The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1930
Page 2
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two BLYTHEVILLR, (ARK..) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 16, 1936 Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Socjdy Calendar i arranged [or the eight ladles. In | the card games Mrs. Hunter Sims : won hosiery for club honors and j high guest prize, handkerchiefs, '".went to Mrs. Mlnuis. A dellc.-us plate lunch refreshed rns ol wlth . . . The Mid-Wetk club Is meeting i jij.,), Sfh .,,, t clubs ' .,p, P.'Moss. Land Methodist churcfi is having its annual Harvest supfter at the church at C cftta*.*'" •'; ;. -, Nwnw Officers of the Loyal Friends Surety; 'scbopVcliss, of the First Chrijiijiiy church are: Mnitlia 5»m- ver.'jpiestdeiit; Isabel Brandon, .vice president^ Martha Lee Hull, secretary ;tn<i; tr^&urer; Virginia Dur- tfaiij, importer; -Betty lee McCutch- 1 eon, 1 chairman. A) program 'preceded the election with Mailha Lee Rail. In charge. After: tlie : song^'Love Lifted Me," Virgfijia^^DurJiam .. playctj. .a piano 'soloj Margaret SKaver sang "More Like the Master" and the scripture was read by Isabel Brandon. Mrs, J. Cecil Lowe is teacher of this group. Attend Party. Mesdames E. D. Ferguson, P. E. Cooley, A. C. Haley, J. G. Sud bury and O. C. Gaiiske arc " In Wynne, Ark., today attending an *U d»y party given by Mrs. W. F. Bre»-er who lived la this city for a number of years.' * 4 * Second Baptist Wo*w n Observe Week tt Pr»yer. The annual week of prayer for state missions in the Baptist churcl was observed at the Second Bap- list church with prayer services 'Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons. Mrs. Ben Harrison was Isadero: today's program, in yesterday's dis. cussion Mrs. Clyde Ellis read from the 27ih chapter of Genesis for the devotional and Mrs. E. Z. New som, Mrs. B. A. Morris, Mrs. Clydi Ellis, Mrs. W,. M v Blaylock uni Mrs. Ben Harrison took, part oji the progiam. '''' Mesdfunes W.' M. Blaylock, .Lcs lie -Moore," Qlyde; fills and B. A . Morris, participated ^.hi' the firs service '.Utith.;', 'til' -women presen Jolniug In tie 'offering of prayers • •••- fc. * • Stcclo»ii-WiUiuB ,.'•; Miss HJzateth.Wiliiams and Mr. value of supervised clubs tn C. E. lias Party. Members of the Senior Christian Endeavor society of the First Christian church enjoyed the first social meeting, following ll:e reorganization, Tuesday evening at the lull. Games and stunls were played nnd refreshments of tuna llsli salad, brown bread sandwiches and cold drinks served with Mbs Char • •• Late, Ark., (or several days itay with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Caldwejl. Frank Held, p( Eldop, HP, Is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mr«, J. J. Field, this week. Mrs. M. A. fcaacs and Mrs. W. D. Chamblln jr., rrturwd yetttrdiy „ from MemphU where they vlslUd "~ | for two days, Parent-Teacher association meetlnj ] Miss Mary Sttterfleld, of Hie In the dujnmy and three in- Bait's hand, therefore tho declar- hoUU no card lilgher than the he l 'gli school was effectively line Robinson as chairman of the cmorstrated tn - members of the • social committee, cnlor high school Parent-Teacher, ' sscclallon Tuesday aftqrnccn jii n : Give Play. itcting at the school when Mis. C. '; A play "The Downfall cf Poor 5. Gray presented the program. The senior clnss leads In inembcr- hlp, according to the report of Mrs. E, King, membership chairman, Speck" was given by pupils of Miss Vclda Adcock's room of Junior high school today In assembly. The knights and ladies in the court of i-hicii showed this class 100 per-i Good Speech waged a war against ent. Mtss Nolhc Kerr's