The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 12, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 12, 1939
Page 5
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TUESDAY, SKl'TKJtBER 12, 193<J BLYTHEVILLg, (ARK.) COUKIER NEWS Warring Nations Begin To Borrow; Reich's Tax System Scored The mystifying spectacle of a supposedly bankrupt Europe indulging itself in the "luxury" cf war is explained in thls'ex- cluslvc arlicle by John T. Flynn, noted audicr-economist. * * *, By JOHN T. FLYNN IV'ilttcii (or NBA Service) NEW YORK, Sept, 11.—Europe lias just started on what is about the most expensive form of activity man can find—war. We have all kno-in lor s:me time that Europe is prclly close to being busted—at least some of her tin-' portant countries are that way. I All cf these countries owe more lhan they can pay. All of those countries which fought in 191.1 nB( to repudiate the debts of that wai one way or another. Nav they are embarked on an ollier war. And the puzzling question to the mnn in the street is: "What arc they goitiff to use for money?" Germany lias given a partial an- s'.vcr to (hat in the last few days. She has increased the income taxes on even the lowest brackets to 50 per cent. Remember, in the United States the income tax on Incomes up to 51000 is 4 |ier cent. In Germany it is 50 per cent since the war started. What it will be presently I do not yet know. How would y:u like to hand over half of your wages to thc government? TWO FINANCIAL KOADS TO WAll There arc only two ways lo pay the costs of war. One is with taxes. Thc other is with borrowed money. At the present time Europe has raised taxes so high to keep going her efforts against; collapse during the depression and to supp:rl her war industries, that it is literally WHERE THE WORLDS MONETARY GOLD IS TODAY E«H com Moaooaooo WOUTOOF MO«T«YSOI* impossible to get tlie way of taxes. much more iu We may he sure, therefore, lhal Euronc will begin at once to borrow money. England, in fact, has already authorized a loan of 2,500,000,000 pounds—which is ten billion d:liars—a tidy sum for 11 beginning. How will European countries borrow? There arc several ways to do this. One is to borrcw from the peo- plc^seil them liberty bonds or "save democracy" bonds. The other is to borr,:w-IjronY the' banks. Trie effect in each case' is quite different. HOW THE I'EOl'LE PAY FOIl WAJl There are l»o ways to borrow from the people. One is to ask them ID buy bonds voluntarily, or for that matter involuntarily, as Mussolini did tivo years ago when he forced. everybody to buy bonds up tj ten per cent of their capital holdings. Tlie other way is to seize their external Investments. Englishmen, Germans, Frenchmen nil own large amounts of stocks and bonds of ether countries and of industries in oilier countries. Suppose an Englishman owns a share of U. 3. Steel stock. The government can order him to turn that stick over to thc Treasury. In return it will give him an English bond for thc value of Ills stock. , vi'iieii that is done the government owns a share of U. S. Steel Bt:ck and thc Englishman p'*ii5 an bngnsh oond, which means he has loaned the government that much money. Thc government now has a share of stock in an American corporation. H can send that share to New York and scil it on uio Stock Exchange for the current price and use that m:ncy to buy things it needs in the United sfatcs. England has about $7,000,000,000 of such securities in various countries, I do not have at hand the holdings of Germany, France. But Germany lias already taken over tiic external investments cf her people and England has already issued a decree making a start at doing t.Iie same thing." "BA.Vfi MONEY" IS ECONOMIC ; Thc other way to borrow is from Ihe banks. Tliis is the dangerous That'-15 why jt is Inflationary. U accompanied by her parents Mr increases purchasing uowpr, sends .and Mrs. J. Jl. Stevens left for up prices, Increases wages and 'pro i Columbus, Miss., fiundny where fits. Tlie. more billions the govern- she wjjl atlcnd Mississippi State ment borrows, tlie more the infla- Colle 3 e [or Women This s Martha '•"" The more the inflation the ~ is over. CClla))sc the -wnr Prances' second .In school there and she has been appointed Y.W.C.A. to be big sister for the ..,..