The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 24, 1946 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1946
Page 5
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FRIDAY, MAY 2<I, 19-1C BLYTHKV1LLB (AUK.) COUIUKH NEWS PAGE mi Farm Prices Show 93 Per Cent Gain Arkansas Increases Average Higher Than Over the Nation. " Farm land in Arkansas has increased In value more rapidly Ihe national average and is now JXI Per cent above prewar prices of the 1835-30 period, according to C. F. Lund, extension economist of the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture. The national average increase for the same perioc was '(1 per cent. "An inijxirtant point for prospective buyers and farmers of Arkansas to keep In mind," Mr. Lund said, "is that In most Instances the net income of farmers has probably reached its peak, They shonli consider, even more carefullv thai before, future debt repayment abil Sty before buying high-priced him or Inking on any other debts." Farm land values in Ihe yea available, rndar equipment will be Installed for Ihe same purpose. Eventually It Is hoped that the station can go lo work on inland storms, particularly the "blue nor- thers" thai plague the Southwest miring the cold months. To gain more" accurate information, it is planned to record wenlli- er data simultaneously at stations established by Ihe University Florida at coastal points In state. Dr. A. A. Jakkulu, chief of thc t Hint College Plans Research on Storms in Gulf COLLEGE STATION. Tex. (UP) -•Belying Murk Twnln's famous icliige, 1'cxns A. niicl M. College Is going to do something nboiu Ihc veatlKT. In the near future, n foundation eseaich project lor locating nncl racking storms In the Gulf o( Mexico will be instituted Ijy the college's EiiElneci'lng ExiMM'iment StiUion tn conjunction wiiii tlic electrical engineering department. The project will be sponsored lointly by a cliemieal company nnci an oil company. A weather station will be estnb- lishecl on tlic campus and at least one potnl on the Gulf const, nncl storms and tlisturbanccs bullying LlTn,E ROCK, May 23. (UP1 — their way up from the tropics Into payrolls in the slate 'showed n :i.2 the underside of the United States ,,,,,. ceM llu . lcasi , (ov Uu! vveck cu(i . will be tracked and logged by radio j, lg A | )r jl is ocvr Hie same week direction finding equipment. When •», March, Stale Labor Commls- Englneerlng Experiment Station, mid M. C. Hughes, head of the elcclrlcnl engineering dcpaiiment, have gone to arrangements weather with Ida U. sloner M. K. Oass ntuiouiiceo 1 . Rolls or 1,018 firms reporting totaled $1,312.367. The average pay for the week In April was f31.30, compared will' »30.3(i for MniTli, Goss Bald. Employment for the April week amounted to 41,860 persons coinpm'- cd with 41,840 iu March. Gainesville to make for Joint study of scientists at Plov- Payrolls in Arkansas For April Show Gains NOTICI: Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned will within lite time fixed by law apply to the commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for a permit to sell beer nt retail lit Rose & Highway No. 18, Hlytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states (hat he Is fltlxcu of Arkansas, ol sood mornl character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude: that no license to sell beer by the undersigned bus been revoked within five years last past; and that the under- sigiied hns never been convicted o] violating the laws of this slate, of any other state, relating lo Ihc s of alcoholic liquors. George Wilson. There 1 uro Jive nuijor >>ut>lrrr:i- K'ati ruu'.s in AvL.ill 11 .^. Subscribed and sworn to before "e this '13 day of Muy, IDIii. Mi's. Mnrslmll llbckiinl My commission expires n'l.uvh' u!! ft WELL KNOWN NAMt' lonl; let lur liirlu'-1. <[ii:ility in iispiiin. l'll>l. Mrlimi, lli>p.'t!'l:|l'llily tiMil plllily limlx' SI. .(>> t'l'li '•'• n:unr til tmsl. K"IH1 lilllU'. ('"1, M, ,l.i:rpll AMpilill, ivni Id's liirr.rsi. rvH.-r nl. !»