The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 15, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 15, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER VOL. XXVII—NO. 181 THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AHKANSA3' AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blytheville courier, Blylhevlllc Daily New's" V>, i^'J,,',,,,, " " _ : --.- -—-.—— " " " MjHjsship^jy.'dic^Lpacipi-, HIA I HKV11 J.I-l^AjtKANSAS. WKDNKSD'AY. OCTOIUOU in, nun • SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO OFPARNELL Poll Editors on Prohibition eturn toJSL Genevieve i ~'~'•—•——•" j Questioned In Diamond Shooting All Companies Expected to lio:ial opinion O i Follow Standard In Two *** U "" er """ 31 Cent Reduction. An attempt by major oil ests to force In'dependent ga cast by three local independent dealers here today wh?n gasoline sold at all Standard Oil companv stations dropped WASHINGTON, Oct. 15 I UP)—. Tiie first effort ever made by the i?"l tn measure 1111- prohibitiou was loday ns Presi-, •lent Hoover's crime commission.' ; c.nfronted wl!h the task of rcin!.;r- j Ing n ju-ohibllion report within liflj dny.s, was called back for n re.-;um|)- I - ; lion of deliberations. \ - } Prohibition Director Amos w ''• - ( Woodcock, ' Nc-w'Dislrict Formed; Heay Re-Assessmciil Controversy Monday. The i-ity council last HlgM: 1. Passed an ordlrmirr eslab- ted an am-: lit.liiiif Sewer Improvement I>is(riV bitiaus prOKraiu 01° compiling ihe Nc- % in Mir- First ward and named "facts about, prohibition," will Ois- rcminisstoiirrs and assrssurs for the tribute to the .editors of 3.000 lead- ' district. in- i from (lie Phillins Petroleum ro:n- nany authorized tor handling Phillips gasoline to me:-; i the price competition today at 13'-. | cents per nalion. according to Hen- i ry Mclhorn. local agent. i Will Follmv Suit i Agents for Ihe Texas comn.inv : Rarnsdall, Oulf and M-ignolin dicatcd today that they expr nfders before niiihlfnll anthorlxiiw ! (hem to relail gasoline at the nr.v ' price level. The acems for the abiv- i named comriDnies st-ted t!:at I <w : wniild be merely fanins: in M" '. with the low price and denied, nny | connection with a "gas war." ; Wendell Phillins. assistant scent ! here for the Standard Oil co:-i- i nany. stated he believed indenrnd- l Belter J nan ,, iVlorc xi i , „. , |\eed Ol LllUrches The revival at the First Baptist lion and set Monday nitht, Oct. for hearing anct decision. ?,. Discussed gas situation wilh P. A. Kornuday of San Antonio Texas. Individual members of rcuncit and mayor uncfficiallv in- ; fnrmrd llornailay tliat if convinced • there tvns no hope for jja-' tuDpIv Fnr Blylhevlllr they would I'onsiilcr a "Biilnnc" system. 4. Arce)iled offer of Draper lv alcnjr alley between First and rrnukliii streets lo widen alley, oitv t(i bo put only to rxp?nsc of rrad i'-it alley. Farm Simon, uromnlei Members ' nf I™J CC| ' ' o| i' council lie bac 1 deeds tn cily fnr strips of Isiri alcn K iide of liresrnt narrow alley, for 'Aon signs rr ! church Is streets in front of schools rmt'" ent deaien who nracticed an under- ; , c " l ! r( -'" ls bem e «' e!1 attended' nl\ rKl - Cliarlss Slul,i,3 uf Surlhury si-llins policy were tn blame fir i _. tnor ning and evening ser- I - cllol!l V*frQ alom; fo sired rnm- Ihe general price reduction. ' idea was also expressed bv .John I | vices. The mretir.i} bssan Sunjlav I Im "'- c ' "'"' annrr.val of rnunril. i wilh Postor Alfred S. Harwell i Magnolia comnanv aomt iiere. v;ho also stat"<l he believes Ihn situation emi- valed from conditions in Memphis where indencmlcnls are en- ?ai;ed in a price war wilh lar?.