The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 16, 1936 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 16, 1936
Page 2
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PAGE TWO ' BLYTmVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS' But Seeds Arc Being Planted in Industrial East for New'Parly in 1940 America, loo, - lins Us "Hulir" —a vast,' rich area ivhorc ore iuul raw materials are turned into sled, automobiles, tires and a thousand articles Jor [ndiistrial and domestic use. There alsso is bcinf forged a laljpr crisis that promises (o color (he country's future. So into America's Ruhr went famed Frazler Hunt, now on lour for NBA Service and Courier Ncivs to Ko'und out voting .sentiment from co:ist lo const. The firct article, surveying Hie I'cnn- s.vlvania and Ohio iiolllleal scene, follows. By FJIAZIUII HUNT (Copyright. 1036. NKA Service. Inc.) 'PITTSBURGH.— Holii economic history nnd political history are being made in western Pennsylvania at (his Aioirient.' The present nllcmpl to unlonl/.c .the!strongest citadel of the "opei shop"—the grent steel Industry- fanner, tenant,.-^liarecrppjMr,;. and farm r laborer—docs > hot have Its own full ticket nnd party. Already this'future parly Wen Is being given form and substance in some localities under (he rather vague name of l^rmcr-Labor party. It Is a fomcwiial nebulous organization nt present, but It Is beginning to put '1(5-'roots deep down in scores or Industrial centers. It Is. to date, largely n pro- est against both old parties—a,pd, well, a. definite radical bid for 'no future. pent an hour or nioreiln the Jem- lient an hour or inrc In the leni- lorary headquarters of the local 'armor-Labor ]>arty. ; At a convention" culled'on June by the Summit County (Akron) /entrnl Labor Union, 34!i delegates ram the Fourteenth Ohio congrcs- lonal district, allcndcd. They organized I'nelr party, wrote :i plal- orm, and unanimously decided lo candidates for Congress, slule •enalc, slate house oj rcpreicntn- Ivcs, nnd the office or comity slier- If. Bui they did not- enter the national arena, • '. ,. : 'Mast of us will be for, Uonse volt this time,", an organizer urn official of Hie group' (old Tnc li Akron. "We aro not nlllllalcd will nuy national group, we arc slmpl using the name Parmer-Uibor pail as n symbol of our revolt and on future Tiopcs, of course we nr thinking of IDIO." (-'ommiinlEls Seek Advantage lint It Is not always as simple (IB llils. The leaders of Ihc small bill 'nas ramifications, loaded with dy nnmlte, that reach Into every par of American life. H. the 500,000 steel workers o the American Rulir—western Penn sylvantn and eastern Ohio—and Hi .Chicago and Birmingham district can bs brought into one great In diistrial iron and steel union, it wll mean that all industrial labor li America can he unionized. •Another 500,000 In steel fabrlca tloil plants; 500,000 in motors HIV allied Industries;'GO.OOO In rubber several hundred lliousnnd still un organized in textiles-all will com under Ihe economic nii',1 politico Wing of John I,. Lewis. 'Add lo Three Hie 1,260,000 me: and women already In the Indus trial unions (which include bol skilled and unskilled workers In mass production) in ihe mining, clothing, textile, .printing, and other labor fields, and you gel soins idea of the pntcnllgtl power of tills new and mighty giant. All these -Utter minion and a quarter workers have pledged their war chests'and their loyalty to this unprecedented ng'nt [o join steel and iron to (heir industrial union Ideal. .* They have handed $500,000 in cash to their C.I.O.—Commlllcc for Industrial- Organization—and they stand pi-D B ared to put lip 10 times, that amount'if necessary to break oo«-n wliat Ihey ]IJ :c to call "the steel barons." New Order'TJirealen.'i, ;.. 