The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SK NEWS BETTER HOMES Construction Activity Continues Steady In Southern District Capital OSCEOLA, Ark., Sept. 9.—A second moving 'picture theatre opened in Qsceola this moir);, a modern dental clinic, a six thousand . dollar vegetable-curing plant and several new homes under construction are among the highlights in real estate and build- lug'activity that has kept a normal pace during the summer months. The new movie house to be owned and operated by Mtss Emma Ccx, present owner of the Gem Theatre In this city and former owneri of theatres in Joiner and Leachville, will be located in the Vf. J. Driver building opposite the courthouse and will be known ns a class B house, seating two hundred persons. The building Is now undergoing repairs and redecoratlon and will be atr-cocled. A name for .the theatre will be determined at the conclusion ot the contest now being conducted by • Miss Cox. "Shorty" Hay is to be the operator with Mrs. C.-'E,-.Watson as cashier. Dr..George Cone, Osceola dcnt- 'ist; .has recently moved into his tntdern ten-ioom brick veneered offices on Pecan street. The building co^t around $7,000. The Interior is finished in plaster with tile-tox floors mid glass block panels on ea<;h side.of the doors. Associated with Di Cone as technician is Mrs. Ed Williams The'new storage and vegetnble- stpriiig plant under construction en the farm of Godfrey White north of to^n on Highway 61 will be reads for use on September twentieth, Mr White stated this week. The main building sixty by' forty feet will have twelve bins holding m all around one and one Itfjf- cai'nnds of Irish and sweet -potatoes, onions and carrots. The separate bins may have either hot or cold air circulation for curing purposes All the walls ate double with six Inches rock-wool • insulation. Connected v,»h the building is a loading platform fifty-six by twenty-six feet parallel with the Frisco spur trocksr Twenty •carloads' of vegetables were shipped (o north- em markets by Mr. White last year, pioneering in diversification and truck-raisin?, Mr. White lias four hundred and fifty .acres in cotton, corn, alfalfa, vetch,- soybeans and vegetables to, be harvested this season He employs regularly from 150 to ns laborers. The Travis building on .Hale avenue formerly occupied by Hubbard Shoe Shop and" dental offices of the late-Dr Floyd P. Travis, is undergoing redecoi-atlon.ahd ex- tensl\e repairs in preparation -for opening of the Travis • Funeral Home October first'by. David'P. Travis , The second floor is being converted into a modem apartment to be used by Mr. and Mrs. Travis having thre. bedrooms, living-room, dining room,and kitchen nith a large screened porch on the south eight by twenty feet. Estes Mann of Memphis is.the architect. for the modern country home being built by D.. Ohlendorf on his farm south of town on highway 61. The house having three bedrooms, two baths, central Keating plant and attached garage,: Is of brick and centers the seven and one half acres recently purchased from Mrs. Autlmr Brlck- €>', for a building site. ' A modern six-rcom' home of as- be'sios clapboard siding was com- plfcteu two weeks ago in the Tallla- ferro subdivision for Mr. and Mrs Max Stewart. '•Plans for the Louis George home on Johnson avenue opposite the high school were drawn by N. B. ^aulkner. The house of brick veneer with five rooms and tile bath costing around $5,000 Is on the lot purchased from Miss Emma Cox. A second home in the Talllaferro subdivision Is under way for M E McDearman it is of asbestos clapboard siding A new five-rcom home is being built for rental by Mrs. E. D. Childs of Pecan Point on Elizabeth avenue. , Two thousand dollars is being spent in redecorating the old Joe W.: Rhodes home, recently boueht by, W W. Watson, ,Jr. pther homes and business offices that are being redecorated and modernized include the house originally built b> Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hale which has been sold to Mr and Mrs Jettle Driver for their home. The work of re finishing -the Interior, repainting the exterior and adding a composition shingle rool Is costing one thousand dollars The offices of the Federal compress and Storage Company are being refinlshed In plywood veneer board and the floors covered with modem flooring. The kitchen o; the John Blnford White home Is being modernized. , The new all-steel LUmnus cotton gin under construction on the plantation owned by ex-governor Frank O. towden of Illinois and operated by B. T, Segraves, will be