Freshman I the outlaws as poor speech ,and class is a clcse second, I gained a complete victory. Mrs. Byroli Morso was apixilnled , hunty, J. D. McDowell, Pleas Be, phis, Is a guest in the home of Mr, coy, Theodore Logan, delegate and Mrs. 0. V( Affllck for two from the senior high group; Mn, ! weeks Floyd White, Mrs. H. N, Ware'-Jr., Miss Winnie Virgil Turner, Mrs, -- - - T. E. Tale, president of ty council, Mrs. J. E. Mrs. Ira Gray, Mrs. N. B. Mrs. B. A. Lynch and Miss Willie A. Lawson. Mrs. Grovcr McCormlck of Pralrh Grove, Ark., who is visiting Mr. anci Mr;. C. R. Mobley, has Mrs. Clarence Vrllmer and Mrs. W. J. Wunderlich attended a noon given by, Mrs. J. W. Hunt. Mrs. Allan Oliver Is returning to her home in Cape Glrardeau today, and Mrs. Otlo for a few days. Rinklc Wettinkamp, formerly of seven spot. dummy plays a . •raall card, But should play the flve sppt, allowing his partner to noli th* trick. The king will be captur*4 on th« next lead of the lull by W*»t. : Eueiplc No. 4 Refining to play high hand, third —Partner A-10-5 . . . , gone to Joneslioro for the state P. llcre alul I10w of Memphis, Is a vis- T. A. meeting'as a delegate from ltor '" tne clt y last "'l! ht alld to- the Prnlrle Grove organization. Sh/s day, ilstorlan with Miss Selma Lcnlz as Lltnary Merliug Postponed h3r assistant. In the business ECS- Ucousc of conflicting nffalrs the Eion Mrs. W. I. Denlou presided. ! For the program Occrge Mut- ' hews jr., told of the purpose nncl department ol the Wo- mail 1 :, club postponed its mtuliny of yesterday until the third Tuesdny plan of tho-B-club; Ted King out- »' October. Mrs. James H- Brooks Ined the requirements of Ihc Boys| wl " ^- leader. BoaLlcr club; The Girls club was explained by Miss Sunshine Adams; Miss Ruth, Eleanor Tucker (old of Ihe Red Pepper club; Mtss Evelyn Davis offered the assistance of the Iris Reserve In any project undertaken by the P. T. A. and the work of the Camp Mre girls was given' bv" Miss Mary Cuinmings. Miss Selma Lentz gav.: a plnno Bits of News Mostly Personal return here where she will Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cliamblln Jr., join Mr. McCormlck before re- ! have as their guests for the week turning home. Dr. Paul L. Tlpton, Dr. A. M. Wnshburn, ;iml Dr. P. D. Smith aivj vlr. and Mrs. Park Hntchett, of Memphis. Judge G. E. Keck and ills court Mrs. C. W. Alfllck left, ycster- In Tyronza today for the. annual fall meeting of the Northeast Arkansas District Medical society. 1 i Mesdanu-s Hussell Phillips, Ruth MnVmn and Otto Kochtitzky, accompanied by Mrs. Allan Oliver of Cape Ghaulcau,. were visitors in Memphis Tuesday. f MVs. Uakei- Wilson, of Memphis, Is the hoiiseuiiest. of Mr. and Mr». M. A. Isaacs this week. Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Ware Jr., spent Tuesday In Memphis. Mrs Adolph Wcinberg and daughter, Hamelle, Mrs. A. Ruben stein and. daughter, Ruth Mrs. L. K. Hanvarjj and Miss Rose Goldberg, of Osceola, were visitors in and. MUi tablc discussion.' i . . . j Club His Visitors : Three visitors attended tli'c par- ' ty of Ih'J Tucsdtiy Luncheon club this week, Mrs. Park llatcliett of Mem Miss Boniui was host- L-avcni'er (lowers were effectively arranged for a color scheme and unique tallies ndd-xl 'another note to- tlie pretty tables. After the delicious luncheon menu, bridge ' wns plnyeit. Mrs. \ Sam Thomas, won hosiery for club! spcnl lnst lllBht | lev( , curollle . lo Mrs. Baker Wilson' and' Mrs. honors'and bath powder went to. okmulgce. Okla., where ho is to re- Matchett, of N Dummy K-8-4 , W Uad«r EI-»-7-(6) S Declarer I Q-3-2 West's opening is the six spot. Six from eleven leaves five. There are two In the dummy and two