The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, April 26, 1947
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLIV—NO. 30 Biythevill* Dallj BlytbevUl* Courier Blythcvlllc Herald Mississippi Valley THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST" MISSOURI HLYTIIKV1U-B, ARKANSAS, SATUKDAY, Al'Ull, 20, 10.17 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS A. T. & T. Stands 'Ho Wage' Hik Make Attorneys Of Arkansas Set Aside One Day Of Convention For Tax Study; Reid And Fendler To Appear On Program Bolt Business Shows Committee To Delve Into Sale Which Cost $16,000,000 WASHINGTON, April 20. (U.P.)—Tocl|)lioiu> striUo iu> Koliiilioiis resumed to dsiy MS some uniuiis od'ered to jro back lo work for n one-cent an hour wajfu jicrwisv the rest of their revised wage demands are Bui th c offer, made by Chicago* strikers, \viis rejected by the Illinois lieil Telephone Co. The Boil system appeared to be holding firmly to its original position—no wage Increases except, such as may fcc (ieterjnincd by local arbitration. <'imip:uiy Gives Ni> (iniuiul federal conciliators made new attempts to break the wage deadlock at three separate meetings al tho Labor Department here. Coti- ciliBtors concentrated on trying to obtain a priUern-scUing pact be- t.'.vcen Ihc American Telephone and Telegraph Co., and the lung lin f :s union. The concilialors reporledly were 'ryitig to j:crsuade Ihc A. T. and T. to offer thc strikers a wage increase of S3 n week—25 per ccnl of what tlie strikers originally demanded and half of what they now demand. Tho $6 demand was rejected last night by tho company. ^ -Negotiations were resumed amid raes hy the National Federation Telephone Workers (Ind.) that Chesapeake f;, Potomac Telephone Co. here ir> employing gov- (.rrnment workers on a part-time Insis j:s "strike-breakers." Tbn charge was made by Carlton Werkau. 1-3FTW strike director. He- said thf! union is investigating lo "determine whether thc .strikebreakers were recruited through government channels or by the company." A company ppokesman said "some hnndfulis of volunteers have been. working evenings and over weekends." but. that the company h;ul no campaign to recruit volunteers. The Illinois -Bell rejected, the one-cent an hour Droposal—which v-;ou!d rnnount to 40 cents a week —on grounds it was an attemnt to "force "n agreement to a 'down payment 1 on wages before activat- G'nncilliators Stopped Cold Separate meetings also were in progress here bet-ween the Southwestern 'Bell Telephone Co.. and thc affiliate of the ell System, and tlie southwestern Telephone WorK- ers Federation: aiv> between thc Western Electric Co., mamifaclur- iliK subsidiary of Ihe A. T. & T. • i^j^ thp Western Electric Employes Both sides in thc long lines dispute maintained a stand-pat attitude as they resumed negotiations—the union insisting that the company make some wage offer anr, Iho. comoany holding out foi arbitration of the disputed issues of a community basis. It was understood that government conciliator^ were Lrying to net "nny kind" of a wage offer Mi" thertrv that this would sim- nlifv snhition of other issues anc bring a quick settlement. • Robert Creasy, vice president the long lines union, said A. T ur.d T. officials admitted in tuitions that business had beei booming and that there was question of the company's ability to meet t.hc 15 cents an hour wag pattern set. by "big steel" last week G. S. Drills, an assistant A. T GF.OUOI-: E. UM;I>\, .IK. United Tress Stuff Correspondent WASHINGTON, April 21i.. (U.P.) A sjiccial House committee today sought to fix responsibility for lh< iale of near all Ihe nations war airplus nuts and bolts lo a pi. firm at an estimated loss to the government of over 5:6.1100,000. Seek Kick-ISac* "That contract, is unepnsciam and we intend lo find oiu what government official \va= responsible for it." Committee Clnirma! Ross Rb.ley, R., okla , said. "If any kick back was involved, wo are going lo see that legal steps are taken at once." Tho contract WAS mud* between the War Assets Administailiun and the Palmer Nut and IJolt company in April, isiu. Tliuj far, vhe Dclroit company has paid tho WAA approximately $1.000,000 for 65.000 Ions of material. Ri/.ley said that both WAA and :ompany officials have been "ox- .remely vange" as to hov (he con- ract terms were reached. "liut vc arc goiii'; to push ihia until ve find out," he said. The committee, which is invcsli- ;aling surplus jiroperty v.Jcs. coi;- •ludes its hearings on ihc mil and bolt contract today. But Hizlaj said his investigatin.; strife would "work on unlill it, is cleaned tip. Ctmcluct Qacsllonal)!.; The company's contraut callcc for purchase of Ihc nutc/ia! au $22.50 a Ion. Bid Ridley .said tliM testimony before th.j commiUte demonstrated that, nm'.l\ of it cocld have been ;;o!d for anywhere from SBO to 56,000 a ton. Rixloy said the conduct of the Palmer Company was "highly questionable" throughout the deal. He said officers of the firm had made the contract with WAA "before they had even otganizctl Ihc company." "There is something very shady about a situation where a group of people make a contract with the government and then organize a company lo carry il out." lie said. "Furthermore, Ilia tc.stimonv shows that they were payir.;; another company a c«i;ii!iK!!:vl fee of five per cent -»n,-| ihi;t i s ji- -legal under present sUlutc.-;." He was refcrrini; lo testimony given yesterday O y Le'iloi Arwin, secretary of 'the Palmer Company. Arwin said that his firm had paki five per cent of the purchase price Ihc material to tlv Ar-o Mer- Detroit. The 40th nniuml meellni: of thc I Arkansas liar Association May 1-3 Little Hock will mark the fiist slate cotivcntiou of attorney:; to foa- ure a day set aside fo 1 . 1 at'paintx 1 iL'.sstons of the section on taxation incl the Junior liar SeclHn. President Max 15. Held. Biytheville attorney, said today in nnnounclnt; thc two and a half day program. Tax Justice lo., Sprat; Tills meetini; of attorneys fium lln-oiiijlioul Arkansas will \x> lilch- liuhtetl by nddrcsscs by tlirc:- hiwh- rankini; men of tl>e legal imiicsilon. he said. Durlnij the coiwciitl'in. the As^oeiution will hear talks Iw Ih 1 ilonorahle liolln II. Turner of Washington. I). C.. 1'residini: Justice ol (he United Stales Tax Cunn,; Jir.l h ;e William L. Viindeventor of llv.- Siuingneld, Mo.. Court of Aniuvils: and the Honorable Halton W. Sum- ni'fs, lormer Congressiurin from '1'exas. It v.'ill be during this mwtiiu; :hal the CommiKsion on Court l!a- :trt;anizaUon will make its i-ejjoit on the l/amar Williamson n'n»i for niiiK the stale's juiitr.lal sys- toiu. The Commission, however, wiU nako r.o recomineiulatiou for immediate approval by the Ass'iciiuion of the plan, Mr. Itcid saiiL Instead, the Commission will restate il.s eal'licr recomir.end-u ion tiiat Ihe Williamson plat) bo studied for another year. The plan In its present form in thc hand;; of the Commission is the first tentative re-draft of the proposal. Mr. Koid pointed out. This convention will alM> unrk thc first time that un advance sec- lion of Ihe proceedings conltihilnu copies of all commlltcc reports has been sent lo members prio" to Ihc inceling's opening. This has been done. Mr. Held explained, .so that members may give the reports more consideration before Ihelr adoption than Is possible hy hearing them read once during the hnsiress sessions. I'emllcr tn Address Ciioup Although the convention pro|>cr Iwgtns Friday, May 2. the minimi meeting will be opened ihl.s year on Thursday, May 1, Ihe newly- added day for taxation and Junior liar .Secllon sessions. Following registration al 0 n.'ii. j Thursday, Ihe sessioti on discussion of taxation will convene ut 10 o'clock with F: Charles Eichcnuauni c/f 1.11- lle Kock, I'liiiirmnn of (he Commlltcc on Taxation, presiding. Nine allrr- neys will discuss various phase* of taxation. Oscar Fendler, Biytheville nltor- ncy. will address the group on Corporate Dividends nncl Tax Law S2c- tion 10'J. Section 102, Mr. Fond'cr explained, relates to levying n surtax on the net Incomes of e\ery corporation formed or av.illcci of lo prevent Imposition of the surtax upun Ihe .stockholders !