- will pay .most of the ex- incoming freshman Girls penses of the.war in this last way. Jack Owens and John Stevens That is why, when I he war is Jr. enjoyed a birthday dinner to- over, Europe will go Jnlo a gigantic gelher at thc home of p A Owen economic collapse. - Sunday. Miss Catherine Gill will leave Tuesday of this week for C:nway where she will enter Stale Teachers college. Mrs. F. A. Owen and Mrs. Earl Brownlee accoin|>an!ed the Methodist pastor to Leachville Friday to attend z:nc meeting of the Woman's Missionary society. aalive police, as well gs a large jiuinoei- of cwlert. Tlte party )eft Ratjaul, llio cap- Hal of llic mandated territory on the Island of New Urjtnli). In jai)- iiavy of lust year. A year later It WHS met by u government schooner near Ainbuntte. on llio Sejilk rrvoi, keeping Its appolnlment to the day. The unlives, who Iind customs unDke (hose o; any .(rtUes previously jcjwjvn in (lie tmllwv, topX Taylor and his party for go<Js. They watched them dny jmii night, and when they /oinid t!i«,v were jiunjim. becaunj hostile. Mwiy fcei.usc sllunUotis followed,, byl, yic IWty came through with tl»e Joss pf only one wrier, who WBS illlcd fly ft fall in the wowitalwl ' I Posts will now be established .throughout die newly esplcixd teir rJtary to bring It under llie rontfol of Ihe administration. First Paper Silo In County PAGE FIV>' ;, COURTS Municipal court today w«s a continuation of .Monday's session which was crowded ' with its 33 cases of puplifc drunkenness. WWte and »egro men and women were included in the 33. some of whom were fined, some cases were continued and ethers forfeited bonds. Ira Caldwell was fined five dollars on a charge of disturbing the peace. L. C. Strong, negro, .was fined $15 on a charge of disturbing. Uie peace. Gus Young, negro, wns lined 5100 on a charge of driving while under che influence.of liquor. Leo Loveless was .fined ten dollars on a charge of disturbing the pence.' . Charley WiHloms, negro, was fined .$25 but thc fine was suspended. He was charged with selling iner- .nandise wlthiut a license, Thomas Lanney White whs fined ten dollars on-a charge 'of dis- turtmig the peace by fighting. Appeal bond was set at $75 after he ,vas granted an appeal to circuit :ourt. The case of J. O. Samples, arrested (on a .similar charge, has not yet been tried, . • In "court Saturday, Cera Manes of Lexington, Teini., was fined $100 3ii n charge of driving while under thc influence of liquor but yso of the fine was suspended. He is alleged lo have figured in an accident in which .a' truck was dam- .iged. The case cf .Joe Humphrey, charged with driving whilp under the influence of liquor, was continued until Sept. 25. The case of David James, charged with embezzlement, was Irxlged to circuit court and the defendant was released on his own recognizance. Mrs. Minnie Lee Richardson has filed suit against Clarence D. Richardson, seeking a divorce on the ground cf .desertion. Percy A. Wright is attorney for the plaintifl. Dell News airs. -R. A. Grecnuay entered the walls hospital at Blythcylllc Friday for an appendectomy, she is reported to be dring well. J. H. Mullins. superintendent of !