in the East hand, therefore East knows the declarer holds one card higher than the six. If dummy now plays the eight, East should not play the ace, but should ploj the ten, which would force declarer's queen, and in this manner the declarer would get one trick, while if East were to go up with the act, he knows that ho Is absolutely setting a trick ii dummy for the declarer, and i >teel Coot traction Men' , To Meet at Pinehunt PINEHURST, N. C. (UP)- The eighth annual convention of the American Institute of Steel Construction will be held, here bcgin- ilng Oct. 28, according to an announcement today. James A. Parrell, president of the United States Steel Corporation, E. W. Beatty, president of the Caim- dlan-Paoulc Railway Company and stenographer, Charles Partlow, re- lumed today from Piggott when) the declarer doe« happen to they were In circuit court for sev- the queen, he would be scttln eral days. They will go to Corning Monday for the regular fall term of circuit court. By WJL E. McKENNKY , Following arc additional eyan;-' plcs applying tho rule of eleven! As was the case yesterday, South United atjifci Steel' Corporation wU be giwsts'of hodor .ajid the speak- Read Courier News Want Ads , Is the declarer at no trump, North the dmdmy, West Is the open(ng she will vlsll for two weeks. She Mrs - Robert Purvis . was accompanied to Memphis by Grace Webb'spent • yesterday in Mi-. Aflllck. Memphis. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd White have Everett B. Dee has gone to Kenns their guest today and tomorrow n --tt for several duys on business. Mrs. White's mother, Mrs. W. II. Mrs. W. H.-Coffey and daughter, ,,.,.,.,_ . Jones, of Pnragould. Her son, John, of Brmvnville, Tenn,, shopped in Memphis. Mrs. Louis Greene and dv avc her over last evening. Hie city Tuesday. " Mrs. Edgar , nn R ^^ am| Mi . g ^ z Nm _ . Mfs w s Coppc[Ige| of ^ilson, som are in Jonesboro today for a 5nc PPe«l In the city yesterday;, meeting of a Baptist church com- i R'chard Kowan, who rco3r|tly. mlttee. came here from Memphis, has gone Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech and lo Etidorn, Ark.,'for a part of the Mrs. Everett B. Gee were Mem- cctlon season. pj| phis visitors yesterday. MVB. W. D. Chnmblln jr.,'and Frank Y. Love, of Jonesboro, Mrs. M. A. Isaacs,Accompanied bjf. HjTIer ni.lllBn r iV . ~. ^""""'B^^. WXAH-I uiitti: ilv K> IVJ It;- -^w.v^.*v.v, vi ^Hwit^ilU], Will go tO* Miss Oiillison for the guest award. < sWe , having been transferred by ! morrow .to KehnetJ and Horners'_...* • 'I the Bnrnsdnll I'elrolcum company 'vlllo .to visit Mrs, 'Frank HigHflll of'. 10 nave Annual l Ol wlllch he was a^ifM mnnager. , Hornersvlllo and la attend the fair ' n-h r ' I Mrs - Lo™ aml S011 , Charles, will 1 at Kennett. mB.h^" 10 !, 1 ° f th ° Promlie Ltlu '-'.' J cl » htm November 1. They are':' Miss Cora Leo Oolcman. county »i . .1 chu " n llnv '' announced : frequent visitors in the city as homo demonstration agent, is at'XT'mnrtdof Irtllatlo'n. In^cU'vonm- tnat tnc annual Harvest supper will 'guests of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F. Yarbro today for a meeting of the tlona, makc.youfefUlMAdjprwWJ be given at the church Friday eve- Konls : * •-""•- 0 '"'"™ 1 - Icader and the card led Is in renthesis. East is the partner; of tlie leader. Allowing partner to hold-trick. N Dummy • K-6-4 W-^-Lcader E ?artl«r Q-10-7-0) A-J-»-5 S—-D«l»rtr Z-l West opens the seven *pot. Applying the rule of eleven, tevcn iiom eleven leavs four. There. Is two tricks, as would be the case this example. Kx«mpfc No. S Where it works to the advantage of the declarer. N Dummy K-J-G W Leader E— Q-9-1-15) S Declarer A-8-4 West opens the