>/ permit- ling thc: corporate canu.igs to accumulate instead of helms distributed. Oilier taxalion topics anil spsiik- cr:; follow: Resume of New Tux Laws—I.egislnlure of 1917. JosL'pl Morrison of Stuttgart; Tnxdlloii Problems ot Small ISns'.ne.iS, Bert H. Uuvy of Trxarkana; I'arliH'ishlp nr Corporation. A. 1,. Harbor of I.H- tle Kock; Oift Tuxes, I'Y.M'.k (1. Urliluos Jr. of 1'ine liluiV; Tux Consequences of Buying tmd S?lUni; Heal Kslalc, John 1). KMrldge Jr. lluylng and Selling Sfninliri, Krai M. I'lckfiix Jr. of Newport; Had Heliis rind Worlhless Security \Vi lie- oils. Prank J. Wills, l.lli'o I'.O'.k', and Valuation of Rcnl Ut.tale for Kstati- and Cilfl Tax Purpose.-;, J. 1,. Shaver of Wynne Justice Turner, it former l.till'- Hock nllorney, will acldres' a j.iiut luni'heon-meelhig of the i^ruiip with the l.lllle Rock liar Asaudalion at 12:30 p.m. at the Lar-'ayctle Hotel, convention headciuarlers. Kohl Will filve T.illi Wllli Cliairman Paul iinllin:; of Cio.ssotl, presiding, the Junior liar Section - composed of huvycrs undi r years of age—\vi]l convene in II-.; flrsl M'parale session al V.:3n. Alter hearing cimunillce reporcs ami ll.f report of iho chnlnnnn. the gioup will hold it,s iinnuul election of of- HiTrs. A (linnin'-dancc for Ihe Junior Bar .Secllon Is seini'liilctl fur 1:31). l!c[;iimlng with registration at !l a.m.. the conveiillon pi'o,K'r will j;cl underway Friday, May 2. 'I tie lirsl business session will convene at 1C o'clock with Cirover T. Owens (if Little Kock, chairman of th,: Committee, presiding. iiL'pnrls of Ihc Kccrclm'y-treasurci 1 . the Airlit- Ing Committee and the Juiiuji 1 y:c- tion chnirman will be heard at meeting. This session will be capped by an address, "We Arc Life Tenants," by Hnv Association President l?el;i. Following a luncheon al 12: |j spun- .sored by the Little Hock Association of Women Lawyers, Mr. H'.'ld will preside ut the afleinoon ses- filon. opening ut 'i. o'clock. Afler a discussion of Ihe 13;ii- Association Clroui) Insuciincc- Plan and Ihe Courl llt'OE'Kanlbalion C.t:n- mlssUm's report, the giou)) will lu'ai 1 reports from Ihe following comm!ilees: Memorials, Pnbllviillnn of Journal, Inleurallon. Kxecutlv,? mul Hesolutkitis. Ailmlssion of new mcmo^r.i will take place following volim; on nmeiulmcnts lo the ll,\r A^socla- lioti Conslltullon. Tl'.e iinmi'i 1 . elve- llon of of fleers will close this meet- m lr . Al the nuiiintl bomnH'l nt 7:'i''(, dm* Vuntlovt'nlrr will ;u1iliTM (In; ssocitillon on '"I'lit? l)ocu>r iintl lln* uwyt'i', u CtnujnirkUlvii Anulyj is." Chnncnllor l-'runcts Cherry i^l .inin-s- hoMi will Hem; as toiisdnusLvr The Unul wsston will 'junvi'iic ul 10 .Sutui'day with Mr. Hrhl ptosltlii;^, Afiiir rp|nnt,s o( cnminll- tcc.s on ConsLHiiLioniil Chunuoi; unil un I,^K»1 li^stlLnUis. .li>i» C, liar- iTti uf JniH'.sbm'o, dolr^'.it" Iti tliu Anii'i'Uini Jinr AsswhUlon, Will iSt.iltc his rf]Hirl. The CommiLU'c on Iti-.s- oUillntiK will nuikv its final President Greets Secretary Of State At Washington Port WASHINGTON, April 20. (U.P.)—Secretary of State Gcoi-tfo C. Maraluill returned to thu capital today from AloHcow lit 10:311 a. m. KST. President Truman was at, thc National Airport to greet thu rL'luniinjf Sucrctary when liis air transport command' — Taft Opposes Ball Amendment f (i ('#«! .lusl-iliiy ii tin;!' ConKn>.sMii;in iS il iKlih'ess thu Assddutl'j udjmirimiiHil of the con Reef Activities In Hollywood To Be Probed BV GKANT 1HIXMAX (United I'rcss Staff Correspondent)! WASHINGTON. April 'IS. (UP) —. Thc long-delayed investigation by' the House UnAmeri:an Activities Comtniltce into alleged Communist efforts to capture the Hollywood movie capital will begin early next month, thc committee announced today. Hep. Richard M. Nixon. II., Calif., o member of the commillcc. said Nixon some committee members •.vere convinced that the Communists had succeeded in inserting their propaganda in American films for A: T. vice president, declined lo I0r discuss crcascy's statement. chandising Company Desnte reports thai government " ^ u '"i">".> conciliators were talking of a S3 ware there was no indi- tfmlion that Ihe company would "o'oir.p'.y. Nor was there nny evi-1 deuce that the National Federation of Telephone Workers (Ind.) would nr-rriJthal amount, even if offer- To HoJd Duqan Rifres TomrrsoBTO Ai Halls, Tenn, Keep Blankets Handy A liiih cf 63 degrees was recorded here yesterday with a low oE 41 degrees being recorded last night, according to Robert E. 