The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 6, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 6, 1931
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR JBLYTHEVILLE. (AUK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHKVILI.E COURIER NEWS THE COURIEK NEWS CO, PUBUSIIEIUI 0. K. B.W3COCK. Editor Hi W. HAINES, AdViM Using Manner Sole The National Advertising ue.ireiciitalivM: T.iunuis b'. Ciark Cu, Inc., New York, Allanio, Dallas. Ssn ftiuoiiio, Ssn Cl'.lcago, at. Louis. Published Every Al'.erncou Except Sunday. Entered as second class uisitci at the i»it oUlce at BlyihtvillL 1 , Ariuflsiis, under act ut Congress October a, 1911, Curved by [Be United 1'rfss SUUSCIIIJ'TION KATES By earner Ju the city o( JUyihcvlUe, lie per wei'S or 5U.&0 per year In advance. Uy mull T.UHUI it radius ol K inUea, $3.00 per .jear, H.SO lor FIX month*, fiic Tor tlitd! months; oy mall Jti [itslal zones two to six, inclusive, ^u.ou PIT yciir, in 'ioncs seven >ri «;glu, J10.00 per ytar, payable In shrine*. On Dangerous Ground Senator* niul rcprcsuntsitivcs from Ar'cfinsas hill counties who ai'c objecting to the Nel.-on rcapiwrtionincnt l>ill on the Bi'oiuul tliat iujtfi'o populalinn ought not to be counted in ciiuuli};- ing representation in the .state legislature ought to consider carefully tlio po:;iUun they arc taking. For years the Chicago Tribune, Representative Tinkiiam of JJussacliu- sett.s and others in tlie north aim cast have been demanding that southern representation in the national congress be based on white population on the grounds that negroes arc not admitted to free and eiiuiil exercise of .the They have gotten nowhere with this line of aryununt, hut should it develop that a southern stai'c was actually adopting the principle they advocate as the basis for its own legislative representation new support would be given them. The constitution says that reprc-. sentation shall he based upon population. It docs not draw any line be- twEou white and negro population. If the representatives of the Arkansas counties with few negro residents or none at all carry their point they will do so in defiance of ths constitution of the slate. Tr.ey will' also give application to a principle which, if put into elfect nationally, would greatly reduce the congressional representation and the national political importance . of ; -Arkansas aiid! all other southern states. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY G, 1931 The Churchmen and Money Thi! effort to forgot about Tom Mooney dues not s;ehi to be headed toward success. The. latest obstacle to ho thrown in its path is the formation of a group of distinguished churchmen to work for pardons for j Mooney and Warren Billing;, who was imprisoned with him. The names of sonic of churchmen are .striking testimony to the way in which Mooiicy's CMC appeals to liberal-minded folk. Among them, for instimcc, you. will •find .such men as Bishop Francis •]. McCoime.ll of the Methodi=t Episcopal church; Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick, Rabbi Stephen S. OUT OUT, WAY Wise, and Father John A. Ryan. Liberals these iiK'ii undoubtedly are; but not one of them is a man who ordinarily espouses a cause thai does not commend itself to an intelligent mind. ]t is a little hit hard, con-idcmi;: that set of names, In cling to the belief that exact justice has. been done in the case of Tom M<ioney. I SiDE GLANCES By George Clark t Delayed As a nclo mi tin 1 le^al machinery of the country, \ve commend to your attention the IIL-W.S from Washington that the appeal in the case of Albert 1). Fall has ju:-( ln'.n heard, with a decision expected .