'Within union labor itself is-vet to be foughl .to n conclusion ihe clash of personalities aiul purposes of President William Green of t)i» A.- F of L., backing hu crafts union idea, and John I,. Lewis of llic Mine Workers of America. | ra tl- brea,ker and siwkesman of 'nls sin- 0-union-for-a-wholc -industry ; : ^ot since Ihc bursting O f Aln(!r . "CBS prosperity balloon lias there • w" . miy indlistrll > 1 slory comparable lo this one. H th D n^iine forces behind Lewis should win. an\l tne steel industry be imlonlz«e| it would mean lhat a ncs v economic set-uu would follow almost immediately—with a whole new political set-up m i| s wake, Tlie power Ihnt Inrtuslry nnd Us owners and leaders have exercised n the nation's economic and 113- 'il'cal spheres for the last SO vAr<- TTOUld te broken. T.IJ new dlcln- tors and real masters would b" |]'i« men who make the steal, rilg the and , ma " ufact " r e "'c cars, tools blllld the ritrnl'in!?, K ! KSiS ' RnA active and highly disciplined Communist Parly of America (with fll,- 000 front-line members) have decided thai parly members milsl Join \vilh union labor and nil liberal groups In a United Front nealnsl (he possibility of a'l-^iscjst threat. And it Is evident that secretly they hnvc advised their labor bnr- eis-from-wllhln lo lieln form as many of these loose and Independent Farmer-Labor groups us possible. The Commutnsis apparently do not, Icel (lint the lime Is ripe to back a national Puvmer-Iflbor par- ly. but thai ns much dlssatlsfac- llon us possible should be created for the future. Hut. the battle lo control this possible future Industrial and fnnn workers' jiaiiy Is yet to be fought. If I'ne party Is formed, and such iibsequent .\yitgncr l,ibr Act flout- d, disobeyed and lauglied al by wner.s and managers. 'liooscvclt was able to capture heir imagination and spur theli lopos—but the U. S. Supreme Court mil the industrial leaders <lashcd lies? hopes. So It is lhat today abr Is determined lo re-elect Roosevelt, and demand thai lit guaranteed fights l>3 respected. 'This is, labor's Itrsl indcpcnd- cfil, jiffiriivallve j>ol|tlfal step, Jf II succeeds In' of omitylng now anil grasps, the significance of 1U lolllicfil iXHvcr, It will, will) UK 'csl of'labor In Industries aud on farms', either capture the u:mo cratlc party or form a new one of Us own." Third I'jirty Rules In (ho fury ami 'mile being en- ecndcrcd In llils historic Industrla situation. Father Coughlin, Candidate wllliaii] Wiukc, nr. Townsond nnd the ollici Third Party-lies al bill fade out of tlie prcsldenlla election picture, Tncy will have dciji)ttc Inllu races on local congressional, and even slate clfcllons tills' (all, hu the chances nre lhat, in tlio pure ly Issue' between [jinilo! anil Roosevelt their inljuence wi. largely disappear here In, the in (hiftrlal sections. Certainly In llils national elec [Inn feelings are already riin'nln 'iilBl). rennsylvania, Ohio an Michigan—Ihe llirre liieat state of the American Inilustrlal null Valley, where llils labor war is bll .crest—are iinqiiosllonnbly kept po- IIIleal states. If I/uidon could lnnV Ihese' three, he ( woul(| have nn excellent chance of being elected. H ftoofiuvc-ll. could nrid Ihcm lo his Solid Snulh, New York, and other almost sure stales, he would unquestionably w in. Pilnnsyhuuia—and Its 16 electoral voles—Is Mill no-man's, or rather anybody's, land. Tiie I'llts- burg'h steel, iron, and coal country, hitler ami aroused, is definitely on Roosevelt's-side, and will send him jnto the eastern portion of Ihc slnte with considerably more than 100,000 majorlly. If Roosevelt call capture Philadelphia—or even |iokl iTuwii the Realty Transfers Warranty Deeds K. W. chapman to Jim and da Lee Griffin, one-half acre In loilhonsl (iiiarler of section 27, ownslilp 16 