'Blay- lork, official weather observer. N. Y. Stocks AT&T Amcr Tobacco .... Anaconda Copper .. Heth Steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors ....... Monlgomer yWard . Int Harvester ..... Nnrtli Am Aviation . Republic Steel Kadio Socony Vacuum .... Kturiebakcr Standard of N J Texas Corp Packard ston, president 1 , of, lure associal inn. NixTii said the subconimitlee ivrlnd lo find that Communism in ollywood was a vertical affair' extending from the labor unions Khc bottom on up Ihrough Ihc nks. of wrilcrs nii{l teclmicians some of thc industry's top a-;TS. ; The .subcommittee's investigation : Eisler, lie said, "will play an iiportanl part in the later ovcr- I invcstigalior.—whicli is lo look Ho the long-rumored charges nf ommimist infiltration of the mo- e industry." Eisler's estrangefl .sister. Tlu'ih ischer, described him to thc com- it.tec as a "Communist, in the •ulosophical .sense." She also sakl c was "close" to his brotlior earliart. described as a top aycnt f the Communist internalionale. But sh c said she did not bclicre f.uin.s was as ''dangerous" as Gear- art whom she characterized as icrciless infonner. O'earharl Eisler ccenily pleaded innocent to chares of contempt of Congress and n? c pirt clasificniion. One .source said Die committee :'.d information indicating Innns may be the most important vitncss ever to come before thc* •iniinittcc. He. said Ihc evidence inked hnnd. s closer to Moscow than his brother. .. lG-1 04 fi-8 M 1-J 01 3-1 3-6 1-2 Funeral Services will be held tomorrow afternoon in Halls. Tcnn. lor Horace Ju;;gan of South Franklin St., Elythcvillc, who died ycs- Icrday morning in a Memphis hospital. He was 4B. Complete plans have not licci jnnde for funeral riles. He is survived bv his wife, Mr,; Ada D»:;gan; a son, Jark Dnggan three daughters, June. Virginia am -2 Rose Diiggnn. all of Blythcvillc four sisters. Mrs. D. F. Cirady o! Halls. Mrs. S. M. Gamble and 'Mrs E. G. Green of Memphis. -Mrs. Z AT. Hughes of Hayti. Mo.; hi: mother, Mrs. W. A. Duggnii o Ifaicy. Tenn.. ami brother. V. n Weather 50 1-2 i Diigfian of Memphis. 80 3-4 j Cobb Funeral Home is in chart; B 3-4 25 1-S R 14 0-3 ARKANSAS; Partly cloudy, wnr ID 1-8 nier west nnd norlh portions' lodns 06 7-5 | Little temperature change lonigh 57 3-'l I Sunday Increasing cloudiness wit 6 1-1 a few .scattered .showers. 'Kiddie League 1 Idea Spreads; w York Schools May Use Plan The success of Blythcvil'.u's "Kiddie league" football program for grade school boys has impressed New York sports enthusiast who left yesterday with plans and inftrma- lion for tile proposed cstablishnicnt oi a similar program for the youth of the nation's largest city. He is Everett Martin, a merchandise broker. Accompanied by Kus«)11 Campbell, owner of Miss Whlt- sitt's and thC'Vogue shops here. Mr. Martin witnessed Thursday night's games staged by Ihe youthful grid- men. Mr. Mnrlln thought league was "a wonderful Ihins Mr. Campbell related, and on h return lo New^ York will school boards llieic in an attein; lo set up a similar physical eclnrr lion program for grade sthoul lj:>> Mr. Martin has carried out srmil' programs in baseball for New Yor youths. He took with him inimeroi;.-; new paper clippings and other info mation on the program here. Tl a gra progra Kiddie League is part of school physical education Chinese Reds Free Americans Military Attaches Barely Escape Trial For Espionage Hy WALTER I.OOAN (jnilcil I'ress Stall' Correspondent NANKING. April 2(i. (UP)—MaJ, fioi)ert Rigg atul Capt. J31111 Collins United Slates assistant military attaches released by the Chiuese Communists yesterday after 55 days of captivity, revealed today lhat Ihey burely escaped trial for cspionago by a "people's court." Al a news conference, '.he two ii,said they were saved Irom ttial 1 'a charg^ wlljch woulrt. carry thfx it^Jpnly -hy''tho(;jntcr- IjXChu Teh, Ctnimuolsl' commahder. .in chief. Chu balked the pltms of Li Li-San, Moscow-trained political advisor in the Communist Maiiehuriau cotn- mander, \vhcn he ordered thai