-mm: time in tins future. If there w;;s a crime in tiiis notorious case, it war, committed close to 10 years ago. It came to light fully HE veil years ago, anil the machinery ol prosecution \v;is put in operation not long afterward. !!ul now, al this late date, tin; cii-e i:; still kicking around in the courts! Whatever one's opinion of Fall's guilt or iiiiiocenct 1 , it i:; impossible to deny thai this long d.lay constitute;-) a terrific indictment of our whole criminal court system, When a ca=e of this kind cannot be settled in seven years, something fundamental is out of gear. somewhere. Our Gasoline Tax Is High Enough Now Kov years (lie SI toll clmrycfl for crossing i\ piivutu (nil bridge In Arknnsas wa;. a j,'iirv:iiice nnrt a source of Irritation to motorists passing through slate. At lust we arc rid of that dollar loll, Shall \ie now make every motor vlf.llor liny 11 casollne tax that would be the highest In America? That Is cno objection (o the proposal to Increase lh(s tax to seven cents, and use the nd- dlllonal revenue ot Iwo cents n galloy for local road nnrt olher purposes, llut a still more powerful objection Is t!iat iliU Is not the (line to burc!on the people with heavier taxation. They arc In no position lo bear It, and this Is nn Increase thnt wpuld hit hnrdest the very people who arc hardest up. Motor cars and trucks Imvo become essential factors In rural life, btil U'.o kind of truck or cor Ihe avcni^y fnrmei 1 owns has seen Its best dnys. To the man whose late model vehicle gives him 20 miles to HID gallon, a two-cent increase In Inc. gasoline tax might not bii formidable. The man who gels five miles to tho cn'lon cut of Ins old cur or truck is (he cne who \vnuld fc:l it. . —Arkansas Gazette. .CIM-.-S m iliclr honus and .-.tjffM (lie chinks In the windows and uocis with ra^s. me MiiuEiiy c( Health of licn- i!.:i nus wen notifted by several uejltn autliffiiles Inat the deatns Vvci,' no, due to any communica- uiu 0lsjait;; ncitner were they due u any poison gas, Ine til ueaihs which occurred aiiected c!d i-;up:[; iirnnarily. 'I'liere were Jive ucatns in. one village, two ol uicni in pso-! v;no liati bc.jn lens suiftR'is itom heait disease, cne from luu- wvuiciis, OIK- uom asthma and. on: ironi obesity. Apparently ilie deatlis were du.j to nclhing else but sudden severe tpcll ol leg and cold. Tnc British uutnoritlet point out that the val- ..:y of the Mei;sj a r - the point al which the deaths occurred is deep nnd sheltered and that cold air fceulos at tlie ocitom of such a valley. A fog itself will not appreciably affect the rate of deaths from diseases of thu lungs, uui ii tlie fog is associated with a low temperature, there is a. sudden shnip rise In me <'."a'.h rale of adults from resr>:ifllci'i r difuasHS- Several British, health officers who have IKCH much concerned uy such problems asrort that during I tiie ivinicv every citj p is in danger 1 of a catastrophe if a combination < f severe cold, fog and s'.ill air o:- j over a periou oi severaldays. This apparently was what happened in th; vnlley of the Meiir.