-- oil companies. Scrs Aflack nn Inilcnonrt-nts Weal Gesell .tndonendent 5a^- line dealer, stated todav he wn,,H lower Ills prcfC'ir. nri c » lo 13'. ccnts ncr callon 'if other stations also lo-,vere<l the price ! "It U nothtae but an effort i"\ foree independent dealers ivre toioh °he ou, S °. ": n B n marsinal contracts, iiivm? fie : n P ui? Whpt is the «oul win v-r's KcS,™ n 'r T""-f ^ 'T iC " me ™" e ' «« "••»' **™<* '""' «I hiv^ £™ "i H , ' ^ fw ' !«'fee as Solomon said. He did not fen nc'a conr C ict'™ ? M * 7 " say if V0 " ™ nt tf) "" »^M'" " ™ cna contract. , t(( , cr , f yo ,, n . ant to ^^ m This belief \vas aiso e.xnrcssed hv;but if yon win souls vnu arc wi=e ' Tom W. Jackson, flnofher indc'- 1 Th« sneaker continued by savin- nendcnt dealer, who said it is on- I that, there «-erc onoii'li nhi'irc.h AUanpl to Release .Men Arreslcd for Kidnaping Negro Is Feared. ST. C.ENEVIKVK;. MO., CM. is (UP).—Nntloiml gu'iirdunen mouiu- oil nmehlne guns on the roof of the county courthouse todily and rairolcd the streets wlili bayDnet- c;l rifles lo prevent a ubjulbte effort lo liberate men held in con- I necllon with iiliempts to either I lynch or kidna]) Louis Hlbeiiu, ne- UI-P mall carrier. Rlbeau. o-« of only n fmv ne- groes reiiinliiliii; licrc since ruciii' feeling became Intense after the .slaying of l-.vo while men Sunday, v.'ns seized by a mob last night biii escaped svblle belnu forced into an inilomobMc. ft was believed Ire w.ic hiding in woodlands (oday. Betachrnc-Jils of mill! la from Kcs-- lus nnd Do Solo. Mo , ordorod here Monday by Governor Cnnlfleld were recalled early lotlay. twelve hours nfter they had lelt for tliclr homes Ixllevinic tlie sllnallin Imd quieted. Cobb, .secretary- o/.'<>tha. JrlEE <lny. Osro Republican, state nounccd formal request -forT'im,- pnnelling a special grand Jury to Investigate the governor's--^prfniai-y campaign expcndilure» wu beh* drawn and would, be miutdVU Judge Abnc r Mcaehco/^pfelhe ci-lmliuil rtlvlsion of Uie : - circuit court and to Prosecuting Attorn** Boyd Cyiicrt late today. . .'-..-. r S»ys Ho Hm Evidehce '"''' "We Intend to go Into every Vsnri'irln r->i-,tiivnrt ,'r, l>Imsc ot tnls ' nll W- Cobb said, "and ucspeiaclo, Laptured i n : we red we have plenty or mror- IVllSSOlll'l ICS t e V d <l V i n ' nllon concerning money spcnfiri. Q . r i , „ „ •" l »o Primary enmpnlgn lo merlt'.'thV Cats Loloi'aCIO LalloWS Impaneling of a special grand Jury lo tnveslls&te." • ;''."Information has voluntarily found its way to Republican heacl- that police- iuijhi, to iccirn details cf liic mysterious sheeting of J.i"h Counly DcuWc Anv Other .1. sanj leader,-in Now York. She wns alleged the hrtcl rceni acljainiiv;'s when he uasi ielieu by list, buNe:.-; of unknowi: gunmen who lied afic,- Ihc shi.ot- Slie denied knowing Uie identity of the killers. to - and One of Two in Slate • • , ,. , . , M' n- "' "'""' I Jne Rev. Mr. Rivers used as the b) Ect last cv(>nl '« "Koiil-SVin- " ln S-" rrea;li "S f ™™ the liffi ciiap- " ° ! Mnr> " Hs P r s-«»'cd three FIG MM BUTTLE Morris nnd Jim Fowler, asressors, by the mayor anil council. Despite miyinrs thnt lh<* forma- i lion of the district would Ire opposed, no opposition materialized when the matier was brought b"- fore the council Ins 1 , night by Alderman L. G. Thomp.snn . Tie' ' -_ coimcil had previouslv received n'P_- , r-r • i •; nclition lor the district and pub- Uan g stel % Liinjjincj to LlIC, " T£ S,°U ht ;,r^rict a, Denies Knowledge of His presented last night represented Assailants. owners of property valued at SI02.