the Americans be released. Receives Tribute Seek Solution Oi Palestine Puzzle UN Fact Finding Commission Enlists Aid of Jews, Arabs Ohio Senator Says That Would Be Going A Little Too Far V.y IlrtiVMONI> LAHH irnittle I'ri'ss Staff Corrrsponilcnt] WASII1NOTON, April '2(1. (UP) — ihalnnun lioberl A. Tnft of the Senate Labor Commlllcc today cx- iresscd opposition lo a propo:ril ou.lawlmt Industrywide .strikes iiuler (he Anti-trust laws. The pliin, siwnsored ]>y Sena. Joseph H. Ball, ft., Minn., [.net lliurj I 1 '. Byrd. D., Va., would miikc ln- luslrywldo ntrlke.s or "monopnlisllc 1 liulusti'ywlde coniruc'c subject to II (would permit In- duslrywldc bnrgHlalm; !c there were no Industrywide Tuft told repor'.if.'s lie did no' want lo go lhat (ar. He Indlcali'i he wns content for the time beln: with another iiinendmcnl which would free local unions from "cocr- I Tlie Ohio Republican said he don" by niitloiuil unions. President Pleased with Marshall Several thousand persons were il Die airport for thc return ot Marshall from th c Big Pour Foreign Ministers' conference. "I know that when you make our rrpriit to thc people," thc 'resident said, "Ihey will he wc!l Iciiscd also." The President out short,a cruise on the Potomac to go out to Na- lonal. Airport lo greet the rcturn- ig secretary -when hl s four-en-' glned )>!anc landed here. Miuslnill lold Ihc President he UK "profoundly Impressed" by trie FrcslrleiU's greeting and by the. rcmcndous crowds at the Air Transport Command Terminal which welcomed him home. '' Mirsliall salrt he took It as a tri.-.' bulB to the efforts he and his 'as- 1 soclutc.s hive been making to carry ou l thc nallon'.s policies. Marshall will make his report to the "people in a radio brbad- ensl Monday nlRht. at. 8:35 p.m. TJic liroailciust will be carried over all nuijor rnciio networks except Cotimibin nroadcastlm: System. •As Mnrshall stcppsd put of'his piano and looked at the large crowd, he said: "I become more favorably 'im- pr<"scd with America all the time. "I and my nssoriatcs had an 1m- iiorbnt mission.- We atterr-pted to i'i our b^st in the interests of the iblTI'LB ROOK. Ark.. April (UP)—Secretary of the 'Treasury «y UOllKttT MANN1NO (United I'rcss Staff C'lirrrspondenl LAKK SUCCESS. N.Y , April 'JO • UP)—A campaign wns brewing lo- day to put each of Ihe big Ilvn ]ji)\vc]'s as well as Jcw.s and Arabs on the United Nations Inct-flndlm! commission which will Iry lo fit together tl,c puralc of Pnlcstlne., mo ahtl bu put to a vote probnbly It will collide with u drive >t>yincxl week ' " other membcrti of the UN. chiefly,l An earlier test of/Tatls teadeftUtp small counlrk'S. to limit Ihc rirn.-1 uiin'-i rnmn ' Jccted fncl-flmllng body lo "" -^ ll »- cnmo trn! stales 1 ' which have no malor stake In thu future of the Holy Land. Argentlnn, It was learned. Dockef Woman On Assault Charge Grnovn. Bohanan, Negro, .ticketed loihxy in Municipal C;>urL j ni charges of assault with intcnl I o kiil in conntictioti with thc hoolir.r.; of Eddie Lee Davis, Ncf;ro, Dircc weeks ac;o at her liomc in :hc Enrliatn AtUHtion. A prelinn- \Y.\i'j hearing of the case was set lor Monday. DAvi s was dismissed yostorclay from a hospital here, where he hsvl been in pnor co^^'tioii ^incc the shootiiitf- He was shot with a .'-iB raliher nisLcl arid UIR bullel. had led in the buck of his neck. Aftor her arrest, the Kohanan ivomati tolrt officers Dnvi.s had been nhoi, when he turned on her durintf "an argument April G over .nother man and woman. Davis was taken to his home ypstcrriay .still bedridden ami it appeared doubtful he \vonld he able lo jippcar in court for thc Monday hearing. Riggs and Collins said they were held in solitary confinement, for 31 days and were repeatedly threatened with torture in an eflorr. lo make them confess lhat Ihey were opcriil- itig ns Kuomintaug spies. Both men -said tney wci'e given numerous "hearings" heroic thc so- called "Iribunal" and lhat they were repeatedly called liars when they denied the Communl.