The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1946
Page 6
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(ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRfDAY, MAY 24, 194G Everr Friday in the of Farm Families of This £ ^ Agricultural Section. Published Every Friday in the Interest of Farm Families of This Agricultural Section. T low closets. Miss Corn Lee Coleman, |iome demonstration ngent of .Mississippi Vouiily, says the dark cubby holes listed as closets should also he made over. Dec]) closets can be made much more useful, if a clothes pole Is placed across each end of the closet and the space directly in front of the door Is used lor a shallow chest of drawers, open shelves, or shoe bags. This arrangement prevents wrinkling or soiling gnr- incnts while groping behind them to find shoes or packages stored on a shelf in the end of the closet. It Increases the clothes holil- gonerrrily have m g capacity of the closet, loo. considerable re- Another way Miss Colcman de- done ss soon ns Bribed for Increasing the storage capacity of the closet Is lo arrange Aiimsas Crops Nfeed Sunshine E*&s«iv6 Rainfall Causing Damaa> in Several Sections. LITTLE ROCK, Ai-k., May 23, (U P.)—"All crops in Arkansas are urgently* in need of sunshine, dry weather"' and cultivation, accord- lug to the weekly report of the Agricultural Extension Service. Released here today, the report said the soil is saturated with water, and most creeks and rivers are runriing tank-full. The condition of cotton de- ieriorialed somewhat during the. week ending Tuesday, due to continued foo\ rainy weather. Early acottbn has mftde £f>od progress, but deliryed chopping and cultl- \atlon hjve given grass and weeds a good stnit "Lite -plantings poof stfflids, and planting^, will be the; weather permits, the report poi riled L'oul. SsiccssXve moisture is giving corn a poor • color, but growth hns been fl , ow goad. The report, predicted that c ),ti ( l's much co'/n will be replanted when the weather clears. Bailey and oats will be rcnily lor harvest as soon as the weather settles and Iny prospects were reported as \eiv good. The strawberry harvest is noaring .completion, a'n'd truck and fruits are' generally' making good progress. Cockroach Control Meosqres Discussed Many^Kotnemakers" are asking how to \ise DDT for cockroach control, nnd Miss' Cora Lee Coleman, burrii: demonstration agent for North Mississippi County, hns pointed out that sodium tlubvide Is better than DDT where the only object fs ro'ach coli- ; trol. However, if the house is being sputyed with DDT for hoiisb- flies nnd-OTOsqultoes, It Is little extra trouble to'sprsy'Vinricr the Sink nnd In the panlrv where roaches ire most often found. Results are uncertain but good control is often obtained. ' '• Pull directions, for spraying with DDT are given In. Extension Leaflet iNo. 74, "Use of DDT for Control of Certain Livestock and Household Insfccls," available at the county extension office at the court house In BlyLhevlllo. Old-Ftishi6ned Ptifitries Put To Better Uses Some present dny closets nre like old fashioned pantries—llicy merely get things out or' sight. Thesu old pantries are now being mndo over Into brcnkfnsl nooks or shal- New Crops Urged In Home Gardens Peppers and Tomatoes Can Follow Early Cabbage, Cauliflower. Club Women Study Food Preparation The Home Demonstration Club at Stir until well blended and then fold in M"-' sillily beaten egg whiles. Mix lightly.mill I'll" Hie timsif In si wcll-Brciisccj baking dish. Set lii 11 pan contsilnlhg'hbt water and bake and add one-halt cup liquid from the bs^ns. (It may be necessary lo Ural boil Hie liquid <loWn to tills amount.i Add vinegar and season. Add beans and heat thoroughly. In a inurterntc oven (375 degrees P.