n'orth, range 11 east. Manuel Minor, to Miller Wndford nd Mary Carter, lot 5, block 0, Allison Addition to Dlythcvlllc. Loltlc Green Carter to Ward iid Friinklc Kowlks, Ms 1 <fe 2, jlock 32, Hlytlievil|e 6<scqnd aildl- lon lo Blythovllle, V. R. Vox to Red Store Gin company, Inc., 2 acres: In northwest corner of northeast quarter of northwest quarter of section . township 16 north, range 8 east, ' Clarence Orice to E. M. Wood- nrd, undivided lialf interest, In tract In soulhenst corner of soutli- east quarter of section 5, township 11 north, range 10 cast and southeast corner of section 5, township H north, range 10 east. THURSDAY, JULY 10, 103(5 men as John I,. Hlllmnn, of the , Lewis mi Sidney United Ololhing Browning Resigns As i Soft Ball Loop Umpire Herbert Browning, iimplre-in- I'hlcf ot the Commercial Softball league, said today he had tendered his resignation to Fred S. Sallba, president of tlie league. It was understood curly this afternoon lhat Browning's resignation hud not been acted upon or accepted. lead—Pcnn- normni liepubllcaii sylvanla may tic Ills. The chances today will do Just that,. >or labor In rc- voil will be strongly on li|s.sidi'. No Game Saturday At Osceola, Official? State Tnc Ncwport-Osccoln ball game scheduled for Saturday at Osiicolu Ims been postponed until a later dale, It was announced today by officials of the Osceola ball club Louisiana lias 4780 miles of navigable waters, or more thai twice, lhat of any other state. As u person leaves the earth's .surface anil ascends Into the' air Hie temperature falls nn average of nbonl. I degree Rihrenheit each reached. Hi'c Hint |icl c< " ISM t° rec l, unlll Ihe sliniosphcre is' (In: coming steel or H, en Wo E r «*' the lood and transport it .» le overwhelming ma . lhcs " m =n and women in industry arc for Roosevelt. voters. -I estimate, are 80 t>°r ^T 6 , f ° r ,' J1 " n ' ««-/" Corkers have less Roosevelt sure brought on thcmT but J^most of then, .'l., l labor 1'arlj- i,i Embryo Union cent Workers, and genuine farm leaders Co Into it In the next four years, they will have their own Ideas as lo who shall 'head it and be Us masters. Certainly they will hnvo no Idea of surrendering it. to Uic American Communists. They are willing to join In the Unttel Pronl hut Ihey propose (o control ii. So 1L simmers down to,a uuvstlon of who cnii use. Wiiom." slier Kcvoll llegitn in '.13 But to git back to this might) struggle going on In iron and steel This economic and union war docs have n definite political side. ' Let me quote a very wise and experienced Pittsburgh newspaper mnn who has been watching tills steel drama for many years, and through il «u has kept a level keel; "For 10 years, niilil 1032, the operators of (he steel mills and the coal mines could vote Iticlr workers as -they wished. Largely due to Republican high tariff nnd general protection, the owners wore Republicans, ami in the, industral nnd mining centers Ihe Democratic vole was negligible. "In '32 Inbor revolted. Its bit- IcriKfs against Hoover ran over he threats nnd demands of rne managers and bosses, and most of the steel and coal country wcnl tor Roosevelt. ' : * ! »J' "H wns the first, real upset in ™ old Republican strongholds ol Pennsylvania nnd the industrial centers of Ohio." My friend wenl on: "Labor to- With Section 7A 'of' the' Nti™ 'the workers felt that al last 'they •onld have Ihclr chniicc lo break hrougli the anti-unlon Intimidation, threats, and biillylnp tactics of the steel companies aiid, under government protection, form their own unions. "But Ihe companies bsat then ngnln and forced company union!, down Iheir throats. The worker. .v provisions of both 7A and Ihe NKX'I wnr may Jre more inipnrliiiil to Ainrrlcii than was Hie World \V;ir. A tractor owner near Camargo, Okla., where highways In some places still font shallow rivers, maintains ferryboat servlcn for motorists who fear Ui flood Iheir Elnes. The autos are lowed •oss on n trailer attached to a • factor, Hie molor of which clears the water. '.',•;'. Here (he temperature . and, sometimes,' nc- rlses. Two flics can produce, In ono Kiinmior, a family loinllng 6COO- n oo.