-- 1 , charges. After dm Te'n ordered their release, they were given belter treatment. They were even taken on a sight-.seeing tour of Harbin. Rlgg said the Communist'; Ir.lff both he and Collins thai they wort held as "prisoners of war "and insisted lhat "lunrturc was permitted under inlcninlionril law." Rigg said lhal he and Collins ivcrc ' not pcnnitlcd to iominoniralc willl I carll oilier. During fovir indiv ; appearances before Ihc "tribunal" thc Communists "Iricd lo play us against earh olhei'," he said. Rigg said he and Collins, acre panicd hy an inlerpretcr ind a '. :hi- ncse driver, moved loward ihc Tight- ing fronl lo gel hifonnution al lime when Ihe Communists w. rcporlcd to be within 13 mile:-: of Changchun. Rigg \vn.s woiried ab :ut his family, which was i.icalcd in Cliangchnn. he said. ' They were captured when they came upon a Communist sentry p isl in thc area which was si.pposcdH hekl by government troops, said they were forced Ic accompany the Communists in thc with drawal which began on iho night they were caplured. They ^ere forced lo march for 30 hours with only a one hour rest, he .said. Collins' feet, fro/en while.- he was a prisoner of war in Germany. a< r rain became When h: refused to walk further, his captor* first threatened him willi.bayonets, then placed him on a cart. They were placed in so'iitary confinement upon Ihcir arrival in Harbin. John W. Snydcr Little fflock tcday will arrive in lo attend thc unveiling of a portrait of himself at the cnpitol tomorrow. The picture WSLS given thc stale by several Arkansas bankers and business men. The unveiling will be at 2:30 p.m. Thc picture nalnted by Greta Kemplon of Washington who will be in Little flock lo attend the ceremonies. thought the latter amendment lo United States and the world the pending Inhor hill would check p-'nlo n-n have iho renco of mind the recent trend toward imlionn! n>id rmnfnrts of .Ufa-jo which Ihey bargaining. He pointed out that the senate labor bill called for further study of Industrywide bargaining •by a Joint copgressionil committee. Tim Industrywide bargaining rc- slrlclloh favored by Taft was re- Jccle < | by Iho Ijibor Committee. I 1 , will bo offered as un amendment however, on thc lloor of the Scn- are entitled ns p soon.-as Confrr«nr« TnmorrflwS ' \i\ At thn plrnnrt with W Truman,.' to precis Marshall were Undersec-:' relary of State Dcnn Achesqn: "nn. Tom Cpiinally, D.,;'Tex.,: Bnd 'Vcrrfnrv of Commerce ; W. Averell ' Abandon Hope For Trapped Gold Miners fonncrly pioimsc that the big pow- , er.s and Arabs and Jews gci .se.vs In Ihe commission when the UN General Assembly slinls debate on the Holy Lund problem Monday. Tlie Argentines want a non-vollng seat Tor the Jewish Agency for Palestine, one Arnb slate, five neu- | courage union trnl suites ami the big five. There were "o Indlcallon.i that Ihc Argentine move would be frowned on by Ihc big powers. Thc United males, orjal llrltnln and Russia—all deeply etitimgled in the Palestine Issue—arc afraid to pass up a voice In even Hie mo-sl ( t memory UN proceeding on Pales- line but Ihey arc equally shy abour demanding seals. , Kach obviously wants thc other to speak up first. Wllh the opening fl.sscmbly session only two d | s off. Big three spokesman maintained cxiraorillnary silence about thc positions their governments w r ill lake on .such QiinstSons as the big powers role in the- proposed UN fnc'-finding npcrnlinn mid the role of Jews . who have no government lo speak for them nncl counteract the voie.s of Arab-stales in Ihc general »:;srmbly. Their positions un- doubledly will determine Ihc outcome. •twllj^comc ohj anpljier amendment, •^ slfCmltted y'esteriiay'bV' Binl."-TJmt' amendment would make uplons Kiiilty of un unfair labor practice for Inlci'fcrl]]^ wilh, rcsli'iilnh)g or will I coercing employes in Ihc slcccllon ' Taft defended the amendment In nn argument with Sen. Irving Ive.s. II., N Y.. who called It "do- flnllnly anti-labor." Ivcs conlended thnl it wns unnecessary and no ssl " bly harmful ana that It would dls- Republican leaders expected thc senate lo vole on thc amendment early next week, possibly Mopday They expected thill and three other amendments Taft favored to be approved by fnlrly close margins with IB to SO favornblc votes- •MA'LiARTIC, Qllc.. April 20. (Ul>) —IIop c for thc safety of 11 trapped gold miners w:i