} with the resultant death of n considerable number, ol persons In, a short [;ciic;l cf tin-.:-. • -. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP "Meet Mr. 13urke; he's in the sfeam heating- business, too.' on Ihe basis ot trying to on. .£.; or retain employes with tie- i newlv-bpcned »„/,.--Co!'.ni'l Arthur ::ii:rf:mt families ! WcQ-Js, chalrninn of Ihe Emcrgon- ' Ab:ut 25.CDO employers ol HENRY IRVIN'G'S BIRTH On Fab. 6, 1838, Sir Henry Irving, great English cctor, v/hcse real name was John Bi-edribb, was born in Somerset, England. He began his career at the age of 18. For ID years he player] in various provincial stock ccmpiuinies, acting in more tfcan 500 parts. Soon after he joined the company cf i Queen's Theater, crcular! where lie acted with Ellen Terry all 1 and other distinguished perform- |ers. He made his first . 3 pro-rate available | success in- "me Two Roses,"" which everyone might be ran for 300 nlglils C ??. p "l'" lne ™ rk ' H = B»«n*1 Bre-it distinction in his cy ComndlU'e for Employmeiil.says Ivors in the ucnvcnc ought lu write a story ami urged to ::':out i.vhai the city rf B'atlalo hns jcbs KO flint ^^^ssrffir -^-^^-- s - s - = ,n ^ :id He depir- iterprc- n nian- •--'-' -- .• - ou 3 t'-> L1 u"3 l; JlLUUtJ IU l:lU -Ul SJ- i . r t~ ' '-' - "JUIJ The innyor E ol himseU a c:rn-1 C r employers cnce or twice a week. !S e "L? ,i Ly l eu ™ T 1 t . at < !r h - F.mploycrs Co-operated *"'' ° """' Various manufacturers and other en (!illy v.-ovt, along wllh a volun- cmplcyors, the committee says, re- ccmniltt3e lunc- diicetl weekly schedules, shortened tioiird as a made new improvements and developments In the art of stage sellim;. In 1895, 10 years before his clc:\l£, ' clearing house and n daily hours, rotated employes on: nccd ' ' Irving received tlie honor of With six candidalrs running for mayor ill Chicago, yon can come lo your own conclusions ns (o why ihey call it Ihe "Windy Oily." Skins of goUlfish are now fccliyj made into dancing slippers. Maiuifnctitrerr, are said to bo working on a small scale. A crime expert snys women are perl in liiyhway holdups as men. place, after nil, Is in the home. not as cx- A woman'^ Then there was the ball plnyer who never cncc thought about holding out lor a higher salary. br.ud. 11 decide: 1 that i'. work, looked lip and asslst'ed for-1 or - He was hurled In vouUt commit it::elf tu a ICO pe.r. ree r employers, repaired arsd ' re-! >hb3 V- c-'jnl objective as regarded rcii".';l p]-. lce d machinery to the feasible!;, = ^etUiv: no rljtlacle prevent nirct-.limit, develoiwd new prcducts and : • :n« lii; iictvlb of ,:vcry cr,H' uf dire _ did aher limit's thai provided i i suffering but ndmittctl tl-at itl work tor more peopte f.'.ild cnly bo partially surccssru' j A wcman . s divis , 0 . cnln . n. trung lo 6 et everyone a ;oV )ail!n for oM £ |m nl)[)1|t 30 i v.-lio didnt have one. ! Epccikers running around the city! Orpinlicd Cliarilies ( i nivl nctln? .is a cienring house fcv! Orcr.n:r.:d public antl private , Buffalo's five free employment ng-j ciiavlilCa .tiie committee .'cuml, ! i-nc s. 'n-.r-woiiicn tent out 55.CDDJ '.vulii Ix; iiljli- lo h:i:iillc nil cu^cs! circular^ with electric light bills/ ulslren;. The committee'listing about 10 kinds of odd jobs cc:iC":ard itr.'lf \vith sceina t'lat'nrcmi.1 the house that it had men such :i;iic-c!cs v:ere kept adtnuai?