- J 750 of Ihc total of S1G4.525 valiia- . NEW YORK. Oct IS (UP) — lion in the proposed district ac- ] ,7ack "Legs" Diamond. Foreign Trade Shows Increase in September WASHINGTON. Oct. 15 (UP) — Increases in both exports nnd imports during September were re- psrteil t^clny by Ih? toinmcrce department, . ExpDi-ts increased Sin.MS.OflO o\ p er August v.-hilc imports to Lxceed Lasl Year. Mississippi comity ginned 33XS running l>alcs of cotton prior lo October i, it is reimrtrd by the bu- ' reau of the census, deparlmcnt of commerce. Up li th.^ ^nnic date last year this county ginned 21,743 hales. In only one other county in Arkansas. Crawford, with 3.831 bales this year, ngnlnst 1.857 last, yetir, wns the 1030 total Inrger than thnt of 1929. while lor Ib? slate ns a v.hole the 1030 figure of 201.180 total of 539.038. :\fississippi county ginnings prior to October 1 were mi-re than double those of any otter Arkansas county. Crittcnden counly wns 'second with 10.680 bales, nnd Jcf- l-nn r«i i i-f n. . J - con " with 10.08S bales, nnd Jcf- L U Iml iLuM fcrs " n tllir<l wltu I2082 llin I HI I I I nlu ! F °' !oivi "g arc the mo and 1920 I Ull i JILL I LII1III figures for all Arkasns counties tnrtay with a contract, but that h? j 'he Held becins at home but cv- j believed the large oil interests w=rr ; tniiris to the uttermost parts of th* i either trying to drive independent* j earth. ! eiit of business or were trving ir- ] _ I forco contracts ' ^ M^n^ft I ouestioned by the city attorney un- 'whispered an answer to District Attil the council was satisfied tint i trrncy Thomas Crnin's question 8s : thr- netillon had been accurately [ 0 th e Identity of the two men win j checked. '.shot, him Sunday in the Monti-i - The passmj of trie ordinance, . cello hotel. i ; introduced by Alderman Thompson. ! Sheriff Releases List of Petit and Grand Jurors for Court This Month. which ginned ov?r 4.080 bales prior lo October I this year. Investment Bankers to Elect St. Louis Mar. NEW ORLEANS. Oct. IS. (UP) — Henry Fcrriss of the First National company. St. Louis, was to b- r"n>rovxl bv the Investment Bnnk- ers Association of America in convention here ns the new. prcsiden* of that organization. Ferriss will succeed Trowbridgr Callaway, New York, retiring. office know who did it Mr Tilc fa " tcrm ° r criminal court Pncf'c Sorulro n(i;/-Av '• VVaS " nanimotls - , .Grain." Diamond said. "If I did I'd '? r , Ulc . Clnckasawba district of Mis- rOSt S Service UtSlCfir. Ke-Assessmcnl Cnnfeslrd j |cll vou ., sisslpjji county will convene here ! The recent rc-nssessmciU of ben- ! -Mayb'. lnnt fo llow is telling the Oct ' 27 with J " d S« w - W. Bandy "•ho is n.vochtc:l j efits in pavlne district one anrt : tmth;' crain said ns IH left the ? f , ^"Bould presiding. S. L. Glnd- nsceola, district prosecuior. assislant, Nelll Reed, will Dud C»son iwt. Ainp'-i- .by a group of attorneyi; snenkinr; i m 0 n" 1 jchn"rjinsb'crg'"to"hi'r office | fepresent the stnte. "•Ith ^f!