>'[ Just before serving, add tlie sour frc:ii SO to 'JO minutes. Serve at c cream and serve hot. once. (Serves four). Small carrots were washed and la scraped and put on to l»ll with only a few spbosisful of water. The small Two <-ui>s cnnned green beans, green onions were cut, up ana put one-half cup sour cream, two table- in with the carrots. The water from AH enjoyed the green beans russc and Ihis Is the recipe used: Cabbage and cauliflower arc beginning to head in many gardens and this space may soon be devole:! to new plantings of e^gplnnts, pep- |>ers or tomatoes, Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home de'monslvatlon agci of North Mississippi County said. Sonic gardeners plant between the heads of cabbage or cauliflower before the crop Is harvested, expecting to remove them before the plantings are damaged by being crowded. English peas may be pulled when they are through producing and thr? ground used for sweet potatoes or tomatoes. Radish, leaf lettuce, nnd spinach may be cleaned up nnd the space planted to snap beans, pole beans or limn beans. The soil should bo worked with the of potato puff, shredded beets, green garden plow, or u hand cultivator beans a In russc, am; creamed car- hefore replantlngs are made, Miss rots nnd onions. the clothes pole for men's siiils 1 Colemnn recommended, Additional. Many "ohs" and "ahs" were heard high enough nbovc the lloov for l commercial IcrllUTcr should be, up-1 when Miss Vnnnoy grated raw beets -•• piled lo the soil before cnch new nnd cooked them In a few minutes Rocky met Monday for a luncheon meeting served at tlie school lunch — - , . , , _, ,,,.,. room. The club welcomed visitors spoons flour, 1 teaspoon sugar, osic the carrots added to the water placed from Pals-view. They were Mrs J W.i tablespoon vinegar, two tablespoons In the saucepan and in a few min- chopped parsley, two tablespoons chopped oniion, salt, pepper. oniosis asid parsley \i\ melted | butter until crisp, add flour, stir, j Bell, Mrs. J. M. Walters, Mrs. Hcmy Pierce, Mrs. Frank Hamilton, Mis. George Rodgers, and Mrs. J. M. Patterson. Those attending the meeting from Leachville were: Mrs. Jim U\cey, Mrs." LttUi Swlharl, Mrs. Roy Thomns, Mrs. 'I 1 . A. Kennett, and Mis. Mablc Swlhnrt. After lunch the vice president of the club, Mrs. Frank I. Noe, was In charge of the business meeting. She introduced Miss Joellene Vnn- noy, extension specialist in foods and nulrltion. Miss Vannoy, '.vllh the assistance of Mrs. Olllc Ellis nnd Miss Eva Mao Poc, presented n demonstration In new ways of preparing common foods, 'rhls demonstration consisted ntes the carrots were tender arid a crcasn white sauce was made and clothes pole for a small garments. The child cnn then reach his own r-nrmciHs. If a clothes pole Is not needed fora child, then the clothes poles' In the closet can be dropped so that the longest garments reach three or four Inches from the floor.' Then space ftbove the clothes pule, can be use<i for shelves to bold bedding, hat boxes or packages ot out- of-fcasosi garments. Two or sonic- times even more shelves snake snore adequate use of available overhead space than docs osily one shelf, for then it is not necessary jo stack osic box or package on lop of another. Even the door of the closet can be made Into additional storage. Utility racks can be attached to he top or bottom of Hie doo These will hold shoe cleassing sup>lies, children's toys. maga iiitterns, or cleaning supplies. Some of these utility racks have a clothes lolc attached across the bottom so thnl coat hangers can be hooked over them, Miss Colemasi explained. Tills might help take care of a chilli's clothing in a closet hat is also used for ndiilt clotting. One of the door garment honks faslesicxl over the top of the closet door would hold hangers Tor a house coat and any garments thai crop is