(.co,oac. Sufferers Praise Pile Ointment Tliouiftnrta of nieii and tvoirisn hnvo (oynil riulck relit-r nl Mai frnm llifl IcrrLble 'or- inte ftf Pilot. Tl>rlr cr,Hrf»l )cU«ra loll how Ilia Thornton & Minor I'lla Ohilmcnt lirouglil relief fiatn pile H'liinR, blccdinK. JnflnininillniL nnd pnlfi. Try Ihln IVlviia [•'otniuln I'rOBcrlplinn. |( mint BOllsfy yo-t, or iho cvnall KOal vvHI lie ictuntled. 1 ' For *a)o at f Robinson Drug Co. the organized smal MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Tin. Old treatment Oflcn Bnng. Happy Relief Of Pain "•»""« . Tlie klrtncys r\ro one of Naliire'q chief ways of Uklng the adds anrt •Sf'Y" 1 ,' "f «'= WooV It they ,S paEs 3 pints a <l:,y and BO get rid ot ™P t an n pounds oc was '« »> a 't or. SnLS'r!" 011 " 1 " 1 ^ 1 ^^ nil,?' 0 " "i"* 'rouble with frequent ^??1 Passages with seamy amount which often smart and burn, the 15 ting up ni ghtl , p ' signal may bo ? C naseins backache. of rrep and energy. Bel- pl , fflr reV 3 un. and dizziness. for s " lou ' ! 'rouble. Ask ' for Doan ' s I'»l8- The Trade-In Value Of cars that are well lubricated— Is kept often half again as as those that have been neglected— • So that from nvtry nii- g'c it pnya lo have us lubricate your car right -- May \ve? PHILLIPS Service Center RITE PRICE GROCERY SPECIALS R. Main 1'lmiic 231 I'KICUS ARE GOOn JULY 17, We Deliver 18, 20 & 21 , GUARANTEED FLOUR Gold Mcilfil, 20 I.lis (Relish Dish Frcn) So ()' White, 21-lh. S|<. CRACKKRH, Fresh Sntia. 2-1,|i. liox 15 C PEANUT nurrai- Qiinrl Jar 22 C OATS, Hox No\v Speedy 6 1C 2 PIK PEACHES 2 Cans 15 C TOnJATO Can JUICE 5 C KRAUT 2 Cans; SALAD DRESSING Wortli-rilnr, Quart COKFK1 2 !,b:s. rurcnrc SALMON, Chtini, Alaskii SARDINES, Tall Can OCC HENS, l-'ull Dressed LI). I'OHK STUAKS, I.can, Tender. I.b. m tf "Oilingo Pekoe", Old Judge . hnx, a lemons & 1 lea glass, all for PORK CHOPS Small antl Tciuler Pound LUNCHEON I-INK- SAUSAGE HronKiclti. ;,,:15 f liACON, Sliced. fancv HACON SKINS l''inc for Roiling. M). SALT MEAT Rest Sides. Lh. STEW MEAT "Ox Tails". HliOOMS, A Gonii Value. Each 17f GREEN CORN Nice Tender. Dozen W PURL: I.ARO 8 11) SI.05; •i U) 55 ( i. Err LICE Large Hearts. Each ( LKMONS, i.argc .Iiiicy. nIATCHKS 3 linxcs nlll.K, Grade Haw. 1M. Sc; W "A" Quail FANCY K. C Swift Premium !5eef or Hound Steaks. Ll>. SHORTENING While Kililmn S Ibs !>. r )c; can §5.05; I Ihs 3 w- Exlra Large Tall Cans Cooked SpaRliclli. Pork & licana, Vegetable or.Tomalo Soup, Can lOc; 3 for,£ i.ou'iosT 1'iaciw iv 'ivnvM ^••^fcrf^mV^ PRICES IN TOWN ;il I W. .MAIN ST., RLYTIIBVILU-;, ARK. SPECIALS FOBT-BIPAY AND SATURDAY FLOUR, F|ug Ruftigs Oranges 5-|l). Oof It linu Wiflt 20- J A Susjiir VKKK . Snc'k At Juicy Citiil'. Milk Tall Can 12c 5c Corned Beef Par-T-Jell All I 1 'I iivors 1 fin- FruitCocktail Cucumbers I.ihh.v's .No. 2" 2 Can Frivsli Crisp 1'oinul lOc 23c lie Picnicjjam^ Bee[RoasJ[ Beef Stew CHUCK, I,I). THICK IUI!, HHskcl or Itil, I'miiul Sajtjfleat Slicd Hans Lamb' l''«i' lioilinj: I'uinul Curetl Pound l_2Jc Be 30c Sniitll Si/t! 7^c llic Salad Dressiii Pineapple Juice I.ibhv's No. I Ciins 2 Nn. 2 t.'aiiK Pimientoes Milk Di'oincdiirv •I-O/. ('nn ....!. S-Ox. Can fie 8c gnesia asm lOc Tomatoes Slnnihinl ivo. 2 Cun Tomato Paste BWSSHiSiS SALT CANT, VIENNA SAOSA8E" Coffee Peerless Tea l.unl ChcHlcrlicld Pound K. C, Hccf Sluirt Cuts 'diinil 2 Chili Sauce TISSUE Roll 'J RICE Hfiiulv , Li). 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