^vor Nelll Reed in Mv; urao- curbing and gutterintt district- one ' hotpital Ncverthele'ss ihe district isl1 of ' ii-> of ] 3 iv herr-. -va-i named s-rvirc con-.e in for soni" sharp criticis'.n j a ,, ovn ;y nunounced lie would sum- a " d hls cnn I^eion. at ihe post's naular ! Iwfore the council. P. C. Donalds, Mr. Ill-Ill Will bo JlV-il- ' who said he represented 18 clients. tcday. Ginsberg, manager of the h.ol:?l Monticcllo, surrendered heavy docket of cases faces Judge Bandy at the fall term. Zal f). Harrison, and Cecil Shane ! [rr( jj y Bt!rt lold ' ,, c nnrt ] cft 'thel slic , rlfl w - w - Shaver today hotel J afte'r putting Dlamcnd lo ben i lea f d n llst of S rn » (l i«rors ««-! petit jurors who will serve during the lerm. Pelit Jurors are as follows: Jus | Lacoy. R. M. Bellew. E. H. Tabsr iMe without chr.r-" In all fnrm»r : lold (he council lhat in their •^rvice men of Mississinpi county j ion the re-as=es=mcnt was abs-i- ;, n(] c U ., inllm [ n g an ambulance. iif lircporino namrs and orosecut- t lutely void. C. M. Buck, repr?- i ' >ne Doniion. como<niMi'!n!i. how! 1 "!-; sonlinn the commissioners of lhcj_ , '7iiicn r.ncl r-lhrr npplicalions for ; district, declared he had not stud- j German Alien M. LHiie. Chicago, was tc ] orvornment ns^islance for disabled : led the new nsscFsinents but sun- TiV- D -• i . \j- . of Lcachville. A. H. White. Walter l wnans. ' ; wscd Ihev were fair and le»nl. M' Wins KeiCilSiag Victory i Griffith, P. E. Brown. Epter Davis Plr\ns for an intensive member-! Buck sialed. however, thai it did! I of Nfanila, Guy Burks. W. M. :Ri,!(,,,.. If ni , !n drive the week ending Armls- ! not make any material difference, BERLIN. Oct. 15 IUP)—The sec-; Burns. Homer Davis. W. 1. Den-; U1 6 d ^l\ing must relaiti his posillon ns executive vice-presideni. Arc'ordlni; lo the constitution of the investment bankers the nomi- . . uees for office are chosen by the liivcl a', the mer-Hni? bv Vic" Cnm- ' segment was upheld or nr ' Ashley Chicct Columbia Cralghcnd ' Crittenden Cross Desna Hempstead Jackson .' Jefferson Lafayette Lee Lincoln —/... Little River ... Lonoke Miller Mississippi Phillips Poinsett Pulaski '.. St. Francis .. Yell 5.1128 15.357 14.7G2 11,191 16.681! 5.3-1S 5.0SC 5.550 4.581 12,082 •1.375 G.581 11,645 21,150 0.774 13.252 14.327 12,802 30.362 10.198 8.080 H.773 7.GOO 11.717 25.358 4.504 10.333 38,938 8.831 10.520 5,025 IO.C02 Kidnaper Is Believed Surrounded GREENFIELD. Mo., Oct. 15. tUI —The kldnaiwr of Mrs. Alim Wll- <nn Mcl<lnle> wns believed trnpixd today In n scinoii of Oznrk wouJ- nud wliidi ims been surrounded by too nriuL'd iiicn. Bloodhounds bayed through ihe woods and 'the angry posstmicn clrx-ed In cautiously, their gun; ready, 'ihc limit for (he nbduclor was started last niglu nfler Mrs. Mc- Khilcy wns released nnd reliirner' to tell' how she was held cnpllve until she promised to bring $10000 back to the kidnaper. Actions of Ihe dogs convinced of- llcersi the fugitive wns hiding In mdcrbi-iLsh not far from the place vlicrc he. held Hie girl nnd near (lie village of Pllley, Mo. Republican Leader SaysHe Has Evidence Warranting Expense Probe. \. : , . MTl'LR ROCK, Oct. 15 (OP).