planted. However, the amount used need not be more tlinsi hnlf that recommended when the gar- len was originally plassled, as thcs'c vill be considerable residsse left following the short .season crops. If nitrate of soda Is available for application at the rule of one pound for each hundred feet of row. added vigor of various vegetables will result. Tomatoes, for exampl':. should be sicle-dresscd within two or three weeks of transplanting. Pep-' pers sind eggplant will benefit from extra nitrogen, the agent said, TS will cucumbers and cantaloupes. If the soil Is moist at the time the top- dressing is snado, the fertilizer can be broadcast on top of the ground and It will soon dissolve and go into solution in the soil. If the soil Is dry, Uien the. fcvUU/er shovikt be worked into the gi'ound witli a cultivator. Most of the garden crops now planted and growhig arc getting large enough so that their feeding with a spoonful of writer. All enjoyed the taste of them better than Ihe long cookery method. Tlie potato pulf is a means of using left-over potatoes. The recipe Is: Two cups of hot mashed poiatocs two eggs, one cup of milk, '2 tablespoons butter or oilier fal. To the mashed potuloes, add the fat, the egg yolks which have been bcatcss until very light, and tlie mill: c worn frequently. Now that good coat hangers arc coining back on the market, soine sturdy wood or plastic osses should be bought for heavy stilts, coats and overcoats, to help keep them in shape, It was pointed out. Join the Refrigerator Service Club (IVn Service Calls a Year $1) Repair's to Elect riu Appliances Fully (luartmtecd BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Where Cuurtesy Is Not ci Memory) E. Main'St. Phone 3GIG TERMIH1X TERMITE CONTROL Triple Guarantee I. Guarantee* by Uruxe Terminix Company. i. Guaranteed by K. I,. Ifruce Co. (. Guaranteed by Sim Insurance Office. BRUCE TERM1NX CO. Licensee of K. lj. llruce Company Hox 1270 Memphis, Term.' Termite Control Since 1927 [wured over these. Miss Cora Lee Colertian, | The crack British train "Corona- honie "o" Scot," .familiar to 'millions' of demonstration agent, reminded tlv; visitors to the New York. World's club members thnt the next coun- Fair, and during Its 3,000-mile tour cil meeting will tie held May 25 at of 'he United Stales, has been ve- the Armorcl School in the hot lunch turned, to .England on the S.S. Paul^ room. Bunyan. During its American visit the train was mobilized for war service at u. S. Army headquarters at Jefferson, irid., aria served as ah officers club. Cotton Ls the biggest Texas cosh crop. roots pretty well fill the surface six liiclics of soil. In cultivating the gai'den crops it Is belter to stir the soil only deeply enough to control weeds asid grass. Deep cultivation-* will destroy many of the fecdns 4 roots, resulting in a check In growth, and possibly severe injury to the vegetables. Any cultivation at this time of the year should not result In stirring the soil move than two Inches deep at the most, Miss Coleman warned. It Is Now Time to Use ATLACIDE to kill JOHNSON GRASS For Sale By E. C; Robinson Lumber Co, Blythevillc, Ark. Phone 551 Cohirrrunrty Canning -Center to Be Operated Doubtfas lo •wiieihcr the Steele. Mo , convhumily caimlng pi'oject could btl-operated this season, tine to ,llie 'failure ol the \Vnr Foods Administration to appropriate necessary funds for expenses of operations- _\\as dissolved Tuesday hsght mjWen-the- Jusiior Chamber of ; Commerce decided to sponsor its operation by raising the necessary fis^Ui through .donations. Officers for the coining year were aWG elected (it Tuesday's nreclmg£~Can Barrett was named president^ of the organization and elected '.to- work \vith him were: Bailey Hutledge, second vice president; • Blir George, secretary; and Bun Campbell and Marshall Cameron. directors. The cannery \viij be open three days a., Wifek, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, it wn's decided. Bailey Rutledge will have charge as -in of -its operation this year the" past! ;*-•"- -?