ready for u&e this week R*«d,Courier News :want ; ads. L Comniendably Simple The ptan for this one-story house is excellent.. Both bntH- room ahil kitchen are located in the rear of (lie home, willi plumbing centralized; the two bedroom's each have light entry on two sides us well as complete privacy. • 'J'lie modern Irend toward joining tlic living room and dining alcove is carried out here in corcformance with (food space-saving requirements. A traditional'yet simple exterior completes this well-designed home which was built in Ohio with the aid of a mortgage of $1,400 insured by. the Federal Housing Administration. This home was valued by FUA efficials at $5,350. R.OOM FLO,OR.- PLAN•* . Your Home CONSTRUCTIONS-EQUIPMENT """.'• REMODELING Basement 'Kutrimcc . .' Basement's today arc local points cf adult .activity nnd children's olay, yet few have adequate pro•Islon for ready exit in case of fire. Most basement .rooms can be reached only through the house. There arc ready-cut steel. and other type hatchways Hint lead into the basement from tlie yard These may be purchased and Installed at surprisingly low cost. They may be financed with n Modernization Credit Plan loan. Clothes Hamper A clothes hamper can be built .nto a bathroom when n home Is being planned. Besides being of considerable convenience to the ionic owner, It saves Iloor space. Care should be taken lo Insure hat it is properly ventilated nt joth Up and bottom. Torch for All Seasons The pleasure and ccmfort of a rear or side porch may be enjoyed throughout Hie year by Installing sliding glass pnneLj. They are readily installed nnd may be purchased and added to tho home -with iunds obtainable from qualified lending institutlnis under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. New Type Slmvverhe-ail New water-saving types ot showerheads frequently are sources of money savings ns well. Because they use from 25 to 50 per cent less water than the old-fashioned large diameter heads, there Is n corresponding decrease in the cost 6r fuel .01" heating the water. Another Important feature of these new sliowerheiuls. which niny be Installed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration, Is that i they are practically noncloggln?. Building Style Seen Cradled In St. Louis ST. LOUIS. Mo. (UP)—The best examples cf "cost Iron" architecture, forerunner of modern skyscraper construction, are found in St. Ixiuis, according to Dr. Sig- 'ried Gledion, professor of the history of architecture at the University of Zurich. The designs are round in business buildings built between 1850 and 1880 which are to be razed to make rcom for the Jefferson Riv- .'rfront Memorial Park here. Dr. Giedlon said the cast iron TOnts Rnd large windows were typically American and their succcss- ul use paved the way for building present clay skyscrapers. He said that St. Louis had the most exten- Ive examples of the 1850-80 construction period. He urged preservation Of representative buildings is part of the Jefferson Memorial. Tlie profe.sscr, who had previously used pictures of the build- ngs In a lecture course at Harvcrd University, said Hint conservation of the buildings would be a his- .orical asset. Read Ccurler News -want ads. TERMINIX TERMINATES TERMITES BRUCE-MEMPHIS Trend Away From Attached Lighting Careful attention should be given to the design, location, and number of lighting fixtures in n home, Federal Housing Administration officials say, noting a trend entirely away from attached lighting fixtures. • Proper light distribution mill elimination of glove are two.essen- tial factors in adequate and proper lighting In the home. Attention should be paid especially to Indirect and diffused lighting. Fixtures must be structurally sound and attractive in appearance together with efficiency in lighting qualities. Extreme styles of lighting fixtures decline fast in value, due to the whims of fashion. Thus, FHA officials say, simplicity In design should be sought. Read Ccurler News tranl ads. ELECTRIC WIRING BEAUTIFUL LINE OF ELECTRIC FIXTURES Electric Ranges and IValer Henttrs WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP 110 So, 2nd Phono 318 Various Types Of ; Home Doors Offered . Building authorities realize llint batten, doors .(doors of arpsspaneled boards).'are •• cheaper' i'lhaiy panel ttoors. Federal • Housliigv Administration 'bHlclais say, 'ailliough sales rcslstHnce'-iimkcs. tiielr use' unprofitable despite tile fact;lliat they are used on; closets,- etc'.,''-without objection; v -. '.'