^ Vulimlly ncknowlfxlgir* defeat ^of their ellort to prevent Hie naine uf Governor Harvey Paraell froln appnii-.ig on (lie November ballot ni Bcmcn-atlc gubernatorial can- dldntr, members of the Republican stale central cominltUe '.pr . to altnck from a new quiurtw to; • SI'IJINOFIELD, Mo . Oct. 15 (UP) —Jake F'lcaijle, one of the last of western dciperndocs. dlid here lo- quarters here which would lead iis day of. an abclomcnal wound In- i'° believe lhat the amount spent rtictcil by officers yesterday when i ' nr " le governor's prlnllng and ad- hc refund to surrender After a two ' "-•-•- ycnr Jiynl. Flcnglc died In Baptist hospital today nt 9:45 n. in. after doctors failed lo nrresl nn alxlomcnnl hcm- rrhnge from Ihe wound, lnfllot.;:l ; by nn officer's bullet which felled him on n Iraln ns he sought lo es-. cnpe al Drnmon, Mo. Flengle, who the west with bloody bnnk robberies- and.. I want to see my eyes," he scnsiitlcuml To;- 111;-, nrthct. "Tell her to hurry, iw before I close said. Ills death prevented the state of :olcrndo from trying him for murder during the Lamnr, Col., bank raid In which three men were killed and for which Fleaglc's brother Ralph was hanged in cnnon city. Col, prison recently- Associate Arrested OTTAWA, 111.. Oct. 15 IUP> — Cteorgc Ue Moss, an associate of Jake Flcasle, slain Colorado out- lav:, was arrested by a ixislal inspects nt Stretuor to:]p.y nnd brought lo the Ottawa county Jail here. The charge against him was not disclosed. It wns said la would be taken lo Clucp.go where Hie order for his arrest origlnaled. •MC3 4,228 24.743 12.297 11.039 8.84Q 14.!>34 8.5C2 lien Day. November 11. \TO-C out- ' lo the commissioner 1 ! if 111? re-is- • ond' session of the new Rctchstae. ! ton. A. B. Holland. K. If. Klnney. board of governors and submitted • irander R. B. Stout, membership • insisted that the council decide in ' guard coincident with the start of.E. M. Terry, Bryant Stewart of | time lo allow the commission its i a strike of 120.000 metal workers,; Blytheville. E. M. \V . to the convention for approval. Th° j chairman. vice presidents whose "names will; Dickey,'philndeIphia aiC wminnf H. Brazil Rebels Clai m Eddy. New York. Bfrnnrd W, Ford. San Francisco. Sidney R. Small. Detroit, nnd William J. Wardell, Chicago. . but . meeting today under heavy police .E. M. McCall. O. W. McCulchen, T . 'I Victory On Battlefield Woodard ot Dell. only other alternative. lhnl nf rnis- • reflected the Sccinlist. Paul Loebe, ] II. L. Hnlsell of Clear Lake. J. W. inn Iho tax rale. Xonh OBrien. O. -a- ^iteater. '\Vhite, D. G. Gracy of Promi<e G. Cjudill anrl E. M. Terry com- i Tiie election was considered nn posed the board of assessors of t>p j Important victory for the govern- districl and J. II. Elkins. Jake;inenl In Its desperate struggle lo Manila: Harry Hearn, RO.SS Ste- Perry's First Wile Wants to Meet Her Successors MILWAUKEE, Oct 15 (UP) — Mrs. Mary ,Terry, first wife of Ocorgc W. E. Perry, who Is charged with the murder of his bigamous wife, Mrs. Corn Belle Hackctl. went to Chicngo today to mcctj siine of the women who answered her husband's matrimonial advertisements. "They did not know he was mar- vertlslng during Hie campaign i' more nearly totals $20,000 than ?!,- .' S40, as listed In his amended state- i ment to the secretary of stale," i Cobb said. i The possibility thaf Goy. Harvey- I Parnell's name would be stricken. 1 from Ihe November', election ballots I vanished today followingidimnliMl .H' of an''ta June lion suit In chancery; ; court which would hava • forbidden'-'' l^Mi^me;^rom-bejn|.,certlfled ty I v [the secretary 'of 'sfRte'"^^ 1 ^" 11 ^ 1 - - * . Parh'f!