• ••••••=• --. . ; HOT'S BODY SHOP Body and Fender Spccialisl. AVrcck^ reliuiU. fluaranlcrd Work. KeusonsHilc Vriccs. Krec lislimatcs. <112 E. Main S(. I'honc IMali Day or Night FOR SALE Fresh Illver Catfish. Special li'rlcrs to Cites ami fish fries, ('life and large orders delivered. MACK'S FISH MARKET I'lionr r.73 Osctola, Ark. yce You know the old saying about "an ounce of prevention. ..." Wc!l, YOU can guard against costly breakdowns by changing the filter element in your tractor every time the oil is changed. FLOORS REFINISHED New Floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Look New—Modern Sanding Equipment Used. Call 469 for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Points, Wallpaper, Slats-O-V/ood Awnings 104 So. First "We Clean and W«c Floors" Phone 46» Next time you are In town, lake home a carton of three fdters so you'll have them handy when you need them. VNX-^ \ ife r-wcSa Vpi^'i DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Blythevill*, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERING MACHINES, PARTS AN!) SERVICE Bring Your Poultry To W. t. DAVIS Poultry Co. •WE PAY HENS --Today-- COX 24c 15c Note Onr New Address Highway 61 North Phone 528 FARM LOANS lik« n«w. bring bick •!,»! power yoor <r»cior in f,r«-cl»S5 running or.lcr. He h>s lh« "know-how" lo make n ft'- Missco Implement Co Pwnpt SOTio* lAY WORTHINGTON Thh «iiH>« far » Te»n (HL HMhcrille, Ark. lllf BONDS * SAVI SCRAP NOW AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY r . ',' 'r?^'i ui t, ,«-_ ,- _ ->&#; f _»„ at I'J -- ,z*'!3vVS«M t wv i^*- - ^ V '»> '^" <* f ">»^ 1" ,| yy f f f, * •-- ^9^- i' ' Suitable for Sawmills, Unloader Fan*, Irrigation Pumps, etc. NO PRIORITY REQUIRED ELLIS IMPLEMENT CCX DELTA Published By The Delta Implement Vol. 4 Friday. May 21. I94C No. 40 on the FARM WHOA, MY fRICND! DIDN'T YOU I KNOW THAT SINCLAIR TRACTOR \ FUEL CAN HELP MAKE YOUR } TRACTOR EASIER TO HANDLE? I'M LISTENING. I WITH SINCLAIR TRACTOR fUEL YOU'LL GET FULL POWER AND SAVE ON FUEL, 0!L AND REPAIRS, TOO. SO-0-0 ASK YOUR SINCLAIR AGENT FOR THE SINCLAIR FUEL SPECIALLY REFINED FOR YOUR TRACTOR. WF DRIVER DffiECT TO FARMS-PHONE OR WRITE UJ fOR TRACTOR FUELS STEEL SHOUTAGK AFFECTS TIRE MANUFACTURE Due to tiro manufacturers running short on sti:cl for bead wire, tires may become harder to get. We have a food stock of rear tires now and wu urge you to check your rear tractor tires. If you think you will need them so.on place your order now. All front tires ;ind passenger tires are still on the cnticrtl list. -DI- The fitllowinR deliveries of walking cultivators were made this week. K. C. I.ang- slnn, I.iixOra; S. B.' Seagraves, 1-tixora; R. I,. Mc-Adoo, Armorel; 1>. T. Ellis, lilythe- ville; H. U Kinj? of Dell. -DI.]. M. Caudill, .who lives south on Manila ;it iMillii,'an Midge, has an H. II. 221 shifting frame cultivator for Farmall IL or 11. tractor for .sale. -DI- I.oiris Townsend, of Manila, has a McCor- niu'tt-DeerinK (Vo. 5 Hammer Mill for sale. DI John Fairchild, South of Manila, has a set of steel wheels for Farmall II, he would like to sell. DI O. D. Gray, who lives North of Hlyfheville, near Stale Line, has an H. M. 221 cultivator for Farmall H. or M. he woitld like lo Sell. DI \Ve have on our heavy cultivator sale. lot for a good used Farmall H c IIM r M 210 for -DI- TOLER B. BUCHANAN FRISCO YARDS Sinclair Agent BLYTHKVILI.E, ARK, .1. M. Smofhcrmon has a universal No. 25 McCormick-Decrinir traeior mower for sale. GOOD CONDITION PAYS! NOW! rotru •f SAM JNSTfAO of j6wy>

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