s abandoned today. Fire which isolated Ihc men at the bottom of a 2,030-foot mine shall burned throUKh the air lines and sent blazing timbers crashing down the mine. D. W. Maclean, genera! manager of the East Malarll: Goldmine, 5aid rescue atlcmpts had bcn:i hailed after a conference with the provincial inspector of mines. "It was decided" to cnnccnlra'e all efforts on i.solalint; Ihe fire," \Taclean said. One man was killed and six olhers escaped Irom Hie mine aflerj u//e!t Hranson h;is bifn cle.f:t"<l \ carcle.ssly-thi'own matrh i^niti'd' iepie. v entativt- of Arkansas Slate the wood-braced tunnels early j> o; ,n| o f Architects to the Con- Branson To Represent Slate Architects Mary Lou Parker Outspells 33 In Mid-South Bee Mary Lou Parker, Mississippi County spelling champion and cinhth-gradc student al lloynlon, ouUpcllcd :t:i other contestants In the Mld-Soulh Spelling lice csn- cludcd last night In Momph!.!, which •n county champions eiilncd. She misspelled "broccoli." First place winner Emily Mann High of Hrownsvilic School in Ifay- wotxl County, will be given a trip lo Washington, D. C., with a week's expenses paid for the national contest to be held there" In May. Second place winner was Lean Poolc, champion of Ponlotoc County. Miss. Kmily won when she spelled "bicker" correctly and the second-nlacc winner mlsspc'led "surfeit. " Willburn Adkins Dies At Flat Lake Home lat Cancer Fund Gains In Collections At Booths Through contribulions if-ccivcd al hoolhs set np in bolh fllyih:'vill f ? banks. S(H.9f> was added yesterday to Ihc financial drive of liu 1 Aiiii'ii- can Cancer Society now un-lunay. Thc booths were under the direction of Mrs. Ncwtou Whitis. The campaign, seeking $1501 in Willburn Adkins. f>2. ot near , . Lake, died late yesterday afternoon 1 North Mississippi County and SI at his home. j ' ll the Soulh half, is scheduled Thursday. The remaining 11 men had been believed safe below Ihe first level, although no contact ui(] been made with them since he firl started. Thc 90 fire fighters and rcs.nic vorkcrs had believed lasl night hat the .fire had been successfully confined and would burn ilselti oul. Their bulkheads began leak-! ng heavy smoke Hits morning, lowcver. i The fire flared up again when the severed air line poured oxygen into the glazo area. Falling ( -imhers and heavy smoke cntlan- 1 ,'crcd fire fighters as well as the .rapped men and made rescue a'.- :empts impossible. A steady stream of water had been played down the shaft since the fire broke oul. but the am;le of the shaft prevented most of it from reaching the bl 37 - 0 New Roofing Concern Opens Office In City :Cd 10 | for grade school boys launched here Kiddiajby Ihe Chlrknsaw Athletic Club. Funeral service plans arc incomplete. He Is survived by a daughter. Mrs. Bertha Lee Turnagc of. Ulythcvlllc, a brother, Fred Adkins of Union City. Tcnn.: and four sisters. Mrs. Estclla Haffstutler of Tlptonvllic, Tenn., Mrs. Ethel Barton of Kcn- iion, Mo., Mrs. Effic McCorrt of St. Ixiuis and Mrs. Maza Soweil of Tiptonville. Cobb Funeral Home Is in close Wednesday. N. Y. Cotton April 2.1. (U.I'.) — NEW YORK, Close stcndy. Mar. May July Oct. Dec. 2358 28GO 3030 SCI 1 ! 3410 3415 2f!9S 3014 2910 2917 2SSO 36M 339i! 2994 2900 2fi5 r vonllon of Nnliomil Coiuicll of Ri-Klstrniion Bonrclf and as a representative of Arkan- f:is Cliiijjter to l!if National Cor.- vrntlon nf the American InsllliitL- of Architects, which *vi.: he lielci jointly next, week at Grand Ilinii^ s . Mich. Mr. Dranson will attemi n .scml- narr school buildings, c'.iului'tcd hy ont.slandini; school authorities of Ainri'ica in connection with American Institute of Architects Convention. Mr. Hranson left this niornlnt! by plane from Mrnipis. Expect ClO-Chryslcr Agreement Today 1JKTRCIT, April 2;>. UJPi-Clirys- er Corporation and Hie CIO United Auto Workers were expected to Spots close 3GGf>; «i> 23. A roofing sales company, lo lio known ;is Ihc Ciencinl Ri.ifiu.; Company, oiiened In Dlyllievillo llii.s wock witli tenipnrary offices iocatorl at Ihe Tri-States Lumber'Co., C:irl Strickland, owner of thc new toil- corn, announced today. Mr. Strickland staled that his firm would carry a compictc line Barret roofing products IncUui 3414 | shingles, and roll ronflny. 