/ Cljhrj Enor The suit was filed yeslerdsy by Osro Cobb. Republican oanlral committee chairman, and it alleged, Pnrnell hod exceeded the ki^al '• campaign eicpense account of |5,-" .' 000, : i Parnell In his defense offered In-' I : chancery; court here Inst night said" '; -. :hcrc was a mistake of |1,000 in' i his accounts. His corrected ex- '. pcnse account was $4.960.33. — 1 In preliminary reports it, was | jlvcii ns $5,050.35^ >.The mistake, Parnell said, oc- I currcd in (11 Ing his printing and, advertising bill, which was adjusted in a petition filed with tha sec- retary'of slate September 22. Chancellor Dodge held that violation of Uie corrupt practices act Is a criminal offense, and that since the matter In dispute has Hot been passed upon by a criminal court, lie was without jurisdiction to issue a restraining order. '• Ii> announcing his ruling. Chan-' cellor Dodge «ald the statute dots not provide for disqualification un- lass a convlcllon has been "Obtained. "If Governor Pamell has a right to office," he said, "he has- -a right to have his name on the ticket, and a criminal court jury certainly must pass on a candidate's Innocence or suilt under tills slal- ule before Ihls court would have' a right to grant the relief sought," ricd," Mrs. Perry explained in sny-lf t 11 ing flic lind no enmity toward the I Laura UlgaUS on Continental Flight other woman. "I'd like to see ihem and talk to them and compare notes." ' The wife whom Perry deserted '' l ' UC "" nb<!r ""' WICHITA, Kalis., Ocl. 15 (UP)— Laura IngalU, flyer seeking, a | trans-continental west-east record • Amar " 10 F TeX i stlc was a()t Injured and except jfcr the propeilor her plane was not Children as Catholics 2S Murder of U 1 l WiL A J i lcr lllc Propeuor ner piano was nou He Lured With AC I damaged. Her ship requires a sps- j clnl propallor abd she may be dD i KANSAS CITY, Oct. 15 iUPi—: laved hero. l Paul H. Kaufman, under sentence. • Land. D. Garrett of'New Liberty. ,' r ,,„.„ . . • Alternate petll jurors: Floy Homer, I pl.?" lBllrr !f ,^ h ? ts n , °Hn? i]newspaper police Hold Fayetteville Boy RIO GHANDE d Sill.. Oct. 15. : <UP1 —Revolutionnrv hendouarl.irs • irxlay claimed a victory in a shnrp nrc the j put through a financial roform Ungar and J. H. Smar commissioners. j prcgram to The council decided lo poslow i crisis. battle wilh Sc.o Paulo federal fore- 'consideration of the protests ntilnst > • -es on the western Sao Paulo br.r-' t!lc rc-a«scssmenis nnd otti»r nc--... . _ . _ , for Dpatfi nf RrMri«r ner Hon In the matter until Monday Victim 01 Back Porch ior ueain oi nrciiur ^ commim i<,ue ? md the rebel i"" w - Oct - soth nt 7 °' clork ' i forces encircled (lie Paulisla troops- ^ F - A - Hor "t L»™-. l!°f" '' "caurinq a terrible defcnl of Ihe "" vens, Blytheville: R. L. Stiles. to SC Kansas "cuy^t'hro'iTh "t i Stor m Warnings Posted -enicnt. confess- i on New England Coast . - - -- - y he had killed aihX S churc'f r0tm ° niv v°°'T,' "-W«-«W,Wrtb| wASHINOTO^ct. 15 (UP)-: J™°°.°^ c . urCl .'.- .... C. 11 * 1 Mo - 8lrl, another of his \:c- 1^- TI «. ..., th ' •.