The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1951 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 4, 1951
Page 9
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TOE8PAT, SEPTEMBER 4, Ifgl Our Boarding House with Mdj. Hooplt EGAD, -MARTHA/ MOW IF- TW5 5U5WA.LS HAVEN'T ges THATS 1OUR ws, V*TH VA AMD IT MEAMS six TOAST 6EEFS £*J EVe eLL.gfJiMS IM TUB PA.CH AMD I'LL £EE |(= X'M. ' ABLE TO STUFF r-~OM BROUGHT -rfys e*oric • ^— WHATS SO WRO4S A BANANA SPLIT? pETER VROOM wai uncannily right about Georges Benoit's health. The viewed a crew of some score of Fang-due jungle tribesmen for the " OUT OUR WAY By J. H William, havB a hunch for i picnic lunch, It'« Meyer 1 * Bread—Whoope»i It'« always fresh and never falls To hit the spot with mej Shoe Repair Helps You Look Your Best r HflLTCRS | JQUflLITY SHOE SHOP) lil W. Mfll w ST. I en or e "bodyguard" and then on the third morning he was sick. But not with fever "You are not because 'they- ar >° Quality READY MIX CONCRETE PHONE 2380 Blocks—CulTerU JOHNSON BLOCK CO. 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He looked this way and that and out of the window. At last he said: "Monsieur, I must speak frankly. This Monsieur Benoit is well known to have taken considerable interest in the affairs of this country, not aj « politician, but *i a patriot, for which I ad- mlrt him, since I too may claim myself as one. In our hospital you must understand, some of our nurses are natives, some are-Eurasians, > very few are European. They are good nurses, yet in tSesc times ol fanatical political ideologies, when even the literate bal"~ the rail—you under- mfght think it a pa- act to forget to give him wrong. 'I know enough," Alan ance upon stand?" "Someon shot?" Alan put it brutally The doctor said, "1 can say with positiveness that this patient needs lo be guarded and to be nursed." Alan's jaw and shoulder muscles bunched up together. "Thanks for the straight «ope," he said! And through his teeth, "We'll keep him in his room here. And any fence sitter who may happen along will be another patient of yours. And I know where to get a nurse I can trust." He tapped his finger on the doctor's chest. "I'll expect yo\i here three times a day and I don't care who may be having an emergency." wouldn't trust the too- dark complexfoned young man the hotel desk. He told the manager personally that Benoit's room was locked and he demanded all the spare keys and he walked personally through the vast threatening stone sculptures of the Phnom to the telegraph office to send a telegram to Lucy Villiers. _ "Catch, charter, or steal a plane. Stop. We need you. stop.? Sh« was there that evening. She walked unannounced into the hotel. Alan, sitting alone outside at Benoit s door, saw her come briskly down the passage, fresh and indisputably white and worried; and all his own worry drained away from him. He no longer felt alone. He impetuously hugged her She was unused to American enthusiasm. She pushed him away saying Jn her precise English •Less demonstration and more explanation, please." Alan told her the whole story. She nodded her quick grasp of it as it went and. "I picked him for an nght. So now we've got to jolly well walch out for who's all . . .:— -- , a said, his shoulders hunching again •They're after the hidden idol to 'An estate tax return must be filed for every citizen or resident of the United States whose gross estate, Including insurance, exceeds S60.000 In value at the time of death. Get The Best Car Service! AD M»kM »W NMeb! No matter what Una ot o«, T0 u drirs you'll mre money i>j get. ting the personal serrice at r 1 Stay Motor Co Well care tor vour car M rou would yourself T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Mate Owlet rr..,. cm ' SHEET METAL WORKS _ OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom ; Shearing up to i/ 4 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin Shop 117 South Broadway • Phone 2651 — — Stepped Up! 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Vroom the local organizer, and in his religion what do a few lives mat- Lucy nodded her poised consideration of it all. "And with money ?nough to infiltrate anywhere. ID this sort ol a place. Servants slipping barefooted everywhere by the «? Z i Cns> an >' bod >' can b e anybody. »e 11 just have to mount guard." "You say WE?" Alan moved to hug her again. She composedly held him off. Lucy said, "I'm a nurse. I have to watch my patient." "I've got some thlck-ar'med animal catchers. Fang-dues." "They can be primitive}? honen If any of them speak any Ann.- mese I can make 'em understand they've got to sit by the door and stab anybody who tries to get in without a passport." ^ATER, Benoit's servant, dressed now in a long yellow robe and his head shaven, reported that talk with the monks in the temple indicated that the relic was definitely there, probably buried under the Sliver floor, or perhaps in the little green pagoda within the courtyard containing the sacred imprint 01 the Buddha's foot. But h« couldn't ilnd out for sure because ?"4 °* *ht monks had talked too l«r American—and one of the stone dragon guards had killed rum, tilled the monk, nobody knew One morning he had been found on the brasj platform at the beloo's feet, horribly mangled, hii joints twisted out and his boneJ broken. Since he had wickedly talked about sacred-things the dragon had not eaten his befouled flesh, just smashed him and let him die. 'I'm wondering," Alan said grimly, "how much photographing they'll .tanri for before they'll guess I'm snooping?" Lucy reiterated Benoit's conviction. "As a-tourist you're a sacred cow and you're supposed to be as stupid as a tourist." <To Be Continued) STUDEBAKER CHAMBLIN SALES CO. "PRICES ARK BORN HERE— AND RAISED ELSEWHERE!" We hare a few new cars and tracks . . . better buy NOW!" • 1941 FORO V-8 Turtor, a one-owner • 1941 CHEVROLET A clean 2-door • 1911 FORD V-8 Tudor, only one- owner . . • 19H DODGE 4-door Sedan, hat £A(\r overhauled motor «P*I7.> • 1910 FORD V-8 Conpe, here's an extra clean car 19)9 s • 19»9 STUDKBArtKfl Vi-Ton Pickup • i9i9 DODGE tnnr !£-Ton Pickup, clean.. .?77D • 1947 CHEVROLET Here's an «lra fine Ton Pickup Truck.. Most of these cars and (rucks have a. healer and r, radio. STUDEBAKER AKD KM FRIEND* BT MBMILL BLOWER h h " moris " Wc ». I'm tha talkative barbar have been writing jokes about for generations!" 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