<•, Kavo t-Vi'll UK-HI on tin- l<») l:il.'li:Ui:r, :!,V. Rcuil Courier News Want Ads. IS GETTING UP GETTING YOU TKotuandi uy Uuoui d<Htui''r diicovcry givei bleiied relief from irritation of the bladder caused by exctu iciilily in the urine Wily Mlllc, nteJlr.,!,- ho,,, 1,.,|'I<,K I M, riln-ilowii fcrllug lium c-\cvs» itt'iiiliy ill tile mine) Ju,t try Pit. KU.MrU'.': SWAMI' HOOT, <ln. irinnrm-il I,, i: -.1 nudJclric. SWAMP ROOT ucli f.'sl IMI Hie kidneys It, uruinot* ll.c How ,,l m i, u - ami rvlirve ItuitUesomc cxttb* avijllv. Cht^l- nnlty cteatcij by * iiiACIUItu; iil.yski in, Dr. KIliiKrV li n cKri-hilly Mi-mlnl cun.lil- n»lli>n of 16 hpi-lu, iuot». x-iK^t<><'^ >•. I'M •aim. Altiolutrly nothing linral, m li.^ill- lo, ruin, In tl.l, ., mi . (ctnilll'ic i'i,-;- , ,lion. Juil [..n.l Inirtilkllti H...t .;..,. 1.1,' •tt oil Ihc Ictillkeya lo lucreim' the Mot, til .Mill, jn.l rn> r ,l' s eon,Iull3 of MiiXlin Ini- I.lion. All dlHElMl .ell Sw..l,li> «nol. I'.aby Chii'liS SI.W tci Sl'J.OO lirr HID. :( ihivs lo •! wi-clis iilil--.\l Slorr l-\'i'ils :^ml Sujliilics. W.vM'i'll I'm- ami sIli-IU'il I'orn -All ur.ldi^. lino lillshvl HI' - l " ls - ^'Ill-ill - Uailcv - iMfiillu H:»' ami I'oul- Iry iif ^,1 li/Hil-., I'ay li'l 1 iu.n'Ui-1 })l il'rs, Elevcitor Feed Store N. llh UnvulH-iy ul Hi: Cn>v.ln ; .1. .1, li-'ld, M«r. N E,U R I T IS, A R ? til R I T J $, RHEUMATISM These three monsters hkve'enttced mart pata Ntdfaf* ferlng than all other human tUmebti coml (luring thc past 60 years Mountain .Valkjf ; tliem diiy In and day out; and hM to iU I notable victories. Probably 6 to,t |l*a ' urnl alkallno water may be th|r-crw*M have ever known. Try It for 10 day*. > CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP, Main und Division BfrthrriBt, Alfc. Need a 24-hr. Service ending March I, 19415, increased by 13 pcr_ccnt. Tills increase hns been exceeded in only two years, 1920 and 1P44, llic economist, pointed out. The rise in per acre values during tlic World War II period i.s no\v as great as during World Wni I. Volume of sales dropped slightly during Hie early part of 1015. but this dctTcasc was more than offset by the increased volume during the last nin p months of the year. A substantial part of this Increased volume is due tn thc increase of re- sales after short periods of ownership, Mr. Lund explained. One on: of every seven farms was re-sok at hiRher prices after ownership of less than two years. While more than half the sales have been fo> cash, and this is true also in Arkansas, many of the sate.s have involved assumption of heavy indcb! cdncss. The (erminalion of the war lias k n.s yet had little moderating effec the farm land market, said 'Mr Hind. Shortly after the end o the war there was some innicatio: or a slackened demand for tarn products. Luler developments, how ever, have brought out new short ages with a definite tightening o the food situation. The recon amount of liquid funds in the hands j of farmers and a conlini'ini:short-j aye of goods lo purchase hav? ' tended to push land prices to inflationary levels. Much of the current high demand for farm products is likely to be temporary in nature and not likely to support continuing high land prices. Mr. Lund believes. Expeclations of lower farm product prices and lower income levels in the years ahead, along with a recollection of the collapse in land values that followed World War I may have a tempering effect on the demand for farms, according to the economist. Apparently these factors have llcm more than offset by the stronger inflationary forces and there is nn indication that average farm land prices have yet reached their peak. Landys' Beauty Shop 2003 .W. Main (Stv. Phone 3990 ; Landys Rowlett Radio Service Refrigerator Service Fred Lawler ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. \V. Adams, Mgr. Phnnc 20T1 Z0«-08 W. Main Washer, Ironer and Gas Engine Service Philip Firl Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Ke- palred. Ivan R. Van Patten Your Sales Representative for Blythevillc and all of Northeastern Arkansas The ARKANSAS Automobile Club Affilialed With Amcr. Auto Association A. A. A. Residence 418 So. Lake Residence Thone 2-109 Bl.YTHEVILLE, ARK. WALLPAPER IHadA Bad I\. Yesterday Nope, if wasn't lightning, but something tluit knocked