„_,„ MR V or- FAYETTEVILLE. Ark., Oct. 15. (lipi—Philander Cook, 19-ycnr-old Fayetteville yoiith. was in tall here torlay held in connection with the death of his brother. Carl Cook, 22. win) died yesterday from injuries alleged to have boon received in a fiqru wiili his younger brother n wfek a so. County Prosecutor Proctor John- F«n . c aid chnrrres of nrst de«re3 miinier probably would be filed nnnl]i«'- th» vmitti tixlny, sDlve the economic ^srbro; W. L. Tale. No. Nine: S. ' Joseph, Blytheville. Grand jurors for the term are: C. R. Lane, Reed Threlkeld. Leach- vllle, Carlln Tucker. A.. P. Benrd _. . , _ . Cecil Reynolds. Manila: C. M. Shooting IS Recovering ! Baxter. U. S. Branson. C F. Blake• more, R. E. Blaylock, J. G. Barnes. dtspcnsation for the mixed marriage pledged both nartlcs In llnis August 17. . . . ! The U. S. weather bureau tcdsy or- hnd been missing since der ., d storm warninss p^ted aim? i Ihe New England coast from Block £ IHR. " ThTs,, PnuotrceV''"™™ 1 »d told .he nlden^ | STUTTGART. Ark.. Oct.. 15. «DP Olio Kochtltzlry. J. E. Lunsford, w^ nw tl ,,vr,,r?±M°, C ! that he wanted to secure nn idea -steady Improvement in Ihe con-! £ ^theyillo: J. W Gay. Armorel: w,-re''aid to hivo left much w-ir thixt llc vranted to secllre n " M™ J-SWarty Improvement in Ihe con- nialerlal on the Held nnd to l«vl ° f the re-action e-f council? of V rv- all ion of Wesley McKewen. 19- surrendered "many officers and r ' 0115 clt!fs ln lh|l; wctlon to lhe ' >' c;lr - o;d ill?h scho ° 1 fo °t°n!l P' n V- rnn-co-nml^tonpd officer^ ic Butane B«s system if iwtnrpl »a? i cr. who was seriously wounded oners" for the ci(le= nnw^rt lmnor,slWe. 'Monday night when shot through I Sounds Ont Council : the shoulder by unidenllfled a.wall- - . aco - Bunch, Yaibro; H. C. Riec,=. Epperson, New Liberty. ^ ' for the citle 1 : nnnfl3r< tmnossltlj. Sounds Ont Council K ..,o, , , . ' According t" Horngday. hr> rte- c-me ^"-U? nl^y^ir^ '° ^ ^^"h' 1 "-"' ™*«™* ".SMoW^?. bC ;"- ^ '— «• "«"< »<* ™ (Conllnucn on page three) I Monday night when shot through CATTLE OET SHOES. TOO the shoulder by unidenllfled ss.wil- , ELY, Nev., Oc:. 7 iUPi— Many ants, wns noted today. ! fange calllc now boast new foot- McKcwen was shot at his home ' w ear—sleel .'he's made necessary by heavy livestock loss from sore and infested feet. Nfarked decrease calMe deaths hap b«n the rc- liere when he stooped onto the bick porch to investigate noises. Th? youtli wns unable to supply a motive d>i- the nllnck, suit. a distort- writing to baptizs ar.:l cuticale j The accidental finding of thej, ineir children In the Catholic faith, | girl's bones In a tree pit In Swcpe not cvsn excepting n poi?lblo heir park led to the confosslon which L nr , n ... . hl> ..„.. Jer ,- v „>& ^wtteKn^rnSTS 1 Tel 'H"" 6 by , K " Utnla , n ° (tCr h , e lSS?h wll, nou^nortS""h (lox faiti, * i ^f ° <l ° Wn Under quostions by 1Wl- ! rncrea:ing intensity, causing strong ' northeast and east <vlncls north of lice. Widow Dies as She Wins i Robbers Escape After T *f. 1 P. 'i ! M. . .. __ - Boston Ihts afterncon and tonight, Life Insurance Suit NfcW YORK. Oct. 15 (fpl—Alt- er the d.;ath of her husband. Lon- Raiding Nebraska Bank NEMAHA, Neb,, Oct. 15 (UP)— WEATHER ARKANSAS - Generally fair fn .„,.,- - ., , hastily gathered all avail- day the. judge annour.cort d.oislon, n blo cash and currency. Thsy es- 1 It was 55 here yesterday for the n her favor bin two niiiinjc - prw-1 cnpcd in an' automobile. No esil-1 nilnimum and 32 for the maximum, oiisly Mrs. Lustij bad fallen dead male of the loss had been mnrlei according to the official m»lh« in the court room ot hrnrt ir0"»le.l s horlly aflcr the robbjry. Jobseiver, iYsncls C»rp«nttr,

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