? ! ' , : The various; types', of inexpensive (lush doqrs,\c!onslsHng of'a -frame with surface's of ;plywocd or composition board, are at Hie other extreme.. While', sucti doors can tie made cheaply, nulhorities say they cannot ,be '.considered 'cost-saving devices due> to ; the -fact that their use is dictated , by reasons'of appearance and their price can generally be met. or' beaten by conventional iiaiicl doors, ' Some building authorities point to n trend toward furnishing complete assembles ill < doors ns In (he cnsc of windows. Read Courier -News utmt ads. Expect Large Number Of Homes To Result From Plan : Favorable -reception was reported by Stewart . McDonald, Federal Housing; Administrator, of the F'HA's hew plan to facilitate ths financing a'h,d construction of homes. jfj»'ttiyff less than $2,500. Mr. McDoiiald said that the plan was' vlaely "viewed- 'as a step forward !ti ; solving the prob'le-'m of sound herno ownership [or families viIUi srh&ll incomes: He said lie expectec; a . Substantial number of such a*e))ings' to he built during the coining- year hs a result of the PHA's more liberal terms under this section of -the National Housing Act. : It was explained Dial the FHA hud long been studying ways to bring lioirte ownership within the reach of families not thus far conveniently able-to participate In the FHA's program. The results of these stiSdles, the Administrator said, Induced'the FHA to move to- • ward extending this type of home building, especially In-small towns and the- .'envlrciis of larger cillcs, where land 'costs nre low nnd neighborhood requirement.'} and building codes arc' less' restrictive. He said also that these houses were especially 'adaptable'Cor .warm climates where basements and expensive heating equipment arc not necessary, pointing -out that a fair number in this price range had already been built,in the South and Southwest. 15 Years to ray One of the features of the new plan under. Title I is that borrowers mny have 15 years to repay loans used for hew residential construction. Furthermore, It is impossible for a prospective builder to. borrow from an institution insured under Title I if he has cash or an Interest In the land equivalent to 5 per cent of 'he total valuation of tlie completed property; t A loan may be insured under Title I for this'.purpose if the site Is not eligible .for the construction .'of .a home.'financed with a mort- .gage insured umler Title II of the Act, tlie major phase of UieiFKA's .activities. A loan may be Insured -it it-he proposed new structure Is .substantially similar in type and ilzc' to., existing typical structures •,Jrnh.c.aren,,ima'lf; such large iitun- {bcjs .of new single-family dwellings --are jiot.,being erected as to jeopardize the-levels, of values and re.ntsunHhe community or to impair, the- .continued marketability of .these dwellings. '.' ; , '•.. Set'•'• Requirements ' iliV'order' to"' assure healthful .mid' sound : construction, the Administration .has established property requirements ns to minimum land areas and structural requirements as to foundations, floor areas, windows', water 'supply, and sewage disposal. ... ; [Under Title II of the Act borrowers may have 25 years to repay their lonns.'.'-'In these cases, a down payment' of at least 10 per cent Is required. Under Title II, also, neighborhood and construction requirements and the financial standing of the borrower are carefully .considered. Under Title II the '• borrower pays a. mortgage insurance premium to the FHA, while Questions and Answers Q. What can J do to keep Die bottom edge of a screen door from dragging en the threshold? The Joints have become loosened, so that tile lower half of Hie door sags. A. A metal rod equipped with a turnbuc)(le may be used to rftlse the bottom rail clear of (lie floor. One end of the rod should be fastened lo the face of the door nt the outer bottom corner, the other end as hit'li up on the face dj (lie vcrliciil rail carrying the hinges ns it will reach. When the two ends of the rod have been screwed on firmly, the turnbuci::^ may be turned to shorten tlie rod and thus lift the bottom rail. If the screen door Is In very bad concll- ticn, 11 will be more satlsfactoi7 lo purchase a hew door. Q. In building a new garage, where should it be located? A. The garage should be located to provide easy access from street under Title I the premium is included in the financing charges. It Li felt that the new regulations under Title I 'will give greater flexibility to the PHA's liome- ownershlp program in that prospective buyers of low-cost homes may choose the plan best suited to their financial condition and ability to make mcnthly payments. Families which own unused lots or which have beea unable to accumulate the arger down payments requv under Title 11 inny find themselves able to use- the new plan. AN AMERICAN HOME Like this, )ar ffe living room, dinette, two bedrooms, bath, S aragc, kitchen cabinets, plastered, insulated, in.: fact modern in every respect, can lie built for less thnn $30 per month including principal, interest taxes and insurance. A HOME IN AMERICA IS THE BEST INVESTMENT IN THK WORLD. See Us Today We Attend to All Details. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Families Of Limited Means Can Own Home, Case Histories Show Definite proof that the family of limited means can buy a- low- cost home is given in the results of a survey made in several states and reported in the August issue of Western Detail Lumberman. Tlie survey, unearthed "overwhelming evidence," the magazine says, which appears to refute the opinion in some circles that families in tlie lower-income brackets should not attempt, to own 'their homes but should be content instead with renting what quarters are available. Included in the case histories presented in the magazine's article 'were: (1) A middle-aged clothing merchant who runs a very modest business who bought a home of four rooms and bath on n contract price of $2,600 with mcnthly payments for 15 years of $18.98 exclusive of taxes; (2) n 2-year-old or alley as well as from the house itself. The attached or built-in garage offers added convenience and permits the saving of open areas for other pmpcses. whether attached or detached, the garage should be so related to the house In design and location as to form a pleasing part of a grouping, of buildings. Q. I am planning to use an individual space heater In my new house but have been told that It will not be adequate to heat the entire hcusc. Will 1 need any other source of heat? A. In mild climates and In vei-y small houses, or In houses intended for temporary or seasonal use, space heaters are considered adequate. Tlie plan of the house and provision for easy circulation of the healed air from roam to room have an Important bearing on the satisfactory operation of this type of heater. garage attendant earning $1,920 annually bought a 53.COO home and anticipates amortizing the $2,500 mortgage In. 20 years. Begin Construction Of T. R. Ivy Home The foundation of the hew Thomas n. Ivy house is being laid. The five room English type cottage is being erected on the lot adjacent to the ArkMo Lumber Company and W. L. Ho'rner model house recently erected near the west ,eml of chlcknsawba avenue. The lot was purchased from Mr. Korher. Red Cedar' shingles, stained fv very light brown, will, form the exterior walls and the entrance will be distinctly English, of stucco stained (he same light brown, and limbers. The cedar shingle roof will be dark brown. The five rcom house will have a vestibule, the son's bedroom will be In pine paneling and the kitchen will have built in cabinets for special features. Tlie interior will be' papered except for bedroom. The garage Is detached. Fred Faught Purchases Vine Street Residence The property at 123 Vine street, owned by J. Nick Thomas, has been sold (o Fred Faught. The Faught family has already moved there. IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO BUILD A HOME BEFORE WINTER COMES! You can live in a snug home of your own this winter! By acting promptly, you can move into your fine, newly constructed home" before winter—a beautiful, modern, weath- ' erproof home built according to Arkmo's high standards. Drop in and talk it over! WE'LL HELP YOU -FINANCE, PLAN, & BUILD—1'HONE 40 FOR INFORMATION! THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. Announcement to Property Oivners WE WILL PROVIDE Free Service Connections —Those inlertslcd in improving their property will be glad to avail themselves of this offer (o provide free service connections from the water main to the meter. This also applies to those consumers who wish to change from a meter used by .several consumers to an individual meter, or for those building new homes where water mains are available. —This is an opportunity to save a substantial sum and we urge all property owners who will require water service on their premises in the near future to take advantage of nur offer. Blytheville Water Co. BERNARD ALLEN, Algr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity"

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