-! ami -romcn willing to do. ly fi:!r.!!cert nnrt staffed. It n:s5l Tiie mayor organiEed a "man-a- uir'cMcuk to co-ovdliutc tlicirj block" plan, with a committee di- v.-ri-k stiil to :nnke tl:; needy a\v,u-3 visicn headed by a four.;r prcsi- cl the existence cf agencies which dent o( a motor comrany. The] would help them. I mnyor had the election commis-| Tlic fcnimittcc holp-;d put en ii, f'oners lay out the city ir. districts', drivo for private charity funds p.r.d °f irom f]\e to 10 blocks. The coin-i accorded an acl- Westminster CRA&S, ETC:, POO. WHICH <r pw£S TO THE BOTTOM OF uis SEA, OF7TM 6OIKG TO A OfPTH OF 180 FEET'- "ONCCW/MG BACK Tt> THE SuRFACe,Wl7WTH£ Pft£Y (M ITS JE&H, 7H£ OTTER. TURKS OVF« ON ITS BACK. AND uses as &ROAO, Bwr &RBAST AS ATA&LE OM WHICH TO IAV ~THE NEAR G.4LESBUSG, IUINOIS, OSC03EO To &£ TWII4S, THEN CHANSEO ITS MINO BALKED I\ OAXGSTKR HUNT i"ti'ftecl to a.tost. His type prov- SEATTLE, (UPi—Scat!!? police, ed:favorab!e and a transfusion was in their attempt's to curb the ae- made. tivitics of bandits and gangsters, •.-' discovered tu - o big sources of ma- ' ' chine guns and o!t:er weapons used Pn ; f - L '- 1st ' of Harvard, jstimalaj In the ttade. but «.?re unable to that-'lhc population of tiie Unit3fl take action against the dealer lie- Elites will liccomc stationary at 200 ss no state taw or city ordin- million before (he year 2000. ~».-^ "^ads sale of such iveapous a crime. GRAMH'A'lilER'.S 151.001) TYI'tl) MEMPHIS, (UP) — Blood les'.s submitted to by upwards ol 50 perscns did not match that of H- year-old Derrell James, and it- thought Ibe hum. was fulile until Thomas Hayes, grcy-hairrd grandfather of Courtland, Miss., sub- Announcements Tlie Courier Ne7;s has been authorized to make the following anncunccme:)!.-. subject to the will of the poop'.e at the municipal election to fce hc'.a April 7: . I'cr Mayor A. 13. FAIRI-TELD For City Treasurer ROSS BEAVEH£ (reielcclion. 2nd .tefnp, . His Uaaiiled fee Our Installation of New'and Modern Labor Saving Machinery, Tools and Devices And The Increased Efficiency of Our Mechanics Through Training-at Ford Factory Schools, NOW Enables us To Provide For Ford Owners: "The Important things In life." says a writer, "are said In whispers, not shouts." That I?. If you consider introducing yourself to a sprak- casy important. city a:u-l county relief and lod'j- I iug facilities u-cre expanded. Tlie that By Williams misiioneis then nominate! n maul In each district to be dist,/ t major. |l nmlttec on relief figured c'.il lT " c '""J-rs nominated "block cap-, n avcroc.^ ot 0000 dependent i 'alns" In each of their blocks and | iclief fund supervised them. Many Trmpcrary Jobi Created Immodintcly after this ornnniza- llon i!ie police delivered letters from the mayor, explaining the plan, to 05.GCC homes, flesiclcnts of . [ each bl'ck. ho explained, v.cre lo i v:nnld nerd a lelief fund cf abmit J1.733.CC3 in the first six months cf tills year, most of which came Ivnm the city treasury. Tt:c committee found tint Ih? mo'-t chip in and pay a man $15 a week HERE. A LOWGi AiMT '3E.EM A SET — VTS SO Tc Tr( BATTLE (Effective Feb. 7th, 1931) Thus Affording. EVERY Ford Owner The Very Best In Repair Service At A Substantial Saving In Labor Costs. Only New And Genuine Ford Parts Are Installed And Precision Methods—Not Guess Work—Are Employed Throughout Every Repair