>ll school, made a trip to Osceola .0 return some b;oks to thc countv ibrary and secure some more for the school library. Miss Warrcne Brownlee the weekend in- Memphis. M. F. Brownlee, Mr. and spent Mrs. • •••• • »*nw ivno. lart Brcwnlee, Mr. and Mrs w E Potter motored to Jonesboro to spend Sunday allenicoii with Miss Ixiuise Brownlee -«ho is a student n Arkansas State Demonstration Club News Notes Community Fairs To Preced* County Event Home demonstration clubs of North Mississippi County arc h»v- lus tholr individual fairs to select l!:e best entries fcr community mid Individual contests of the comih Me to be held lieie Sept, ZG-Ocl. 1 All pt thc 28 clubs are having these exhibits during thc coming two weeks with prizes belnif offered 1» some ecmmunittes lii addition to honorary awards. Thc Armorel fair was held yesterday, Half Moon's Is being licit) tonight and Hie Lcachville club will hnve Its exhibit Thursday. The Civic club of Lwchviltc Is offering special prizes. .Miss Cera -Lee Colenmn, comity home demonstration agent. Is spon- soijng these fnire which are rating as "excellent" |jy Ihe extension dc- par.tment.. •products made by the members iu the pnst year Include beautiful embroidery, hcoklng, knitting, crocheting, needle point work, • tatting, quilting, sewing am! upholstering. Canada's Eligible 'Voters Estimated at 6,500,000 OTTAWA, Ojil, (UP)-Approxi- malely 6,500,000 men and'women .will be entitled to vote In Canada's next genera! election, here estimate. Of the total, about 4.876,000 probably will cast ballots .to elect the 19th Parliament. .,'':•. .. ;ln the lost Federal election on Oct. 14, 1935. there were 5,018,207 The flrsl im|!rr silo ever used In this sw.tlw bus bcni crrcli'rt by Jf 1, . Vcasman, fnrnier llvlnj 15 mill's ira) <if A paper silo, new in the world the first nnd net yet generally known In thc Mlasouth, has been erected by H. L,. Vcnsman, fanner living 15 miles west of Osceola, for thc first, ever used In this section. The silo, 16 feet In diiimelcr and 16 fcH high, is made of siioiv fencing nnd lined with n specially treated paper.'Constructed at n IN TIIC.' OI1I1KK CHANCKUY COUH'i', total ccst, of approximately $30, Die silo .Mill last, n number of years except for the paper, which must be replaced annually nl a cost of *"> for the only upkeep. Already filled with 41 tons of sll»B«, sir. Vcnsmiin Is ,13 enthusiastic with the result that, he js nlrcady erecting another silo of . - --a •-• ""w "i mmy f\Ml!l 11UVHI, UCICIUUIIH the some kind on his furm. Like .'Hie defendant, Mary lUilh Ilurst, C7S ,, voters and of these 4,-152,cast ballots, representing T5 Blscuss Fair Plans Plans for Uie Mississippi County Fair to be held here Sept. 27 through Oct. I were discussed at a meeting of the Yarb.rp Home Dcm- oiiEtratVon club last Tuesday afternoon when Mrs. Ellis Wheeler and Mrs. Elza Wheeler . were hostesses at the home of the latter. Reports were made on things available fcr the fair and each Per cent of Uie tolal. member was asked to make a dress for the .dress contest at the fair. Rules for.making the dresses were discussed. Roll call was answered with each of the 19 members and two visitors stating what they .had canned for 'the fair. A pobm .was then read by the vice president. | Mrs. Ernest .French gave a report on tlie studio conch made at Ihe club house Sept, 1 and 2 as a demonstration. Fiija) plans were made for. the scrapbock. Mrs. French received the prize in the contest .conducted during the social hour. Sandwiches, salad and cookies were served with iced tea. • The next meeting, which is to be ' in the form of a community fair, will be Tuesday, Sept. 19 in the home of Mrs. Ross Moore. Each member is urged to bring nil fo:ds canned for the fair nnd also a report on anything that she can furnish for Ihe booth. the second will be . filled wllh corn nnd so.v beans Besides Ihe initial | OW .cost <f the paper