me just about as cold as lightning sometimes docs ihis tis'.ic or year. You sec, the reason I was off thc job in s»io runts of Btytheville for a couple of hours yesterday, we/s thai some- thing happened to burn out the three big cables (cadi one about the size of a man's wrist) that carry mo and all the other kilowatts from the big 110,000-volt sub-situ ion down at the Ark-Mo Power Company plant into the swifcliincj room where we're sent out to work in the various parrs n! She city. TAXI ii Call Bonded and Insured Bill WunoVrJfch CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For u quick sale Hi't me. I have buyers for honM. List your properly with me. My commission \M Vfa. no siiU'lini'H. H. C. CAMPBELL Oftlfu I'iO H«. Svcnnd FURNITURE of course, wo don't get all we could sell, but as we get It our ' pulley will lie first come, fli'fit served. A!vin Hardy Furniture Co. 0t KitHl M;iin ' Phone 2392 All our KmployccM nre Vl»r Vetfntu. Split seconds after it all happened, of course, more than a score of the fellows down at the electric company—linemen, servicemen, operators, engineers—were on the job and working fast and furious to get me back on my feet again. It's just like when the gas line on your automobile breaks in two. No matter how much gasoline you have in the tank, the.fhing'.just won't percolate 'til the damage has been repaired, And in a case (ike yesterday, it wasn't just one line, but three of 'cm burned out all at'the same time. You should havc seen those fellows. They didn't lose a minute's time in their efforts to get me back in service again so the food in your refrigerator wouldn't spoil, so your radio would play, and so you'd have plenty of light to read by last night. Whoro Your Flowers Are—You Aral Ouu eiiU to us wil! arrange to have your rcmcmbrnnccH sent, nut just' on«e, but month after month. Ask about this plan. T^FWWER SHOP r.r.l). Service W« Ddtar . -181 Mr.. J. M. (MM) WUlUim, MMr HAYS IMPLEMENT CO. •M K. M:.ln, .Bljlhfvlll*, Ar^, P»M>n« »•! n; SALES AND SERVICE OF J. i. CASE EQUIPMENT Just Received a shipment of CASE HAMMER FEED MILLS 8 Inch $105; 10 Inch $129.50 , ... '• -\i j ••• ... '. .»i 48c •«'« Washable Light fast Now Now 32c 20c 22'/ 2 c Wallpaper 1C C Now '** E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER 60, It took real teamwork and "know how" to get tUe i«b done as fast as it was. But that's what comes when busincss-inunagod companies like Ark-Mo Power furnish your ehcfiic service. Red tape and politics don't hold up the job; instead you huvc inc assurance that the experience and hard work of the r.-.ori und women in your electric company will always get the job done in the most expedient way, 'cause their business is to serve you. Of course, we do want to apologize for the inconvciiiorico caused so many of our good friends and customers, ^oi'luiig 'ike this has happened in many many years, and wc'Ii <.' ;? c : .:i cJcrd level best not to let it happen again if humanly p-«ok. We're glad that, because we'd planned c;hc<r;l Ft.;- i'.;cii an emergency, we were able to keep the "juice" goi:i3 i;i s< Liij p^rt of town and that at least one of our fine hospitals was plcr.iiruily supplied with the dependable, low-cost electric service VC'VQ hi the habit of rendering and our customers have a right ro expect. Ark. Mo. Power C A Tax-Paying Citizen In Every Commmi'ity Wo Servo USED CARS WANTEJI We will pay you the full O.PA Ceiling plus your extra equipment. If you are going (o keep.your present car let us fty? you an estimate on reconditioning your motor, body inul CYcclil 1 1 1 mis c:in hc'arrnngcd. .Tires, Tube* aod Mud home r.'iilios for sale. • • " • ' •> Lee Motor Sales, Inc. Ol(!smo!)ilc Kast Main St. CMC Trucks Phme 519 for the big in««ct approaching. season Have Your Property Sprayed With D. D.T- Like the U. S. Government Uses Boyett .Spraying Co. is / : ^ T •', equipped to do just that. You can help rid your community .of 'pesky insects by - 1 -" ,:J/ calling Phone 3602 BOYETT DDT Spraying Co. Offices Temporarily Located II I f . Vim St. Geo. (Buddy) Boyett — Owners — Fred i«|»tt Jr.

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