Job. i For Example, Today's Flat Rate Labor Charge is $2.25 For Installing a Model "A" Ford Front Spring; Tomorrow The „. _. ... New Charge of $1.50 will Go Into Effect, Affording a Saving bar,,,,,, a '-^ ™ ; ^ o . ivr twngs | of 75c or 33 1-3 per cent. The Labor Charge For Grindin the r ? i:i'-.,iurr imt on nightly radio g Valves and Cleaning Carbon is Reduced, from 36.00 to $5.00. You Will Be Surprised and Pleased At Ihc Economy To Be Had Under Our New Plan Of Reduced Costs of Repairs On Fords. elusive part of the unemployment [irclnem comprised cases ol per- rons who b:r.-iii:;e cr pride or clbir reasons rcfu.-.rd to apply fcr re-S Ior shoveling H-,? snow olf every-] liof. So it had fcho^l tearhprs ,;-1 licdy's frcnt walk for :i 10-week i port nil cases of undernourished! period. l!;th the people of th; ehildieu and pet churrh-f. cV.ius i block and ihe hived 111:1:1 hart ti; i nn-l Irdges to check np on r.e>.;!y i K.nnblc on l!:e chances cf lots of | ' I'.dults. (snow or ncu,' at all. Tl:e rame rruvhled niunlrlr-il .loos j ma " couUMx; used, with extra pay, Nor rl'cs Uuffalo appear M l;.-,vo [££ vM J°' )s - nvcrltokrd many l>cls in lcm;j'. to provide :t^ fcr municipal work v been hlvecl for ;'. a v.erk nt 53 ?. day f : : Tiirn the Ad duo pui. rn a Huge . campaign to stimiiln'.r homc-im-1 rej provrment wcvk. rsiiu-.atin^ thati ",0 there \vas a poioutbl market of! ,. e I WO.r.DO.Ocn cf sue!', work in Buf-1 ; |. | fnlo. N'inc sub-coi^nnttecs arc -. | wrking on ihi*. advertising by ; 1; ni'\vspai>ers and radio, rnifctlng iti- • terostcd trade croups and so'.icil- Cliristmn.s buying two \vcekf. -':l Icr ? f .i',nilin^ion i: I j in?. accLiding to the camir.-. b'tli cabled an atlditionn! vol-i'iie : broadcasts of little draiiiatic EKUS of busiiif.^s aiul hired abou! 'J-.XW | in contieoticn wi(h the various em- .•^.!i:! r:' i\\c or tlniv \verks i ployiuent projects j c.irlkr Ihey normaliy would j Colorel Weeds' idea is Hint Jinny I have been eui;::£ed. Hirin 1 ; and | other coinuumilies can lake Eoni2 ailer-Chvlstmas dissiils'i.ils were 1 gccxl tips from Butf.iic. Finds DcalllS 111 Belaimill TOG; [ Take Advantage Of This Opportunity At Once. Get The Very \vr T^ AT ° i n || Best Out Of Youi-Ford By Having Us Keep It In The Best Re- WCL'C JJUC 10 INatliral CailSCSl pair Condition. >; v !)((. >;o:;r.!S VISIWKIX j " ; :-r. .ii-.i:u.i] nf fhr .\n<riir:m j Mrrtii-al Avitni.ilfnn. an:'. <•: II;- [ - i.-. tin- ItcjUli M.u.iiino I complete clis.-,ipaticn ol ho;io for succe.=5ful i ;siilts ficm thrst- Ciir The mcst rrccnt sni'.iill'n to' arous-j world ialcvrst ua? the £C-« f:o;n d ;'iiti ii:r'. u.-li- j c.ilicil fos Iliat spread In ir.i-r-' nnd caused Cl clfUl-?. i:\piris whs in-' \v^rc consulted were CL'nviucod that rrmU it was net p'.\vihlr for :;r.^ p-ii^n for:»- gas or any prcdiMs (ram snv fao- l.»ct tury lo ntfi-ct pocplp in such a \:c :n- manner as to biiiif; nboiu deaths -.^ ;;iin', l!:c otlv- Cf thr* mtlir.-- ; : ' inly . i So terrible \v;\s tile fcr.rc' ii:iu' ;:o'.v cuves I'.^nith r,iijco!>. -i va^icit^ Amcri- ;'.!'. .vi is -1 <!is- can cities wore!.-ci !r> advise its' r !art!:,-r :s wild to [iroper cor.tlurt in ^ fc;. and lo ir.dica'.r- that the Inhabitants cf villages in the :'l l-.r- c.-.ii^cil K$!eu aficctc'l tr.:ric?.d?d them- Phones 810-811 Authorized Ford Dealers

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