silo, the hvbor required to fill It only cost ajioul 00 cenls per ton to keep the 1,-lnl expenditure in a low cost brocket lor Oils large amount of feed. This <«lll be used to feed Mr. Vcnsmmi's Ijccf ctiltlc cliirliiff (lie winter for the curly spring market, CHICKASAWUA 01 STRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AflK- ANSAB. W. M. llmst, Mfilnllir, vs. No. 0060 Mnry Riilh lluvst, Defciulnnl. Is w»rn«i to appcsr within thirty Wj In the court named in the caption hereof unil .answer the complaint of llio iilglnlUI, W. Hurst. HllS -i\ doy of Aug.. 1030, . .HARVEY MORUS Qjcrk Neill Reed, AU>. for 1'ltf. Kd B. Cook, Ally, nd LUcm. 22-29-5-12 WARNING OKDKIt IN THK CIIANCE11Y COURT OP CI1IOKASAWBA ' D1ST11ICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AUK- .Clyde Nicholson. Plalntlir, VS. NO, 6087 .H. M. Nicholson, Pcfcnrinnt, 'J'Jio defendant. If. M. Nicholson, Is warned to appear williln tlih ty (ts)V In the comt pained jn the caption hereof an<J answer llio Nlcliolson. m^ thls !st "^ « HABVCT -MORRIS, 4-U Atty. /or 1'ltf, Vjigll Grei Ally ad Dtem, Ed Copk' &%, Clerfc 1-18-25 WARNING ORDER * -'. Billy Varnell fo warned to »»near In the Chancery Court ijr the GWckasawba • District' of i^|- flsslppl Cpunty, Arkansw, v^jthln Ihlrty d,nys after the date'hcreof, to answer a complaint fllcd agalnjl, fi'fli Jjy Carolj;i VArneU ' Datod< tin's Ausust 21, 1039, • jfAHVEY MORRIS Gieri Reid mid Eviard ',-• Attorjicys for Walntiff. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE COMPANY 5th & Main f , 95c DOWN $1.00 WEEK Patrol Covers Unknown Land In New Guinea RABAUL, .N'ew Britain (.UP) — Hitherto unknown tribes have been discovered in thc mountainous hinterlands of New Giilnea by a police patrol .which struck one of the last uncxplcrcd regions in the world off thc list. ; i" iwlrol was sent out t/p map mountainous country extending .10111 iiiouut Hagen, near the cenr tcr of the Australian mandated •wrttovy. westward lo ihe border of Dutch New Guinea and north- aid to thc southern tributaries of the Sepik river. It was led by District Officer J. L. Taylor, who was accompanied by Patrol .Officer J. R. Black, C. B. Walsh, a medical Straight Bourbon Say "iMakif Mine Cream" ...and sep why Cream .of Kentucky is the latest selling straight Jjptirbon Whiskey in the World I ..,,.,„ -^w>v<v v"«iv;5tJ. u . *V. ULilUt., O. I>. YVrtlOll, rt lllCOlLal The Rev. and Mrs. E.-J3. William's I.assistant,- and especially selected Mrs. A. W. Harris of Blytheville — • ' called on Mrs." O. Friday afternoon. Mr. .and Mrs.'Corlice Ol:-vcjr arc (ho parents of a bab/ boy. The It is an inflationary process: When the government borrows $100 from me, I hand over the suw to the government. Betcrc thc loan I hart thc hundred. After the loan the government has it. Thc amount of money in the country has not been increased by tnc l:an. The government will spend it instead of inc. Bui alien thc government borrows from thc bank it is different. The bank docs not hfinci over cash. It (jii'cs the government a credit on Its books. It, creates a deposit for thc government. It creates what is called bank money. It actually brings into existence an additional $100. After the loan is made there is a hundred d:llars more in the country than belore.-U it borrows a billion there is a billion dollars more. PRESCRiPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Bsqt Price* Kirby Drug StOreS CLARENCE H. WILSON Miss Martha. Frances Stevens, H APPY UOUH " MRT. 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EASY TERMS M5WPBSCES cm that Is in excellent condition 1 5th and Walnut r?»n« mt,9 tt , ?»^ J ''" S NOW AND SBLKCT A CAR OR '1KWK I'HOM OUH LARGE. STOCK OF-USED CARS AND TRUCKS. MbTOR GO. PfwneSlO

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