3010| A permanent site for the looH 29111 concern will he set up, ho said, ns | soon as n ImllrihiR can he obtained nunumrc agreement on a 15-ccnl Hafts Bakery Files Incorporation Papers LtTrLF, ROCK, .Ark.. April 23. Article* of incorporation arc on ile loclny In the. office of tho Secretary of State for Hart's Bak y. of Hlythcvillc. The firm listet Uhoriz^d capital of J10.0M. Incorporalors arc L. S. Kartzog K. W. HarlzoR and A. Benjamin llall. Thc firm was formerly a liartncrship. No other charges arc contemplated. . ., .,, . . s"ld he would, confer with Ai-h^.'ou' at 't : Kn.R'i>,^ eiil, an< trim '^rouid'; leave r>iBni"frvr'P!Tiehur»t,''N. CV h]j W ife , Is st«jlnij-»t their ; 'i>%-'iSU*kir^>-af-'-'- ; --'iiV'.. ;...;:--, : /:•• Fre'lrtcht, Truni(in arranged for • l."'n Dlnnij'lo. fly Karshpi) to Pine- iirp'.. ^nrshnll thanked the Prfis- IHcnt for the orran^ments which C'h"(onsli' surprised him. : ' • We. will rrvtnrn to the rnpitnl tri- •n^rrow nlnhL for a meeting at the white House with Senate and H"iiso Loaders. . : ".• Thc President, was l^flrd to sav "ml the bipartisan White House Cnnfcrcncc Is scheduled 'for 8 p.m. TO reoorlers who had covered Marshall's departure 83 days ano for Mo.srow. thr secretnrv aopeared • worn i>iHi tir^tl now, but he was In' high r.Dlrlts. Mr. Truman left the airport "bout. IS minutes after Marshal! ln>v r r.d to rrsiimo his cruise. ...... John Foster Dulles. Mmslnll's Republican adviser of foreign nf- fnirs! returned with Mnrsliall. He planned to make a radio broadcast Tuesday night, probably Irom cw York. Dulles declined to comment on he conference. He wanted to dismiss thc trip home. Ho said ho bought tho big ATC plane set lomc kind of a record. The plane left -Moscow about 1 i. m., EST, Friday and arrived in Washington ut 10:39 o., m.,.lEST, .oday. Tile piano stopped in-- Ber-In, Iceland and SUphcnsville, Newfoundland. Others on the ' plane were Benjamin Cohen, Slate Department counsel; II. Freeman Matthews, director of European affairs lor Iho State Department; Col. Marshall Carter, Marshall's aiiie; arid Charles E. Bohlcn, a Fuvciijn Service officer. ' ' Marshall's radio report to thc iwople monday night will lost 30 minutes. Onlp CBS declined to carry It. N. O. Cotton NEW ORLEANS. April 26. fUP) —Close very steady. Mar 2853 2S55 2852 28SB May 3600 M20 3600 3617 July 3399 3407 33SO 3404 Ocl 3005 3010 599-' 3009 Dec 29CO 2915 2«I7 2913 Spots close 3595; up 25. No Request Needed After May 1 For Mailing Packages Overseas Effective May 1, wri'.kn from addressees for thc requests'girth mailing sons of parcels to members of ihc Unit- hourly wage boost for 70,000 pro- cd Stales Army who are serving duction workers at 1:45 p.m. EST overseas will not be reciufrod, it today. [ was announced today by Ross S. The company and union called a, Stevens, local postmaster. press conference for that lime tO| The Post Office Dcpw make "an important announce-.issued, a mcnt." Negotiators almost continuous mcnt has bulletin to this effect, Mr. Stevens said, which eUniin- for both sides were ales thc provision allowing only session as they raced to beat a contract expiration deadline at midnight lo- night. Chopsticks are used by some Chinese for signaling secret codes across a room. , one package per week to be mailed combined addressed to pcr- who arc authorize! to receive mail Ihrough United Stales Army Post offices, containing articles for personal use of ths addressees. There has r/ecn no chawge !» the limit of weight oE eight ounces: applicable to air rrctf. 'except official mail, addressed lor delivery through -Army Posti Offices in recwhifr mail cttrc of postmasters" of New York and San Ftanclsco, he said. Limitations for mailing of pack- to service men through overseas Army Post Offices. He staled that the rcciut order allowed postmasters lo accept par- j Marine eels not exceeding 70 pounds in'overseas n-elght or 100 inches in lensth and time ago,. Mr., Stevens ictdfd. ages to mergers of ihe Nfcvy and "--'--- Corps' who!''.tie serving discontinued s-.-.».•:

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