 9 Build bookcases 10 Duild cuphoardi 11 Gmitruct new partition* J2 Construct wood buxe*. lie. 13 Repairs-nils 14 Paper walla 15 Paint walls 10 Kenovateplumbing 17 Renovate water supply system 18 Rebuild water tanks 19 Rehang window* 20 Regloze broken windows 21 Renovate electric ligbt syHlem 22 Install new electric outlets 23 Clean chimneys 24 Paint woodwork 25 Rcfinish picture frames 26 Paint stair treads 27 Repair locks 28 Replace broken hardware 29 Repair luggage 30 Construct sun parlor 31 Construct sleeping porch 32 Mend cellar stairway 33 Whitewash cellar 34 Whitewash outbuildings 35 Install curtain rods 36 Repair shades 37 Insulate attic 38 Clean grease trapt 39 Rebuild coal bins 40 Paint cement floor (b) Onlslde the Bans* 41 Patch roof 42 Reshingle root 43 Repair fences 44 Paint fences 45 Paint houue 46 Paint trim 47 Mend shutters 48 Paint ihutters 49 Mend gutters 50 Mend leaden 51 Repair siding 52 Point brickwork 53 Renew weather- strips 54 Repair garage 55 Rehang garage doors 56 Heat garage 57 Construct outbuildings 58 Construct sheds 59 Build window boxes 60 Repair footboards 61 Build clothes reel 62 Grade terrace, etc. 63 Build concrete walks 64 Build brick walks 65 Move young trees 66 Cut down bruih 67 Plow garden 68 Renew sewage disposal system 69 Mend cellar doors 70 Repair flashing Cliianiag, . . Personal Service* 71 Clean out cellar 72 Disinfect cellar 73 Clean out attic 74 Qean out store* rooms 75 Wash floors 76 Polish floors 77 Wash windows 78 Qean woodwork 79 Clean wallpaper 80 Wash ceilings 81 Wash clothe* 82 Iron clothes 83 Wash household linen 84 Iron household linen 85 Polish metalware 86 Beat rags 87 Shovel snow 88 Tidy ap yard 89 Wasb and polish automobile 90 Clean shoe* dally 91 Saw and pile wood 92 Run errands 95 Sew and mend clothes • 94 Press outer clothes 95 Darn stockings, etc. 96 Deliver packages 97 Bring up eoal 98 Wash dishes 99 Care for children ZOO Act as companion BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ID cooperation wilh President Hoover's Emergency Committee for Employment Washington, D, C Arthur Woods, Chairman

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