five ;. my should play the six spot which forces East's ten. The declarer now wins with the ace and can safely take the finesse, as by applying the rule of eleven, from eleven leaves six, he knows that, as there arc three in dummy and declarer holds two and the one that East held was forced on the first trick, the queen Is In the West hand. Bladder Weakness j If Getting UP Nlghta, B»«>"cH», L. frequent Ony calls, Leg P»ln* J»MJ* .ousncw. or Burning, duj to funclldn- E. P, Thcmas, vice president of the Furnishing Careful Laboratory Control Assures . Bob Tfty'or^Steelnian; both of Ripley, Tenn. 1 , v^rere' married.. in this' city yesterday 'wlta Justice R. L. McKrOgirt- iteriSormint' the cere- ~'"~ '" - -' . Club EotertaliwJ/- ' . ' ;•'•• Besides members of the Tuesday Bridge club Mrs. Floyd White was hostess to Mrs. Baker Wilson, of Memphis, and Mrs. Fletcher Minnis, ol Stuttgart, yesterday afternoon. Blooming flowers • added a note of autumn color to the living room WoaW Yoo Believe These Pictures Were Takes 7 Years Apart? ning, beginning at C o'clcck with a' play and ot'n'er'entertainment to' follow the supper. • .In previous .years substantial sums cf money'have been netted from this affair. ,.,•- ~f< Mrs. May L. Aldrldge is ed to return today from , visit in Greenwood. Miss. ! ' Mrs. B. P. Loflin is visiting her 1 Among those from here who ar; | sister, Mrs 'IY:d Maderis, at Jack- In Jonesboro today lor the stats ! sen, Tenn. ; are: Mcsdames George W. DI1U- [ Mrs. Clifford Cavltt has gone to ' only'Mo lit" "klrby'Dfug.po. _; . i lion. Don't E've oy,m ^Jr>*i,i. v iK. iiounccd aiss-tcxi today, « nd «r J?J •i Iron-Clad Ouarnntee. Murt-<lulcklT nWiy tlicfO conditions, ImprOTS re»& '}' . '. v _ --J .._.. nv m.inftV |UL£M. , [Fl»lOfT>lML ia 1923) ffhotOfi. ptxj. la 11K\ Tanlac Made Her Well Then and Was Kept HerWeUEver^ince must Kdp y.o«i or m OU ARE INVITED To Attend A Modern Cooking School To be held at llic Woman's Club, in Blytheville, Arkansas GJI the afternoons of Oclober 16th and 1 17th at 2:30 P. M. If >•« i&fu fjront jMinnil stomach UouWe«,wlij»don't TOU try Tonlnc? Tanl« hM » vonderful rrr ;1 r ; l n f BUCCCM in .£Ue« of stomach d« It 1\1KS. C. D. WILLS, Director of our Home Service Department, will liavc charge of these denionslra- lious and we promise all wlm at lend a very ])leasaiit al'leruoon. Come out and enjoy this with us. A t'KEE installation and a liberal allowance for your old stove on any now range sold during these demonstrations. Arkansas-Missouri Power Co. STANDARD Harmful ind undesirable—yet invisible~-impuririe» can be —and often arc — present in gasoline that is not manufactured .under strict specification* and absolute laboratory control, j . c ' Why take chances with "bootleg" gasoline, when ?ou can get "Standard" Improved Gasoline oif known purity? Before k leaves die refinery, "Standard" Improved Gasoline is double-checked to insure that the sulphur content has been' reduced to an absolute minimum, and that it is free from gum and other harmful [substances. Rigid adherence .to "Standard" Specifications during manufacture is the secret cf its uniform high quality and dependable, year-round performance. There is a "Standard" Dealer or Ageflcy in your neighborhood. His pumps display the "Standard" Bars-and-, Circle Trade-mark. It will pay you to patronize him. • BETTER .STICK TO "STANDARD'' Tanlac SmNDARET INE ROAD MAPS AND IN FOR. C*«rt« Aw., N»«c Orlra li, Mffou HA iic Ki . T« STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA 7«i fim ^ t «<• WE SELL "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION CORNER WALNUT AND FfFt'n SREET^ A'

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